IRC logs of #boinc for Thursday, 2008-07-03

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00:49 <Soul_keeper> good work !

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01:28 <deprecated> &weather 98038

01:28 <Romulus> deprecated: Temperature: 69.1F / 20.6C | Humidity: 100% | Pressure: 29.41in / 995.8hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 2.7mph / 4.3km/h ; Rest of Tonight - Mostly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the mid 50s to lower 60s. West wind around 10 mph shifting to the southwest after midnight.; Thursday - Mostly cloudy. A chance of showers and (1 more message)

01:28 <deprecated> &more

01:28 <Romulus> deprecated: thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 70s. Southwest wind around 10 mph.; Thursday Night - Mostly cloudy. A chance of showers. Lows in the mid 50s to lower 60s. Southwest wind around 10 mph.;

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05:02 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

05:02 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 72.3F / 22.4C | Humidity: 53% | Pressure: 30.09in / 1018.8hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: SSE | Wind Speed: 0.8mph / 1.3km/h ; Today - Numerous showers and thunderstorms. Highs around 80. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph...becoming west this afternoon. Chance of rain 70 percent.; Tonight - Mostly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms likely. Lows in the lower (1 more message)

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05:17 <CoderForLife> &more

05:17 <Romulus> CoderForLife: 60s. North winds around 5 mph...becoming east after midnight. Chance of rain 70 percent.; Independence Day - Mostly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms likely. Highs in the mid 70s. Southeast winds around 5 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.;

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05:34 <AFLAC> & coffee

05:34 <Romulus> Here's your quad expresso!! BANG! Need an ambulance in 10 minutes?

05:37 <CoderForLife> morning >AFLAC<

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05:42 <CoderForLife> time to get ready to go to w@#% - bbiab

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06:28 <CoderForLife> off to w@#% - Friday comes on Thursday this week

06:51 <hawmps> grrrr....

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07:10 <ELGono> mooo dudes

07:10 <ELGono> &weather meiningen, germany

07:10 <Romulus> ELGono: Temperature: 81°F / 27°C | Humidity: 33% | Pressure: 29.75in / 1007hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 7mph / 11km/h | Updated: 1:00 PM CEST; Rain. High:84 F. / 29 C.; Rain. Low:59 F. / 15 C.; Chance of Rain. High:69 F. / 21 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:51 F. / 11 C.; Clear. High:75 F. / 24 C.; Partly Cloudy. Low:55 F. / 13 C.;

07:11 <hawmps> 'lo ElG

07:11 <ELGono> y0 J4Y

07:12 <ELGono> just packing stuff for a little vacation

07:13 <hawmps> anywhere special?

07:13 <ELGono> parents place, near baltic sea

07:14 <hawmps> very nice... water warm enough yet?

07:15 <ELGono> well i don't like the sea that much, i prefer one of the thousands little lakes there

07:15 <ELGono> looking forward to do some fishing

07:15 <hawmps> ah..

07:16 <ELGono> but i'm pretty sure heidi wants a day at seaside, too ;)

07:18 <ELGono> well 19-23C water temp at baltic sea

07:18 <ELGono> doesn't sound that bad

07:20 <hawmps> 3 day weekend here - might go up to the lake for the fireworks..

07:20 <hawmps> bbiab...

07:51 <AFLAC> Preening the feathers here

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08:52 <hawmps> grrrr... software update killed my modbook....

08:52 <hawmps> now it won't boot.

09:07 <KathrynM> Gonna reboot to *crosses fingers* see if my partitions are now owned by the correct person.

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11:31 <DerMeister> Didactylos: filesys.C of synecdoche doesn't compile on Linux since r56 ("path" undefined in line 702)

11:32 <PovAdct_w> did you try r55 to confirm problem was introduced in r56?

11:32 <Didactylos> No, it's my fault.

11:33 <PovAdct_w> looks like I have my downstream bandwidth overloaded, google code not loading the diff

11:33 <PovAdct_w> ah I see what you broke :)

11:34 <DerMeister> PovAdct_w: I manually reverted part of the change and it works now... was quite obvious :)

11:34 <PovAdct_w> path only used on Unix

11:34 <Didactylos> Checked in a correction.

11:35 <Didactylos> revert, update.

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11:36 <DerMeister> thanks, it works now

11:36 <Didactylos> Sorry! Had to check the non-Windows parts visually. Missed it.

11:39 <PovAdct_w> my head asplode

11:40 <PovAdct_w> "How about doing migration only if the source directory is named 'BOINC'?"

11:44 <Didactylos> Better a few people don't migrate properly than a few people have their computers destroyed, no?

11:45 <Didactylos> I didn't really expect them to fix the problem properly.

11:45 <PovAdct_w> well, sure...

11:47 <Didactylos> Should I update wxwidgets today?

11:47 <Didactylos> Hmm.

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12:36 <Didactylos> Is anyone else interested in joining Synecdoche?

12:38 <Didactylos> You don't need to be a member to open new issues, but you do if you want to do code review.

12:40 <Didactylos> Google code has some nifty features for QA and code review.

12:40 <Didactylos> (Yes, I can't believe Trac finishes with a bug as soon as it's marked fixed - no verification or review at all)

12:41 <PovAdct_w> you need to update the component list for GCode issues

12:59 <Didactylos> How can the manager component be broken down? I've noticed BOINC has loads of stuff in that category.

12:59 <PovAdct_w> Trac has just manager and manager-localization

13:00 <PovAdct_w> have a separate category for "simple GUI"?

13:06 <Didactylos> Hmm. There's a lot of overlap.

13:06 <Didactylos> But elGoog allows any number of labels.

13:17 <Didactylos> I have added/altered a few. Ask if you need more.

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13:35 <EagleScreen> boinc cannot connect to servers

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13:35 <EagleScreen> see please

13:35 <Romulus> Title: Ubuntu Pastebin (at

13:36 <Didactylos> Ubuntu broke their BOINC package again?

13:36 <Didactylos> Damn.

13:37 <EagleScreen> not

13:37 <EagleScreen> it only happens in Debian

13:37 <EagleScreen> and it is not quiestion about broken packages

13:37 <Didactylos>

13:37 <Romulus> <> (at

13:37 <Didactylos> Try the second resolution on that page.

13:38 <Didactylos> s/Ubuntu/Debian/

13:39 <Didactylos> Yes, it's a broken package. It's a pre-release version.

13:40 <Didactylos> This is the second report I have seen recently.

13:40 <Didactylos> Forgive my irritation - they manage to break this particular feature every time they release a new package.

13:41 <EagleScreen> then you saying that is a openssl problem?

13:43 <EagleScreen> i think i have to install curl package

13:44 <Didactylos> The BOINC package should have a dependency on curl with openSSL support.

13:44 <Didactylos> Usually, this error just means BOINC can't find the CA file.

13:45 <Didactylos> Normally this is packaged with BOINC, but since it also comes with curl, the Debian packagers remove it.

13:45 <Didactylos> I haven't examined this latest package, so I can't tell you *exactly* how it is broken.

13:46 <Didactylos> If curl was missing, you would get a different error.

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13:50 <_ZeuZ_> EagleScreen, Ask here, non-related to #debian-es

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13:55 <_ZeuZ_> Romulus, !debian

13:55 <Romulus> I don't know!

13:55 <_ZeuZ_> Romulus, debian

13:55 <Romulus> Rumor has it debian is a bit old, _ZeuZ_

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14:07 * hawmps yawns

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14:17 <EagleScreen> I updated ca-certificates and curl to version of Debian Sid and now boinc connect well

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14:21 <PovAdct_w>

14:21 <Romulus> <> (at

14:21 <PovAdct_w> ugh

14:22 <PovAdct_w> yet another "let's help people get a project running quick even if they have no idea what they're doing"

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14:29 <hawmps> go figure...

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15:32 <xcamel> 'lo

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15:42 <quail> morning all

15:45 <Didactylos> Morning.

15:46 <quail> how are things?

15:47 * quail just hoping into 3 toasted ham, tomato, and cheese sandwiches for breakfast

15:49 <Didactylos> I'm trying to pin down a bug Rom "fixed" 8 months ago.

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15:52 <quail> ah now I feel bit better

15:52 <quail> &wx ypad

15:52 <Romulus> quail: Temperature: 45°F / 7°C | Humidity: 76% | Pressure: 30.33in / 1027hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 6mph / 9km/h | Updated: 5:00 AM CST; Clear. High:62 F. / 17 C.; Clear. Low:42 F. / 6 C.; Clear. High:62 F. / 17 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:46 F. / 8 C.; Scattered Clouds. High:59 F. / 15 C.; Partly Cloudy. Low:48 F. / 9 C.;

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15:57 <Guiri> Hi everyone. I tried installing the boinc_client on ubuntu. it appears to run, and --show-projects affirms that it thinks it's connected to setiathome

15:57 <Guiri> but it's not listed in my computers on my account

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16:02 <PovAddict> Guiri: are you logged in on SETI?

16:04 <Guiri> PovAddict: I'm currently logged in, and use it with 2 other computers. but this is the first linux client I've setup

16:04 <PovAddict> run this: boinc_cmd --get_project_status

16:04 <Guiri> ps -ax | grep boinc confirms that it's running

16:05 <Guiri> Authorization failure: -155

16:05 <Guiri> for yoru command PovAddict`

16:05 <PovAddict> bah

16:05 <PovAddict> I thought on Ubuntu it doesn't have a password by default...

16:06 <Guiri> yeah, I couldn't really find any ubuntu specific documentation on boinc in their community docs section

16:07 <PovAddict> that's because BOINC developers didn't make the ubuntu package

16:07 <Guiri> ah. hence the problem.

16:10 <Franki> Buenas noches, me voy a dormir

16:10 <Guiri> PovAddict: where do I start to troubleshoot? everyone knows how useless the #ubuntu room is

16:10 <Guiri> ciao

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16:10 <PovAddict> do you have a /etc/boinc-client/gui_rpc_auth.cfg?

16:11 <Guiri> ineed

16:11 <Guiri> nothing in it though

16:11 <Guiri> blank file

16:11 <quail> Guiri: where you get your copy of boinc from?

16:11 <PovAddict> then I don't see why it gave auth failure :/

16:11 <Guiri> quail: ubuntu repository

16:12 <PovAddict> try restarting the BOINC client

16:12 <quail> Guiri: ah, I don't use that version

16:12 <PovAddict> sudo /etc/init.d/boinc-client restart

16:12 <Guiri> done PovAddict

16:12 <PovAddict> try boinc_cmd again

16:12 * quail manually installs boinc as I use optimised clients

16:12 <Guiri> Authorization failure: -155

16:13 <Guiri> for get project status, anyway

16:13 <PovAddict> did you ever install BOINC from a different place?

16:13 <PovAddict> like the official binaries from boinc website

16:13 <quail> PovAddict: howdy, I love the development version of boinc manager

16:13 <Guiri> possibly. I haven't played with this machine in a few months

16:13 <Guiri> ah

16:13 <Guiri> PovAddict:

16:13 <Guiri> had that gui file in my home directory

16:14 <Guiri> delted it

16:14 <Guiri> and now I can get project status

16:14 <Guiri> and it lists 0 projects

16:14 <PovAddict> ah, probably boinc_cmd was reading that file and trying to use it as password; but it's the wrong password

16:14 <PovAddict> (the correct one the client expects is an empty password)

16:14 <Guiri> alright so now that cmd works

16:14 <Guiri> I can attach seti??

16:14 <dizzie> Evening all :)

16:15 <quail> PovAddict: it makes it lot easier to suspend tasks to let the ones that have to be returned in a couple days to run

16:15 <PovAddict> Guiri: yes, easiest if you run "boincmgr"

16:16 <PovAddict> (and immediately change to Advanced View so you don't lose your sanity on the horrible Simple GUI)

16:16 <Guiri> PovAddict: that requires an X server right?

16:16 <Guiri> I'm connected via ssh

16:16 <PovAddict> yes, I assumed you had one ^^

16:16 <Guiri> I think I attached it bia boinc_cmd

16:16 <PovAddict> okay, then...

16:16 <Guiri> it lists it finally

16:16 <Didactylos> I'm debugging the simple view now.

16:17 <Guiri> although it doesn't list my username or team for some reason

16:17 <PovAddict> Guiri: it shows in project status?

16:17 <Didactylos> I think I may jump out of the window....

16:17 <PovAddict> Guiri: maybe it didn't contact the server yet so it doesn't know your team etc. just wait a few seconds

16:17 <PovAddict> Didactylos: ah have fun

16:17 <PovAddict> (yeah right)

16:18 <Guiri> PovAddict: this will use my config from the project right? e.g. run when idle

16:18 <PovAddict> yes

16:19 <PovAddict> ugh... the almost-impossible task of logging in to Google Code while not letting Google track everything I do from now till 2018

16:21 <Guiri> PovAddict: thanks. it appears to be working. quail what were you saying about the optimized clients? how difficult are they to install and what's the use? Couldn't I just compile with my SSE2 and SSSE flags, cache64, etc.?

16:22 <quail> optimised clients just allow you to do work units faster

16:22 <PovAddict> it's not BOINC but SETI@Home app

16:24 <Guiri> Ah.. So what's the deal with Folding@Home? It's associated with BOINC but they won't release their snazzy PS3 or GPU source code?

16:24 * quail goes through 200 seti wu's in ~ 2 days on my e8200 cpu

16:24 <PovAddict> Folding@Home doesn't use BOINC

16:25 <Guiri> ah. I hear a lot about them;

16:26 <quail> PovAddict: this how my e8200 going >>>

16:26 <Romulus> <> (at

16:26 <quail> I just picked up another 200 WU's this morning

16:29 <Guiri> quail: I only go through about 350 avg. credit with my dual 2.8 P4!

16:30 <CoderForLife> greetings carbon-based life forms

16:30 <quail> Guiri: with optimised seti client I am doing 2 WU's in ~45 mins

16:30 <xcamel> my winbox blew up about 50 wu's for some reason today..

16:30 <CoderForLife> hello quail PovAddict Guiri xcamel

16:30 <quail> greetings CoderForLife

16:31 <quail> CoderForLife: how are you Don?

16:31 <CoderForLife> Happy Independence Day tomorrow xcamel

16:31 <xcamel> thanks

16:31 <xcamel> opera 9.51 released..

16:31 <CoderForLife> I am OK quail - how are things down under?

16:32 <quail> firefox made it in to the guinness book of records for the most downloads in one day

16:32 <Guiri> 9.51 is running great here

16:32 <quail> CoderForLife: this morning I am good and my tummy is full :-)

16:33 <CoderForLife> can't beat that combination

16:33 * quail had 3 toasted ham, tomato, and cheese toasties for breakfast this morning

16:34 <quail> CoderForLife: :-)

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16:35 <xcamel> looks like a fubar with mail/chat though - could not init....

16:35 <quail> all I need to make the morning better is another coffee or 2 and a shower

16:36 * quail still has plenty of time as it only bit after 0600 hrs here

16:37 * CoderForLife looks at another weather radar blob

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16:39 <xcamel> ah.. that was an easy fix..

16:42 <xcamel> even got my old 'skin' back

16:42 <quail> xcamel: that sound bit wierd

16:43 <quail> s/sound/sounded

16:43 * quail goes for another coffee

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16:48 * quail is back

17:07 <CoderForLife> the defaults for sendmail on ubuntu are bizarre - no wonder everyone here was voting for exim and postfix - sendmail stands very little chance of working securely or for a multi-domain system OOTB

17:08 <quail> exim4 rocks CoderForLife

17:08 <CoderForLife> nah

17:08 <CoderForLife> I have 5 e-mail domains and 350+ users

17:09 <CoderForLife> I need something more than a toy MTA

17:09 <CoderForLife> plus I want to run my very very nice greylist milter

17:10 <CoderForLife> the debian sendmail default settings sux

17:11 * quail not going to get into a debate about which is better exim4 or postfix

17:11 <CoderForLife> when you cripple the competition OOTB, then you rock, but it's a hollow victory

17:12 * quail likes and uses exim 4, end of story :-P

17:12 * CoderForLife is going to have to re-write the sendmail config due to debian crap settings

17:13 <quail> debian or ubuntu

17:13 <KathrynM> and I thought fooling with grub and fstab was fun...

17:13 <dizzie> mutt+exim works :)

17:13 <CoderForLife> hi KathrynM

17:13 <dizzie> Hello KathrynM :)

17:13 <KathrynM> hola CoderForLife dizzie quail xcamel PovAddict

17:13 <KathrynM> and anyone else who may be hanging around

17:13 <quail> KathrynM: howdy

17:14 <CoderForLife> I have a great setup for sendmail that has been great for me, just trying to implement it on ubuntu - not re-work all my stuff for some other MTA

17:14 <KathrynM> Today is Friday!  Today is Friday!

17:14 <dizzie> Grub and fun in the same sentense, cant be right :)

17:14 <quail> dizzie: yeah mutt and exim4 + fetchmail = goodness

17:14 <KathrynM> only with a good dose of sarcasm

17:14 *** [RKN]frost has quit IRC

17:14 <dizzie> quail: indeed :)

17:14 * KathrynM needs to reboot to get the new fstab working.

17:14 <dizzie> Can ssh from anywhere to check mail :)

17:14 * KathrynM is waiting for yum update to finish

17:14 <CoderForLife> maybe I should do CentOS

17:14 <KathrynM> still looking for a distor CoderForLife

17:15 <dizzie> Eww

17:15 <KathrynM> a distro even

17:15 <quail> CoderForLife: and ubuntu frig to much around to make things as simple as

17:15 <dizzie> CoderForLife: try FreeBSD

17:15 <dizzie> Serious, give it a try

17:15 <CoderForLife> nope

17:15 <dizzie> All your troubles will vanish

17:16 <dizzie> Mine did :)

17:16 <CoderForLife> I want to stay more with what enterprises will be running, either on server or desktop

17:16 <quail> freebsd is great for firewall/gateway/routers

17:16 <dizzie> Been using FreeBSD since (ugh let me think) 2002 i think

17:16 <CoderForLife> I have been running Red Hat and variants since RH 4.3

17:17 <dizzie> My first RH was with kernel 2.0.28 i think :)

17:17 * quail loves his laptop running debian testing/unstable :-)

17:18 <dizzie> Debian smells, it refuses to let me use my usb drive unless i was root :)

17:18 <CoderForLife> er, 4.2

17:18 * quail remembers his first linux distro as he using the disc as a coaster

17:18 * quail 's first linux distro he used was RH 5.2

17:18 <dizzie> Redhat named their versions funny names. RH2 was called Colgate i think :)

17:19 <quail> toothpaste

17:19 <dizzie> Hehe yep

17:19 <CoderForLife> the only reason I'm fooling around with this is that F9 was giving me Apache stability problems running SugarCRM under PHP

17:19 <quail> CoderForLife: ubuntu?

17:19 <dizzie> I wouldnt even touch F9 with a firepoker

17:20 <CoderForLife> once more again - I came the RH way

17:20 <dizzie> I use lots of mm codecs, and on F9 its pay-for-use, which is kinda lame

17:20 <CoderForLife> dunno anything about that

17:21 <dizzie> As if.... i want to PAY for be able to watch dvds...

17:21 <dizzie> Could aswell install Windows :)

17:22 <CoderForLife> I've been running RH, Mandrake, Fedora, etc since 1997

17:22 <quail> joke time

17:22 <quail> 3 people had carpool: a mechanical engineer, a electrical engineer and a Microsoft programmer. But the car suddenly broke down. Mechanical engineer said: "Hey! It has to be the fuel injection. Lemme fix it."  The electrical engineer didn't agree: "It's magneto probably. I'll fix it." Microsoft programmer shoke his head and said: "Hey guys, I have a simpler idea: Let's just close all the windows, get out of the car, then get back into it, and

17:22 <CoderForLife> anyway - back to sendmail config

17:23 <dizzie> Then it would be silly listening to us and install a diff distro :)

17:23 <dizzie> Haha quail classy joke :)

17:23 <dizzie> quail btw, Debian 4.0 ?

17:24 <quail> dizzie: on servers I setup yes debian stable, and for my desktop/laptop it debian testing/unstable

17:25 <dizzie> Too bad you cant apt-get FF3 yet though :(

17:25 <quail> dizzie: my desktop atm is running ubuntu hardy as debian testing installer could not find my cdrom

17:26 <dizzie> I use ubuntu 8.04 aswell on this laptop

17:26 *** wdsmia_w has quit IRC

17:26 <dizzie> and i use irssi in a term, no xchat :)

17:26 <dizzie> Irssi 0.8.12 (20071006) -

17:26 <Romulus> Title: Irssi - The client of the future (at

17:26 <dizzie> :p

17:26 * dizzie pats Romulus

17:27 <quail> dizzie: but I think I have found a work around to get debian testing to install, but I have not got off my bottom to find out if it does work

17:27 * CoderForLife goes to look at CentOS

17:27 <dizzie> 4.0r3 is my newest debian cd

17:28 <quail> dizzie: I use irssi within screen on my desktop and connect to it from laptop via ssh

17:28 <dizzie> Friend of mine still uses EPIC :)

17:28 <quail> and I use rtorrent in screen too

17:29 <dizzie> Do you use compiz then?

17:29 <dizzie> The cube thing is fun :)

17:30 <quail> dizzie:

17:30 <Romulus> <> (at

17:31 <CoderForLife> CentOS 5.2 is based on RHEL 5.2

17:31 <quail> dizzie: hell no

17:32 <CoderForLife> this will be a lot closer and a lot less work

17:32 <quail> dizzie: I like my desktop to be functionable, and compiz is just a time waste

17:32 *** _ZeuZ_ has left #boinc

17:33 *** KathrynM has quit IRC

17:33 *** KathrynM has joined #boinc

17:34 <dizzie> Nice theme, hehe i use "out-of-the-box" irssi :)

17:34 * CoderForLife downloads CentOS-5.2-x86_64-bin-DVD.iso

17:35 <quail> dizzie: this my laptop theming >>>

17:35 <dizzie> Accept dcc quail :)

17:35 <Romulus> <> (at

17:35 <dizzie> dcc get ?

17:35 <dizzie> :p

17:35 <quail> dizzie: how

17:36 <dizzie> dcc get dizzie

17:36 <PovAddict> quail: that depends on your client

17:36 <dizzie> irssi

17:36 * CoderForLife wonders what the answer is for DCC

17:36 <dizzie> xchat is evil :)

17:37 <quail> dizzie: now to find the file as I have not set a default download directory

17:37 <dizzie> look in ~/

17:37 <dizzie> slocate ss.png :)

17:37 <quail> eep very bright

17:38 * dizzie remembers when his irc client was called "irc" :)

17:38 <quail> dizzie: this the first time I have used dcc under irssi iirc

17:38 *** KathrynM has quit IRC

17:39 <dizzie> dcc send <nick> <file>

17:39 <dizzie> Simple :)

17:39 <quail> yeah

17:39 <CoderForLife> who's nick?

17:39 <Romulus> nick is just trying to get things working. expect NOTHGIN to work. We are just trying things out, CoderForLife

17:39 <dizzie> dcc?

17:39 <CoderForLife> I'm sure nick gets *loys* of things =)

17:39 <CoderForLife> er *lots*

17:39 <dizzie> Hehe

17:40 <PovAddict> I'm sure "peer" gets lots of cursing

17:40 <PovAddict> "you disconnected me again!"

17:40 <CoderForLife> lol

17:40 <dizzie> Not to mention the damn broken pipe :)

17:40 <PovAddict> but I heard that's a typo in the IRC server code

17:40 <PovAddict> his name is actually peter

17:40 *** wdsmia has joined #Boinc

17:41 <dizzie> Hey wdsmia :)

17:41 <CoderForLife> save us Doug

17:41 <dizzie> Save Doug,8,1 :p

17:42 <dizzie> I still have my C64 :)

17:42 <quail> wdsmia: howdy Doug

17:42 * PovAddict is cornered in his own Code mess

17:42 <CoderForLife> I'm surrounded by hackers and FOSS fans that don't have the corporate, enterprise sensibilities that you have, wdsmia

17:43 <CoderForLife> speak some sense to them - tell them about the cold cruel world...

17:43 * quail slaps CoderForLife with a stinky trout :-P

17:44 <dizzie> Mmmm time lost me again, 11:45pm, i better kick my bum to bed :)

17:44 <dizzie> Goodnight people :)

17:45 <CoderForLife> cya diz

17:45 <xcamel> re-hi

17:45 <quail> CoderForLife: I will save you, now do this 'rm -rf /' and then install debian :-P

17:45 * CoderForLife hates stinky trout

17:45 <quail> dizzie: night night

17:45 <CoderForLife> debian sux

17:46 <CoderForLife> everytime I try to use it, it's a disaster

17:46 <quail> xcamel: howdy Jay

17:46 <Didactylos> A Clue!

17:46 <CoderForLife> Chartered Life Underwriter?

17:47 * CoderForLife watches the CentOS download

17:47 <CoderForLife> 19%

17:48 <CoderForLife> bbiab

17:48 <quail> k

17:52 * quail goes for another coffee

17:53 *** DerMeister has quit IRC

17:54 *** Aruzp has quit IRC

17:55 * quail is back

17:56 * quail is going to buy a wireless mouse for his laptop today :-)

17:56 *** KathrynM has joined #boinc

17:57 <quail> KathrynM: wb

17:57 <quail> &wx ypad

17:57 <Romulus> quail: Temperature: 41°F / 5°C | Humidity: 87% | Pressure: 30.33in / 1027hPa | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 6mph / 9km/h | Updated: 7:00 AM CST; Clear. High:62 F. / 17 C.; Clear. Low:42 F. / 6 C.; Clear. High:62 F. / 17 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:46 F. / 8 C.; Scattered Clouds. High:59 F. / 15 C.; Partly Cloudy. Low:48 F. / 9 C.;

17:57 <xcamel> beware the 10.4.5 osx update...

17:57 <KathrynM> thx

17:58 <xcamel> I had 4gb mem this am - did the update - big fubar - and now the machine won't boot with 4gb in it

17:59 <xcamel> both 2gb modules test fine - that is the strange part..

17:59 <Didactylos> Ack.

18:00 *** wdsmia_ has joined #Boinc

18:00 <CoderForLife> back

18:01 <CoderForLife> wb quail KathrynM

18:01 <CoderForLife> that's a big problem xcamel

18:01 <xcamel> ip kill >>

18:02 <xcamel> yeah.. still waiting for any response from axiotron

18:02 * CoderForLife does a view to a kill

18:02 <CoderForLife> thanks

18:03 <xcamel> attempted ftp hack, btw..

18:03 <CoderForLife> the FTP hacker is whacked

18:05 *** wdsmia has quit IRC

18:05 *** wdsmia_ is now known as wdsmia

18:05 <CoderForLife> trouble with a capital T in West Des Moines, Iowa

18:05 <wdsmia> re-hi

18:05 <CoderForLife> ISP giving you fits again?

18:05 <wdsmia> still

18:06 <wdsmia> 3 weeks and its getting real old

18:06 <CoderForLife> wouldn't take that long...

18:07 <quail> CoderForLife: wb

18:07 <quail> CoderForLife: thanks

18:07 <CoderForLife> hopefully CentOS will make ne happier

18:07 <CoderForLife> er me

18:08 <CoderForLife> ubuntu server is just too alien for me

18:08 <CoderForLife> "nothing is right"

18:10 <CoderForLife> CentOS is 55% downloadifurcated

18:11 <quail> xcamel: plunked

18:11 * CoderForLife gets his SHA1 calculator warmed up with fresh batteries

18:19 <CoderForLife> a picture of ubuntu as I see it - somewhat familiar, yet...

18:19 <Romulus> <> (at

18:19 <KathrynM> lol

18:20 <quail> hehe

18:20 <CoderForLife> not quite as cuddly as I had hoped

18:21 <quail> my e8200 Total Credit is 42,051 atm

18:21 <quail> my e8200 Avg. credit is 2,300.89 atm

18:21 <CoderForLife> just got a SETI@Home e-mail

18:22 <CoderForLife> "Save the Arecibo Telescope"

18:24 <PovAddict> a beg email?

18:24 <CoderForLife> did this e-mail go outside the U.S.?

18:26 <CoderForLife> "Arecibo Observatory, the world's largest radio telescope and the source for the SETI@home data that your computer analyzes, faces massive budget cuts that will END its ability to continue the search for life beyond Earth. The decision to ensure full funding currently rests upon votes in Congress on Senate Bill S.

18:26 <CoderForLife> 2862 and House Resolution H.R. 3737. These bills desperately need more support."

18:30 <quail> CoderForLife: I never got the email about that

18:30 <CoderForLife> ah, someone speaks =)

18:30 <CoderForLife> that's one vote for "not outside U.S." =)

18:31 <CoderForLife> that would end your precious stream of WUs, quail

18:31 <quail> but my email address I use for seti is based in the US

18:31 <CoderForLife> maybe we could turn SAH into an oldies stations, re-playing all the greatest WUs

18:32 <quail> lol

18:33 <quail> CoderForLife: if seti shuts up shop I will most prob move to climate prediction

18:36 <CoderForLife> that'll cure your "getting too many WUs completed" problem

18:36 *** wdsmia_ has joined #Boinc

18:37 <quail> CoderForLife: ;-)

18:37 <CoderForLife> Stephen's home and eating dinner - going to go sit with him

18:37 <CoderForLife> bbiab

18:37 <quail> k

18:37 <CoderForLife> CentOS download stopped - ran out of space on the mass storage drive - restarting

18:37 <CoderForLife> back in a few

18:38 <quail> k

18:51 *** efc has joined #boinc

18:52 <CoderForLife> back

18:53 <CoderForLife> moo efc

18:53 <efc> Hey

18:55 <quail> moo efc

18:55 *** wdsmia has quit IRC

18:55 <quail> CoderForLife: wb

18:56 <quail> CoderForLife: how is Stephen

18:56 <CoderForLife> fine - home from work - as positive as usual

18:57 <CoderForLife> he works here

18:57 <Romulus> Title: GameServers, Ventrilo Servers, TeamSpeak Servers (at

18:57 <CoderForLife> I think that's right

18:57 * CoderForLife checks

18:57 <CoderForLife> yeah Rommie seems to like it

18:58 <quail> CoderForLife: kewl :-)

18:58 <CoderForLife> he does system and game administration programming, and tech support for game servers

18:58 * quail not much of a gamer

18:59 <CoderForLife> Stephen is hard-core, one of the best WoW gamers in the world

18:59 *** wdsmia has joined #Boinc

18:59 <quail> :-)

19:00 * quail goes for a shower

19:00 <quail> brb

19:04 <CoderForLife> take your time =)

19:08 <CoderForLife> this is a pretty cool place - I've been to Bryce Canyon twice, and have been next to Thor's Hammer like the picture shows, but I have not been down in the Canyon at night.  We did sit on the rim and watch a moonrise one night.

19:08 <Romulus> Title: Astronomy Picture of the Day (at

19:12 *** wdsmia_ has quit IRC

19:20 * quail is back

19:22 <quail> CoderForLife: I currently have that apod set as my wallpaper atm :-)

19:24 <CoderForLife> it's a very interesting one

19:26 * quail has to write a script for my computer to grab the apod every morning and set it as my wallpaper for me automatically ;-)

19:30 <CoderForLife> be careful - they vary in size =)

19:35 <quail> yeah

19:37 *** freakazoid0223 has joined #boinc

19:40 <xcamel> R.I.P. Bozo, The Clown.

19:41 <xcamel> (Larry Hemon, Dead @ 83)

19:42 <xcamel> make that Harmon... (damned "e" pops up in all the wrong places)

19:45 *** efc has quit IRC

19:46 *** Zeeno has joined #boinc

19:47 <xcamel> 'lo Tom

19:49 <Zeeno> howdy

19:50 <xcamel> AFLAC was back in and asking about you...

19:50 <Zeeno> that crazy duck

19:50 <xcamel> uh-huh

19:50 <Zeeno> :)

19:51 <Zeeno> still running linux?

19:53 *** wdsmia_ has joined #Boinc

19:54 <Zeeno> hey wd

19:55 <Zeeno> &seen aflac

19:55 <Romulus> Zeeno: aflac was last seen in #boinc 12 hours, 4 minutes, and 0 seconds ago: <AFLAC> Preening the feathers here

19:57 <xcamel> is there any other OS?

19:57 <Zeeno> lol

19:57 <Zeeno> which distro?

19:57 <Zeeno> i read some stuff about opensuse 11

19:58 *** Bravewolf has joined #boinc

19:58 <Zeeno> just finished installing it

19:58 <Zeeno> looks really good

20:07 <xcamel> I've stuck with fedora..

20:11 *** wdsmia has quit IRC

20:17 <CoderForLife> OpenSUSE is on the agenda here

20:17 *** Bravewolf has quit IRC

20:17 <Zeeno> it's pretty nice. checking it out good now

20:17 <CoderForLife> 3rd machine on the agenda

20:18 <Zeeno> new KDE looks great

20:18 <CoderForLife> the easiest Linux install I've ever done was OpenSUSE 10.2

20:18 <Zeeno> this was mine

20:18 <Zeeno> even my wireless on this laptop worked without a hitch

20:18 <CoderForLife> slick, quick, beautiful

20:19 *** EagleScreen has quit IRC

20:19 <CoderForLife> looking forward to 11, once I get some other agenda items out of the way

20:21 <CoderForLife> it'll be on a 32-bit machine, as that's what will be available

20:22 <Zeeno> do you guys know of a decent video editing program for linux?

20:22 *** Bravewolf has joined #boinc

20:22 <Zeeno> cinelera used to be one but i think they dropped it

20:24 <Zeeno> ah.. maybe it hasn't been dropped

20:35 <CoderForLife> off 4 2 nite - cya folks

20:38 *** Zeeno has quit IRC

20:44 <xcamel> radio ukraine is coming in nicely tonight...

20:44 <xcamel> 7440 KHz

21:01 *** d00m1001 has quit IRC

21:13 *** Bravewolf has quit IRC

21:45 <xcamel> &weather 12074

21:45 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 64.8F / 18.2C | Humidity: 95% | Pressure: 29.97in / 1014.8hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Mostly cloudy with numerous rain showers and chance of thunderstorms this evening...then partly cloudy with scattered thunderstorms after midnight. Patchy fog after midnight. Lows in the upper 50s. West winds 5 to 15 mph (2 more messages)

21:46 <xcamel> &more

21:46 <Romulus> xcamel: shifting to the north up to 5 mph after midnight. Chance of rain 70 percent.; Independence Day - Patchy fog in the morning. Partly sunny. Highs in the lower 80s. Northeast winds up to 5 mph.; Friday Night - Partly cloudy in the evening...then mostly cloudy with chance of rain showers after midnight. Lows in the upper 50s. East winds around 5 mph shifting to the north after midnight. Chance of rain 30 (1 more message)

21:46 <xcamel> *more

21:46 <xcamel> &more

21:46 <Romulus> xcamel: percent.;

21:51 *** surrealillusion has joined #boinc

22:02 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

22:22 * PovAddict --> sleep

22:24 *** Zeeno has joined #boinc

22:25 <infinisoft> G'night.

22:26 <wdsmia_> &wx 50319

22:26 <Romulus> wdsmia_: Temperature: 66.4F / 19.1C | Humidity: 71% | Pressure: 30.04in / 1017.2hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Low in the mid 50s. East wind near 5 mph.; Independence Day - Partly sunny. High in the upper 70s. Southeast wind near 5 mph.; Friday Night - Partly cloudy. Low in the upper 50s. Southeast wind around 5 mph.;

22:27 *** wdsmia_ is now known as wdsmia

22:27 <Soul_keeper>

22:27 <wdsmia> asks Soul_keeper to please watch his or her language Thanks, your friendly channel op.

22:27 <Romulus> <> (at

22:34 <wdsmia> really lame there Soul_keeper

22:34 <Soul_keeper> :)

22:48 *** wdsmia_ has joined #Boinc

23:05 *** wdsmia has quit IRC

23:05 *** wdsmia has joined #Boinc

23:13 *** wdsmia_ has quit IRC

23:23 <Zeeno> &wx 39110

23:23 <Romulus> Zeeno: Temperature: 81F / 27C | Humidity: 62% | Pressure: 30.04in / 1017hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: Variable | Wind Speed: 4mph / 6km/h ; Rest of Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows around 70. South winds around 5 mph.; Independence Day - A 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower 90s. Southwest winds around 5 mph.; Friday (1 more message)

23:23 <Zeeno> &more

23:23 <Romulus> Zeeno: Night - Slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening...then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after midnight. Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 70s. South winds around 5 mph. The chance of rain 30 percent.;

23:24 *** Zeeno has left #boinc

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