IRC logs of #boinc for Sunday, 2008-01-13

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00:00 <Soul_keeper> odd i guess it was  ...

00:00 <Romulus> Title: Index of /dl (at

00:01 <MTughan> What's the PDB version?

00:01 <Soul_keeper> PDB ?

00:01 <MTughan> Nvm, not made anymore.

00:03 <Soul_keeper> i'm gonna download the latest svn and  benchmark on all my systems ...

00:03 <Soul_keeper> Checked out revision 14543.

00:03 <MTughan> Heh.

00:04 <Soul_keeper> wanna do the same and compare results ?

00:04 <Soul_keeper> i'll post them on a website even ...

00:05 <MTughan> Naw, I don't have my good machine.

00:05 <Soul_keeper> why ?

00:05 <MTughan> Why don't I want to do it or why don't I have my good machine?

00:07 <Soul_keeper> the later

00:07 <MTughan> It's in for finishing off its service.

00:07 <MTughan> Remember I was having the motherboard replaced on my Mac?

00:08 <MTughan> Well, one of the RAM slots in that new one was dead, and to do another repair on it, they had to order in another part.

00:08 <MTughan> So they had to order in both parts, and they came in earlier this week. We dropped the machine off yesterday.

00:10 <Soul_keeper> --- Configuring BOINC 6.1.6 (Release)

00:10 <MTughan> Are you doing the GUI too?

00:10 <MTughan> Or just the core client?

00:11 <Soul_keeper> the gui is probably broken ...

00:11 <MTughan> Yeah.

00:12 <MTughan> Here's my Mac on E@H:

00:12 <Romulus> <> (at

00:14 <MTughan> 1586.52 floating point, 4278.53 integer.

00:15 <MTughan> Compared to my P4, at 834.05 floating point and 1342.58 integer.

00:17 <MTughan> You know, I just thought of something... Building the core client with optimizations isn't going to help. You want the project apps.

00:18 <MTughan> It might help in benchmarks, but that's it.

00:19 <MTughan> Soul_keeper?

00:20 <Soul_keeper> of course

00:22 <MTughan> Anyway, I should be off to bed. See you tomorrow.

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00:51 <efc> wow.. supposed to be ablke to get 100 floating point units on an FPGA now

00:54 <efc> thats probably a $2000 chip tho

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01:43 <Tank_Master> just for fish

01:43 <Tank_Master> &weather 97007

01:43 <Tank_Master> &more

01:43 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Error: You haven't asked me a command; perhaps you want to see someone else's more.  To do so, call this command with that person's nick.

01:43 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Temperature: 41.7F / 5.4C | Humidity: 89% | Pressure: 30.36in / 1028.0hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Mostly cloudy. Isolated showers in the evening. Patchy fog after midnight. Lows in the mid and upper 30s. Light wind.; Sunday - Mostly cloudy with areas of fog in the morning... becoming partly sunny during the afternoon. Highs (1 more message)

01:43 <Tank_Master> &more

01:43 <Romulus> Tank_Master: around 45. Light wind...becoming east 10 to 20 mph near The Gorge in the afternoon.; Sunday Night - Partly cloudy. Patchy fog after midnight away from The Gorge. Lows in the lower to mid 30s. Light wind except east 15 to 30 mph near The Gorge.;

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01:57 <Soul_keeper> lol some pig farmer chick just won 1 penny on deal or no deal

01:59 <Tank_Master> SWEET!

01:59 <Tank_Master> he's rich!

01:59 <Tank_Master> err, she

02:06 <efc> No deal

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04:01 <Soul_keeper> bla appears the boinc benchmark malfunctions on systems with a inaccurate /proc/cpuinfo  ....

04:14 <FreeLarry58> such as what can happen with eist?

04:14 <FreeLarry58> ie speed steping

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05:17 <CoderForLife> &weather 45140

05:17 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 32.5F / 0.3C | Humidity: 85% | Pressure: 29.95in / 1014.1hPa | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Partly cloudy early...then becoming cloudy. A chance of rain showers late this morning and early afternoon. A chance of rain and snow showers late. Highs in the upper 30s. South winds around 5 mph...becoming west with gusts up to 20 (2 more messages)

05:17 <mweltin> cfl I got past my permissions issue from last night

05:17 <CoderForLife> &more

05:17 <Romulus> CoderForLife: mph this afternoon. Chance of precipitation 50 percent.; Tonight - Cloudy with a chance of rain and snow showers early... then a chance of snow showers. Lows in the mid 20s. West winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Chance of precipitation 50 percent.; Monday - Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of snow showers in the morning...then a chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Highs in the lower (1 more message)

05:17 <mweltin> turns out my home dir was 700

05:17 <mweltin> and that was missing with all the sub-dirs apache was looking at.

05:17 <CoderForLife> &more

05:17 <Romulus> CoderForLife: 30s. West winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Chance of snow 30 percent.;

05:18 <CoderForLife> brb  breakfast

05:18 <mweltin> k

05:28 <CoderForLife> b

05:28 <mweltin> cool

05:28 <mweltin> hows life

05:28 <CoderForLife> hungry atm =)

05:28 <mweltin> I just wanted to pat myself on the back for getting the perm issue worked out.

05:28 <mweltin> can't share too much boinc stuff with the people here on the island.

05:29 * CoderForLife pats mweltin on the back, too

05:29 <mweltin> my GF has "heard enough" and my friends to really care either.

05:29 <mweltin> thanks cfl

05:29 <mweltin> thats all I wanted

05:29 <CoderForLife> what's the population of A.S.?

05:29 <mweltin> 60k +/-

05:30 <CoderForLife> not many

05:30 <mweltin> 25 miles long and only a few across.  Most of the land is not inhabitable, lots of steep rocky terrain

05:31 <CoderForLife> is/was the island volcanic?

05:31 <mweltin> yes

05:31 <mweltin> thats how the harbor was formed, and a few other bays on the island.

05:32 <CoderForLife> hence the rocks

05:32 <mweltin> Mt st. helen's style, one side was blown off.

05:32 <mweltin> yeah

05:32 <CoderForLife> all dormant now?

05:33 <mweltin> I hope so.

05:33 <CoderForLife> lol

05:33 <CoderForLife> any hot springs, or stuff like that?

05:33 <mweltin> hurricanes are all we have to think about

05:34 <mweltin> no no hot springs.

05:34 <CoderForLife> that's plenty

05:34 <mweltin> it's rare but when it hits it f's up everything.

05:34 <CoderForLife> what's the high point elevation?

05:34 <mweltin> water, power, vegitation, bats.

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05:34 <mweltin> 1,600 I think

05:34 <mweltin> can't remember

05:34 <CoderForLife> not too bad

05:35 <mweltin> yeah its a nice hike too 3 miles as the bird flys

05:35 <mweltin> some beautiful views as well.

05:35 <mweltin> I hike it all the time with my dog.

05:36 <CoderForLife> nice

05:36 <mweltin> then go diving.

05:36 <CoderForLife> then install CentOS

05:36 <CoderForLife> perfect

05:36 <mweltin> that came installed.

05:36 <CoderForLife> ah

05:36 <mweltin> i'm not a fan of the way htey do things.

05:36 <mweltin> It's just that I'm not used to it.

05:37 <mweltin> the whole rc.d thing isn't at all like slackware.

05:37 <mweltin> there is a dir for each run level and in each dir there are oddly named symlinks to progs in init.d

05:38 <mweltin> which reminds me I have to write my own rc.mysql and rc.httpd bash files.

05:38 <mweltin> and everyone in #centos things I should build packages out of the sources I compiled.

05:39 <mweltin> which I only had to compile in the first place because their packages were out of date, or were not built wiht features I needed.

05:39 * CoderForLife reads

05:39 <Romulus> Title: American Samoa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at

05:40 <mweltin> they have the worst soccer team in the fifa

05:40 <mweltin> 0 wins

05:41 <CoderForLife> &weather 96799

05:41 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 69F / 21C | Humidity: 81% | Pressure: 30.08in / 1018hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 10mph / 17km/h ; Today - Occasional showers with isolated thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 80s. Variable winds 10 mph...with higher gusts in showers.; Tonight and Thursday - Scattered showers with isolated thunderstorms. Lows near 80. High near 90. Variable winds 10 (1 more message)

05:42 <CoderForLife> &more

05:42 <Romulus> CoderForLife: mph.; Friday and Saturday - Occasional showers. Highs in the upper 80s. Lows near 80. Variable winds 10 mph.;

05:42 <CoderForLife> one zip code

05:42 <mweltin> 69 thats chilly

05:42 <mweltin> yup

05:43 <mweltin> no street addresses.

05:43 <CoderForLife> interesting

05:44 <mweltin> my house address, "turn up the driveway across from the banyon tree just after the korean house"

05:44 <mweltin> seond house on the right.

05:45 <mweltin> and everyone knows where I live.

05:45 <CoderForLife> wow

05:45 <mweltin> I have never had to explain it twice.

05:46 <CoderForLife> mine would be a bit more complicated if done by landmarks

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05:47 <FreeLarry58> humm thnking hard - mine's known as the middle of the 3 new houses on block

05:47 <FreeLarry58> lol built in 91 and still referred to as the new houses here

05:48 <CoderForLife> subject to change, FreeLarry58?

05:48 <CoderForLife> mine was built in 93

05:48 <Romulus> is trying to figure out how to install one, like with seti. not sure about centos but on win path will just make allow you to run render at home on one of my machines till the isp got snippity

05:48 * FreeLarry58 paitiently waiting - seems some changes occuring on her side -- finally

05:48 <CoderForLife> we're coming up on the 2nd anniversary of buying it

05:49 <FreeLarry58> close to 17 yrs here

05:49 <CoderForLife> I was 25 years in the prior house

05:50 <mweltin> mercy

05:50 <mweltin> I didn't even spend that long in my parents house.

05:50 <CoderForLife> that's what we said

05:50 <FreeLarry58> hard to get that many years when in the navy

05:51 <FreeLarry58> only got this many due to final area assigned when retired

05:51 <CoderForLife> dog fighting is legal in A.S.

05:51 <CoderForLife> too bad for Michael Vick

05:52 <mweltin> really

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05:52 <mweltin> people here are scared of dogs.

05:52 <mweltin> drinking in public is legal too.

05:52 <CoderForLife> he could have lived there, and been called the Thowin' Samoan

05:53 <CoderForLife> Throwin' *

05:53 <mweltin> my dog is 70-80lbs and he is a big dog here.

05:53 <CoderForLife> you live in Pago Pago?

05:53 <FreeLarry58> humm mine is 16 lbs and overweight

05:54 <mweltin> yes

05:54 <mweltin> the g is pronounced like a ng,

05:54 <mweltin> it sounds liek pango pango

05:56 <CoderForLife> Here's a fun fact:  A Samoan male (either an American Samoan, or a Samoan living in the 50 United States) is 40 times more likely to play in the NFL than a non-Samoan American.

05:56 <mweltin> and 1k times more likely to have diabetes

05:57 <mweltin> The McDonalds opening here was the biggest in McDonalds history.

05:57 <CoderForLife> 60k+ showed up?

05:57 <mweltin> they had a contain or food that was supposed to last for a month

05:57 <mweltin> it was gone in two and a half days.

05:58 <CoderForLife> wow

05:58 <mweltin> when you order a burger, they don't ask do you want fires with that, they ask "just one?"

05:58 <mweltin> I get that everywhere I go.

05:59 <mweltin> I go to the bakery to get a apple fritter. first question "just one?"

05:59 <mweltin> I went there for two weeks straight, bought one fritter, and every single time I was asked that.

06:00 <mweltin> if you order just a sandwich at McD's its confusing to them.

06:00 <mweltin> they make it very clear that you don't get fires if you ordre it that way.

06:00 <mweltin> the food supply here is better than Saipan or Guam, but it's not very good over all.

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06:01 <CoderForLife> hmm

06:02 <mweltin> crap now I'm getting a 403 from the cgi-bin

06:06 <CoderForLife> Mother Nature wants to meet with me - bbiab

06:08 * FreeLarry58 wonders if he does sit up a web site if he could even understand how to operate one

06:08 <FreeLarry58> get massive headaches everytime i start to read a book on subject

06:09 <mweltin> dont' read books

06:09 <mweltin> just web tutorials

06:09 <mweltin> you can do it FreeLarry

06:09 <mweltin> you  can make it easy or complex its up to you.

06:14 <FreeLarry58> humm is the name taken

06:14 <mweltin> oh thats the hardest part, picking a domain name.

06:14 <FreeLarry58> yeah

06:14 <FreeLarry58> that and paying for it when no credit card

06:15 <mweltin> good luck with that.

06:15 * sethy awakes

06:15 <FreeLarry58> lol

06:15 <sethy> olo

06:15 <mweltin> once you get it, depending on what you need I can host it for you.

06:17 <mweltin> ok I'm off to bed

06:17 <mweltin> later

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06:18 <FreeLarry58> k - have 7 machines here and cable just need to set up acct with isp

06:18 <FreeLarry58> myrant already registered

06:20 <CoderForLife> back

06:21 <CoderForLife> hello sethy

06:22 <sethy> hallo

06:22 <sethy> CoderForLife

06:22 <sethy> :)

06:27 * CoderForLife leans back to nap in his chair

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08:18 * xcamel_away is back.

08:18 *** xcamel_away is now known as xcamel

08:18 <xcamel> 'lo

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08:41 <xcamel>

08:41 <Romulus> Title: APOD: 2008 January 13 - Hurricane Ivan from the Space Station (at

08:42 <andresgr> Guys, is this FOLDING@home project still running?

08:42 <andresgr> it does not use BOINC, does it?

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08:52 <xcamel> There are other versions of folding..

08:55 <andresgr> yes

08:55 <andresgr> Rossetta

08:55 <andresgr> but this one is rather old

08:56 <andresgr> it seems they're trying to make it "boinc-compatible"

08:57 <xcamel> I did a little folding early on, and it crashed all the time

08:58 <xcamel> &weather 12074

08:58 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 28.2F / -2.1C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 30.28in / 1025.3hPa | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Partly sunny. Highs in the lower 40s. Northeast winds around 5 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy with a chance of snow in the evening...then cloudy with snow likely after midnight. Snow accumulation of 2 to 4 inches. Lows in the upper 20s. (1 more message)

08:59 <xcamel> &more

08:59 <Romulus> xcamel: Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 70 percent.; Monday - Snow in the morning...then snow likely in the afternoon. Total accumulation of 4 to 8 inches. Cooler with highs in the lower 30s. North winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 80 percent.;

08:59 <xcamel> swing-and-a-miss...

09:15 <xcamel> Boston to get 15" of snow - we'll be lucky to get a couple of flurries..

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09:23 <wdsmia> &weather 50265

09:23 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 15F / -9C | Humidity: 88% | Pressure: 30.18in / 1022hPa | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 9mph / 15km/h ; Today - Sunny in the morning then becoming mostly cloudy. Isolated light snow showers in the afternoon. High in the upper 20s. Northwest wind around 10 mph. Chance of snow 20 percent.; Tonight - Mostly cloudy with isolated light snow showers in the (1 more message)

09:24 <wdsmia> &more

09:24 <Romulus> wdsmia: evening...then partly cloudy with scattered flurries after midnight. Low 15 to 20. Northwest wind 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 20 percent.; Monday - Partly sunny. High in the lower 20s. Northwest wind around 15 mph.;

09:26 <xcamel> 'lo Doug

09:27 <wdsmia> mornin Jay

09:29 <xcamel> a little frosty this morning..

09:31 <wdsmia> about normal for Jan... end of the month it starts getting cold

09:33 <xcamel> ditto

09:41 <CoderForLife> hello Jay, Doug

09:41 <xcamel> 'lo Don

09:42 <CoderForLife> &weather 45140

09:42 <xcamel> looks like a little weather headed your way...

09:42 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 36.3F / 2.4C | Humidity: 86% | Pressure: 29.96in / 1014.4hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; This Afternoon - Scattered rain showers...then numerous rain and snow showers late. Highs in the lower 40s. South winds around 5 mph...becoming southwest this afternoon. Chance of precipitation 70 percent.; Tonight - Cloudy with a 50 percent (1 more message)

09:42 <CoderForLife> yup

09:42 <CoderForLife> cold and wet

09:42 <CoderForLife> &more

09:42 <Romulus> CoderForLife: chance of snow showers. Lows in the mid 20s. West winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.; Monday - Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of snow showers in the morning...then a chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 30s. West winds 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 40 percent.;

09:42 <xcamel> sunny and chilly here, but not too bad..

09:42 <CoderForLife> you missed the big snow?

09:43 <CoderForLife> ah, I see you did

09:43 <xcamel> we'll get a little of it...

09:43 <xcamel> hasn't really formed yet

09:44 <CoderForLife> it was laying it down in Green Bay yesterday during the game

09:45 <xcamel> couldn't happen to a nicer sport..

09:47 <xcamel> ...big yummy update for supercamel

09:47 <Romulus> simap, einstein, seti, rosetta

09:52 <CoderForLife> lol - Rommie has his idea of what tastes good

09:55 <CoderForLife> bbl

09:57 <desti_T2>

09:57 <Romulus> <> (at

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10:16 <BadBarbarian> &weather 86023

10:16 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: Temperature: 17F / -8C | Humidity: 88% | Pressure: 30.28in / 1025hPa | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h ; Today - Mostly cloudy in the morning then becoming partly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of rain and snow showers. No snow accumulation. Snow level 5000 feet. Highs around 33 on the North Rim to around 52 along the Colorado River. Light winds (1 more message)

10:16 <BadBarbarian> &more

10:16 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: becoming north around 15 mph late in the afternoon.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows around 16 on the North Rim to around 31 along the Colorado River. North winds around 15 mph early in the evening becoming light.; Monday - Mostly sunny. Highs around 37 on the North Rim to around 53 along the Colorado River. Light winds.;

10:17 <BadBarbarian> &weather 86046

10:17 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: Temperature: 15.8F / -9.0C | Humidity: 80% | Pressure: 23.68in / 801.8hPa | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: SE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Colder. Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of snow showers in the morning...a chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Little or no snow accumulation expected. Highs 34 to 40. Light winds becoming northeast around 15 mph in the (1 more message)

10:17 <BadBarbarian> &more

10:17 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: afternoon. Chance of snow 30 percent.; Tonight - Mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of snow showers in the evening...partly cloudy after midnight. Little or no snow accumulation. Lows around 18. Northeast winds around 15 mph.; Monday - Mostly sunny. Highs 36 to 42. Northeast winds around 15 mph with gusts to around 30 mph.;

10:24 <xcamel> 'lo BB

10:25 <BadBarbarian> 'lo Jay

10:25 <BadBarbarian> cold & clear here right now

10:25 <BadBarbarian> a heat wave 11 degrees

10:27 <xcamel> last pesky pysqlite error:

10:28 <BadBarbarian> working on the bot jay

10:28 <xcamel> >> /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/sqlite/ RuntimeWarning: Python C API version mismatch for module _sqlite: This Python has API version 1013, module _sqlite has version 1012.

10:29 <xcamel> Mike would know how to fix that one I would think..

10:34 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

10:37 <xcamel> found and killed the big..

10:37 <xcamel> er... bug even

10:37 * xcamel smacks self in head

10:37 *** Celelaptop has quit IRC

10:41 <xcamel> sqlite3 db's don't work with sqlite2 calls...

10:52 <BadBarbarian> lol

11:01 <Tank_Master> &weather 97007

11:01 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Temperature: 39.0F / 3.9C | Humidity: 90% | Pressure: 30.35in / 1027.7hPa | Conditions: Fog | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Mostly cloudy becoming partly sunny by mid morning. Patchy fog in the morning. Highs around 45. Light wind.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Patchy fog after midnight. Lows around 35. East wind 5 to 10 mph. Near The Gorge...gusts to 25 mph after (1 more message)

11:01 <Tank_Master> &more

11:01 <Romulus> Tank_Master: midnight.; Monday - Mostly cloudy. Patchy fog in the morning. A slight chance of rain in the afternoon. Highs around 45. South wind 5 to 10 mph.;

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11:54 <Tank_Master> huh, looks like I may need to lower my depspid per host limit

12:05 *** TM-Work has quit IRC

12:10 <MTughan> Yeah, might be a smart idea there, Tank_Master.

12:13 <xcamel> 'lo Mike

12:13 <MTughan> 'lo Jay

12:13 <xcamel> I think it's fixed-fixed now

12:13 <xcamel> romy, that is..

12:14 <MTughan> It was a SQLite version mismatch?

12:15 <xcamel> bingo - partly

12:20 <xcamel> &coffee

12:20 <Romulus> Here's your quad expresso!! BANG! Need an ambulance in 10 minutes?

12:20 <xcamel> need a walk after lunch here..

12:20 <MTughan> Espresso is an alias to that now.

12:20 <xcamel> bbl

12:20 <MTughan> &espresso

12:20 <Romulus> Here's your quad expresso!! BANG! Need an ambulance in 10 minutes?

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13:13 <xcamel> &kona

13:13 <Romulus> xcamel: "kona" could be (#1) a$$ kickin' coffee, or (#2) a$$ kickin coffee, or (#3) a$$ kickin coffee

13:13 <xcamel> lol

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13:17 <xcamel> 'lo eddie

13:22 <Soul_keeper> lol some pig farmer chick just won 1 penny on deal or no deal

13:23 <Soul_keeper> bla appears the boinc benchmark malfunctions on systems with a inaccurate /proc/cpuinfo  ....

13:24 <efc> yo

13:24 <xcamel> anyone know if we'll ever get work from LHC again?

13:25 <Soul_keeper> so i have a 900MHz cpu that is clocked at 630MHz, when i set it up to it's default cpu speed my boinc benchmarks are nearly halved

13:26 <sethy> i baught 'die welt' today

13:26 <sethy> :D

13:27 <xcamel> no news section

13:28 <sethy> there is

13:28 <sethy> just its seperated into sections

13:29 <sethy> like politiks and autowelt


13:30 <sethy> i lol'd

13:33 <sethy> also the newspaper smells weird

13:33 <xcamel> &sethy

13:33 <Romulus> xcamel: "sethy" could be (#1) and odd sort of sot, or (#2) an odd sort of sot

13:33 <sethy> >;o >

13:33 <xcamel> hehehe..

13:33 <sethy> ?\

13:33 <sethy> WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

13:34 <xcamel> Romulus forget sethy

13:34 <efc> &markov wu

13:34 <Romulus> xcamel: Error: 2 factoids have that key.  Please specify which one to remove, or use * to designate all of them.

13:34 <Romulus> efc: Error: I found a broken link in the Markov chain.  Maybe I received two bad links to start the chain.

13:34 <xcamel> Romulus forget sethy *

13:34 <Romulus> xcamel: The operation succeeded.

13:36 <sethy> i am a random retard, a.k.a chef brian

13:37 <xcamel> >> Flight Delays Spark Riot in Argentina

13:38 *** Lupine1647 has joined #boinc

13:38 <xcamel> I wonder if PoV was in the middle of that one...

13:39 <xcamel> Romulus, learn sethy as i am a random retard, a.k.a chef brian

13:39 <Romulus> xcamel: The operation succeeded.

13:39 <xcamel> workin now..

13:39 <sethy> >;o

13:39 <sethy> &sethy

13:39 <Romulus> sethy: "sethy" could be i am a random retard, a.k.a chef brian

13:40 <sethy> your grammar is incorrect]

13:40 <xcamel> Romulus forget sethy *

13:40 <Romulus> xcamel: The operation succeeded.

13:40 <xcamel> you wrote it..

13:40 <xcamel> gone now..

13:40 <sethy> you did the input

13:40 <xcamel> bbl..

13:40 <sethy> bais

13:41 <sethy> Romulus, learn sethy a random retard in favour of carrots in socks

13:41 <Romulus> sethy: Invalid arguments for learn.

13:41 <sethy> i forgot teh as

13:41 <sethy> Romulus, learn sethy as a random retard in favour of carrots in socks

13:41 <Romulus> sethy: The operation succeeded.

13:41 <sethy> w00t

13:41 <sethy> &sethy

13:41 <Romulus> sethy: "sethy" could be a random retard in favour of carrots in socks

13:41 <Romulus> lol some pig farmer chick just won 1 penny on deal or no deal

13:42 <sethy> very nice

13:50 <Soul_keeper> heh

13:50 *** Saenger has joined #boinc

14:26 *** andresgr has quit IRC

14:48 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

15:24 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

15:24 *** Celelaptop has quit IRC

15:25 *** TM-Work has joined #Boinc

15:26 *** Celelaptop has joined #boinc

15:35 *** TMatWork has quit IRC

15:43 <FreeLarry58> lets see if the weather predictions at work close

15:43 <FreeLarry58> &weather 98366

15:43 <Romulus> FreeLarry58: Temperature: 45F / 7C | Humidity: 76% | Pressure: 30.36in / 1028hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h ; Today - Partly sunny. A chance of showers this morning...mainly north of Seattle. Highs in the mid 40s to lower 50s. South wind around 10 mph.; Tonight - Mostly cloudy. Lows in the 30s to lower 40s. Southeast wind to 10 mph.; Monday - Cloudy. A (1 more message)

15:43 * FreeLarry58 ouch ouch that lava hurts on the cut fingers

15:43 <FreeLarry58> &more

15:43 <Romulus> FreeLarry58: chance of rain in the afternoon. Breezy. Highs in the mid 40s to lower 50s. South wind 10 to 15 mph shifting to the southwest 15 to 25 mph in the afternoon.;

15:43 <FreeLarry58> nope not even close

15:45 <FreeLarry58> new machine with 4 cores putting out a lot less heat that the old P4 D630 did and a lot more work

15:45 <Soul_keeper> does sys/time.h exist on windows ?

15:45 * FreeLarry58 thinks he needs to update the old scsi machine to quad this year

15:45 <FreeLarry58> humm let me search

15:46 <Soul_keeper> #include <sys/time.h>

15:48 <FreeLarry58> just doing search on time.h so far nothing showing for xppro sp3

15:48 <Romulus> what's the population of A.S.?

15:51 <MTughan> FreeLarry58: Do you have MinGW or Cygwin installed?

15:52 <MTughan> And Soul_keeper: What compiler do you have installed?

15:52 <FreeLarry58> had 3 files that contained the phrase -2 for apache and one for windows help for iis

15:52 <Soul_keeper> MTughan,  gcc on linux

15:52 <FreeLarry58> nope MTughan

15:52 <MTughan> GCC on Linux? For sure, that'd have sys/time.h.

15:52 <Soul_keeper> just trying to insure a program of mine will compile for windows ysers ...

15:52 <Soul_keeper> a pi program

15:53 <FreeLarry58> had nothing show as only time.h

15:53 <MTughan> If you compile it for Windows on Linux, you'll be fine. If you're wanting to make it so that it can be compiled by MinGW or Cygwin (or heaven forbid, MSVC), you're also fine.

15:53 <Soul_keeper> FreeLarry, do you have ctime.h or something ?

15:54 <MTughan> FreeLarry58: It's a header used by a compiler. If you don't have a compiler installed, you will not have time.h.

15:54 <FreeLarry58> nope

15:54 <Soul_keeper> MTughan,  i'm not doing anything, just trying to insurance cross-platform compatibility as i havn't had access to windows in years here ...

15:54 <FreeLarry58> no compiler that i know of on this machine

15:55 <MTughan> sys/time.h is standard. It'll be available on Windows and *nix.

15:55 *** Aruzo has quit IRC

15:55 <Soul_keeper> ok

15:55 <Soul_keeper>

15:55 <Soul_keeper> wanna try that on windows ?

15:55 <MTughan> On my Fedora system, I have /usr/include/sys/time.h.

15:56 <Soul_keeper> yeah it'll work in all linux flavors

15:56 <MTughan> Don't have access to a Windows system with a compiler ATM, but I can look over it.

15:56 <Soul_keeper> just need a windows user to test it

15:56 <Soul_keeper> i'll mess with making it multithreaded at a later date. ..

15:56 <MTughan> And I don't remember if Windows has pthread.h... I know OS X doesn't.

15:56 <MTughan> Because pthread is a Linux thing.

15:57 <Soul_keeper> but i like pthreads ...

15:57 <Soul_keeper> heh

15:57 <MTughan> There is a way to do it, as the BOINC client does it, but I don't remember/know how.

15:58 <Soul_keeper> i'll figure it out later

15:58 <MTughan> And why are your printf and scanf calls in non-threading commented out?

15:58 <Soul_keeper> because i don't need them

15:59 <MTughan> Oh, missed that...

15:59 <Soul_keeper>   it's just a modification on this guy's code

15:59 <Romulus> <> (at

15:59 <Soul_keeper> Test #1:29.215133sec           i get that on my P4

16:00 <MTughan> Also, return 0 at the end. A non-zero return code indicates some failure.

16:00 <Soul_keeper> just run it

16:00 <MTughan> So yeah, just pthread.h and return code are all I see right now.

16:00 <MTughan> And I said, I don't have access to a Windows compiler.

16:01 <Soul_keeper> then run it on linux

16:01 <MTughan> Can do...

16:02 <MTughan> Odd... Undefined reference to sqrt...

16:02 <MTughan> That should be included with math.h.

16:02 <MTughan> Wait, -lmath, right?

16:02 <Soul_keeper> gcc -Wall -lm  pi.c -o pi

16:02 <MTughan> -lm, okay.

16:02 <Soul_keeper> gcc -Wall -lm  lspi.c -o lspi

16:04 <MTughan> It's running... Alongside BOINC, so that's slowing it down.

16:04 <MTughan> Calculating pi with radius of: 1234567890.000000

16:04 <MTughan> Pi = 3.14159265197296688754

16:04 <MTughan>         Test #1:        64.293683sec

16:04 <Soul_keeper> well suspend boinc

16:04 <Soul_keeper> so we can compare ...

16:05 <MTughan> 2.8GHz P4: 42.581528sec

16:06 <Soul_keeper> well my P4 is at 3.15GHz

16:06 <Soul_keeper> getting  29.415714sec

16:06 <MTughan> Got 32.111219sec.

16:07 <MTughan> There, I beat you. 22.812033sec

16:08 *** TMatWork has joined #Boinc

16:08 <Soul_keeper> wha'd you do to it ?

16:08 <MTughan> Heh... That's for you to figure out.

16:08 <MTughan> I didn't modify the code at all, but I added three flags.

16:09 <Soul_keeper> cheater ...

16:12 <MTughan> Not sure if I can push it below 22s...

16:13 <Soul_keeper> which flags did you try ?

16:14 <MTughan> One sec...

16:15 <MTughan> Okay, I get the best results with "-O3 -msse -msse2".

16:18 <MTughan> Dude... 19.276945sec

16:18 *** TM-Work has quit IRC

16:18 <MTughan> Added "-fpmath=sse"

16:20 <Soul_keeper> whatever

16:22 <MTughan> So I get best results with "gcc lspi.c -o lspi -lm -O3 -msse -msse2 -mfpmath=sse".

16:23 <MTughan> I can go faster when I get my Mac back. Even the Core Duos are better at integer and floating point math, not to mention the Core 2 Duos.

16:23 <MTughan> Anyway, I gather you've lost interest. I'll shut up.

16:24 <Soul_keeper> well none of my options are making things faster

16:24 <MTughan> BTW, if you were wanting another way to get pi, it's also 4 * atan(1). Not sure if those are the C function names, but that's the general idea.

16:24 <Soul_keeper> Test #1:28.305909sec      on my c2d

16:25 <Soul_keeper> nah i'm mostly just pissed right now

16:25 <Soul_keeper> i'm gonna go mow my yard

16:25 <MTughan> Yeah, 4 * atan(1) is the C notation.

16:25 * Soul_keeper leaves

16:25 <MTughan> See you.

16:39 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

16:53 *** B2_Riesel has joined #boinc

17:01 *** andresgr has joined #boinc

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17:14 <sethy> HAI GAIS

17:14 <MTughan> 'lo sethy

17:14 <sethy> 'lo MTughan

17:16 <sethy> wasup?

17:20 <MTughan> Not much, just getting some dinner on.

17:21 <MTughan> I was going to go to a website, and now I can't remember what it was...

17:26 <B2_Riesel> probably something goat related

17:26 * B2_Riesel fades into the background again.

18:04 <Soul_keeper> well that suck

18:05 <Soul_keeper> riding lawnmower battery is shot, even after charging it for 6hrs

18:05 <Soul_keeper> had to push it half an acre

18:05 <Soul_keeper> i need to install an alternator on it

18:05 <Soul_keeper> and a cig lighter

18:05 <wdsmia> lol

18:08 <Soul_keeper> had to jump start it with my truck

18:08 <Tank_Master> the sig litter to burn the field so you dont have to mow it?

18:08 <Tank_Master> ;)

18:08 <Soul_keeper> i'm pretty sure i could push start the mower, and just pop it into gear, but it has a switch on the seat to auto, shutoff

18:09 <Soul_keeper> can't push it fast enough, while holding the seat down, thru grass ...

18:09 <Tank_Master> lol

18:09 <wdsmia> rofl

18:10 <Soul_keeper> Tank_Master,  well i got a tire pump that hooks to the cig lighter

18:10 <Tank_Master> thats what the ligher is for, to clear the grass out

18:10 <Tank_Master> ahh, those are handy

18:10 <Soul_keeper> my mower even has a cup holder :)

18:11 <Tank_Master> to hold the grass and dust they gets blowen around?

18:15 <Soul_keeper>

18:15 <Romulus> <> (at

18:15 <Soul_keeper>

18:15 <Romulus> <> (at

18:15 <Soul_keeper> my lawnmower has grass growing on it

18:17 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

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18:26 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

18:26 *** d00m1001 has joined #boinc

18:29 *** Tank_Master has joined #boinc

18:42 <wdsmia>;_ylt=AmeE07FZ74IeBEna0bIOoGbtiBIF?ch=4226714&cl=5913321&lang=en','playerWindow','width=793,height=608,scrollbars=no'));

18:42 <Romulus> <> (at

18:45 *** Saenger has quit IRC

19:00 *** Tank_Master_ has joined #boinc

19:16 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

19:17 *** Tank_Master_ is now known as Tank_Master

19:30 <efc> Uggg

19:30 <efc> Normal Retirement Date 06-01-2044

19:30 <efc> F$#* that

19:35 *** mweltin has joined #boinc

19:36 <mweltin> hey I have a file upload issue anyone here can help me out?

19:37 <Soul_keeper> pisses me off

19:38 <mweltin> what?  my file upload issue?

19:38 <Soul_keeper> boinc benchmarks shouldn't care what MHz/bogomips the cpu is at

19:38 <Soul_keeper> it should just benchmark and give a times based result, not something that does math on the clock speed ...

19:39 <Soul_keeper> my benchmark results at 1/3rd as high, on a system that is 1/3rd faster

19:40 <Soul_keeper> so   129 float 239 int @900MHz   then 456 float 847 int @630

19:41 <efc> consistent?

19:42 <Soul_keeper> well if you think a 630MHz system is 3x faster than a 900MHz system ...

19:42 <Soul_keeper> not to mention how it might scew any credits

19:42 <efc> nevermind

19:44 <efc> mine are borked sometimes if something is running during the benchmark

19:46 <Soul_keeper> well a kernel dev just told me boinc is broken

19:46 <Soul_keeper> no need to modify kernel source to make boinc report correctly

19:48 <Soul_keeper> flawed imo

19:49 <efc> its too bad the FPUs don't have a little odometer so the benchmarking wouldn't be necessary

19:49 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

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19:51 <Soul_keeper> well the problem with boinc is it reads the bogomips and uses that number for calculating it's becnhmark results

19:52 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

19:52 <Soul_keeper> bogomips is only updated once on boot by the kernel

19:52 <Soul_keeper> so if you change the cpufreq, boinc won't know it

19:52 <efc> yes, that isn't very smart, bogomips is garbage at best

19:52 <Soul_keeper> so the boinc benchmark is now useless to me for comparisons

19:53 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

19:53 <efc> I wonder what it does on windows.. no bogomips there

19:55 <Soul_keeper> well i get a 28% increase in performance in Pi calculations by increasing my cpu freq by 30%, with boinc on the otherhand i get a -72% decrease in performance from the same cpu freq increase

19:55 <Soul_keeper> maybe i should get active in the source ...

19:57 <efc> I assume your actual boinc performance hasn't gone down..

19:57 <efc> maybe credit did

20:02 <B2_Riesel> Soul_keeper: what CPU do you have?

20:02 <Soul_keeper> yeah they tie the credit to this stuff for some odd reason i believe ...

20:03 <Soul_keeper> yes i see the sections in the boinc code, i might be able  to fix it

20:03 <efc> bogomips is really not supposed to be a benchmark in any sense; its just how fast the CPU can spin a certain loop

20:03 <efc> I have a machine that gets 3.96 bogomips ..

20:08 <B2_Riesel> an overclocked PowerPC?

20:23 <mweltin> &seen Povaddict

20:23 <Romulus> mweltin: Povaddict was last seen in #boinc 22 hours and 0 seconds ago: <PovAddict> I'm back the 23rd; I may or may not connect tomorrow

20:28 <Soul_keeper> i can't even find the code in the boinc source tree that is exactely responsible for what i need here ...

20:30 <mweltin> who knows apache?  Is each subdomain considered a virtual host?

20:30 <mweltin> maybe I should go to #apache

20:31 *** Alphinux has quit IRC

20:31 *** Alphinux_ has joined #Boinc

20:31 *** Alphinux_ is now known as Alphinux

20:31 <Soul_keeper> i think so, it's all in the config file

20:52 <Soul_keeper> "have you ever had feelings for a nun?" --nacho libre

20:53 <mweltin> holy crap, did you know gmail will host mail for your domain?

20:54 *** efc has quit IRC

20:59 <mweltin> does networksoultions still deal with all domains, Im not sure where to go to switch my DNS and MX info

21:46 *** bryanUC_ has joined #boinc

22:03 *** bryanUC has quit IRC

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22:36 *** bryanUC has joined #boinc

22:57 *** mweltin is now known as mw_away

23:03 <MTughan> Wow... While my Mac was out last time, I dropped 40,000 spots in RAC.

23:04 <MTughan> And I've already made up about 15,000 spots...

23:06 <MTughan> Yep, high peak was about 24,000th... That's actually pretty good, considering I'm not a "powerhouse" like some other people here.

23:13 <MTughan> Oh crud...

23:14 <MTughan> &math convert [math calc 14 * 15] hours to days

23:14 <Romulus> MTughan: 8.75

23:14 <MTughan> Tight for the ABCs... Due on the 23rd, they moved up from estimated 8h a WU to 15h/WU.

23:15 <MTughan> And I still have 4 other RSes, estimated at 9.5h/WU now.

23:16 <MTughan> Little dead here, ain't it?

23:17 <Tank_Master> ABC's WUs are not predictable in length

23:17 <Tank_Master> so its estimets are always off

23:18 <bryanUC> so, the more I think about it, the more I like the "BOINC Cup" points format or whatever

23:18 <Tank_Master> ?

23:18 <bryanUC> why make the projects all line up....when you can just as easily let a 3rd party equalize them

23:18 <bryanUC> from MyBOINC

23:18 <Tank_Master> never heard of it

23:18 <bryanUC>

23:18 <Romulus> Title: Formula Boinc (at

23:19 <MTughan> And wouldn't that be expensive?

23:19 <bryanUC> why?

23:19 <Tank_Master> ahh

23:19 <Tank_Master> been here

23:19 <bryanUC> thought so :)

23:19 <Tank_Master> we are 3rd??

23:19 <MTughan> Because they're taking a lot of time to evaluate credits.

23:20 <Tank_Master> oh, I see why they only show us as thrid

23:20 <Tank_Master> they dont have all the projects

23:20 <bryanUC> MTughan: does it really take them that long to process?

23:20 <bryanUC> compared to, say, BOINCStats

23:20 <MTughan> They have formulas, and they just add up credit.

23:20 <bryanUC> ok

23:20 <MTughan> Yay,'s on there! ^^

23:20 <bryanUC> I say that's the way to go

23:20 <bryanUC> then it doesn't matter how you calculate your points

23:21 <MTughan> Tied for 86th, but they're on there!

23:21 <bryanUC> could even do it on a user level

23:21 <MTughan> How do you evaluate if a project is giving fair credits though?

23:22 <MTughan> DA seems to think that S@H should be the benchmark, but what if they're low?

23:22 <Tank_Master> and how do you account for the different platforms?

23:22 <bryanUC> MTughan: that's how we eliminate the problem

23:22 <bryanUC> who cares who each project does it

23:22 <MTughan> And architectures? 64-bit is faster than 32-bit.

23:22 <bryanUC> If you're first you get 10 points

23:22 <bryanUC> who cares if it's first with 50 million points

23:22 <bryanUC> or first with 50 points

23:23 <bryanUC> first is first

23:23 <bryanUC> it would actually encourage people to spread around

23:23 <bryanUC> and I'm not saying just credit the first 10

23:23 <MTughan> Are we talking projects or users?

23:23 <bryanUC> users or teams

23:23 <MTughan> What?

23:23 <bryanUC> same idea applies

23:23 <MTughan> Okay, you've lost me...

23:23 <bryanUC> heh, set things up on the cross-project stats like MyBOINC is doing

23:23 <bryanUC> decaying credit based on what place you're in

23:24 <bryanUC> like the DC-Vault does

23:24 <MTughan> And how will that satisfy DA?

23:24 <bryanUC> b/c all projects will = 1

23:24 <bryanUC> even though at the raw level, they won't

23:24 <bryanUC> there will not be a way to satisfy everyone

23:24 <bryanUC> hell, not even half

23:24 <Tank_Master> dont you know that DA is never satisfyed?

23:24 <bryanUC> heh

23:24 <bryanUC> I would argue that it should be put to a vote of the users

23:24 <MTughan> I still have no idea what he's saying...

23:24 <bryanUC> or at least the project admins

23:25 <MTughan> Either DA or you, bryan.

23:25 <bryanUC> lol

23:25 <bryanUC> ok

23:25 <bryanUC> do you understand this part: Formula Boinc (FB) is a ranking system for the Boinc teams, based on the principle of the Formula 1 Championship. Each project is considered as a "Grand-Prix". The 8 best teams on each project get a fixed number of FB points. The general Formula Boinc ranking is simply obtained by adding all FB points of each team.

23:25 <MTughan> How often are these calculated, and are each team's standing reset to 0 when they're updated?

23:26 <bryanUC> daily

23:26 <Tank_Master> one problem I have with that site is that is doesnt have all the projects

23:26 <bryanUC> what do you mean 0

23:26 <bryanUC> Tank_Master: it's a step in the right direction

23:26 <Tank_Master> well, a different direction anyway

23:26 <MTughan> I mean do points add up, or are they only for a specific instance in time, so to speak?

23:26 <bryanUC> they calculate the scores daily, but the "race" is for the year

23:26 <bryanUC> ah, instantaneous points

23:26 <bryanUC> everyone is re-ranked every day

23:26 <MTughan> Okay.

23:26 <bryanUC> so if you move from 10th to 1st, your points increase

23:26 <bryanUC> but at the end of the year, everyone is back to 0

23:27 <Tank_Master> what dose "AF blacklisted" meen?

23:27 <bryanUC> L'Alliance Francophone

23:27 <bryanUC> blacklisted those two projects

23:27 <bryanUC> I wonder if MyBOINC is run through them or something

23:27 <Tank_Master> y?

23:27 <bryanUC> not sure, I don't read french

23:27 <Tank_Master> lol

23:27 <Tank_Master> good point

23:28 <Tank_Master> maybe because with them they wouldnt be #1

23:28 <Tank_Master> ;)

23:29 <Tank_Master> is this just for this year so far?

23:29 <bryanUC> yes

23:29 <Tank_Master> ahhh

23:29 <bryanUC> points since 1/1/08

23:29 <bryanUC> which is interesting

23:29 <Tank_Master> no wonder it says we are in 6th for WCG ;)

23:29 <bryanUC> lol

23:29 <Tank_Master> with only 2m points

23:30 <bryanUC> it is interesting that it's not all-time...however, it makes it 'fair' for new teams to enter

23:30 <bryanUC> and try and dominate

23:30 <bryanUC> I will concede it's not a perfect solution

23:30 <Tank_Master> should have both, really

23:30 <bryanUC> but I think something like this is better than trying to round everyone up and force them to "normalize"

23:30 <Tank_Master> all time and thie year

23:30 <bryanUC> yes

23:31 <Tank_Master> and the alltime could have the retiered projects to

23:32 <bryanUC> I'll state it now....for the record....I would be willing to support such a attempt with programming and/or server/bandwidth space

23:32 <MTughan> Tank_Master: Even for 2007, you're still in third.

23:32 <Tank_Master> for a site like this one?

23:32 <MTughan> Sure, I can offer my support too... Know Java, PHP, Perl, HTML...

23:32 <MTughan> No Flash, and I'm proud of that.

23:33 <Tank_Master> LOL

23:33 <Tank_Master> I have a flash blocker on mine

23:33 <MTughan> Ditto.

23:33 <MTughan> Well, not on FF here. But on Camino on my Mac.

23:33 <Tank_Master> I have it in IE

23:34 <MTughan> <B2_Riesel> I'd support a similar concept...yes

23:34 <bryanUC> I think it should go to a vote of the project admins

23:34 <MTughan> Wait, you're on #rieselsieve too... :P

23:34 <bryanUC> while I know that's not binding, I don't like the current method

23:34 <bryanUC> a vote of DA

23:34 <bryanUC> and that's it

23:34 <B2_Riesel> :)

23:34 <bryanUC> lol

23:34 <bryanUC> heh, I didn't see B2_Riesel

23:34 <bryanUC> here

23:34 <Romulus> 7 RS WUs here.

23:34 <B2_Riesel> I lurk everywhere

23:34 <MTughan> And I was directing it to Tank_Master.

23:40 <Tank_Master> sorry, mouse issues

23:40 <Tank_Master> whatd i miss?

23:40 <MTughan> lol, check #rs.

23:40 <Tank_Master> I was just there

23:41 <MTughan> That's it.

23:41 <Tank_Master> what was directed to me?

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