IRC logs of #boinc for Thursday, 2008-03-06

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00:07 <zombie67> ah!  you're from orbit!

00:07 <tricaric> yep

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00:10 <zombie67> How far away is work for Windows or OSX?

00:10 <zombie67> days?  weeks?  Months?

00:10 <zombie67> just trying to get an idea

00:10 <tricaric> well, some WUs are already in queue, for the test app "rng"...

00:11 <tricaric> more serious apps will come in maybe a couple weeks

00:11 <zombie67> Ah!  There's a win app just added!

00:11 <zombie67> sweet!

00:13 <zombie67> any plans for OSX?

00:13 <tricaric> that's also possible.. very few OSX hosts registered for now to orbit

00:13 <zombie67> heh.  that's 'cuz no apps

00:14 <tricaric> I see...

00:14 <zombie67> I have 6 I could attach.

00:15 <zombie67> for a breakdown look here:

00:15 <Romulus> <> (at

00:16 <zombie67> mac is a bit over 5%...and growing

00:16 <zombie67> they are up to about 10% of new sales now

00:17 <tricaric> OSX it's easier to compile than Win on average, so there should not be problems to keep the apps compiled on all 3 platforms..

00:17 <tricaric> it's mainly a matter of setting up the devel environment on each platform, and keep it updated and working as BOINC gets updated..

00:17 <zombie67> Cool.  I know OSX comes last.  Good to know it hasn't been ruled out

00:18 <tricaric> absolutely... I also plan to provide apps for x86-64 linux

00:19 <zombie67> nice.  you will prpbably get a lot of requests for win 64, assuming 64 bit improves performance

00:19 <zombie67> for your app

00:21 <tricaric> that's is a bit harder, I don't have such platform to compile on it... but orbit@home is going to release the sources of the app, os that volunteers can port it to whatever platform they wish

00:24 <zombie67> Ah!  great news.  There are a number of folks who have done that for all the open source projects.   They'll be begging for the source code.

00:26 <Wabbit98> right, it says KWSN already exists at Orbit, yet when I search for it; it does not show up

00:27 <tricaric> ?

00:28 <Wabbit98> The Knights Who Say Ni!

00:28 <Wabbit98> I created my account and tried to create the team

00:28 <Wabbit98> but it said it already existed

00:28 <Wabbit98> I went and searched for it and I could not find it

00:28 <Wabbit98> must be blind

00:32 <tricaric>

00:33 <Romulus> <> (at

00:33 <Wabbit98> thanks

00:34 <Romulus> this overgrown honeysuckle around my property doesn't stand a chance to spin down

00:34 <Wabbit98> when attaching do I want to use this url? :

00:34 <Romulus> Title: orbit@home (at

00:34 <tricaric> this should work:

00:34 <Romulus> Title: orbit@home (at

00:35 <Wabbit98> it worked

00:36 <zombie67> or use BAM

00:36 <Wabbit98> opps, might be no owkr yet for Win boxes

00:36 <Wabbit98> work

00:37 <zombie67> works just fine

00:37 <zombie67> just no work avail yet

00:38 <tricaric> I'm generating test WUs, but the system doesn't send them out... trying to figure out why...

00:38 <Wabbit98> I can't believe someone beat me and created the KWSN team first

00:38 <Wabbit98> tricaric, if it helps I am not getting any error messages about no work being sent

00:38 <tricaric> what does the client says?

00:39 <Wabbit98> 3/5/2008 9:38:16 PM|orbit@home|Sending scheduler request: To fetch work.  Requesting 2385 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks

00:39 <Wabbit98> 3/5/2008 9:38:21 PM|orbit@home|Scheduler request succeeded: got 0 new tasks

00:39 <Wabbit98> 3/5/2008 9:38:21 PM|orbit@home|Message from server: No work sent

00:41 <tricaric> thanks

00:41 <tricaric> yes, that's the problem... nothing gets sent, with no error... that makes it difficult to understand what's wrong..

00:41 <tricaric> ;)

00:41 <Wabbit98> as I said

00:41 <Wabbit98> it probably does not help much

00:42 <zombie67> calling POV!

00:43 <zombie67> naw

00:44 <zombie67> it's 3:43 Am there

00:44 <Wabbit98> call MT

00:44 <Romulus> Tanpaku is my ACO only takes a certin style of instance file is called "worker"?

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00:54 <Wabbit98> tricaric any ideas of why you are creating WU's, but that they are not going out?

00:56 <zombie67> wabbit, that is what he is here for

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00:56 <zombie67> he has been asking for help

00:56 <tricaric> not really... I'm checking the parameters of the WU, like flops limit and so... It looks connected to the right application in the db

00:56 <zombie67> problem is that it is 4:00 AM for POV

00:57 <tricaric> hey, don't worry... it's a learning process for me anyway

01:00 <zombie67> I have been watching admins bringing up many projects.  Never seen this problem before.

01:01 <Wabbit98> most of the time I get some sort of weird error

01:01 <Wabbit98> and sometimes BOINC has just shut down on me

01:06 <zombie67> tricaric. a request

01:06 <zombie67> can you please add a link to Server Status to the home page?

01:07 <zombie67>

01:07 <Romulus> Title: Server status page (at

01:07 <tricaric> sure, I plan to do this soon

01:07 <zombie67> thanks.  That is really helpful to let folks look on their own, rather than having to ask all the time.

01:11 <tricaric> done

01:16 <zombie67> really?

01:17 <tricaric> yep, in the Status menu of the main page

01:17 <zombie67> Ah!

01:17 <zombie67> Thanks.

01:18 <zombie67> But...folks familiar with BOINC won't be looking there.  They will be looking here:

01:18 <Romulus> Title: orbit@home (at

01:18 <zombie67> Here are some other project examples:

01:18 <Romulus> Title: TSP (at

01:19 <zombie67>

01:19 <Romulus> Title: MindModeling@Home (Beta) (at

01:19 <zombie67>

01:19 <Romulus> <> (at

01:23 <tricaric> OK, I'll add that later..

01:25 <zombie67> thanks again.

01:31 <Tank_Master> hey

01:31 <Tank_Master> the orbit guys is here to clean the galixy

01:31 <Tank_Master> ;)

01:31 <Wabbit98> the roomba will clean the universe

01:32 <Tank_Master> ahh

01:32 <Tank_Master> my bad

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01:41 <tricaric> it's working!!

01:41 <tricaric> sending out WUs now!

01:42 <Wabbit98> dang work is already gone

01:42 <tricaric> the problem was because I set the "beta" flag to 1 in the app description, and for some reason, no client wanted it

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01:43 <tricaric> it's a really quick test app, takes just seconds...

01:52 <zombie67> ah!

01:53 <zombie67> there is a project preference you can enable, that then users can turn on/off for test work

01:54 <zombie67> that is probably what that beta flag is for

01:54 <zombie67> It is officially "Run test applications?"

01:57 <zombie67> yeah, I received none too

01:57 <zombie67> major milestone!  celebrate!

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01:58 <Wabbit98> time to get drunk and party

01:59 <nickuwo> way ahead of ya

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02:00 <Tank_Master> lol

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02:01 <Wabbit98> right

02:03 <tricaric> yes, I found this now:

02:03 <Romulus> Title: BetaTest - BOINC - Trac (at

02:08 <Wabbit98> tricaric problem

02:08 <Wabbit98> 3/5/2008 11:04:27 PM|orbit@home|[error] Signature verification failed for rng.input.dat

02:08 <Wabbit98> 3/5/2008 11:04:27 PM|orbit@home|[error] Checksum or signature error for rng.input.dat

02:08 <Wabbit98> tried to download some WU's, they all failed

02:09 <Wabbit98> 3/5/2008 11:06:29 PM|orbit@home|Temporarily failed download of rng_1.0_windows_intelx86.exe: http error

02:09 <tricaric> thanks

02:09 <Wabbit98> it was an ugly sight

02:09 <Wabbit98> so many download failed

02:11 <Wabbit98> and now time for bed

02:12 <tricaric> 'night

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02:26 <efc> my new telescope project:

02:37 <zombie67> yeah, can't d/l the exe

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04:11 <mweltin> who kons anything aobut this single job submission for boinc?

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04:25 <zombie67> no one but DA

04:25 <zombie67> tricaric needs your help if is still awake

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04:41 * KathrynM is back (gone 06:08:44)

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04:53 <CoderForLife> morning

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04:53 <CoderForLife> so that's what 8 hours of sleep feels like

04:53 <KathrynM> mornin

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04:57 <CoderForLife> um-gah-wah  need breakfast  be back

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04:58 <Tidus> hi all

04:58 <KathrynM> hi

05:01 <Tidus> how is everybody today?

05:05 <KathrynM> tired.  long day at work

05:06 <Tidus> same here. except instead of long day at work, replace with long day taking care of sick fiancee

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05:15 <CoderForLife> back

05:15 <KathrynM_> wb

05:15 <CoderForLife> thx

05:15 <CoderForLife> my, you've grown a tail

05:16 <KathrynM_> yeah, I got kicked off.

05:16 <KathrynM_> Waiting for KathrynM to go away :)

05:16 <CoderForLife> yeah, she can be a problem sometimes

05:16 <KathrynM_> a real pita :)

05:17 <CoderForLife> um-hmm

05:17 * CoderForLife politely doesn't type with his mouth full

05:17 <KathrynM_> lol

05:19 <CoderForLife> &weather 45140

05:19 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 30.0F / -1.1C | Humidity: 100% | Pressure: 29.99in / 1015.5hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 1.2mph / 1.9km/h ; Today - Partly sunny early this morning...then becoming mostly cloudy. Highs in the upper 40s. Southwest winds around 5 mph... becoming northwest this afternoon.; Tonight - Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of snow after midnight. (2 more messages)

05:19 <CoderForLife> &more

05:19 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Lows in the upper 20s. North winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 20 percent.; Friday - Snow in the morning...mixing with sleet...rain and freezing rain in the afternoon. Snow and sleet accumulation of 1 to 3 inches. Ice accumulation around a trace. Highs in the mid 30s. North winds around 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Chance of precipitation 100 percent.; Winter Storm Watch for Hamilton County (1 more message)

05:20 <CoderForLife> 1 to 3 inches for white death

05:20 <KathrynM_> oooo...  a cat fight outside my aparment building

05:20 <CoderForLife> *of

05:20 <KathrynM_> yowling cats

05:20 <KathrynM_> eek

05:20 <CoderForLife> bet they sound eerie

05:20 <CoderForLife> &more

05:20 <Romulus> CoderForLife: in effect until 7:00 PM EST on March 08, 2008; Flood Warning for Hamilton County in effect until 7:40 AM EST on March 07, 2008;

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05:24 <CoderForLife> brb  one of my boxes is locked up after all the network gyrations yesterday

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05:50 <clusty> KathrynM, is she pulling her hair?

05:50 <clusty> :D

05:52 <KathrynM> :)

05:52 <KathrynM> LOl clusty

05:52 <clusty> :D

05:53 <clusty> nice to twist ppl's words aint it?

05:53 <KathrynM> lol

05:53 <clusty> i guess you are not into metal

05:53 <clusty> heard of a band called nightwish?

05:53 <Romulus> I see, no I wouldn't rush off to bed...

05:54 <KathrynM> nope

05:55 <clusty> well there is some youtube funny misheard lyricsa

05:56 <CoderForLife> ack

05:57 <CoderForLife> looks like the uplink port from my 13-year-old 10mpbs Synoptics hub to my NetGeat 100mbps switch has gone out

05:57 <CoderForLife> I *hate* it when that happens

05:58 <CoderForLife> NetGear*

05:58 * CoderForLife plots his remediation approach

05:59 <clusty> CoderForLife, i am very disappointed with my netgear router

05:59 <clusty> i torrent quite a bit and need to be able to route a lot off connections at the same time

06:00 <Romulus> that was the amount of data?

06:00 <clusty> &stfu

06:00 * Romulus shuts up (fingers crossed)

06:02 <CoderForLife> My NetGear switch has been great

06:02 <CoderForLife> I also have a spare

06:02 <CoderForLife> NetGear FVS 338 I believe

06:03 <clusty> well my router was cheapo, true

06:03 <clusty> but same pricerange linksys did much better

06:04 <CoderForLife> Looks like my old Synoptics hub can't uplink to the NetGear switch after the broadband stuff yesterday

06:05 <CoderForLife> net impact today is that I have a bunch of boinc machines that can't speak to the Internet

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06:09 <clusty> CoderForLife, how many boinc clients are you running?

06:11 <KathrynM> lol

06:11 <KathrynM> The Linux philosophy is ‘Laugh in the face of danger.’ Oops. Wrong one. ‘Do it yourself.’ Yes, that’s it.

06:12 <CoderForLife> back

06:12 <CoderForLife> looks like I'm going to order this:

06:13 <Romulus> <> (at

06:13 <CoderForLife> for delivery tomorrow

06:15 <CoderForLife> I currently have an 8 port 10mbps hub there

06:18 <CoderForLife> back to data center to prove a theory before ordering

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07:04 <CoderForLife> all fixed

07:05 <CoderForLife> it was a cabling mixup from the work yesterday

07:05 <CoderForLife> I was supposed to be at my desk at work 6 minutes ago

07:05 <CoderForLife> time to get ready to go, I guess

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07:05 <CoderForLife> laters

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08:52 <clusty> fishsponge, how did you solve your boinc issue?

09:00 <KathrynM> clusty, is there a way to find out if a crontab is going to blow up when cron gets around to running it?  basically I want to know if I majorly screwed up anything.

09:02 <clusty> hmmm

09:02 <clusty> try running command by hand

09:02 <fishsponge> clusty: i solved it by just using 5.10.21 in the end!

09:02 <KathrynM> hmmmmm

09:02 <clusty> and eyeball that the syntax is ok

09:02 <KathrynM> I wonder if I should just take my chances.

09:02 <KathrynM> It's nothing major.

09:02 <clusty> take chances

09:02 <clusty> :D

09:02 <KathrynM> lol

09:03 <clusty> install mutt

09:03 <clusty> so you can read emails it sends you

09:03 <KathrynM> I've got pine ;)

09:03 <clusty> fine

09:03 <KathrynM> That's part of what I wrote the crontab for.  To do monthly mailboxes

09:03 <clusty> i am a mutt :D

09:03 <KathrynM> woof

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09:05 <PovAddict> meow

09:06 <KathrynM> lol

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09:08 <clusty> bettins will continue till the boket returns

09:08 <clusty> :D

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09:10 <KathrynM> well, I'll know in the morning if something blew up.

09:11 <KathrynM> Actually I'll know in about 50 minutes :)

09:11 <KathrynM> But I'm going to bed.

09:12 <Tank_Master> gn

09:12 <Tank_Master> n I just got up

09:12 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

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09:55 <BadBarbarian> Mornin

09:55 <BadBarbarian> &weather 86046

09:55 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: Temperature: 25.3F / -3.7C | Humidity: 44% | Pressure: 23.68in / 801.8hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 5.8mph / 9.3km/h ; Today - Breezy. Sunny. Highs 36 to 42. Northeast winds 15 to 25 mph with higher gusts.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows 11 to 19. Northeast winds 15 to 20 mph.; Friday - Not as cool. Mostly sunny. Highs 44 to 50. Northeast around 15 mph.;

09:55 <BadBarbarian> &weather 86023

09:55 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: Temperature: 12F / -11.1C | Humidity: 91% | Pressure: in / hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 1mph / 1.6km/h ; Today - Sunny. Highs around 33 on the North Rim to around 58 along the Colorado River. Light winds becoming north around 15 mph in the afternoon.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows around 13 on the North Rim to around 27 along the Colorado River. North winds (1 more message)

09:55 <BadBarbarian> &more

09:55 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: around 15 mph in the evening becoming light.; Friday - Not as cool. Mostly sunny. Highs around 41 on the North Rim to around 65 along the Colorado River. Light winds.;

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13:38 <wdsmia> &weather 50319

13:38 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 30.6F / -0.8C | Humidity: 65% | Pressure: 30.19in / 1022.2hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 4.0mph / 6.4km/h ; Today - Partly sunny. High around 30. West wind near 10 mph.; Tonight - Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of snow. Low 5 to 10 above. Northeast wind 5 to 10 mph shifting to the north around 15 mph after midnight. Gusts up to 25 (1 more message)

13:38 <wdsmia> &more

13:38 <Romulus> wdsmia: mph. Wind chill readings 5 to 10 below.; Friday - Partly sunny until late afternoon then clearing. Colder. High around 15. North wind around 15 mph. Wind chill readings 5 to 10 below.;

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17:16 * KathrynM is back (gone 08:04:05)

17:17 <CoderForLife> greetings Boinc Fans everywhere and all the ships at sea

17:18 <KathrynM> mornin

17:18 <CoderForLife> I wish

17:18 <CoderForLife> &weather 45140

17:18 <Romulus> CoderForLife: The current temperature in Mitchell Farm, Miami Township, Ohio, Loveland, Ohio is 45.7F (5:17 PM EST on March 06, 2008). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 37.4F. Windchill: 46.4F. Pressure: 30.11 in 1019.5 hPa (Steady).  Winter Storm Watch in effect from Friday morning through Saturday evening...

17:18 <KathrynM> it's friday here

17:18 <CoderForLife> wattup with Rommie and the weather

17:18 <KathrynM> I was just gonna ask :)

17:19 <KathrynM> &weather Ulsan

17:19 <Romulus> KathrynM: Error: HTTP Error 500: Server Error

17:19 <CoderForLife> hmm

17:20 <CoderForLife> &oldweather

17:20 <Romulus> I don't have a clue!

17:20 <KathrynM> &weather Seoul

17:20 <Romulus> KathrynM: The current temperature in Seoul Kimpo Airport, South Korea is 26.6F (7:00 AM KST on March 07, 2008). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 24.8F. Windchill: 26.6F. Pressure: 30.33 in 1027 hPa (Rising).

17:20 * KathrynM is glad I'm further south

17:20 <CoderForLife> something changed somewhere

17:21 <PovAddict> &weather buenos aires

17:21 <Romulus> PovAddict: Error: HTTP Error 500: Server Error

17:21 <PovAddict> looks like it will finally stop raining

17:21 <KathrynM> lol

17:21 <CoderForLife> &weather 50319

17:21 <Romulus> CoderForLife: The current temperature in Drake Neighborhood, Des Moines, Iowa is 32.5F (4:21 PM CST on March 06, 2008). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: 17.6F. Windchill: 32.0F. Pressure: 30.21 in 1022.9 hPa (Falling).

17:22 <CoderForLife> I want the forecast, not the current conditions.  Compare this to wdsmia's earlier.

17:23 <CoderForLife> &help weather

17:23 <Romulus> CoderForLife: (weather <US zip code | US/Canada city, state | Foreign city, country>) -- Returns the approximate weather conditions for a given city.

17:23 <Romulus> i suggest you dont attach for now

17:23 <CoderForLife> thanks for the sage advice, silicon brain

17:24 <CoderForLife> &weather 45140

17:24 <KathrynM> lol

17:24 <Romulus> CoderForLife: The current temperature in Mitchell Farm, Miami Township, Ohio, Loveland, Ohio is 45.5F (5:22 PM EST on March 06, 2008). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 37.4F. Windchill: 42.8F. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019.2 hPa (Steady).  Winter Storm Watch in effect from Friday morning through Saturday evening...

17:24 <CoderForLife> &weather 45201

17:24 <Romulus> CoderForLife: The current temperature in Covedale, Cincinnati, Ohio is 43.2F (5:24 PM EST on March 06, 2008). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 46%. Dew Point: 23.0F. Windchill: 39.2F. Pressure: 30.11 in 1019.5 hPa (Steady).  Winter Storm Watch in effect from Friday morning through Saturday evening...

17:24 <KathrynM> &weather 44137

17:24 <CoderForLife> nutz

17:24 <Romulus> KathrynM: The current temperature in Chadbourne Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio is 34.9F (5:24 PM EST on March 06, 2008). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 32.0F. Windchill: 35.6F. Pressure: 30.16 in 1021.2 hPa (Rising).  Winter Storm Watch in effect from Friday afternoon through late Saturday night...

17:24 <KathrynM> wow.  totally wrong city too

17:24 <KathrynM> not that far off, but still wrong

17:25 <CoderForLife> yeah 45201 is downtown Cincinnati

17:25 <CoderForLife> Covedale is a bit north

17:25 <CoderForLife> let me try w@#%

17:25 <CoderForLife> &weather 45242

17:25 <KathrynM> &weather 44125

17:25 <Romulus> CoderForLife: The current temperature in Sharonville, 2NE, Sharonville, Ohio is 45.1F (4:55 PM EST on March 06, 2008). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 35.6F. Windchill: 44.6F. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019.2 hPa (Steady).  Winter Storm Watch in effect from Friday morning through Saturday evening...

17:25 <Romulus> KathrynM: The current temperature in Pearl and Ridge, Parma, Ohio is 37.0F (5:25 PM EST on March 06, 2008). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 30.2F. Windchill: 37.4F. Pressure: 30.21 in 1022.9 hPa (Rising).  Winter Storm Watch in effect from Friday afternoon through late Saturday night...

17:25 <KathrynM> that's even futher off ;)

17:26 <KathrynM> and in the opposite direction too

17:26 <CoderForLife> as far as I'm concerned, weather is broken on Rommie

17:26 <KathrynM> I think we've conculsively determined that

17:28 *** nickuwo has joined #BOINC


17:29 <wdsmia> &weather 50319

17:29 <Romulus> wdsmia: The current temperature in Drake Neighborhood, Des Moines, Iowa is 32.5F (4:28 PM CST on March 06, 2008). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 15.8F. Windchill: 32.0F. Pressure: 30.21 in 1022.9 hPa (Falling).


17:29 <PovAddict> ew caps


17:30 * KathrynM shudders

17:30 <KathrynM> yuck

17:30 <CoderForLife> when you don't have Rommie, you get your weather in whatever caps you can

17:30 <KathrynM> lol

17:30 <wdsmia>

17:31 <Romulus> <> (at

17:31 <wdsmia> 8M

17:31 <wdsmia> :)

17:31 <CoderForLife> Doug is 99.982% pure boinc

17:32 <CoderForLife> I found my problem this morning - didn't have to order any replacement network components

17:33 <KathrynM> nice

17:33 <KathrynM> I found a typo in my new crontab :/

17:33 <CoderForLife> when working with the cable guy, 3 nearly identical gray cables got confused

17:33 <KathrynM> which may actually be a good thing because I think if I hadn't make the typo cron would have blown up

17:33 <KathrynM> you need colored ribbons to tie on them :)

17:34 <CoderForLife> I was an hour late for w@#%, but my servers could report boinc results =)

17:34 <KathrynM> well that's all that imporant

17:34 <KathrynM> important even

17:34 <CoderForLife> indeed

17:34 <CoderForLife> both

17:34 * CoderForLife runs another speedtest

17:36 <PovAddict> official iPhone SDK announced today

17:36 <PovAddict> some bastard on IRC was bragging about how fast he downloaded it

17:36 <PovAddict>

17:36 <CoderForLife>

17:37 <CoderForLife> omg

17:37 <PovAddict> indeed

17:37 <PovAddict> apple developer site went down

17:37 <PovAddict> overloaded

17:37 <CoderForLife> 8 ms ping

17:37 <PovAddict> with all the downloads

17:38 <CoderForLife> must be on Internet2

17:38 <PovAddict> or within the same LAN as the speedtest server...

17:38 <CoderForLife> that's an unholy amount of bandwidth

17:38 <PovAddict> yours seems unholy to me too

17:38 <CoderForLife> lol

17:38 <PovAddict> can't do a speedtest myself now

17:38 <CoderForLife> it's a nice bump up

17:38 <PovAddict> downloading via http *and* bittorrent at the same time

17:39 <CoderForLife> since they swapped the modem and fixed the configuration

17:39 <CoderForLife> I wish I had more upload speed

17:39 <KathrynM> glad they got it fixed for you

17:39 <CoderForLife> considering the web sites I host

17:39 <Romulus> anyway, I must head back into w@#% - got a few people really do it

17:39 <CoderForLife> thx K

17:40 <CoderForLife> pick up some weather forecasts on the way, Rommie

17:42 *** nickuwo has quit IRC

17:47 <KathrynM> anyone feel like figuring out how to change a script so it doesn't require user intervention.  I want to run it with cron, but I don't want it to blow up in the middle of the night :)

17:48 <BadBarbarian> 'lo Kat & CFL

17:49 <KathrynM> mornin BadBarbarian

17:49 <BadBarbarian> lol late afternoon here

17:49 <KathrynM> not quite 8 am yet

17:50 <PovAddict> &tiny

17:50 <Romulus> <> (at

17:51 <Romulus> PovAddict:

17:52 <CoderForLife> Hello BB

17:53 <CoderForLife> eat your tin heart out Rommie

17:54 <CoderForLife> just for reference, the "A" in CINCINNATI is pointing at my house

17:56 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

17:58 <CoderForLife> congrats on th 8M wdsmia =)

18:01 <CoderForLife>

18:01 <Romulus> <$> (at

18:05 <CoderForLife> down to the couch

18:05 * CoderForLife finds that he is already "away"

18:06 <CoderForLife> probably explains the strange out-of-body feeling I was having

18:18 <zombie67> where's my iphone BOINC client?

18:41 <BadBarbarian> lol are you on the I thing again Zombie

18:42 <zombie67> I just figured pov should have written it by now

18:42 <PovAddict> I didn't do anything

18:42 <BadBarbarian> go figure lol...

18:42 <PovAddict> I just sent somebody the link and let him do it

18:42 <PovAddict> last I heard from him... "real life/work got in the way"

18:43 *** CoderOnTheCouch has joined #boinc

18:43 <KathrynM> too you a while to get to that couch?  where was it?  Cleveland?

18:43 <BadBarbarian> with the new intel cpu you might be able to run vista on your phone only uses 3.5 watts

18:44 <CoderOnTheCouch> there was a bowl of ice cream in my way

18:44 <KathrynM> lol

18:44 <KathrynM> I hate when those bowls of icecream just jump into my path

18:44 <CoderOnTheCouch> never fear COTC is here

18:44 <CoderOnTheCouch> yeah - into every life a little ice cream must fall

18:45 <PovAddict> \o/

18:45 <CoderOnTheCouch> lol

18:45 <KathrynM> ok CoderOnTheCouch,

18:45 <Romulus> Title: general pastebin - Anonymous - post number 931132 (at

18:45 <zombie67> TM, you there?

18:45 <KathrynM> give me a hint on what to change so it will run unatteneded

18:46 <Romulus> [21:44] <TheGasGiant> do you mean I spelled it correctly?

18:47 <KathrynM> every once in a while you get something right rommie

18:48 <CoderOnTheCouch> um - you'll need to pass the answers to the "read"s as parameters

18:49 <zombie67> I did a comparison between three projects with 64 bit apps (that are actually faster w/ 64 bit), and Einstein with the new opt app.

18:49 <zombie67> TSP BF, ABC, PG Sieve

18:49 <zombie67> across 6 machines

18:49 <zombie67> 80 results for each machine at each project

18:50 <zombie67> Except for einstein.  I have only a few for each machine there

18:50 <zombie67> the results are pretty interesting

18:50 <KathrynM> oh that helps :/

18:50 <zombie67>

18:50 <Romulus> Title: "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." -- H.L. Mencken (at

18:50 * KathrynM wishes I wasn't such an idiot

18:50 <zombie67> the file is 64_bit_analysis.xls

18:51 <zombie67> the 3 machines are a C2D, two AMD X2s, and 3 PD 9xx

18:52 <zombie67> For TSP, one of the AMDs was actually faster than the C2D!

18:53 <zombie67> By machine, the project that earned the most credits was ABC, but not by much!  The exception was the C2D which did best at PG

18:55 <zombie67> also, with the C2D, the 32 bit opt app for einstein generated almost as much c/h as ABC.

18:57 <zombie67> I was impressed with the performance of the X2 vs. PDs.  For the 32 bit stuff, they are not as competitive.

19:00 *** efc has joined #boinc

19:01 <CoderOnTheCouch> moooo

19:01 <KathrynM> oink

19:03 <efc> hey

19:04 *** nickuwo has joined #BOINC

19:05 *** mweltin has joined #boinc

19:05 <nickuwo> my wrapper is looking for job.xml but my job file gets downloaded as job_5.40.xml....

19:05 <PovAddict> job.xml is on your application?

19:05 <mweltin> job.xml=job_5.40.xml

19:06 <PovAddict> yea what he said

19:06 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

19:06 <mweltin> should be the file name

19:06 <nickuwo> in /donwloads/

19:06 <nickuwo> ?

19:06 <mweltin> no in apps/

19:06 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

19:06 <mweltin> it gets copied to downloads

19:07 <nickuwo> it is, but when I run update versions, it renames it to job_5.40.xml

19:07 <mweltin> but you need that long filename

19:07 *** Fjodor has quit IRC

19:07 <KathrynM> laters all.  enjoy your $TIMEOFDAY

19:07 <mweltin> for example my job.xml file is called

19:07 <mweltin> job.xml=job_1.1.xml

19:07 <nickuwo> ane then my lcient downloads it as that name

19:07 *** Fjodor has joined #boinc

19:07 <mweltin> bye KathrynM

19:08 *** soul_ is now known as Soul_keeper

19:08 <mweltin> yes, but the wrapper knows what to look for job.xml

19:08 <nickuwo> hmm

19:08 <mweltin> yeah

19:08 <nickuwo> mine does not :(

19:08 <mweltin> its all on that wiki page

19:08 <Romulus> i whipped up one for my distro

19:08 <mweltin> you have to make a new version and then run update_vesions

19:08 <nickuwo> ok

19:11 <mweltin> I went through the same sing with Pov just this Monday.

19:12 <nickuwo> did you have signature probs too?

19:12 <nickuwo> cause I am

19:12 <mweltin> no

19:12 <mweltin> are you signing everything in the apps dir?

19:12 <nickuwo> yea

19:13 <nickuwo> even when I let update_versions sign everything my client tells me the sigs do not match

19:13 <mweltin> where are the keys?

19:13 <mweltin> in the project dir?

19:13 <mweltin> I had a similar problem

19:13 <nickuwo> in the keys dir

19:14 <nickuwo> I think

19:14 <mweltin> what are the perms on the keys?

19:14 <nickuwo> perms?

19:14 <nickuwo> oh

19:14 <nickuwo> lemme check

19:18 *** cactaur has joined #boinc

19:18 <nickuwo> for a minute i thought you were talking about their hairstyles

19:18 <nickuwo> mmmm the 70's

19:20 <mweltin> try 644

19:20 <mweltin> not the safest option

19:21 <mweltin> but should work at least to see if it is a permission issue.

19:21 <mweltin> As I recall the webserver needs to be able to read them.

19:21 <mweltin> I have apache running as an apache user, and that user belongs to the boinc group

19:21 <mweltin> so I have 640 and that works.

19:26 <nickuwo> ok

19:27 *** flight16 has joined #boinc

19:32 <nickuwo> should I use sign_executable to sign all files in apps or just executables?

19:33 <nickuwo> prolly all

19:33 <CoderOnTheCouch> off 4 2 nite

19:33 <CoderOnTheCouch> c u

19:34 *** CoderOnTheCouch has quit IRC

19:37 *** cactaur has quit IRC

19:38 <mweltin> no crypt_prog

19:39 <nickuwo> I thought I used crypt_prog to generate keys, then sign them with sgin_executable

19:40 <mweltin> could be but I use crypt_prog to sign them as well, that always worked for me.

19:40 <nickuwo> like crypt_prog -sign "file" private_keyfile"

19:41 <mweltin> > file.sig

19:41 <nickuwo> ok

19:41 <nickuwo> hmm

19:41 <mweltin> crypt_prog -sign file privatekey > file.sig

19:41 <nickuwo> I used -test_crypt and it printed "out:foobar"

19:41 <nickuwo> wtf?

19:43 *** cactaur has joined #boinc

19:44 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

19:47 *** cactaur has quit IRC

19:47 *** cactaur has joined #boinc

19:51 <mweltin> haha

19:51 <mweltin> cat file.sig

19:51 <nickuwo> ?

19:51 <mweltin> should look like a typical sig file

19:53 <nickuwo> signature verification error

19:53 <nickuwo> all files

19:54 <mweltin> so you made a new directory signed all the files adn ran update_versions?

19:54 <nickuwo> yea

19:54 <mweltin> or jsut updated the signature

19:54 <nickuwo> new dir, etc.

19:54 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

19:57 <mweltin> well nickuwo I'm not sure whatelse to do.

19:57 <mweltin> that is strange

19:57 <nickuwo> I know... I don't get it.

19:58 <nickuwo> it worked fine with the worker example prog

19:58 <Romulus> thats the only reason why I'm using for my distro

19:58 <mweltin> what are the perms on the keys dir itself?

20:00 <nickuwo> drwxr-xr-x

20:00 <mweltin> and 744 inside?

20:00 <mweltin> or 644 inside

20:00 <nickuwo> I think so, chmod 644 filename right?

20:01 <mweltin> yeah

20:01 <nickuwo> hmm

20:01 <nickuwo> I think I'll send this one to the mailing list

20:01 <nickuwo> :)

20:02 <mweltin> are you making one workunit at a time?

20:02 <mweltin> are tehere a ton of WU's out there.

20:02 <nickuwo> there's always at least 10

20:03 <mweltin> its just a guess buy you many have problems with older workunits may have problems with

20:03 <nickuwo> I deleted all the old workunits before retrying this time...

20:03 <mweltin> cancle all old workunits and

20:03 <mweltin> ahh

20:09 <mweltin> sorry I wasn't more help

20:09 <nickuwo> it's all good, how's yer proj coming?

20:10 <nickuwo> wrapper is still lookin for job.xml as well

20:10 <nickuwo> hmpf

20:10 <mweltin> you named the file job.xml=job_1.5.xml ?

20:11 <nickuwo> yea

20:11 <nickuwo> in apps

20:11 <nickuwo> job.xml=job_5.50.xml

20:11 <mweltin> well apps/appname/appname_version_number ?

20:12 <nickuwo> yea

20:12 <nickuwo> its apps/ramsey/wrapper_5.5_windows_intelx86.exe/job.xml=job_5.50.xml

20:13 <nickuwo> 5.50 that is

20:14 *** cactaur has quit IRC

20:14 <nickuwo> I'm just executing wrapper in a command prompt in windows... does job_5.50.xml get passed as a command line?

20:14 <mweltin> my wrapper is named after the app name.

20:15 <mweltin> boinc deals with that so I'm not sure

20:15 <nickuwo> like /apps/ramsey/ramsey_5.50_windows_intelx86.exe/

20:15 <mweltin> that is how mine is named

20:15 <nickuwo> maybe ill try that

20:15 <mweltin> for example I have a tsp/apps/aco/aco_1.1_i686-pc-linux-gnu

20:15 <nickuwo> even though it's wrapped?

20:16 <mweltin> and the files in there are wrapper is aco_1.1_i686-pc-linux-gnu

20:16 <mweltin> and the real app is named aco=acoAlgo_1.1_i686-pc-linux-gnu

20:16 <nickuwo> hmm

20:16 <mweltin> and of course I have the job.xml=job_1.1.xml

20:16 <nickuwo> yea

20:16 <nickuwo> I'll try that

20:17 <mweltin> everythign worked in the example because it was supposed to be called wrapper, but I don't thing it should be called wrapper for the app.

20:17 <mweltin> I could be wrong, I'm very very new to the wrapper

20:18 <nickuwo> and in job.xml you have aco inside <application>

20:19 <mweltin> yes

20:32 *** cactaur has joined #boinc

20:33 <nickuwo> no dice :(

20:34 <mweltin> you are kidding me.

20:35 <mweltin> same key error?

20:35 <nickuwo> total bummer

20:35 <nickuwo> idk

20:35 <nickuwo> maybe I should start over

20:36 <mweltin> I'd turn off the workgenerator for one thing

20:36 <nickuwo> tried that :)

20:36 <mweltin> just make them one at a time until its working

20:36 <nickuwo> [error] no close tag in scheduler reply ...

20:37 <nickuwo> man, BOINC is hard

20:37 <mweltin> its picky

20:37 <nickuwo> true dat

20:38 <mweltin> I never got that error.

20:38 <mweltin> If Pov were here he would have you straight in 5 imin.

20:38 <mweltin> few understand boinc as well as he

20:38 <nickuwo> :)

20:38 <nickuwo> hopefully the mailing list will have somthing to say about it

20:39 <mweltin> yes they are good, and David Anderson reads that as well.

20:41 <mweltin> ok I have to go now.

20:41 <nickuwo> have a good one

20:41 <nickuwo> thanks :)

20:41 <mweltin> sorry nickuwo that I couldn't help you through it all.

20:41 <nickuwo> don't worrk bout it

20:41 <mweltin> maybe next time I'll get lucky

20:41 *** mweltin has quit IRC

20:41 <Tank_Master> mw!

20:41 <Tank_Master> crap

20:41 <Tank_Master> talk about just missing someone

20:42 *** tricaric has joined #boinc

20:45 <tricaric> hi

20:45 <tricaric> I have a teams question

20:46 <tricaric> on orbit, many complain about new teams registered by somebody that is not the original founder...

20:46 <tricaric> how can I fix that, to give priority to BOINC-wide teams?

20:55 <Tank_Master> the BOINC-Wide list should be imported when the project started.  Doing so now may cause duplicate team names

20:56 <Tank_Master> As for the team caption, eith edit it manually, or have them wait the 2 months to the transfer to happen on its own.  If the person who is the founder and shouldnt be, and they block the transfer, then manual intervantion is nessicary on the part of the project admin(s)

20:57 <Tank_Master> This is my current understanding on how this works

20:57 <Tank_Master> but someone else may have a better understanding on the backend and give you other solutions

21:13 *** [RKN]frost has joined #boinc

21:16 *** [RKN]frost has quit IRC

21:17 <tricaric> OK, so I'll just need to wait and it will transfer, if the users don't interfere, right?

21:31 *** frost has quit IRC

21:58 * KathrynM is back (gone 02:52:00)

22:07 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

22:20 *** PriitM_ has joined #boinc

22:31 <MTughan> Awesome... My BOINC Manager and corresponding BOINC framework are now under GPL.

22:33 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

22:36 *** Priit_M has quit IRC

23:32 *** PovIpod has joined #boinc

23:33 *** BiteAbleKat has joined #boinc

23:33 *** BiteAbleKat is now known as tamar

23:33 *** PovIpod has quit IRC

23:33 *** tamar is now known as BiteAbleKat

23:33 *** d00m1001 has quit IRC

23:33 *** PovIpod has joined #boinc

23:37 <MTughan> 'lo PovIpod

23:37 <PovIpod> hey

23:37 <MTughan> Not sure what colloQ does with that...

23:38 <PovIpod> did you hear about apple's announcement today?

23:38 <MTughan> What do you think of using to host my BOINC Manager?

23:38 <MTughan> Nope...

23:38 *** d00m1001 has joined #boinc

23:38 <PovIpod> official sdk

23:38 <MTughan> For the iPhone/iPod touch?

23:39 <PovIpod> yep

23:39 <PovIpod>

23:39 <MTughan> I know the URL...

23:44 <MTughan> And I can now download the SDK... Seems it just plugs right into Xcode.

23:45 <PovIpod> yup

23:45 <MTughan> Must include a compiler.

23:45 <PovIpod> and an iPhone emulator too

23:46 <Romulus> I don't know how to find..

23:46 <MTughan> Nice.

23:47 <PovIpod> you should really watch the announcement video :)

23:50 <MTughan> Not right now.

23:52 <MTughan> Oh, and the beta Einstein app is a huge increase on my Mac. Usual was ~30h/WU. Last I checked, it was on track for 8.5h. :D

23:58 <MTughan>

23:58 <Romulus> <> (at

23:59 <PovIpod>

23:59 <PovIpod> vid 4 download

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