IRC logs of #boinc for Sunday, 2008-05-11

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00:10 <efc> Is it weird that I have two connections to s@h that have been in close_wait state for hours ?

00:11 <PovAddict> OS?

00:11 <efc> XP

00:11 <efc> Others seem to get cleaned up readily

00:11 <efc> there's also one to google

00:11 <PovAddict> it's a bug

00:11 <PovAddict> client does a connection

00:12 <PovAddict> client starts a science application, which inherits open file handles

00:12 <PovAddict> client closes network connection

00:12 <PovAddict> science app has an inherited file handle to the network connection, without even knowing it

00:12 <efc> I see

00:13 <efc> Something is lagging out that computer, but I can't figure out what. Probably not the closed_wait things.

00:13 <PovAddict> restart client (which will kill apps); that should clean any and all close_wait's

00:13 <efc> Just until they do it again?

00:14 <PovAddict> 'f course lol

00:16 <efc> its also possible boinc isn't respecting my turning off network access (for my lag problem)

00:16 <efc> but I haven't caught it yet

00:16 <PovAddict> well that's a feature xD

00:16 <PovAddict> suspend network

00:16 <PovAddict> go to Projects tab, and click Update on some project

00:16 <PovAddict> network gets un-suspended for 5 minutes

00:16 <PovAddict> yet menu still shows it as suspended

00:16 <PovAddict> confusing the hell out of everyone

00:16 <efc> I see

00:17 <efc> Thats probabably not it. My gateway machine just completely blocks traffic for about 5 seconds every once in a while.

00:18 <PovAddict> ah, that might trigger a bug

00:18 <PovAddict> (lol)

00:18 <PovAddict> if the client tries a network connection and DNS is down, all hell breaks loose

00:18 <PovAddict> (I'll spare you the details)

00:19 <PovAddict> (unless you really want to know)

00:19 <efc> Hmm. i do have occasional DNS problems but boinc shouldn't be trying in the first place.

00:20 <PovAddict> you put it into suspended network?

00:20 <efc> Yes

00:20 <Romulus> lol, it's probably more well-known, have a bunch on my ops page takes forever to load

00:20 <PovAddict> and you aren't f*cking around with the Update button?

00:20 <PovAddict> (which un-suspends automatically)

00:20 <efc> No

00:21 <efc> Its hard to catch it in the act, and I've never seen anything in a netstat while it happens

00:21 <efc> Probably not BOINC

00:21 <efc> could be some ninja window update even those are turned off

00:22 <efc> even if BOINC was hitting TCP hard I dn't think it would choke off UDP completely

00:27 <efc> Hmm. It might be a SYN flood.

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00:33 * KathrynM is back (gone 02:36:45)

00:33 * PovAddict hides

00:33 <KathrynM> why?

00:33 <PovAddict> it's 1:30 am

00:34 * KathrynM thinks PovAddict is feeling guilty

00:34 <PovAddict> I just know you'll get all maternal and sh1t so I hide from you

00:35 <KathrynM> lol

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00:58 <Romulus> New news from boincstats: 2008-05-11: BOINCstats - Unscheduled downtime

01:15 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

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02:40 <CoderForLife> efc -SYN

02:40 <efc> uh oh

02:40 <Romulus> Title: StrikeStarUS (at

02:40 <efc> moo cfl

02:40 <Romulus> have you done? Have you ever had for 2 hours 17 minutes 49 seconds

02:40 <CoderForLife> efc SYN ACK

02:41 <CoderForLife> Happy Middle Of the Night efc

02:41 <efc> the wages of SYN is ACK ?

02:42 <efc> I hear thunder but nothing near me on the map

02:43 <efc> closest about 40 miles

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02:51 <CoderForLife> looks angry, efc

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03:01 <efc> &ping

03:01 <Romulus> pong

03:02 <efc> bleh, why are these guys using a flash app for every button on their website

03:03 <efc> now striking close on the map

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03:09 <efc3> starting to light up good now

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03:14 <CoderForLife> been nice knowing ya

03:16 <efc3> Shields up, bring it on

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03:30 <efc3> moo ELg

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03:46 <advil> Finally a seti-boinc channel with ppl in it

03:46 <advil> anybody awake?

03:46 <advil> ...

03:46 <advil> great

03:47 <efc3> moo

03:47 <advil> hi

03:48 <advil> Im having problems getting my boinc client to detect my internet connection, any ideahs what i need to do? possibly have to forward a port on my router?

03:51 <efc3> Boinc connects outward.. I wouldn't think you'd need to do that

03:52 <advil> well im using my connection right now but boinc says it cant detect my connection

03:52 <efc3> I dunno if you need to unblock a port maybe

03:53 <advil> well it says i need to select my default connection but theres none in the list

03:54 <efc3> I think you can ignore that

03:54 <Didactylos> Check the messages. What is the actual error?

03:55 <advil> "access to reference site failed - check network connection or proxy configuration.

03:55 <advil> "

03:56 <Didactylos> Before that.

03:57 <advil> project communication failed attempting to access reference site

03:57 <efc3> Which project?

03:57 <Romulus> Rumor has it Which project are you with, efc3

03:57 <advil> seti

03:57 <efc3> ok, they should be up

03:57 <CoderForLife> check the project URL

03:58 <advil> my linux machine on a dedicated connection is working on a unit right now

03:58 <advil> but this computer which is going through a router cant connect

03:58 <CoderForLife> can you bring up the project web site on that computer using a browser?

03:59 <advil> yeah im at it now

03:59 <CoderForLife> check the project URL

03:59 <advil> same url

03:59 <advil>

04:00 <CoderForLife> including http and slashes?

04:00 <advil> yeah

04:01 <advil> then i put in my email address and account password when prompted and i get an error

04:01 <advil> account manager error: file not found

04:01 <advil> what file?

04:01 <CoderForLife> the errors above?

04:01 <CoderForLife> nm

04:02 <CoderForLife> what operating system? XP?

04:02 <advil> yeah

04:02 <CoderForLife> hmm

04:02 <CoderForLife> fresh install?

04:03 <advil> maybe my password isnt what im assuming it is, ill double check that right now

04:03 <efc3> does boinc run on port 80? Otherwise router could have some problem

04:03 <CoderForLife> I thought it did, hence my browser question

04:03 <advil> im able to log into my account on the site so thats not the problem

04:04 <CoderForLife> I'm going to leave you to more capable hands - going back to bed here

04:04 <CoderForLife> sorry I couldn't help more

04:04 <advil> no problem

04:04 * CoderForLife wanders off

04:04 <Romulus> ah.. monday... Sunny St Thomas...

04:05 <advil> trying to find some info on the berkeley website about forwarding

04:08 <efc3> Betime, or past it, good luck. More people around during the day (est/pst day)

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06:42 <CoderForLife> power glitch overnight

06:52 * KathrynM is back (gone 05:36:53)

06:54 <CoderForLife> hello

06:54 <KathrynM> mornin

06:58 * CoderForLife looks at someone's open source MySQL duplicate key finder Perl program

07:00 <CoderForLife> I think I'll roll my own

07:00 <CoderForLife> um.. after breakfast

07:00 <CoderForLife> brb

07:36 <CoderForLife> so - "brb" is a relative term

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08:42 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

08:42 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 53.7F / 12.1C | Humidity: 100% | Pressure: 29.16in / 987.4hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: SE | Wind Speed: 5.8mph / 9.3km/h ; Today - Showers. A chance of thunderstorms this morning. Highs around 60. Temperatures falling into the mid 50s this afternoon. Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of rain 100 percent.; Tonight - Cloudy. (1 more message)

08:42 <CoderForLife> &more

08:42 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Showers likely in the evening...then a chance of showers after midnight. Lows in the mid 40s. Northwest winds 15 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.; Monday - Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of showers in the morning. Highs in the lower 60s. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.;

09:00 <xcamel> 'lo

09:01 <xcamel> spork >> (php hakorz)

09:02 <CoderForLife> another rain wavelet approacheth

09:03 <CoderForLife> I'll see your spork and raise you a plink -->

09:04 <xcamel> danke

09:05 <CoderForLife> ditto

09:08 <CoderForLife> *thunder*

09:10 <CoderForLife> that calls for a beverage

09:16 <CoderForLife> flash-boom

09:22 <CoderForLife> *now* it's really raining

09:23 <CoderForLife> felines and canines

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09:25 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

09:25 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 42.2F / 5.7C | Humidity: 83% | Pressure: 29.81in / 1009.4hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: NNE | Wind Speed: 2.0mph / 3.2km/h ; Rest of Today - Partly sunny. Windy. High in the upper 50s. North wind 20 to 30 mph with gusts to around 45 mph.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Low around 40. Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph with gusts to around 25 mph shifting to the northeast after (1 more message)

09:25 <wdsmia> &more

09:25 <Romulus> wdsmia: midnight.; Monday - Mostly sunny. Breezy...warmer. High around 70. Southeast wind near 10 mph with gusts to around 20 mph increasing to 15 to 25 mph with gusts to around 35 mph in the afternoon.; Wind Advisory for Polk County in effect until 12:00 PM CDT on May 11, 2008;

09:25 <CoderForLife> *lo Doug

09:25 <xcamel> looks a bit rough in Cincy

09:25 <wdsmia> *lo Don

09:25 <xcamel> 'lo Doug

09:25 <wdsmia> *lo Jay

09:26 <CoderForLife> got some heavy rain ATM

09:26 <CoderForLife> my favorite substance, of course

09:26 <CoderForLife> flash

09:26 <CoderForLife> boom

09:27 * xcamel wonders if it'll get this far...

09:27 <CoderForLife> want me to give it directions while it's here?

09:30 <xcamel> looks like something for tomorrow..

09:30 <CoderForLife> it looks like something, alright

09:31 <CoderForLife> looks liked my parents are getting whacked a bit more than me

09:33 * CoderForLife watches the storm pulsate - up and down in intensity

09:38 <CoderForLife> dang that's making a lot of mud behind the house

09:38 <Ageless93[Away]> better there than in the house

09:38 *** Ageless93[Away] is now known as Ageless93

09:38 * Ageless93 is no longer away : Gone for 11 hours 44 minutes 56 seconds

09:39 <CoderForLife> there's not all that much separating the two, unfortunately

09:39 <Ageless93> just the treshhold...

09:40 <CoderForLife> my thresh is not holding much anymore

09:41 <Ageless93> then be quick and put sandbags down.

09:41 <CoderForLife> a 6-foot thick slow conveyor belt to the creek

09:41 <Ageless93> or build a way.

09:41 <Ageless93> em wall

09:41 <CoderForLife> I am, as fast as others will let me

09:42 <Ageless93> of course, either living on top of the hill or in a highrise building is preferred

09:42 <CoderForLife> it's the hill that I live on top of is the problem

09:43 <CoderForLife> It wants to be the creek

09:43 <Ageless93> it's dented?

09:43 <CoderForLife> it's sliding

09:44 <Ageless93> oh, then it doesn't matter. nothing you can do against that. Nature's way.

09:44 <CoderForLife> I can build a wall to "draw a line"

09:44 <CoderForLife> protect the house

09:44 <Ageless93> check your insurance if you're insured against "house and hill sliding down"

09:45 <CoderForLife> are you kidding?

09:45 <Ageless93> lol in a way yes. Then again...

09:45 <CoderForLife> I couldn't get an earthquake rider 2 years ago

09:46 <CoderForLife> nevertheless, I need to address this, if I ever want to sell the house

09:55 <CoderForLife> the rain is really picking up, now that it's a couple of counties to the east

10:05 *** Ageless93 is now known as Ageless93[Away]

10:05 * Ageless93[Away] is now away - Reason : Following my nose.

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10:13 <e-30> hey

10:16 * KathrynM is away: I may still exist in an alternate reality...

10:18 <e-30> lol

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11:10 <CoderForLife> off to Mother-in-law Day phun

11:10 <CoderForLife> bbl

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11:19 <freelarry> humm mil day j- guess i need to take wife shopping

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12:12 <BadBarbarian> &wx 86023

12:12 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: Temperature: 64F / 18C | Humidity: 20% | Pressure: 29.94in / 1014hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 7mph / 11km/h ; Today - Mostly sunny. Highs around 68 on the North Rim to around 95 along the Colorado River. Light winds becoming southwest around 15 mph in the afternoon.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows around 40 on the North Rim to around 58 along the Colorado (1 more message)

12:12 <BadBarbarian> &more

12:12 <Romulus> BadBarbarian: River. Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph in the evening becoming light.; Monday - Windy. Mostly sunny in the morning...partly cloudy with a 10 percent chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs around 64 on the North Rim to around 91 along the Colorado River. Light winds becoming southwest 20 to 30 mph.; Fire Weather Watch for Coconino County in effect until 7:00 PM MST on May 12, 2008;

12:12 <BadBarbarian> very Pretty day in the high country

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13:40 <Rookie_69> Argh! I should let this Shepherds Pie... I mean Cottage Pie cool off a bit before wolfing it down.

13:41 <BadBarbarian> got the mouth a little singed

13:41 <Rookie_69> Hot hot!

13:41 <Rookie_69> Not my fault... I'm hungry.

13:43 <BadBarbarian> i found an old wrt54g router in my junk pile got some 3rd party firmware to turn it into a 600.00 cisco style wireless router

13:44 <BadBarbarian> dd-wrt is great free firmware

13:45 <BadBarbarian> only real hasle is i need a specal cable to plug into the router inside

13:46 <Rookie_69> I wonder if that old router I tossed on the pile for turning off at random intervals would benefit from a firmware upgrade?

13:46 <BadBarbarian> what brand

13:47 <BadBarbarian> cant hurt to try the cables cheap but you have to open the router to get to the plug

13:47 <Rookie_69> I don't remember. That was several years ago. Not wireless either.

13:48 <BadBarbarian> you can OC some of the licksys wired router too

13:48 <Rookie_69> I bought this Netgear wileless one when my last network hub died and it seems to work.

13:49 <BadBarbarian> you know pull it out and do a regular firmware upgrade and see

13:50 * Rookie_69 looks in all the wrong boxes...

13:50 <BadBarbarian> lol

13:51 <Rookie_69> Hmm... Inexo?

13:51 <BadBarbarian> heres the list of supported netgear routers with dd-wrt you can boost the trasmit power way up

13:51 <BadBarbarian>

13:51 <Romulus> <> (at

13:52 <Romulus> asks PovAddict to please watch his or her language Thanks, your friendly channel op.

13:52 <Rookie_69> Lol. Rommie wants to be Doug.

13:52 <BadBarbarian> yep

13:53 <BadBarbarian> is your router on the list

13:54 <BadBarbarian> Inexq maybe

13:55 <BadBarbarian> found a bunch of firmware for inezq

13:56 <BadBarbarian> they use a linux kernal

13:57 <Rookie_69> yeah... website on back is

13:57 <BadBarbarian> what model

13:58 <Rookie_69> br400

14:00 <Rookie_69> Lessee... was bought in may 2004... and used maybe a month before I ditched it.

14:02 <Rookie_69> This Netgear WGT624 works for me now though.

14:04 <Rookie_69> Mmm... Dinner has cooled off a bit.

14:05 <Rookie_69> Once I put my reading glasses on, the front of the box said INEXQ too.

14:21 <Rookie_69> I think I'll leave it in the box until the Museum of Technomistakes wants to buy it from me.

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14:31 * Rookie_69 wanders off to check up on stuff and things...

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15:29 <xcamel> nextorm up and running - seeing strikes in weatern PA

15:47 <Soul_keeper> blastid

15:48 <Soul_keeper> chain dampener is shattered in half, and timing chain cover is littered with microfractures

15:50 <Soul_keeper> so atleast two penny sized peices of plastic sitting down in my oil pan/system somewhere messing with oil pressure

15:50 <Rookie_69> Somebody's been digging...

15:51 <Rookie_69> On the positive side... My pan still looks dry.

15:52 <Rookie_69> I never was a fan of those plastic tensioners.

15:53 <Soul_keeper>

15:53 <Romulus> <> (at

15:53 <Soul_keeper> that was the chain dampener

15:54 <Soul_keeper>       timing chain cover, can't really see them all with the sun so bright, but it's covered with microfractures

15:54 <Romulus> <> (at

15:55 <Soul_keeper>

15:55 <Romulus> <> (at

15:56 <Rookie_69> You sure that's not jusr poor casting? Looks kinda familiar.

15:57 <Soul_keeper> could be, but i'd rather not take the chance, rather play it safe and just replace it

15:57 <Soul_keeper> i kinda scratched/dented it up removing it anyways

15:57 <Rookie_69> That's starting to look like a Toymotor... Uh... Toyota.

15:57 <Soul_keeper> there was a bold hidden in a hole filled with oil, that wasn't documented in the manual

15:58 <Soul_keeper> bolt*

15:58 <Soul_keeper> took me an hour with a 4' crowbar till i finally found it

15:59 <Rookie_69> Lol. Only took me a second to point dipstick tube at crankshaft.

16:05 <Rookie_69> Oh... Take some Spray Nine or something and wipe the fingerprints off of that white door before wifey sees them...

16:07 <Soul_keeper> you get to see who your real friends/family are when you need a ride to the parts store

16:07 <Soul_keeper> apparently i have none ...

16:08 <Rookie_69> I have friends when they need something...

16:08 <Rookie_69> ;-)

16:14 *** efc has joined #boinc

16:15 <efc> moo

16:15 <Rookie_69> Hi, Eddie.

16:17 <efc> I looked into solar hot water heaters.. $5000 (no installation) for ~3 people. Seemed like a lot.

16:18 <Soul_keeper> you can get tax incentives for that junk sometimes

16:18 <Soul_keeper> look into it, can be into the thousands

16:19 <Soul_keeper> as much as 30-50% off for some "green" things like that depending on the state and such

16:19 <efc> There was a $2000 / 30% credit but expired last year

16:19 <efc> Could still be a state one

16:20 <efc> But ignoring that, it still seems expensive. Especially the $2000 for a 80 gallon tank, whats so special about it ?!

16:20 <efc> dad just wants to run garden hose all over the roof :p

16:21 <PovAddict> black hose

16:21 <Rookie_69> [IMG][/IMG]

16:21 <Romulus> <> (at

16:22 <Rookie_69> That didn't seem to work :-(

16:22 <efc> Says image void

16:23 <efc> I'd think with some DIY you could still do something respectable for much less $$. Probably shouldn't try to make the heat exchanger, but otherwise could cobble together the parts.

16:23 <Rookie_69>

16:23 <Romulus> <> (at

16:24 <Rookie_69> That seems to work.

16:25 <Rookie_69> You can see daylight by second bolt hole from the left.

16:26 <Rookie_69> Run hose through black concave channels under glass... I saw that somewhere.

16:29 <Rookie_69>

16:29 <Romulus> <> (at

16:29 <efc> Hmm

16:30 <Romulus> Yes I setup auto-login

16:30 <efc> cool thanks

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16:32 <efc> we're in a pretty decent area for solar, around 5 kw-hrs/m^2 average over the year

16:32 <efc> though due to trees its not a completely clear view

16:34 <Rookie_69> Wind power is the best bet here... Can't trust the sun.

16:35 <Soul_keeper> my area is perfect for solar energy, clear and sunny like 95% of the time

16:35 <Soul_keeper> it can be regional too, i used to have a chart, the farther from the equator you get the less effective it becomes

16:35 <efc> &weather 30625

16:36 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 75F / 23.9C | Humidity: 47% | Pressure: 29.53in / 999.9hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Windy. Lows in the upper 40s. West winds 10 to 20 mph.; Monday - Mostly sunny. Windy. Highs in the mid 70s. West winds 10 to 20 mph.; Monday Night - Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 40s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.; Wind (1 more message)

16:36 <efc> aww poo, well its windy as heck today but thats rare

16:36 <efc> &more

16:36 <Romulus> efc: Advisory for Morgan County in effect until 12:00 AM EDT on May 12, 2008;

16:36 <Rookie_69> Windy here except for during wednesday evening races.

16:37 <Rookie_69> ... sailboat races...

16:37 <efc> I really like hydro the best but doesn't look like I'll ever get a site

16:37 <Soul_keeper> i rather not show up for work tomarrow and quit  than ride a bicycle for an hour+ to get autoparts

16:38 <Rookie_69> Lol.

16:38 <Rookie_69> I'lll be down to pick you up in a week or so...

16:41 <Rookie_69> @efc... just put a small generator in the sink and leave the water running.

16:42 <efc> I don't want it that bad :p

16:43 <efc> But I hate seeing all the ponds and lakes going to waste, serving only as decoration

16:43 <efc> There was this 80 acre lake for sale but couldn't talk dad into it :p

16:44 <efc> (Relatively) cheap

16:47 <efc> Of course it wouldn't necessarily generate much juice

16:48 <Rookie_69> Not only do you need the water, but you need an incline to convert potential energy.

16:49 <efc> right, I don't know how much "head" it had

16:49 <efc> the potential is basically flow*head

16:51 <efc> I measured a stream near our lake house, estimated around 15 kw capacity.

16:51 <efc> had about 100 foot drop and a lot of flow.

16:52 <Rookie_69> ... but on somebody else's property?

16:53 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

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16:53 <efc> national forest

16:53 <efc> just did the measurement for practice

16:53 <Rookie_69> My luck, I'd build the turbine and the lake would dry up.

16:53 *** d00m1001 has joined #boinc

16:54 <efc> measure speed and depth across the stream. If it was within a factor of 10 I was doing well.

16:54 <efc> The turbines ain't cheap either, $2k per kilowatt or something like that

16:55 <efc> That seems cheap, was probably more

16:55 <Rookie_69> I wonder if the city would let me put a turbine in the sewer?

16:58 <efc> Ok, around $3000 for ~ 1 kw (just the turbine)

16:58 <efc> But then you don't need an inverter

16:59 <Rookie_69> I got a big fan blade in the back of the van that might work...

16:59 <efc> These are the ones I was looking at.

16:59 <Romulus> <> (at

17:03 <CoderForLife> hydro power - in the arid Georgias and Carolinas??

17:04 <CoderForLife> a more effective use of capital might be to invest in rain dances

17:05 <CoderForLife> don'tcha think?

17:06 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

17:07 <efc> We already have the governor praying

17:07 <Tank_Master> how's that working out?

17:07 <efc> He's rich, must be working

17:07 *** exco has quit IRC

17:08 <Rookie_69> I dance with the raindrops on a lot of days.

17:08 <Tank_Master> LOL

17:08 <Tank_Master> its raining cash

17:08 <Tank_Master> his cashflow has increased

17:08 <efc> He got his own 100k tax break passed right before he got re-elected. Must be nice.

17:10 <Rookie_69> I'd have to work over four years just to make enough to cover a $100k tax break...

17:11 <CoderForLife> a little more than "pennies from heaven"

17:11 <efc> basically it was a tax break for a very specific situation he was in that one of his buddies introduced on the last day of legislature

17:12 <efc> He also axed a state park next to some of his land

17:12 <efc> But on the balance he's not that bad of a crook

17:12 <efc> The previous one was worse

17:12 <CoderForLife> wow  -  what happy circumstances

17:12 * Rookie_69 thinks that all politicians should earn minimum wage.

17:12 <CoderForLife> er coincidences

17:15 <CoderForLife> er conspiracies

17:15 <CoderForLife> er conflagrations

17:16 <CoderForLife> er contamination

17:16 <CoderForLife> er consternations

17:16 <Rookie_69> Because of an accident involving a politician's son, his girlfriend, and some ice cream, the local? provincial? federal?(I forget) politicians now have to give up their government leased vehicles. Now, they only get a $700 a month vehicle allowance and a gas card.

17:17 <Rookie_69> Go figure.

17:17 <efc> Times are tough, we must all sacrifice

17:18 <Rookie_69>

17:19 <Romulus> <> (at

17:19 <Romulus> where save boincmgr the settings for the daffodils we planted last fall

17:20 *** cactaur has quit IRC

17:23 *** [B^S]renemayer has joined #boinc

17:24 <Rookie_69> If I was to pay $793 a month for a lease, I'd have to live in it nad eat it.

17:24 <Rookie_69> ... and...

17:27 <CoderForLife> gone again

17:27 <CoderForLife> tty all soon

17:31 *** [B^S]renemayer has quit IRC

17:31 * Rookie_69 goes to brood for a while... and maybe clean some homebrew equipment.

17:38 <Ageless93[Away]> .

17:38 *** Ageless93[Away] is now known as Ageless93

17:38 * Ageless93 is no longer away : Gone for 7 hours 33 minutes 3 seconds

17:38 <Ageless93> hre's a nice one for all of you: "Volunteers don't get paid not because they're worthless but because they're priceless."

17:45 <Rookie_69> ... or Volunteers don't stay volunteers because it's thankless...

17:47 * Rookie_69 notes that the army taught him not to volunteer.

17:49 * Rookie_69 did his kp or sentry duty whenever his turn came up and invariably the rest of the troop went for a helicopter ride.

17:50 * Rookie_69 goes to brood some more.

17:50 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

17:50 * Ageless93 hands Glenn a shovle. You don't seem to busy, Kowalski, go dig the latrines!

17:53 * Rookie_69 gets his sleeve wet scrubbing out his keg.

17:54 * Rookie_69 has his priorities right.

17:54 <Ageless93> lol

17:54 <Rookie_69> Beer, beer, beer said the privates...

17:55 <Ageless93> the only thing you learned in the army then

17:55 <Rookie_69> ... other than not to volunteer...

17:56 <Rookie_69> Seems to me the Dutch Army was unionized... weird.

17:56 <Romulus> Why? Mac version of be would be right

17:57 <Ageless93> I wasn't in long enough to notice

17:58 <Rookie_69> Long ago... not sure... but lots of them were blonde if I remember correctly.

17:59 <Rookie_69> ... long blonde hair that was taboo here.

17:59 <Rookie_69> Well, the long part...

18:01 <Rookie_69> Don't like an order? Take it up with the union rep... Lol.

18:02 <Rookie_69> Just stuck my head outside... The friendly trees are waving at me.

18:03 <Rookie_69> &wx yaw

18:03 <Romulus> Rookie_69: Temperature: 41.0°F / 5.0°C | Humidity: 75% | Pressure: 29.62in / 1002.9hPa | Conditions: Light Drizzle | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 21.8mph / 35.1km/h | Updated: 7:02 PM ADT; Tonight - Cloudy. 70 percent chance of showers this evening. Wind northeast 40 km/h (25 mph) gusting to 60 km/h (37 mph) except gusting to 80 km/h (50 mph) along parts of the coast. Low 3C(37F).; Monday - Cloudy. (1 more message)

18:03 *** Ageless93 is now known as Ageless93[Away]

18:03 * Ageless93[Away] is now away - Reason : Following my nose.

18:03 <Rookie_69> &more

18:03 <Romulus> Rookie_69: Clearing early in the afternoon. Wind north 20 km/h (12 mph) gusting to 40 km/h (25 mph) becoming northeast 30 km/h (19 mph) gusting to 50 km/h (31 mph) late in the morning. High 12C(54F). UV index 6 or high. Monday night a few clouds. Increasing cloudiness overnight. Wind northeast 30 km/h (19 mph) gusting to 50 km/h (31 mph). Low 3C(37F).; Tuesday - Cloudy. High 10C(50F).;

18:08 * Rookie_69 wonders if he should bother chasing the green bin up the street.

18:08 * efc wonders if green food coloring in seltzer water and sunlight will make methane

18:11 * Rookie_69 doubts it.

18:12 <efc> Need to add plutonium?

18:13 <Rookie_69> ... ot dilithium...

18:13 <Rookie_69> ... or...

18:14 <efc> chemically m just the seltzer water will do, but its transparent, hence the food coloring

18:15 <Soul_keeper> YEAH YEAH YEAH !!!

18:15 <Rookie_69> Don't you need something living... or once living... to produce the methane?

18:15 <Soul_keeper> YEAH YEAH YEAH !!!

18:15 * Soul_keeper does battle with his truck

18:15 <efc> I hope you win

18:16 <efc> methane is CH4, so the water and CO2 have the ingredients..

18:16 <efc> Cracking the water and the CO2 is probably the hard part, both are pretty stable

18:16 <efc> But plants do it

18:16 <Rookie_69> Just add a lightning bolt...

18:16 <Romulus> Howdy Kat Hows Asia

18:16 <efc> I've already executed several plants but they refuse to talk

18:17 <efc> Now I'm going to waterboard them

18:18 <Rookie_69> My watch just goes tick tick tick... We have ways of making you tock!

18:23 *** portokaosol has joined #boinc

18:23 <portokaosol> hey people

18:23 <portokaosol> when I start my BOINC manager, it won't connect

18:23 <Rookie_69> I wonder if the tick tock of a pendulum clock (as opposed to the tick tick of a ((wind up)) wristwatch) can be credited to the doppler effect?

18:23 <portokaosol> what's the deal?

18:24 <PovAddict> portokaosol: operating system? BOINC version?

18:24 * PovAddict really wishes there was a libreadmind

18:24 <portokaosol> latest boinc, and latest Xubuntu

18:25 <PovAddict> if you really had the "latest", it would be buggy as hell :)

18:25 <portokaosol> well, latest stable

18:25 <portokaosol> :)

18:25 <portokaosol> lemme see

18:25 <PovAddict> I'd dare say there is no such thing... lol

18:25 <portokaosol> 5.10.45

18:25 <portokaosol> hahaha

18:26 <PovAddict> you installed it from Ubuntu repository?

18:26 <portokaosol> yes

18:26 <PovAddict> hmm strange, it starts the client automatically as soon as you install the package

18:27 <portokaosol> I tried to ps aux | grep boinc

18:27 <portokaosol> I got this

18:27 <portokaosol> 1000      5862  0.4  6.4  37412 15952 ?        Ss   17:03   0:23 /usr/bin/boincmgr

18:27 <portokaosol> 1000      6038  0.0  0.3   3004   764 pts/0    R+   18:21   0:00 grep boinc

18:27 <PovAddict> ok, then it's not started...

18:28 <portokaosol> how shall I start it?

18:28 <PovAddict> sudo /etc/init.d/boinc-client start

18:28 <portokaosol> sudo: /etc/init.d/boinc-client: command not found

18:29 <PovAddict> :/

18:29 <PovAddict> maybe Xubuntu doesn't really use the same packages I'm thinking on...

18:29 <portokaosol> let me see if it's installed

18:30 <PovAddict> oh or that

18:30 <PovAddict> maybe you installed the GUI alone :P

18:30 <portokaosol> maybe

18:31 <PovAddict> "boinc-client" is a separate package

18:31 <portokaosol> I didn't know if I should install em separately..

18:31 <portokaosol> alright, only boinc-manager is installed

18:31 <Rookie_69> Lol. I click on the icon named boinc_mgr and it works. Good thing I don't know what I'm doing.

18:32 <PovAddict> although it's "recommended" by "boinc-manager"... I thought visual apt frontends installed recommended packages automatically - guess not

18:32 <portokaosol> so what else do I need

18:32 <portokaosol> I see couple of other packages here

18:33 <PovAddict> like?

18:33 <portokaosol> hold on

18:35 <portokaosol> boinc-dbg, boinc-dev

18:36 <PovAddict> just boinc-client

18:36 <portokaosol> alright

18:38 <portokaosol> there we go, there we go!

18:39 <portokaosol> thanks mista PovAddict

18:40 <PovAddict> we badly need a 'boinc' metapackage that depends on both

18:41 <efc> &math convert 230 C to F

18:41 <Romulus> efc: 446.0

18:42 <efc> Rookie: I would guess the tick tock is related to a tooth engaging a gear wheel (push, then pull back)

18:43 <portokaosol> I wish I had the patience to code, I always have so many ideas... on the other hand, I *do* have the patience to make music. :)

18:44 * Rookie_69 wonders why PovAddict doesn't type with a slight Spanish accent.

18:45 * Rookie_69 slaps Rookie_69 around a bit with that damned trout.

18:45 <portokaosol> :)

18:47 <Rookie_69> The closest I can come to making music is turning on the radio.

18:47 * Rookie_69 can't carry a tune in a bucket.

18:48 <xcamel> 'lo Glenn

18:48 <Rookie_69> Hi, Jay.

18:48 * portokaosol is glad that Rookie_69 can turn on a radio, otherwise /me wouldn't exist

18:50 <Rookie_69> Unless you recorded in the sixties or seventies, you probably still don't exist to me...

18:50 <Rookie_69> ;-)

18:51 <portokaosol> hahahahaha, nice one

18:52 <Rookie_69> ... maybe a few newer songs...

18:56 <xcamel> very few...

18:56 <Rookie_69> ... I mean eighties...

18:56 <Rookie_69> ;-)

18:56 <portokaosol> hair metal? cindarella ?

18:57 <portokaosol> ratt ?

18:57 <portokaosol> hahaha

19:00 <Rookie_69> Marvin Lee Aday, David Jones, Gordon Sumner, Reginald Dwight, etc.

19:01 <portokaosol> sexy

19:01 <Rookie_69> Of course, they all used stage names...

19:03 <Rookie_69> Farrokh Bulsara was another one...

19:03 <portokaosol> Rick Astley?

19:03 <Rookie_69> Barely tolerable...

19:07 <Rookie_69> Actually, Rick Astley is not bad when in a mellow mood.

19:08 <Rookie_69> ... when I'm in a...

19:10 *** PovAddict has left #boinc

19:12 * Rookie_69 listens to radio noise and occasional tunes while driving to w@r& and sometimes while w@r&ing.

19:14 <portokaosol> hey Rookie_69, what linux do you use?

19:15 <Rookie_69> I only have one linux box atm... it is running FC something-or-other.

19:15 <Rookie_69> ...

19:15 <portokaosol> FC?

19:16 <portokaosol> fedora?

19:16 <Rookie_69> Yup.

19:17 <portokaosol> I've been asking around, and nothing, but how does one look for drivers for a laptop graphics card?

19:17 <Rookie_69> one doesn't ask me...

19:18 <portokaosol> damn

19:18 <portokaosol> :)

19:18 <Rookie_69> JFGI?

19:19 <portokaosol> what is that?

19:19 <Romulus> or what drives many of the ATA crowd

19:20 <Rookie_69> Just (Freaking) Google It.

19:20 <portokaosol> hahaha nice

19:21 <Rookie_69> ... then sort through the million or so hits until you find what you're looking for.

19:21 <Rookie_69> ... or not.

19:21 <portokaosol> good job! hahaha

19:22 <portokaosol> the drivers that came on the original CD (for windows) are unusable right?

19:24 <Rookie_69> I've seen a very few disks that come with Linux drivers...

19:25 <portokaosol> :(

19:26 <Rookie_69> I've swapped a couple of parts from linux box because drivers weren't available yet.

19:29 <portokaosol> this is 3 year old laptop though

19:30 <Rookie_69> A dozen or so years ago, I chatted with people all over town who had phone lines connected to their computers... A dozen or so years before that, I dreamed about saving up enough money to buy a floppy drive for my computer... I wonder what the next dozen years holds in store?

19:31 * Rookie_69 has a wandering mind.

19:32 <xcamel> 4,380 more days, give or take a couple

19:32 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

19:33 <Rookie_69> &math 12*365.25

19:33 <Romulus> Rookie_69: 4383

19:33 <portokaosol> haha

19:33 <Rookie_69> Close enough.

19:33 <xcamel> like I said..

19:34 <xcamel> &wx 12074

19:34 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 60.1F / 15.6C | Humidity: 46% | Pressure: 29.71in / 1006.0hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SSE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy this evening...then becoming mostly cloudy. Lows in the mid 40s. Southeast winds around 10 mph.; Monday - Cloudy. Highs in the upper 50s. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.; Monday Night - Mostly (1 more message)

19:34 <xcamel> &more

19:34 <Romulus> xcamel: cloudy in the evening...then becoming partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 40s. North winds 10 to 15 mph...decreasing to around 5 mph after midnight.;

19:34 <xcamel> hmmm.. chilly tomorrow...

19:34 <Rookie_69> Chili today, Hot tamale...

19:35 <xcamel> har..har...har...

19:36 <Rookie_69> Rain finally let up today... wonder how long?

19:37 <Rookie_69> What comes after two days of rain, drizzle, and fog?.. Monday.

19:39 <Rookie_69> Hmm... A Cavalier just drove by with a dim headlamp on the driver's side... Go figure. 24 guage wiring and road salt don't mix.

19:42 <Rookie_69> ... especially on over-engineered systems.

19:43 <portokaosol> ay yay yay

19:50 * Rookie_69 starts fuming at politicians again.

19:51 <xcamel> politicians are fumes.

19:53 <Rookie_69> How can our representatives(sp?) survive with only a $700 a month vehicle allowance and a gas card?

19:55 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

19:56 <Rookie_69> ... and this is after their leased vehicle priveliges were taken away. I wonder how much the government is going to have to pay in penalties?

19:57 <xcamel> we have that problem here too... all paid by us saps.

19:58 <Rookie_69>

19:58 <Romulus> <> (at

19:58 <xcamel> the shlubs have no clue at all.

20:02 <Rookie_69> Then there was the politician who said We're not going to reduce the gas tax... People should buy more fuel efficient vehicles or take the bus... or something like that. He won't get reelected.

20:02 <Rookie_69> I think it was our premier..

20:04 * KathrynM is back (gone 09:47:33)

20:04 <KathrynM> mornin'

20:05 <Rookie_69> Mornin, K.

20:06 * KathrynM looks at to-do list and decides going back to bed sounds better.

20:06 * Rookie_69 concurs.

20:06 <KathrynM> lol

20:06 <xcamel> It's like they're all on crack... and it's all in your wallet.

20:06 <KathrynM> &weather Ulsan

20:06 <Romulus> KathrynM: Temperature: 51°F / 10°C | Humidity: 72% | Pressure: 30.08in / 1018hPa | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 1mph / 2km/h | Updated: 6:00 AM KST; Clear. High:66 F. / 19 C.; Clear. Low:48 F. / 9 C.; Clear. High:68 F. / 20 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:51 F. / 11 C.; Rain. High:68 F. / 20 C.; Chance of Rain. Low:50 F. / 10 C.;

20:07 <Rookie_69> Nah. Crack users usually show some signs of life.

20:10 * Rookie_69 checks out GoogleEarth and sees Kathryn craning her neck trying to look at the Taehwa River.

20:11 <KathrynM> Oh don't mention the river.  That reminds me I still have a speech to fix.

20:13 <Rookie_69> Elections are fixed... Speeches are written.

20:13 * Rookie_69 ducks

20:13 <KathrynM> lol

20:14 <Rookie_69> Sounds like a bad to-do list thing.

20:14 *** Didactylos_ has joined #boinc

20:15 * xcamel waits impatiently for an ebay auction to finish

20:15 <Romulus> Pov, are you in Neuquen?

20:17 * Rookie_69 thought Pov was in Buenos-something...

20:19 * Rookie_69 doesn't even see Pov listed as being here.

20:19 <MTughan> * PovAddict (n=nicolas@ has left #boinc ("Konversation terminated!")

20:19 * Rookie_69 gets confused easily.

20:19 <MTughan> Over an hour ago.

20:19 <Rookie_69> Hi, Michael.

20:20 <MTughan> But yes, he's near Buenos Aires, Argentina.

20:21 <Rookie_69> In, near... Halifax, Dartmouth... Toronto, Brampton...

20:21 <Rookie_69> It's all a matter of perspective.

20:22 *** Didactylos has quit IRC

20:22 <Rookie_69> ... except to those involved...

20:24 *** cactaur has joined #boinc

20:25 <Rookie_69> No way I'm in Halifax... That's the other side of the harbour!

20:25 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

20:30 *** benje has quit IRC

20:32 *** Nudgey has joined #boinc

20:32 *** Nudgey has quit IRC

20:33 * Rookie_69 has to invest in some ancillary equipment... replace a fuzzy monitor and a mouse that won't click...

20:33 <Rookie_69> ... or just live with it...

20:33 <Ageless93[Away]> does it peep?

20:33 *** Ageless93[Away] is now known as Ageless93

20:33 * Ageless93 is no longer away : Gone for 2 hours 30 minutes 31 seconds

20:34 <Rookie_69> Squeak, maybe... but some oil should cure that.

20:34 <Ageless93> funky spunky mouse then. his family won't recognize him.

20:34 <Rookie_69> Maybe if I cleaned that monitor...

20:35 <Rookie_69> I wonder if it has a degauss function...

20:36 *** NudgeyNR has quit IRC

20:36 <Ageless93> power button

20:36 <Rookie_69> Too old for that.

20:36 <Rookie_69> Power button, yes.

20:36 * Rookie_69 wraps copper wire around monitor.

20:37 * KathrynM decides that washing her bedding is a good way to prevent going back to bed until her todo list has shrunk considerably.

20:37 <Ageless93> I'm off to bed. achors away, or we drift out of bed due to the humidity. :)

20:37 <Ageless93> night all

20:38 *** Ageless93 is now known as Ageless93[Away]

20:38 * Ageless93[Away] is now away - Reason : Following my nose.

20:39 * Rookie_69 tried to go take a nap earlier but found his bed covered with laundry that wasn't bedsheets... It's all been rectified now.

20:39 <Rookie_69> Mt chariot awaits!

20:39 <Rookie_69> My chariot awaits!

20:40 <Rookie_69> ... if by chariot you mean lumpy mattress...

20:40 <efc> night R

20:40 <Rookie_69> Night, E.

20:41 *** Rookie_69 has left #boinc

20:44 *** NudgeyNR has joined #boinc

20:52 *** efc has quit IRC

21:12 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

21:18 *** bryanUC has joined #boinc

21:31 *** benje has joined #boinc

21:50 <xcamel> IP kill >>

21:58 *** Didactylos_ is now known as Didactylos

21:59 *** bryanUC has quit IRC

22:00 *** bryanUC has joined #boinc

22:15 *** portokaosol has left #boinc

22:20 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

22:47 *** NudgeyNR has quit IRC

22:55 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

22:57 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

23:50 *** efc has joined #boinc

23:51 <efc> County north of me has been declared a disaster area.. they seem to mean it

23:51 <efc> most of the TV stations are out

23:51 <BadBarbarian> owch

23:51 <BadBarbarian> ouch

23:51 <efc> 2 out of 6 are up

23:52 <efc> (maybe 5, dumb autotuner)

23:52 <BadBarbarian> lol

23:52 <efc> part of town was blacked out. it was nice. They should keep it that way.

23:53 <efc> and one is running Cheers reruns instead of news..

23:54 <efc> the first one with Carla

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