IRC logs of #boinc for Saturday, 2008-01-19

00:01 <infinisoft> I don't believe my sigs are showing both PSP applications

00:01 <infinisoft> just the siever

00:01 <zombie67> ah

00:02 <infinisoft> The other one is showing up blank

00:03 <infinisoft> I took the stats from the PG sigs and made these charts

00:03 <Romulus> Title: BOINC Stuff - PrimeGrid Stats (at

00:04 <zombie67> cant get to that page from your home page

00:05 <infinisoft> yeah, I just made this, I need to edit the navbar in a second

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00:06 <zombie67> bbl

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00:33 <infinisoft> All the new links were added and the PG sigs are fixed

00:37 <zombie67> which one was missing?

00:37 <infinisoft> The primegrid charts and the client stats

00:37 <Romulus> mweltin, btw wanted to tahnk you for having the patience with me - bbiab

00:38 <zombie67> no, I mean, which one on the sig was missing?

00:38 <infinisoft> Oh, PSP LLR was

00:44 <infinisoft> hmm, gotta go, bye

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01:33 <mweltin> who knows where Pov's opaque patch is?

01:33 <mweltin> or what its called.

01:34 <mweltin> ok what about the extension of a patch or how to apply it

01:38 <zombie67> opaque?

01:38 <mweltin> I got it

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01:47 <blaise> Hello?

01:48 <zombie67> yo

01:48 <efc> yo

01:49 <blaise> I'm over here trying to run the boinc client with einstein@home and seti@home..

01:49 <blaise> I used pacman with archlinux to get it but couldn't find the configs..

01:50 <blaise> then I downloaded the client and ran it in my home dir..

01:50 <zombie67> this is a linux question?

01:50 <blaise> still can't find the configs..

01:50 <blaise> yes Sr.

01:50 <zombie67> configs?

01:50 <blaise> yeah..

01:51 <blaise> and, I was going to join the protien@home project, but it's offline atm.. is it commin back?

01:51 <zombie67> not sure I understand the term "configs" in this discussion

01:51 <zombie67> proteins is off line.  no ea

01:51 <blaise> zombie67: how do I configure boinc ?

01:51 <zombie67> eta

01:51 <zombie67> using manager or command line?

01:52 <blaise> I would like to use a manager..

01:52 <blaise> I'm trying to use BAM.. but it kinda sux

01:52 <zombie67> can you connect to BAM?

01:52 <blaise> things have changed sence I last ran boinc...

01:52 <blaise> zombie67: with my browser....

01:53 <zombie67> hang on.  can you run the manager?

01:53 <blaise> how is it supposed to connect to boinc ?

01:53 <blaise> what manager?

01:53 <zombie67> boinc manager

01:53 <blaise> kboincspy?

01:53 <blaise> where?

01:53 <blaise> only thing I see is boinc, and a few bash scripts that run boinc

01:54 <blaise> run_client, and boinc_cmd

01:54 <zombie67> is this a gui enviro?

01:54 <blaise> yes, I'm using fluxbox, with xorg

01:55 <zombie67> and what version of BOINC did ou install?

01:55 <blaise> 5.10.28 i686-pc-linux-gnu

01:55 <blaise> should I compile from source?

01:55 <blaise> the cpu usage is, weird...

01:55 <zombie67> ah.  command line only

01:56 <blaise> 95%, 4%,       95%, 4%

01:56 <blaise> repeat, and rinse

01:56 <blaise> I can tell it to start the screensaver, and that works good

01:56 <zombie67> try 5.8.16, you get a GUI with that

01:56 <blaise> hrmmmm

01:56 <zombie67>

01:56 <Romulus> Title: Download BOINC client software (at

01:57 <blaise> lol

01:58 <zombie67> I am not familiar with attaching BOINC to BAM via command line.

01:58 <blaise> so, will the 5.10.x have gui eventualy?

01:59 <zombie67> well, they say they will support GUI for UBUNTU only.  That doesn't mean it won't work with other distros, just that they don't test it.

01:59 <blaise> wtf?

01:59 <blaise> why ubuntu

01:59 <Soul_keeper> test it yourself

02:00 <Soul_keeper> just compile it, if it works on ubuntu it works on any linux if you make it

02:00 <blaise> why not, slackware.. or something that's been around....

02:00 <zombie67> i guess they figured that most users will be using ubuntu

02:00 <Soul_keeper> because slackware users can make it work themselves

02:00 <blaise> heh

02:01 <blaise> so...

02:01 <blaise> just wipe out my current BOINC dir?

02:01 <blaise> or.. extract overtop ?

02:01 <zombie67> I only dabbled with BOINC on linux.  no expert here.

02:02 <Soul_keeper> just replace the  bin   lib  and include dirs

02:02 <blaise> there were none

02:02 <zombie67> but once you have the gui running, all the rest is down hill

02:02 <blaise> it made a projects and a slots

02:07 <blaise> ok, I've extracted and ran boinc_mgr and it died and spit this out..

02:07 <Romulus> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at

02:07 <blaise> nice eh?

02:08 <blaise> looks like it's rather dependent on the gnome developers kit

02:09 <Soul_keeper> did you compile that yourself ?

02:11 <blaise> no..

02:11 <blaise> that's what zombie67 told me to try

02:11 <Soul_keeper> i run  boinc_gui  for the X interface

02:12 <blaise> it's not in there..

02:15 <blaise> Soul_keeper: guess I'll compile it myself

02:15 <blaise> :(

02:15 <FreeLarry> the ubantu package works on fedora8 - have it on two machines currently for x86_64

02:16 <Soul_keeper> you are likely missing some dependency

02:16 <FreeLarry> not complied just dl'ed and ran install

02:16 <Soul_keeper> the configure script for the source would likely tell you what one you're missing

02:17 <Soul_keeper> you might want to install the latest version of wx widgets also

02:18 <blaise> hrmm

02:18 <Soul_keeper> wx-config --version

02:20 <blaise> Soul_keeper: will this suffice? extra/wxgtk 2.8.7-1

02:20 <Soul_keeper> it should

02:20 <blaise> is there something more recommended?

02:20 <Soul_keeper> 2.6.x and later are supported

02:21 <blaise> cegui?

02:21 <blaise> extra/wxgtk-2.6 2.6.4-2 is available

02:21 <blaise> hrmm

02:21 <blaise> I'll try the 2.8 first

02:22 <blaise> 6.11MB worth of crap!

02:22 <blaise> hehe

02:24 <blaise> still no dice

02:25 <blaise> sure is causing quite the ruccus with gconfd

02:27 <Soul_keeper> just make a test dir

02:27 <blaise> I did

02:27 <blaise> it's in it

02:27 <Soul_keeper> then  use  ./configure --prefix and install to that dir

02:27 <Soul_keeper> ./configure --help

02:27 <blaise> k

02:27 <Soul_keeper> i mean a different test dir to install to

02:28 <blaise> heh

02:28 <blaise> the client runs fine!

02:28 <blaise> lol

02:29 <Soul_keeper> my wx widgets isn't installed right, i gotta go update it, been awhile since i even needed it

02:30 <blaise> too bad the gui doesn't

02:30 <blaise> I can't even find the source code

02:31 <Soul_keeper> for  what ?

02:31 <Soul_keeper> boinc ?

02:31 <Soul_keeper> use the svn

02:32 <blaise> k

02:32 <Soul_keeper>

02:32 <Romulus> <> (at

02:33 <Soul_keeper>

02:33 <Romulus> Title: SourceCode - BOINC - Trac (at

02:38 <blaise> so, how do I get the client to connect to BAM ?

02:38 <blaise> in the console?

02:39 <Soul_keeper> i dunno i don't do that

02:39 <Tank_Master> attach to account manaher, instead of attach to project

02:39 <Tank_Master> use as the url

02:40 <Tank_Master> then your username and pw, not your e-mail and pw

02:41 <blaise> Tank_Master: it doesn't show a account mngr option...

02:41 <blaise> not in --help anyway

02:41 <Tank_Master> tools?

02:41 <blaise> what tools

02:42 <Tank_Master> which client are you using?

02:42 <blaise> i686-pc-linux-gnu

02:42 <blaise> oops

02:42 <blaise> 5.8.16..

02:42 <Tank_Master> ahh, command line?

02:42 <blaise> yes

02:42 <Tank_Master> then I dont know

02:42 <Tank_Master> sorry

02:42 <blaise> np

02:42 <blaise> thanks anyway

02:44 <Tank_Master> yw

02:45 <Soul_keeper> blaise,  just do --disable-server and the client will contain all you need

02:46 <blaise> I'll try it

02:46 <blaise> still waiting on svn to finish

02:48 <blaise> jesus

02:48 <blaise> that's about everything, isn't it?

02:48 * blaise rolls over and dies

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02:49 <Soul_keeper> i dunno i'm gonna snatch the latest svn right now too

02:50 <Soul_keeper>              total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached

02:50 <Soul_keeper> Mem:          1012        973         38          0         44        471

02:50 <Soul_keeper> -/+ buffers/cache:        457        554

02:50 <Soul_keeper> Swap:         5311        815       4495

02:50 <Soul_keeper> bringing this P4 to a crawl

02:50 <blaise> is that in MB?

02:51 <Soul_keeper> yeah

02:51 <Romulus> asks quail to please watch his or her language Thanks, your friendly channel op.

02:51 <efc> Heh

02:51 <blaise> I'm on a thinkpad 600E with 160mb ram

02:51 <Soul_keeper> SysInfo: Uname: Linux CPU: Dual Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz 3140.558 MHz Bogomips: 12563.4 Mem: 573/1012M [||||||||||] HDD: 555.05G/643.60GGB [||||||||||] Up: 9 days 21 mins 12 secs Load: 8.51 7.30 5.53  Procs: 114 Screen: 1600x1200 (24 bpp) NVCore: 398.250 MHz NVMem:1150.875 MHz VCORE:1.36

02:52 <efc> I think its time to for my p3-600 to snatch some more S@H work.

02:52 *** MacG has joined #boinc

02:52 <blaise> I had a dual athlon MP 2600+ once

02:52 <blaise> I killed it trying to update the bios

02:53 <blaise> wish I could find a cmos writer

02:53 <Soul_keeper> yeah i got a c2d system on the floor right now that i did that to

02:53 <Soul_keeper> you can buy a new bios chip at

02:53 <Soul_keeper> 20 bucks

02:53 <blaise> yeah.. I'll do that...

02:53 <Soul_keeper> i've bought from them before

02:54 <blaise> just pop out the old and in with the new?

02:54 <Soul_keeper> yup

02:54 <Soul_keeper> then if you want, hot swap the old one back in and reflash it

02:54 <blaise> :)

02:54 <Soul_keeper> but that's not for the faint hearted

02:55 <blaise> no, but I've seen a friend do it..

02:55 <blaise> funny to watch

02:55 <blaise> I thought he was gonna have a heartattack

02:55 <blaise> worked well though!

02:55 <Soul_keeper> heh

02:56 <Soul_keeper> i got the special bios pulls tool

02:56 <blaise> neat..

02:56 <Soul_keeper> puller*

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02:57 <blaise> I had a large alumminum breifcase full of puter tools.. it got stolen

02:57 <Soul_keeper> bummer

02:57 <blaise> Unknown long option 'disable-server'

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02:59 <blaise> :{

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03:02 <blaise> ok, guess theres no more time..

03:02 <blaise> sleep4me

03:02 <blaise> Soul_keeper: thanks for all the help.. I may be back in here tomarrow if I've not figured it out

03:02 <blaise> hehe

03:03 <blaise> strange I can't get it to ask me anything

03:03 <blaise> oah well

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03:30 <quail> wdsmia: ping

03:36 <CoderForLife> &weather 45140

03:36 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 25.5F / -3.6C | Humidity: 73% | Pressure: 30.13in / 1020.2hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Becoming cloudy with flurries. An isolated snow shower is possible after midnight. Lows 15 to 20. West winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 20 percent.; Saturday - Mostly cloudy with scattered flurries in the morning...then partly sunny in (1 more message)

03:36 <CoderForLife> &more

03:36 <Romulus> CoderForLife: the afternoon. Highs in the mid 20s. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.; Saturday Night - Mostly clear. Lows 0 to 5 above. West winds 5 to 10 mph.;

03:37 <CoderForLife> low of zero

03:40 <quail> hey Don, how are you bloke?

03:41 <CoderForLife> Hi qual

03:41 <CoderForLife> er quail

03:42 <CoderForLife> it's quite early yet

03:42 <CoderForLife> about to finish getting the backup server set up with everything off the main server

03:42 <CoderForLife> just copying over my crontab

03:43 <quail> :-)

03:53 <CoderForLife> printing off drive info from /proc/mdstat and smartctl

03:53 <CoderForLife> brb  breakfast

03:58 <Soul_keeper> CoderForLife,  you compiled wxWidgets lately ?

03:59 <CoderForLife> never - brb

03:59 <Soul_keeper> k

04:06 <CoderForLife> b

04:09 <CoderForLife> did you have your tests, quail?  how are you doing?

04:10 <CoderForLife> and how's YourTV doing?

04:11 * CoderForLife looks at the broken wiki on the backup server

04:18 <quail> CoderForLife: atm the tests not go well as they can't find a blood clot, and last few days I have not been at home I have been up north side of adelaide in the country

04:19 <CoderForLife> ah

04:19 <quail> when I spoke to Jay couple days ago his wife had similar thing and he gave me some ideas to bring up to my doctor

04:20 <CoderForLife> I was wondering if tests and absence were related - Jay is a good source of info

04:21 <quail> yeah :-)

04:22 * CoderForLife grins broadly

04:22 <CoderForLife> the wiki now works

04:22 <CoderForLife> I was worried

04:22 <quail> I have more tests next week

04:23 <CoderForLife> good luck with the tests - I hope they find the problem, and that it's minor/fixable

04:23 *** Tank_Master has joined #boinc

04:23 * CoderForLife tests the fixed wiki

04:24 <quail> CoderForLife: thanks

04:24 <quail> the holiday away from home has been great help

04:24 <Tank_Master> upgrading of system BIOS compleat

04:24 <Tank_Master> system stibility restroed

04:24 <quail> even if it spent at friends place

04:25 <CoderForLife> away from (shudder) #boinc?

04:25 <Tank_Master> anywho, gn

04:25 <Tank_Master> its 1:25 here

04:26 <CoderForLife> tc T_M

04:26 <quail> it 19:55:42 here

04:26 <CoderForLife> 4:24am here

04:26 <CoderForLife> I got up at 3:30am

04:28 <quail> :S

04:28 <CoderForLife> with the wiki working, I may be ready to shut down the main server and start working on drives

04:29 <quail> :)

04:30 * CoderForLife looks for the rest of his checklist notes

04:30 <CoderForLife> brb

04:42 *** KathrynM has joined #boinc

04:44 <CoderForLife> b

04:47 <CoderForLife> dang - PHP on the backup server doesn't have LDAP support

04:51 *** TheGasGiant has joined #boinc

04:51 <TheGasGiant> R.I.P. DogBytes :(

04:52 <TheGasGiant> hola boinclanders

04:54 <KathrynM> Hi GG

04:54 <TheGasGiant> Hi Kathryn

04:54 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

04:55 <TheGasGiant> bad new about Dogbytes

04:55 <KathrynM> Yeah

04:55 <TheGasGiant> you well?

04:55 <KathrynM> Jord told  me this morning.  I was shocked.

04:55 <KathrynM> meh.  I'm alive.

04:55 <TheGasGiant> Keith called me this morning...I was wondering why Dennis didn't return my emails

04:56 * CoderForLife falls off his chair

04:56 <TheGasGiant> hola Don

04:56 <CoderForLife> hello Paul - wb - good to see you

04:56 <TheGasGiant> prefer to be back under better cirucmstances...but what the hey... I'm here :)

04:57 <Romulus> you can get their shit together. I honestly think this is actually my place calls mine 3rd shift

04:57 <CoderForLife> most excellent

04:57 <TheGasGiant> how's your sister?

04:57 <TheGasGiant> oh and I see you're about to overtake my for total credit!

04:57 <TheGasGiant> my=me

04:58 <CoderForLife> thanks for asking - she's been moved from University Hospital to Drake, which is a rehab hospital

04:58 <CoderForLife> she's out of danger

04:58 <TheGasGiant> excellent news!

04:58 <CoderForLife> and the insurance company is growing weary

04:58 <CoderForLife> she was in ICU for over a month

04:59 <CoderForLife> $$$$$$$$$$$$

04:59 <TheGasGiant> yeah big $^$

04:59 <CoderForLife> hundreds of thousands of dollars

05:00 <TheGasGiant> that's why we have insurance

05:00 <CoderForLife> how's Maria and Matthew?

05:00 <CoderForLife> and the job?

05:00 *** siofwolves has joined #boinc

05:01 <TheGasGiant> Matthew is around at a friends for a sleep over.....

05:01 <TheGasGiant> first time...

05:01 <CoderForLife> those are fun

05:01 <TheGasGiant> hope so...for his sake

05:01 <CoderForLife> Stephen did a few of those

05:01 <CoderForLife> he turned out OK =)

05:02 <TheGasGiant> LOL...yeah, I don't think sleep overs are going to corrupt :)

05:03 <CoderForLife> and Maria and the job?

05:03 <TheGasGiant> CFL ->

05:03 <Romulus> <> (at

05:03 <TheGasGiant> change

05:03 <TheGasGiant> some old, same old

05:03 *** quail_linux has joined #boinc

05:04 <CoderForLife> hey - looky there

05:04 <yoyo[RKN]> moin

05:05 <CoderForLife> you'll have a slight reprieve - I'm taking my big box offline today for some RAID work

05:05 <TheGasGiant> heya's life?  up and down?

05:05 <TheGasGiant> WOOHOO!

05:05 <CoderForLife> and I'll bring it back up as an F8 machine

05:05 *** quail has quit IRC

05:05 *** quail_linux is now known as quail

05:05 <yoyo[RKN]> life goea up and down. I'm analysing how life is with my evo wus ;)

05:06 <TheGasGiant> not going to wait for F9 in a few months CFL?

05:06 <CoderForLife> I'm still back on FC6 on that box, and it's having some issues

05:06 <CoderForLife> it's *time*

05:07 <TheGasGiant> sry I just dropped yoyo...I was running on a machine that was a bit I errored out a few wu's

05:07 <yoyo[RKN]> this wus will be resent, not a problem

05:07 <CoderForLife> I am officially running this morning on my backup server, which is FC7

05:07 <CoderForLife> it's not boincing, atm

05:07 <TheGasGiant> only problem was the cpu time I lost....but that's nothing to do with yoyo

05:08 <TheGasGiant> FC6 is a little old now

05:11 <CoderForLife> to my point

05:12 <CoderForLife> I started this move more than 6 months ago, and got distracted

05:12 <TheGasGiant> hmm..bugger

05:12 <CoderForLife> the error messages from smartd got my attention

05:13 <CoderForLife> stopped Coding, started setting up backup

05:13 <TheGasGiant> that'd do it....I need to check my the hdd on my other machine

05:13 <CoderForLife> mail and web sites are on the backup server now

05:13 <TheGasGiant> much to back up?

05:13 <CoderForLife> 300 e-mail accounts, 6 web sites

05:14 <CoderForLife> MySQL databases

05:14 <TheGasGiant> just a bit

05:14 <CoderForLife> make sure I got everything over, similar config settings, etc

05:14 <CoderForLife> been working it the last couple of days

05:15 <TheGasGiant> big job? or just slow?

05:15 <CoderForLife> I should be able to get the main server work done today, and then pull things back

05:15 <CoderForLife> I have a real job that takes my time

05:15 <TheGasGiant> ahh..that w#$^ thing is a real problem some times

05:16 <CoderForLife> hard to do things with the Linux box at home when I'm at meetings at w@#%

05:16 <CoderForLife> er not meetings, I meant *beatings*

05:16 <TheGasGiant> a cog in the great machine

05:16 <TheGasGiant> were trying to be a spanner in the w#$^s?

05:17 <TheGasGiant> were you...

05:17 <CoderForLife> use captial letters when you refer to The Great Machine, will ya?

05:17 <CoderForLife> yeah, I'm there to cause trouble

05:17 <TheGasGiant> you'll have to change your nick to "CogForLife"

05:18 <CoderForLife> I often rip pages from the history book and read them aloud to large groups as lessons

05:18 <CoderForLife> naturally, they love it

05:18 <TheGasGiant> lol....history teaches us nothing!  nothing I tell you!

05:19 <CoderForLife> that has *His*story - He was an idiot - we'd never make that mistake

05:19 <CoderForLife> has=was

05:20 <TheGasGiant> we watched Charlie Wilsons War this evening...very good

05:20 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

05:20 <TheGasGiant> it's a shame we don't learn from history.....

05:20 <CoderForLife> I haven't seen it

05:21 <CoderForLife> it was discussed over lunch yesterday

05:21 <TheGasGiant> it hasn't been released here yet ;)

05:21 <CoderForLife> actually, the topic was the good and bad movies of Tom Hanks

05:21 <TheGasGiant> this was a pretty good one

05:21 <CoderForLife> top rated: Saving Private Ryan

05:22 <CoderForLife> low rated: Castaway

05:22 <TheGasGiant> yeah

05:22 <TheGasGiant> Big was a good one at the time

05:22 <CoderForLife> middle: Big, Road to Perdition, DaVinci Code

05:22 <CoderForLife> also low: Green Mile

05:23 <TheGasGiant> DaVinci Code was poor in my book.....

05:23 <CoderForLife> can't remember the one...

05:23 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

05:23 <CoderForLife> ah  Forrest Gump

05:24 <CoderForLife> at least he does take risks

05:24 <CoderForLife> Polar Express

05:24 <TheGasGiant> Apollo 13?

05:24 <CoderForLife> there's a few

05:24 <TheGasGiant> Sleepless in Seattle

05:25 <CoderForLife> ah yup

05:25 <TheGasGiant> You've Got Mail?

05:26 <CoderForLife> I do?

05:26 <TheGasGiant> hehehe

05:26 <CoderForLife> yeah tons

05:26 <CoderForLife> greylist milter is off on backup server

05:28 <TheGasGiant> haven't heard of it....

05:28 <CoderForLife> need to do one last export out of LDAP on main server

05:29 <CoderForLife>

05:29 <Romulus> Title: milter-greylist home page (at

05:29 <TheGasGiant> i thought you'd just done a type...I thought you meant greylist filter

05:29 <CoderForLife> I nevr mak typos

05:30 <TheGasGiant> write....

05:30 <CoderForLife> shure

05:32 <TheGasGiant> oakley doakley

05:32 <CoderForLife> eh otay

05:33 <TheGasGiant> any new on the righters strike?

05:33 <TheGasGiant>

05:33 <CoderForLife> woo kares

05:33 <CoderForLife> hoo*

05:33 <CoderForLife> sory 4 teh typo

05:33 <TheGasGiant> I wnat my BSG

05:34 <CoderForLife> March

05:34 <Romulus> Mike would know how to make a joke?

05:34 <TheGasGiant> doing it in Canada?

05:34 * CoderForLife waves his copy of the Razor extended DVD

05:34 <CoderForLife> Vancouver,afaik

05:34 <TheGasGiant> ahhh...good news

05:35 <CoderForLife> they finally bowed to fan pressure and will be releasing season 3 on DVD

05:35 <CoderForLife> can pre-order on Amazon now

05:35 * CoderForLife thinks of all the bandwidth he could have saved

05:35 <TheGasGiant> say what!

05:36 <CoderForLife> who?

05:36 <CoderForLife> where?

05:36 <CoderForLife> oh

05:36 <CoderForLife> what!

05:36 <TheGasGiant> hey ho!

05:38 <TheGasGiant> was there much difference between Razor Extended version and the st'd version?

05:39 <TheGasGiant> ahh...16 extra minutes

05:40 <CoderForLife> Extended included the Husker sequences off the web site

05:40 <CoderForLife> some move cut scenes

05:40 <CoderForLife> more*

05:42 <CoderForLife> Season 4 should be awesome

05:42 <TheGasGiant> looking forward to it

05:45 <CoderForLife> Kara Thrace "will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse. The harbinger of death. They must not follow her."

05:46 <TheGasGiant> that b!tch.....

05:48 <CoderForLife> lol

05:52 <TheGasGiant> &weather ymml

05:52 <Romulus> TheGasGiant: Temperature: 64°F / 18°C | Humidity: 94% | Pressure: 29.65in / 1004hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 13mph / 20km/h | Updated: 9:30 PM EST; Rain. High:69 F. / 21 C.; Chance of Rain. Low:55 F. / 13 C.; Chance of Rain. High:68 F. / 20 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:48 F. / 9 C.; Scattered Clouds. High:62 F. / 17 C.; Clear. Low:51 F. / 11 C.;

05:53 <CoderForLife> brrr

05:54 <CoderForLife> &weather 45140

05:54 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 25.5F / -3.6C | Humidity: 72% | Pressure: 30.13in / 1020.2hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SSE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Scattered flurries early this morning...otherwise partly sunny. Temperatures falling into the teens. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows 0 to 5 above. West winds around 10 mph.; Sunday - Mostly sunny. Cold with (1 more message)

05:54 <CoderForLife> &more

05:54 <Romulus> CoderForLife: highs in the lower 20s. West winds 5 to 10 mph.;

05:54 <TheGasGiant> compared to 42C it's fantastic

05:54 <TheGasGiant> brrr

05:54 <CoderForLife> low tonight of zero

05:54 <TheGasGiant> double brrr

05:54 <CoderForLife> that's *no* temperature =)

05:55 <TheGasGiant> glad I don't have to experience nothing....

05:55 <CoderForLife> On the campaign trail a couple of nights ago, one person asked Fred Thompson what is position was on global warming.  He said that he was against it.

05:56 <CoderForLife> his*

05:56 <TheGasGiant> a smartass.....  ;)

05:56 <CoderForLife> very smart

05:56 <CoderForLife> not as ass as some

05:57 <TheGasGiant> hehehe

05:57 <CoderForLife> I hope I have a chance to vote for him 4 times

05:58 <TheGasGiant> is that how many times people will have to vote for him so he will win?

05:58 <TheGasGiant> we have a saying "vote early and vote often"

05:58 <CoderForLife> no that's just one vote per election

05:58 <CoderForLife> primary '08, general '08, primary '12, general '12

05:58 <TheGasGiant> ahhh

05:59 <CoderForLife> </politicalTalk>

05:59 <TheGasGiant> i hope you only get to vote for him twice!

05:59 <CoderForLife> ~~~

05:59 <TheGasGiant> primary 08, primary 12   ;)

06:00 <CoderForLife> ...

06:00 <CoderForLife> oic

06:00 <TheGasGiant> hehehe....gotta smile :)

06:00 <CoderForLife> well

06:00 <CoderForLife> can't wait for March, and how about that low temp

06:01 <TheGasGiant> brrr...enough to stop people heading out to vote :)

06:02 <TheGasGiant> :-p

06:02 <CoderForLife> can't wait for BSG in March

06:02 <TheGasGiant> yeah...people will be staying home to watch it instead of voting!

06:02 <CoderForLife> well about time to get ready to go to the grocery store

06:02 * TheGasGiant ROFL

06:03 <TheGasGiant> k..have a good saturday :)

06:03 <TheGasGiant> remember Dogbytes in your travels

06:03 <CoderForLife> I guess infer the worst

06:04 <CoderForLife> I don't really know DB

06:04 <TheGasGiant> yep...he died on Dec 21 and it only came out today

06:04 <CoderForLife> ah  sorry to hear that

06:04 <CoderForLife> again, I didn't know him

06:05 <TheGasGiant> he was a good sort...very honest (almost too honest) and had good humour

06:05 <CoderForLife> excellent

06:05 <CoderForLife> well - I need to be moving along here, I have my weekly ritual to observe

06:06 <CoderForLife> I'm glad you stopped by

06:06 <TheGasGiant> he had a heart problem...but we are unsure if that caused his death

06:06 <TheGasGiant> too :)

06:06 <CoderForLife> good - come back soon

06:06 <TheGasGiant> have a good out for ice on the road

06:06 <CoderForLife> but for now - cya

06:06 <TheGasGiant> &bye

06:06 <Romulus> later ace

06:15 *** E-30 has joined #boinc

06:22 *** E-30 has quit IRC

06:23 *** Aruzo has joined #boinc

06:30 *** TheGasGiant has quit IRC

06:52 <FreeLarry> dang wondered why db stats were dropping - was hoping to go down to vegas later this year

06:52 <FreeLarry> now no reason

07:04 *** desti_T2 has quit IRC

07:04 *** desti has joined #boinc

07:08 <wdsmia> &weather 50319

07:08 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: -6F / -21C | Humidity: 68% | Pressure: 30.47in / 1032hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 5mph / 7km/h ; Rest of Today - Sunny. Bitterly cold. High zero to 5 above. West wind 5 to 10 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Very cold. Low 5 to 10 below. Southwest wind around 5 mph.; Sunday - Cloudy. Very cold. A chance of snow in the morning...then snow likely in the (1 more message)

07:08 <wdsmia> &more

07:08 <Romulus> wdsmia: afternoon. Snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches. High 5 to 10 above. Southeast wind 5 to 10 mph shifting to the east in the afternoon. Chance of snow 60 percent.;

07:23 *** KathrynM has quit IRC

07:45 *** FreeLarry58 has quit IRC

07:45 *** paulr has joined #boinc

07:52 *** FreeLarry58 has joined #Boinc

08:04 * xcamel_away is back.

08:04 *** xcamel_away is now known as xcamel

08:04 <xcamel> 'lo

08:05 <wdsmia> morning Jay

08:07 *** sethy has joined #boinc

08:07 <sethy> :(

08:11 <sethy> i just got the news on dogbytes

08:11 <sethy> not something i should be waking up to

08:12 <wdsmia> yep... sad news

08:12 <xcamel> 'lo Doug, sethy

08:12 <xcamel> what happened to DB?

08:13 <wdsmia> Doggie Heaven

08:13 <xcamel> ok - got the message

08:13 <xcamel> can I assume it had to do with his lifestyle?

08:14 <wdsmia> Heart problems

08:14 <xcamel> ok

08:14 <sethy> he was like an uncle to me ;_;

08:15 <xcamel> I think the same thing happened to Rick_E, but no one ever told us for sure

08:15 <xcamel> sad to hear it anyway

08:19 *** Kathryn has joined #boinc

08:24 * sethy requests topic name includes RIP?

08:26 <xcamel> I'm still thinking about it..

08:27 <xcamel> &seen Rick_E

08:27 <Romulus> xcamel: I have not seen Rick_E.

08:28 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o xcamel

08:29 *** xcamel changes topic to "BOINC | stats & logs: [Avoid all V 6.x for now] | Romulus (&) is the channel bot | type &[platform] for the link to the latest version | R.I.P. DogBytes (Dennis) 12/21/2007"

08:29 *** xcamel sets mode: -o xcamel

08:33 <sethy> nobody has seen Spit either?

08:35 <xcamel> nope

08:36 <sethy> :(

08:49 <xcamel> [Daily Mail] A hero called Coward: BA pilot declares it was his deputy who landed stricken flight

08:49 <xcamel> copilot last name: Coward

09:05 <CoderForLife> re-hi

09:05 <sethy> rehi

09:06 <xcamel> mornin

09:06 <CoderForLife> nice words for DB on the forum

09:06 <CoderForLife> Jack is going to take care of things

09:07 <CoderForLife> bbiab

09:07 <xcamel> where was dennis from originally?

09:08 <sethy> i'm not sure

09:08 <sethy> i knew he lived in vegas

09:09 <xcamel> yup

09:18 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

09:22 *** Bad_At_Home has joined #boinc

09:23 <Bad_At_Home> &weather 96046

09:23 <Romulus> Bad_At_Home: Temperature: 32F / 0C | Humidity: 100% | Pressure: 30.29in / 1026hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h ; Today - Sunny. Patchy fog early in the morning. Highs in the mid 50s.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Slight chance of snow showers after midnight. Lows 23 to 33.; Sunday - Partly cloudy in the morning then becoming mostly cloudy. Slight chance of rain showers (1 more message)

09:23 <Bad_At_Home> &weather 86046

09:23 <Romulus> Bad_At_Home: Temperature: 7.5F / -13.6C | Humidity: 64% | Pressure: 23.77in / 804.9hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Mostly sunny. Highs around 39. Light winds.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows 7 to 15. Light winds.; Sunday - Mostly sunny. Highs around 43. Light winds becoming south around 15 mph in the afternoon.;

09:25 <xcamel> 'lo BB

09:35 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

09:38 <CoderForLife> back

09:39 <CoderForLife> rebooted the backup server as a precaution/test before popping the hood on my main server, and the web sites didn't come up - investigating

09:39 <desti>

09:40 <Romulus> Title: LatencyTOP (at

09:49 <xcamel> 'mornin Don

09:49 <CoderForLife> seem to be working from my desk and outside - guess it was a local issue with the PC in the data center

09:49 <CoderForLife> hello Jay

09:49 <CoderForLife> installing F8 today hopefully

09:50 <CoderForLife> main server has been on FC6 and backup server (now in use) is FC7

09:50 <xcamel> 32 or 64?

09:50 <CoderForLife> oh, just 32

09:50 <CoderForLife> I have no 64 bit machines here at home (yet)

09:50 <xcamel> I really think I'm going to try 64 on 'repeat'

09:50 <CoderForLife> let me know

09:50 <xcamel> so I can compare them

09:50 <CoderForLife> sure

09:51 <xcamel> pete is crunching quite nicely

09:51 <CoderForLife> that's excellent news

09:51 * CoderForLife was wondering what that blue exhaust haze was...

09:51 <xcamel> waiting for Brandon to send out the replacement for repeat though (could be monday)

09:51 <CoderForLife> oh, I didn't know you had a problem

09:52 <xcamel> it was 'retarded'

09:52 <xcamel> couldn't even complete a format on the disk

09:52 <CoderForLife> well, we need only the sharpest CPUs doing boinc

09:52 <xcamel> and couldn't debug the problem..

09:53 <CoderForLife> sounds like a return

09:53 <xcamel> a clue came from having to push bot the power and reset button to get it to turn on..

09:53 <xcamel> er both even

09:54 <CoderForLife> doesn't anyone "burn in" anything anymore?

09:54 <CoderForLife> like "test"?

09:55 <xcamel> they tested it, sans OS, and it reported fine... probably a hard UPS bump dislodged something

09:55 <xcamel> **** happens..

09:55 <CoderForLife> well, I'm sure that can happen

09:56 <CoderForLife> disappointing, nevertheless

09:56 <xcamel> I have to commend '' as being really sharp in the customer service dept.

09:56 <Romulus> my GF has "heard enough" and my friends to really care either.

09:56 <xcamel> no hassles

09:56 <CoderForLife> checking them out...

09:56 <xcamel> have to go feed the zoo...

09:58 <CoderForLife> tc hb

10:51 <xcamel> warmed up but still pretty chilly..

10:59 * CoderForLife changes jumper settings on drives

11:01 * CoderForLife switches drives 0 and 1

11:01 <Romulus> my employer is very popular

11:03 <CoderForLife> yes, Rommie, we all like xcamel

11:03 <xcamel> lol

11:04 <CoderForLife> Mr. Berg sure did make some small jumpers

11:05 <CoderForLife> with this switch, I'll see if the smartd "can't read from drive" error follows the physical drive

11:06 * CoderForLife removes his "Big Eyes" binocular magnifier visor

11:06 <CoderForLife> back to the DC

11:09 <xcamel> pete is putting out 3571 credits/day according to boincstats

11:10 <xcamel> heh - I need a set of those... maybe two..

11:31 <CoderForLife> back

11:32 <CoderForLife> I forgot this machine has a CD, not a DVD

11:32 <CoderForLife> need to d/l and burn a few

11:35 *** andresgr has joined #boinc

11:36 <xcamel> 'lo Andre

11:37 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

11:41 <andresgr> Hi xcamel

11:47 *** Bad_At_Home_ has joined #boinc

11:49 <xcamel> messy-egg-sandwich-lunch

11:50 <MTughan> Gah... There's a message on the boinc-dev list about spam on the wiki, and a notice about PovAddict running the script. If only I could tell them that Pov isn't here...

11:51 <MTughan> This is where you feel totally helpless.

11:53 <xcamel> covered it..

11:53 <MTughan> Thanks.

11:53 <MTughan> I need to get that script from him for next time. And I also have a faster connection.

11:53 <MTughan> Or someone needs to get the script anyway.

11:54 <Romulus> ahh but it IS installed!

11:56 <xcamel> &weather 12074

11:56 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 27.8F / -2.3C | Humidity: 49% | Pressure: 30.00in / 1015.8hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Partly sunny this morning...then mostly cloudy with a slight chance of snow showers this afternoon. Highs in the mid 30s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 20 percent.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows around 16. West winds 10 (1 more message)

11:56 <xcamel> &more

11:56 <Romulus> xcamel: to 15 mph.; Sunday - Partly sunny in the morning...then becoming mostly cloudy. Colder with highs around 20. West winds 10 to 15 mph.;

11:59 <xcamel> not bad seeing it was 11 when I got up..

12:00 <xcamel> 28.3 now

12:03 <CoderForLife> I'm at 27.8

12:03 <CoderForLife> for some reason "official" says 18

12:03 <CoderForLife> &weather 45140

12:03 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 21.9F / -5.6C | Humidity: 64% | Pressure: 30.22in / 1023.2hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: ESE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Mostly sunny. Temperatures nearly steady around 16. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows 0 to 5 above. West winds around 10 mph. Wind chill values as low as 8 below after midnight.; Sunday - Mostly sunny. Highs in (1 more message)

12:04 <CoderForLife> yup - I'm officially confused

12:04 * CoderForLife works on a network install of F8

12:05 *** Bad_At_Home has quit IRC

12:22 <xcamel> that should be phun..

12:24 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

12:37 *** Kathryn has quit IRC

12:37 *** Kathryn_ has joined #boinc

12:53 <CoderForLife> something about how my brain is wired and configuring software RAID is not compatible

12:54 <CoderForLife> I think I need to convert and become a Disk Druid

13:07 *** PriitM has quit IRC

13:07 *** PriitM has joined #boinc

13:29 *** efc has joined #boinc

13:30 <efc> &weather 30625

13:30 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 39F / 4C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 30.02in / 1016hPa | Conditions: Rain | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 6mph / 9km/h ; Today - Rain early...then rain and snow in the afternoon. Colder. Snow accumulation up to 2 inches. Highs around 40. North winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation near 100 percent.; Tonight - Mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of snow in the evening. Colder. (1 more message)

13:30 <efc> We're at full burn all on available CPUs

13:31 <efc> about 7.76 gflops/sec

13:31 <efc> err 3.76

13:33 <efc> and still have to use a 1500 watt heater to help

13:48 <MTughan> &more efc

13:48 <Romulus> MTughan: Lows in the lower 20s. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph. Wind chill readings around 10.; Sunday - Sunny. Highs in the mid 40s. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph. Wind chill readings around 10.; Snow Advisory for Morgan County in effect until 9:00 PM EST on January 19, 2008;

13:52 <efc> on the other hand, in this basement it will almost never go below 60

14:02 <efc> All my highest credit days were back in 2005.. Oh for when I was young

14:02 <efc> Getting 3,673 credits in a day. I'm just not as fast as I used to be.

14:05 <efc> Oh, there is one more machine I can run..

14:07 <CoderForLife> back

14:07 * CoderForLife beats his head slowly and deliberately on the desktop

14:07 <efc> Ouch, says the desktop

14:08 <CoderForLife> I finally figured it out

14:22 *** Saenger has joined #boinc

14:29 <xcamel> back in warming up again

14:30 <efc> I'm about to unleash an ancient evil upon the world

14:30 <xcamel> alrightythen...

14:31 <efc> oh pooey, boinc requires IE 5 to install?

14:31 <efc> only have IE 3 on this

14:34 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

14:36 <xcamel> feets is cold..

14:40 <wdsmia> &weather 50319

14:40 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 3F / -16C | Humidity: 55% | Pressure: 30.49in / 1032hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 13mph / 20km/h ; Rest of Today - Sunny. Bitterly cold. High zero to 5 above. West wind 5 to 10 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Very cold. Low 5 to 10 below. Southwest wind around 5 mph.; Sunday - Cloudy. Very cold. A chance of snow in the morning...then snow likely in the (1 more message)

14:40 <wdsmia> &more

14:40 <Romulus> wdsmia: afternoon. Snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches. High 5 to 10 above. Southeast wind 5 to 10 mph shifting to the east in the afternoon. Chance of snow 60 percent.;

14:43 <efc> Bingo, found a CD with IE5

14:45 <efc> I'm suprised boinc would require IE 5.. wonder if Firefox would o

14:47 *** Rookie_69 has joined #boinc

14:51 *** Rookie_69 has quit IRC

14:54 *** TheGasGiant has joined #boinc

14:55 <andresgr> efc, uh? what has IE to do with BOINC?

14:55 <TheGasGiant> good moaning boinclanders

14:58 <TheGasGiant> &weather ymml

14:58 <Romulus> TheGasGiant: Temperature: 63°F / 17°C | Humidity: 100% | Pressure: 29.68in / 1005hPa | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 17mph / 28km/h | Updated: 6:56 AM EST; Rain. High:69 F. / 21 C.; Chance of Rain. Low:55 F. / 13 C.; Chance of Rain. High:68 F. / 20 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:48 F. / 9 C.; Scattered Clouds. High:62 F. / 17 C.; Clear. Low:51 F. / 11 C.;

14:58 <efc> I don't know. I got that error message.

14:59 <efc> hey TGG

14:59 <TheGasGiant> heya eddie

15:01 <xcamel> 'lo TGG

15:02 <xcamel> I would take that 63F in a heartbeat..

15:02 <efc> Snowing over half of Ga, but missing us

15:05 <andresgr> efc, oh, well, i guess it uses IE HTTP libraries or something like that...

15:05 *** PriitM_ has joined #boinc

15:05 <efc> It was lying anyway. Boinc 5.8.16 won't run on '95 like it says on the download page.

15:06 <efc> I put IE 5 on and then it demanded 98 or NT4

15:06 <andresgr> big lier...

15:06 <efc> " 5.8.16 Recommended version (Win95+, WinNT40+)"

15:09 <xcamel> I guess he's just not talking to me any more...

15:09 <andresgr> time to see a heroes chapter...

15:09 <andresgr> 'night guys

15:10 <xcamel> laterz..

15:11 *** andresgr has quit IRC

15:15 <CoderForLife> 1413 of 1642 packages installed

15:15 <CoderForLife> morning TheGasGiant

15:16 * CoderForLife smells pancakes

15:16 <xcamel> works for dinner too..

15:16 <xcamel> :-)

15:16 <CoderForLife> indeed it would

15:17 <CoderForLife> right now I'm smelling freshly baking F8

15:18 <xcamel> a low fat version...

15:18 <CoderForLife> well it's certainly not the fast rising kind

15:18 <efc>   keeps redirecting me to some stupid ad pages

15:18 <Romulus> Title: SETI@home (at

15:19 <CoderForLife> after it's done baking, I have to say "yum"

15:19 <xcamel> sounds like an "everything" install

15:19 <CoderForLife> it's a lot

15:19 <efc> I wonder, have I been owned

15:20 <CoderForLife> there are no secrets anymore

15:21 <CoderForLife> we all own you, but it's nothing to be paranoid about

15:21 <CoderForLife> we talk about it all the time when you're not here

15:21 *** PriitM has quit IRC

15:22 <CoderForLife> that'll stop a conversation in it's tracks....

15:22 <efc> Either I'm owned or s@h's been hijacked

15:22 <efc> directs me to

15:22 <Romulus> Title: SETI@home (at

15:22 <CoderForLife> oh I get spam all the time to my SETI e-mail address

15:23 <CoderForLife> redirected?

15:23 <efc> yes

15:23 <CoderForLife> hmm

15:24 <CoderForLife> I don't get redirected

15:25 <efc> Now I'm getting through

15:25 <efc> Thats really weird

15:25 <efc> Incentive to donate

15:26 <xcamel> did TGG fall into a black hole?

15:27 <CoderForLife> he won't talk to me either

15:27 <CoderForLife> well, back down to the data center

15:27 <CoderForLife> bbl

15:28 <xcamel> one eye on the channel, on on foobilliards

15:28 *** mweltin has joined #boinc

15:28 <xcamel> er one, even

15:39 *** CoderInTheLab has joined #boinc

15:39 <CoderInTheLab> F8 booting

15:43 <CoderInTheLab> pretty

15:43 <xcamel> kde or gnome?

15:43 * CoderInTheLab hides

15:43 <CoderInTheLab> gnome

15:43 <xcamel> yuk

15:43 <CoderInTheLab> lol

15:43 <CoderInTheLab> I knew that

15:44 <xcamel> it's not 'bad' per se.. just waaaay to much user handholding.. it gets in the way of 'doing stuff'

15:44 <Saenger> anyone with contacts to artificial intelligence systems here?

15:45 <CoderInTheLab> step 1 - yum install mc

15:45 <CoderInTheLab> what do you mean by that, Saenger

15:46 <CoderInTheLab> like opencyc, numenta and such?

15:46 <Saenger> the boinc project, they got work, but it doesn't work properly

15:46 <xcamel> step 2 - yum check-update

15:46 <Saenger> and they don't ahve e forum

15:46 <sethy> yogurt?

15:47 <Saenger>

15:47 <Romulus> <$Pd> (at

15:50 <CoderInTheLab> new one on me

15:54 <CoderInTheLab> only 376 updates required

15:54 *** Aruzo has quit IRC

15:57 <xcamel> 'switch-desktop' will cure that gnome problem by the way...

16:04 <CoderInTheLab> I'll be sure to do that at my first opportunity

16:08 <c0dewarrior_> ratata!

16:08 *** c0dewarrior_ is now known as c0dewarrior

16:10 <CoderInTheLab> hello c0dewarrior, wb

16:10 <c0dewarrior> howdy CoderForLife

16:10 <c0dewarrior> ta

16:15 <efc> interesting..

16:15 <Romulus> <> (at

16:16 <efc> Soon I will be the 259th computer to BOINC on windows 95

16:16 <efc> No 3.11s I notice

16:16 <efc> I could be the first !

16:18 *** briareus has joined #boinc

16:18 <briareus> 2008-01-19 14:16:55 [---] General prefs: no separate prefs for home; using your defaults

16:18 <briareus> 2008-01-19 14:16:55 [---] [error] GUI RPC bind failed: 98

16:18 <briareus> 2008-01-19 14:16:56 [---] [error] GUI RPC bind failed: 98

16:19 <MTughan> efc: Notice the avg credit per OS? I say the Windows clients are cheating.

16:19 <briareus> I tried copying my /BOINC to a backup, then re-installing from the .sh

16:19 *** sacarde_ has joined #boinc

16:19 <MTughan> Server '03 "R2" is the highest.

16:19 <briareus> but I still can't get by the error

16:19 <sacarde_> hi

16:22 <sacarde_> someone use boinc on powerpc ?

16:22 <xcamel> well on a power book..

16:24 <infinisoft> briareus: Probably an instance of BOINC is already running?

16:24 <sacarde_> I try it, with project: seti + simap

16:24 <briareus> hmm, I'll check

16:24 <efc> MT: Hard to say.. there's a lot of selection bias

16:24 <sacarde_> but or run seti or run simap

16:24 <briareus> infinisoft: that was it!   I don't know how that other instance got running, but that took care of it thanks

16:24 <MTughan> You mean in how people choose projects?

16:25 <MTughan> sacarde_: It won't run either? And what powerpc are you using? Mac OS or Linux?

16:25 <sacarde_> linux

16:25 <sacarde_> and you ?

16:25 <MTughan> They may not have powerpc Linux apps yet. I believe it's a rather new platform.

16:25 <infinisoft> no problem

16:26 <briareus> does anyone have problem with the gui being slow to respond (like the gui itself is always lagged) even though nothing else on the desktop or anywhere in the system (a core2duo) seems lagged. Only the boinc gui

16:26 <MTughan> I run an i686 Linux and an Intel Mac.

16:26 <briareus> I click to change a tab on the gui, sex seconds later the it tabs over

16:26 <briareus> same with any buttons, resizing, etc

16:26 <briareus> six*

16:27 <MTughan> sacarde_: Yeah, there are no PowerPC Linux apps for SETI. Let me check SIMAP.

16:27 <efc> briar: I've had that problem on an XP laptop, P3-866

16:27 <MTughan> Yep, none for SIMAP either.

16:27 <sacarde_> not ufficially

16:28 <MTughan> You tried to manually install other versions?

16:28 <sacarde_> I have installed binaries = boinc, seti, simap for ppc

16:28 <sacarde_> but when I start boinc

16:29 <sacarde_> or run one project or the other

16:29 <sacarde_> may I run 2 projects together ?

16:29 <MTughan> Yes.

16:30 <MTughan> And you don't run a project by itself. It's run through the BOINC software.

16:30 <xcamel> you can run as many as you like..

16:30 <sacarde_> how boinc choose witch project run ?

16:30 <MTughan> What Linux distro are you using?

16:30 <sacarde_> archlinux

16:31 <MTughan> Do you know if you can use the GUI version of the software?

16:31 <MTughan> Nvm, binaries are i686 only.

16:31 <MTughan> Did you build the BOINC command-line software yourself then?

16:32 <briareus> sacarde_: at the website for each project you are doing, there is a place to configure what fraction to give to that project. you do this for all your projects, and THEN you run the client, which will then juggle all the projects

16:32 <MTughan> briareus: He needs to get the apps working first.

16:33 <xcamel> linux ppc might have to be compiled

16:33 <sacarde_> briareus, I dont have found it

16:34 <MTughan> xcamel: Project apps or boinccmd?

16:34 <xcamel> boinc core

16:34 <MTughan> Which is what I asked him.

16:34 <MTughan> sacarde_: Where did you get your BOINC software?

16:35 <sacarde_>

16:35 <MTughan> Where from there?

16:36 <sacarde_> first place for boinc and seti

16:36 <MTughan> Okay, so that should be fine... How are you trying to run BOINC?

16:37 <sacarde_> /opt/boinc/boinc_client -allow_remote_gui_rpc

16:37 <sacarde_> this run seti

16:37 <xcamel> that will indeed.

16:38 <sacarde_> ./boinc_client -update_prefs

16:38 <sacarde_> this run simap

16:38 <Romulus> Title: SIMAP - Similarity Matrix of Proteins (at

16:38 <sacarde_> briareus, can you help me to find where set parameter to run 2 projects ?

16:38 <MTughan> xcamel: Do you know something about the command line version of BOINC? I don't know about it.

16:39 <CoderInTheLab> bbl

16:39 *** CoderInTheLab has quit IRC

16:39 <sacarde_> Resource share OK OK

16:39 <sacarde_> I find it

16:39 <sacarde_> but to run 2 project I have to set 50 ?

16:40 <MTughan> Nope, BOINC'll scale the numbers automatically to 100%.

16:40 *** BiteAbleKat has quit IRC

16:40 *** tamar has joined #boinc

16:40 *** tamar is now known as BiteAbleKat

16:41 <sacarde_> oh, but they run contemporaly ?

16:41 <MTughan> Sorry, come again?

16:41 <sacarde_> the run all toghether ?

16:41 <sacarde_> they

16:41 <MTughan> They should.

16:41 <sacarde_> mmm

16:42 <MTughan> Hold on, let me look up how you're supposed to run the command-line version of BOINC.

16:42 *** sethy has quit IRC

16:42 <xcamel> they run round-robin style

16:42 *** sethy has joined #boinc

16:43 <xcamel> how many procs?

16:43 *** FreeLarry58 has quit IRC

16:43 <infinisoft> superlink runs wu's past 100% :|

16:44 <MTughan> Sorry yes, projects run at the same time under BOINC, but only one application runs at a time, unless you have multiple processors or cores.

16:45 <sacarde_> !

16:45 <sacarde_> one core

16:46 <MTughan> Okay, so only one application will run at a time.

16:46 <sacarde_> ok ok

16:46 <xcamel> one at at time, round-robin, depending on how much time you allot to each one

16:48 *** sacarde_ has quit IRC

16:48 <MTughan> Heh, guess he got tired of it.

16:52 <xcamel> guess so..

16:52 <xcamel> hmmm.. no pancakes tonight... pizza.

16:52 <efc> benchmark... 68/176

16:54 *** FreeLarry58 has joined #Boinc

17:03 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

17:05 <xcamel> 'lo Larry

17:08 <yoyo[RKN]> hi zombie67

17:08 <yoyo[RKN]> you are now in Seti.USA?

17:08 <zombie67> hello, and yep!

17:12 <sethy> i giant self destructing palm tree?

17:16 <xcamel> somewhere in NZ

17:25 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

17:30 <xcamel> bbiab..

17:30 *** xcamel has quit IRC

17:30 <MTughan> Party, op's gone! :D

17:31 <MTughan> Well, almost all... wdsmia's the last op here.

17:32 <MTughan> There are 6 according to #boinc's access list.

17:34 * wdsmia is allways here

17:35 <zombie67> darn

17:35 <zombie67> damn

17:38 <MTughan> So we can't throw a party and trash anything? Darn... :P

17:38 <MTughan> s/anything/everything/

17:38 <Romulus> straw poll for ny

17:38 <MTughan> Rommie: Yep, that's what xcamel asked us to hit.

17:38 <MTughan> I've hit it about 1.2 million times now, if I'm not mistaken.

17:39 *** xcamel has joined #boinc

17:39 <MTughan> <Romulus> straw poll for ny

17:39 <MTughan> <MTughan> Rommie: Yep, that's what xcamel asked us to hit.

17:39 <MTughan> <MTughan> I've hit it about 1.2 million times now, if I'm not mistaken.

17:39 <MTughan> Just before you came back.

17:39 <xcamel> I think it's become pointless now..

17:39 <MTughan> Heh.

17:40 <MTughan> What is it a poll about anyway? I don't think I ever got an answer.

17:40 <xcamel> political candidates..

17:41 <MTughan> After this round is done, it'll be up to 1.4 million.

17:42 *** MacG has quit IRC

17:45 <efc> Its alive!

17:46 <xcamel> I have to be pretty close to that amount also..

17:47 *** MacG has joined #boinc

17:52 *** mweltin is now known as mw_away

17:52 *** Saenger has quit IRC

17:53 *** Tank_Master has joined #boinc

17:55 <Tank_Master> whats this?  AI has work?!

17:56 <xcamel> ai?

17:56 <Tank_Master>

17:56 <Romulus> <$Pd> (at

17:57 <xcamel> oh..

17:57 <Tank_Master> u rememebr it now, right?

17:58 <infinisoft> sweet, almost finished a page for listing top PG users by subproject

17:58 <Tank_Master> pg?

17:59 <efc> BOINC running on '95, about to start its first work

17:59 <infinisoft> primegrid

17:59 <Soul_keeper> i hate wxWidgets

18:00 <MTughan> Cool... I can run all the Apps on AI.

18:00 <Tank_Master> nice

18:00 <MTughan> I just registered.

18:01 <MTughan> Ow... "Won't finish in time."

18:01 <Tank_Master> site is slowww

18:01 <Tank_Master> o.O?

18:01 <MTughan> When going for work.

18:01 <Tank_Master> mine took about a min to download the master file

18:02 <MTughan> Sat 19 Jan 2008 06:01:45 PM EST|Artificial Intelligence System|Message from server: (won't finish in time) Computer on 99.3% of time, BOINC on 99.8% of that

18:02 <MTughan> That's not sufficient? What is then?

18:05 <Tank_Master> a ln2 cooled 45nm core2

18:05 <MTughan> ln2 cooled?

18:05 <Tank_Master> liquid nitrogen

18:05 <MTughan> lol

18:06 <MTughan> Obviously a 2.8GHz P4 isn't enough though.

18:06 <Soul_keeper> bla

18:06 <MTughan> Or it isn't with my current tasks. Does BOINC take those into account?

18:06 <Romulus> in my "data center", and I haven't worked with it

18:07 <Soul_keeper> i'll trade you my P4 for something ...

18:07 <MTughan> Hey, I'm already looking to upgrade my P4 for a C2Q or AMD Phenom.

18:07 <Soul_keeper> infact i'll trade it to you for a c2d motherboard and pcie vid card ...

18:07 <MTughan> I don't need another one.

18:07 <MTughan> lol, no way.

18:07 <Soul_keeper> heh

18:08 <MTughan> Maybe if you paid me for the trade I might.

18:08 <efc>

18:08 <Romulus> <> (at

18:09 <MTughan> Hey, it just downloaded one...

18:09 <efc> Its at 0.005 % already

18:09 <efc> Microsoft Windows 95

18:09 <efc> OSR2, (04.00.1111.00)

18:10 <efc> Measured floating point speed35.49 million ops/sec

18:10 <MTughan> lol

18:10 <MTughan> rofl

18:10 <efc> I could put a P1-200 in that motherboard and do a lot better.. but who cares

18:10 <efc> My deadline is in March :p

18:11 <efc> this machine finished a WU a few years ago but boinc won't let me merge hosts

18:13 <Tank_Master> &weather 97007

18:13 <Tank_Master> &more

18:13 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Temperature: 39.9F / 4.4C | Humidity: 88% | Pressure: 30.08in / 1018.5hPa | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Showers. Snow level 1000 feet after midnight. Snow accumulation an inch or less above 1000 feet after midnight. Lows around 35. Southwest wind 5 to 15 mph.; Sunday - Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers in the morning. Snow level 500 (2 more messages)

18:13 <Romulus> Tank_Master: feet in the morning. Local 1 inch snow accumulations. Highs 35 to 40. Light wind becoming northeast 10 to 20 mph in the afternoon except east 20 to 30 mph near The Gorge.; Sunday Night - Mostly clear. Colder. Lows in the upper teens to mid 20s. Northeast wind 10 to 20 mph...except east wind 25 to 30 mph with gusts to 40 mph near The Gorge.; Special Weather Statement for Washington County in effect (1 more message)

18:13 <efc> there are some interesting weirdo CPUs running BOINC

18:13 <Tank_Master> &more

18:13 <Romulus> Tank_Master: until 3:00 PM PST on January 20, 2008;

18:13 <efc> "CHRPsIBM,1234-567Cell Broadband Engine "

18:14 <MTughan> Looks like a PS3 CPU...

18:19 <MTughan> &math convert [math calc 7 * 20] seconds to hours

18:19 <Romulus> MTughan: 0.0388888888889

18:19 <MTughan> &math convert [math calc 7 * 20] seconds to minutes

18:19 <Romulus> MTughan: 2.33333333333

18:20 <MTughan> &math convert [math calc 7 * [math calc 100 / 5.5]] seconds to minutes

18:20 <Romulus> MTughan: 2.12121212122

18:20 <MTughan> Not too bad at all...

18:20 <MTughan> No, that can't be right.

18:20 <MTughan> Oh, I know why...

18:20 <MTughan> &math convert [math calc 7 * [math calc 100 / 5.5]] minutes to hours

18:20 <Romulus> MTughan: 2.12121212122

18:20 <MTughan> Crud.

18:20 <Romulus> there's a few weeks since I did an actual shutdown

18:21 <MTughan> And I'm off to see a movie. Bye for now.

18:21 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

18:28 <xcamel> laterz..

18:28 <efc> I have one more machine I can engage, but its nay faster than a T-85 calculator

18:29 <Soul_keeper> donate it for a tax writeoff

18:30 <infinisoft> Top Users specialized for Primegrid :D

18:30 <Romulus> Title: BOINC Stuff - PrimeGrid Top Users (at

18:37 <Soul_keeper> hmmm i got  boinc_gui compiled now

18:38 <Soul_keeper> but the button for   "show graphics"  isn't useable

18:42 <Soul_keeper> i guess that's project specific ...

18:44 *** mw_away is now known as mweltin

18:48 *** MacG has quit IRC

18:51 *** MacG has joined #boinc

18:52 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

18:53 *** TM-Work has joined #Boinc

19:04 *** TMatWork has quit IRC

19:04 <briareus> That's it, I'm sick of the gui lag, I'm going cli client from now on

19:05 <Romulus> I didn't get much snow...

19:07 <xcamel> gui lag?

19:07 *** MacG has quit IRC

19:08 *** PriitM_ has quit IRC

19:09 <briareus> xcamel: the gui always lags for me, to the tune of 6 or 7 seconds

19:09 <briareus> click a tab, it tabs over in 6 seconds

19:09 <briareus> same for updates or any button

19:09 <briareus> and nothing else in the system is lagging at the moment

19:10 <briareus> it's been true since I've used the gui, I'm just finally totally over it, I'll run kboincspy or something to look at the running cline

19:10 <briareus> client

19:10 *** MacG has joined #boinc

19:11 *** PriitM has joined #boinc

19:14 <xcamel> I get zero lag here

19:14 <Soul_keeper> hmmm graphics for wcg help defeat cancer ...

19:14 <Soul_keeper> kinda dissapointing, just an eyeball

19:15 <xcamel> all the functions are instant..

19:15 <briareus> I wish that was true here, but it lags for me in both my debian box and my sourcemage box, but I never loo kat the debian box so I just have the the cli clinet running there

19:21 <xcamel> that's too bad..

19:23 <briareus> maybe next version will work ok for me

19:24 <briareus> ah, bummer, kboincspy is only seti and proteins, not any of my other projects

19:25 <briareus> well, I'm remember seeing some cli/curses monitors out there, I can use one of those

19:25 <briareus> (I'd thought the problem was maybe the gtk so I rebuilt that a couple of times, nothing seems to alleviate the lag)

19:26 <xcamel> did you check to see if your qt and wxw libs are up to date?

19:29 <briareus> wxw no

19:30 <xcamel> that could be causing it - wxwigets libs

19:32 <briareus> ok I'm building that

19:37 <briareus> thanks for the assist, I will have to check on it later, gotta step away

19:47 <efc> great, credit card seems messed up again

19:54 <Tank_Master> burn it!

19:55 <efc> I think its ok now.. its just a mess because of all the checks, credits, and refunds they did

20:05 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

20:22 <efc> any place i can go for the benchmarks for a pentium era machine?

20:22 <efc> BOINC benchs I mean

20:46 <xcamel> not sure where I'd even look...

20:51 <xcamel> well... off to watch some scifi..

20:52 * xcamel is away: Gone away for now.

20:52 <wdsmia> hf

20:52 *** xcamel is now known as xcamel_away

20:52 *** briareus_ has joined #boinc

20:57 *** Rookie_69 has joined #boinc

20:58 <wdsmia> *lo Glenn

20:58 <Rookie_69> *lo, Doug.

20:58 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

21:00 <Rookie_69> Shit!

21:00 <wdsmia> asks Rookie_69 to please watch his or her language Thanks, your friendly channel op.

21:02 <Kathryn_> Morning all

21:02 <Rookie_69> That was just a test...

21:02 <Rookie_69> Mornin'

21:02 <wdsmia> mornin Kathryn

21:02 <Rookie_69> ... or Evenin'...

21:02 <Kathryn_> What's this about AI with work?

21:03 * Kathryn_ goes to pound the update button

21:03 *** briareus has quit IRC

21:03 <Rookie_69> Dunno.

21:04 <wdsmia> keeps giving me 1/19/2008 8:03:46 PM|Artificial Intelligence System|Message from server: (there was work for other platforms)

21:05 <Kathryn_> Yippee!  Downloading the Linux app!

21:05 * Kathryn_ quickly hits NNT

21:06 <Kathryn_> It just downloaded 20 tasks all with a 0 estimated time to completion...

21:06 <wdsmia> lol good old hello program?

21:07 <Kathryn_> nope.... aisystem_1.00_i686-pc-linux-gnu

21:07 * Kathryn_ wishes the copy message button worked

21:11 <Kathryn_> HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The inputs files are 40 MB a piece!!!!!

21:11 <Tank_Master> LOL

21:11 <Tank_Master> yep

21:11 <sethy> your mom's 40MB a peice

21:11 <Tank_Master> and look at the due date

21:11 <sethy> dun dun chh~~

21:11 <Tank_Master> its in what, 25 min?

21:12 <Kathryn_> It's gonna take longer than that to download them

21:12 <Tank_Master> hehe

21:12 <sethy> get out the 56K?

21:12 <sethy> xD

21:12 <Tank_Master> no, that would be fast

21:12 * Kathryn_ bashes head on the wall, cleans up the bloody mess and bashes one more time for good measure

21:12 <Tank_Master> most are litterlygetting about 2-3kbytes/sec

21:13 <Kathryn_> One is coming down at 22 KBps

21:13 <Kathryn_> adn the other at 17

21:13 <Tank_Master> its improved

21:13 * sethy points to 1967

21:13 <Tank_Master> still nothing on my win boxen

21:13 <Kathryn_> lol

21:14 <Kathryn_> I won't even bother banging the update button on the win box

21:14 <sethy> i never lived in the age of computing in the 60's - 80's but i was braught up with them :)

21:14 <Kathryn_> Heh.  My first computer...  an Apple IIc

21:14 <Kathryn_> :)

21:14 <Kathryn_> Still works too.

21:14 <sethy> mine was a comodore 64

21:14 <Tank_Master> nice

21:14 <Romulus> I need to reboot and tell you that at 1.00pm on 21st. December ,2007 Dogbytes passed away.

21:14 <Kathryn_> My brother and I had it up and running last summer

21:14 <sethy> and it was 1996

21:14 <Tank_Master> 1/19/2008 6:14:18 PM|Artificial Intelligence System|Message from server: (there was work for other platforms)

21:15 <sethy> lol

21:15 <Kathryn_> Wish AI had the standard BOINC web stuff

21:15 <Kathryn_> Anyone find forums yet?

21:15 <Tank_Master> yeah

21:15 <sethy> i'm thinking of getting the comodore64 back out

21:15 <Tank_Master> would be nice

21:15 <sethy> needs a hard drive

21:16 <sethy> now i can read what i'm doing

21:16 <sethy> others text = green, my text = yellow

21:18 <Kathryn_> I aborted all the transfers but the two that are downloading now.  No point in wasting the bandwidth.

21:19 <sethy> speaking of boinc, i need to run it xD

21:20 <sethy> i closed it earlier cos i was on a game

21:20 <sethy> back to CPDN

21:20 <Kathryn_> ;)

21:20 <sethy> 198 Hours, 27 Minutes - 24.385%

21:22 <Kathryn_> I no longer have the patience to run CPDN.  Too much baby sitting.

21:22 * sethy needs mIRC script for boinc

21:22 <sethy> or should i say a boinc script for mIRC

21:22 <sethy> same, i do one every blue moon

21:23 <sethy> or in my destructive sence, every blue screen

21:23 <Kathryn_> lol

21:23 <sethy> you are < 21 years of age?

21:23 <Kathryn_> me?

21:23 <sethy> yes

21:23 <Kathryn_> I wish

21:24 <sethy> <18?

21:24 <Kathryn_> > 29 and we'll leave it at that

21:24 <sethy> ohmy

21:24 <sethy> my bad, i was thinking more than

21:24 <Kathryn_> lol

21:24 <sethy> i'm still youngest here than

21:24 <sethy> by 3 month

21:24 <Kathryn_> You kids :-)

21:25 <sethy> HAY

21:25 <sethy> not kid

21:25 <sethy> prefer

21:25 <Kathryn_> Most of my co-workers are younger than me

21:25 <sethy> mild adult

21:25 <Kathryn_> mild adult ---  I love it

21:26 <Rookie_69> Hmm... Never been mild...

21:26 * wdsmia is a old fart

21:26 <sethy> green eggs doug?

21:26 <Kathryn_> I think I was born an adult.

21:27 <sethy> i was born a fetus

21:27 * Rookie_69 thinks WDSMIA is an old fart too.

21:27 *** briareus_ has quit IRC

21:28 * Rookie_69 was born a baby. Before that, he was a fetus.

21:28 <wdsmia> Rookie_69 your only 3 months younger :P

21:29 <Kathryn_> OK OK OK...  my body was young and my mind was old :p

21:30 <Rookie_69> My body is now old but my mind is juvenile...

21:30 <sethy> if that we're so you would have discovered molecular transport

21:30 <sethy> @Kathryn_*

21:30 <Kathryn_> I must be more sleep deprived than usual.  That makes no sense sethy

21:31 <Kathryn_> Never mind

21:31 <Kathryn_> we're = were

21:31 <Kathryn_> I'm a woman of many talents...

21:32 <wdsmia> sethy rarely make since

21:32 <sethy> sence*

21:32 <sethy> &sethy

21:32 <Romulus> sethy: "sethy" could be a random retard in favour of carrots in socks

21:32 <efc> seance

21:32 <sethy> SEAN?

21:32 <efc> 007

21:33 <Rookie_69> Doug means that Sethy rarely makes sense.

21:33 <sethy> cute, amrite?

21:35 <sethy> sorrie doug, its like 02:35:20

21:35 <sethy> otherwise i would

21:35 <sethy> the parent is asleep

21:37 <wdsmia> wake them up :P

21:37 <Rookie_69> Quietly...

21:37 <sethy> got any ice?

21:37 <sethy> k hold on let me dig out the headset

21:40 <sethy> mkay go again if you like

21:40 <sethy> dunno if your in confrence or anything

21:41 <sethy> wdsmia

21:41 <Rookie_69> Doug is feeding the horde ATM.

21:41 <Rookie_69> Wait a minute.

21:41 * sethy waits a horde

21:43 <ELGono> Mooo

21:43 <Rookie_69> We been chatting an hour or two.

21:44 <Rookie_69> Hi, JR!

21:44 <sethy> mew

21:44 <ELGono> Y0 Rookie_69

21:44 <ELGono> long time

21:44 <ELGono> how are u mate?

21:44 <Rookie_69> Yup.

21:44 <Rookie_69> Sick.

21:45 <ELGono> :/

21:46 <sethy> &seen Spit_theDog

21:46 <Romulus> sethy: Spit_theDog was last seen in #boinc 35 weeks, 3 days, 16 hours, 17 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <Spit_theDog> Bye for now all :)

21:47 <ELGono> thats long ago, too :(

21:53 <wdsmia> &weather mcmurdo

21:53 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 34°F / 1°C | Humidity: 37% | Pressure: 29.02in / 983hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h | Updated: 1:00 PM NZDT; Overcast. High:32 F. / 0 C.; Overcast. Low:24 F. / -4 C.; Partly Cloudy. High:32 F. / 0 C.; Partly Cloudy. Low:22 F. / -5 C.; Chance of Snow. High:30 F. / -1 C.; Chance of Snow. Low:15 F. / -9 C.;

21:54 <Rookie_69> &weather alert

21:54 <Romulus> Rookie_69: Temperature: -33°F / -36°C | Humidity: 75% | Pressure: 29.76in / 1008hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h | Updated: 9:00 AM MST; Overcast. High:-29 F. / -34 C.; Partly Cloudy. Low:-31 F. / -35 C.; Overcast. High:-29 F. / -34 C.; Partly Cloudy. Low:-31 F. / -35 C.; Overcast. High:-29 F. / -34 C.; Overcast. Low:-31 F. / -35 C.;

21:54 <Soul_keeper>

21:54 <Romulus> Title: Qt goes GPLv3 [] (at

21:54 <sethy> &weather Leeds,England

21:54 <Romulus> sethy: Temperature: 46.4°F / 8.0°C | Humidity: 99% | Pressure: 29.92in / 1013.1hPa | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h | Updated: 2:35 AM GMT; Chance of Rain. High:48 F. / 9 C.; Rain. Low:44 F. / 7 C.; Chance of Rain. High:51 F. / 11 C.; Rain. Low:48 F. / 9 C.; Rain. High:50 F. / 10 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:33 F. / 1 C.;

21:54 <Romulus> what do you think people will come?

21:55 <Rookie_69> &weather yjt

21:55 <Romulus> Rookie_69: Temperature: 25°F / -4°C | Humidity: 74% | Pressure: 29.81in / 1009hPa | Conditions: Light Snow Showers | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 18mph / 30km/h | Updated: 10:30 PM NST; Tuesday - A mix of sun and cloud. Low 2C(36F). High 7C(45F).; Wednesday - Sunny. Low 0C(32F). High 10C(50F).; Thursday - Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. Low 4C(39F). High 8C(46F). Normals for the period low (1 more message)

21:56 <wdsmia> &more Rookie_69

21:56 <Romulus> wdsmia: 0C(32F). High 6C(43F).;

21:59 <ELGono> &weather meiningen,germany

21:59 <Romulus> ELGono: Temperature: 48°F / 9°C | Humidity: 96% | Pressure: 30.22in / 1023hPa | Conditions: Rain | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 11mph / 18km/h | Updated: 3:00 AM CET; Chance of Rain. High:51 F. / 11 C.; Chance of Rain. Low:44 F. / 7 C.; Rain. High:51 F. / 11 C.; Chance of Rain. Low:44 F. / 7 C.; Overcast. High:46 F. / 8 C.; Chance of Rain. Low:42 F. / 6 C.;

21:59 <ELGono> doesn't feel like january

22:00 <Rookie_69> Show here only where plows left it...

22:01 <wdsmia> JR your either up late or real early

22:02 <ELGono> well i got up, cause i couldn't sleep

22:04 <ELGono> well maybe i was in bed today already for too long, actually heidi and me didn't left it.... watching movies all the time

22:05 <Rookie_69> ;-)

22:05 <sethy> someone went to the pub?

22:06 <ELGono> friday we were out to student pub

22:06 <sethy> got munchies at subway?

22:06 <ELGono> thats why we decided to have a lazy saturday

22:07 <sethy> well it wasnt lazy enough, go back to bed

22:11 <ELGono> maybe i should go for a short walk

22:11 <sethy> with heidi?

22:11 <sethy> get some 0xc0ffee ?

22:11 <ELGono> hehe well she just woke up

22:11 <sethy> QUICK, DO A BARREL ROLL

22:11 <Rookie_69> Cuddle time.

22:11 * sethy HUGS Rookie_69

22:12 * Rookie_69 reciprocates.

22:17 <sethy> Rookie_69's skype name is rookie69-boincer, everyone flood with adds

22:19 *** TheGasGiant has quit IRC

22:20 <ELGono> sent some greetz to ruby, if you're in a conference

22:22 <wdsmia> ruby 's crunching seeds atm

22:22 <sethy> join the dark side

22:22 <sethy> i mean confrence

22:32 *** mweltin has quit IRC

22:33 *** Bad_At_Home_ has quit IRC

22:33 <efc> &weather 30625

22:33 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 37F / 3C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 30.09in / 1019hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 4mph / 6km/h ; Rest of Tonight - Mostly cloudy with brief flurries...then mostly clear after midnight. Colder. Lows in the lower 20s. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation 30 percent. Wind chill readings around 10.; Sunday - Sunny. Highs around 40. Northwest (1 more message)

22:34 <wdsmia> must be nice warm weather

22:39 <efc> Should a WU worth roughly the same # of credits on different speed CPUs ?

22:40 <wdsmia> only on Dr A's new plan

22:41 <efc> My slow-poke has a WU with 1.5 estimated credits, that will take 40 days

22:42 <wdsmia> inflation is a bitch

22:42 <efc> If my P4 had gotten it and finished it in 2 hours, it would have been worth more credits?

22:43 <wdsmia> depends on the project

22:44 *** _Danilo_ has joined #boinc

22:44 <_Danilo_> hi

22:45 <Rookie_69> Morning.

22:51 <ELGono> out for a walk

22:51 <ELGono> laterz

22:51 <wdsmia> hf watching the sun rise

22:56 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

23:17 *** Rookie_69 has left #boinc

23:27 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

23:38 <MTughan> lol... Download of the AI WU took an hour.

23:38 <Romulus> makes CFL walk the plank!

23:38 <MTughan> And it's still running...

23:46 <MTughan> This is ridiculous.

23:46 <Romulus> Title: Workunit (at

23:46 <MTughan> lol, took Rommie long enough.

23:52 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

23:59 *** sethy has quit IRC

23:59 *** sethy has joined #boinc

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