IRC logs of #boinc for Saturday, 2008-02-09

00:04 <MTughan> &cad

00:04 <Romulus>

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00:25 <efc> no sympathy for him

00:25 <MTughan> He wants to invite Mega Man.

00:27 <Soul_keeper> yo

00:28 <MTughan> 'lo Soul_keeper

00:31 <Soul_keeper> so what's new ?

00:31 <MTughan> &cad

00:31 <Romulus>

00:31 <PovAddict> ¬¬

00:32 <MTughan>

00:32 <Romulus> <> (at

00:32 <MTughan> That's my own stylized version of the BOINC logo.

00:33 <Soul_keeper> :)

00:47 * efc eats some super Havarti cheese

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01:57 <Bad_At_Home> &weather 86023

01:57 <Romulus> Bad_At_Home: Temperature: 17F / -8.3C | Humidity: 77% | Pressure: in / hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 3mph / 4.8km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows around 10 above on the North Rim to around 32 along the Colorado River. Light winds.; Saturday - Mostly sunny. Highs around 41 on the North Rim to around 64 along the Colorado River. Light winds.; Saturday Night - Mostly (1 more message)

01:57 <Bad_At_Home> &more

01:57 <Romulus> Bad_At_Home: clear. Lows around 14 on the North Rim to around 37 along the Colorado River. Light winds.;

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02:16 <Tank_Master> lets see what this one says

02:16 <Tank_Master> &weather 97007

02:16 <Tank_Master> &more

02:16 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Temperature: 46.0F / 7.8C | Humidity: 88% | Pressure: 30.23in / 1023.6hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 7.0mph / 11.3km/h ; Tonight - Cloudy with a chance of rain. Lows around 40. Southwest wind 15 to 25 mph.; Saturday - Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain. Highs around 50. South wind 5 to 10 mph...increasing to 15 to 20 mph in the afternoon.; Saturday Night (1 more message)

02:16 <Romulus> Tank_Master: - Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain in the evening...rain likely after midnight. Lows around 40. South wind 15 to 20 mph shifting to the southwest 10 to 15 mph after midnight.;

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02:17 <Tank_Master> 88 is much more believable

02:21 <yoyo[RKN]> moin

02:21 <Tank_Master> gn

02:25 <efc> &weather 31088

02:25 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 42F / 5C | Humidity: 96% | Pressure: 30.00in / 1016hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SSE | Wind Speed: 6mph / 9km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 30s. Light and variable winds.; Saturday - Sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. West winds up to 10 mph increasing to 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon.; Saturday Night - Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 30s. West winds 5 to 10 (1 more message)

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03:41 <CoderForLife> hello

03:41 <c0dewarrior> howdy

03:43 <efc> Zzzz

03:43 <CoderForLife> &weather 45140

03:44 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 38.8F / 3.8C | Humidity: 78% | Pressure: 29.80in / 1009.0hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: NNE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Overnight - Mostly cloudy with scattered rain showers. Lows in the mid 30s. South winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30 percent.; Saturday - Mostly cloudy in the morning...then partly sunny with a slight chance of rain showers in the (1 more message)

03:44 <CoderForLife> morning c0dewarrior efc

03:44 <CoderForLife> &more

03:44 <Romulus> CoderForLife: afternoon. Highs in the upper 40s. West winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.; Saturday Night - Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain and snow showers in the evening...then partly cloudy after midnight. Breezy and colder with lows 15 to 20. West winds 15 to 25 mph. Gusts up to 45 mph after midnight. Chance of precipitation 30 percent.;

03:45 <c0dewarrior> CoderForLife: how's life

03:47 <CoderForLife> pretty good - going over my bonus check details from yesterday ATM

03:48 <CoderForLife> it was a very good year for my employer

03:48 <efc> bonus.. I remember those

03:49 <CoderForLife> pretty nice

03:50 <efc> We used to get a small one, then they decided to become more competitive (not in the employment market obviously)

03:51 <CoderForLife> this one is large enough that I'm leery of sticking it into a deposit envelope at the ATM machine

03:51 <efc> I mail stuff in all the time.. just takes a while to clear

03:51 <efc> if its big

03:52 <CoderForLife> I may run my errands a little later this morning, do I csn hand the deposit to a bank human

03:52 <CoderForLife> can*

03:53 <CoderForLife> the bank branch in the grocery store opens at 9

03:56 * CoderForLife sets aside his dreams of avarice, and pays the electric bill

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04:06 * CoderForLife continues paying the bills

04:06 <mweltin> cfl thats funny cause I'm writting bills to other people.

04:07 <CoderForLife> hopefully you have someone like me on the other side

04:07 <mweltin> yes

04:08 <mweltin> if you werent a coder I'd ask if you had any work:)

04:09 <CoderForLife> I'm afraid that commuting to my jobsite would be a problem for you

04:10 <mweltin> yes just a little

04:13 * CoderForLife sees that he accidentally put a personal charge on the company credit card

04:13 <mweltin> wow you are too honest for your own good.

04:14 <CoderForLife> I have to pay it, regardless =)

04:15 * CoderForLife races to get checks written before breakfast hunger overwhelms him

04:15 <mweltin> one way you can make a deduction the other way you can't

04:15 <mweltin> do you work for yourself?

04:16 <CoderForLife> did that once - not ATM

04:16 <CoderForLife> I work for

04:16 <Romulus> Title: Welcome to Ohio National Financial Services (at

04:18 <mweltin> well that was sufficiently vague, although I must admit you did answer the question I asked, but now I'm forced to ask what do you do for them?

04:21 <CoderForLife> my title is Information Technology Head - I am responsible for enterprise technical architecture, and technology strategy

04:22 <CoderForLife> in short, my job is to make sure we don't make any big mistakes

04:22 <mweltin> well don't lend money to me and you are in the clear.

04:23 <CoderForLife> noted....   =)

04:24 <CoderForLife> checks are written, but hunger is taking over before I can update the computer with my cash expenses this past week - brb  breakfast

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04:32 <CoderForLife> b w/b

04:38 <mweltin> cfl or anyone good with vim?

04:38 <mweltin> I want to search and replace some stuff but only for a few lines

04:40 <CoderForLife> you can set a line range

04:43 <CoderForLife> :1,$s/bad/good/

04:44 <CoderForLife> 1 is the first line number

04:44 <mweltin> dollar sign

04:44 <mweltin> I got this to work

04:44 <CoderForLife> $ here means end of file

04:44 <mweltin> :s/bad/good/10

04:44 <CoderForLife> ah

04:45 <mweltin> it replaces the first instance of bad with good up to 10 replacements.

04:45 <CoderForLife> a different approach

04:45 <mweltin> not what I wanted exactly but close enough

04:45 <mweltin> I thought 'g' means end of file.

04:45 <CoderForLife> hmm

04:45 <mweltin> and $ was for all instances in a row.

04:46 <mweltin> from line 1 =G will indent the file

04:46 <CoderForLife> I may be a bit foggy, but I thought it meant "last line"

04:46 <CoderForLife> I thought g meant "global"

04:46 <CoderForLife> like s/bad/good/g

04:47 <mweltin> that works for a global replace

04:47 <mweltin> that is what I use most often.

04:47 <CoderForLife> ok

04:47 <mweltin> just doing a few lines I didn't know.  When I make a mistake I do it big.

04:48 <mweltin> whole file usually

04:48 <CoderForLife> my usual vi error is pasting something a billion times

04:48 <CoderForLife> followed by the un-do command ":q!"

04:49 <mweltin> oh I have a key binding for u

04:49 <mweltin> u = undo, and it has a history as well.

04:49 <CoderForLife> mine has a built-in head-to-desk banger

04:50 <mweltin> I enter record mode a lot somehow

04:50 <mweltin> LOL

04:51 <KathrynM> evening' all

04:51 <mweltin> the big K!

04:51 <mweltin> how goes it?

04:51 <KathrynM> not too bad

04:52 <mweltin> well I'm an optimist so I'd say you are doing well.

04:52 <KathrynM> wellllll...

04:52 <KathrynM> :)

04:52 <KathrynM> I"m trying

04:54 <CoderForLife> hello KathrynM

04:54 <KathrynM> hiya CoderForLife

04:56 <CoderForLife> help me with this logic - Delta Airlines is discontinuing their paper statement, and offering 500 skymiles for switching to electronic statement - I'll get the electronic statement next time whether I sign up or not - what should I do?

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04:57 <CoderForLife> duh..

04:57 <mweltin> fly usair

04:57 <CoderForLife> lol

04:58 <CoderForLife> lol  Cincinnati is a Delta hub

04:58 <CoderForLife> at least for today

04:59 <CoderForLife> we'll see where merger talks lead to

04:59 <mweltin> I found out becaue I have a AS ip address, I can get cheaper air fair from NZ air, then if I had a USA ip.

05:00 <mweltin> oh, and I tried to buy a web site template from template monster dot com.

05:00 <CoderForLife> so if you proxy my request, I could fly from Cincinnati to Atlanta cheaper?

05:00 <mweltin> cinicinnati -> Awkland -> Atlanta yes

05:01 <KathrynM> lol

05:01 <CoderForLife> I would prefer Perlland =)

05:01 * KathrynM groans

05:01 <CoderForLife> although I am pretty handy with AWK

05:01 <mweltin> they wouldn't accept my transaction because I have a USA issued credit card but a non us address listed with that card.

05:02 <CoderForLife> lol  a-yup

05:02 <mweltin> you sed you were.

05:02 <CoderForLife> I see we're vi-ing for most humorous

05:02 * KathrynM runs away from the geek humor

05:03 <mweltin> LOL

05:03 <CoderForLife> K can't "handle" the "stream" of conversation

05:03 <mweltin> I was wondering if that 'sed' pun was going to go unnoticed.

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05:03 <mweltin> now you are just going over board.

05:03 * CoderForLife core dumps

05:03 <mweltin> yo!

05:03 <mweltin> hahahahaah

05:04 * KathrynM groans

05:04 <CoderForLife> yum update groans

05:05 <KathrynM> hey now.  No picking on yum :-)

05:05 * CoderForLife claims his 500 bonus miles

05:05 <KathrynM> woo hoo

05:05 <mweltin> wow that will get you to the other end of the terminal (500 miles)

05:06 <KathrynM> Atlanta certainly felt that way.

05:06 <mweltin> the lost city of Atlanta

05:07 *** c0dewarrior has joined #boinc

05:09 <mweltin> I've been in plenty of airports but never atlanta.

05:11 <KathrynM> I remember Seoul being a pain.  Not much else I remember being so exhausted.

05:11 <CoderForLife> plink

05:12 <mweltin> thats got to be 24 hours of flying time no?

05:12 <mweltin> hey thats me

05:12 <KathrynM> pretty close to it.

05:13 <CoderForLife> ... really ...?

05:13 <mweltin> no, to be honest it's my alter ego.

05:15 <CoderForLife> your alter ego lives in downtown Guangdong province, China

05:15 <CoderForLife> and tell him to stay out of my FTP port as Admin, james and Administrator

05:16 <CoderForLife> nevermind - that IP address will never threaten me again

05:17 <mweltin> sorry I'm 202.70

05:18 <mweltin> youhave ftp open?

05:19 <CoderForLife> that is a reasonable conclusion from my comments, young Skywalker

05:19 <mweltin> gee why don't you just open telnet while your at it.

05:20 <mweltin> no one uses ftp anymore

05:20 <CoderForLife> you assume that I hav FTP open for no reason?

05:20 <mweltin> and this is coming from someone that knows nothing about sys admin

05:20 <mweltin> yes

05:20 <mweltin> yes I do

05:20 <CoderForLife> I'll just tell my buddy in Tennessee that he can't maintain his web site anymore

05:21 <CoderForLife> that'll kill both an FTP port and a friendship

05:22 <mweltin> funny story, well not really, I hired a graphic designer to do some web work for me.

05:22 <mweltin> told him where the templates were for him to download.  He has OSX so I figured he would use sftp or scp.

05:23 <mweltin> he ended up buying a ftp program for $15 bucks just to get the templates

05:23 <mweltin> all becaues ftp is not open by default.

05:24 <mweltin> I have the craziest host, they have an old old old version of centOS, but don't have things like ftp open.

05:24 <mweltin> its a head scratcher.

05:25 <mweltin> if they were so security concious they would  update their centOS pacages from time to time don't you think.

05:27 <CoderForLife> yup

05:27 * CoderForLife feels those 500 skymiles come flooding in

05:28 <CoderForLife> no, that's not it - I need a bio break - brb

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05:29 *** TheGasGiant has joined #boinc

05:30 * TheGasGiant yawns

05:30 * TheGasGiant waves

05:30 *** E-30 has joined #boinc

05:30 <TheGasGiant> hola boincers

05:30 <E-30> hey tgg

05:31 <TheGasGiant> heya E-30 :)

05:31 <E-30> how are you doing

05:31 <TheGasGiant> good to see hear

05:31 <TheGasGiant> d'oh

05:31 <E-30> lol

05:31 <E-30> yea same here

05:31 <TheGasGiant> i'm OK...a little cool here today

05:32 <E-30> where at

05:32 <TheGasGiant> how are you going?

05:32 <E-30> good

05:32 <TheGasGiant> still in Germany?

05:32 <E-30> yea

05:32 <TheGasGiant> been a while...when's you're tour up?

05:33 <E-30> 2009

05:33 <TheGasGiant> not too long to go then

05:33 <E-30> yea less then a year

05:34 <TheGasGiant> &weather melbourne,au

05:34 <Romulus> TheGasGiant: Error: HTTP Error 500: Server Error

05:34 <E-30> &weather wiesbaden

05:34 <Romulus> E-30: Temperature: 41.0°F / 5.0°C | Humidity: 29% | Pressure: 30.67in / 1038.5hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 2.2mph / 3.5km/h | Updated: 11:00 AM CET; Clear. High:46 F. / 8 C.; Clear. Low:33 F. / 1 C.; Overcast. High:48 F. / 9 C.; Partly Cloudy. Low:32 F. / 0 C.; Clear. High:50 F. / 10 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:33 F. / 1 C.;

05:34 <E-30> haha

05:34 <TheGasGiant> hmmm

05:35 <TheGasGiant> &weather melbourne, australia

05:35 <Romulus> TheGasGiant: Temperature: 64.6°F / 18.1°C | Humidity: 39% | Pressure: 29.85in / 1010.7hPa | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h | Updated: 9:31 PM EST; Scattered Clouds. High:64 F. / 18 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:55 F. / 13 C.; Scattered Clouds. High:69 F. / 21 C.; Clear. Low:53 F. / 12 C.; Clear. High:84 F. / 29 C.; Overcast. Low:57 F. / 14 (1 more message)

05:35 <TheGasGiant> &weather ymml

05:35 <Romulus> TheGasGiant: Temperature: 61°F / 16°C | Humidity: 57% | Pressure: 29.93in / 1014hPa | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: SSE | Wind Speed: 17mph / 28km/h | Updated: 9:00 PM EST; Chance of Rain. High:64 F. / 18 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:51 F. / 11 C.; Scattered Clouds. High:69 F. / 21 C.; Clear. Low:51 F. / 11 C.; Clear. High:80 F. / 27 C.; Partly Cloudy. Low:51 F. / 11 C.;

05:35 <CoderForLife> I leave the room unguarded for just a moment...

05:35 <TheGasGiant> shhh

05:35 <E-30> lol

05:35 <TheGasGiant> heya Don :)

05:35 <CoderForLife> hello E-30 and TheGasGiant =)

05:35 <E-30> yea cfl

05:36 <E-30> how is it going

05:36 <CoderForLife> fine fine

05:36 <E-30> got a new oc on my computer now too

05:36 <TheGasGiant> no tornafoes up your way Don?

05:36 <E-30> and 4 gigs of ram

05:36 <TheGasGiant> ..d...

05:36 <CoderForLife> fifty some people killed down south this week

05:36 <TheGasGiant> sweey far is the OC?

05:37 * TheGasGiant looks at keyboard

05:37 <TheGasGiant> yeah CFL,,,sad news

05:37 <E-30> 3.5 form 2.4

05:37 * TheGasGiant moves kb over a key width

05:37 <E-30> ghz

05:37 <TheGasGiant> nice

05:38 <CoderForLife> we had some radar signatures of cyclonic winds from that front, but no tornado reports

05:38 <E-30> yea it works out ok if qmc would be up more i would be a at 2500 rac with this computer

05:39 * CoderForLife waves his incentive bonus check he got yesterday, and ponders quad cores

05:39 * TheGasGiant swoons at thought of a quad core

05:40 <E-30> yea same here as soon as i get my video card back again

05:40 <E-30> water got it

05:40 *** mweltin has quit IRC

05:40 <TheGasGiant> dang

05:40 <E-30> yea two droups and zap it went

05:41 <TheGasGiant> leaking water cooling?

05:41 <E-30> yea

05:41 <E-30> hose leak

05:41 <E-30> waa

05:41 * CoderForLife sees TGGs "a quad core", and raises him one

05:41 * TheGasGiant can only dream and drool

05:42 <CoderForLife> liquids and electricity together ~~shudder~~

05:42 * TheGasGiant learned a long time ago, water and electricity don't mix

05:42 <CoderForLife> lol

05:42 <E-30> wellmy quad core is going to be the same oc as my two core

05:43 <TheGasGiant> i have a friend who purchased a quady....OC'd it to 3.6GHz on air without trying hard at all

05:44 <E-30> cool then i may be able to push 4

05:44 <TheGasGiant> good ram and a good mobo and water should do it

05:46 <E-30> well i have 666 rim right now

05:46 <E-30> i was thinging about 800 ram but my bord looks at it and says back off

05:46 <TheGasGiant> bugger

05:47 <E-30> yea so i am stuck with 666 ram

05:47 <E-30> 3.5 is about all i can push

05:47 <TheGasGiant> lol..stuck is all relative

05:48 <E-30> oh well

05:57 <CoderForLife> my relatives are all stuck

05:58 <TheGasGiant> but you're not?

05:59 <CoderForLife> how dare you even think that =)

06:01 <TheGasGiant> how is your sister?  still in hospital?

06:01 <CoderForLife> thanks for remembering and asking

06:02 <CoderForLife> she is much better, but still in the hospital

06:02 <CoderForLife> she is in a rehab hospital, but not making much rehab progress

06:02 <TheGasGiant> good to hear she is doing better

06:02 <CoderForLife> many reasons

06:02 <CoderForLife> the insurance company wants her moved to a nursing home

06:02 <TheGasGiant> going to be there for a while then

06:03 <CoderForLife> at this rate, she'll never walk again - she needs some way to start making progress

06:03 <CoderForLife> but the life-threatening infection and deep sores/wounds have been dealt with

06:04 <TheGasGiant> wow...

06:05 <TheGasGiant> is the walking thing now in her mind or is she incapicitated?

06:05 <E-30> oh

06:06 <CoderForLife> I figure her expenses have been close to $0.5 million

06:06 <TheGasGiant> lucky we have insurance companies :)

06:06 <CoderForLife> she needs to build strength, and the rehab folks screwed up her bad knee

06:06 <E-30> yea

06:06 <E-30> you are

06:07 <TheGasGiant> dang those do gooders!

06:07 <CoderForLife> unskilled nurses ignoring instructions

06:07 <CoderForLife> they busted a tendon in her knee

06:07 <TheGasGiant> low care no responsibility types

06:08 <TheGasGiant> ouch..sorry to hear that

06:08 <E-30> not good

06:08 <CoderForLife> a major setback

06:08 <Romulus> "Scheduler request failed: HTTP file not found

06:08 <E-30> yea i would say

06:08 <TheGasGiant> yeah...a knee rebuild is not a fast thing

06:08 <CoderForLife> just when she needed to make some steps forward

06:08 <TheGasGiant> get over....

06:08 *** desti_T2 is now known as desti

06:09 <CoderForLife> and then there's getting someone to look at and treat her knee

06:09 <CoderForLife> there's no one where she is that deals with that

06:09 <TheGasGiant> mean the rehab place is not taking responsibility?

06:10 <CoderForLife> she would have to be transported to another facility for eval and treatment and then back to the rehab hospital

06:10 <CoderForLife> insurance co. doesn't want to pay for that

06:10 <CoderForLife> plus all the aggravation and handling

06:11 <TheGasGiant> tell them if they don't you will make their computer systems start failing......

06:11 * CoderForLife puts on his hacker mask

06:12 *** [RKN]frost has joined #boinc

06:12 <CoderForLife> as for me, I'm trying not to get all wrapped up in those issues

06:12 <TheGasGiant> now that is hard to do

06:12 <TheGasGiant> or not do....

06:13 <CoderForLife> I have a job and family to tend to myself

06:13 <CoderForLife> I can't afford to screw those up

06:13 <TheGasGiant> nope..priority #1

06:14 <TheGasGiant> brb

06:14 <CoderForLife> ditto

06:15 *** [RKN]frost has quit IRC

06:19 <TheGasGiant> b

06:19 <CoderForLife> b2

06:20 <TheGasGiant> sounds like bananas in pajamas

06:20 <TheGasGiant> you know...b1 and b2

06:21 * CoderForLife waits for even more explanation

06:21 <TheGasGiant> kids show

06:21 * CoderForLife thinks its probablt some strange Aussie thing

06:22 <CoderForLife> "probabltly"

06:22 <TheGasGiant> aha...

06:22 <CoderForLife> My kid is 23, so I'm not current on "kids shows"

06:23 <TheGasGiant> &google "bananas+in+pajamas"

06:23 <Romulus> TheGasGiant: Search took 0.18 seconds: YouTube - Bananas in Pajamas: <>; Bananas in Pyjamas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Bananas in Pyjamas: <>; The (un)Official Bananas in Pajamas Fansite: <>; Bananas In Pajamas TV Show (2 more messages)

06:23 <CoderForLife> persistent repetition doesn't make something true =)

06:24 <CoderForLife> hahahaha  you're right - great show - love it - watch it all the time

06:24 * CoderForLife hopes that changes the topic

06:25 <TheGasGiant> hehehe

06:25 <CoderForLife> so what's the best quad to buy?

06:25 <TheGasGiant> QX9750 i think

06:26 <TheGasGiant> shame about the price

06:26 <TheGasGiant> if you can find one

06:26 <CoderForLife> you have a strange definition of best =)

06:27 <CoderForLife> I include price and availability in my criteria =)

06:27 <TheGasGiant> QX9775...

06:27 <TheGasGiant> in that case the Q6600 is the best

06:27 <CoderForLife> that's a CPU?

06:27 <CoderForLife> what about a system?

06:28 <TheGasGiant> ASUS P5K mobo

06:29 *** frost has quit IRC

06:29 * CoderForLife mentally assembles TGG dream system

06:30 <TheGasGiant> 2GB Corsair

06:30 <TheGasGiant> pC12000 ram

06:30 <TheGasGiant> 12800 i mean

06:31 <TheGasGiant> Gigabyte 8800GT video card

06:31 <CoderForLife>

06:31 <Romulus> <> (at

06:32 <TheGasGiant> 2 * 320GB Seagate in RAID with 1 * 750GB for the "data"

06:32 * TheGasGiant winks

06:33 <TheGasGiant> what is a NaN?

06:33 <CoderForLife> "not a number"?

06:34 <TheGasGiant> bb in 15 or 20min

06:34 <CoderForLife> k

06:46 <TheGasGiant> back

06:47 <CoderForLife> that was quick

06:47 <E-30> lol

06:47 <E-30> not bad

06:47 <TheGasGiant> almost 15 minutes

06:48 *** Celelaptop has quit IRC

06:48 <E-30> lol

06:48 *** Celelaptop has joined #boinc

06:48 * CoderForLife finishes updating the computer with personal finances

06:50 <E-30> lol

06:52 <CoderForLife> that's where I see "NaN' all the time

06:54 <TheGasGiant> lol...but then there is the bonus cheque....

06:54 <CoderForLife> it's a nice one

06:54 <CoderForLife> company really did well last year

06:57 <E-30> yea

07:02 *** E-30 has quit IRC

07:06 <CoderForLife> offen to zee storen vit meen

07:06 <CoderForLife> bbl

07:15 <CoderForLife> &seen quail

07:15 <Romulus> CoderForLife: quail was last seen in #boinc 1 week, 4 days, 5 hours, 18 minutes, and 53 seconds ago: <quail> U.S. spy satellite expected to crash back to Earth soon >>>

07:49 *** TheGasGiant has quit IRC

08:08 <xcamel> 'lo

08:16 <PovAddict> goin' ->

08:56 <wdsmia> mornin all

09:03 <xcamel> 'lo Doug

09:17 *** frost has joined #boinc

09:23 <xcamel> 'lo frost

09:24 <frost> hi

09:26 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

09:28 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

09:35 <xcamel> Hows things in Germany today?

09:36 <frost> at least the weather improved a lot :)

09:37 <xcamel> we're going to get some snow this afternoon - better than the rain/ice we have been getting...

09:41 <frost> in the area i live, there hasn't been any snow so far this winter... its just cold and rains, rains, rains... :/

09:51 *** andresgr__ has joined #boinc

10:02 <CoderForLife> howdy

10:02 <CoderForLife> back from the store and bank

10:03 <CoderForLife> bbiab

10:09 *** andresgr has quit IRC

10:17 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

10:30 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

10:49 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

11:18 <zombie67>

11:18 <Romulus> Title: POV-Ray Hall of Fame (at

11:19 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

11:19 *** siofwolves has joined #boinc

11:26 *** [B^S]renemayer has joined #boinc

11:27 <zombie67> my 8-way mac has 23 slots

11:28 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

11:30 *** [B^S]renemayer has quit IRC

11:39 *** frost has quit IRC

11:44 *** d00m1001 has quit IRC

11:44 *** d00m1001 has joined #boinc

11:47 *** yoyo_RKN has joined #boinc

11:57 <BadBarbarian> &weather 86023

11:57 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: Temperature: 34F / 1.1C | Humidity: 61% | Pressure: in / hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 2mph / 3.2km/h ; Today - Mostly sunny. Highs around 43 on the North Rim to around 65 along the Colorado River. Light winds.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows around 14 on the North Rim to around 37 along the Colorado River. Light winds.; Sunday - Partly cloudy. Highs around (1 more message)

11:58 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

12:02 *** Celelibi_ has quit IRC

12:05 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

12:07 *** Celelibi has joined #boinc

12:26 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

12:46 <xcamel> re-hi

12:53 <xcamel> gettin some snow...

12:55 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

12:56 *** zombie67 has left #boinc

13:22 *** frost has joined #boinc

13:36 <Tank_Master> I want snow!

13:37 * wdsmia collects all the snow in Iowa and dumps it on Tank_Master's head

13:38 <Tank_Master> sweet!

13:40 <wdsmia> Damn looks like the computer that crashed last night has a bad MB

13:40 <Tank_Master> ouch

13:40 <Tank_Master> ill take the parts

13:41 <wdsmia> you can have the MB where do you want it shipped :)

13:43 <Tank_Master> lol

13:43 <Tank_Master> to my graveyard

13:50 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

13:50 <Tank_Master> yoyoyo

13:51 <yoyo[RKN]> re

13:51 <Tank_Master> per

13:52 * frost slaps yoyo[RKN] around a bit with an infinite running workunit

13:53 * yoyo[RKN] creates bigger ones

13:54 * frost sets the new server on fire

13:54 * Tank_Master slaps frost around a byte with a hung yoyo WU

13:57 * frost slaps Tank_Master around a bit with a 250 pound unix-manual

14:01 *** yoyo_RKN has quit IRC

14:02 <CoderForLife> de wind, de wind

14:03 * CoderForLife continues to go from window to window, looking for wind infiltration

14:53 *** PovAddic1 has joined #boinc

15:10 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

15:10 *** andresgr__ has quit IRC

15:17 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

15:24 *** zombie67 has left #boinc

15:35 <xcamel> re-re-hi

15:36 <Tank_Master> yo

15:36 *** efc has joined #boinc

15:36 <xcamel> de-wind de-wind to-morrow. (40-50mph is predicted)

15:36 <MTughan> Nice... You get about 100 credits for each long LHC WU. So I got 262 credits in LHC yesterday.

15:36 <xcamel> and getting mucho-de-coldo

15:37 <xcamel> any new work come in?

15:37 <MTughan> No, no work from LHC now.

15:38 <MTughan> I got 10 altogether.

15:38 <xcamel> ok

15:42 <xcamel>

15:42 <MTughan> Nice... My laptop is at full load, with half fan. :D

15:42 <Romulus> <> (at

15:42 *** Celelaptop has quit IRC

15:42 <xcamel> flying spider..

15:42 *** Celelaptop has joined #boinc

15:42 <MTughan> lol...

15:43 <MTughan> Oh, half fan and 60C.

15:43 <efc> When you putting your turbine out X ?

15:43 <MTughan> It's rather odd. With the battery in, fan's at full and it runs at 85C. With the battery out, it runs at 60C and can run at half fan.

15:45 <Tank_Master> battery creatin heat?

15:45 <MTughan> Nope.

15:45 <MTughan> It's not hot, so it's not venting heat there. I think it's an air intake or something.

15:48 *** MacG_ has joined #boinc

15:48 *** MacG has quit IRC

15:50 <xcamel> my old hp has been perfect since I "put it up on blocks"


16:08 <CoderForLife> EST SUNDAY

16:08 <Romulus> oh! I'm missing one of my Muse



16:09 <CoderForLife> SUNDAY AFTERNOON.

16:25 <xcamel> getting cold too..

16:26 <xcamel> arctic express...

16:40 <efc> &weather 30625

16:41 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 68F / 20C | Humidity: 17% | Pressure: 29.95in / 1014hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 14mph / 22km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 30s. West winds 5 to 10 mph.; Sunday - Sunny...windy. Highs in the mid 60s. West winds 5 to 15 mph increasing to 15 to 20 mph in the afternoon.; Sunday Night - Partly cloudy. Windy. Lows in the lower 30s. West (1 more message)

16:41 <MTughan> 'lo efc

16:41 <efc> moo

16:41 <MTughan> apt-get moo

16:45 <xcamel> wow - nice day...

16:45 <efc> Yep. glad I skipped working this weekend.

16:46 <efc> all the $$ goes to the govt anyway.

16:46 <MTughan> Heh, well we're expected to get another 20cm of snow over the w/e.

16:46 *** Aruzo has quit IRC

16:47 <MTughan> Can anyone reach ?

16:47 <MTughan> &web title

16:47 <Romulus> MTughan: Connection refused.

16:47 <MTughan> That's what I get...

17:03 <xcamel> broken here too..

17:04 <MTughan> Seems that the server is running, as it does respond to pings. Apache seems to be shut down.

17:06 <Tank_Master> mine isnt connectin, but hasnt errored out yet either

17:09 <Tank_Master> still "waiting for reply"

17:11 *** MacG_ has quit IRC

17:13 *** MacG has joined #boinc

17:23 <MTughan> Back in a bit... Tank_Master: If it's still going, you can stop it.

17:24 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

17:26 <Tank_Master> it is ;)

17:26 <Tank_Master> It had gotten burried and I forgot about it :P

17:28 *** MacG has quit IRC

17:37 *** PovAddict has joined #boinc

17:45 *** Celelaptop has quit IRC

17:49 *** Celelaptop has joined #boinc

17:53 *** PovAddic1 has quit IRC

17:54 <xcamel> &weather 12074

17:54 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 32.8F / 0.4C | Humidity: 95% | Pressure: 29.87in / 1011.4hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Light Snow | Wind Direction: SE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Snow or rain this evening...then a chance of snow showers after midnight. Additional snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches. Lows in the upper 20s. South winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation near 100 percent.; Sunday - Snow (2 more messages)

17:54 <xcamel> &more

17:54 <Romulus> xcamel: showers likely in the morning...then a chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Additional snow accumulation around an inch. Windy with highs in the lower 30s. South winds 10 to 15 mph... increasing to west 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 45 mph in the afternoon. Chance of snow 60 percent.; Sunday Night - Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of snow showers. Windy and much cooler with lows around 11. (1 more message)

17:55 <xcamel> &more

17:55 <Romulus> xcamel: West winds 20 to 30 mph. Gusts up to 45 mph in the evening.;

17:55 <xcamel> sweet

17:55 <xcamel> /not

17:59 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

18:09 *** PovAddic1 has joined #boinc

18:11 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

18:24 <wdsmia> &weather 50319

18:24 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 17F / -8C | Humidity: 71% | Pressure: 30.20in / 1022hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 22mph / 35km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Bitterly cold. Breezy. Low 5 to 10 below. Northwest wind 20 to 25 mph. Lowest wind chill readings 20 below to 30 below zero after midnight.; Sunday - Mostly sunny. Very cold. High 5 to 10 above. Northwest wind 10 to 15 (1 more message)

18:24 <wdsmia> &more

18:24 <Romulus> wdsmia: mph with gusts to around 25 mph. Wind chill readings 20 below to 30 below zero.; Sunday Night - Partly cloudy early in the evening then becoming mostly cloudy. Low near zero. Northwest wind near 10 mph shifting to the east after midnight.; Wind Chill Advisory for Polk County in effect until 12:00 PM CST on February 10, 2008;

18:25 <efc> Yuck

18:25 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

18:25 <wdsmia> I agree

18:27 <xcamel> winds are already picking up here...

18:33 <CoderForLife> re-hi

18:34 <CoderForLife> just what you need xcamel - more snow

18:34 <xcamel> it was just a little..

18:34 <CoderForLife> looking mighty cold there, wdsmia

18:34 <wdsmia> its a bit nippy

18:35 <CoderForLife> I've been meaning to ask you xcamel if your twirl-a-squirrel is still providing comedic relief

18:37 *** PovAddict has joined #boinc

18:37 <xcamel> now and then - only when a new knucklehead shows up..

18:37 <CoderForLife> lol

18:37 <CoderForLife> everytime I see a squirrel acting goofy here, I figure it must have come from your place

18:38 <CoderForLife> got twirled here

18:39 * CoderForLife finishes up entering charitable donations into ItsDeductible to figure tax value of donations

18:44 <xcamel> funnier lately are the 2 wild turkeys that jump up and tap the feeder to get seed..

18:45 <CoderForLife> wow

18:46 <CoderForLife> Pavlov turkeys

18:55 *** PovAddic1 has quit IRC

19:04 <xcamel> wonder if sethy can see the flames from camden market...

19:15 <xcamel> &deepthought 32

19:15 <Romulus> xcamel: I can still recall old Mister Barnslow getting out every morning and nailing a fresh load of tadpoles to that old board of his. Then he'd spin it round and round, like a wheel of fortune, and no matter where it stopped he'd yell out, "Tadpoles! Tadpoles is a winner!" We all thought he was crazy. But then, we had some growing up to do.

19:16 <wdsmia> lol

19:18 *** MacG has joined #boinc

19:20 * CoderForLife finishes figuring charity contributions for 2007

19:22 <xcamel> ...indeed...

19:22 <CoderForLife> I had forgotten to include my Fine Arts Fund contributions

19:23 <CoderForLife> how could I??

19:23 <CoderForLife> on the day they pay out the bonuses, they remind of about the FAF and the company PAC

19:23 <CoderForLife> remind us of*

19:24 <CoderForLife> coincidence, to be sure

19:24 <PovAddict> hi

19:25 <CoderForLife> hello PovAddict

19:25 <CoderForLife> wb

19:29 <xcamel> 'lo Nic

19:38 <CoderForLife> &weather 45140

19:38 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 44.4F / 6.9C | Humidity: 51% | Pressure: 29.92in / 1013.1hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy this evening...then becoming mostly cloudy. A chance of rain showers this evening...then a chance of snow showers after midnight. Breezy with lows around 20. Southwest winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 (2 more messages)

19:38 *** Celelaptop has quit IRC

19:38 <CoderForLife> &more

19:38 <Romulus> CoderForLife: mph...becoming west 20 to 25 mph with gusts over 45 mph after midnight. Chance of precipitation 40 percent.; Sunday - Mostly cloudy in the morning...then becoming mostly sunny. Blustery with highs in the lower 20s. Temperatures falling to around 15 in the afternoon. West winds 20 to 25 mph with gusts over 45 mph.; Sunday Night - Mostly clear. Much colder with lows 0 to 5 above. West winds 10 to (1 more message)

19:39 <CoderForLife> the bottom falls out

19:39 <CoderForLife> &more

19:39 <Romulus> CoderForLife: 20 mph. Gusts up to 35 mph in the evening. Wind chill values as low as 7 below.; Wind Advisory for Hamilton County in effect until 4:00 PM EST on February 10, 2008;

19:45 <bryanUC> &weather 43016

19:45 <Romulus> bryanUC: Temperature: 40F / 4C | Humidity: 55% | Pressure: 29.88in / 1012hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 9mph / 15km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy this evening...then becoming mostly cloudy. A chance of rain showers this evening...then a chance of snow showers after midnight. Blustery with lows 15 to 20. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 (2 more messages)

19:45 <bryanUC> &more

19:45 <Romulus> bryanUC: mph...becoming west 15 to 25 mph with gusts over 45 mph after midnight. Chance of precipitation 50 percent.; Sunday - Mostly cloudy in the morning...then becoming partly sunny. Blustery with highs 15 to 20. Temperatures falling to around 13 in the afternoon. West winds around 25 mph with gusts over 45 mph.; Sunday Night - Mostly clear. Much colder with lows 0 to 5 above. West winds 10 to 20 mph. Gusts (1 more message)

19:45 <bryanUC> &more

19:45 <Romulus> bryanUC: up to 35 mph in the evening. Wind chill values as low as 10 below.; Wind Advisory for Franklin County in effect until 4:00 PM EST on February 10, 2008;

19:51 *** frost has quit IRC

19:51 <MTughan> Looks like most people have cold weather...

19:51 <MTughan> Probably not as bad as we're having, but cold nonetheless.

19:55 <xcamel> I'm getting yours tomorrow..

19:55 <MTughan> We're getting another 20cm of snow. About 8 inches.

19:57 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

20:09 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

20:13 <CoderForLife> I'm floundering tuna-ite - time to pack it in

20:14 <CoderForLife> see all you nice folks tomorrow

20:14 <wdsmia> cya

20:25 * MTughan loves vector graphics...

20:25 <MTughan>

20:25 <Romulus> <> (at

20:26 <MTughan> Perfectly sharp 1024x1024 icon.

20:27 <xcamel> finally get it?

20:27 <MTughan> Get what?

20:32 <xcamel> the logo

20:33 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

20:33 <xcamel> fade that by 80% and use it as a page background

20:34 <xcamel> or 90% transparent..

20:34 <MTughan> Page background to what?

20:35 <zombie67> MT!

20:35 <zombie67> glad you're here.

20:35 <MTughan> Am I? :P

20:37 <zombie67> I want to show you something

20:37 <zombie67> but the interwebtubes are SLLLLLOOOOOOWWWW

20:37 <zombie67> just a ces

20:39 <zombie67> sec

20:39 <zombie67>

20:39 <Romulus> <> (at

20:40 <MTughan> Usable CPUs to BOINC is >= 8?

20:40 <PovAddict> see if QCN screwed your "% of CPU time" too? :D

20:42 <zombie67> 16

20:42 <zombie67> Use at most

20:42 <zombie67> Enforced by version 5.6+100 percent of CPU time

20:42 <MTughan> How many tasks are running at a time?

20:43 <zombie67> 8

20:43 <MTughan> Any non CPU intensive?

20:43 <zombie67> like I said, it was fine under tiger, only difference is leopard

20:43 <PovAddict> is QCN on that machine?

20:43 <zombie67> no QCN

20:43 <zombie67> exact same projects

20:44 <MTughan> If 8 tasks are running, means that at least one task isn't using full CPU.

20:44 <Romulus> that is a family channel...

20:44 <MTughan> &math 80 / (100 / 8)

20:44 <Romulus> MTughan: 6.4

20:44 <MTughan> Wow... Seems two tasks aren't then.

20:44 <zombie67> I have tried suspending each project one by one.

20:45 <MTughan> Can you screenshot Activity Monitor processes for all users, sorted by CPU usage?

20:47 <zombie67> yeah, give me a minute

20:47 <xcamel> Page background to web pages etc - If I was sure how to do it, I would use it as a background for the #boinc log page

20:47 <MTughan> xcamel: If you want to use that, go ahead.

20:47 <zombie67> what are they key commands to snapshot a window?

20:48 <Tank_Master> alt + print screen

20:48 <MTughan> Cmd-Shift-4, then press Space.

20:48 <MTughan> Tank_Master: Mac.

20:48 <Tank_Master> poser OS

20:48 <MTughan> And it's just Print Screen.

20:48 <Tank_Master> print screen will do the entier screen

20:48 <PovAddict> Alt-PrintScreen takes only a single window, instead of full screen

20:48 <MTughan> Ah, I see...

20:48 <Tank_Master> alt + print screen will just do the active window

20:48 <PovAddict> xcamel: add this to irclog.css:

20:48 <PovAddict> body { background-image: url(boinc-bg.png); }

20:49 <MTughan> Darn you, I was just typing that...

20:49 <MTughan> Yeah, just add that to irclog.css.

20:51 <zombie67> cha

20:52 <zombie67> it is on my dowloads page

20:52 <zombie67> hi TM

20:52 <zombie67>

20:52 <PovAddict> what is?

20:52 <MTughan> Which one?

20:53 <PovAddict> processes.tiff

20:53 <PovAddict> zombie67: how's your RAM doing?

20:54 <PovAddict> all those boinc projects seem to be eating a lot of virtual memory!

20:54 <MTughan> There... So why are 4 SIMAP tasks only taking 70% CPU?

20:54 <MTughan> PovAddict: Everything takes a lot of VRAM.

20:55 *** Rookie_69 has joined #boinc

20:55 <zombie67> memory usage is 1231 out of 4096

20:55 <xcamel> where in the irclog.css file?

20:55 <PovAddict> anywhere will do, actually

20:56 <MTughan> xcamel: Same dir as boinc_logs/index.html, so it seems.

20:56 <MTughan> zombie67: That's fine for RAM...

20:56 <MTughan> What reading is that?

20:56 <PovAddict> a nice place would probably be the beginning; it makes sense since it's a "global" rule (whole page is affected)

20:56 <zombie67> what reading is what?

20:57 <MTughan> Oh, nvm...

20:57 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

20:59 <zombie67> so, what's the diagnosis?

20:59 <xcamel> going to have to fade that one allot.. but it worked..

20:59 <xcamel> laterz..

20:59 * xcamel is away: Gone away for now.

20:59 *** xcamel is now known as xcamel_away

21:00 <MTughan> And now you can see the inconsistencies in the corners... I'm working on it.

21:00 <MTughan> zombie67: I have no idea. Not an issue I've encountered. My apps are all running at full CPU.

21:02 <PovAddict> the background would look better as:

21:03 <PovAddict> background-attachment: fixed;

21:03 <PovAddict> background-position: center;

21:03 <PovAddict> background-repeat: no-repeat;

21:03 <PovAddict> more transparent

21:03 <PovAddict> smaller

21:03 <MTughan> Jay's gone.

21:03 <PovAddict> you can work on the last two

21:03 <PovAddict> and test the rest with Firebug or something :)

21:04 <MTughan> Smaller's easy. That was just a big render.

21:04 <MTughan> Transparent's easy in GIMP or just to temporarily reduce the alpha in Inkscape.

21:12 *** Bad_At_Home has quit IRC

21:16 <zombie67> 9100 in lhc yesterday

21:17 <PovAddict> I have an llrTPS workunit taking longer than others... and there is a file on the slot directory called lresults.txt that says 'is prime!'

21:17 <PovAddict> but PG validator is taking its time to grab my workunit...

21:17 <zombie67> sweet!

21:17 <PovAddict> (I *just* reported it)=

21:18 <PovAddict> strange thing is that the file was there, saying "is prime!", but the workunit kept processing

21:18 <zombie67> I have well 214k at PG, and only a single prime (duplicate)

21:18 <PovAddict> do you get notified when finding one?

21:18 <zombie67> other seem to get them like popcorn

21:19 <PovAddict> it's luck

21:19 <zombie67> no.  It was during a time when that feature was down

21:19 <PovAddict> and the apps you run :)

21:19 <zombie67> you should get notified

21:19 <PovAddict> some sub-projects may find "more interesting primes" but take longer to find them (because it needs more processing, or because that kind of primes is more "rare")

21:19 <zombie67> I run the 2x sieve apps on my XP64 machines, since they run faster on 64 bit.  I run everything but the seive apps on my XP32 machines.

21:20 <PovAddict> you'd have to ask Rytis "which app is more likely to find a prime?" :)

21:20 <PovAddict> right along with "when you'll have Mac apps???"

21:20 <zombie67> [img][/img]

21:20 <MTughan> Hey, ASM issues.

21:21 <zombie67> er,

21:21 <zombie67> I already did ask.

21:21 <PovAddict> MTughan: wasn't that RS?

21:21 * FreeLarry58 is jealous - 180k and only around 24 factors found but no primes at pirme grid - congrats PovAddict

21:21 <MTughan> What are you talking about?

21:21 <PovAddict> FreeLarry58: I'm not sure if I really did

21:22 <zombie67>

21:22 <Romulus> <> (at

21:22 <MTughan> Why is the damn system so slow...

21:23 <PovAddict> zombie67: for my WU, it showed replication 1 and quorum 1 at first

21:23 <PovAddict> <- a non-prime

21:23 <Romulus> <> (at

21:24 <PovAddict> <- the one where I found that lrstatus.txt file

21:24 <Romulus> <> (at

21:24 <PovAddict> seems it only generates the new replica when it's validated

21:24 <zombie67> the net is DAMN slow tonight.  someone cut another cable maybe?

21:24 <PovAddict> are replicas added for random workunits?

21:25 <FreeLarry58> could be or india needing more capacity so taking over others

21:25 <Romulus> how goes teh project clusty?

21:26 <zombie67> dunno.  It would not surpeise me that a prime would automatically gnerate another replication

21:26 <PovAddict> but I have lots of pendings

21:26 <PovAddict> and lots of workunits with replication=1

21:26 * FreeLarry58 goes to find something he can eat and hopefully start regaining the 5 plus pounds he lost over last 3 days

21:27 <PovAddict> I doubt all those pendings (still no quorum, which is 2) are all from possible primes :)

21:27 <zombie67> did LHC release some more work after the big batch ran out?

21:27 <zombie67> maybe the validator is down

21:27 <PovAddict> no, but stay watching LHC, for resends

21:27 <PovAddict> no; I'm sure those pendings all have replication=2 and quorum =2

21:28 <PovAddict> click some random workunits

21:28 <Romulus> <> (at

21:28 <PovAddict> they're all llrTPS on that page

21:28 <MTughan> PovAddict: The background image for the BOINC logs. It's currently 1024x1024. What size do you think would be appropriate?

21:29 <PovAddict> MTughan: well, its height doesn't fit my browser page area

21:29 <MTughan> I'm thinking about 30% alpha would work too.

21:29 <MTughan> Hmm, so maybe 512x512?

21:29 <PovAddict> maybe, yeah

21:30 <MTughan>

21:30 <Romulus> <> (at

21:30 <PovAddict> testing it on the page

21:31 <PovAddict> oh wait, my firebug tab stopped working...

21:31 <MTughan> The corners should be better aligned too.

21:31 <PovAddict> zombie67: it's a prime!

21:31 <PovAddict> it validated correctly against replica

21:32 <MTughan> Awesome!

21:33 <PovAddict> but looks like I did 2660 TPS tests overall :P

21:34 <zombie67> NICE!

21:35 <PovAddict>

21:36 <zombie67> what's the url to the result?

21:36 <PovAddict>

21:36 <Romulus> <> (at

21:36 <PovAddict> still doesn't say "is prime"

21:36 <PovAddict> but validated workunits explicitly say "is not prime"... so I think the "is prime" will show after the prime gets submitted

21:37 <zombie67> I have done >3000 TPS wus

21:37 <zombie67>

21:37 <PovAddict>

21:37 <MTughan> PovAddict: Well, that's better than I can get. Firebug keeps deleting my values... >_>

21:38 <PovAddict> atm I'm doing TPS only, because they're short, easier to debug my screensaver

21:38 <zombie67> ah!  That's right!

21:39 <PovAddict> however, I'm sure those 2600 WUs weren't since I set TPS only (two days ago)

21:39 <PovAddict> they're surely accumulated from a lot before

21:44 <MTughan> Back later...

21:47 <zombie67> k

21:48 <PovAddict> time to prepare an app_info.xml and test the screensaver the right way

22:01 <zombie67> passed 11M

22:01 <PovAddict> w00t

22:01 <PovAddict> I can't get graphics to work

22:01 <PovAddict> and I figured out why

22:02 <PovAddict> Rytis needs to rebuild the wrapper with a newer version of the API, *or*, I should use BOINC 6.x...

22:02 <PovAddict> only newer versions of the API can start up the v6 graphics when a v5 client asks for it

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22:44 <MTughan> Hey, AI got a new domain...

22:44 <PovAddict> yep

22:44 <MTughan>

22:44 <Romulus> Title: Artificial Intelligence System (at

22:44 <PovAddict>

22:44 <Romulus> Title: Hypertext Style: Cool URIs don't change. (at

22:45 <MTughan> It may be that that domain name was tied to a server, and they went to a new server.

22:48 <zombie67> the old one still works

22:48 <MTughan> But it redirects.

22:49 <zombie67> I am not getting redirected

22:49 <MTughan> Oh...

22:49 <MTughan> So how did I get to the other one before, I wonder?

22:50 <MTughan> Ah, not requesting any page within /aisystem redirects you. Poor configuration...

22:52 <zombie67> what does that mean?

22:52 <zombie67> are there really two separate boards now?

22:52 <MTughan> redirects, but doesn't.

22:52 <Romulus> <$Pd> (at

22:53 <zombie67> those are the same urls

22:53 <MTughan> Not quite.

22:54 <zombie67> ah, it just happened to wrap so that system.php is on a second line for me

22:57 <zombie67> changing machines.  brb

22:57 *** zombie67 has left #boinc

23:02 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

23:03 <zombie67> MT:  still around?

23:04 <zombie67> does anyone know if the BOINC uninstaller on a MAC, uninstalls the work too?  Or just the app?

23:06 <zombie67> OOOH!  Even when running benchmarks, it does not use all CPUs

23:06 <Tank_Master> can alway try it ;)

23:06 <MTughan> zombie67: Sorry, I've never had reason to uninstall BOINC.

23:07 <MTughan> PovAddict: lol on the boinc_dev mailing list.

23:07 <zombie67> I just installed 34 over 41

23:07 <MTughan> lol, nice...

23:07 <PovAddict> For the third fucking time

23:07 <wdsmia> asks PovAddict to please watch his or her language Thanks, your friendly channel op.

23:07 <PovAddict> we need the ICON, the one WITHOUT ANY TEXT

23:07 <MTughan> What, the main logos? And it's the one I made myself anyway. :P

23:07 <PovAddict> not the BXINC one

23:07 <MTughan> He just sent me my own work. xD

23:08 <MTughan> I've sent an email to the original creator anyway. He says he's look on Monday for the icons in his backups. He lost them on his hard disk because of a crash.

23:09 <PovAddict> ah cool

23:09 <PovAddict> you managed to contact him

23:09 <zombie67> I also cleared out local prefs (even though I obviously had none).

23:09 <MTughan> Although apparently he doesn't have vector images either though. 512x512 or 1024x1024 TIFFs.

23:09 <zombie67> I am now averaging in the low 90s%

23:10 <MTughan> "I have this logo drawn in 512 or 1024, unfortunally after disk crash I did't sort everything out. In Monday I'll look to my backups, so expect some files or info. Graphics are in RGBA Tiffs (saved under photoshop CS/PC)"

23:11 <MTughan> I wonder... If it was drawn using Bezier paths under Photoshop, could it export them as a SVG?

23:12 <PovAddict> I doubt it's so straightforward

23:12 <zombie67> MT:  do you have an 8-way?

23:12 <MTughan> Nope.

23:12 <PovAddict> but if it was done with bezier, it can at least be re-done

23:12 <MTughan> Yeah.

23:12 <MTughan> zombie67: No, I don't. Why do you ask?

23:13 <PovAddict> I'm watching a slow configure script go by

23:13 <MTughan> Suspend BOINC?

23:13 <zombie67> just wondering if maybe this is only a problem for leopard+8-cores

23:13 <PovAddict> already did

23:13 <PovAddict> oh looks like it's done

23:13 <zombie67> I listened to the povray podcast today

23:13 <MTughan> zombie67: I don't have the money for the hardware or the power.

23:14 <zombie67> they talked about using multi-thread (in beta)

23:14 <PovAddict> awesome! *first* file that attempted to be compiled got an error

23:14 <MTughan> rofl

23:14 <zombie67> and they they had experimented with DC

23:14 <PovAddict> zombie67: yep, it's available already (in binary form, no source yet)

23:14 <MTughan> Multi-thread what?

23:14 <zombie67> POV:  were they talking about IMP?

23:14 <PovAddict> no, people have been writing ad-hoc systems for distributing POV-Ray renders for years...

23:14 <PovAddict> for local use

23:15 <PovAddict> and IMP has been around since at least 2003 anyway, with their perl-based client

23:15 <zombie67> seems to me that, they should just leverage BOINC

23:16 <Tank_Master> imp needs to be renamed as gimp

23:16 <MTughan> This is almost heavenly... My Mac at full load, and half fan keeping it at 62C.

23:16 <Tank_Master> 62c/. kinda warnm aint it?

23:16 <MTughan> &math convert 62 C F

23:16 <Romulus> MTughan: 143.6

23:16 <MTughan> For all you yanks...

23:16 <MTughan> Tank_Master: Yeah, but it's better than 85C.

23:16 <zombie67> bah

23:16 <Tank_Master> this yank deals with C all day

23:17 <efc> suspend it in your hot water heater

23:17 <Tank_Master> true

23:17 <zombie67> my MBP is running at 90-100c

23:17 <MTughan> zombie67: Plug it in, take out the battery.

23:17 <Tank_Master> my core2duo runs at 34c full load

23:17 <zombie67> can't.  my dogs constantly knock out the plug

23:17 <MTughan> Tank_Master: And what kind of fan do you have on it?

23:17 <Tank_Master> thermal take typhoon

23:17 <Romulus> or try a remote reboot

23:18 <MTughan> zombie67: Well, that's what I've done here. Battery out, tons cooler.

23:18 <zombie67> No matter which projects run, I am still having the same problem.  It is there with 5.10.34 too

23:18 <MTughan> I suspect not too many people have 8-core systems.

23:19 <PovAddict> second try using gcc3 seems to be going better

23:19 <zombie67> anyone tried 5.8 with leopard?

23:19 <PovAddict> or not

23:19 <Tank_Master> I syspect 8way systems will be a lot more norm next year

23:19 <MTughan> Most people don't need that kind of computing power.

23:19 <Tank_Master> they already up to .8?

23:19 <PovAddict> I do :<

23:19 <PovAddict> Tank_Master: what do you mean "already up"?

23:20 <Tank_Master> Intel will have an 8way CPU with HT by next year

23:20 <MTughan> We're not exactly majority though.

23:20 <zombie67> 5.10.41 is latest

23:20 <Tank_Master> oh, was thinkin 5.8 was a revision ;)

23:20 <PovAddict> of leopard?

23:20 <Tank_Master> my bad ;)

23:20 <MTughan> lol

23:21 <Tank_Master> was thinkin you ment 10.5.8

23:21 <zombie67> heh, when I was suspending all the different projects, and I have keep in memory, I ran into the infamous waiting for memory problem.

23:21 <zombie67> fixed with the pirate hill method

23:22 <zombie67> any 4-way or greater mac runs into that eventually with BOINC

23:23 <zombie67> hmmm..  Wonder if it might be a temp thing?!

23:23 <MTughan> Doubt it.

23:23 <zombie67> what is that utility?  smp........

23:24 <MTughan> smbfancontrol I think...

23:24 <PovAddict> symmetric multiprocessing?

23:24 <zombie67>

23:24 <Romulus> <> (at

23:24 <zombie67> smcfancontrol

23:24 <zombie67> that's what I use on my MBP

23:24 <MTughan> smc, that's it.

23:25 <PovAddict> trying to compile boinc client under MinGW

23:25 <PovAddict> needing lots of tweaks, but it's sort of working

23:25 <PovAddict> yep, I have a boinccmd.exe

23:26 <PovAddict> attempting client

23:27 <zombie67> 65c

23:28 <zombie67> dang.  doesn't work with this machine.  others?

23:45 <PovAddict> &colorize test

23:45 <Romulus> PovAddict: test

23:50 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

23:50 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

23:50 <PovAddict> I hit a roadblock trying to build boinc

23:52 <Tank_Master> bwekeley is good at using roadblocks with BOINC

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