IRC logs of #boinc for Saturday, 2008-05-03

00:00 <KathrynM> so you did get back to windows

00:00 <PovAddict> with a 2nd partition containing Ubuntu 8.04 with *no* desktop environment at all

00:00 <KathrynM> oh that's fun

00:00 <PovAddict> I tried apt-get install kubuntu-desktop, and it wanted to download 200MB+ of stuff - so that's the final bit convincing me the DVD isn't about putting all desktops in one disc :)

00:01 <KathrynM> looks likeit

00:02 <KathrynM> I'm off for a while.

00:02 <KathrynM> PovAddict, you should get some sleep

00:02 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

00:02 <PovAddict> oh don't get all maternal again

00:03 <PovAddict> MTughan: how's the VM going?

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00:08 <MTughan> Just gonna check...

00:09 <MTughan> VMware Tools finally installed... Now I can shut the darn thing down and get back to native speed.

00:09 <PovAddict> I'll go to sleep and leave this crap downloading

00:10 <PovAddict> it should take only 30 minutes

00:10 <PovAddict> but I won't be doing yet another install attempt at 1:40 am

00:10 <MTughan> CAD should be up.

00:10 <Romulus> worst thing u cud ever decid to install linux w/o a gui . is there a "hosts" file in the bank first..

00:11 <PovAddict> o_O

00:12 <PovAddict> oh gawd

00:12 <PovAddict> white.css being changed along with totally unrelated stuff

00:12 <PovAddict> ...and even wrong:

00:12 <PovAddict>

00:12 <Romulus> <> (at

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00:27 <MTughan> I won't go as far as to say using the VM is unbearable, but it's really damn annoying.

00:28 <MTughan> Took me about 5 minutes to open the Start Menu and click Shut Down.

00:28 <MTughan> Now it's taken me about 5 more minutes just to shut down, and it's still going.

00:29 <MTughan> There it goes...

00:29 <MTughan> And everything's fast! AMAZING!!!

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00:55 <Rodolfo> hello there

01:00 <efc> moo

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01:43 <Tank_Master> eep

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03:42 <BadBarbarian> &wx 86023

03:42 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: Temperature: 26F / -3.3C | Humidity: 30% | Pressure: in / hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Haze | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 3mph / 4.8km/h ; Rest of Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows around 18 on the North Rim to around 43 along the Colorado River. Light winds.; Saturday - Warmer. Mostly sunny in the morning then becoming partly cloudy. Highs around 57 on the North Rim to around 83 along the (1 more message)

03:42 <BadBarbarian> &more

03:42 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: Colorado River. Light winds.; Saturday Night - Partly cloudy. Lows around 34 on the North Rim to around 42 along the Colorado River. Southwest winds around 15 mph early in the evening becoming light.;

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05:59 <CoderForLife> morning

06:00 * KathrynM waves

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06:05 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

06:05 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 60.4F / 15.8C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 29.35in / 993.8hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 1.5mph / 2.4km/h ; Today - Showers with a chance of thunderstorms early...then mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. Highs around 70. Southwest winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of rain 90 percent.; (1 more message)

06:06 <CoderForLife> &more

06:06 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Tonight - Partly cloudy. A chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening. Lows in the lower 40s. West winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph...becoming northwest 5 to 10 mph after midnight. Chance of rain 30 percent.; Sunday - Partly sunny. Highs in the mid 60s. North winds around 5 mph.;

06:28 <KathrynM> I'm gonna run out for some dinner.  bbiab

06:28 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

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07:13 <CoderForLife> off to run errands - store, etc

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08:07 * xcamel_away is back.

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08:08 <KathrynM> hiya xcamel

08:11 <xcamel> mornin

08:13 <KathrynM> How's life in camel land?

08:14 <xcamel> rainy

08:15 <xcamel> and a bit chilly

08:15 <KathrynM> was in the 80s here today

08:15 <xcamel> nice

08:16 <KathrynM> yeah.  I went shopping.

08:16 <KathrynM> Bad idea.  The stores were crazy with parents shopping for "Children's Day".

08:16 <xcamel> yikes..

08:16 <KathrynM> There's gonna be a lot of kids getting ipod stuff.  I went last night and there were a dozen touches.  I got the last one this afternoon.

08:17 <xcamel> you finally got one?

08:17 <KathrynM> yup

08:17 <KathrynM> I looooooooooooooooooooove it

08:17 <KathrynM> I got it on my network.

08:18 <xcamel> they are cool. my Daughter has one

08:19 <KathrynM> They're amazingly easy to type on, even with my big fingers.

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08:27 <xcamel> and amazingly expensive to fill up with music

08:30 <xcamel>

08:30 <Romulus> Title: APOD: 2008 May 3 - Alborz Mountain Milky Way (at

08:30 <KathrynM> pretty

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08:47 <xcamel> &wx 12074

08:47 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 45.8F / 7.7C | Humidity: 100% | Pressure: 30.10in / 1019.2hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: SE | Wind Speed: 7.0mph / 11.3km/h ; Today - Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Highs in the upper 50s. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50 percent.; Tonight - Showers likely in the evening...then showers after midnight. Lows in the upper 40s. Southeast winds 5 (1 more message)

08:47 <xcamel> &more

08:47 <Romulus> xcamel: to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90 percent.; Sunday - Mostly cloudy. Showers likely in the morning...then a chance of showers in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 50s. Southeast winds around 5 mph...becoming northwest around 5 mph in the afternoon. Chance of rain 70 percent.; Flood Warning for Saratoga County in effect until 3:59 PM EDT on May 03, 2008;

08:48 <xcamel> yuk

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09:00 <xcamel> thought we were going to have to send Vecnah some IrcAlis©

09:00 <xcamel> for that pesky 'conectile dysfunction'

09:00 <BadBarbarian> "mornin Xcamel

09:00 <xcamel> 'lo BB

09:01 <Romulus> it's a math problem, there's a problem

09:01 <xcamel> did it warm up at all?

09:01 <BadBarbarian> it was wide spreed it happened on all my irc channels

09:01 <BadBarbarian> on 3 servers

09:02 <BadBarbarian> &wx 86023

09:02 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: Temperature: 27F / -2.8C | Humidity: 33% | Pressure: in / hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Haze | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 2mph / 3.2km/h ; Today - Warmer. Mostly sunny in the morning then becoming partly cloudy. Highs around 57 on the North Rim to around 86 along the Colorado River. Light winds.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows around 32 on the North Rim to around 50 along the Colorado River. (1 more message)

09:02 <BadBarbarian> &more

09:02 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: West winds around 15 mph early in the evening becoming light.; Sunday - Partly cloudy. Highs around 59 on the North Rim to around 88 along the Colorado River. Light winds becoming south around 15 mph with gusts to around 30 mph in the afternoon.;

09:02 <BadBarbarian> a little

09:02 <xcamel> burrr...

09:02 <BadBarbarian> i will trade you we need rain

09:03 <xcamel> only 0.02" so far..

09:03 <BadBarbarian> 3 idiot texan's started a campfire when the wind was running 40 Mph

09:03 <xcamel> go figure..

09:04 <BadBarbarian> 4000 acres in less than 24 Hrs

09:04 <BadBarbarian> well there in the fedral cross bar hotel now

09:04 <xcamel> it doesn't take long

09:05 <BadBarbarian> they came back for there tent

09:05 <BadBarbarian> to there camp site

09:05 <xcamel> nothing left probably

09:06 <xcamel> except the cops..

09:06 <BadBarbarian> no it was still there upwind from fire

09:07 <xcamel> rangers confiscate all their stuff?

09:07 <BadBarbarian> yep

09:08 <xcamel> and the fine?

09:09 <BadBarbarian> they hav'nt been arained yet

09:11 <BadBarbarian>

09:11 <Romulus> <> (at

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09:33 <xcamel> first attempt..

09:33 <KathrynM> not real positive

09:33 <KathrynM> mibbit doesn't work real well

09:42 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

09:42 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 42.3F / 5.7C | Humidity: 65% | Pressure: 29.82in / 1009.7hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 2.0mph / 3.2km/h ; Rest of Today - Mostly sunny. Windy. High in the upper 50s. Northwest wind 20 to 30 mph.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Low in the upper 30s. West wind 5 to 15 mph. Gusts up to 25 mph in the evening.; Sunday - Mostly sunny. Warmer. High in the upper (1 more message)

09:42 <wdsmia> &more

09:42 <Romulus> wdsmia: 60s. Southwest wind 5 to 15 mph.;

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09:48 <KathrynM> oh well.  I guess I'll wait to see what PovAddict uses

09:49 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

09:56 <xcamel> 'lo Doug

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09:59 <wdsmia> Mornin Jay

10:00 <xcamel> indeed

10:01 <yoyo[RKN]> hmmm, 4pm

10:01 <xcamel> kinda dreary out..

10:10 <CoderForLife> back

10:10 <CoderForLife> The fine folks at Krogers said to say hi to all

10:12 <CoderForLife> I haven't heard any new tree falls this morning, given the rain and the not-so-gentle nudging of the wind

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10:21 <CoderForLife> welcome bak BiteAbleKat

10:22 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

10:22 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 60.2F / 15.7C | Humidity: 94% | Pressure: 29.33in / 993.1hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 2.2mph / 3.5km/h ; Today - Mostly cloudy this morning...then becoming partly sunny. Widespread showers this morning...then scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. Highs around 70. Southwest winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance (1 more message)

10:23 <CoderForLife> &more

10:23 <Romulus> CoderForLife: of rain 90 percent.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. A chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening. Lows in the lower 40s. West winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph...becoming northwest 5 to 10 mph after midnight. Chance of rain 30 percent.; Sunday - Partly sunny. Highs in the mid 60s. North winds around 5 mph.;

10:23 <Romulus> those trees are just the core client.

10:23 <CoderForLife> they are the core client of my hillside - true

10:25 <CoderForLife> hungry...  bbiab

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11:23 <xcamel> that wind is chilly..

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11:46 <CoderForLife> that rain is wet =)

11:46 <CoderForLife> quail:

11:46 <Romulus> <> (at

11:48 <PovAddict> KathrynM: I use colloQ, but you'll have to jailbreak the iPod before installing 3rd party software :)

11:50 <MTughan> Damn, this map update is big... Forget about taking an hour and 20 minutes to download, taking 20 minutes to extract.

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11:54 <quail> CoderForLife: thanks for the url, I will read later

11:58 <quail> CoderForLife: from the title i wont bother following it

11:58 <quail> CoderForLife: but thanks for thinking of me tho

11:59 <quail> CoderForLife: how are things with you?

12:00 * quail dealing with a bad package building atm

12:04 <MTughan> Gah... Why is Linux using so much VRAM when only 25% physical RAM is being used?!

12:04 <xcamel> interesting experience with the WAAS enabled gps included with the modbook

12:05 <xcamel> open google earth and click on 'fly to' - and boom - right to where I was sitting..

12:08 <xcamel> it was almost creepy..

12:09 <CoderForLife> what would be creepier is if you were looking at you sitting

12:09 <quail> xcamel: you are being tracked :-P

12:10 <xcamel> lol

12:11 <CoderForLife> turn around and wave to the camera =)

12:15 <quail> why wave at it?

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12:30 <KathrynM> PovAddict, thanks.  that's what I was afraid of.

12:30 <yoyo[RKN]> re

12:43 <quail> mmm 2am, cold chicken 1/4 for a snack

12:57 <quail> now for some chocolate pudding

13:01 <quail> ah good snacks I feel alot better now

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14:08 <zombie67> MT?

14:08 <Romulus> hmm... MT is right, zombie67

14:09 <MTughan> Yeah?

14:09 <zombie67> AI thanked you in their RSS news

14:10 <quail> zombie67: AI was just being sarcastic :-P

14:11 <zombie67> I think they really meant it

14:11 <MTughan> Cool...

14:11 <MTughan> "We would like to thank Michael Tughan for his Mac version of the Makefile that can be used to compile the application for Mac."

14:11 <quail> hehe

14:12 <zombie67> now they need to actually use it

14:12 <MTughan> Anyone with Xcode installed can do it now. Uses two scripts: one to build the BOINC libraries as Universal, and another to build the AI app.

14:12 <zombie67> cool

14:13 <MTughan> Whether they included the first script or not though, I'm not sure...

14:14 <MTughan> Yep, they did. Cool.

14:16 <MTughan> I made a script for that because I was tired of remembering the different CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS that I had to put in, so this automated it. Just svn update and ./

14:27 <quail> mercury rising is a real tear drawer

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15:43 <efc> &math convert 200 meters to angstroms

15:43 <Romulus> efc: 2000000000000

16:02 <xcamel> 'lo e

16:02 <efc> moo

16:03 * wdsmia remembers why he detests yardwork

16:06 <xcamel> ditto

16:06 <xcamel> but get back to me when your yard exceeds 10 ac.

16:07 * quail hates our 1/4 ac block atm

16:07 <quail> oh cause we can't have the horses here

16:09 <quail> but moving to the ac block later this year be a diff story

16:09 <efc> dad got a zero turn radius mower for our lawn after he got tired of pulling a finishing mower with the tractor

16:09 <efc> piece of junk but still working

16:10 <quail> efc: horses are better they fertilize while mowing

16:11 <efc> we have those too, they take care of the other 50 acres

16:11 <efc> but then you have to cut hay for them for the winter so its a wash

16:11 <quail> my mum with the horses

16:12 <efc> If they're in a confined space they tend to eat most of it down to stub and then leave small parts (the poop parts) growing high

16:12 * quail has nothing to do with them, cause they damn uncomfortable to ride even tho I have a custom western saddle made for me

16:13 *** Ageless93 is now known as Ageless93[Away]

16:13 * Ageless93[Away] is now away - Reason : Auto-Away after 60 minutes

16:15 <quail> efc: I used to ride heaps when I was younger, doing barrels, key hole etc at western events

16:17 <efc> I did a little, no good at it. Mother does a lot.

16:17 <quail> efc: the appaloosa gelding I used to ride loved them

16:18 <quail> doing key hole I swear his arse hit the ground sometimes

16:19 <xcamel> was never much of a horse guy, although I do ride now and then.

16:20 <quail> he used to like barrels and key hole, basically they were fun events but he loved em

16:21 <quail> I remember at one even I done the key hole bare back

16:22 <quail> that was hard to stay on

16:24 <quail> xcamel: me like to do it again, but have to get a horse that I can trust to do it all again

16:25 <quail> xcamel: my appaloosa gelding is 22 years old now

16:25 <CoderForLife> sun has hidden behind some thick dark clouds, and the wind was picked up

16:26 <CoderForLife> came inside before Mother Nature shouts "timber!" again, because She doesn't

16:26 <quail> damn my rain dance working for the wrong place

16:29 <xcamel> very tiny piece of the front, CFL

16:29 <quail> xcamel: remind me to go through photos and I will scan a couple for you of sandman, sandman is my appaloosa

16:30 <quail> he all white with brown spots, and a pita to clean

16:33 * KathrynM is back (gone 06:44:08)

16:34 <KathrynM> mornin

16:34 <xcamel> 'lo K

16:41 <CoderForLife> howdy KathrynM

16:41 <quail> g'day Don

16:41 <KathrynM> mornin' CoderForLife

16:42 <KathrynM> hiya xcamel and quail

16:42 <CoderForLife> at times it's pretty dark here

16:42 <quail> g'day KathrynM

16:42 <CoderForLife> I managed to get outside for a bit

16:42 <KathrynM> getting light here

16:42 <CoderForLife> planted some things I had ordered, and probably left sit for too long

16:43 <quail> It dark here, but soon to get light

16:43 <CoderForLife> w@#%ing too much

16:44 <quail> but as soon as it start to get light this vampire prob better get to bed

16:44 <KathrynM> lol

16:44 <CoderForLife> ack

16:44 <KathrynM> I made the mistake of starting to watch a show on our science channel.

16:44 <xcamel> lol

16:45 <CoderForLife> "our science"?  Your science is different?

16:45 * quail like doing all his computer hacking and work at night

16:45 <KathrynM> the Korean science channel vs the science channel you yanks get

16:46 <KathrynM> "Science TV"

16:46 <CoderForLife> oh ;p

16:46 <quail> KathrynM: ours is better

16:46 <quail> :-P

16:46 <KathrynM> lol

16:46 <CoderForLife> I prefer SciFi, where they just make it up

16:46 <quail> and I am not a Yank or korean

16:46 <KathrynM> well, we have a bit of scifi on the channel too

16:47 <KathrynM> ST:Enterprise and a show called Regenisis.

16:47 <KathrynM> ReGenesis

16:47 <KathrynM> I wish I could speel

16:47 <CoderForLife> me2

16:48 <xcamel> ditto, again

16:48 <quail> KathrynM: I think you having a good speal atm :-P

16:48 <KathrynM> lol

16:49 <KathrynM> I'm diving off again.

16:49 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

16:50 <CoderForLife> I hope there's water in that pool

16:50 <CoderForLife> and it's not the shallow end

16:50 <quail> hehe

16:50 * CoderForLife looks at long range radar

16:51 <CoderForLife> the only action is up at Sandusky

16:52 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

16:52 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 66.7F / 19.3C | Humidity: 62% | Pressure: 29.34in / 993.5hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy with a chance of showers with isolated thunderstorms early...then mostly cloudy with a slight chance of showers this evening. Partly cloudy after midnight. Lows in the lower 40s. West winds 10 to 20 mph (1 more message)

16:52 <quail> &wx ypad

16:52 <Romulus> quail: Temperature: 50°F / 10°C | Humidity: 75% | Pressure: 30.11in / 1019hPa | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 9mph / 15km/h | Updated: 6:00 AM CST; Scattered Clouds. High:66 F. / 19 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:48 F. / 9 C.; Scattered Clouds. High:73 F. / 23 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:50 F. / 10 C.; Scattered Clouds. High:69 F. / 21 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:53 (1 more message)

16:52 <CoderForLife> wind indicator must be broken

16:52 <CoderForLife> &more

16:52 <Romulus> CoderForLife: with gusts up to 30 mph... decreasing to 5 to 10 mph late. Chance of rain 50 percent.; Sunday - Partly sunny. Highs in the mid 60s. Northwest winds around 5 mph.; Sunday Night - Partly cloudy in the evening...then clearing. Lows around 40. Southwest winds around 5 mph.;

16:52 <quail> &more

16:52 <Romulus> quail: F. / 12 C.;

16:54 <xcamel> jus barely topped 48 here - cold and damp.

16:54 <Romulus> or just swape out the calculator, you're messed.

16:55 <xcamel> guess we're going out for chinese, and to see the new Jackie Chan movie.

16:55 <quail> revenge is a meal best served cold :-P

16:56 <xcamel> that's Klingon, IIRC.

16:57 <quail> I thought I heard it in a Jackie Chan movie

16:58 <quail> cause I not a big ST fan

16:59 <DerMeister> woot.. one of my rcross wus is at 100,093% o_O

17:00 <DerMeister> ... and not finished yet...

17:00 <yoyo[RKN]> this is usual for my evos

17:00 <quail> o.)

17:00 *** PovIpod has joined #boinc

17:00 <yoyo[RKN]> up to 160% ;)

17:00 <DerMeister> nice ^^

17:00 <quail> o.0

17:00 <yoyo[RKN]> but sometimes it finishes already at 40%

17:02 *** PovIpod has quit IRC

17:03 <quail> SysInfo: Linux 2.6.24-1-686 |  Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.60GHz 1595.317 MHz | Bogomips: 3194.69 | Mem: 1001/1266M [||||||||||] | Diskspace: 261.91G Free: 186.46G | Procs: 95 | Uptime: 14 hrs 17 mins 41 secs | Load: 0.00 0.02 0.00  | Screen: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5500] (rev a1) @ 1440x900 (24 bpp) | eth0: In: 8.48M Out: 3.00M

17:03 <efc> I'm looking at the Schrodinger equation.. it seems vague enough to be the solution for just about anything

17:03 * efc envies Quail's script

17:04 <CoderForLife> all my bugs are Heisenbugs, PovAddict

17:05 <quail> efc: why?

17:05 <efc> I want to try to do some simulations of atoms and molecules

17:05 <efc> To predict, for example, the absorption spectra of arbitrary molecules (such as chlorophyll)

17:05 * quail wonders why efc envies Quail's script

17:06 <efc> oh. Because I don't think mIRC can do it.

17:06 <quail> damn why does my desktop not have access to the 2.6.25 kernel, my laptop does

17:06 <CoderForLife> the answer is either 42 or Avogadro's Number, depending on the phase of the moon

17:07 <efc> If mIRC could run that script I'd be running IRC on my cyrix just to be cool.

17:07 <quail> efc: prob not concidering I use irssi

17:08 <CoderForLife> quirky IRC

17:08 <quail> efc: but this script will work under xchat tho

17:08 <quail> CoderForLife: I use irssi cause I am not always at home

17:09 <efc> That machine can't boot knoppix unfortunately

17:09 * quail looking at why debian unstable is not active on his desktop

17:09 <CoderForLife> Miranduh here

17:11 <efc> How can these stinking little particles be so smart?

17:13 <xcamel> off for some gung pow and a movie..

17:13 <xcamel> laterz..

17:13 <quail> cause I can efc

17:14 <quail> xcamel: l8r

17:16 <quail> brb

17:16 *** quail has quit IRC

17:21 *** quail has joined #boinc

17:21 <quail> b00

17:23 * quail stuffed up, I have no gui with the new kernel I have to manually install the nvidia drivers

17:23 <quail> and I forgot were on my hdd it is

17:39 *** pidus has joined #boinc

17:40 <pidus> Hi Nicolas...missing you in boinc_dev :(

17:42 <pidus> err #boinc_dev

17:43 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

18:15 *** dilligaf has joined #boinc

18:15 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

18:16 *** DerMeister has quit IRC

18:17 *** d00m1001 has joined #boinc

18:27 *** dilligaf has quit IRC

18:31 *** Rookie_69 has joined #boinc

18:34 <Rookie_69> &wx yaw

18:34 <Romulus> Rookie_69: Temperature: 57.0°F / 13.9°C | Humidity: 43% | Pressure: 30.18in / 1021.9hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 3.4mph / 5.5km/h | Updated: 7:34 PM ADT; Tonight - Clear. Low 2C(36F) except -2C(28F) in low lying inland areas.; Sunday - Sunny. Wind becoming southeast 20 km/h (12 mph) in the afternoon. High 17C(63F) except 8C(46F) along the coast. UV index 6 or high. Sunday night (1 more message)

18:34 <Rookie_69> &more

18:34 <Romulus> Rookie_69: increasing cloudiness. A few showers beginning overnight. Fog patches developing near midnight. Wind southeast 20 km/h (12 mph). Low 3C(37F).; Monday - Showers. High 9C(48F).;

18:35 <efc> moo Rookie

18:36 <Rookie_69> That's odd... rain forecast for weekday but not weekend.

18:36 <Rookie_69> Hi, Eddie.

18:37 <quail> w0w it day light and I have not burnt up yet

18:38 <quail> please don't open the curtian tho

18:38 <Rookie_69> Stare at that glowing ball in the sky long enough and you will.

18:38 <quail> hell no

18:39 * quail might be being stupid but I not that stupid :-P

18:39 * quail goes looks at the sun now :-P

18:41 <Rookie_69> ... if only the moon was warmer...

18:43 *** quail has quit IRC

18:44 *** quail has joined #boinc

18:44 <Rookie_69> Speaking of moo, I've got some dead pig in the oven cooking... Did I get my barnyard sounds mixed up again???

18:46 <Rookie_69> Quail lost his terminal? That's gotta hurt.

18:47 <quail> nah I killed it, cause I lost my highlight window when leaving a channel

18:47 <quail> so the fastest was to kill screen and start again :-)

18:49 <Rookie_69> ... that was when you were leaving the channel #sun after looking at it?

18:49 <Rookie_69> Lol.

18:56 *** pidus has left #boinc

19:09 <quail> hehe

19:09 <quail> direct sunlight kills that why I have not openned my blinds :-)

19:10 <quail> the darker my computer room is the happier I am

19:14 * Rookie_69 needs enough light to see which key he is jabbing at.

19:15 <quail> i got that but the sun light hurts

19:16 <quail> hence me wears very dark sunnies

19:16 <Rookie_69> I used to, but not so bad lately.

19:20 <Rookie_69> All the other hurts make the migraines seem less... painful. Aging sux!

19:28 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

19:31 <quail> :-(

19:34 <Rookie_69> ... so I spent the afternoon staring at white hulls down at the boat club... You get what you deserve.

19:38 <CoderForLife> always - always - always check data for trusting it - it could be lying to you

19:39 *** Fjodor has joined #boinc

19:39 * Rookie_69 thinks Don found a snag.

19:40 <CoderForLife> found, plugged - running regression test now

19:41 <CoderForLife> running compare

19:41 <Rookie_69> ... so CoderForLife wasn't intentional... just the way it turned out.

19:42 <CoderForLife> hmm?

19:42 <Rookie_69> ... your handle...

19:42 <CoderForLife> ah

19:42 <Rookie_69> You got a life sentence.

19:43 <CoderForLife> both a way of life, and a prison sentence

19:43 <Rookie_69> Lol.

19:43 <CoderForLife> yes - a prisoner of my own mind and making

19:44 * Rookie_69 wonders why people don't always understand what he meant to type...

19:44 * KathrynM is back (gone 02:54:50)

19:45 <Rookie_69> Almost three hours of sleep?

19:45 <CoderForLife> she returns to restore order to an unruly Room

19:45 <KathrynM> I rule with an iron fist.

19:46 <KathrynM> Now clean this place up!

19:46 <Rookie_69> Yes'm...

19:46 <CoderForLife> (gee)

19:46 * Rookie_69 sweeps debris and detritus under the carpet.

19:47 <CoderForLife> give a person a little authority and look what happens

19:47 <KathrynM> lol

19:47 <KathrynM> what kind of stupid site won't let you have symbols in your password......

19:47 <KathrynM> why don't I just make my password "password"

19:48 * CoderForLife looks at the ceiling

19:48 <PovAddict> the most common password used to be "password"

19:48 <PovAddict> now it's "password1" - who says people haven't learned about security?

19:48 <KathrynM> lol

19:48 <CoderForLife> um, all our company extranet sites...

19:48 <KathrynM> I saw a thing about the UK where "monkey" is an extremely popular password.

19:48 <Rookie_69> ...  and user name USER?\

19:48 <CoderForLife> sa/sa

19:49 * PovAddict 's gmail password is 16 apparently-random letters :)

19:49 <CoderForLife> the key that unlocks Oracle

19:49 <PovAddict> I once typed it while somebody was behind me... he said "whoa, some security?" when he saw the number of asterisks on screen

19:49 <KathrynM> holy sh1t.  I just jumped through a zillion hoops to find out my membership doesn't expire for a year.  so why the heck did they send me a renewal notice in the first place

19:50 <CoderForLife> money?

19:50 <Romulus> hmm... money is good, CoderForLife

19:50 <CoderForLife> yes, especially if it's Other People's Money (OPM)

19:50 <KathrynM> lol  I'm good at spending OPM

19:51 <CoderForLife> our gov't thrives on it

19:51 <PovAddict> KathrynM: so looks like you went well on your wife course

19:51 <Rookie_69> OP don't seem to want me to spend their M any more.

19:51 *** Ageless93[Away] is now known as Ageless93

19:51 * Ageless93 is no longer away : Gone for 4 hours 37 minutes 55 seconds

19:52 <KathrynM> yeah, but I flunked the rest of it.

19:52 <Ageless93> 6.2.1 ... right... no way am I going to install that tonight, not with another WCG at 98%

19:52 <PovAddict> my dad says my sister is doing well at the Wife course too, particularly when she complains about things my dad has to do and still hasn't :)

19:52 <KathrynM> lol

19:52 <KathrynM> Your sis is learning young.

19:53 <PovAddict> or "buy me" - although that might be just part of the female teenager instinct

19:54 <Rookie_69> If man did everything, woman wouldn't have anything to complain about and therefore wouldn't be happy.

19:54 <KathrynM> nah.  That's just teenager.

19:54 <PovAddict> Rookie_69++

19:55 <Rookie_69> BTW... I'm single ;-)

19:55 <PovAddict> <- speaking about human features

19:55 <Romulus> <> (at

19:55 <PovAddict> <- my reply

19:55 <Romulus> <> (at

19:57 <Rookie_69> 50% of the liver, huh?

19:58 <Rookie_69> Hmm...

20:02 * Rookie_69 was involved in a relationship where "Yes, dear... whatever you say, dear" was used a lot.

20:03 * Rookie_69 wonders if her boyfriend ever found out about it...

20:04 <PovAddict> o_o

20:04 <KathrynM> whoever programmed this website did a piss poor job of it.  every time I try to select South Korea it puts in North Korea.

20:04 * KathrynM goes to complain to these folks *again*

20:05 <Rookie_69> Move north ;-)

20:06 <KathrynM> no thanks.

20:08 <KathrynM> ok, complaining note sent.

20:09 * Rookie_69 gotsta get a nap in between now and bedtime.

20:09 <Rookie_69> NN.

20:09 <KathrynM> laterz

20:09 *** Rookie_69 has quit IRC

20:10 <Ageless93> what if you put in North Korea? Who made the site? Do they probably want reunification?

20:11 <KathrynM> North Korea stay on North Korea.

20:11 <KathrynM> and it's

20:11 <Ageless93> says nothing to me.

20:12 <Ageless93> anyway, any others here who got the new Paypal phishing emails? I already got 3 of them, which I all sent through to PP and reported to Gmail.

20:12 <KathrynM> nope

20:13 <Ageless93> it has a html attachmanet.

20:13 * PovAddict checks his spam folder

20:13 <PovAddict> downloading headers, 35/107

20:13 <Ageless93> *attachment

20:13 <PovAddict> dear god

20:14 <PovAddict> no paypal stuff in there

20:14 <Ageless93> hopefully they're now blocked here as well.

20:16 <PovAddict> mmm cheese

20:17 <KathrynM> I've got two huge blocks of cheese in my freezer :)

20:17 * PovAddict starts up burncdcc

20:18 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

20:18 <Ageless93> cheese in your freezer?

20:19 <KathrynM> yeah

20:19 <Romulus> you wife is at 53%...

20:19 <Ageless93> that smelly?

20:19 <KathrynM> no.  Just keeping it fresh

20:19 <Ageless93> fresh... in your freezer... cheese... right...

20:20 <KathrynM> you've never frozen cheese?

20:20 <Ageless93> can't be Dutch cheese then. when you put that in the freezer it comes out as a rubbery yuck

20:20 <KathrynM> Cheddar cheese.  Yummy

20:20 <Ageless93> I have frozen all kinds of things, but never cheese, no

20:21 <KathrynM> I have a block of chddar and a block of colby/jack

20:21 <KathrynM> 2 pounds each

20:21 * PovAddict notes burncdcc hanged as usual

20:21 <Ageless93> so two huge blocks, huh? seems you did it wrong

20:22 <Ageless93> To freeze hard cheese such as cheddar, Colby, Edam, Gouda, Swiss or brick, cut and wrap in small pieces of less than one pound, or grate and freeze in freezer-weight bags or rigid freezer containers. Moisture may cause a mottled color. Before using, thaw it the refrigerator.

20:22 <PovAddict> &dict thaw

20:22 <Romulus> PovAddict: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: gcide: thaw \thaw\, v. t. To cause (frozen things, as earth, snow, ice) to melt, soften, or dissolve. [1913 Webster]; gcide: thaw \thaw\, n. The melting of ice, snow, or other congealed matter; the resolution of ice, or the like, into the state of a fluid; liquefaction by heat of anything congealed by frost; also, a warmth of weather sufficient to melt (6 more messages)

20:22 <KathrynM> I didn't have any zipper bags when it was delivered.  I'll go to the store today and get some and then cut it up.  That's what I did the last time and it worked fine :)

20:23 <Ageless93> btw, I got that from

20:23 <Romulus> <> (at

20:23 * PovAddict starts up Nero...

20:23 <KathrynM> burning kubuntu?

20:23 <PovAddict> trying to

20:24 <PovAddict> no idea why burncdcc doesn't work anymore...

20:24 <KathrynM> brb

20:24 <PovAddict> used to be just great - 144KB program, you throw a .iso into it and it gets burned

20:24 <PovAddict> also supports clearing a -RW before starting

20:26 * Ageless93 gets a big glass of non-frozen whole-fat milk to hopefully help counter the bloated feeling he has.

20:27 <Ageless93> super... start burping after just one sip.

20:29 <KathrynM> milk for that?

20:30 <Ageless93> yes. that helps ease the acid buildup

20:30 <KathrynM> ah

20:30 <Ageless93> milk lines the stomach with a small protective layer. if you have heart burn, take some milk and you'll be rid of it in no time

20:33 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

20:34 <Ageless93> kath:

20:34 <Romulus> <> (at

20:34 <KathrynM> uh oh.

20:35 <Ageless93> I think he means you with "One even quoting their education follow by something very similar to this.. 'what gives you to right to think you know enough about science to decide if a project is ligit our not' I wonder if that same person relizes that Enistine (Yea.. the father of E=MC^2) dropped out of highschool?" ??

20:36 <KathrynM> I jsut got to that sentence.

20:36 <KathrynM> I thought Einstein was the father of that equation

20:36 <KathrynM> Is that post mainly a dig on me?

20:37 <PovAddict> I hope he leaves BOINC

20:37 <Ageless93> he surely needs a spell and gramar checker

20:37 <Ageless93> grammar even

20:37 <PovAddict> irony much :P

20:37 <Ageless93> or not post when angry ;)

20:38 <PovAddict>

20:38 <Romulus> Title: QDB: Quote #709087 (at

20:38 <KathrynM> makes me want to crunch a few seti just so I can respond to him

20:38 <Ageless93> hey... Icechat doesn't have a spell shaker

20:38 <Romulus> KathrynM: The name in wu as in Trac?

20:38 *** Fjodor has quit IRC

20:38 <Ageless93> pff, thank god I stayed out of that thread.

20:39 <KathrynM> oh shut up Romulus

20:39 <Ageless93> but... you'll see someone mention my name in reply to this post. I'm sure of it. feel it coming. ;)

20:39 <KathrynM> lol

20:39 <PovAddict> yeah

20:39 <Ageless93> I have Rommie on ignore. Is really nice.

20:39 <KathrynM> Tell them it was me.

20:39 <PovAddict> Ageless has been flamed too

20:39 <Ageless93> I got flamed on BOINCStats...

20:39 <PovAddict> sort of

20:39 <PovAddict> right here ->

20:39 <Romulus> <> (at

20:40 <Ageless93> answered already. As did Ovidiu I saw.

20:40 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

20:41 *** cactaur has joined #boinc

20:41 *** cactuar has joined #boinc

20:41 <KathrynM> I'll stay out of that one.  But why the hell did I not ever put wanky on ignore?

20:41 *** cactuar has quit IRC

20:41 * KathrynM goes to do that right now

20:42 <Ageless93> Wanky and Angus and Doofus is on ignore just about everywhere... but for on predictor as he loses his account too much there and having people on ignore then breaks threads ;)

20:44 <KathrynM> Are they all the same person?

20:44 <Ageless93> you're not to have your own opinion whenever you post with your Project Admin tag. Don't you dare think otherwise. Slap.

20:44 <Ageless93> Angus, Doofus and Wanky? Yes. although they sound like the new Marx Brothers.

20:45 <KathrynM> lol

20:47 *** exco has quit IRC

20:48 <Ageless93> perhaps you should PM Mike over at BOINC and tell him why you have that tag... ;)

20:48 <KathrynM> I'm ignoring him.

20:49 <Ageless93> waiting for red-x report posts...

20:49 <Ageless93> oh no, that's only floozy who does that

20:49 <KathrynM> lol

20:49 <PovAddict> lol

20:49 <PovAddict> <whitemithrandir> ASL?

20:49 <PovAddict> <isabel> Altitude: 6-52 meters above sealevel. Speed: 62 mi/hr. Location: Eastern seaboard.

20:50 <Ageless93> so they're demoted at Seti by the way, but not at Seti Beta... so still being careful.

20:50 <KathrynM> I was wondering about that

20:50 <Ageless93> luckily I never go there

20:52 <PovAddict>

20:52 <Romulus> Title: QDB: Quote #606919 (at

20:54 * PovAddict installs kubuntu

20:54 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

21:01 *** BiteAbleKat has joined #boinc

21:01 *** BiteAbleKat is now known as tamar

21:01 *** tamar is now known as BiteAbleKat

21:02 <Ageless93> Crunch3r got demoted and banned on seti

21:02 <KathrynM> no way

21:03 <Didactylos> root attempts are pretty much par for the course for any server visible on the net.

21:04 * Didactylos looks at auth.log

21:04 * Didactylos sighs

21:04 <Didactylos> So why *does* the AI person think he's special?

21:04 <Ageless93> because he is

21:05 <Ageless93> by the way, i did warn him over the other attempts that are popping up lately.

21:06 <Ageless93> dunno if you heard of them, but a group of hackers is trying to gain access to government and business computers here in Europe.

21:06 <Ageless93> attempts have been made on computers from England, germany, The Netherlands and Belgium

21:06 <Didactylos> More than usual?

21:07 <Ageless93> it's done with emails that have an invisible code added to them that breaks in and sends back information about the computers, network, passwords etc.

21:07 <Ageless93> and it's so far being traced back to China.

21:07 <Ageless93> all the time only China as end station...

21:07 <Didactylos> Uh...

21:07 <Didactylos> You mean a worm?

21:08 <Ageless93> as far as I understand the news messages around here, it's no attachment, but something underneath the text.

21:09 <Didactylos> ??!

21:09 <Ageless93> the code that does it isn't visible in the email and it's not attached as an attachment.

21:10 <Ageless93> no executable to start, no video to watch, nothing. Just seemingly text in the email.

21:12 <Didactylos> Got a link?

21:12 <Didactylos> Only news I can find is more encouraging:

21:12 <Romulus> <> (at

21:12 <Ageless93> not in English... but I'll look

21:17 <Ageless93>

21:17 <xcamel> back..

21:17 <Romulus> <> (at

21:19 <Didactylos> Sounds a bit paranoid to me.

21:20 <Ageless93> China will take over the world. haven't you been watching Firefly? In the future we'll all speak Chinese as well as other languages ;)

21:20 <Didactylos> It just says "hidden software". So, it's almost certainly a normal worm or trojan, since if it was something interesting, it would be all over the tech sites - and I haven't seen anything.

21:21 * KathrynM goes to clean up the apartment.

21:21 <KathrynM> I'll pop in and out as I get frustrated.

21:21 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

21:22 <xcamel> re-hi

21:26 * KathrynM tries to figure out why she put the phone bill in the refrigerator....

21:27 <CoderForLife> just watched last night's BSG ep

21:27 <MTughan> <PovAddict> did you read about the BOINC workshop '08?

21:27 <MTughan> Can anyone tell me what that's about?

21:27 <Ageless93> to keep it cool and out of sight, Kath?

21:27 <KathrynM> I wish I knew Jord

21:27 <CoderForLife> pretty good - and probably better that I wasn't so tired

21:28 <CoderForLife> but to that point

21:28 <CoderForLife> good night

21:28 <MTughan> Night Coder.

21:28 <KathrynM> nn CoderForLife

21:28 <Ageless93> you probably had it in your hands when you went to pick something out of the fridge, and temporarily put it down in there as you needed more hands to hold food.

21:28 <CoderForLife> thx and gn

21:28 <Ageless93> have had things like that happen, put food on top of friedge, totally forget about it until I pass by again.

21:31 <Didactylos> One of the great things about living alone is you can put something down, and then when you want it again weeks later - it's right there!

21:37 <KathrynM> very true Didactylos

21:38 <Didactylos> If only our memories could keep up.

21:38 <KathrynM> that too

21:39 * KathrynM wonders if she should make her bed when she really just wants to crawl back in it.

21:40 <Ageless93> that's what those new glasses are for. They remember where you left  things. making a photo of wherever you look at every 2 seconds or so, storing it on a large hdd, where software will list everything and makes it possible for you to name things.

21:40 <Ageless93> then whenever you have lost your keys, just ask the software and up pops a picture of whee you left them last time around... if the lepricorns didn't move them.

21:41 *** PovAddict has joined #boinc

21:41 *** cactaur has quit IRC

21:42 <KathrynM> wb

22:05 * PovAddict reboots into kubuntu

22:05 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

22:09 *** nicolas_ has joined #boinc

22:10 *** nicolas_ is now known as PovAddict

22:21 <MTughan> bbl, booting into XP to play a game.

22:21 *** MTughan has quit IRC

22:24 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

22:31 *** bryanUC has quit IRC

22:32 * Ageless93 goes put his feet up and head down. Laters all.

22:33 *** Ageless93 is now known as Ageless93[Away]

22:33 * Ageless93[Away] is now away - Reason : feet up, head down, catching some zzzz's and early mosquito bites.

22:38 *** PovAddict has joined #boinc

22:38 <PovAddict> aww

22:38 <PovAddict> I'm getting display corruption with Compiz

22:52 <PovAddict>

22:52 <Romulus> Title: snapshot3.png (at

22:54 <PovAddict> does anyone have NQueens URL handy?

22:56 *** bryanUC has joined #boinc

23:00 *** bryanUC has quit IRC

23:04 <zombie67> just a sec

23:04 <zombie67>

23:04 <Romulus> Title: NQueens@Home Project (at

23:04 <zombie67> FYI, just go to BS, scroll down to the project status on the left.  if you click the project name there, it takes you to the project

23:23 *** bryanUC has joined #boinc

23:48 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

23:52 <PovAddict>

23:52 <Romulus> Title: bsg.png (at

23:52 <PovAddict> that's probably the most ugly I have ever seen the simple GUI

23:56 <KathrynM> mine's only slightly less ugly than yours

23:56 <KathrynM> give me a sec to screenshot it

23:58 <KathrynM>

23:58 <Romulus> Title: bsg.png (at

23:58 * KathrynM is back (gone 02:36:34)

23:59 <PovAddict> I'm typing a huge mail of all the BOINC trouble I got

23:59 <KathrynM> package manager or .sh/

23:59 <KathrynM> ?

23:59 <PovAddict> package manager

23:59 <KathrynM> 5.10.45?

23:59 <Romulus> Rumor has it 5.10.45 is considered the latest 'stable', KathrynM

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