IRC logs of #boinc for Friday, 2007-11-09

00:00 <MTughan> New CAD and XKCD...

00:03 <mweltin_> I'm I supposed to know what you are talking about. I hang out with biologists who thing because I can run the ls command from a promt I'm a computer guru.

00:04 <MTughan> lol

00:06 <MTughan> Wait, do you mean you don't know what CAD and XKCD are?

00:09 <mweltin_> oh yes that is what I mean.

00:10 <MTughan> Oh, you are deprived...

00:10 <Romulus> Title: delete data recovery hard drive at (at

00:10 <MTughan> Did I type that wrong?

00:10 <Romulus> Title: Ctrl+Alt+Del (at

00:10 <MTughan> There we go. :P

00:12 <mweltin_> LOL Now back to my drugs!

00:12 <mweltin_> hahahahahahaaha

00:13 <MTughan> Okay, Intel BOINC libraries built. PPC ones building.

00:13 <MTughan> Done.

00:15 <mweltin_> LOL, xkcd I only heard about that a few weeks ago.  My friend Joe (a.k.a DrMcLovin todays tsp UOTD) sent me one about little bobby table dropper.

00:16 <mweltin_> I almost fell out of my seat laughing so hard.

00:17 <MTughan> mweltin_: What's -lidn?

00:17 <mweltin_> I dont know but you dont' need it.

00:18 <MTughan> Okay.

00:18 <mweltin_> PovAddict asked the same thing.

00:18 <MTughan> Intel compiled.

00:18 <MTughan> What do you want me to do with tsp?

00:19 <mweltin_> you can send it to my gmail

00:19 <mweltin_> mweltin at

00:19 <MTughan> Okay.

00:20 <mweltin_> that xkcd is great

00:22 <MTughan> Sent. Gonna work on the PPC now.

00:22 <mweltin_> so thats for mac with intel ?

00:22 <MTughan> Yep.

00:22 <mweltin_> how cool are you?!?!

00:22 <mweltin_> no really how cool are you?

00:23 <MTughan> Not as cool as I will be in a half-hour or so. ;)

00:24 <mweltin_> wow you get cooler by the hour.  Man it takes me years to get cooler and some days i can wipe out a full year of coolness.

00:24 <MTughan> Well you have to take some credit too. The fact that it build without any warnings or errors is quite amazing.

00:25 <mweltin_> I try to stick to easy code.

00:26 <MTughan> Oh, whoops... There's something I forgot there.

00:26 <mweltin_> I'm sure it could be more efficient.  It needs comments, I was going to hit it with doxygen, but there were so many other things to do.

00:26 <MTughan> I forgot that I made it with dynamic links, not static. It didn't build static right away... I'll need to work on that.

00:26 <MTughan> So don't use that.

00:26 <mweltin_> ok

00:26 <MTughan> There goes my coolness.

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00:28 <mweltin_> see, I do that kind of thing on a hourly basis.

00:28 <Romulus> mac users are now using proftp and things like this stupid coastal low precip band..

00:36 <MTughan> mweltin_: Gonna try and work on this more tomorrow. I've got to go to bed now.

00:36 <mweltin_> I have to get a bite to eat.

00:37 <mweltin_> please do

00:37 <mweltin_> get some rest

00:37 <mweltin_> thanks very very much

00:37 <mweltin_> bye

00:37 <MTughan> Bye.

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00:55 <Tank_Master> ib

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01:20 <Tank_Master> wb

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01:31 <Tank_Master> hiya Matt

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02:06 <Tank_Master> looks like TSP is down now :P

02:13 <Tank_Master> I hope he called it a night :D

02:16 <Tank_Master> which is what I am going to do now

02:16 <Tank_Master> gn

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02:17 <Tank_Master> MAC 5.10.29 is now out

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03:45 *** desti_T2 is now known as desti

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04:04 <sethy> _o/

04:05 <sethy> 25 days then the channel is 1 year old

04:06 <ELGono> hehe think this channel is older than you ;-p

04:07 <Romulus> btw how much snow we're going to bury the hot weather

04:08 <sethy> ...

04:08 <sethy> i'm 15 years older...

04:09 <sethy> still the youngest human here

04:13 * freelarry checks cookbook - 1000 ways to make succulant Human

04:14 <freelarry> humm anyone have a plasma rotessari?

04:14 <sethy> not anymore

04:14 <freelarry> lol

04:16 * CoderForLife waves

04:16 <CoderForLife> am I the oldest here?

04:16 <ELGono> Y0 don, larry

04:17 * sethy brings CoderForLife's slippers

04:17 <freelarry> by a few days CoderForLife

04:17 <CoderForLife> hey ELGono - you gonna get snow from the storm?

04:17 <freelarry> morn ELGono sethy CoderForLife

04:17 <ELGono> well i don't know anything about storm

04:17 <ELGono> we are lost in the project

04:17 <ELGono> one week to go

04:17 <ELGono> and we have a good heating here ... so snow can come

04:17 <CoderForLife> oh

04:17 <sethy> the weather here in britain is COLD

04:17 <ELGono> 7 dual opteron 248 heating here

04:18 <CoderForLife> you safe from the surge, sethy?

04:18 <freelarry> not bad here but changing over next feww days

04:18 <sethy> i should be up on the 6th floor where there is no AC

04:18 <sethy> and turn on all the comps

04:18 <ELGono>

04:18 <Romulus> Title: FeM Blog (at

04:18 <freelarry> no sethy - basement so you can heat complex

04:18 <ELGono> posted some pix there

04:19 <sethy> but the heat will deterierate through the floors

04:19 <sethy> in 1 hour 25 mins i have to be up on the 11th floor

04:19 <sethy> lets hope i twist my ankle again

04:21 <freelarry> lets not sethy - hard to go up and down the stairs on one leg

04:21 <freelarry> and when you get to my age thats about all you have

04:22 <CoderForLife> I've seen and read 3 news items in the last 12 hours about how all of Europe is preparing for the storm

04:22 <CoderForLife> the wall of water threatening the east coast of England and the Netherlands

04:22 <CoderForLife> the snow expected in the Alps

04:22 <sethy> elevators here

04:22 <sethy> :D

04:24 <CoderForLife> for instance

04:24 <Romulus> <> (at

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04:27 <CoderForLife> from the articles, it seems like the onlu reason you're not cowerng in foxholes is that you're afraid they'll fill with water

04:27 <CoderForLife> only*

04:28 <sethy> CoderForLife, ash?

04:28 * freelarry is glad his house is >500 ft above sea level with no lakes streams etc around it

04:29 * sethy moves to freelarry's house

04:29 <freelarry> lol well its dry and warm

04:29 <sethy> better than cold and wet

04:29 <CoderForLife> ash?

04:29 <freelarry> yeah

04:29 <sethy> ash

04:30 <CoderForLife> you have volcanos too?

04:30 <sethy> stew - ash

04:30 * freelarry pictures foxholes as firepits

04:30 <CoderForLife> you put dirt in your soup?

04:30 <sethy> no

04:30 <sethy> *sigh*

04:30 <freelarry> british slang?

04:30 <CoderForLife> I guess

04:31 <sethy> that soup like thing thats like beed stock with mince meat, potatoes, pea's and carrots

04:31 * freelarry has made some stew that made ash out of those who tried to eat it

04:31 <CoderForLife> it's called "ash"?

04:31 <sethy> yes

04:31 <CoderForLife> new one on me

04:32 <sethy> or asche

04:32 <sethy> but thats german

04:32 <sethy> for ash

04:32 <sethy> from like fire ash

04:32 <CoderForLife> new one on me - and I've been around awhile =)

04:33 <CoderForLife>,2933,309758,00.html

04:33 <Romulus> <> (at

04:34 <sethy> suprised you havent heared of ash

04:36 <sethy> ahh

04:36 <sethy> englishly known as Lancashire hotpot

04:36 <sethy> here where i live ash must be slang for it

04:37 <sethy>

04:37 <Romulus> Title: Lancashire hotpot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at

04:39 <CoderForLife> here cooking all day in a heavy pot on low heat is cooking in a "crock pot"

04:39 <sethy> crook

04:40 <CoderForLife> crock

04:40 <sethy> crock

04:40 <CoderForLife>

04:41 <Romulus> Title: Slow cooker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at

04:41 <sethy> xtremlab is still down after 48 hours

04:41 <sethy> we dont use them

04:42 <sethy> we use a smaller scaled version of them millitary pot things

04:42 <sethy> over a stove

04:43 <sethy> classical yet traditional for xmas

04:43 <CoderForLife> &weather 45140

04:43 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 45.1░F / 7.3░C | Humidity: 83% | Pressure: 29.88in / 1011.7hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 2.3mph / 3.7km/h ; Today - Mostly cloudy. A chance of sprinkles this morning. Highs in the mid 50s. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 30s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.; Saturday - Partly sunny. Highs in the lower 50s. (1 more message)

04:43 <sethy> rommy hates me

04:43 <CoderForLife> &more

04:43 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.;

04:43 <sethy> watch him hate me

04:43 <sethy> &weather leeds, england

04:43 <Romulus> sethy: Error: HTTP Error 500: Server Error

04:43 <sethy> :(

04:43 <Romulus> with [tab!] being an eaupair for a few miles south of me

04:43 <CoderForLife> that is hateful

04:44 *** freelarry_test has joined #Boinc

04:44 <sethy> i'm going to just sit here for 1 hour

04:44 <sethy> hello freelarry_test

04:44 <CoderForLife> I'd take him up on the eaupair offer

04:45 <sethy> my hands are still cold

04:45 * CoderForLife yawns

04:46 <CoderForLife> TGIF

04:47 <sethy> :

04:47 <sethy> o

04:47 <CoderForLife> Thank elGono It's Friday

04:47 <sethy> thank you ELGono

04:48 <CoderForLife> thanks ELGono, The Quiet One

04:48 * CoderForLife waits

04:48 <sethy> still so cold

04:49 <sethy> all the right hand side of me is freezing

04:49 <CoderForLife> that's bad if you're right-handed

04:49 <sethy> in which case

04:49 <sethy> i am

04:49 <CoderForLife> ack

04:49 <sethy> syn

04:49 <CoderForLife> lol

04:49 <CoderForLife> nal

04:49 <CoderForLife> er nak

04:50 <sethy> nul

04:50 <CoderForLife> bel

04:50 <sethy> prly?

04:50 <CoderForLife> perl-y?

04:50 <sethy> so cold i cant even type orly

04:50 <sethy> ;_;

04:50 <freelarry_test> was reading mag

04:51 <ELGono> yo have a good weekend

04:51 <CoderForLife> hey ELG

04:51 *** freelarry has quit IRC

04:51 <ELGono> i'm out for next shooting

04:51 <CoderForLife> you off?

04:51 <CoderForLife> okey-dokey

04:51 <ELGono> particle accelerator

04:51 *** freelarry_test is now known as freelarry

04:51 <sethy> :o

04:51 <ELGono> monday i'll a shoot a mars rover

04:51 <CoderForLife> Goodbye ELGono

04:51 <ELGono> wich will be sent to mars in 2010

04:51 <CoderForLife> poor rover

04:51 <ELGono> hehe shooting with camera

04:52 <CoderForLife> oops - good

04:52 <freelarry> oh was looking for elephant gun ammo will wait then

04:52 <ELGono> hehe

04:52 <sethy> i was going to say i may go out

04:52 <ELGono> i have elephant ammo for shooting already

04:52 <sethy> then i realised

04:52 <ELGono> shooting in hdv

04:52 <sethy> its colder out

04:52 <ELGono> ;)

04:52 <ELGono> 1920 resolution

04:53 <freelarry> heavy res

04:53 <sethy> /mnt/cfl1

04:53 <CoderForLife> cfl>

04:53 <sethy> cfl9?

04:53 <ELGono> so have a nice weekend guys!

04:54 <ELGono> laterz

04:54 <sethy> you too _o/

04:54 <CoderForLife> cya ELG

04:54 <freelarry> have a great time

04:54 <CoderForLife> cfl> ready

04:54 <sethy> i'm going in a mo anyway just to sit out in the study area

04:55 <sethy> or something

04:55 <sethy> i seem to be hogging the computer


04:55 <sethy> :o

04:56 <sethy> BADA

04:56 <CoderForLife> ~~whirr~~

04:56 <sethy> whirry?

04:56 <CoderForLife> >click<

04:56 <sethy> .org

04:57 <freelarry> humm wonder if i could use something like openssi

04:57 <CoderForLife> openSSL?

04:57 <sethy> not quite ssh

04:57 <sethy> and fails more

04:57 * CoderForLife goes to look at openssi

04:58 <freelarry> single system image

04:59 <CoderForLife> single process space across multiple machines?

05:00 <freelarry> thats what the article i'm reading says

05:00 <CoderForLife> wait a sec - under attack atm

05:00 <freelarry> k

05:01 <CoderForLife>

05:01 <sethy> i'm going

05:01 <sethy> ttyl _o/ :)

05:01 <CoderForLife> k tc

05:01 *** sethy has quit IRC

05:02 <CoderForLife> I hate those "top of the hour" attacks

05:02 <CoderForLife> ok ok  -  I hate *all* attacks

05:03 <freelarry> humm i guess i had better check ruter logs

05:06 <freelarry> looks like most of the inbound are for my nix machine that is off currently

05:06 <Romulus> indeed it is happening to everyone, may as well

05:07 <CoderForLife> I'm going to stumble away here in the general direction of w@#%

05:08 <CoderForLife> cya soon

05:09 <freelarry> tc

05:09 * freelarry gets ready to head to bed

05:09 <freelarry> &nn all

05:09 <Romulus> Live long and crunch!

06:04 *** sethy has joined #boinc

06:04 <sethy> hai gais

06:28 <sethy> bai gais

06:28 *** sethy has quit IRC

07:15 <MTughan> And I add my departure to everyone else's... Off to school.

07:16 *** MTughan has quit IRC

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09:48 <BadBarbarian> morning

09:56 <zombie67> hello

09:56 <PovAddict>

09:56 <Romulus> <$3b> (at

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10:02 <zombie67> what's that a picture of?

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10:08 *** StettinPalver is now known as Aeternus

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10:31 <zombie67> the boinc forums are busier than normal

10:32 <BadBarbarian> cool

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12:04 * TMatWork slaps Romulus around a bit with a large trout

12:04 <TMatWork> :)

12:05 * PovAddict slaps TMatWork, takes the trout, and puts it back into the stream

12:05 * TMatWork crys

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12:08 * TMatWork slaps PovAddict with a RANBOW brick

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12:09 <TMatWork> hows things in the BOINC world?

12:11 *** StettinPalver is now known as Aeternus

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12:41 <E-30> hey

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13:34 <TMatWork> howdy crunch3r

13:36 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

13:36 <crunch3r> hi

13:37 <TMatWork> sup?

13:41 <crunch3r> compiled the osx app for TSP today

13:42 <TMatWork> saw that

13:42 <TMatWork> I think somone else was working on one to, but I dunno if they get anywhere yet

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14:25 *** PriitM is now known as Priit

14:25 *** Priit is now known as Priit_M

14:26 <Priit_M> Hi! Am I the only one who doesn't receive work from SETI@home?

14:26 *** c0dewarrior_ has joined #boinc

14:27 <PovAddict> well

14:27 <PovAddict> seems some stuff is down

14:27 *** mweltin has joined #boinc

14:28 <TMatWork> howdy

14:29 <mweltin> greetings

14:30 <TMatWork> how r u this fine n cloudy day?

14:30 *** c0dewarrior has quit IRC

14:30 <TMatWork> still got some hair?

14:30 <mweltin> what? not a could in the sky and trade winds are down below 5mph

14:30 <TMatWork> or have you pulled it all out yet? ;)

14:30 <TMatWork> nice

14:30 <mweltin> no all is well.

14:31 <TMatWork> we are finally getting tain here

14:31 <TMatWork> rain*

14:31 <mweltin> just got back from the early day dog walk, and checking last nights work units.

14:31 <TMatWork> after 3 weeks of no rain in the northwest in the middle of fall...

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14:32 <mweltin> TMatWork: do you live in Oregon?

14:32 <crunch3r> Markus ?

14:32 <TMatWork> I am Tank

14:32 <TMatWork> yes

14:32 <mweltin> yes

14:32 <crunch3r> try download the app now ... should for now

14:33 <TMatWork> work commited for other platforms

14:33 *** Priit_M has quit IRC

14:33 *** Priit_M has joined #boinc

14:33 <Priit_M> sorry about the reconnecting stuff, i was configuring my irc client

14:34 <mweltin> apple-darwin here we come!

14:34 <TMatWork> theres 2 different ways to hand out work, so it dosnt go to the same user or to the same host

14:34 <TMatWork> no worries pritt

14:34 <TMatWork> ill brb, gonna chech my 64bit host

14:34 <mweltin> ok

14:34 <PovAddict> 9 days 14 hours uptime, 4 hours idle

14:35 <PovAddict> hmm

14:35 <PovAddict> I wonder what I had stopped boinc for...

14:35 <mweltin> PovAddict: nice to see you.

14:36 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

14:40 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

14:40 <TMatWork> same thing onthe 64bit

14:40 <TMatWork> "work commited to other platforms"

14:41 <mweltin> thats what the HR will do.  I have not read much about it only that it controls how WU's are handed out.

14:41 <mweltin> I'm not sure I need it anymore now that the windows app runs at a normal speed.

14:41 <TMatWork> I think you can controle how much for each it will generate

14:42 <PovAddict> mweltin: do windows/linux output validate correctly?

14:42 <TMatWork> PovAddict should know ;)

14:42 <mweltin> I'll take a look.

14:43 <mweltin> PovAddict: I'm useing the sample_bitwise_validator so with HR I'm going to assume they will validate correctly.

14:43 *** Lupine1647 has quit IRC

14:43 <mweltin> assume.... that always gets the best of me in the end.

14:43 <PovAddict> exactly; if you make the output validate (by making win/lin output the same newlines, or making a custom validator that ignores newlines), you can get rid of HR and its drawbacks

14:44 <yoyo[RKN]> mweltin : how long is one wu on windows?

14:44 <PovAddict> is the output XML?

14:44 <TMatWork> cruncher got it down to under an hr

14:44 <TMatWork> but I dont know on what type of system

14:45 <mweltin> PovAddict: yes xml

14:45 <PovAddict> the validator should parse the XML file and compare the values individually...

14:45 <mweltin> but its that end line issue.  I use endl in my c++ code.

14:45 <mweltin> I have not written the custom validator yet.

14:46 <mweltin> I got svn working, but I need to figure out the access perms part.

14:46 <PovAddict> that way even <output><a>1</a><b>2</b></output> and <output>\n<b>2</b><a>1</1>\n</output> would match

14:46 <mweltin> now that people are building other platforms for me I svn is a bigger deal than before.

14:46 <yoyo[RKN]> you can also replace endl by 0x0a

14:46 <mweltin> yes, a custom validator is needed.

14:47 <mweltin> ok

14:47 <mweltin> thanks yoyo

14:47 <PovAddict> I have svn set up with even a web interface... but no remote access to the repo itself (since I haven't needed it yet)

14:48 <mweltin> so folks can browse? but can't upload?

14:48 <mweltin> sorry

14:48 <mweltin> no remote access.

14:49 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

14:49 <TMatWork> hehe

14:49 <PovAddict> remote access to the web interface

14:49 <TMatWork> hiya BB

14:49 <mweltin> do you have to use http for remote access ?

14:49 <BadBarbarian> hey

14:49 <PovAddict>

14:49 <Romulus> <$99> (at

14:49 <PovAddict> not to the repo itself, so there is definitely no way to upload

14:49 <mweltin> I'd like to grant a few people r/w perms to the repo, and let anyone read it.

14:50 <mweltin> I have a ton of unsent work.

14:51 <mweltin> not sure how to tell which platform its reserved for.

14:51 <PovAddict> you can't do "svn checkout" with that, it's just a fancy web interface :) I haven't needed to setup webdav access yet

14:52 <mweltin> spend the next hour looking into how to set this up.  Its not clear to me yet where in the  SVN book topic is.

14:53 <TMatWork> somewhere between the table of contents and the index?

14:54 <PovAddict> smartass

14:54 <TMatWork> hehe

14:54 <mweltin> lol

14:54 *** Starfury^ has joined #boinc

14:54 <TMatWork> I gotta do soemthing with it other than setting on it all day

14:55 <TMatWork> oh, mw, did you get cruncher's MAC app?

14:56 <mweltin> yes just downloaded it.

14:56 <TMatWork> coo

14:56 <TMatWork> I dont have any of those, so I cant test...

14:56 <TMatWork> I know zombie has a few though

14:57 <mweltin> I'll put it up at 10am.  I'm going to spend an hour on svn right now.

14:57 <TMatWork> sounds good

14:57 <TMatWork> its noon here, so I am gonna head out for lunch in a bit

15:02 <TMatWork> ill bbl

15:03 <Priit_M> Does anyone know the command for stopping boinc-client under linux? Or I should do it through boincmgr?

15:03 <PovAddict> boinccmd --quit

15:03 <Priit_M> thanks

15:11 <mweltin> oh look svn book has a chapter called server configuration. who would have thought.

15:16 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

15:27 *** Starfury^ has quit IRC

15:29 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

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15:38 *** mweltin_ has joined #boinc

15:39 <zombie67> hello

15:39 <mweltin_> hey

15:45 <crunch3r> Markus would you mind adding a new platform string ? ---> "alpha-unknown-linux-gnu"  it's for my DEC alpha EV67 running linux

15:45 <PovAddict> can't you use anonymous platform?

15:46 <crunch3r> i could but i would prefer it would be supported by the project like on APS@Home ;)

15:46 <PovAddict> maybe you should ask for an official platform name ->

15:46 <Romulus> <$a> (at

15:46 <crunch3r> i'm compiling the aplication now... will send the download link later

15:47 <mweltin_> sure

15:48 <crunch3r> thanks! i'll send you a download link for the app when i'm done compiling it :)

15:51 <crunch3r> what about 64 bit linux ? should i compile that one too ?

15:52 <PovAddict> it seems to be mostly integer

15:52 <mweltin_> knock yourself out big guy! That would be great!

15:52 <PovAddict> so probably you'll get some nice speed improvement on 64-bit

15:52 <PovAddict> let us know the timings :)

15:54 <crunch3r> the source has a bad structer so i don't expect much boost from 64 bit apps (not like on APS@Home where i was able to gain 160% speedup with professional compilers)...however we need to test that further... anyone did a bench test between 32 and 64 bit windows application ?

15:54 <PovAddict> I'm on 32-bit Windoze

15:55 <PovAddict> and even then, I don't have the 64-bit compiler (I have tried and failed to build my own mingw gcc too)

15:55 <crunch3r> ^^ i do own a license for the intel c++ compiler and ipp/mkl libs ...

15:56 <crunch3r> on aps@home the switch to 64 bit on windows gained 85% speedup compared to the stock application

15:56 <Priit_M> I wonder if if it's fatal for CPU to work

15:56 <Priit_M> at 58C(63 is highest suggested)

15:56 <crunch3r> using the intel compiler (for 32 bit app) gained another 80% speedup compared to the 64 windows app.

15:56 <PovAddict> Priit_M: then you're fine

15:57 <mweltin_> funny story about the icc intel's complier, I worked there as an intern and gcc without optimization would beat their complier back then.  Of course that was several years ago.

15:57 <Priit_M> it's 4200+

15:57 <PovAddict> my Pentium II ran at 72C with 75C being the maximum it could handle

15:57 <crunch3r> Zombie67 8 core mac could reach a 16500 RAC on aps

15:57 <PovAddict> WTF

15:57 <PovAddict> I have 686 RAC :<

15:58 <Priit_M> lately i was messing with laptop whats CPU temp reached 94C

15:58 <PovAddict> that's more worrying

15:58 <PovAddict> brb ->

15:58 <crunch3r> an 8 core system like that on windows would get around 25500 RAC

15:59 <mweltin_> and crunch3r I'd love to hear any cirtisim about the source.  Its teh only way I learn.

15:59 <crunch3r> 94C ? wow that's a little hot ;)

15:59 <crunch3r> the problem is the flow dependance between the functions...

16:00 <crunch3r> wait a moment ...

16:00 <paul_l> why don't you run speedfan on it?

16:00 <Priit_M> It was laptop, which hasn't been cleaned since it was bought(somewhere in 2002/2003 perhaps)

16:00 <paul_l> ahh

16:01 <Priit_M> some compressed air did the job - ~70C

16:02 *** Priit_M has quit IRC

16:03 <paul_l> so this channel is loosely for people who code various boinc clients?

16:04 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\PermClass.cpp(69): (col. 65) remark: loop was not vectorized: unsupported loop structure.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\PermClass.cpp(75): (col. 2) remark: loop was not vectorized: unsupported loop structure.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\PermClass.cpp(81): (col. 2) remark: loop was not vectorized: unsupported loop structure.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\include\vector(546): (col. 3) remark: loop was not vectorized: existence of vector dependence.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\include\xlocale(1809): (col. 3) remark: loop was not vectorized: existence of vector dependence.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\include\xlocale(1795): (col. 3) remark: loop was not vectorized: existence of vector dependence.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\tspParser.cpp(30): (col. 2) remark: loop was not vectorized: unsupported loop structure.

16:05 <crunch3r> That means basically the "while" conditions.... that's bad... beter use "if" and "for"

16:05 <crunch3r> -------------

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\PermClass.cpp(69): (col. 65) remark: loop was not vectorized: unsupported loop structure.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\PermClass.cpp(75): (col. 2) remark: loop was not vectorized: unsupported loop structure.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\PermClass.cpp(81): (col. 2) remark: loop was not vectorized: unsupported loop structure.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\include\vector(546): (col. 3) remark: loop was not vectorized: existence of vector dependence.

16:05 <zombie67> Tank_Master has 32 and 64 bit windows machines.  Probably even same HW on each, so he could benchmark TSP if you wanted.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>ipo: remark #11005: generating object file C:\Temp\180416_ipo\random.obj

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(139): (col. 11) remark: loop was not vectorized: unsupported loop structure.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(138): (col. 5) remark: loop was not vectorized: existence of vector dependence.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(138): (col. 5) remark: vector dependence: proven FLOW dependence between idum line 138, and (unknown) line 138.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(138): (col. 5) remark: vector dependence: proven FLOW dependence between idum line 138, and (unknown) line 138.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(138): (col. 5) remark: vector dependence: proven ANTI dependence between (unknown) line 138, and idum line 138.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(138): (col. 5) remark: vector dependence: proven FLOW dependence between idum line 138, and (unknown) line 138.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(138): (col. 5) remark: vector dependence: proven FLOW dependence between idum line 138, and (unknown) line 138.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(138): (col. 5) remark: vector dependence: proven ANTI dependence between (unknown) line 138, and idum line 138.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(138): (col. 5) remark: vector dependence: proven OUTPUT dependence between idum line 138, and idum line 138.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(138): (col. 5) remark: vector dependence: proven OUTPUT dependence between idum line 138, and idum line 138.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(127): (col. 31) remark: loop was not vectorized: existence of vector dependence.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(127): (col. 31) remark: vector dependence: proven FLOW dependence between (unknown) line 127, and (unknown) line 127.

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(127): (col. 31) remark: vector dependence: proven ANTI dependence between (unknown) line 127, and (unknown) line 127.

16:05 <zombie67> uh.....

16:05 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(127): (col. 31) remark: vector dependence: proven FLOW dependence between (unknown) line 127, and (unknown) line 127.

16:06 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(127): (col. 31) remark: vector dependence: proven ANTI dependence between (unknown) line 127, and (unknown) line 127.

16:06 <crunch3r> 1>.\lib\random.cpp(127): (col. 31) remark: vector dependence: proven FLOW dependence between (unknown) line 127, and (unknown) line 127.

16:06 *** crunch3r has quit IRC

16:06 <zombie67> copy/paste FU?

16:06 *** crunch3r has joined #boinc

16:07 <zombie67> ouch

16:07 <mweltin_> crunch3r that went by a little fast, could you use

16:07 <crunch3r> stupind flood protection :(

16:07 <crunch3r> kicked me out

16:07 <zombie67> bbl

16:07 <mweltin_> later zombie67

16:08 <crunch3r> what's ?

16:08 <mweltin_> you can past a bunch of stuff and then it gives you a url that I can visit and get the paste.

16:08 <mweltin_> you can avoid the flood protection that way.

16:08 <yoyo[RKN]>

16:09 <mweltin_> i use irssi so once stuff scrolls past its gone as far as I know.

16:09 <Romulus> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at

16:09 <mweltin_> just started using irssi not sure if there is a log or history or anything.

16:09 <crunch3r>

16:09 <Romulus> Title: C++ pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at

16:12 <mweltin_> I'll have to check these out.  I'm almost done with the svn server config.  Do you think most of it is from my not using STL vectors correctly?

16:14 <crunch3r> it's due to using "while" statements ... those cannot be vectorised... using "IF" and "FOR" is whay better...

16:16 <mweltin_> ok, is that for win, or both linux and win?

16:17 <crunch3r> for all... i can use the intel compiler on OSX, Win, Linux and FreeBSD ... i own all the licenses...

16:17 *** MTughan has joined #boinc

16:18 <MTughan> mweltin_: Got your apps.

16:18 <mweltin_> sweet

16:18 <MTughan> Sending them to you now...

16:18 <MTughan> Oh, PPC too.

16:18 <mweltin_> sweet

16:18 <crunch3r>

16:18 <Romulus> <$$m> (at

16:19 <MTughan> Nice... Three apps within a few minutes?

16:19 <mweltin_> crunch3r I added that platform already

16:19 <mweltin_> hahahahahahahaahah

16:19 <crunch3r> thanks.

16:19 <crunch3r> i'll attach my alpha DS10 now ;)

16:19 <mweltin_> I feel like I'm evil mad man ready to take over the world.

16:19 <MTughan> lol

16:20 <crunch3r> hehe :)

16:20 <PovAddict> try it and see

16:20 <PovAddict> DAMN

16:21 <PovAddict> this stupid client was lagging out

16:22 <crunch3r> btw... check your permissions in apache for accessing ... i don't think you need directory listing there ;)

16:22 <Romulus> Title: Index of / (at

16:22 <MTughan> lol

16:22 <MTughan> Apps sent.

16:22 <PovAddict> crunch3r: if you don't get kicked off the server with "excess flood", somebody will kick you off the channel for annoying with a 20-line paste

16:22 <MTughan> Ouch... Just before I came?

16:23 <mweltin_> he now knows of the miracle that is pastebin

16:23 <MTughan> Hey, crunch3r: That index listing is incorrect anyway. Unless /tsp is an alias.

16:23 <crunch3r> 09.11.2007 22:05:31|traveling salesman problem|Message from server: platform 'alpha-unknown-linux-gnu' not found

16:24 <PovAddict> MTughan: yes it is

16:24 <mweltin_> just a second

16:24 <PovAddict> it's an alias for projects/tsp/user which is outside the web dir

16:24 <PovAddict> err

16:24 <mweltin_> didn't run bin/xadd yet

16:24 <PovAddict> projects/tsp/html/user

16:24 <MTughan> And you know this how?

16:24 <PovAddict> because all boinc projects are like that

16:24 <MTughan> Oh.

16:25 <mweltin_> PovAddict = boinc  its like its encoded in his DNA.

16:25 <MTughan> lol

16:26 <crunch3r> what's ---> ... sounds interesting :-)

16:27 <mweltin_> I'm writing an app for a marine biologist who is doing a longitutinal study on fish biomass concentrations in American Samoa.

16:28 <mweltin_> my connectin is slow its only 86% done (alpha_unknown)

16:28 <crunch3r> is see ... btw... still no luck --> 09.11.2007 22:12:07|traveling salesman problem|Message from server: platform 'alpha-unknown-linux-gnu' not found

16:29 <crunch3r> @markus do you run the project on your homeserver on DSL ?

16:29 <mweltin_> mmmmmmm maybe it wont change until I install it.

16:29 <mweltin_> DSL ahahahahah LOL hahahahah (wipes tears from eyes) ahahhaahhahaha LOL LOL RTFLOL hahaha

16:29 <MTughan> And that's why. mweltin_, should I attach my Mac?

16:29 <mweltin_> I wish

16:29 <yoyo[RKN]> first you have to install it with bin/update_versions

16:30 <mweltin_> ok thanks yoyo.

16:30 <crunch3r> well i'm just asking cuz the project pages are a bit slow... ;)

16:30 <PovAddict> crunch3r: he said "I wish" so I guess he has something *worse* than DSL

16:30 <Romulus> so you need to install hardware on the manager, the front-end

16:31 <crunch3r> hehe so what is it ? ISDN .. LOL ;P

16:31 <mweltin_> something much worse.

16:31 <PovAddict> dialup? can't be fucking possible

16:31 <mweltin_> its called blueLink

16:31 <crunch3r> now tell us please

16:31 <mweltin_> it can be sub-dialup speeds at times.

16:31 <PovAddict> no way

16:31 <MTughan> And you're running a server off of it...

16:31 <mweltin_> it's RF to a reciever at my house.

16:31 <mweltin_> its all based on priority packets

16:32 <MTughan> Are the Mac apps up?

16:32 <crunch3r> how does that one work ?

16:32 <mweltin_> you don't buy bandwidth here.

16:32 <mweltin_> soon MTughan very soon

16:32 <MTughan> lol, okay.

16:32 <crunch3r> @MTughan did you compile mac apps too ?

16:32 <MTughan> Yep.

16:33 <MTughan> "mac apps too"... You compiled some as well?

16:33 <crunch3r> only for intel mac...

16:33 <MTughan> Oh, okay. I got both Intel and PPC.

16:34 <crunch3r> how did you compile the ppc stuff ?

16:34 <mweltin_> MTughan: they are downloading now.

16:34 <MTughan> Add "-arch ppc" to a GCC command.

16:35 <crunch3r> does that work for both gcc 3 an gcc 4 ?

16:35 <MTughan> Just 4.

16:35 <MTughan> I would think...

16:35 <crunch3r> ahh ok... did you use xcode or just compiled in console ?

16:35 <MTughan> Maybe it could work with 3, I've never actually tried.

16:35 <MTughan> Console.

16:35 <MTughan> Should I use Xcode?

16:35 <crunch3r> like i did for the intel mac...

16:35 <crunch3r> No... just out of interest...

16:36 <MTughan> Yeah. I just had to modify the Makefile. Make sure it's not dynamically linking with libssl, libcrypto, and libexpat as well.

16:36 <MTughan> "otool -L" can tell you.

16:36 <crunch3r> did you install expat using MACPORTS ?

16:37 <PovAddict> I wonder why it needs libssl and stuff

16:37 *** c0dewarrior has joined #boinc

16:37 <crunch3r> i now about otool ... LOL was a pain to figure that out

16:37 <MTughan> I think I did install expat with MacPorts, but I had it in /usr/local/lib too.

16:37 <crunch3r> libssl is for the denpendace of the libboinc ...

16:38 <PovAddict> I built libboinc with my own makefile (= without using the builtin configure and friends) on mingw, and it doesn't ask for ssl

16:38 <crunch3r> mingw on a mac ?

16:38 <MTughan> No, Windows.

16:38 <PovAddict> mingw is a gcc port for Windows...

16:38 <crunch3r> so you did cross compile ?

16:38 <MTughan> No, he compiled it for Windows...

16:39 <crunch3r> ahhh... sorry mixed that up :(

16:39 <PovAddict> mingw is a gcc *target*

16:39 <crunch3r> now i wanna try the intel compiler on osx too...

16:39 <crunch3r> on aps@home i was able to get a nice boost too... 3 times faster than gcc compiled code ;

16:40 <MTughan> You mean the Intel C compiler, instead of Apple's?

16:40 <crunch3r> ^^ yes

16:40 <PovAddict> hmm

16:40 <MTughan> Hmm... Let me guess, you need to pay for it.

16:40 <mweltin_> just curious i have to chmod the app to be executable ?

16:40 <PovAddict> mweltin_: yes

16:40 <MTughan> No permissions on WIndows.

16:40 <crunch3r> yes you need to pay for alicense

16:40 <MTughan> And that's why I can't use it. GCC has some optimization though...

16:40 <PovAddict> mweltin_: update_versions will check for the +x, and add the appropriate <executable/> flag on the app description

16:41 <crunch3r> i do own licenses for windows and OSX... on linux it "free" for non-comercial use

16:41 <PovAddict> crunch3r: you did some low-level-ish optimizing for SETI, right? for SSE and stuff

16:41 <crunch3r> my page -->

16:42 <mweltin_> ok crunch3r should be done, just ran update_versions

16:42 <PovAddict> any chance you can do some optimizations on a... 135k line program? xD

16:42 <mweltin_> now MTughan on to your stuff

16:43 <Tank_Master> ib

16:43 <PovAddict> (well, much of that could be comments; there's 30 lines of comment at the beginning of each file for example)

16:43 <crunch3r> 09.11.2007 22:26:36|traveling salesman problem|Started download of tsp_1.00_alpha-unknown-linux-gnu

16:43 <crunch3r> 09.11.2007 22:26:36|traveling salesman problem|Started download of 11Seq_34_35_36_37_38_39_41_44_45_46_47

16:43 <crunch3r> 09.11.2007 22:26:41|traveling salesman problem|Finished download of 11Seq_34_35_36_37_38_39_41_44_45_46_47

16:43 <crunch3r> -----

16:43 <crunch3r> 09.11.2007 22:26:41|traveling salesman problem|Throughput 37 bytes/sec

16:43 <crunch3r>

16:43 <crunch3r> LOL 37 bytes/sec :)

16:44 <PovAddict> probably miscalculated for small files

16:44 <Tank_Master> 11/9/2007 1:43:11 PM|traveling salesman problem|Message from server: (reached daily quota of 2 results)

16:44 <mweltin_> welcome to where kb service means you are having a good day.

16:44 <crunch3r> LOL

16:44 <PovAddict> btw crunch3r the APS link on your site is broke

16:44 <PovAddict> aps.html

16:44 <Tank_Master> earlyer I got 3.5k xfer

16:44 <PovAddict> and Other

16:45 <PovAddict> erm should I tell you the ones that work, instead?

16:45 <Tank_Master> hence y it says its under construction and the links will not work?

16:45 <crunch3r> i know the aps@link is broken  have alook on the right --->     The page is still under reconstruction.

16:45 <crunch3r>     Optimized SETI apps for windows are back online.

16:45 <Romulus> Title: Crunch3rs BOINC page (at

16:47 <Tank_Master> any way for me to get work from TSP when I reaches my quota?

16:47 <PovAddict> Tank_Master: PM me, I don't want to give away the secret

16:47 <crunch3r> download speed for the "alpha application" is at 3.8 kb/s

16:47 <Romulus> not in Oz as the old Iron Triangle

16:47 <Tank_Master> here or there?

16:48 <crunch3r> Markus how do we run a standalone test for the TSP applications ? do you have something like a reference WU for your project ?

16:49 <PovAddict> mweltin_: paste your sample 'in'

16:49 <mweltin_> ok just a sec

16:49 <MTughan> Hmm... mweltin_, we can do tests with these apps, but I think I can make it go even faster.

16:50 *** eWizard has left #boinc

16:50 <mweltin_>

16:50 <Romulus> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at

16:50 <mweltin_> just call the file "in"

16:52 <crunch3r> ok thanks.

16:52 <crunch3r> @Keith would you min running a test bench ?

16:53 <crunch3r> +d

16:53 <MTughan> Keith?

16:53 <Tank_Master> what?

16:53 <Tank_Master> corse not

16:53 <mweltin_> Committed: <AppVersion#10 tsp 201 powerpc-apple-darwin> <AppVersion#11 tsp 201 i686-apple-darwin>

16:53 *** c0dewarrior_ has quit IRC

16:53 <Tank_Master> Im at home now on my 64bit

16:53 <mweltin_> MTughan: all should be a go.

16:53 <MTughan> Downloaded.

16:54 <MTughan> Got a WU too.

16:54 <crunch3r> @keith so you could run both 32 and 64 bit windows for a test ?

16:54 <Tank_Master> yep

16:54 <MTughan> Wait, it's not downloaded yet...

16:54 <mweltin_> really

16:54 <crunch3r> if so i'll compile one for sse2 atm just for testing...

16:54 <mweltin_> I'll check my router I installed fiber optics the other day.

16:54 <mweltin_> maybe some windex will hep.

16:54 <mweltin_> help*

16:54 <Tank_Master> i can test any WU you want except SSE4

16:55 <Tank_Master> hehe

16:55 <crunch3r> ^^ i'll ask "who?" for that... LOL... need another test on his penryn hehe ;)

16:55 <MTughan> zombie67?

16:55 <BadBarbarian> well the extra memory got here but not the new system

16:56 <Tank_Master> I donbt he has one yet (key word: yet)

16:56 <Tank_Master> figurs, huh?

16:56 <BadBarbarian> yep

16:56 <Tank_Master> would be better if it was the other way around

16:56 <BadBarbarian> sure

16:56 <crunch3r> WOW !!! 8530:58:30 sec for running the TSP app on my alpha ... LOL need to check the deadline for that one :)

16:57 <BadBarbarian> i can always add ram lol

16:57 <MTughan> Hmm... mweltin_: Nothing downloaded yet, after 3.5 minutes.

16:57 <crunch3r> does TSP have checkpoints ?

16:57 <Tank_Master> I saw a combo a fry's today for a E6550 (133FSB) and an asus mobo for $209USD

16:57 <PovAddict> yes it does, crunch3r

16:57 <Tank_Master> 1333*

16:57 <crunch3r> but no progress in boincmanager ...

16:57 <PovAddict> nope

16:57 <PovAddict> no % yet afaik

16:57 <BadBarbarian> e6550 0r q6550

16:58 <crunch3r> hmm... ok

16:58 <Tank_Master> duo

16:58 <Romulus> pretty much just invest 2/3rd of everything i dl

16:58 <Tank_Master> so e

16:58 <MTughan> Oh yeah, optimizations too a fair amount longer to do...

16:58 <MTughan> took(

16:58 <MTughan> took*

16:59 <crunch3r> deadline for my first WU is 14.11.07 ... so it's a birthday present ... LOL

16:59 <mweltin_> nice happy birthday.

16:59 <mweltin_> ok I'm goign to get some lunch

17:00 <mweltin_> and test my svn server

17:00 *** mweltin_ is now known as mw_away

17:02 <PovAddict> crunch3r: kinda big app isn't it?

17:02 <PovAddict> that's output of wc so first column is line count

17:02 <crunch3r> ???

17:02 <crunch3r> what's this ?

17:03 <MTughan> Hmm... mw_away: How long are WUs supposed to take? 0.000% after 4 minutes...

17:03 <PovAddict> how long would it take to search for bottlenecks and manually optimize with SSE something as big as that? :D

17:03 <MTughan> Do I want to know?

17:03 <PovAddict> MTughan: no progress reporting from tsp

17:03 <Tank_Master> thats what books are for?

17:03 <MTughan> Ah, that explains it.

17:04 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

17:04 <MTughan> Theoretically, I can also compile for PPC 64 bit, but this is an x86 processor, so I don't know if it'd work.

17:05 <crunch3r> What's wc ?

17:05 *** Tank_Master has joined #boinc

17:05 <PovAddict> the unix tool for counting words, lines, and characters...

17:05 <Tank_Master> im thinkin of killing off invision

17:05 <PovAddict> I ran wc povray-3.6.1/source/*.cpp

17:05 <MTughan> Oh?

17:05 <Tank_Master> keeps crashing on me

17:06 <MTughan> lol PovAddict

17:06 <Tank_Master> go back to normal mIrc

17:06 <MTughan> Try Xchat.

17:06 <PovAddict> wow another 11 thousand lines from the .h files

17:06 <MTughan> lol

17:06 <PovAddict> let's rewrite it!

17:07 <MTughan> Tank_Master: Xchat from the actual people isn't freeware for Windows, but you can find free builds.

17:09 <Tank_Master> or free keys

17:09 <Tank_Master> oh, did I say that?

17:09 <MTughan> Just try this.

17:09 <Romulus> Title: X-Chat 2 for Windows (at

17:12 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

17:17 *** mw_away is now known as mweltin

17:18 <CoderForLife> greetings

17:18 <mweltin> ok PovAddict you are up, what do I need to read to learn about HR.  I read teh basic page, but I have tons of work units not being sent out.

17:18 <Tank_Master> howdy

17:18 <MTughan> 'lo CFL

17:18 <CoderForLife> hey Tank, Michael

17:18 <mweltin> I thought that the hr_info.txt file looked at the database to see what kind of hosts are connected.

17:20 <mweltin> Has someone here got the tsp_2.04_windows_intelx86.exe to download?

17:20 <mweltin> one guy in the forum still has a problem, but I thought I fixed it a while ago.

17:21 <CoderForLife> bbiab

17:21 <crunch3r> i'll attach a PIII 1000 MHz in a minute... we will see if it downloads the app...

17:21 <Tank_Master> k

17:22 <Tank_Master> it wont on win "there was work, but commited to other platforms"

17:22 <Tank_Master> I got 33 or so 1GHz on TSP

17:22 <PovAddict> nothing *you* can do about that...

17:22 <Tank_Master> nope

17:22 <MTughan> mweltin: WU finished in about 20 minutes.

17:22 <Tank_Master> but at least my comp at home is requesing work and not getting the quota prob now

17:23 <PovAddict> MTughan: real WU or running standalone with the sample 'in'?

17:23 <mweltin> so does HR assign a platform when I create the workunit?

17:23 <PovAddict> mweltin: no

17:23 <MTughan> Real WU.

17:23 <PovAddict> mweltin: what target_nresults aka initial replication are you using?

17:23 <mweltin> MTughan: nice

17:23 <mweltin> PovAddict: mmmmmmmmmm I'll check

17:24 <PovAddict> anyway, suppose you're using 2

17:24 <MTughan> I'll get BOINC to stop pestering your connection...

17:24 <crunch3r> 09.11.2007 22:19:50|traveling salesman problem|Message from server: (there was work but it was committed to other platforms)

17:24 <PovAddict> a windows computer asks for work, and gets one of those two results

17:24 <crunch3r> that's what i get on my pIII 1000 MHz...

17:24 <PovAddict> then the other result from the same workunit will not be sent to a non-Windows computer

17:24 <mweltin> but it downloads the app alright.

17:24 <MTughan> I'm getting "No work sent".

17:25 <PovAddict> it actually checks for CPU type too

17:25 <PovAddict> (to cope with differences between intel/amd etc)

17:25 <mweltin> PovAddict: still looing

17:25 <crunch3r> it doesn't even download the app...

17:25 <MTughan> PovAddict: Even though they both support x86?

17:25 <PovAddict> crunch3r: if you don't get work, you don't get the app

17:25 <PovAddict> MTughan: tiny floating point differences

17:25 <MTughan> Good point...

17:25 <MTughan> Let's get Big Blue!

17:26 <PovAddict> MTughan: *really* tiny, but if the algorithm you're using accumulates errors, you're in trouble

17:26 <MTughan> zombie67: You here?

17:27 <crunch3r> well i should get work for windows_intelx86... and i does not even download the application for windows 32 bit on the PIII (winXP)

17:27 <MTughan> You said that numerous times already.

17:28 <mweltin> PovAddict: target_nresults is not set in my WU template, so its 5.

17:28 <PovAddict> crazy...

17:28 <MTughan> mweltin: Can you tell me the current size of the Intel Mac app?

17:28 <PovAddict> well, all 5 results will be sent to the same OS, and maybe also same CPU type

17:28 <mweltin> 505856 2007-11-08 17:29 tsp_2.04_windows_x86_64.exe

17:28 <PovAddict> if somebody with a wintel asks for work and none of the workunits that the feeder has loaded is "compatible", you get that message

17:28 <MTughan> I just recompiled with -O3 to turn on all optimizations. It's at 1.1MB now, but I forgot to check what it was before.

17:28 <PovAddict> or if none of the workunits has all 5 results unsent

17:29 <mweltin> there are a ton of WU's with server state of Unsent

17:29 <PovAddict> you mean where none of the 5 results is sent?

17:30 <Romulus> oh, i thought wcg had some of my projects is so optimal about OptusNet??

17:30 <MTughan> Anyone know how to make a simple Makefile that will execute two others in directories?

17:30 <PovAddict> if a single result of the workunit gets sent, the other 4 are locked to that same platform

17:30 <PovAddict> MTughan: what do the other two makefiles generate?

17:30 <MTughan> TSP. :D

17:30 <mweltin> I have tons with all 5 are unsent.

17:30 <MTughan> I modded them to work on my system.

17:30 <PovAddict> mweltin: well, none of those was loaded by the feeder

17:31 <mweltin> mmmmmmmm let me check my server status

17:31 <PovAddict> ask on the mailing lists, I never used HR myself, but I read lots of problems :P

17:31 <mweltin> well feeder is running fine

17:32 <PovAddict> but it can't load all your thousand workunits in memory

17:32 <PovAddict> you can change the size of the feeder shared memory block - but I don't know how

17:32 <PovAddict> brb

17:32 <mweltin> ok

17:33 <MTughan> mweltin: You wrote the two Makefiles here. Do you know how to make one to execute two others in subdirectories?

17:35 <PovAddict> what do each generate?

17:35 <MTughan> It's to make TSP.

17:35 <PovAddict> that doesn't exactly answer the question

17:35 <MTughan> What do you mean, what do I generate then?

17:35 <PovAddict> what is the final output of each makefile?

17:36 <PovAddict> one makes the final executable, right?

17:36 <MTughan> First one outputs .o, second make the executable.

17:36 <mweltin> MTughan: yes just have not got around to it.

17:36 <PovAddict> make a simple shell script for now

17:36 <mweltin> the Makefile in BruteForce makes teh final exe

17:37 <mweltin> but it references all these object files in lib/ which the makefile in that dir builds.

17:37 <PovAddict> cd lib && make && cd ../BruteFroce && make && cd ..

17:37 <PovAddict> -typos

17:38 <MTughan> No need. Got it working.

17:38 <MTughan> $(MAKE) -C lib

17:38 <MTughan> Not that hard...

17:38 <zombie67> w00t!  My Mac has work!

17:38 <MTughan> Hehe...

17:38 <MTughan> Your PPC Macs should have work too.

17:38 <zombie67> 1142 hours to completion

17:39 <Tank_Master> sweet

17:39 <PovAddict> wtf

17:39 <PovAddict> zombie67: check your DCF

17:39 <MTughan> zombie67: Took 20 minutes here, despite that.

17:39 * Tank_Master is envious of zombie's ability to get work

17:39 <MTughan> He's on Mac.

17:39 * PovAddict is happy enough doing simap

17:39 <mweltin> ahh that is based on the huge fpops_bound and est I expect.

17:39 <zombie67> DCF?  should be 1, as it is the first time attached....

17:39 <PovAddict> then it's mweltin Doing It Wrong (tm) with the fpops_est

17:40 <Tank_Master> what?

17:40 <mweltin> yes it is.

17:40 <Tank_Master> y r my initials mentioned?

17:40 <mweltin> I just made it real high

17:40 <MTughan> Trademark, not Tank_Master

17:40 <mweltin> to avoid any problems

17:40 <Tank_Master> hehe

17:40 <BadBarbarian> lol

17:40 <Tank_Master> I know

17:42 * zombie67 should hit 500k at SIMAP in a few days.

17:42 * Tank_Master has stoped working on simap for a while

17:44 <mweltin> does anyone know if I need to restart inetd if I make a change to inetd.conf?

17:47 <PovAddict> I guess you do

17:48 *** wdsmia-afk is now known as wdsmia

17:48 <zombie67> about how long should TSP really take on a 3ghz Xeon Mac?

17:48 <MTughan> 'lo Doug

17:48 <MTughan> Maybe 10-15 minutes.

17:48 <wdsmia> *lo MTughan and All

17:48 <mweltin> I'm 1.3Gz and it takes about 40min

17:48 <zombie67> 11:03 to be exact.  It just finished.

17:49 <Tank_Master> ill bbiab

17:49 <Tank_Master> hope there will be work when I return ;)

17:49 <Tank_Master> :P

17:50 <zombie67> mweltin:  Does this mean you are slowing down everyone else on the island?

17:50 <Tank_Master> LOL

17:50 <zombie67> every time you rev the apps?

17:50 <mweltin> yes

17:50 <MTughan> lol

17:50 <PovAddict> mweltin: ugh, Apache 1.3?

17:51 <PovAddict> :P

17:51 <mweltin> and a 2.4 kernel

17:51 <mweltin> what?!?!

17:52 <crunch3r> So... i'm compiling a 64 bit linux app now... is that ok with you Markus ?

17:53 <mweltin> no! Just kidding that would be AWESOME

17:54 <PovAddict> mweltin: make a .htaccess file on your download directory

17:54 <zombie67>

17:54 <Romulus> <$-K> (at

17:54 <PovAddict> err hold on

17:54 <crunch3r> OK...

17:54 <MTughan> zombie67: Looks good.

17:54 <crunch3r> zombie67 ... ready for testing a new optimized apps for mac/intel  ?

17:55 <MTughan> With Intel's?

17:55 <PovAddict> there we go...

17:55 <crunch3r> mac intel ... SSE3

17:55 <MTughan> I recompiled mine with -O3, so should help.

17:55 <zombie67> sure!

17:55 <PovAddict> mweltin: add a .htaccess file to your download directory containing this line:

17:55 <PovAddict> RedirectTemp tsp_2.04_windows_x86_64.exe

17:55 <Romulus> <$-P> (at

17:55 <crunch3r> i'm talking about NON GCC application...

17:55 <MTughan> Yeah.

17:55 <crunch3r> ICC compiled...

17:55 <crunch3r> ;)

17:55 <mweltin> BTW svn is working now.

17:56 <MTughan> So if this does work out... I could do the PPC app, and you the Intel.

17:56 <zombie67> can't try out the sctock PPC client, as there is no work available

17:56 <MTughan> That's unoptimized anyway.

17:56 <mweltin> PovAddict: are you kidding or are you serious?

17:56 <crunch3r> @MTughan... you should do PPC and i'll cover the intel stuff .. OK ?

17:56 <zombie67> Does the Core (not Core 2) support SSE3?

17:56 <crunch3r> yes

17:59 <MTughan> Sounds fine for now. If Intel's compiler really can do better.

17:59 <MTughan> Yes.

17:59 <mweltin> I'll believe almost anything you say.

17:59 <PovAddict> mweltin: 7 gigs left on that server's disk, and I'm not paying for it, so why not...

17:59 <PovAddict> if that redirect works, I'll add all other apps

17:59 <zombie67> If so, then even the stock intel/OSX app should use all SSE* optimizations.  No need for a seperate optimized app/anonymous platform.

17:59 <zombie67> No legacy processors to support

17:59 <MTughan> No, it's just that I forgot to optimize this version.

17:59 <mweltin> ok PovAddict its done.

17:59 <PovAddict> argh

17:59 <PovAddict> check your apache error log

17:59 <zombie67> I know.  I am just saying that, for the stock apps, the Macs should be the fastest by far.

17:59 <MTughan> Oh, I see.

17:59 <PovAddict> correction: remove the .htaccess and check your error log, to avoid giving "Internal server error" to all clients...

17:59 <mweltin> RedirectTemp not allowed here

17:59 <PovAddict> hmm

17:59 <MTughan> So Apache config's wrong?

17:59 <zombie67> win and linux (even 64 bit) have legacy processors to support

17:59 <MTughan> zombie67: PPC too.

17:59 <crunch3r> <---600 mhz alpha dec ev67

17:59 <PovAddict> mweltin: check your main apache configuration file for "AllowOverride"

17:59 <Romulus> Title: Tasks for computer (at

18:00 <mweltin> AllowOverride AuthConfig

18:00 <zombie67> Right, with the PPC app, no legacy procs to support.  All will do altivec, right?

18:00 <MTughan> I don't know. I just did -O3 for both.

18:00 <zombie67> -03?

18:01 <MTughan> GCC optimizations.

18:01 <PovAddict> mweltin: is that the only line with that directive? if yes, change it to AllowOverride AuthConfig FileInfo and restart apache

18:01 <MTughan> That might include altivec.

18:01 <PovAddict> MTughan: not exactly

18:01 <MTughan> ?

18:01 <PovAddict> MTughan: for extra instruction sets, you need other switches

18:01 <MTughan> That's why I said it might include it.

18:02 <mweltin> that wsa from the tsp directory config file, which is appended to httpd.conf

18:02 <crunch3r> you need to add "-ftree-vctorize" in addition to the -O3

18:02 <crunch3r> ^ "ftree-vectorize"

18:02 <MTughan> For both apps?

18:02 <crunch3r> sure

18:02 <MTughan> Okay, can do...

18:02 <crunch3r> gcc 4.x supports that

18:02 <mweltin> for Directory / AllowOverride is set to None

18:02 <crunch3r> and "-ffast-math"

18:02 <mweltin> same for htdocs

18:03 <MTughan> Okay.

18:03 <PovAddict> is the .htaccess still there?

18:03 <crunch3r> so 3500 sec for my alpha ev67@600mhz... not bad at all... though claimed credit is at "3"... that suckz...

18:03 <mweltin> no

18:03 <mweltin> here is somethign I dont understand

18:04 <mweltin> this is for the download dir, and the httpd.conf Directory only references tsp/html and tsp/cgi-bin

18:04 <MTughan> Okay, all apps recompiled. PovAddict, you want them?

18:04 <PovAddict> mweltin: oops, good point...

18:04 <MTughan> mweltin: There's a set for default instructions.

18:04 <mweltin> so I'm sure what adding FileInfo AuthConfig Limit will do

18:04 <zombie67> Results ready to send = 1,005, yet I cannot get work for my PPCs

18:05 <PovAddict> mweltin: well... then you might need to add a new <Directory> for the download dir. with AllowOverride FileInfo

18:05 <mweltin> ok

18:05 <PovAddict> mweltin: it's still better to keep the redirects on the .htaccess so you don't need to restart apache for each change

18:05 <MTughan> Do you want the apps, or should I send them to mweltin again?

18:05 <PovAddict> MTughan: host 'em somewhere

18:06 <crunch3r> btw... the 64 bit linux app will be gcc compiled... when we do have reliable results from that one, we could try an ICC compiled version of the app.

18:06 <MTughan> K...

18:07 *** _switchcat_ has joined #BOINC

18:07 <MTughan>

18:07 <Romulus> <$-_> (at

18:07 <MTughan>

18:07 <mweltin> be with you in a sec MTughan

18:07 <_switchcat_> greetings... on boinc manager, the messages thing is blinking at me.. I clicked it.. but nothing happens...(??)

18:07 <PovAddict> finished in 2 seconds

18:08 <PovAddict> _switchcat_: my suggestion, click Advanced View :)

18:08 <PovAddict> MTughan: second link is broken...

18:08 <MTughan> Shouldn't be...

18:08 <mweltin> first one is working

18:09 <MTughan> Huh... That's the filename.

18:09 <PovAddict> gah gotta rename that...

18:09 <MTughan> Rename what?

18:10 <PovAddict> 'tsp' to 'tsp_2.01_mac-ppc-whateverthef*ck'

18:10 * PovAddict doesn't remember platform name

18:10 <mweltin> I can do that MTughan

18:10 <MTughan> ppc-darwin or something like that...

18:10 <mweltin> yeah

18:10 <MTughan> Yeah, second file didn't seem to upload...

18:10 <mweltin> powerpc I think

18:10 <PovAddict> mweltin: download error again giving 500

18:10 <crunch3r> 64 bit linux app --->

18:11 <mweltin> powerpc-apple-darwin

18:11 <mweltin> I restarted apache and moved back the .htaccess

18:11 <MTughan> There. Try the second link again.

18:11 <mweltin> ok

18:11 <MTughan> PovAddict: If you need me to untar and unbunzip the 64-bit app, and ZIP it, I can do that.

18:12 <crunch3r> anyone interested in an FreeBSD port fo the application ?

18:12 <PovAddict> I can untar and unbzip2 easier than unzip

18:12 <MTughan> Okay.

18:12 <MTughan> lol crunch3r

18:12 <crunch3r> ^^ lol what ? ;)

18:12 <crunch3r> haven#t even ask for Itanium :P

18:12 <MTughan> You're making one for every possible platform it seems!

18:12 <MTughan> rofl

18:13 <MTughan> bbiab

18:13 <crunch3r> HPUX, Solaris etc... hehe i can do that as well ;)

18:13 <PovAddict> mweltin: well, redirect doesn't seem to be working :\

18:14 <crunch3r> where do you think those apps came from ---> any app that got a 2.4 tag on it is based on my work ...

18:14 <Romulus> Title: Downloads (at

18:14 <mweltin> PovAddict: I'll hit pastebin with my apache directive

18:14 <zombie67> <crunch3r>:  you got access to a solarix box finally?

18:14 <mweltin>

18:14 <Romulus> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at

18:15 <PovAddict> paste .htaccess

18:15 <crunch3r> @zombie67 i got access to a sparc... that's all ;)

18:15 *** Rookie_69 has joined #boinc

18:15 <mweltin> so that is what it looks like now.  Oh and I moved the .htaccess out of the way for now

18:15 <PovAddict> hey Rookie_69

18:15 <mweltin> RedirectTemp tsp_2.04_windows_x86_64.exe

18:15 <Romulus> <$-P> (at

18:15 <wdsmia> *lo Glenn

18:15 <PovAddict> mweltin: it errors out while the .htaccess is there?

18:15 <Rookie_69> Hi, all.

18:15 <mweltin> yes

18:15 <crunch3r> however i'm going to try to instaql BELINIX (opensolaris) on my PIII 1000 MHz...

18:15 <PovAddict> even with AllowOverride  FileInfo and an apache restart? same on error.log?

18:16 <mweltin> I'll check the error.log

18:16 <mweltin> but yes I restarted apache.

18:16 <crunch3r> ^^ @Zombie67 if that won't work...i need an alternative ;)

18:16 <Rookie_69> I'm on a foreign box... with new mIRC software.

18:17 <mweltin> File does not exist: /var/www/htdocs/tsp_2.04_windows_x86_64.exe

18:17 <PovAddict> that one should be unrelated

18:17 <PovAddict> (I typed wrong URL)

18:17 <mweltin> of course oh

18:17 <mweltin> ok I'm goign to move the htaccess back into download

18:17 <crunch3r> 10.11.2007 00:01:15|traveling salesman problem|Message from server: (there was work but it was committed to other platforms) <--- this sucks... i need work for my alpha ;)

18:18 <mweltin> ok I'll ditch HR and restart the server.

18:18 <mweltin> /home/mweltin/projects/tsp/html/user/download/.htaccess: RedirectTemp not allowed here

18:18 <MTughan> Configuration issue.

18:19 <mweltin> lots

18:19 <PovAddict> aha...

18:19 <PovAddict> maybe you need the <Directory> on /home/mweltin/projects/tsp/html/user/download/

18:19 <PovAddict> instead of /home/mweltin/projects/tsp/download/

18:19 * PovAddict clears chatlog before the scroll thumb gets invisible

18:20 <mweltin> ok

18:20 <MTughan> lol

18:21 <MTughan> PovAddict: Did the second link work?

18:21 <zombie67> w00t!  work now available!

18:21 <MTughan> PPC?

18:21 <crunch3r> btw... just a bit offtipic... setting up a boinc project really does SUCK... i mean it totally confusing .. OK i only spent 30 mins for that but it's still confusing and a mess... i want to have aproject by myself... i'd call it CREDIT@Home ... LOL... however... atm i'm occupied updating my homepage --> maybe after i'm done with that one i'll have the time to do a...

18:21 <PovAddict> everything

18:21 <crunch3r> ...project myself ;)

18:22 <MTughan> Gah... bbiab again.

18:22 <PovAddict> mweltin: still silly errors? :-\

18:22 <crunch3r> does TSP have fixed credits ?

18:22 <crunch3r> i guess not ..

18:22 <mweltin> PovAddict: no

18:22 <crunch3r> am i wrong ?

18:22 <mweltin> if I knew what that was I could answer that.

18:22 <mweltin> oh

18:23 <mweltin> no

18:23 * PovAddict is kinda lost

18:23 <mweltin> I dont' define the number of credits a WU is worth.

18:23 <mweltin> I let boinc deal with handing out credits.

18:23 <mweltin> PovAddict: /home/mweltin/projects/tsp/html/user/download/.htaccess: RedirectTemp not allowed here

18:24 <crunch3r> woohoo !! my PIII does get work now !!!

18:24 <PovAddict> with new <Directory>? WTF

18:24 <crunch3r> although ... slow ;P ... LOL

18:24 <wdsmia> Boinc credit plan Crunch now.. maybe credit someday

18:24 <mweltin> yeah it was just tsp/download before

18:24 <mweltin> I ditched HR for now.

18:25 <zombie67> Fri Nov  9 15:24:24 2007|traveling salesman problem|Reason: Unrecoverable error for result 11Seq_34_35_36_39_40_41_43_44_45_46_47_4 (WU download error: couldn't get input files:<file_xfer_error>  <file_name>11Seq_34_35_36_39_40_41_43_44_45_46_47</file_name>  <error_code>-119</error_code>  <error_message>MD5 check failed</error_message></file_xfer_error>)

18:25 <mweltin> wdsmia: HAHA

18:25 <crunch3r> "boinc creditr plan " means what exactly ??? benchmark based credits ?

18:25 <PovAddict> zombie67: probably screwed up during the configuration changes on the download dir

18:26 <crunch3r> same here ---> 09.11.2007 23:21:19|traveling salesman problem|Unrecoverable error for result 11Seq_34_35_36_38_39_40_41_44_45_46_47_3 (app_version download error: couldn't get input files:<file_xfer_error>  <file_name>tsp_2.04_windows_intelx86.exe</file_name>  <error_code>-120</error_code>  <error_message>signature verification failed</error_message></file_xfer_error>)

18:26 <crunch3r> Markus ... ever though about running your project on a dedicated server ?

18:26 <mweltin> ok ditched .htaccess file

18:27 <zombie67> yeah, looks like it works again.

18:27 <mweltin> what?!?!? and miss out on the chance that my cat will f*%$ with my router, and my 25GB harddrive will fill up, and the sub dialup speeds during the day?!?!?!!?

18:27 <mweltin> are you crazy?

18:28 <mweltin> zombie67: I ditched the redirect

18:28 <crunch3r> no i'm not crazy ;P

18:28 <PovAddict> and I won't bother about htaccess more... add it directly to apache conf, I doubt it can go wrong like this:

18:28 <PovAddict> RedirectTemp /tsp/download/tsp_2.04_windows_x86_64.exe

18:28 <Romulus> <$-P> (at

18:29 *** E-30 has joined #boinc

18:29 <MTughan> Okay, back, and off for dinner. YOu can tell me about any problems afterwards.

18:29 <CoderForLife> hello Chris

18:29 <PovAddict> will need an apache restart but at least it's no more effing around with htaccess permissions

18:29 <zombie67> <mweltin>:  great progress today!  OSX apps!  Longer run times!  Next:  optimized apps!

18:29 <crunch3r> if you need webspace ...let me know... or ask my team... SETI.USA... i think we can help you out if you want too

18:29 <mweltin> crunch3r: Yes in fact in my note book someone already offered me space on their box.

18:29 <PovAddict> quoting CoderForLife (who was probably quoting someone else): "Security is rarely convenient"

18:29 <E-30> hey cfl

18:29 <E-30> hey everyone

18:30 <CoderForLife> lol  that one is quoted all the time at w@#% - they credit me

18:30 <mweltin> PovAddict: so make chage Directory back to tsp/download and add that line?

18:30 <crunch3r> @Zombie67 " great progress today!  OSX apps! Longer run times! Next: optimized apps!" wanna tell me about that one ? Is this my application or not ?

18:30 <Rookie_69> Hi, Don.

18:30 <CoderForLife> hey Glenn =)

18:31 <PovAddict> mweltin: or leave it...

18:31 <zombie67> crunch3r:  I meant, next I would like to see....

18:31 <CoderForLife> the SNR is very high tonight - very on-topic

18:31 <crunch3r> ^^ you mean like on APS@Home ?

18:31 <PovAddict> dunno... I'm just trying to mirror the apps to lower your bandwidth use and it's being a pain to get a simple *redirect*

18:31 <E-30> well y computer has not been restarted sence last mouth

18:31 <mweltin> PovAddict: I'm going to leave it for now.  I have a ton of other stuff on my plate.

18:32 * CoderForLife is up to 3 plates now

18:32 <zombie67> exactly

18:32 <zombie67> but even the stock apps should have the SSE* optimizations

18:32 <crunch3r> so do we have a excel file or somting similar showing crunch times on OSX, Linux, Windows 32 bit and 64 bit ?

18:33 <E-30> hey i think i rember you name on the boincstats msg board

18:33 <PovAddict> E-30: crunch3r is famous

18:33 <E-30> about a mouth ago

18:33 <crunch3r> Who's famous ? and forwhat ?

18:33 <mweltin> brb skink "rescue squad"

18:33 <E-30> no i mean zombie67

18:33 <E-30> lol

18:33 <crunch3r> ^^ that makes sense

18:33 <E-30> cool

18:33 <zombie67> yeah, I'm everywhere

18:34 <E-30> well what are you workin on now

18:34 <crunch3r> ^^ yeah zombie67 is a"project junkie" ;P

18:34 <zombie67> all projects, all at once!

18:34 <PovAddict> zombie67: I bet you can't wait for 80-core CPUs to hit the market

18:34 <E-30> lol

18:34 <crunch3r> ^^ running OSX... instead he should use Solaris ;P

18:34 <zombie67> "I'll take 10, please!"

18:34 <E-30> well i ony have 6 comoputers so i stay on one now

18:35 <zombie67> can't run all projects with solaris

18:35 <PovAddict> I have 2 computers and I run multiple projects...

18:35 <crunch3r> ^^ well ... you wanna run TSP on Solaris ?

18:35 <E-30> well i like all my stuff in one place

18:35 <zombie67> nope

18:35 <zombie67> I don't want a uni-task box

18:35 <zombie67> too expensive to run

18:36 <zombie67> only about 5 projects support solaris

18:36 <Romulus> IE has encountered a problem with starting the windows were blown out

18:36 <E-30> well i have 3 core 2 duos now

18:36 <zombie67> gotta run.

18:36 <E-30> ok

18:36 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

18:37 * Rookie_69 wonders which stocking has the run.

18:38 <crunch3r> "Linux running crunch3r's boxes EV67 and DEC" ... LOL

18:38 <E-30> whos know there

18:39 <mweltin> I smile everytime zombie leaves the room, and not because I don't like him I do really, but his quit message is the best.

18:40 <PovAddict> I'm *still* downloading the apps into the mirror server

18:40 <E-30> i see

18:40 <E-30> lol

18:40 <E-30> fun there

18:41 <E-30> i jest came home fro being out for three weeks and my computer at home is miss up big time so i am working on it and my one here in germany gatting updates

18:41 <crunch3r> germany ?

18:41 <E-30> yea

18:42 <crunch3r> you from germany ?

18:42 <E-30> i am in the army right now

18:42 <E-30> i am from oklahoma

18:42 <crunch3r> ahhh...

18:43 <E-30> i been over here for 4 years now and i what to go back home  soon

18:43 <crunch3r> Thought you came from germay...

18:43 <E-30> been to iraq 2 time

18:43 <crunch3r> ^^ that suckz..

18:43 <mweltin> Oklahoma! only steers and and q... or sorry thats texas

18:43 <E-30> yrue

18:43 <E-30> true

18:44 <crunch3r> i wouldn't go there... if you ask me "nuke"irak&iran " and that's it...

18:44 <E-30> its like 1 am here allreny

18:44 <E-30> true there

18:44 <crunch3r> i'm from germany that's why i ask... ;)

18:44 <E-30> i dont liie it

18:44 <E-30> cool whre

18:44 <E-30> where

18:44 <E-30> i am in wiesbaden now

18:45 <PovAddict> mweltin: I know you know it but I feel I have to say it:

18:45 <PovAddict> your bandwidth Sucks

18:45 <crunch3r> baden w├╝rtenberg...

18:45 <PovAddict> omg a peak of 2.50K/s!

18:45 <E-30> lol

18:45 <crunch3r> @pvAddict...

18:45 <E-30> well how far is that frome wiesbaden

18:45 <crunch3r> i think we could move TSP to a dedicated server...

18:46 <PovAddict> crunch3r: I'm downloading the apps into a dedicated-ish server

18:46 <CoderForLife> 0ff 4 2 nite - cya fine folks soon

18:46 <crunch3r> @E-30 i don't know .. i guess its about 450 km from where i live...

18:46 <mweltin> what?!?!

18:46 <PovAddict> cya CFL

18:46 <E-30> i will look it up now

18:46 * CoderForLife waves and walks away

18:46 *** wineguy has joined #boinc

18:47 <mweltin> its better than punch cards, not by much but still.

18:47 <PovAddict> ok what's the app that's probably being downloaded the most?

18:47 <crunch3r> ^^ windows_intelx86

18:47 <mweltin> I don't know

18:47 <Romulus> Hey who cares, as long as its source is in 12 hours

18:47 <mweltin> I

18:47 <PovAddict> 2.04?

18:48 <mweltin> I'm just this guy you know.

18:48 <E-30> for what

18:48 <mweltin> 2.04 windows are crunch3rs

18:48 <PovAddict> but it's the latest version, so that's what people download, right?

18:48 <PovAddict> or is there a 2.05?

18:49 <mweltin> Well I normally depricate old versions

18:49 <mweltin> there is not 2.05

18:49 <PovAddict> RedirectTemp /tsp/download/tsp_2.04_windows_intelx86.exe

18:49 <PovAddict> into your damned apache config

18:49 <PovAddict> and watch it speedup like hell

18:49 <Romulus> <$:$> (at

18:49 <E-30> well i am gettin a new virson of boinc  now

18:50 <PovAddict> other apps coming soon when I finish downloading them >.>

18:50 <mweltin> PovAddict: just anywhere ?

18:50 <PovAddict> I guess "anywhere" will do

18:50 <E-30> ye a

18:50 <mweltin> lol

18:50 <PovAddict> unless you use virtual hosts, which I don't think you do

18:51 <PovAddict> download died... --.--K/s

18:51 <mweltin> no I don't

18:51 <PovAddict> oh it's back: 2.86K/s

18:51 <E-30> wee cool i hope that this one will stay on when i am not on my computer

18:51 <mweltin> so it doesn't have to be in a <Directory> tag or anything?

18:52 <E-30> i dont think so

18:52 <PovAddict> seems not

18:52 <mweltin> ok

18:52 <mweltin> try it now

18:53 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

18:53 <PovAddict> yep it's redirecting

18:53 <mweltin> this will suck when I have to update new versions.

18:53 <mweltin> good

18:53 <PovAddict> why? it will still work

18:53 <PovAddict> from your own server only, but will work

18:54 <mweltin> ok, yes I see its only for this version.

18:54 <mweltin> good times!

18:55 <E-30> hooe so

18:55 <E-30> hope

18:57 <mweltin> wow that was a crazy few hours its almost 1pm, last thing I remember was sitting down at 9am.

18:57 <E-30> lol well the last time i look at the clock was 6 pm now its 1 am

18:57 <crunch3r> ^^ 1 pm ? it's allready 1 am here in grmany .. LOL

18:58 <E-30> yep

18:58 <mweltin> what day?

18:58 <E-30> oh well

18:58 <crunch3r> still haven't a clue where american samoa is located on the golbe ... i need to check tat ;)

18:58 <E-30> yea

18:58 <E-30> lol

18:58 <mweltin> 170 lon -14 lat

18:58 <crunch3r> ^^ Ohh  now i know ... LOL

18:59 <mweltin> a.k.a nowhere

18:59 <E-30> wow cool

18:59 <crunch3r> ...well really no idea ...

18:59 <PovAddict> at the east of nothing

18:59 <E-30> tim buck too

18:59 <E-30> isd more like it

18:59 <crunch3r> where is american samoa ?

19:00 <E-30> whos knkow

19:00 <E-30> knows

19:00 <crunch3r> wow ... i like those pics on the gov page.... do you need a "professional" boinc application optimizer over there ? ... LOL

19:00 <Romulus> Title: American Samoa Government Home Page (at

19:00 <mweltin> how can the MD5checsum for a workunit fail?

19:01 <PovAddict> by getting corrupted while trying to get out of your tiny internet pipe

19:01 <mweltin> great diving, but very little else.

19:01 <crunch3r> ^^ deosn't matter ... though i don't dive... got some nice looking chicks over there  ?

19:01 <mweltin> hey hey hey, they might be tiny, but its not the size of the pipe, its how you use it.

19:02 <mweltin> if you like big chicks yes.

19:02 <crunch3r> ^^ not big ones...

19:02 <crunch3r> ;P

19:02 <mweltin> here is the deal, the ones that are hot are out of control hot.  The rest not so much so.

19:02 <PovAddict> eww

19:02 <PovAddict> that sounded bad quoted out of context

19:03 <PovAddict> "might be tiny, but its not the size of the pipe, its how you use it." followed by " if you like big chicks yes."

19:03 <PovAddict> what pipe are we talking about?

19:03 <crunch3r> ok i think i can handle the ones that areout of control ... LOL... <you can keep the rest ... like the big ones ;P

19:03 <mweltin> dinner for a family of 4 at a local restaurant will feed over 8 palagis.

19:03 *** Rookie_69 has quit IRC

19:04 <mweltin> palagis = non native

19:04 <crunch3r> ^^ am i invited ? LOL

19:04 <mweltin> anytime buddy

19:04 <crunch3r> hehe :)

19:04 <mweltin> flights come in on thrusdays and sundays

19:05 <mweltin> dont bring any drugs

19:05 <crunch3r> still i have no clue to where american samoa is located .... need to check that out ;)

19:05 <E-30> lol

19:05 <mweltin> they have a super cute dog that makes them a lot of money.

19:05 <mweltin>

19:05 <mweltin> its a google map of the island.

19:05 <mweltin> just zoom out unitl you see something you recognize.

19:06 <crunch3r> "near"australia ?....

19:07 <crunch3r> why is it called american samoa then ? anything to do with america at all ?

19:07 <PovAddict> mweltin: you can add a redirect for tsp_2.04_windows_x86_64.exe if you want to

19:07 <PovAddict> crunch3r: "ownership"?

19:07 <crunch3r> ???

19:07 <PovAddict> erm

19:08 <crunch3r> sorry ... not sure what you're talking about... what's the problem ?

19:08 <crunch3r> IF hosting the apps is a problem .. i can do that for you ...

19:09 <mweltin> done

19:09 <PovAddict> when I mentioned the redirect, I was talking about the apps, I'm hosting them

19:09 <PovAddict> when I said "ownership", it was the island

19:10 <mweltin> its a territory of the USA

19:10 <PovAddict> isn't French Guiana "owned" by France?

19:10 <PovAddict> THAT's what I meant

19:10 <crunch3r> well sorry... you know i'm german and i think i'm missing the point here ...

19:10 <mweltin> Germany used to own Western Samoa

19:10 <crunch3r> i really don't know what you're talking about regarding the "ownership"... so help me out on that one...

19:11 <mweltin> so its the same thing kind of.

19:11 <crunch3r> ^^ i didn't know that...

19:11 <mweltin> it was a long time ago

19:11 <mweltin> WW I I think.

19:11 <crunch3r> when was that around 18th centure ?

19:11 <mweltin> Germany gave it over to New Zealand after that.

19:12 <MTughan> Back.

19:12 <mweltin> what am I wikipedia?  I'm not sure no the dates, sorry.

19:12 <MTughan> How have you guys come along?

19:12 <mweltin> on*

19:12 <crunch3r> ^^ hmmm ... i didn't know that... so you're under NZ administratation ?

19:12 <crunch3r> ^^ sure you're mr. wikipedia !!! LOL

19:13 <mweltin> Thats western samoa, differnt country than American Samoa.

19:13 <crunch3r> hey ... i didn't even knew that germany had to do somthing with *.AS ....

19:13 <mweltin> Western is a sovern nation now, they govern them selves.

19:13 <mweltin> They don't AS and WS are totally different countries.

19:14 <crunch3r> So what's this thing about"american" samoa ? ... do you belong to the US somehow ?

19:14 <MTughan> Okay... PovAddict: Are the new Mac apps up?

19:15 <mweltin> yes, AS is a US territory, they have to follow US gov law.  Everyone here is a US citizen, but they don't have the right to vote.

19:15 <crunch3r> ^^ now that makes sence now ...

19:15 <mweltin> MTughan: not yet.  Had to add the news.  I'll do that now.

19:15 <MTughan> :D Come to Canada. :D

19:15 <mweltin> BC ROCKS

19:15 <crunch3r> ^^ no way canada suckz .. LOL

19:15 <PovAddict> MTughan: I lost the links a long while ago :P

19:15 <MTughan> Yay! Ontario here.

19:15 <mweltin> Vancouver has some of the best suhsi I have ever had.

19:16 <MTughan>

19:16 <Romulus> <$-_> (at

19:16 <MTughan>

19:16 <Romulus> <$:H> (at

19:16 <crunch3r> ^^ eatign raw fish ... not my kinda thing ...

19:16 <MTughan> There you go. ;)

19:16 <mweltin> are those new from the last ones I downloaded?

19:16 <MTughan> Those are the latest builds with optimizations.

19:16 <PovAddict> mweltin: no, he's giving them to me to mirror

19:16 <MTughan> crunch3r: Did you get Intel binaries from Intel's thing?

19:16 *** E-30 has quit IRC

19:16 <PovAddict> let me know the filename you use (version number and such)

19:17 <crunch3r> @MTugahn.. ???

19:17 <mweltin> I don't think I added them yet.

19:17 <mweltin> I added some early today, but not the new ones.

19:17 <PovAddict> thing = compiler

19:17 <MTughan> You were going to make applications for Intel Mac from Intel's compiler.

19:17 <crunch3r> you mean my binaries from the intel compiler ?

19:17 <MTughan> Yep.

19:18 <crunch3r> no ... the ones i posted here are gcc 4.x compiled binaries... using only "-O3" as compiler flag...

19:18 <MTughan> Okay, so mine are more optimized at this point.

19:18 <crunch3r> you wan't me to compile the app with the intel compiler ?

19:18 <MTughan> If you want.

19:19 <crunch3r> ^^ be carefull about talking" more optimized" about using gcc on mac os...

19:19 <MTughan> These are made with -O3 -ftree-vectorize -ffast-math

19:19 <crunch3r> i had issues with gcc on APS@home too ... while specifiing compiler flags my application was slowver

19:20 <MTughan> Oh, so theoretically more optimized then.

19:20 <mweltin> I'm going to make these 2.04

19:20 <crunch3r> ^^ yes but i will not work allwas ...

19:20 <MTughan> Well, that's what testing is for.

19:21 <PovAddict> so --> tsp_2.04_i686-apple-darwin?

19:21 <crunch3r> gcc on mac does not behave like gcc on linux... on macosx there are some preselected compiler flags for optimization ...

19:21 <MTughan> PovAddict: Looks right.

19:21 <mweltin> PovAddict: yes

19:21 <MTughan> Other one was tsp_2.01_i686-apple-darwin.

19:21 <crunch3r> sse3 is enabled by default... you can check thatout my typing "gcc --help" on terminal ... it'll show you

19:22 <MTughan> Where does it say that?

19:22 <PovAddict> both mac 2.04s on my mirror

19:23 <crunch3r> oopen a terminal ... and "gcc --help" you'll see that on the output

19:23 <MTughan>

19:23 <Romulus> Title: general pastebin - Stuff - post number 767747 (at

19:23 <MTughan> I did do that. I know what gcc is.

19:23 <crunch3r> 4.xx

19:23 <MTughan> ?

19:24 <crunch3r> ^^^gcc4.xx shows that

19:24 <PovAddict> he has 4.0.1

19:24 <MTughan> I tried updating to 4.2.1 once, screwed up Rosetta.

19:25 <crunch3r> ^^ not a good idea .. what version of osx are you running ? 10.4.8 ???

19:25 <MTughan> 10.4.10.

19:25 <MTughan> I got it back to normal, don't worry.

19:25 <crunch3r> i'm on 10.4.6 ...

19:25 <MTughan> Why no updates?

19:25 <MTughan> My MacBook initally came

19:25 <MTughan> .. with 10.4.6 when I got it last year.

19:26 <crunch3r> it's just for cimpiling APS@Home and now TSP... i don't use OSX personally ... i do that by remote accessing an Intel mac from a fired of mine ...

19:26 <MTughan> Okay.

19:27 <MTughan> That's where you use the Intel compiler from too?

19:27 <mweltin> ok old mac depricated and new versions updated.

19:27 <PovAddict> did you add redirects into my mirror for those too?

19:27 <MTughan> Downloading.

19:28 <MTughan> Seems to be the same status as before for downloading... Nothing down yet.

19:29 <mweltin> I just added them to the redirect list

19:29 <MTughan> Failed. Retrying.

19:29 <mweltin> good

19:29 <mweltin> I restared apache

19:29 <mweltin> should be quick now.

19:29 <MTughan> And it went.

19:29 <MTughan> So it's running.

19:29 <PovAddict> heh

19:29 *** _Q has joined #boinc

19:29 <PovAddict> 1MB app downloaded in seconds :P

19:29 <MTughan> The only thing I can think of now would be statuses. That's be nice.

19:30 <MTughan> That'd*

19:30 <MTughan> And better predictions. Says 1740 hours to run.

19:30 <_Q> meh, LHC is offline

19:30 <mweltin> Oh yeah, we are going to redo this entire exersize in a few days when I get that in there.

19:30 <MTughan> Okay, I have the Makefiles to do that now. :D

19:31 <mweltin> I'm thinking about sneaking the genetic algorithm back in too.

19:31 <MTughan> _Q: Offline, or just no work?

19:31 <mweltin> I'm not sure how to do that.

19:31 <_Q> LHC is completely offline

19:31 <_Q> connection timeout

19:31 <MTughan> Wow...

19:31 <_Q> and rosetta is down for maintenance

19:31 <PovAddict> waiting

19:31 <PovAddict> waiting

19:31 <PovAddict> waiting

19:31 <PovAddict> timeout

19:31 <PovAddict> confirmed

19:32 <MTughan> "(113) No route to host"

19:32 <PovAddict> eek

19:32 <_Q> got 9 LHC work units trying to uploaed

19:32 <PovAddict> that one sounds even worse :\

19:32 <_Q> s/aed/ad/

19:32 <MTughan> So DNS is still there, servers are down.

19:32 <MTughan> Or DNS has to be updated.

19:32 <_Q> figures, it just got new work units today

19:32 <mweltin> is zombie67 still here

19:33 <crunch3r> OK ... i'm compiling the apps using ICC now... anyone wanna bet on the speedup compared to gcc generated code ?

19:33 <_Q> I wonder if Predictor@home will ever get any new work units

19:33 <MTughan> Nope.

19:33 <PovAddict> mweltin: I don't want to be mirroring corrupted downloads... could you make an md5 list so I check them?

19:33 <PovAddict> md5sum download/tsp_* > download/md5_list

19:33 <MTughan> crunch3r: It'll be interesting to see...

19:33 <PovAddict> ...and i'll check it later...

19:33 <PovAddict> --> dinner

19:33 <crunch3r> ^^ wanna bet ?

19:33 <_Q> I've been running it for several weeks, and have yet to get anything

19:33 <crunch3r> on APS@Home it was 3-4 times faster ...

19:33 <MTughan> I say GCC will be fairly good, but I wouldn't be surprised if Intel was a bit better.

19:33 <mweltin> he and some other guy are are getting md5 check failures for workunits.

19:34 <mweltin> PovAddict: yes

19:34 <crunch3r> just give a guess ...

19:34 <_Q> boincstats said it got about 260K work units completed in a single day

19:34 <_Q> but I find that to be rather odd

19:34 <_Q>

19:34 <crunch3r> you all give a guess for speeed up ...

19:34 <Romulus> <$:N> (at

19:34 <MTughan> crunch3r: I say Intel, but I'm still sticking with GCC.

19:34 <crunch3r> Hint.. i won't be more than 3x faster... so ...

19:34 <MTughan> Just because they'll know all the shortcuts for speedups.

19:34 <PovAddict> ok, *everyone* guess the speedup

19:34 <crunch3r> no... just give a guess ... only for fun ...

19:35 <PovAddict> the one who gets closer wins

19:35 <MTughan> I say 1.4x.

19:35 <_Q> 37%

19:35 <crunch3r> ok i'd sayx 1.9x

19:35 <crunch3r> ok someone write that down ?

19:36 <MTughan> K...

19:36 <mweltin> 84ed1f84a9ab985628ceccec00aaf2bc  tsp_2.04_i686-apple-darwin

19:36 <MTughan> _Q: 37% = 1.37x for you?

19:36 <mweltin> 3e9f13b560520e77605c3890382e7be5  tsp_2.04_powerpc-apple-darwin

19:37 <MTughan> I'll say so... Recorded.

19:37 <crunch3r> ok... so we have 3 votes ?

19:37 *** f0urtyfour is now known as f0urtyfive

19:37 <mweltin> do you want the winds ones too?

19:37 <MTughan> Yep. You for 1.9x, me for 1.4x, and _Q for 1.37x.

19:37 <mweltin> be684483351bf4416b305f4ffd575603  tsp_2.04_windows_intelx86.exe

19:38 <mweltin> f6f6f0bf2ecca1ed2d9780e312b301cd  tsp_2.04_windows_x86_64.exe

19:38 <MTughan> Why not pastebin those?

19:38 <crunch3r> OK... well see ... i need to add only the flags like on APS.. the application is NOT optimized for Core2... only for sse3 that will work on older mac books too ! (core duo)...

19:38 <mweltin> I could

19:39 <MTughan> That's fine. I can see if GCC can do SSEx too.

19:42 <mweltin> so PovAddict how do I get my project to proces two different types of workunits.  I can put a flag in my WU to say what type it is, but what is the real way to do it?

19:42 <crunch3r> ^^ gcc won'T be able to do aoutovectorization...

19:42 <MTughan> There. GCC can do SSE, SSE2, and SSE3.

19:42 <MTughan> And MMX, but I don't know how useful that is here.

19:42 <Tank_Master> ib

19:43 <mweltin> Tank_Master: are you getting md5 errors on my WU's?

19:43 <Tank_Master> 11/9/2007 4:39:23 PM|traveling salesman problem|[error] MD5 check failed for 11Seq_34_35_36_37_39_42_43_44_45_46_47

19:44 <mweltin> what the F*%&*$*#*$&#!!! arghhhhhhh

19:44 <Tank_Master> as well as sig falied for the .exe

19:44 <wdsmia> same here

19:45 <Tank_Master> my guess is that with the load you have on your netowrk, the router or whatnot might be misshaping packets, corrupting them

19:45 <mweltin> ok back to the drawing board.

19:45 <Tank_Master> do you have access to the router?

19:45 <mweltin> but doesnt' tcp/ip check for that, shouldn't the download just take longer?

19:45 <mweltin> yea

19:46 <Tank_Master> depends on how its configured

19:46 <Tank_Master> if there is an option for "store and forward", use that

19:46 <mweltin> let me check

19:46 <Tank_Master> it slower, and take more of the router's resorses, but it checke the entier packet before ending it

19:47 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

19:48 <MTughan> Oh shoot... Not sure if the new Mac apps will work on all machines.

19:48 *** paul_l has left #boinc

19:49 <mweltin> its an old linksys BEFW11S4, and I don't see that as an option.

19:49 <mweltin> even if it works on some thats more than I had before MTughan

19:49 <MTughan> Shoot... Probably not. Anyone else on Mac can test?

19:49 *** paul_l has joined #boinc

19:49 <MTughan> Just want to see if some libraries exist.

19:50 <MTughan> Three to be exact. If they do, then I don't have to worry about this anymore.

19:50 *** Tank_Master has joined #BOINC

19:50 <Tank_Master> sorry, invision craped out again on me

19:50 <Romulus> I walked a few minutes to log in via remote gui

19:50 <Tank_Master> so I reverted back to mirc

19:50 <MTughan> You're on a Win machine?

19:50 <Tank_Master> corse

19:51 <MTughan> Nuts... Looking for a Mac person.

19:52 <MTughan> There... crunch3r, do your worst. SSE and SSE2 enabled on here. Not uploaded yet, but...

19:53 <MTughan> mweltin: Got an MD5 error here too. A second WU worked fine.

19:53 <MTughan> Heh... First WU I had before took 15 minutes.

19:58 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

19:58 *** mweltin has quit IRC

19:58 *** siofwolves has joined #boinc

19:58 <Tank_Master> hi sw

20:00 *** _Q has left #boinc

20:02 *** siof has joined #boinc

20:03 <wdsmia> &weather 50265

20:03 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 44░F / 7░C | Humidity: 55% | Pressure: 30.15in / 1021hPa | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Low in the lower 30s. South wind near 5 mph.; Saturday - Partly sunny. High in the mid 50s. South wind 5 to 15 mph shifting to the southeast 15 to 20 mph in the afternoon.; Saturday Night - Mostly cloudy. A chance of showers in (1 more message)

20:03 <wdsmia> &more

20:03 <Romulus> wdsmia: the evening...then a slight chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms after midnight. Not as cool. Low in the mid 40s. South wind 10 to 20 mph. Chance of precipitation 30 percent.;

20:03 <Tank_Master> &weather 97007

20:03 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Temperature: 55.0░F / 12.8░C | Humidity: 87% | Pressure: 29.79in / 1008.7hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Areas of light rain or drizzle in the evening...then rain after midnight. Lows 45 to 50. South wind 5 to 15 mph increasing to 15 to 25 mph after midnight.; Saturday - Rain in the morning...then a chance of showers in the afternoon. (1 more message)

20:03 <MTughan> Anyone know what the different PPC models on GCC represent? 401, 403, 405, 405fp, 440, 440fp, 505, 601, 602, 603, 603e, 604, 604e, 620, 630, 740, 7400, 7450, 750, 801, 821, 823, 860, 970, 8540, common, ec603e, G3, G4, G5, power, power2, power3, power4, power5, powerpc, powerpc64, rios, rios1, rios2, rsc, and rs64a.

20:03 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

20:04 *** Tank_Master has joined #BOINC

20:04 <Tank_Master> odd

20:04 <Tank_Master> ?, ok what did I do wrong?

20:04 <wdsmia> woke up this morning?

20:05 <MTughan> lol

20:05 <MTughan> &more Tank_Master

20:05 <Romulus> MTughan: Highs 50 to 55. South wind 15 to 25 mph early then west 15 mph by afternoon.; Saturday Night - Mostly cloudy. A chance of showers in the evening...then showers likely after midnight. Lows around 35 to 45. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph shifting to the southeast after midnight.;

20:06 <Tank_Master> whats the command for the weather?

20:06 <MTughan> &weather

20:06 <Romulus> MTughan: (weather <US zip code | US/Canada city, state | Foreign city, country>) -- Returns the approximate weather conditions for a given city.

20:06 <MTughan> It did go.

20:06 <Tank_Master> did that and got d/c

20:06 <MTughan> &weather 97007

20:06 <Romulus> MTughan: Temperature: 55.0░F / 12.8░C | Humidity: 87% | Pressure: 29.79in / 1008.7hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Areas of light rain or drizzle in the evening...then rain after midnight. Lows 45 to 50. South wind 5 to 15 mph increasing to 15 to 25 mph after midnight.; Saturday - Rain in the morning...then a chance of showers in the afternoon. Highs (1 more message)

20:06 <MTughan> &more

20:06 <Romulus> MTughan: 50 to 55. South wind 15 to 25 mph early then west 15 mph by afternoon.; Saturday Night - Mostly cloudy. A chance of showers in the evening...then showers likely after midnight. Lows around 35 to 45. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph shifting to the southeast after midnight.;

20:07 *** paul_l has left #boinc

20:07 <Tank_Master> I got d/c right after I tryped in the &weather

20:08 <MTughan> Dunno. Wasn't the &weather.

20:08 <Tank_Master> I havent beed d/ced before on here

20:08 <Tank_Master> been*

20:08 <Tank_Master> but perhaps..

20:08 <MTughan> * Tank_Master left the chat room. (Read error: 113 (No route to host))

20:08 <Tank_Master> who knows ;)

20:08 *** siof has quit IRC

20:16 <MTughan> 'Nuther 14 minute result for my first optimization attempt... Anything yet crunch3r?

20:17 <Tank_Master> Im still getting md5 errors

20:17 <MTughan> Yes, that's because Win machines stink. Now...

20:17 <Tank_Master> the md5 has nothing to do with windows

20:18 <MTughan> ;)

20:18 <crunch3r> No.... compiling apps with ICC is not that easy ... i guess in about 30 min or 1 h i got a working app... i'll post here when i'm done

20:18 <MTughan> Okay.

20:20 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

20:27 <MTughan> Wow...

20:28 <Romulus> Title: Prince to sue The Pirate Bay | Tech news blog - CNET (at

20:28 <crunch3r> sooo.... still compiling ... however ... any links to the cool chicks on american samoa ? ;)(

20:42 <PovAddict> md5 for apps checked

20:42 <PovAddict> x86_64 isn't redirected

20:43 <PovAddict> win

20:43 <Tank_Master> thats what I am using

20:43 <Tank_Master> will it work anyway?

20:43 <MTughan> x86)64?

20:43 <Tank_Master> yes

20:43 <PovAddict> yes, will just download the app slowly

20:43 <Tank_Master> thats fine

20:44 <Tank_Master> 11/9/2007 5:43:31 PM|traveling salesman problem|Message from server: No work sent

20:44 <Tank_Master> 11/9/2007 5:43:31 PM|traveling salesman problem|Reason: no work from project

20:44 <PovAddict> you drained it!

20:45 <Tank_Master> I didnt get any

20:45 <Tank_Master> on theis comp

20:45 <MTughan> Still 929 results ready.

20:45 <PovAddict> server_status is cached

20:45 <Tank_Master> as og 5 min ago

20:45 <Tank_Master> of*

20:45 <MTughan> That was just 5 minutes ago.

20:46 *** wineguy has left #boinc

20:46 <Tank_Master> looking at my tasks list, I didnt get any

20:46 <Tank_Master> the all probably are backing off do to the quota

20:47 <Tank_Master> ok, no I got one comming

20:47 <Tank_Master> the WU MD5's correctely

20:47 <Tank_Master> now*

20:47 <Tank_Master> the app is d/ling @ 7.7k/s

20:47 <Tank_Master> 11/9/2007 5:43:31 PM|traveling salesman problem|Reason: no work from project

20:47 <Tank_Master> 11/9/2007 5:46:54 PM|traveling salesman problem|[error] Signature verification failed for tsp_2.04_windows_x86_64.exe

20:47 <Tank_Master> 11/9/2007 5:46:54 PM|traveling salesman problem|[error] Checksum or signature error for tsp_2.04_windows_x86_64.exe

20:48 <PovAddict> 92 app downloads from my server, nice

20:48 <MTughan> Definitely faster.

20:48 <Tank_Master> still errored for the x86_x64

20:48 <PovAddict> that one isn't getting forwarded to my server

20:48 <MTughan> Where are the MD5s generated?

20:48 <PovAddict> when the app is added to the DB

20:49 <crunch3r> woohoo !!! someone's posting in here :P

20:49 <Tank_Master> hence y its still failing with the signature error

20:50 <wdsmia> same here

20:50 <MTughan> crunch3r: Progress?

20:50 <Tank_Master> still working on it

20:50 <Tank_Master> compiling

20:51 <crunch3r> sure .. the lib is allmost done ... that would be a 80% progress...

20:51 <MTughan> Cool...

20:52 <crunch3r> flags... "-O3 -xP- no-ipo -i-static" ... not very optimized but it'll work on all intel macs...

20:52 <MTughan> -static didn't work on my machine...

20:53 <Tank_Master> looking at my win32 box...

20:53 <crunch3r> static does not work on recent GNU/linux distributions ... use "static-libgcc" instead ...

20:53 <Tank_Master> the app d/led MUCH faster, but still failed sig error

20:53 <crunch3r> Woohoo !!! tsp_lib compiled !!!

20:53 <MTughan> Doesn't matter. I just need the non-Mac libraries to be static.

20:54 <crunch3r> now going to compile the "bruteforce" !!!

20:54 <MTughan> That was just the library files? Wow, that's slower than GCC...

20:54 <MTughan> I can have a new build within 20 seconds.

20:55 <MTughan> Double that, and you have both an Intel and a PPC build.

20:55 <Tank_Master> PovAddict: download still failed for win32 app

20:55 <crunch3r> you cannot compare compiling gcc to icc ... you need to have some special flags for that like "-i-static" etc ... gcc might compile faster but sucks in performance ... you'll see when i'm done ;)

20:55 <PovAddict> weird - shouldn't :\

20:55 <PovAddict> I checked the md5

20:56 <MTughan> "You also agree that you will not use the iPod touch Software or the iPod touch Software Updates for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of missiles, nuclear, chemical or biological weapons."

20:56 <Tank_Master> its the signature, not the md5 that is failing

20:56 <PovAddict> well, for executables it checks the sig ifrst

20:57 <PovAddict> site is loading ├╝berslow

20:58 <PovAddict> 113 downloads handled by me

20:59 <Tank_Master> at least one is mine ;)

20:59 <PovAddict> for 32-bit probably

20:59 <MTughan> Holy crap... crunch3r: You paid over $400 for this compiler?

20:59 <Tank_Master> LOL

20:59 <MTughan> $450 for the Standard, $600 for the Pro.

21:06 <crunch3r> Yes... i paid... am allmost done compiling the app... P.S. ICC is NOT the problem ... have a look for "MKL"... i got a license for that one too ... you'll see ;)

21:06 <MTughan> MKL? Okay...

21:06 <PovAddict> Math Kernel Library?

21:06 <crunch3r> yes...

21:07 <PovAddict> $599

21:07 <crunch3r> compiling the vruteforce.cp now ...

21:07 <PovAddict> for C++ only

21:07 <MTughan> So $1200 total?

21:07 <crunch3r> ^^bruteforce-.cpp

21:07 <crunch3r> ^^ more than 1200$

21:07 <PovAddict> "Intel® Compiler Suite Professional Edition for Linux" $1,290

21:07 <crunch3r> ;)

21:07 <Romulus> just finished it. My dad was already expecting that to yourself again ?

21:07 <MTughan> It had better be a pretty damn good suite then.

21:07 <PovAddict> the MKL alone is $399

21:08 <crunch3r> ^^ yes MKL .. i got a license only for windows...

21:08 <crunch3r> IPP for linux /windows and linux .... and Itel compiler for OSX, Linux and windows

21:09 <crunch3r> ^^ macosx too

21:12 <crunch3r> Yes... well i got thelicenses... i'm addicted to optimizing apps...and i'm ashamed for doing soo... is there aplace for anonymous "boinc project optimizers" ?... LOL

21:13 <Tank_Master> :D

21:13 <Tank_Master> right here we can give you your fix ;)

21:13 *** _switchcat_ has quit IRC

21:13 <wdsmia> yea TFFE but your already there :)

21:13 <MTughan> Ugh, don't mention TFFE.

21:13 <Tank_Master> ?

21:13 <MTughan> all the way! :D

21:14 *** _Danilo_ has joined #boinc

21:14 <wdsmia> yea right :P

21:15 *** pattern has joined #boinc

21:15 <_Danilo_> hi all

21:15 <Tank_Master> hi

21:16 <crunch3r> TFFE.. the home of the "30 gang"...

21:16 <crunch3r> hmmm

21:16 <crunch3r> what a bunch of ...

21:16 <MTughan> Idiots.

21:16 <MTughan> xD

21:16 <PovAddict> but we did warn

21:16 <PovAddict> "Warning: may contain nuts."

21:16 * wdsmia looks at his boot

21:17 <pattern> i'm trying to install boinc on gentoo, following the instructions here: and it tells me that the password i should use in the "select computer" dialog is stored in /var/lib/boinc/gui_rpc_auth.cfg but no such file exists

21:17 <Romulus> Title: Boinc - Gentoo Linux Wiki (at

21:17 <MTughan> Because you create it yourself.

21:17 <pattern> so i both create that file and type the password in that file in to the "select computer" dialog?

21:17 <MTughan> Yep.

21:17 <PovAddict> pattern: did you start the core client?

21:18 <pattern> ah, nope

21:18 <pattern> forgot that part

21:18 <PovAddict> then even if the password matches, no way in hell it would connect :)

21:18 <Romulus> could break the implementation will be in alpha phase sometime today

21:20 <MTughan> Hmm... As of 20 seconds ago, 921 WUs on TSP.

21:20 <MTughan> Hmm... mweltin never came back.

21:20 <crunch3r> well TFFE is constantly spamming and disruptin the seti MB...

21:21 <MTughan> Yeah, idiots...

21:21 <MTughan> xD

21:22 <wdsmia> there are a few....

21:22 <MTughan> Few what? (No witty remark)

21:22 <Tank_Master> wu

21:23 <Tank_Master> working WUs

21:23 <wdsmia> you want a witty remark? MTughan?

21:23 <MTughan> No.

21:23 <wdsmia> lol

21:23 <Tank_Master> hehe

21:27 <MTughan> PovAddict: How does all-recursive in a Makefile work?

21:36 <Tank_Master> very recursive like

21:36 <PovAddict> that's a rule defined inside the makefile...

21:36 <PovAddict> not a builtin make feature

21:36 <PovAddict> so "it depends"

21:37 <Tank_Master> hey, pov...

21:38 <Tank_Master> Im I correct in guessing that even if you allowed me to manually d/l the win app from your server, it would probably still fail with a sigature error, correct?

21:39 <Tank_Master> Am*

21:39 <PovAddict> well I'm sure you got it downloaded from my server correctly

21:39 <PovAddict> it's probably the signature itself that is wrong

21:39 <Tank_Master> probably

21:39 <PovAddict> MWELTIN

21:39 <PovAddict> FIX

21:39 <Tank_Master> Im going to try something, hang on a sec

21:39 <MTughan> PovAddict: Yeah, thanks. I was looking at another Makefile, and I missed that.

21:40 <Tank_Master> Skip image file verification? - setting to yes

21:40 <PovAddict> it only checks image files

21:40 <crunch3r> OK ... done compiling the OSX app with ICC...

21:40 <PovAddict> erm

21:40 <PovAddict> it only skips checking image files if you enable that

21:40 <Tank_Master> what qualifyes as a image file?

21:41 <PovAddict> png/jpg/etcshit

21:41 * wdsmia asks the room to please watch there languageů Thanks, your friendly channel op

21:41 <Tank_Master> ok

21:41 <Tank_Master> so whats the point in it?

21:41 <PovAddict> some ISPs re-compress image files

21:42 <PovAddict> like, you download a JPEG from a website, and the ISP makes it worse quality to save bandwidth

21:42 <Tank_Master> aahhh

21:42 <Tank_Master> yes

21:42 <PovAddict> now, it would OBVIOUSLY not match the checksum

21:42 <Tank_Master> I remember that from the denial-up days

21:42 <crunch3r> anyone willing to try the itel ICC compiled app for mac OSX ???

21:42 <Tank_Master> zombie aint here

21:43 * Tank_Master slaps MTughan around a bit with a large trout

21:43 <MTughan> ?

21:43 <Tank_Master> you have a intel mac, right?

21:43 <MTughan> Yeah...

21:44 <Tank_Master> read up ^^

21:44 <crunch3r> ^^ we got a victom :P

21:44 <MTughan> That's now a reason to slap?

21:44 <Tank_Master> hehe

21:44 <Tank_Master> yep

21:44 <MTughan> I've been following you.

21:44 <Tank_Master> you ARE using a smack-n-toss

21:44 <Tank_Master> :)

21:44 <Tank_Master> so, you want to test it?

21:45 <crunch3r> So  any volunteers ?=

21:45 <MTughan> Ah, might as well.

21:45 *** mweltin has joined #boinc

21:45 <PovAddict> HE'S BACK

21:45 <MTughan> Perfect timing...

21:45 <Tank_Master> waa hoo!

21:45 <PovAddict> GO AFTER HIM

21:45 <PovAddict> erm hi

21:45 <Tank_Master> lol

21:45 <mweltin> crap

21:45 <Tank_Master> HAHA

21:45 <PovAddict> what the hell did you do with the signatures?

21:45 <mweltin> I loved you classic tech support answer in the forum Tank_Master

21:46 <Tank_Master> cruncher just finished his intel mac app

21:46 <mweltin> I generated them the same way I always do.

21:46 <Tank_Master> thx

21:46 <PovAddict> <mweltin> I loved you, Tank_Master

21:46 <PovAddict> quoting out of context rocks

21:46 <MTughan> Gah... Just kill me now. I'm stuck with a bunch of freaks. :P

21:46 <crunch3r> so who's the going to test the ICC compiled TSP app ?

21:47 <mweltin> its a known issue and is being worked on. Classic!

21:47 * Tank_Master gets his trout handy

21:47 <MTughan> I think I'm the only one with an Intel Mac.

21:47 <Tank_Master> I was getting somewhat tiered of ppl saying "hey! this dont work!"

21:47 <MTughan> Tank_Master: I have a bot dedicated to slapping. You want to bring it down on your head?

21:47 <mweltin> ok I have 20 min before I have to pick up my GF

21:47 <Tank_Master> even though it been posted several times

21:47 <Tank_Master> hehe

21:48 <mweltin> My next rss news will be only that line.

21:48 *** SlapperBot has joined #boinc

21:48 <MTughan> slap Tank_Master for slapping me

21:48 * SlapperBot mutilates Tank_Master with a dangerous stick for slapping MTughan

21:48 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o wdsmia

21:48 *** SlapperBot has left #boinc

21:48 <MTughan> He started it.

21:48 <mweltin> crunch3r: where do I get the new mac app?

21:49 * Tank_Master slaps MTughan with a rainbow brick

21:49 <Romulus> matrox video card came in and kick oure ass in there

21:49 <mweltin> and Tank_Master is the sigsegv comeing from both 32 and 64 bit apps?

21:49 <MTughan> All right, I had an AppleScript for this somewhere...

21:49 <Tank_Master> yes, for both apps

21:49 <mweltin> rainbow brick nice one.

21:49 <Tank_Master> hehe

21:49 <Tank_Master> thx

21:50 <crunch3r> OK ... here's the download link ---> http://calbe,

21:50 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

21:50 <PovAddict> FAIL

21:50 <MTughan> 'lo BB

21:50 <crunch3r> damn ... that was wrong ...

21:50 <PovAddict> <- working link

21:50 <Tank_Master> hiya BB

21:50 <crunch3r>

21:50 <BadBarbarian> hi

21:50 <Tank_Master> sup?

21:50 <crunch3r> ^^ that one should work ...

21:51 <BadBarbarian> i forgot mondays a holiday

21:51 <MTughan> What is it?

21:51 <mweltin> break'n out the bz

21:51 <mweltin> thats a nice chage.

21:51 <mweltin> and look at it go 50%

21:51 <crunch3r> the app is compiled towards capatibility... that menas it'll run on MACS using core duo cpus...

21:51 <mweltin> 52%

21:51 <Tank_Master> mweltin: I still got the error for the 32bit app after the file was moved to imp@home's site

21:51 * MTughan tortures Tank_Master with a scary set of Windows 3.11 floppies

21:51 <MTughan> There it is! :D

21:52 <Tank_Master> 3.11?

21:52 <BadBarbarian> veterans day lol i am one too

21:52 <MTughan> Hehe...

21:52 <PovAddict> I HAVE

21:52 <Tank_Master> that was the first 3.x that actually worked

21:52 *** Kathryn has joined #boinc

21:52 <PovAddict> DOS 6 and 3.1 floppies

21:52 <PovAddict> and a Win95 CD

21:52 <crunch3r> Damn it ... what are you all posting about ... ?

21:52 <crunch3r> i'm getting nuts here ...

21:52 <crunch3r> :P

21:52 <MTughan> Random stuff.

21:52 <Tank_Master> I got dos 1.3 on a 5 1/4" floppy

21:52 * MTughan hits Tank_Master with a terrifying Windows 2000

21:52 <mweltin> so this should replace MTughan's last one?

21:52 <crunch3r> DOS ? grrr....

21:53 <Tank_Master> :)

21:53 * MTughan bashes Tank_Master with a suspicious Back Street Boys CD

21:53 <PovAddict> MTughan: then you say all TFFEs are crazy

21:53 <BadBarbarian> dos 3.1 the first i still have one

21:53 <MTughan> This is amusing...

21:53 <MTughan> lol

21:53 <Tank_Master> gaa, not bsb

21:53 <PovAddict> I see lots non-TFFEs here being just as nuts

21:53 <PovAddict> so shush

21:53 <Tank_Master> lol

21:54 <crunch3r> Damn... 3 credits for one WU ... that suckz... !!!

21:54 <PovAddict> and Kathryn who just joined the channel is from TFFE too, so the channel average sanity level just went down a bit more

21:54 <wdsmia> lol

21:55 * Tank_Master hands MTughan a rainbow box and runs away fast

21:55 <crunch3r> 3 credits for a 953 sec WU and 3 credits for a 3560 sec WU ... Grrrrr...

21:55 <PovAddict> time for fixed credits

21:56 <PovAddict> or

21:56 *** wdsmia sets mode: -o wdsmia

21:56 <crunch3r> wait a min ... "Kathryn" ---- hmmm... the one that is project admin on the boinc page ?

21:56 <PovAddict> faking benchmarks?

21:56 <PovAddict> I DIDN'T SAY THAT

21:56 <Kathryn> yeah

21:56 <Kathryn> be gentle with me

21:56 <pattern> i'm trying to configure kboincstats to use as its account manager... where do in its preferences do i do that?

21:56 <crunch3r> ^^ is that you ? who'S been in korea... ?

21:57 <Kathryn> yeah

21:57 <Kathryn> that's me

21:57 <PovAddict> you're famous

21:57 <crunch3r> Ohhh.... well ...

21:57 <Kathryn> apparently

21:57 <Kathryn> uh oh

21:57 <crunch3r> you know what ...

21:57 <Kathryn> what?

21:57 <Tank_Master> y is she famious?

21:57 <PovAddict> pattern: kboincstats? not kboincmgr? (I don't know either anyway)

21:57 * MTughan hits Tank_Master with vicious Encyclopaedia Britannica

21:57 <MTughan> New things... :D

21:57 <pattern> oops, i meant kboincspy

21:58 <pattern> sorry, getting a little confused with all the new acronyms :)

21:58 <crunch3r> stop trying to convice people running projects to update the "boinc server code" that's crap ...

21:58 <Kathryn> when did i do that?

21:58 <mweltin> ok new version done

21:58 <pattern>

21:58 <Romulus> Title: KBoincSpy - News (at

21:58 <Tank_Master> for?

21:58 <MTughan> mweltin: New Mac app is up?

21:58 <crunch3r> adding platform stings etc does not require updating the boin platfomr ...

21:58 <mweltin> the last mac one I got from crunch3r

21:58 <PovAddict> crunch3r: I got LHC admin's account key, because of old server code

21:59 <Tank_Master> any ideas on the windows app?

21:59 <mweltin> its tsp_2.05_i686-apple-darwin

21:59 <MTughan> Are all the WUs the same size?

21:59 <crunch3r> it'S all BS .. since boinc 5.4.Xxx ther was nothing that would require upfdating the client nor the server ... all bugfixes for crap that has been introdues in later versions ...

21:59 <mweltin> I'm dowloading MSVS 2005 now.

21:59 <Tank_Master> lhc dosnt use standard BOINC code, does it?

21:59 <mweltin> so in a day or so.

21:59 <PovAddict> Tank_Master: yes it does

21:59 <PovAddict> Tank_Master: it's standard, but over two years old

21:59 <PovAddict> well, they did some modifications too

22:00 <Romulus> oh right. I get a 19" LCD for Christmas

22:00 <Tank_Master> ahh, ok

22:00 <MTughan> lol Rommie

22:00 <Tank_Master> frikin bots

22:00 <Tank_Master> why would someone bragg about a 19"?

22:00 * MTughan slaps Tank_Master with enormous space ship

22:00 *** Kathryn has quit IRC

22:00 * MTughan beats up Tank_Master with big for not liking bots

22:00 <PovAddict> with big?

22:01 <crunch3r> so she'S gone now ?

22:01 <MTughan> I saw that...

22:01 * Tank_Master slaps Mtughan with a stink bug

22:01 <Tank_Master> yes, she is

22:01 <pattern> ah, i think kboincspy just uses the boinc logfiles... it doesn't connect to the account manager directly

22:01 <PovAddict> pattern: pretty lame imho

22:01 <mweltin> I tried using mingw but didn't get past not having automake.

22:01 <pattern> well, i didn't write the app

22:01 <crunch3r> Am i allowed to post here  anything i wan't ? ? ?

22:02 <mweltin> sure

22:02 <PovAddict> pattern: BOINC is free to totally change the format of client_state and the logs, and I'm free to point at laugh at anyone who's app gets broken after that

22:02 <crunch3r> really ?

22:02 <PovAddict> point and* laugh

22:02 <Tank_Master> LOL

22:02 <PovAddict> crunch3r: well wdsmia can kick you off the channel if he wants to

22:02 <crunch3r> what'S a "wdsmia" ?

22:02 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o wdsmia

22:02 <Tank_Master> [2007:11:09:18:55:18] * wdsmia sets mode: -o wdsmia

22:02 <PovAddict> him

22:03 * PovAddict points at wdsmia

22:03 <Tank_Master> ---->>

22:03 <crunch3r> You know what ...

22:03 <mweltin> what ?

22:03 <PovAddict> but you can join back after a kick anyway

22:03 <crunch3r> i'm going to tell you a litle story now ... if you wan't to listen ...

22:03 <Tank_Master> yes, he's on second

22:04 <PovAddict> who's on first Tank_Master?

22:04 <Tank_Master> thats correct

22:04 <PovAddict> what?

22:04 <Tank_Master> second

22:04 <mweltin> hahahaahaha

22:04 <pattern> ok, so i tried putting "" in to the "Account Manager URL" field (along with my username and password in their respective fields) in the "Manage Accounts" config form of boinc_gui, but boinc_gui tells me that "Can't contact account manager at ''.  Please check the URL and try again."

22:04 <mweltin> you all have been here tooo long.

22:04 <pattern> i also tried "" with the same result

22:04 <MTughan> Ah, crunch3r's TSP app is running.

22:04 <Tank_Master> on the mac?

22:05 <MTughan> Yep

22:05 <Tank_Master> cool

22:05 <Tank_Master> so now linux and MAC work?

22:05 <Tank_Master> but not yet windows?

22:05 <mweltin> sorry Tank_Master.

22:06 *** wdsmia sets mode: -o wdsmia

22:06 <Tank_Master> hehe, itll get there eventually

22:06 <pattern> any ideas on what i might be doing wrong?

22:06 <PovAddict> pattern: I don't think anyone here uses kboincspy...

22:06 <mweltin> pattern: coming here for answers for a start.

22:06 <PovAddict> hey

22:06 <PovAddict> this is a correct place to ask...

22:06 <mweltin> pattern: I'm sorry that was uncalled for.

22:06 <Tank_Master> which username are you using?

22:07 <crunch3r> the first 64 bit boinc application ever built and made public was build by ... me ... 1 1/2 years before BERKELEY instroduced theirt first client beeing 64 bit ... however that not the point ... the "Kathrin" ... thing .. told prjoject admins to update their server softer ... for no reason to support the Windows_x86_64 platformmm... that 'S the one i did 1 /1/2 years before berkeley did  (...

22:07 <crunch3r> ...for windows 64 bit ... it was named windows_amd64... like microsoft did for it's XP 64 bit etc...)...

22:07 <mweltin> I was just making a joke, sarcasim doens't come over in irc.

22:07 <pattern> PovAddict: that last question wasn't about kboincspy, but about boinc_gui which comes with boinc core

22:07 <pattern> at least it does on gentoo

22:07 <PovAddict> bam works for me...

22:07 <Tank_Master> Im using ban right now to

22:07 <Tank_Master> bam*

22:07 <pattern> hmm

22:07 <PovAddict> crunch3r: what are you complaining about now?

22:08 <Tank_Master> the username is your Nic, not your e-mail

22:08 <pattern> maybe it's because i'm using the 4.72 client

22:08 <crunch3r> however... it drives me nuts that  "she/it"is tellining project admins to update their boinc server softwar to support x86_64 ---- that drives me nuts ... its completely BS...  GRRRRRRRRRRRr....

22:08 <PovAddict> kathryn telling projects to update, berkeley renaming the platform, or berkeley taking long to release the client?

22:08 <Tank_Master> yes

22:08 <PovAddict> pattern: that's ancient

22:08 <crunch3r> I need to calm down...

22:08 <mweltin> LOL she/it

22:08 <PovAddict> crunch3r: it's the right thing to do

22:08 <Tank_Master> you need a newer one to support  the account managers

22:08 <pattern> that's what gentoo installed for me when i selected to install the seti@home client

22:09 <pattern> so i'm going to try forcing it to use a newer client

22:09 <Tank_Master> 4.7?

22:09 <Tank_Master> thats wwaayyy old

22:09 <Tank_Master> are you using the latest version of gentoo?

22:09 <PovAddict> crunch3r: adding the 64-bit platform and renaming the 32-bit application file to amd64 is a hack

22:09 <mweltin> crunch3r: the win apps worked for you in standalone mode righ?

22:09 <PovAddict> pattern: then don't use the gentoo package

22:09 <crunch3r> ^^ it'S not a hack ! .. it' simply adding the string ...

22:10 <PovAddict> pattern: 5.10.28 is the latest version, you're a few years outdated

22:10 <PovAddict> crunch3r: client asks for 64-bit app, you give it a 32-bit app labeled as 64-bit, it's wrong

22:10 <PovAddict> crunch3r: client asks for 64-bit app, or 32-bit as fallback, you give it a 32-bit app labeled as such, that's how it should work

22:10 <MTughan> Holy crap, that took a while...

22:11 <pattern> PovAddict: 5.8.15 is the latest boinc that gentoo lets me install via the standard emerge process

22:11 <PovAddict> pattern: then get that

22:11 <crunch3r> ^^ no it that'S wrong ... it's not what i'm talking about ...

22:11 <pattern> trying now

22:11 <MTughan> Added some stuff to the slap script.

22:11 <Tank_Master> grreeaatt

22:11 <Tank_Master> ;)

22:11 <mweltin> time well spent MTughan

22:11 * MTughan hits Tank_Master with a public 300-ton dump truck

22:11 <PovAddict> add David Anderson to the list of slapping objects?

22:11 <mweltin> nice

22:12 <crunch3r> you do not have to update any boinc server software to support "windows_x86_64" nor any other platform string ... that's all crap ...

22:12 <MTughan> Ooh...

22:12 <MTughan> PovAddict: You mean to slap him, or to be slapped by him?

22:12 <Romulus> hmm, maybe it's just the manager, the front-end

22:12 <PovAddict> be slapped by him

22:12 * MTughan beats up Tank_Master with a bad David Anderson

22:12 <MTughan> I can force it to be him.

22:12 <PovAddict> crunch3r: you need to if you want to use the fallback system where a client asks for multiple platforms

22:13 <MTughan> And now he's added to the list.

22:13 <PovAddict> crunch3r: I think it's wrong to add a 64-bit app that isn't really 64-bit

22:13 <MTughan> crunch3r: Your app going on 11 minutes.

22:13 <mweltin> he should be used as the slap object, for example MTughan grabs DA and slaps Tank_Master with him.

22:13 * MTughan slaps mweltin with a Korean David Anderson

22:13 <mweltin> LOL

22:13 <MTughan> lol, he's Korean now...

22:13 <wdsmia> rofl

22:14 <PovAddict> add "optimized app" :P

22:14 * MTughan tortures PovAddict with an unnatural optimized app

22:14 <MTughan> Added.

22:14 <crunch3r> ^^ there's no optimized app... as far as i know .... only stock sse3

22:14 <MTughan> No, it's a slap object now.

22:15 * MTughan hits crunch3r with a spiky optimized app

22:15 <MTughan> 13 minutes...

22:15 <mweltin> ok as much fun as this is I have to go.

22:15 <MTughan> &calc 15/13

22:15 <Romulus> MTughan: Error: The command "calc" is available in the Google and Math plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "calc".

22:15 <MTughan> &math calc 15/13

22:15 <Romulus> MTughan: 1.15384615385

22:15 <MTughan> :o

22:15 <MTughan> Bye mweltin.

22:16 <crunch3r> ^^ if i would do specific optimization on osx you would see the difference...

22:16 <mweltin> oh and I have svn up and running and most of you have a password to write to the repos, but we can deal with that later.

22:16 <mweltin> bye

22:16 <mweltin> thank you all

22:16 <Tank_Master> gn

22:16 <mweltin> go ahead slap me with something before I go.

22:16 <MTughan> Night.

22:16 <Tank_Master> n get that win app working! ;)

22:16 <PovAddict> I'll bruteforce the passwords while you're gone, don't worry

22:16 * MTughan blends mweltin with an uncursed smile

22:16 <mweltin> PovAddict: LOL

22:16 <MTughan> That's a randomly chosen object.

22:16 <mweltin> fair enough

22:17 <mweltin> later

22:17 * MTughan tortures mweltin with a blended bruteforced passwords

22:17 *** mweltin has quit IRC

22:17 <MTughan> And you've gone on longer than my app did.

22:17 <MTughan> Now can you beat unoptimized GCC code...

22:18 <MTughan> Yep, just finished.

22:18 <MTughan> So it's a little bit slower than the GCC produced one. Not by much.

22:18 <MTughan> Oh, and an MD5 error.

22:19 * Tank_Master wants tsp work bad...

22:20 <crunch3r> "Now can you beat unoptimized GCC code..." <--- i can ... just need to enable ipo... the one i did is not very optimized at all ...

22:20 <MTughan> Well, I don't think there's much we can do about it now. Unless... PovAddict, is that app hosted at your site?

22:20 *** crunch3r has left #boinc

22:21 <MTughan> Ah, doesn't matter anymore.

22:21 <PovAddict> yes, and the md5 matches the one mweltim gave me

22:21 <MTughan> No, I was wondering if we could upload a new version of the app from crunch3r with optimizations, but he left.

22:21 <PovAddict> if I upload it, I need to wait for mweltin anyway

22:21 <MTughan> Actually, there are more optimizations I have...

22:22 <MTughan> No, we just need to reset the project.

22:22 <PovAddict> md5s would fail

22:22 <MTughan> Oh, right...

22:22 <MTughan> Damn you, MD5s! :P

22:22 <PovAddict> and digital signatures

22:22 <MTughan> Well, I can at least send you the app.

22:23 <MTughan> And another PPC build too.

22:23 <PovAddict> if mweltin kept the private keys off the server (which he should have), I can't change the apps even if I get to login into the server

22:23 <PovAddict> and we have another effing spammer on boinc wiki \o/

22:23 <MTughan> Aren't you hosting the apps?

22:23 <Tank_Master> some

22:23 <PovAddict> yes, so?

22:23 <Tank_Master> not the win64

22:23 <Tank_Master> y arent you hosting the win64?

22:23 <PovAddict> if I change the files, they don't match md5 or digital signature, so clients won't run it

22:23 <MTughan> Well, I can give you the apps and then we can set them up when mweltin comes back.

22:24 <PovAddict> Tank_Master: I am; mweltin didn't set the redirect yet

22:24 <Tank_Master> ahh, wonder y

22:24 <Tank_Master> might just not be tested enough yet?

22:24 <Tank_Master> can you see what the current digital sig is?

22:24 <PovAddict> MTughan: if I get into his server, and change the md5 so it matches, the digital sig still doesn't match, and I can't make it match without his private key, which he (should) keeps outside the server

22:25 <MTughan> Well, we won't worry about it anyway. There may be some more optimizations I can do. Not sure about that though. Already doing GCC max, SSE and SSE2, vectorization, and fast math.

22:25 <Tank_Master> Im wondering if I can copy it somewhere into BOINC to get it to work

22:25 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

22:25 <MTughan> Tank_Master: Unlikely.

22:25 <Tank_Master> figures.. still worth a try ;)

22:26 * Tank_Master slaps TMatWork around a bit with a large trout

22:40 <Tank_Master> now I am getting "no work from project"

22:40 <Tank_Master> finally think I may *may* have gotten around the sig prob...  and theres no work

22:41 <MTughan> Well, I'm off to bed. No school tomorrow, but I've got to make up some sleep.

22:41 <MTughan> lol

22:41 <Tank_Master> tomorrow is saterday

22:41 <Tank_Master> anywho, tc

22:41 <MTughan> Yep.

22:41 <wdsmia> cya

22:43 <Tank_Master> I think I founs something odd for TSP

22:44 <Tank_Master> app version 204 is still pointing to tsp_2.03_windows_x86_x64.exe

22:46 <Tank_Master> ill bbl

22:49 <pattern> my boinc_gui doesn't seem to be saving the hostname and password i use in the "Select computer..." dialog, so that i have to re-enter the information every time i start boinc_gui

22:53 *** Celelibi has quit IRC

22:54 *** Celelibi has joined #boinc

22:59 *** wdsmia is now known as wdsmia-away

22:59 * wdsmia-away is away - A.F.K. - Away From Keyboard - Pager[Off] Log[On]

23:27 <pattern> does anyone know which directory boinc gui skins go in under gentoo ?

23:39 *** lkjasa has quit IRC

23:43 <quail> afternoon all

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