IRC logs of #boinc for Saturday, 2008-04-12

00:00 <MTughan> &cad

00:00 <Romulus>

00:01 <MTughan> Another choice comic!

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00:08 <xcamel_mx> anyone still up?

00:08 <PovAddict> hola xcamel :)

00:08 <xcamel_mx> hola, PoV

00:09 <xcamel_mx> a little mirc action from mexico...

00:09 <xcamel_mx> data rate is pretty good too...

00:09 <PovAddict> how was your flight?

00:10 <xcamel_mx> long, but no troubles..

00:10 <xcamel_mx> &wx MMLP

00:10 <Romulus> xcamel_mx: Temperature: 70°F / 21°C | Humidity: 53% | Pressure: 29.89in / 1012hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h | Updated: 9:47 PM MDT; Clear. High:82 F. / 28 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:57 F. / 14 C.; Clear. High:91 F. / 33 C.; Clear. Low:59 F. / 15 C.; Clear. High:93 F. / 34 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:60 F. / 16 C.;

00:11 <xcamel_mx> well... I'll check in again soon.. it's kinda late, and been a long day...

00:12 * xcamel_mx crawls off to bed..

00:12 <xcamel_mx> laterz..

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00:47 <zombie67> Hey!  ABC Beta is up!  At least the web pages.

00:47 <zombie67> how long has that been?

00:48 <Wabbit67> months

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00:56 <nickuwo> anyone know what this means - undefined reference to `get_output_file_paths(RESULT const&, std::vector<std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >, std::allocator<std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > > >&)' ?  I'm pretty sure I'm including everything correctly...

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04:50 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

04:51 <CoderForLife> &ping

04:51 <Romulus> pong

04:51 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Error: timed out

04:51 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

04:52 <CoderForLife> &wx MMLP

04:52 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 46.2F / 7.9C | Humidity: 66% | Pressure: 29.31in / 992.4hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Partly sunny with a slight chance of showers this morning...then cloudy with a chance of showers this afternoon. Highs around 50. West winds 15 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent.; Tonight - Cloudy. A chance of showers in the (2 more messages)

04:52 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 68°F / 20°C | Humidity: 50% | Pressure: 29.89in / 1012hPa | Conditions: | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 7mph / 11km/h | Updated: 11:50 PM MDT; Clear. High:84 F. / 29 C.; Clear. Low:59 F. / 15 C.; Clear. High:93 F. / 34 C.; Clear. Low:60 F. / 16 C.; Clear. High:96 F. / 36 C.; Clear. Low:60 F. / 16 C.;

04:52 <CoderForLife> &more

04:52 <Romulus> CoderForLife: evening...then showers likely after midnight. Lows in the mid 30s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Chance of rain 60 percent.; Sunday - Rain or snow showers likely in the morning...then rain showers likely in the afternoon. Little or no snow accumulation. Unseasonably cold with highs in the mid 40s. West winds around 10 mph...becoming north in the afternoon. Chance of (1 more message)

04:53 <CoderForLife> &more

04:53 <Romulus> CoderForLife: precipitation 60 percent.;

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06:21 <CoderForLife> to the store - bbl

06:25 * KathrynM is back (gone 10:56:37)

06:26 <CoderForLife> just because you see me leave doesn't make it safe to come out =)

06:27 <CoderForLife> KathrynM

06:28 * CoderForLife sighs

06:28 * CoderForLife is really gone

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08:53 <Texou> hi

08:54 <KathrynM> hello

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08:58 <MTughan> That's the one thing about Linux... You can't change the display on command. You have to log out and back in. bbiab

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08:59 <MTughan> All right, display's working fine now. It looked something like what it would when it's not at native res, but it was.

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09:01 <CoderForLife> morning folks

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09:01 <corky> morning CoderForLife

09:01 * corky tests :D

09:01 <corky> :)

09:01 <corky> ok, lol, but now serious:

09:01 <CoderForLife> hello corky KathrynM MTughan Aeternus

09:02 <KathrynM> mornin' CoderForLife

09:02 <corky> "estimated CPU time remaining: [value]" but in what is the value presented?

09:02 <CoderForLife> fortnights

09:02 <corky> seconds?

09:02 <Aeternus> hi

09:02 <KathrynM> probably seconds

09:03 <CoderForLife> jiffys

09:03 <CoderForLife>

09:03 <Romulus> Title: Jiffy (time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at

09:04 <MTughan> Hey Coder.

09:04 <MTughan> corky: Where are you getting that from?

09:05 <corky> ./boinc_cmd --get_results

09:05 <corky> or ./boinc_cmd --get_state

09:05 <corky> dunno which one, gotta check...

09:05 <corky> because i am running it on my "server" without an GUI (and with a nice of -20 :P )

09:06 <MTughan> Hold on a sec...

09:06 <corky> The task will be dome in a "jiffy", But what is a jiffy?!

09:08 <MTughan> &math convert 56185.385722 seconds to hours

09:08 <Romulus> MTughan: 15.6070515894

09:08 <MTughan> Yep, that's in seconds.

09:09 <corky> &math 9000/3600

09:09 <Romulus> corky: 2.5

09:09 <corky> 2 and a half hours yey :P

09:09 <MTughan> &math convert 9000 seconds hours

09:09 <Romulus> MTughan: 2.5

09:09 <MTughan> That works too.

09:09 <corky> &math help

09:09 <Romulus> corky: Error: 'help' is not a defined function.

09:09 <corky> &math -h

09:09 <Romulus> corky: Error: 'h' is not a defined function.

09:09 <corky> err... T_T

09:09 <MTughan> &help math calc

09:09 <Romulus> MTughan: (math calc <math expression>) -- Returns the value of the evaluated <math expression>. The syntax is Python syntax; the type of arithmetic is floating point. Floating point arithmetic is used in order to prevent a user from being able to crash to the bot with something like '10**10**10**10'. One consequence is that large values such as '10**24' might not be exact.

09:10 <corky> yeah, i thought so!! ^^

09:10 <MTughan> &help math

09:10 <Romulus> MTughan: (math <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "math calc $*".

09:10 <corky> btw, where can i find all projects for boin?

09:10 <corky> boinc*

09:10 <MTughan> I made that because people kept forgetting to do math calc, and just did math. :P

09:11 <MTughan> There's no standard list of projects, because there are so many. You could use BOINCStats to discover a fair amount of the bigger ones though.

09:11 <MTughan>

09:11 <Romulus> Title: BOINCstats - BOINC Statistics / BAM! - BOINC Account Manager (at

09:11 <KathrynM> oh goody, yum is behaving better tonight

09:11 <corky> is there no pi@home ? :P

09:11 <MTughan> And Google can help discover them too.

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09:12 <KathrynM> doesn't zombie have a list somewhere?

09:12 <MTughan> Not much here, but a search for BOINC and Pi on Google turned up this:

09:12 <Romulus> Title: Monte Carlo Pi (at

09:13 <MTughan> &google BOINC Pi

09:13 <Romulus> MTughan: Search took 0.18 seconds: Super PI scores...........: <>; Pi Calculation: <>; BOINCstats | BOINC global - Stats équipe - Stats de dépassement ...: <>; Monte Carlo Pi: <>; (2 more messages)

09:14 <corky> super pi :P

09:14 <MTughan> Oh, and if Romulus ever says something that sounds really stupid out of the blue, ignore it. It's a plugin called Markov that basically repeats portions of statements from other people in the channel.

09:14 <MTughan> &markov

09:14 <Romulus> one has a lot

09:14 <MTughan> Like that.

09:14 <corky> MTughan, lol, i think Romulus is random :P

09:15 <corky> Romulus, are you random?

09:15 <Romulus> I don't know!

09:15 <corky> Romulus, i am!

09:15 <Romulus> Bugger all, I dunno!

09:15 <MTughan> &8b Are you random?

09:15 <Romulus> MTughan: It shall be.

09:15 <corky> MTughan, who administrates the bot?! :P

09:15 <MTughan> So not yet, but he will be?

09:15 <KathrynM> Sadly, rommie is much like S. Korea.  His randomness is getting predictable.

09:15 <MTughan> Actually, that's a good question...

09:16 <MTughan> It's usually xcamel, but he's in Mexico right now.

09:16 <corky> or is it like, opensource?

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09:16 <MTughan> Rommie? Yeah, he's a Supybot.

09:16 <MTughan>

09:16 <Romulus> Title: Welcome to! Supybot Website (at

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09:17 <MTughan> &list

09:17 <Romulus> MTughan: Admin, Alias, Amazon, Anonymous, AutoMode, Babelfish, BadWords, Channel, ChannelLogger, ChannelStats, Config, Ctcp, Currency, CyborgName, Darcs, Dict, Dunno, Factoids, Filter, Format, Freenode, Games, Google, Herald, Infobot, Insult, Internet, Karma, Lart, Lookup, Markov, Math, Memo, Misc, MoobotFactoids, News, NickCapture, Nickometer, Owner, Peak, Plugin, Postman, Praise, Protector, Quote, (1 more message)

09:17 <MTughan> &more

09:17 <Romulus> MTughan: QuoteGrabs, RSS, Relay, Reply, RootWarner, Scheduler, Seen, Services, ShrinkUrl, Status, Stock, String, Success, Supybot, Tail, Time, URL, Unix, UrbanDict, User, Utilities, Weather, Web, WordStats, and Zipinfo

09:17 <KathrynM> Supybot is user-friendly.

09:17 <KathrynM> lol

09:18 <MTughan> Oh, one interesting command...

09:18 <MTughan> &google fight

09:18 <Romulus> MTughan: Error: I tried to send you an empty message.

09:18 <MTughan> &help google fight

09:18 <Romulus> MTughan: (google fight <search string> <search string> [<search string> ...]) -- Returns the results of each search, in order, from greatest number of results to least.

09:18 <MTughan> &google fight "Hillary Clinton" "Barack Obama"

09:18 <Romulus> MTughan: Hillary Clinton: 33900000, Barack Obama: 27800000

09:19 <MTughan> I spelled his name correctly, right?

09:19 <MTughan> Hmm...

09:19 <MTughan> &google fight "George Bush" "Stephen Harper"

09:19 <Romulus> MTughan: George Bush: 31600000, Stephen Harper: 1810000

09:19 <KathrynM> &google fight "dog" "cat"

09:19 <Romulus> KathrynM: cat: 811000000, dog: 20300000

09:19 <MTughan> KathrynM: You don't need the quotes for that.

09:19 <MTughan> I need them because I have a space in mine.

09:20 <corky> &google fight Hate Love

09:20 <corky> :P

09:20 <KathrynM> Yeah I realized that after I typed it

09:20 <Romulus> corky: Hate: 260000000, Love: 109000000

09:20 <MTughan> Ouch...

09:20 <corky> &google fight Real Surreal

09:20 <Romulus> corky: Real: 114000000, Surreal: 14700000

09:20 <KathrynM> My brain is fried.  a total of almsot 6 hours on a bus with an isane driver will do taht

09:20 <MTughan> Wow, Real has almost 10x more...

09:21 <MTughan> &list alias

09:21 <Romulus> MTughan: #boinc, 8b, 8ball, add, answer, bchset, beer, bighello, bticket, bw, bye, cad, cake, coffee, countdown, cpu, damnpointers, ding, donkeyscoffee, eclipse, espresso, explosm, g2g, hello, hny, icetea, jfgi, liberalcoffee, lock, lol, math, mornin, nn, pastebin, pizza, pong, qc, quiet, remove, sleep, social, stfu, syn, tea, teal'c, thanks, unlock, wrong, wrong2, wx, xkcd, and yum

09:21 <corky> err.. can some one add an function that will add dots or comma's in the google fight results?

09:21 <corky> makes reading a bit easyer

09:21 <MTughan> You'd have to modify the plugin source. I can do that, but I don't have access to the files.

09:22 <corky> MTughan, so you can't do that :P

09:22 <MTughan> Not until xcamel gets here, yep.

09:22 <MTughan> Now, what's pizza?

09:22 <MTughan> &pizza

09:22 <Romulus> MTughan: (pizza <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "echo Here is a slice of pizza for you $1".

09:22 <MTughan> &pizza corky

09:22 <Romulus> Here is a slice of pizza for you corky

09:22 <corky> yey!

09:22 <MTughan> lol, nice...

09:22 <corky> :P

09:23 <KathrynM> yum?

09:23 <KathrynM> :)

09:23 <KathrynM> &yum

09:23 <Romulus> Yum is pancakes with your family on a Sunday morning.

09:23 <KathrynM> oh yuck

09:23 <MTughan> corky: Ever done any C programming?

09:23 <MTughan> And that was a Markov...

09:23 <MTughan> &damnpointers

09:23 <Romulus>

09:23 <corky> MTughan, yes a bit, i can make hello world >:)

09:23 <MTughan> Read that link. It's a sort of geek comic. xD

09:24 <Romulus> hmmm.. down to the boinc dir... am i using optimized versions speed things up... it should be build. If you know where to get one running here, at about 93% at the beginning:

09:24 <corky> or this:"int main(void) { return 0 ; }" but that is pretty useless

09:24 <KathrynM> lol

09:24 <corky> LOL

09:24 <KathrynM> oh, lol at the comic, not at the code

09:24 * KathrynM is not a coder

09:25 <MTughan> Both lols works. :P

09:25 <corky> this one is also pretty cool

09:25 <Romulus> Title: xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe (at

09:25 * KathrynM can churn out some ugly bash scripts tho

09:25 <MTughan> Heh, are you going to name your offspring with SQL code?

09:25 <corky>

09:25 <corky> :P

09:25 <Romulus> Title: Nozzman | cartoons and illustrations (at

09:26 <MTughan> Oh, and someone with TCP experience.

09:26 <corky> KathrynM, ugly bash scripts?... bash is love!

09:26 <corky> :P

09:26 <MTughan> &syn

09:26 <Romulus> ACK!

09:26 <corky> wtf?!... Syn/ACK/ XD

09:26 <KathrynM> I repeat

09:26 * KathrynM is not a coder

09:26 <MTughan> And of course...

09:26 <MTughan> &wrong

09:26 <Romulus> MTughan:

09:27 <MTughan> Returns one of a number of images.

09:27 <MTughan> &help wrong

09:27 <Romulus> MTughan: (wrong <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "format [dice 1d10]".

09:28 <corky> utube ur doin' it wrong is also cool :P

09:28 <MTughan> I should modify that actually... There's more than 1 through 10...

09:28 <MTughan> &help wrong2

09:28 <Romulus> MTughan: (wrong2 <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "echo @1: [format [dice 1d10]]".

09:29 <MTughan> &alias add wrong "format [dice 1d13]"

09:29 <Romulus> MTughan: The operation succeeded.

09:29 <MTughan> &wrong

09:29 <Romulus> MTughan:

09:29 <MTughan> Perfect.

09:29 <MTughan> &wrong

09:29 <Romulus> MTughan:

09:29 <MTughan> Oh, and you could say that he's random...

09:29 <MTughan> &dice 1d10

09:29 <Romulus> MTughan: 5

09:29 <MTughan> Random number. :P

09:31 * KathrynM decides sleep would be a good thing.

09:31 <KathrynM> &nn

09:31 <Romulus> Live long and crunch!

09:31 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

09:32 <MTughan> Looking at the Jiffy article on Wikipedia, I see that a jiffy is a rather short period of time... "In physics (particularly in quantum physics and often in chemistry), a jiffy is the time taken for light to travel the radius of an electron."

09:32 <MTughan> About 3 * 10**-24

09:32 <MTughan> &math 3 * 10**-24

09:32 <Romulus> MTughan: 0

09:32 <CoderForLife> the time it takes light to traverse a Planck length

09:32 <MTughan> Yeah, something like that... :P

09:33 <MTughan> How long does it take light to travel one light year?

09:33 <CoderForLife> the smallest measure of reality

09:33 <CoderForLife> hmm

09:33 * CoderForLife takes out the calculator

09:33 <corky> ah here, utube, ur doin it wrong

09:33 <Romulus> <> (at

09:33 <MTughan> Okay, if you're really taking out the calculator, you're messed.

09:33 * CoderForLife submits BOINC project to calculate

09:34 <MTughan> lol...

09:34 <corky> %math c

09:34 <corky> err, i was expecting the speed of light

09:34 <CoderForLife> &math c

09:34 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Error: 'c' is not a defined function.

09:34 <MTughan> &math c

09:34 <Romulus> MTughan: Error: 'c' is not a defined function.

09:34 <CoderForLife> lol

09:34 <CoderForLife> beatcha =)

09:35 <CoderForLife> by a jiffy

09:35 <MTughan> Because XChat lost the connection there for a sec...

09:35 <MTughan> &math convert 1 "light year" to kilometres

09:35 <Romulus> MTughan: Error: kilometres is not a valid unit.

09:35 <MTughan> &math convert 1 "light year" to kilometers

09:35 <Romulus> MTughan: 9.46073047258e+12

09:35 <MTughan> Stupid Yanks...

09:36 <MTughan> &google calc c

09:36 <Romulus> MTughan: the speed of light = 299,792,458 m / s

09:36 <MTughan> Awesome...

09:36 <Romulus> good for only short bursts. anything sustained, and they were before opening shredder.

09:36 <MTughan> And for when we're sort of frustrated at him...

09:36 <MTughan> &stfu

09:36 <Romulus> You can't turn markov up! You'll just have to live with it...

09:37 <MTughan> I think I mistyped there...

09:37 <corky> $math calc 299792458*3600*24*365

09:37 <corky> &math 299792458*3600*24*365

09:37 <Romulus> corky: 9454254955488000

09:37 <MTughan> &alias add stfu "echo You can't turn markov off! You'll just have to live with it..."

09:37 <Romulus> MTughan: The operation succeeded.

09:37 <corky> &math 299792458*3600*24*365/1000

09:37 <Romulus> corky: 9454254955488

09:38 <corky> 9.454.254.955.488 kilometre :)

09:38 <corky> &stfu

09:38 <Romulus> You can't turn markov off! You'll just have to live with it...

09:38 <MTughan> All right, fine... How long does it take light to travel one light year?

09:38 <MTughan> One year.

09:38 <corky> MTughan, thank you for saying the obvious! lol

09:38 <MTughan> Well, no one gave me the answer! :P

09:39 <corky> lol

09:39 <MTughan> Anyway, I have to be off for a while. I'll see you all later.

09:39 <corky> cya

09:46 *** chup has quit IRC

09:47 *** chup has joined #boinc

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10:37 *** e-30 has joined #boinc

10:37 <e-30> hey

10:38 *** Aruzo has quit IRC

10:39 <e-30> &weather wiesbaden

10:39 <Romulus> e-30: Temperature: 58.8°F / 14.9°C | Humidity: 25% | Pressure: 29.86in / 1011.1hPa | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 4.9mph / 7.9km/h | Updated: 3:59 PM CEST; Partly Cloudy. High:53 F. / 12 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:37 F. / 3 C.; Rain. High:44 F. / 7 C.; Chance of Rain. Low:41 F. / 5 C.; Chance of Rain. High:42 F. / 6 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:33 F. / 1 (1 more message)

10:39 <e-30> &whatis windows

10:39 <Romulus> e-30: "windows" could be

10:41 <e-30> &weather tulsa

10:41 <Romulus> e-30: Temperature: 51.6F / 10.9C | Humidity: 42% | Pressure: 30.08in / 1018.5hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 5.0mph / 8.0km/h ; Today - Mostly sunny in the morning then becoming mostly cloudy. Windy. Highs in the upper 50s. Northwest winds 10 to 25 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 30s. Northwest winds around 10 mph.; Sunday - Partly cloudy. Highs in the mid (1 more message)

10:41 <e-30> &weather okmulgee

10:41 <Romulus> e-30: Temperature: 54F / 12C | Humidity: 47% | Pressure: 30.13in / 1020hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 17mph / 28km/h ; Today - Partly cloudy. Highs in the upper 50s. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts to around 30 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 30s. Northwest winds around 10 mph.; Sunday - Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 50s. Northwest winds 10 to 15 (1 more message)

10:41 <Romulus> (it has never seen PovAddict?

10:41 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

10:41 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 33.3F / 0.7C | Humidity: 88% | Pressure: 29.85in / 1010.7hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Light Snow | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 1.0mph / 1.6km/h ; Today - A chance of light snow showers in the morning...then light snow showers likely in the afternoon. Little or no snow accumulation. High in the upper 30s. Northwest wind 15 to 20 mph with gusts to around 30 mph. Chance of snow 60 (1 more message)

10:42 <wdsmia> &more

10:42 <Romulus> wdsmia: percent.; Tonight - Cloudy. Scattered light snow showers in the evening... then isolated light snow showers after midnight. Low in the upper 20s. North wind 15 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 30 percent.; Sunday - Partly sunny. High in the mid 40s. North wind around 15 mph.;

10:42 <e-30> how are you doing

10:42 <wdsmia> slow morning

10:42 <e-30> i know wha t you mean lol

10:43 * wdsmia is still sucking coffee

10:43 <e-30> well my big box is still down senve the 19 of last mouth

10:43 <e-30> waa

10:43 <CoderForLife> that's bad

10:44 <wdsmia> have a wu that ran 63 hours that expires in 50 min and the site is down :(

10:44 <e-30> \yea

10:44 <e-30> well i hope they will st like it

10:45 <e-30> so my q6600 box is down till after the first of the mouth lol

10:45 <e-30> i had to get a new moutherboard for it

10:45 <e-30> power serge took it out

10:55 <MTughan> Shoulda gotten a UPS.

10:56 <MTughan> Oh, maybe that's why the Internet has been slow or dropping over the past few days...

10:57 <MTughan> Our Korean has an Internet phone that his parents use to call him. Goes almost steady packet sending.

10:58 <MTughan> Was just about to start a packet sniffing to confirm, but he's off now.

10:58 <MTughan> sniffer*

11:11 *** Vecnah has quit IRC

11:13 <e-30> it dod the ups too

11:13 <e-30> i got the money to get a new power suplly and mb

11:23 *** nickuwo has joined #BOINC

11:31 *** wolog_ is now known as wolog

11:42 *** chup has joined #boinc

11:44 *** chupa has quit IRC

11:54 *** CoderForLife7477 has joined #boinc

11:54 <CoderForLife7477> ouch - power glitch

11:57 *** CoderForLife has quit IRC

11:57 *** CoderForLife7477 is now known as CoderForLife

12:00 * Excelsi0r yawns

12:12 <desti>

12:12 <Romulus> <> (at

12:17 <Excelsi0r> welcome in the future ! get a rope

12:20 *** corky has quit IRC

12:27 <e-30> lol

12:43 *** e-30 has quit IRC

13:01 *** MacG has joined #boinc

13:01 *** [RKN]frost has joined #boinc

13:03 <Tank_Master> something about that makes me want to vomit

13:13 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

13:38 *** BiteAbleKat has joined #boinc

13:38 *** BiteAbleKat is now known as tamar

13:38 *** tamar is now known as BiteAbleKat

13:49 *** Vecnah has joined #boinc

13:51 *** bryanUC has quit IRC

14:03 *** bryanUC has joined #boinc

14:17 *** BiteAbleKat has quit IRC

14:32 *** RJ4285 has joined #Boinc

14:35 <RJ4285> &whatis windows

14:35 <Romulus> RJ4285: "windows" could be

14:35 <Romulus> looks like there's another #boinc channel out there to get 6.x out the TV?

14:36 *** RJ4285 has quit IRC

14:36 *** BiteAbleKat has joined #boinc

14:36 *** BiteAbleKat is now known as tamar

14:36 *** tamar is now known as BiteAbleKat

14:58 *** nickuwo has quit IRC

14:58 *** nickuwo has joined #BOINC

15:01 *** jackygrahamez has joined #boinc

15:01 <jackygrahamez> hi

15:02 <jackygrahamez> hmm I forgot my nickname password

15:04 <Excelsi0r> hmm

15:04 <Excelsi0r> I guess you can try a sendpass

15:04 <Romulus> when there was a mistake?

15:04 <Excelsi0r> uh, no, not there

15:05 <jackygrahamez> where do I find instructions on these commands?

15:05 <Excelsi0r> type /nickserv help

15:05 *** Saenger has joined #boinc

15:06 <Excelsi0r> how come i'm not identified ?

15:07 *** Excelsi0r is now known as OSBC

15:08 <jackygrahamez> I think I'm good now

15:09 *** OSBC is now known as Excelsi0r

15:12 <Excelsi0r> jackygrahamez: you aren't identified yet

15:14 *** BiteAbleKat has quit IRC

15:19 *** efc has joined #boinc

15:37 *** jackygrahamez has quit IRC

15:50 *** Ageless93 has joined #boinc

15:51 <Ageless93> finally something decent to post with, with more options than there are in the whole of Windows

15:53 *** Vecnah has quit IRC

16:01 <PovAddict> hi

16:01 <PovAddict> did I miss anything?

16:01 <Ageless93> I installed a new chat program, one that starts to flash when something happens. ;)

16:02 <Ageless93> but it's got more options than there are knobs in the Space Shuttle.

16:02 <quail> for people that are interested in NASA and amatuer radio you might like this >>> wget -c

16:02 <Romulus> <> (at

16:02 <Ageless93> now with the new nickname, that I registered as well. So I can finally PM people.

16:02 <Romulus> what about the WU.. I just copied it into the "Productivity" section of the solution had failures so overall boinc failed

16:31 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

16:32 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

16:51 *** Vecnah has joined #boinc

17:35 *** [RKN]frost has quit IRC

17:38 *** Ageless93 has quit IRC

17:44 *** Saenger has quit IRC

17:45 *** Ageless93 has joined #boinc

17:52 *** Ageless93 is now known as Ageless93t

17:52 *** Ageless93t is now known as Ageless93

17:54 *** H2AH has joined #boinc

17:54 <H2AH> hi

17:54 *** H2AH has quit IRC

17:55 *** jackygrahamez has joined #boinc

17:55 <jackygrahamez> Hi

17:56 <Ageless93> hey Jack

17:56 <jackygrahamez> Hi Jord

17:56 <Ageless93> yay...

17:56 <jackygrahamez> At least I acomplished something today

17:57 <Ageless93> you remembered your password? ;)

17:58 <jackygrahamez> ok

17:58 <KathrynM> mornin'

17:58 * KathrynM is back (gone 08:27:36)

17:59 <Ageless93> you set up the auto-join? If so, good. Then any next time you start this program, this channel is one click away.

18:07 <jackygrahamez> Yes I setup auto-login

18:08 <Romulus> anyway, currently I'm trying to rewrite the BOINC manager while keeping current tasks?

18:08 <jackygrahamez> Just to give you a heads up, I put a big load on my server today and it cause us some problems

18:09 <jackygrahamez> I thought I would be smooth and run make_work several times on each workunit we create so we give out more work

18:10 <KathrynM> uh oh

18:10 <PovAddict> why not just increase initial replication?

18:10 <PovAddict> or... leave it as it is

18:10 * CoderForLife jumps as his KathrynM detector alarm goes off

18:11 <jackygrahamez> Wanted to see what it would do

18:11 <PovAddict> each hour crunched for your project is one hour less for other projects; so it better be a worthwhile hour :)

18:11 <jackygrahamez> Initial replication, is that the number of results per workunit?

18:11 * KathrynM pokes CoderForLife

18:11 <CoderForLife> ouch

18:11 <PovAddict> yes jackygrahamez

18:11 <PovAddict> aka target_nresults

18:12 <CoderForLife> Aaaaoooooooggaaahhhhh

18:12 <jackygrahamez> Good point, well suffice it to say, I was just checking it out

18:12 <KathrynM> Has the server recovered yet?

18:13 <PovAddict> jackygrahamez: how many Wus did you create...?

18:13 <efc> You're on SFUR, listening to house music.. I'm Hans. Thats about it really, shut up and dance you fools!

18:13 <PovAddict> o_o

18:13 <KathrynM> ?

18:13 <jackygrahamez> Oh yeah, there be just a number of failures in the queue but they fail real quick. I'm going to cancel workunits though

18:14 *** marchelly has joined #boinc

18:14 <marchelly> re

18:15 <marchelly> I have gentoo and want install boinc but doesn't know what server useflag means

18:15 <marchelly> (~)5.10.28 {X server unicode}

18:16 <Ageless93> they go pretty quick this way, Jack:

18:16 <Ageless93>

18:16 <Romulus> <> (at

18:16 <Ageless93> um...

18:16 <Ageless93> 13-Apr-08 0:13:36|Hydrogen@Home|Giving up on download of 1208027105_pdb1b9n.pdb: file not found

18:16 <marchelly> because without it it's boinc and with it it is boinc and php! and more else

18:16 <Ageless93> 13-Apr-08 0:13:37|Hydrogen@Home|[sched_op_debug] Reason: Unrecoverable error for result wu_1208027106_47_11 (WU download error: couldn't get input files:<file_xfer_error>  <file_name>1208027105_pdb1b9n.pdb</file_name>  <error_code>-224</error_code>  <error_message>file not found</error_message></file_xfer_error>)

18:16 <PovAddict> marchelly: that is to build the BOINC server, if you want to set up your own project

18:16 <PovAddict> marchelly: so... don't

18:17 <marchelly> PovAddict, ok thanks. I understand. server is for my own.

18:19 <jackygrahamez> Also thanks to Pov I found out that the problems I consistently have, are deterministic, and I got some help from Scripps on that, they showed me a command I could use to ignore non-standard residues such as nucleic acids

18:19 <jackygrahamez> No I'm just trying to get through the list of failures to verify

18:20 <jackygrahamez> I also tried to accelerate workunit generating with Jim and Claude's perl script, but that also caused problems running it from another server

18:20 <KathrynM> I see I had a boat load die Jack

18:21 <KathrynM>

18:21 <Romulus> <> (at

18:22 <jackygrahamez> I should just let her run slow and steady ;-)

18:22 *** wdsmia has quit IRC

18:27 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

18:29 *** wdsmia has joined #Boinc

18:37 *** Vecnah has quit IRC

18:41 *** corky has joined #boinc

18:42 <jackygrahamez> I'm out of here guys

18:42 <corky> how can i setup boinc that it works on more processes (then two (or one on my other PC))?

18:42 <corky> Or does BOINC manage this by "himself" based on if the host is a single/dual core?

18:42 *** jackygrahamez has quit IRC

18:44 <PovAddict> corky: it of course uses as many cores as you have by default

18:45 <corky> PovAddict, ofcourse, i know that, But where can i set how many processes are working

18:45 <Romulus> Thats why the data used by Uppercase example?

18:45 <corky> (active)

18:45 <PovAddict> in your preferences

18:45 <PovAddict> "use at most X CPUs"

18:46 <PovAddict> but by default it's a high number like 16 so it should be already using 2 if you have a dualcore

18:46 <corky> "ON multiprocessor systems, use at most X processors"

18:47 <corky> thats PROCESSORS, i am talking about PROCESSES that are ACTIVE

18:47 <corky> (i use CAPS to make my self clear a bit ;-)  )

18:47 <PovAddict> if you have a single core, you *can't* make it run more than one at a time

18:47 <corky> let me geus, on a dual core two?

18:48 <PovAddict> yup... if you have a dual core, BOINC should be already running two workunits at a time

18:48 <corky> *can't* i let it do more?

18:48 <corky> after all, windows/linux are hybrid kernels

18:48 <PovAddict> no, that would make things *slower* due to memory bandwidth

18:48 <corky> with process management :)

18:49 <corky> PovAddict, thats *not so good* :P

18:49 <corky> i mean *:P*

18:50 <corky> maybe i should create a virus, and let it install itself on many systems so i can earn much more credit! muhuahauhaaaa....

18:50 <PovAddict> somebody already tried that

18:50 <PovAddict> his account got deleted on all projects

18:50 <corky> yeah, its not original is it?..

18:50 <corky> maybe i can create a cluster which runs many processes :P

18:51 <PovAddict> sure, in that case the cluster would be yours

18:51 <corky> PovAddict,

18:51 * corky understands the license and legal ~censored~

18:51 * corky was just fooling around a bit

18:52 <corky> maybe i can get many old computers for free, tap power from powerlines and then install linux/boinc on them and administrate them while the processes have a nice value of -20 yey!

18:53 <efc> Gangsta BOINC

18:53 <PovAddict> sure you can

18:53 <corky> BOINCsta :P

18:54 <corky> but my account will be deleted when the admins find out lol

18:54 * CoderForLife raps a WU

18:54 <corky> WU?

18:54 <CoderForLife> are u dissin me?

18:55 <corky> if your talkin' 'bout dissin, i am totally gonna pwn you ass ~censored~!

18:55 <PovAddict> corky: no it won't

18:55 <corky> :P

18:55 <PovAddict> you would, however, get in bigger trouble for tapping power from powerlines

18:55 <CoderForLife> and possibly get dead

18:56 <corky> well, ofcourse i wont do that lol, tapping powers is for ~censored~ s that don't pay bills

18:56 <corky> CoderForLife, yey!, Metallica - Blackend (is the end)

18:57 * CoderForLife listens to The Mormon Tablernacle Choir sing The Battle Hymn of the Republic

18:57 <corky> CoderForLife, have you ever seen those marks lightning leaves on a strucked person?.. then you will understand the joke "blackend is the end" XP

18:57 <PovAddict> o_o

18:57 * corky has absurbed humor

18:57 <CoderForLife> I used to w@#% for the power company - I've seen bad things

18:58 <corky> "bad things" is an undifined variable

18:58 <corky> in human words: explain?

18:58 <CoderForLife> death and injury

18:59 <corky> you mean like co-workers or something? or just plain high-end users who "wanna save a few bucks"

18:59 <CoderForLife> one guy just blown across the room when he was cleaning a 6000V breaker that was safety-tagged for maintenance

19:00 <CoderForLife> they were able to save his arm

19:00 <efc> I hope you mean that wasn't all they were able to save

19:00 <corky> yeah, i wanted to say "and about his life?"

19:01 <CoderForLife> well, there was the sanity part they weren't able to get back

19:01 <CoderForLife> he wasn't right after that

19:01 <CoderForLife> I think while I w@#%ed there we lost 4 or 5 people over the course of about 8 years

19:02 <corky> so he was just an client of the company that wanted to fix it by him self?.. thats like dumb!

19:02 <CoderForLife> one got hit by a train in front of the plant when he crossed against the signals

19:03 <corky> Oh, i know that problem, Happend in my town to, To a 15 year old boy, about 3 years ago

19:03 <CoderForLife> no, the guy was an hourly employee in the maintenance department

19:03 <corky> well, accidents happen

19:03 <CoderForLife> the foreman had checked the drawings, and had tagged the equipment out for repair (cleaning in this case)

19:04 <CoderForLife> what he didn't see was that this one breaker has back-fed from another source on one of the 3 phases - it was the only one like that

19:04 <CoderForLife> nasty stuff

19:05 <corky> CoderForLife, yeah, Well, some stuff sucks in life all i can say

19:05 <wdsmia> asks corky to please watch his or her language Thanks, your friendly channel op.

19:05 <corky> CoderForLife, is wdsmia a bot?

19:05 <CoderForLife> no, wdsmia is a god

19:06 * CoderForLife thinks Doug now owes him one

19:07 <corky> who's doug, and who is god?

19:07 <CoderForLife> wdsmia=doug=god

19:08 <PovAddict> wdsmia is a human (afaik)

19:08 <PovAddict> his IRC client has anti-cursing scripts though

19:10 <corky> PovAddict, oh i see

19:11 <corky> PovAddict, so next time i pray i should be praying to god?

19:11 <corky> i mean doug!

19:11 <Romulus> sorry I never used yum, but any more words

19:11 <PovAddict> ask him?

19:11 <corky> wdsmia, should i pray to you doug?

19:12 <corky> and ask forgivness in your name? (or what ever :P)

19:12 <corky> &help math

19:12 <Romulus> corky: (math <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "math calc $*".

19:12 <corky> &math calc 1400/3600/60

19:12 <Romulus> corky: 0.00648148148148

19:12 <corky> &math calc 1400/3600/

19:12 <Romulus> corky: Error: unexpected EOF while parsing (<string>, line 1)

19:12 <corky> &math calc 1400/3600

19:12 <Romulus> corky: 0.388888888889

19:12 <corky> &math calc 1400/60

19:12 <Romulus> corky: 23.3333333333

19:13 <corky> &math calc 1400/3600*60

19:13 <Romulus> corky: 23.3333333333

19:13 <CoderForLife> ok, well, that was interesting

19:13 * corky has concluded that X/60 and X/3600*60 are equal

19:14 * corky hates math but loves conclusion

19:14 <corky> s

19:14 <CoderForLife> when X=0

19:14 <corky> 23 minutes until more credit

19:15 <corky> when X=0 Y doesn't have to be 0, in some (rare) cases it is,

19:15 <corky> example: X=1; example2: Y=1; example3: X=1 Y=1; conclusion: i suck at math

19:18 <CoderForLife> blue is blue and must be that

19:19 <corky> CoderForLife, i think where both concluding the ovbious and sharing it in an IRC channel

19:19 <corky> Isn't that pathetic?

19:19 <corky> wait, Where concluding the obvious again!, Oh noez!

19:19 <CoderForLife> that puts a date on me -

19:20 <CoderForLife> ah, there's that god thing again

19:20 <corky> whats that CoderForLife ?

19:20 <CoderForLife> link

19:21 <CoderForLife> I wore out my TBTBTM album

19:21 <corky> looks like poems to me

19:21 <CoderForLife> liner notes from an album

19:22 <CoderForLife> a record, an LP, analog playback devices

19:22 * CoderForLife gets back to his Code

19:22 <corky> CoderForLife, what are you coding?

19:28 <CoderForLife> it's boring commercial-grade software, but it's Code

19:30 *** xcamel_mx has joined #boinc

19:31 <xcamel_mx> re-hi

19:31 * xcamel_mx peeks in

19:31 <Romulus> each project have I been asleep?!"

19:31 <xcamel_mx> nobody around?

19:32 <xcamel_mx> &wx 12074

19:32 <Romulus> xcamel_mx: Temperature: 48.9F / 9.4C | Humidity: 62% | Pressure: 29.60in / 1002.3hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 2.0mph / 3.2km/h ; Tonight - Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers. Lows around 40. Northwest winds around 10 mph.; Sunday - Mostly cloudy in the morning...then becoming partly sunny. Highs in the mid 40s. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph.; Sunday Night (1 more message)

19:32 <xcamel_mx> 7MORE

19:32 <xcamel_mx> &MORE

19:32 <Romulus> xcamel_mx: - Partly cloudy. Cooler with lows in the upper 20s. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph.; Flood Warning for Saratoga County in effect until 3:30 PM EDT on April 14, 2008;

19:33 <wdsmia> *lo Jay

19:33 <xcamel_mx> Hi Doug

19:33 <wdsmia> how's mx

19:33 <PovAddict> hey mexican :)

19:33 <xcamel_mx> 94F here

19:34 <wdsmia> snowed last night and most of the day :)

19:34 <xcamel_mx> big cloudless skys

19:34 <xcamel_mx> &wx MMLP

19:34 <Romulus> xcamel_mx: Temperature: 88°F / 31°C | Humidity: 27% | Pressure: 29.80in / 1009hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 12mph / 18km/h | Updated: 4:52 PM MDT; Clear. High:84 F. / 29 C.; Clear. Low:59 F. / 15 C.; Clear. High:93 F. / 34 C.; Clear. Low:60 F. / 16 C.; Clear. High:96 F. / 36 C.; Clear. Low:60 F. / 16 C.;

19:34 <CoderForLife> hello Jay

19:34 <xcamel_mx> 'lo Don

19:35 <xcamel_mx> sprint card seems to work ok

19:35 <CoderForLife> looks like it =)

19:36 <xcamel_mx> nice to be able to log in and check on things

19:37 *** marchelly has quit IRC

19:37 <xcamel_mx> and look in on the farm..

19:39 <CoderForLife> absolutely

19:40 <CoderForLife> can the Extreme Makeover folks come do a wall for me?  this is going to take forever

19:40 <PovAddict> lol

19:41 <CoderForLife> Extreme Wallop

19:41 <xcamel_mx> well... have to go off for dinner...

19:41 <CoderForLife> ok tc hf

19:41 <xcamel_mx> lol on the EM wall..

19:41 <CoderForLife> =)

19:41 <xcamel_mx> ttyal...

19:41 <CoderForLife> b-bye

19:41 *** xcamel_mx has quit IRC

19:42 *** corky has quit IRC

19:42 <CoderForLife> "wallop" is the sound an Extreme Wall makes as it goes up

19:42 *** corky has joined #boinc

19:42 <CoderForLife> wb corky

19:43 <CoderForLife> somebody pulled your cork, er plug

19:43 <corky> yes thanks :)

19:43 <corky> and no, my ethernet cable is a bit crappy (lets home that isn't a curse) and it slipped out

19:44 <corky> i define crappy as "nsfw" (or not safe for work, because that clip has broken off)

19:44 <corky> and yes, i am on a laptop, and yes, it has wifi, and no, i hate wireless

19:45 <Excelsi0r> :)

19:45 <Excelsi0r> hi there

19:45 <corky> Excelsi0r,

19:45 * corky hates MS for some strange reason

19:46 * CoderForLife stands and declares: "MS got to me twice last week, but never again."

19:47 * corky hands CoderForLife over a ubuntu live cd and says:"Linux for human beings"

19:47 * CoderForLife then continues reviewing his decade-old Excel parser

19:48 <CoderForLife> I think when I turned off the Y2K date analysis, I switched off formula parser recursion in general

19:49 <Excelsi0r> Ah...

19:50 <Excelsi0r> don't think my pseudo as a M$ ideology

19:50 <Excelsi0r> I've said fu.. off to bill since 18 months

19:51 <corky> strange, i am running BOINC at full speed

19:52 <corky> SpeedFan 4.33 says this:

19:52 <corky> Temp1: 95C; WOW; Temp2: 83C; less of a WOW but head turning; Temp3: -128C; OK, READ ERROR!; Core: 84C; Thats my nVidia i think lol

19:53 <Excelsi0r> erk

19:53 <Excelsi0r> speed fan

19:53 <corky> yeah

19:53 <CoderForLife> that's OK - "where there's mystery, there's margin"

19:53 <Romulus> Alos tried Tanpaku, this is a bad trot myself

19:54 <Excelsi0r> let's don't use a M$-designed tool :)

19:54 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

19:55 <Excelsi0r> mind that lm-sensors thinks my CPU is my MB

19:55 <corky> Excelsi0r, yey, lets close boinc's software and built an closed-source variant of it that would only run on linux, just to mess around with balmer who called linux "Cancer" which settles in "Anything that has to do with intelectualy property.", oh...

19:57 <Excelsi0r> hmm... I don't think it'd be such a good idea

19:58 <PovAddict> Excelsi0r: SpeedFan is not designed by MS...

19:58 <corky> we would lose a lot of computing power over the battle

19:58 <PovAddict> corky: that will just make us lose contributors

19:58 <Excelsi0r> PovAddict: I know that, it's just a windows utility (or am I wrong ?)

19:58 <corky> and that would ~censored~!

19:58 <PovAddict> remember BOINC is a bit opposite from most software... the user doesn't really benefit from running it, the project does

19:58 <PovAddict> Excelsi0r: so what

19:59 * CoderForLife tries to make money while the issue rages on

19:59 <Excelsi0r> so, nothing. I was just saying him to try some GNU utility

20:00 <corky> Excelsi0r, to me?

20:00 <PovAddict> lm-sensors won't work outside Linux

20:00 <Excelsi0r> Hey, I wasn't attacking anyone

20:00 <corky> Excelsi0r, where you saying to me to use a GNU utility?

20:01 <Excelsi0r> that was the idea, yeah

20:01 *** Excelsi0r has left #boinc

20:01 *** Excelsi0r has joined #boinc

20:01 <Excelsi0r> woops

20:01 <PovAddict> *where*

20:01 <corky> Excelsi0r, err, i don't know if you know, but today i deleted my linux distro! D':

20:02 <corky> was ubuntu 7.10 and now i am back at vista, oh oh oh, what would my friends enjoy this

20:02 <PovAddict> vista?

20:02 <corky> yes, don't blame me

20:02 * PovAddict changes sides and stands next to Excelsi0r

20:02 <corky> it was a weird day today, my computer decided to stop working at all, just start the fan and stop

20:03 <corky> so i thought "wTf?1"

20:03 <Excelsi0r> he hey

20:03 <corky> and i got my rescue cd's in last hope before trying the costumer support line in the netherlands who are closed

20:04 <Excelsi0r> and you manage to make it working ?

20:06 <corky> yes, a miricle happend

20:06 <corky> my laptop just wants to start when she feels like it

20:07 <corky> (cars are female, so i thought setting a standard for laptops, after all she has nice cores, uhhhh....)

20:07 <Excelsi0r> so why did you got back to MS in the end ?

20:09 <corky> i wanted to get my system working to do some browsing (and BOINC ofcourse)

20:09 <corky> so i got putty and got my daily linux dose via it to my server (which also runs boinc)

20:09 <Excelsi0r> ah, wifi, ok

20:09 <corky> but.... i am out of ubuntu live cd's so i need to download the ISO and burn it to my cd-rw

20:09 <Excelsi0r> lol ok

20:10 <corky> and Excelsi0r i lost TWO inportant things!

20:10 <corky> my alsa-rescue script (which fixes alsa when i am doing an reinstall) and my music liberary

20:10 <PovAddict> zomg

20:11 <corky> yes, its a daymare!

20:11 <corky> (i wouldn't call day a night aint it?)

20:11 <corky> yes, worse: I had the new metallica demo's!

20:12 <Excelsi0r> ouch

20:12 <Excelsi0r> that is a loss

20:12 <corky> yes, even the matrix triloggy (or how ever you type it)

20:13 <corky> trillolloggy (or something)

20:13 <Excelsi0r> this is more common to find

20:13 <corky> Back to the Future 1 - 3

20:13 <Excelsi0r> personnaly, i type "trilogie"

20:13 <corky> thats a possibility to

20:13 <Excelsi0r> because it's the french ortograph :)

20:13 <corky> french s@#$%s

20:14 <Excelsi0r> get bent :)

20:14 <corky> s@#$s

20:14 <corky> my bad, but i don't like the language

20:14 <Excelsi0r> nor the frenchs

20:14 <corky> i prefer engish and german over dutch and russian over english and german

20:14 <corky> because it is cool

20:14 <Excelsi0r> roflmao

20:15 <corky> come on!, Don't you like the russian anthem? :P

20:15 <Excelsi0r> I don't know it

20:15 <corky> just youtube for it, but uhm.. i am off to bed

20:15 *** corky is now known as Corky|Zzz

20:15 <Excelsi0r> bye

20:16 <Corky|Zzz> good night all!

20:16 <Corky|Zzz> Excelsi0r, cya ; PS: i'll keep in the chan, just /query corky when you need me! :P

20:16 <Excelsi0r> okay

20:18 <PovAddict> Corky|Zzz: what about spanish

20:18 <Corky|Zzz> spanish?... blah

20:18 <Corky|Zzz> its like mexican, it just isn't it

20:19 <Corky|Zzz> "Ola!", bleh,

20:19 <Corky|Zzz> PS: Japanese is lol

20:19 <PovAddict> there is no "mexican" language

20:19 <Corky|Zzz> "Konichi wa" as "nice to meet you" :P

20:19 <Corky|Zzz> ok, spanish then! T_T

20:19 <Corky|Zzz> ok, this is bad

20:20 <Corky|Zzz> -12V: -16.97V :O

20:20 <Excelsi0r> dutch is the worst ever

20:20 <Corky|Zzz> -5V -8,78V :O

20:20 <Excelsi0r> </troll> :D

20:20 <Corky|Zzz> Excelsi0r, yes

20:20 <PovAddict> your machine is gonna splode

20:20 <Corky|Zzz> ahhh!!!

20:20 <PovAddict> a splode!

20:20 <PovAddict>

20:20 <Excelsi0r> god, he isn't even proud of it's language

20:20 <Corky|Zzz> help

20:20 <Corky|Zzz> machine runing slow

20:20 <Corky|Zzz> ah, its over

20:21 <Corky|Zzz> i just closed boinc lol

20:21 <PovAddict> how you dare close BOINC

20:21 <PovAddict> *and* say it on this channel! zomg

20:21 <Corky|Zzz> PovAddict, my system is over heating!

20:21 <Corky|Zzz> brb, i need H2o

20:21 <PovAddict> throw some ice

20:21 <PovAddict> lol your computer needs it too

20:22 <Excelsi0r> PovAddict: there is one particular moment where I close boinc, for some seconds

20:22 <Corky|Zzz> no no no!!!

20:22 <Corky|Zzz> PovAddict, boinc is running @ my server with -20 nice level! :D

20:22 <Excelsi0r> when I load a game in Heroes 5 under wine

20:23 <Excelsi0r> what's the point in modifying the boinc nice level ?

20:23 <PovAddict> Corky|Zzz: your server isn't serving anything that way

20:23 <Corky|Zzz> Excelsi0r, dunno! :P

20:23 <PovAddict> Excelsi0r: making your system more sluggish

20:23 <Excelsi0r> yep :)

20:23 * PovAddict -> dinner

20:23 <Corky|Zzz> PovAddict, yes it is, its "serving" me my files

20:24 * Corky|Zzz 's decent thaughts -> /dev/null

20:24 * Corky|Zzz 's /dev/urandom > decent\ thaughts

20:25 <CoderForLife> ulimit exceeded

20:25 <Corky|Zzz> well, gn all, i am off to bed

20:25 * CoderForLife waves

20:25 <Excelsi0r> night

20:25 * Corky|Zzz waves

20:25 <Corky|Zzz> night

20:25 <Corky|Zzz> AHHhhh.. its so hard!!!!

20:26 <Corky|Zzz> saying good bye!!! >_<

20:26 <CoderForLife> recursive descent parsers are the bomb

20:27 * CoderForLife marvels at his Coding skills from a decade ago

20:27 <CoderForLife> that guy had Code dripping from his fingers - wonder where he went?

20:29 <Ageless93> back in the bottle?

20:30 <Ageless93> or whatever it is that code genies come out of...

20:30 *** cactaur has joined #boinc

20:31 <CoderForLife> lol

20:31 <CoderForLife> could be

20:32 * CoderForLife looks at his waistline

20:32 <CoderForLife> don't think I'd fit now

20:32 <Ageless93> don't

20:32 <Romulus> Seems that way. I'll stick to my phonics skills.

20:33 <Ageless93> bigger bottle?

20:33 <CoderForLife> that's been the pants plan for some time

20:33 <Ageless93> or heck, forget the bottle, go for the keg

20:33 <CoderForLife> lol

20:35 <Ageless93> anyway, I am off to bed. the cat seems to want me there as she can't sleep alone. weird animals.

20:37 *** Ageless93 is now known as Ageless_93[zzzz]

20:37 * Ageless_93[zzzz] is now away - Reason : sleeping

20:40 * CoderForLife watches Mr. Sandman claim his victims one by one

20:50 *** Corky|Zzz has quit IRC

20:56 * Excelsi0r watches his team stats for the milkyway project

21:01 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

21:07 <PovAddict>

21:15 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

21:17 <Excelsi0r> rofl

21:17 <Excelsi0r> wikipedios

21:17 <Excelsi0r> I would buy that

21:19 *** _Danilo_ has joined #boinc

21:19 <_Danilo_> hi to all

21:19 <Romulus> pay close attention to foundation drains, and as-drawn soil disturbances

21:19 <_Danilo_> hello Romulus :)

21:20 <efc> Hmm might watch the SG-1 movie tonight

21:20 <PovAddict> &markov Hmm might

21:20 <PovAddict> damn, Romulus still ignoring me

21:21 <efc> &roulette

21:21 <Romulus> efc: *click*

21:24 <CoderForLife> Looks like Mr. Sandman is going to claim me as well

21:24 <CoderForLife> gn boinc mavens

21:27 <Tank_Master> I saw the SG1 "movie" shortly after it came out

21:27 <Tank_Master> great as a show, not so movie like

21:29 <Excelsi0r> there's a SG1 movie ?

21:29 <Excelsi0r> I'm not sure it'd be as good as the first stargate movie

21:29 <efc> "Ark of Truth" and another one is coming out in a few months

21:31 <efc> I see it as just an extra long episode with no commericals

21:31 <Excelsi0r> I guess hollywood wanted more money

21:32 <efc> I think they had basically done all they could with the show, and wanted to try something else

21:33 <Excelsi0r> Well, if the fans are satisfied with it, it's worth the shot

21:34 * Excelsi0r just saw he'll reach 150,000 points in BOINC recently

21:37 <efc> I gotta update the fleet sometime so these whippersnappers don't pass me

21:38 <Excelsi0r> hmm.. I'm not following you

21:39 <efc> the computer fleet

21:40 <Excelsi0r> I figured out that part. I just didn't get who were the whippersnappers

21:44 <Excelsi0r> I guess that's none of my business, so...

21:45 <efc> You don't know what a whippersnapper is?

21:46 <Excelsi0r> I found a translation

21:46 <Excelsi0r> but you said "these" whippersnappers

21:46 <efc> There's more than one of them. They breed.

21:46 <efc> ah, the definition doesn't say what I thought it would

21:46 <efc> I mean it to be "youngsters"

21:48 <Excelsi0r> okay, I didn't thought you were talking generally

21:51 <PovAddict> 280k here

21:51 <PovAddict> credits

21:51 <Excelsi0r> Hey, I'm not that bad :)

21:51 <PovAddict> no you aren't :)

21:52 <Excelsi0r> There is still 61835 users before me

21:52 <Romulus> java applets usually don't have an LHC WU and Job.xml file

21:53 <PovAddict> Excelsi0r: got a link to some stats site showing your credits on all projects?

21:53 <Excelsi0r> Is it normal that I don't get anything that bot says ?

21:53 <PovAddict> yes it's normal

21:53 <PovAddict> say &markov

21:53 <Excelsi0r> &markov

21:53 <Romulus> laugh all you need this dir structure

21:53 <Excelsi0r> pov:

21:53 <Romulus> <> (at

21:54 <PovAddict> crap

21:54 <PovAddict> you're on few projects

21:55 <PovAddict> which means you have way more than me if comparing per-project

21:55 <KathrynM> rehi

21:55 <PovAddict> oh wait I have 59k at CPDN :)

21:55 <Excelsi0r> Well, I try to not spare too much and I prefer help useful projects

21:57 <Excelsi0r> But recently I discovered my BOINC was misconfigured

21:58 <Excelsi0r> if you look at the last 15 days, you'll see the difference :)

21:59 <PovAddict> sheesh

21:59 <PovAddict> what was making you *waste* all that?

21:59 <KathrynM> wow

21:59 <Excelsi0r> Hi K

22:00 <Excelsi0r> well, I wasn't storing wu

22:00 <KathrynM> hi Excelsi0r

22:00 <Excelsi0r> my computer was dowloading a wu, working and it, and reloaded another

22:01 <Excelsi0r> and otoh, milkyway is crediting better than seti or wcg

22:01 <Excelsi0r> but I sure wasted a lot

22:01 <KathrynM> that's for sure

22:01 <PovAddict> ZOMG

22:02 <PovAddict> @ comic

22:02 <Excelsi0r> &cad

22:02 <Romulus>

22:02 * KathrynM is up to #307

22:02 <PovAddict> I won't give the number or KathrynM will not resist looking at it :)

22:02 * KathrynM has no will power

22:05 * Excelsi0r neither, or he would have stopped smoking

22:07 <Excelsi0r> gosh quebec tv shows car ads while diffusing series

22:16 <PovAddict> I has a chocolate

22:17 <PovAddict> I no shares ^^ </lolcat>

22:17 * KathrynM has eggo waffles

22:17 <KathrynM> and a ginormous blockc of cheese

22:17 * Excelsi0r could live without chocolates

22:17 <Excelsi0r> hmm chees

22:17 <Excelsi0r> *cheese

22:17 <KathrynM> NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!11

22:17 <KathrynM> chocolate is life

22:17 <Excelsi0r> is yours :)

22:17 * KathrynM went to costco yesterday.

22:17 <KathrynM> It was a beautiful experience.

22:19 <PovAddict> lol this one is great, and I think KathrynM will like it

22:19 <PovAddict>

22:20 <KathrynM> lol

22:30 <PovAddict> aaand I just reached the end of the archive

22:30 <Excelsi0r> rofl

22:30 <KathrynM> 350

22:30 <Excelsi0r> that remembers me when I watched cad

22:31 * PovAddict adds RSS to his bookmark toolbar

22:32 <PovAddict> and I know something that would make it even harder for KathrynM to stop reading it now...

22:32 <PovAddict> >:)

22:32 <Excelsi0r> pure evil :)

22:32 <KathrynM> arrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh

22:32 <PovAddict> "things get interesting after #500" -- bwahahahha now you'll have to read till there and then some

22:33 <KathrynM> I gotta get food for the gp and allergy medicine for me.

22:33 <KathrynM> i'm on 355

22:33 <PovAddict> gp getting big? :)

22:33 <KathrynM> yeah she is

22:34 <PovAddict> and still cute I guess :)

22:34 <KathrynM> cute as a button

22:34 <Excelsi0r> I'll had to browse that webcomic

22:34 <KathrynM> she's mad at me.  no green pepers for her ysterday because I ran out

22:34 <Excelsi0r> *have ?

22:34 <KathrynM> And I was gone all day.

22:34 <PovAddict> wow, I misread that

22:35 <PovAddict> I read "she's as mad as me"

22:35 <Excelsi0r> rofl

22:35 <KathrynM> lol

22:35 <KathrynM> if mad = crazy then that might just be true

22:36 <PovAddict> you won't know what being crazy is until you read the story arc starting at #500! :D

22:36 <PovAddict> zomg i'm being so evil

22:36 * KathrynM hates PovAddict

22:36 <PovAddict> aww thx :)

22:36 <Romulus> waiting for clients to report, waiting for water to heat up for the CPU. I've suspended BOINC. :P

22:36 <KathrynM> uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

22:36 <PovAddict> o_

22:37 <Excelsi0r> you don't even run BOINC, crazed bot

22:37 <PovAddict> I'm sure his machine runs BOINC

22:37 <KathrynM> cute spok eyebrow

22:37 <Excelsi0r> ah, yeah, maybe, didn't thought about that

22:37 <PovAddict> I meant to do o_ but I need charmap for that

22:40 <Excelsi0r> hey, I have it : ő

22:41 <Excelsi0r> erfle, not the same

22:42 <PovAddict> that one has two acute accents () not a ~

22:42 <Excelsi0r> õ

22:42 <Excelsi0r> found

22:42 <PovAddict> that's the one

22:42 <Excelsi0r> my problem is I have to use 2 differents charmaps to have every chars I use

22:43 <Excelsi0r> the œ is not in the FR standard

22:43 <Excelsi0r> maybe I could write my own map

23:01 <KathrynM> must.stop.reading

23:01 <PovAddict> lulz

23:01 <KathrynM> i'm off for a bit.

23:01 <KathrynM> laterz all

23:01 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

23:01 <Excelsi0r> bye

23:02 <Excelsi0r> read the thirty first :p

23:03 <Excelsi0r> and sun will rise in 2 hours and a half :s

23:11 <Excelsi0r> well, let's have a cigarette and sleep

23:15 <Excelsi0r> <-- roflmao

23:15 <Romulus> <> (at

23:15 *** chupa has joined #boinc

23:16 <PovAddict> WD-40 xD

23:16 <Excelsi0r> yep

23:17 *** chup has quit IRC

23:25 <Excelsi0r> well, i'm off to bed, have a good day

23:30 <PovAddict> /invoke MTughan

23:43 *** BiteAbleKat has joined #boinc

23:43 *** BiteAbleKat is now known as tamar

23:44 *** tamar is now known as BiteAbleKat

23:51 <MTughan> Sorry, were you wanting me PovAddict?

23:51 <PovAddict> yes

23:51 <PovAddict> just wait a sec, committing new code

23:51 <MTughan> We had a party here tonight.

23:52 <PovAddict> cool

23:52 <MTughan> Watched Weird Al videos most of the time. xD

23:55 <PovAddict> I finished reading the whole questionablecontent archive a while ago

23:56 <PovAddict> it's kinda weird... last week I didn't get much done

23:56 <PovAddict> this week I read 1100 comics *and* progressed quite a bit on the primegrid screensaver

23:57 <PovAddict> how the hell does that work?

23:57 <PovAddict> more distractions -> more productive? o_

23:59 <PovAddict> maybe "correlation doesn't imply causation" and the actual reason for getting more productive is that there were way less BOINC flamewars this week?

23:59 <PovAddict> anyway...

23:59 <PovAddict>

23:59 <MTughan> Hold on...

23:59 <PovAddict> yes, I actually got round to increasing the version number!

23:59 <MTughan>

23:59 <Romulus> Title: YouTube - "Ebay" by Weird Al Yankovic (at

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