IRC logs of #boinc for Friday, 2008-08-01

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00:52 <efc> &math convert 2 meters to inches

00:52 <Romulus> efc: 78.7401574803

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03:59 <Tank_Master> waahoo!

04:00 <Tank_Master> B2 from RieselSieve is back!

04:01 <FreeLarry58> ahh and just when i detached most machines from it too

04:03 <Tank_Master> lol

04:03 <Tank_Master> figures, huh?

04:03 <FreeLarry58> yeah but this machine still wont connect

04:04 <FreeLarry58> will try a stop and restart of boinc clients and manager

04:04 <Tank_Master> the servers are, uh, still under poliece custity

04:04 <Tank_Master> should be returned tomorrow

04:05 <FreeLarry58> ???? don't tell me d-bust

04:05 <FreeLarry58> or did the custody battle get out of hand with managers

04:05 <Tank_Master> the BOINC portion wont be up n running until next week, for they will use the added down time to instll the berkely server software, instead of the perl boinc they are running now

04:05 <Tank_Master> I dont know

04:06 <FreeLarry58> ahh so will delay the restart yet

04:06 <Tank_Master> he hasnt said yet why the legal matter arrose

04:06 <Tank_Master> the web pages and forum should be up this weekend

04:06 <Tank_Master> followed by the standalone LLR client

04:06 <FreeLarry58> could be like with mine when forum mail server was going - misconfigure caused problems

04:06 <Tank_Master> then they will work on getting BOINC up

04:06 <FreeLarry58> with isp anyway

04:07 <FreeLarry58> think a spammer may have went thru the forums at that time - after i deleted it got my isp connection for email back

04:10 <FreeLarry58> well off to play a bit on my game and then to bed have a nice night all

04:13 <Tank_Master> yeah, im finishing up my game to and heading to bed

04:41 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

04:41 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 72.3F / 22.4C | Humidity: 82% | Pressure: 29.46in / 997.5hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Mostly sunny this morning. Partly sunny with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. Highs in the lower 90s. West winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.; Tonight - Partly cloudy with a chance of (1 more message)

04:41 <CoderForLife> &more

04:41 <Romulus> CoderForLife: showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the upper 60s. West winds 10 to 15 mph... becoming light northwest winds after midnight. Chance of rain 50 percent.; Saturday - Partly sunny. Highs in the upper 80s. North winds 5 to 10 mph.;

04:41 <KathrynM> mornin CoderForLife

04:41 <CoderForLife> morninh KathrynM =)

04:41 <CoderForLife> lol

04:42 <CoderForLife> mmph KathrynM =)

04:42 <KathrynM> :)

04:42 * CoderForLife looks down at his construction contract draft with bleary eyes

04:47 <CoderForLife> must.. have.. food..

04:47 <CoderForLife> brb

04:55 * CoderForLife crawls back

04:56 <KathrynM> that bad?

04:57 <CoderForLife> following the trend

04:58 <CoderForLife> was up waaay past Coder bedtime, writing the contract

04:58 <CoderForLife> but it's Friday

04:58 <KathrynM> yup

04:59 <KathrynM> that's always a positive

04:59 <CoderForLife> but I have a meeting at 3:00 to go over construction plans with contractor and civil engineer

04:59 <KathrynM> hopefully going to get started soon?

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05:00 <CoderForLife> we'll see - as of now I need a new plan for the wall, and a plan for a patio

05:00 <KathrynM> a new plan?

05:01 <CoderForLife> the contractor wants to move, reshape and raise the wall

05:01 <CoderForLife> I spoke with the civil engineer yesterday; we agreed that this changes his calculations

05:02 <CoderForLife> I'm just smart enough to ask dumb questions

05:03 <KathrynM> lol

05:03 <KathrynM> It's kinda like me.  I know enough to be dangerous.

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05:05 <CoderForLife> so, on we plod

05:06 <CoderForLife> I pick up my last financing check today

05:07 <KathrynM> did you manage to get enough?

05:08 <CoderForLife> I'm OK in the money dept

05:08 <CoderForLife> assuming they don't try and change the price

05:08 * KathrynM crosses fingers

05:09 <CoderForLife> and I have some contingency money for redoing the driveway

05:09 <KathrynM> brb

05:10 <CoderForLife> k K

05:16 <KathrynM> b

05:19 <CoderForLife> wb

05:19 <CoderForLife> plink

05:19 <CoderForLife> plink

05:21 <CoderForLife> very bad actors

05:23 <CoderForLife> trying to log into FTP as adam, ftpuser, informix, mysql, newuser, oracle, postgres, router, test, webadmin

05:33 <CoderForLife> time to get ready for w@#% - bbiab

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05:45 <xcamel> spork'd >>

06:14 <CoderForLife> gesporkened - thanks

06:15 * CoderForLife picks up the big sledge hammer, and starts beating on the next salt block

06:15 <CoderForLife> laterz

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06:33 <hawmps> ip kill >>

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08:08 <yang2> climateprediction is not capable for 'i386--netbsdelf'

08:14 <yang2> I wonder if some project is

08:22 <desti> seti

08:22 <desti> simap

08:24 <yang2> simap is not

08:24 <yang2> i tried and its not working

08:24 <yang2> maybe seti

08:27 <KathrynM> I'm fairly certain you won't get work for any project out there without resorting to the anonymous platform mechanism

08:28 <yang2> KathrynM: so, i should compile boinc from its original source?

08:28 <KathrynM> if you have a binary for BOINC, then no.

08:29 <KathrynM> You'll need to find a project that has that platform's binaries.

08:30 <KathrynM>

08:30 <Romulus> <> (at

08:31 <yang2> KathrynM: it means that i can compile for anonymous platform and it will work on any computer? (But the projects needs to support anoynkous platforms?)

08:32 <KathrynM> compiling is a pain in the butt, especially if you want the manager

08:32 <yang2> no

08:32 <yang2> i dont need it

08:32 <KathrynM> the project needs to support anony platforms (most do) AND have a science app for your platform

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08:32 <yang2> I got this binary from simap, tried to use it also on climateprediction, but it aint working

08:32 <KathrynM> the vast majoritiy of projects have Win/Mac/Lin

08:33 <KathrynM> the client binary?

08:33 <yang2> yep

08:33 <KathrynM> there's no bsd science app for cpdn, as far as I know

08:33 <yang2> oh

08:33 <yang2> well my bad then

08:33 <KathrynM> nah

08:33 <KathrynM> it's confusing to say the least.

08:34 <yang2> i guess they (climate prediction) have their own models depending on the system architecture

08:35 <KathrynM> their science app is something like a million lines of fortran

08:35 <KathrynM> if you need to compile a science app for your platform, you'll have to stick to projects that release their source in some way

08:36 <yang2> ah, i am not very familiar with how it works

08:36 <yang2> ok

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09:36 <hawmps> 'lo K

09:39 <KathrynM> hiya hawmps

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10:10 <zombie67> heh.  xkcd has an an additional joke when you hover the mouse over the comic

10:10 <zombie67> always been like that, and I am just now noticing?

10:11 <KathrynM> :)

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10:32 <hawmps> dunno..

10:55 <quail> 'evening all

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10:56 <PovAdct_w> zombie67: now you'll have to read them from the beginning again

10:59 <PovAdct_w> yang2: 'i386--netbsdelf' is not an official platform name

10:59 <PovAdct_w> freebsd on an i386 should be i686-pc-freebsd

10:59 <PovAdct_w> with your current platform name, you won't even get work from the few projects that have BSD apps

11:07 <yang2> PovAdct_w: yes, i got this binary from netbsd pkgsrc

11:07 <yang2> or maybe simap i don't remember

11:07 <PovAdct_w>

11:07 <Romulus> <> (at

11:09 <yang2> netbsd one is not listed

11:10 <PovAdct_w> then it's quite unlikely any project has apps for it

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12:07 <efc> moo

12:17 <Tank_Master> I cant wait to hear from B2 to find out why the servers were taken

12:19 <efc> B2?

12:24 <Tank_Master> RieselSieve admin who phisically manages the servers

12:25 <Tank_Master> apparently the servers were siezed in a legal matter...

12:25 <Tank_Master> but his porn collection was returned to him a while ago

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12:32 <efc> The FBI has started the PornSieve BOINC project

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12:39 <Tank_Master> lol

12:40 <Tank_Master> looks like 64bit vista is finally catching on

12:40 <Tank_Master> 20% of the new computers with vista to connect to windows update were 64bit

12:40 * Soul_keeper opens a can of green beans with a wood chisle

12:40 <Tank_Master> up from 3% mack in march

12:41 <Tank_Master> back*

12:41 <Soul_keeper> doesn't MS own 20% of all ip's on the internet ?

12:41 <Soul_keeper> maybe they've just upgraded their own pc's

12:42 <Tank_Master> lol

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14:41 <FreeLarry58> yeah have 64 bit vista on new machine but it still is buggy

14:41 <FreeLarry58> every few days the machine gets a timing error and gets bsod and takes a few restarts to get things running right again

14:42 <hawmps> vista is pointless

14:44 <Soul_keeper> :)

14:51 <FreeLarry58> yup just another means of generating cash for m$

14:51 <FreeLarry58> xp pro64 seems more stable

14:52 <FreeLarry58> but the new mb is vista taylored so unstable under any os it seems

14:56 <hawmps> tgif...

14:57 <FreeLarry58> lol for you congrats and enjoy the weekend jay ( shakes head and remembers only his tuesday here )

14:58 <FreeLarry58> well time for nap - had to get up early for docs - then off to mouth wash out place

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16:01 * xcamel yawns

16:03 <efc> moo

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16:14 <efc> got new glasses today

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17:04 <xcamel> does it help?

17:05 <CoderForLife> hey

17:05 <CoderForLife> met with wall contractor and civil engineer

17:06 <CoderForLife> new plan to be done at no charge to me, and they will also obtain the building permit

17:07 <CoderForLife> wall will be larger than he thought, but again no change to the fixed price

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17:12 <CoderForLife> Quote of the day: "This is the people's House," said Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.). "This is not Pelosi's politiburo."

17:27 <Didactylos> Huh?

17:27 <Didactylos> It's bad enough Congress can't get anything done, without silly jibes like that.

17:29 <Soul_keeper> she's worthless

17:30 <Didactylos> Worthless? Bipartisanship is dead, it seems.

17:30 <Didactylos> So, what do *you* do to improve politics in your country?

17:31 <Didactylos> I think Pelosi is worth a dozen or more of anyone here.

17:32 <Didactylos> If a personal attack is the worst criticism you can come up with....

17:36 <Soul_keeper> the best way to improve politics is to have a civil war

17:36 <Soul_keeper> you can have pelossi

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17:46 * Rookie_69 wonders if a twenty-stone is a $20 rock of crack and why the kid who asked me for one as I backed into the driveway looked confused when I pled ignorance... Someone in this building selling crack maybe?

17:47 <PovAddict> o.0

17:48 <Rookie_69> Probably the guy they keep saying they're going to kick out but never do.

17:49 <Rookie_69> He probably wanted some from the old crow he was talking to across the road.

17:49 <PovAddict> in the train/subway here there's such a mess...

17:50 <PovAddict> train stations with shops, or people just standing around selling stuff

17:50 <PovAddict> like hotdogs

17:50 <PovAddict> (contributing to the litter inside the train)

17:51 <PovAddict> *inside* the train, people selling the most varied stuff... pirated CDs, books, cookies...

17:53 <xcamel> lol Screecher of the House - Nazi Pelosi

17:53 <xcamel> and her man slave Dingy Harry

17:53 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

17:53 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 85.4F / 29.7C | Humidity: 56% | Pressure: 29.89in / 1012.1hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NNE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Low in the lower 60s. Northeast wind near 5 mph.; Saturday - Mostly sunny. High in the upper 80s. Southeast wind 5 to 15 mph.; Saturday Night - Partly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of thunderstorms after midnight. (1 more message)

17:53 <wdsmia> &more

17:53 <Romulus> wdsmia: Low around 70. Southeast wind 10 to 15 mph.;

17:54 <Rookie_69> Hi, Jay.

17:54 <Rookie_69> *lo Doug.

17:54 <PovAddict> in the train station, they give free newspapers (part of the service, sort of); in the subway station, there's guys asking people for their newspaper, and hours later they offer them in exchange for coins

17:54 <wdsmia> *lo Glenn, Jay, and all

17:55 <Rookie_69> I guess a squeegee doesn't work on the train.

17:56 <PovAddict> Rookie_69: train company isn't particularly interested in giving a good service

17:56 <PovAddict> but anyway, they don't really have time to clean anything

17:56 <Rookie_69> Hmm... must be government run then...

17:57 <PovAddict> when it arrives to the final station, people push to get in *while* the people inside are pushing to get out

17:57 <PovAddict> there's never a moment when it's empty (of people) so that somebody can get in and clean the floor

17:58 <PovAddict> (hmm actually that happens in almost every station... fun)

17:58 <Rookie_69> In through the out door.

17:59 <CoderForLife> hello Doug, Glenn, Nic, Jay

17:59 <PovAddict> "out through the in door" is what happens when the subway reaches the end

17:59 <PovAddict> everywhere else... there are just no separate in and out doors

17:59 <wdsmia> *lo Don

17:59 <Rookie_69> It's only August first and we already got the boat in the water. Hi, Don.

18:00 <PovAddict> good thing you didn't get water in the boat instead

18:00 * CoderForLife fashions a Pelosi crate for shipment to Didactylos

18:00 <Rookie_69> Aparently not.

18:01 * CoderForLife studies how to make a crate in the shape of a question mark

18:01 * Rookie_69 wonders why CFL is talking Greek.

18:01 <PovAddict> Rookie_69: you just missed some earlier politics conversation

18:01 * PovAddict wonders if "politics" is a censored word here too

18:02 <Rookie_69> Should be.

18:02 <Rookie_69> Politics, religion, and sexual orientation... the last only because of the first two.

18:02 <CoderForLife> It's not Greek - Didactylos is Ephebian

18:03 <Romulus> Title: Didactylos - Discworld & Pratchett Wiki (at

18:03 <CoderForLife> The name means "two fingers"

18:06 <CoderForLife> AccuWeather is terrile

18:06 <CoderForLife> er terrible

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18:07 <CoderForLife> It's telling me I have a t-storm atm

18:07 <CoderForLife> the closest rain of any kind is 50 miles away

18:08 <CoderForLife> Forecastfox has got to go

18:09 <Rookie_69> A stone suspended from a tripod on the front lawn is the most accurate weather indicator.

18:10 <Rookie_69> If it's wet, it's raining.

18:10 <Rookie_69> If it's swinging, it's windy.

18:10 <CoderForLife> In my case, if the stone hangs outside the tripod legs, it's 100% chance of landslide

18:10 <Rookie_69> If it's white, it's snowing.

18:10 <Rookie_69> Lol.

18:12 <xcamel> ip kill >> (morpheus)

18:13 <Rookie_69> This is not a good evening... I have to put on my reading glasses just to focus on the 19" screen two feet away and the keyboard is even worse.

18:13 <CoderForLife> Killing Morpheus will prevent them from getting the access codes to the zion mainframe

18:15 <CoderForLife> ip kilt

18:18 <CoderForLife> dinner  bbl

18:19 <Rookie_69> I mentioned something to the Driver Examiner a couple of years back about needing glasses and he said my eyes tested fine... I didn't dare say that the proof of my argument was out there driving on the roads right now...

18:21 <Rookie_69> I can see the road fine, I just have to guess at my speed sometimes. The dashboard is getting too close.

18:23 <Rookie_69> Maybe I can mount a large speedometer in a hump on my hood...

18:24 <Rookie_69> Not much hood on a van though...

18:25 <xcamel> a big HUD projected on the windshield

18:26 <Rookie_69> Windshield is not much farther than the dash... Maybe just jack right into the computer...

18:27 <Rookie_69> Monitor other systems then too.

18:27 <Rookie_69> Of course, in 1988, the computers weren't all that sophisticated...

18:33 <xcamel> couold be painful - like DicADuck politics

18:34 <Rookie_69> This weekend is the weekend of the annual "Regatta that all the local clubs take turns hosting" and this year is our club's turn again. I'll probably find a ride tomorrow if I see fit to get wet.

18:35 <Rookie_69> ... sailing...

18:36 <Rookie_69>

18:36 <Romulus> Title: Dartmouth Yacht Club - 2008 Metro Regatta (at

18:39 <Rookie_69> &wx yaw

18:39 <Romulus> Rookie_69: Temperature: 68.7°F / 20.4°C | Humidity: 55% | Pressure: 29.74in / 1007.0hPa | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 8.1mph / 13.0km/h | Updated: 7:38 PM ADT; Tonight - Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers or drizzle. Fog patches developing overnight. Wind east 20 km/h (12 mph). Low 17C(63F).; Saturday - Cloudy with 70 percent chance of showers. Fog patches dissipating (1 more message)

18:39 <Rookie_69> &more

18:39 <Romulus> Rookie_69: in the morning. Wind east 20 km/h (12 mph). High 20C(68F). UV index 3 or moderate. Saturday night cloudy with 70 percent chance of showers. Fog patches developing in the evening. Wind east 20 km/h (12 mph). Low 17C(63F).; Sunday - Cloudy with 40 percent chance of showers. High 21C(70F).;

18:42 <Rookie_69> That doesn't sound quite as pessimistic as the local forecast...

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18:49 <xcamel> you should get a decent day tomorrow..

18:50 <xcamel> we however, could get hammered.

18:51 <Rookie_69> Probably good... they call for rain.

18:53 <Rookie_69> Some wind would be nice fore those avid racers, But I don't mind drifting.

18:55 <PovAddict> Didactylos: any idea why userw doesn't work?

18:55 <Romulus> Title: InterMapTxt - BOINC - Trac (at

18:55 <PovAddict> doesn't show in the "List of Active Prefixes" table

18:56 <Didactylos> Just add it?

18:56 <PovAddict> go to the bottom of the page

18:57 <PovAddict> I did add it, doesn't show in that auto-generated table

18:57 <Didactylos> Sometimes takes a while.

18:57 <PovAddict> so much for "New InterWiki links can be created by adding to that list, in real time"

18:58 <Didactylos> Yeah, you have to wait "real time".

18:58 <PovAddict> now shows on the table but doesn't work in pages (see SandBox)

19:00 <Didactylos> Keep waiting.

19:16 * Rookie_69 waits... but forgot why.

19:16 <PovAddict> wtf

19:16 <PovAddict> userw disappeared from the table again

19:16 * CoderForLife was waiting on Rookie_69

19:17 * Rookie_69 wonders if he was waiting on CoderForLife.

19:17 * CoderForLife wonders if Rookie_69 was Waiting for Godot

19:18 * Rookie_69 notices that he's not carrying a serving tray and decides that he's not waiting on anybody.

19:19 * CoderForLife needs to do some less weighting

19:20 * Rookie_69 has a hard time staying above 150 lbs, if weighting is the issue...

19:23 * CoderForLife thinks Rookie_69 need to eat some more curds and whey t'ings

19:23 <Rookie_69> I whey t'ings like myself sometimes...

19:24 <xcamel> yummy coffee

19:24 <wdsmia> yummy Hops

19:24 <Rookie_69> Lol.

19:25 <CoderForLife> yummy Coca-Cola

19:25 * CoderForLife weighs way more than Rookie_69 eating whey

19:27 <Rookie_69> Says Homer, eyeing the salad dish... "That's not food... That's what food eats!"

19:28 * CoderForLife chuckles while he whistles "Anchors Aweigh"

19:29 <xcamel> hmm Pagliacci

19:29 <Rookie_69> Isn't he one of the Three Tenors?

19:30 <CoderForLife> One of the Seven Dwarves, I think

19:30 * Rookie_69 ducks.

19:30 <CoderForLife> Sneezy...

19:30 <xcamel> Mario Lanza

19:31 <xcamel> and it's Dwarfs, according to Disney

19:31 <PovAddict> Disney Is Always Right?

19:32 <CoderForLife> Disney Is Always Right (TM)

19:32 <Rookie_69> Tomayto, tomahto...

19:32 <xcamel> when they write the rules...

19:32 * Rookie_69 thinks Sleazy is his favorite dwarf.

19:33 <xcamel> Not "Nympho"... oh wait... wrong movie

19:34 <Rookie_69> Her brother, I think.

19:34 <xcamel> now that's creepy..

19:35 <Rookie_69> What's red and has seven dents in it?... Oh wait... Wrong forum.

19:47 <xcamel> getting mighty humid again..

19:48 <xcamel> and getting mighty sick of it...

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19:50 <Rookie_69> Been too sticky here for... a long time.

19:55 <xcamel> 77/80 atm

19:57 *** efc has joined #boinc

19:57 <Rookie_69> Not quite as wet as it has been... I'm not leaving puddles on the desk under my arms today.

19:58 *** PovAddict_ has joined #boinc

19:58 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

19:58 <Rookie_69> Bedtime...

19:59 <Rookie_69> NN.

19:59 <efc> moo

19:59 <Rookie_69> Hi/bye Eddie.

19:59 *** PovAddict_ is now known as PovAddict

19:59 *** Rookie_69 has quit IRC

20:01 <efc> the glasses help, but they are way too thick

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20:12 <KathrynM> mornin all

20:12 <PovAddict> hey K

20:12 <PovAddict> how's your manager-building going?

20:12 <KathrynM> I think I'm giving up.

20:12 <PovAddict> aw

20:12 <KathrynM> It's smarter than I

20:17 <KathrynM> PovAddict,

20:17 <PovAddict> had that problem...

20:18 <PovAddict> $ /usr/local/bin/wx-config --libs

20:18 <PovAddict> see if it prints anything at all

20:19 <PovAddict> then try wx-config --libs --unicode=no, and again with unicode=yes

20:20 <PovAddict> if the non-unicode one gives an error... then you have the Unicode-enabled version of wxWidgets, and you have to configure BOINC with --enable-unicode

20:20 <PovAddict> that's the whole trick

20:20 *** blkno1 has joined #boinc

20:20 <KathrynM>

20:20 <PovAddict> yup...

20:20 <PovAddict> add --enable-unicode when running BOINC configure command

20:21 <MTughan> Just beware, there are some Unicode issues with BOINC last I checked.

20:21 <PovAddict> as if KathrynM had never ran unstable BOINC versions... :)

20:22 <KathrynM> I'm part of the wild wild west of BOINC

20:22 <MTughan> I mean compiling issues.

20:23 <KathrynM> it worked!!!

20:23 <KathrynM> at least the configure step did

20:24 <CoderForLife> hello KathrynM MTughan

20:24 <KathrynM> hiya CoderForLife

20:24 <MTughan> 'lo CFL

20:24 <KathrynM> make -j3???

20:24 <PovAddict> make -j3; put-fingers-on-ears;

20:24 <MTughan> -j3? Why 3?

20:24 <PovAddict> (boom)

20:24 <KathrynM> be afraid.  be very afraid

20:24 <KathrynM> ask PovAddict he's the one who told me

20:24 <CoderForLife> make -mak -paddy -whack

20:24 <PovAddict> 2 cores + compensating for I/O overhead

20:25 <xcamel> innies and outies?

20:25 <KathrynM> lol

20:25 <xcamel> and they're usually 'underhead'

20:26 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

20:26 * xcamel runs and hides

20:26 <KathrynM> eeeeeek  there's a zombie67 in #boinc

20:27 <CoderForLife> &dict zombie

20:27 <Romulus> CoderForLife: wn, jargon, foldoc, and moby-thes responded: foldoc: zombie 1. <operating system> {zombie process}. 2. <chat> A {ghost}. [{Jargon File}] (1997-10-08); wn: zombie n 1: a dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural force [syn: {zombi}, {the living dead}] 2: (voodooism) a spirit or supernatural force that reanimates a dead body [syn: {zombi}, {zombi spirit}, {zombie (5 more messages)

20:27 <CoderForLife> pretty scary stuff

20:28 <PovAddict> 67 of 'em

20:29 <CoderForLife> I was referring to the 5 more messages =)

20:29 <zombie67> hi

20:29 <KathrynM> what's the best way to test this thing?

20:29 <CoderForLife> hi - heard us talking about you, eh? =)

20:29 <zombie67> with a large hammer

20:30 <KathrynM> Not a bad idea zombie67

20:30 <PovAddict> KathrynM: ./clientgui/boincmgr

20:30 <PovAddict> will connect to your normally-installed core client

20:30 * CoderForLife nods - hammers are a good testing tool

20:30 <PovAddict> (or explode)

20:30 <KathrynM> I'd rather not explode the little E@H work I have left on my machine

20:30 <PovAddict> I mean the manager will; no way it can break the client

20:31 <KathrynM> but I have a pretty new client too :)

20:31 <KathrynM> 6.2.15 :)

20:31 <PovAddict> then that will break by itself without your self-compiled manager's help :)

20:31 <KathrynM> yes, I know that

20:32 <KathrynM> let's see...

20:32 <PovAddict> didn't know 15 was out

20:32 <KathrynM> it's not

20:32 <KathrynM> I built the whole kit and kaboodle

20:32 <KathrynM> caboodle

20:32 <PovAddict> you're running the self-built client too?

20:32 <KathrynM> whatever

20:32 <KathrynM> no, not running it

20:32 <KathrynM> my install is currently running .14

20:33 <KathrynM> I want to test my .15

20:33 <KathrynM> so what about downloading the .sh from berk and replacing the executables and running it out of ~/BOINC?

20:33 <PovAddict> did you try the manager already? it will connect to your .14 client

20:34 <CoderForLife> kibbles and bits

20:34 <KathrynM> and bits and bits

20:34 <KathrynM> and some bytes too

20:34 <CoderForLife> and some nybbles

20:34 <KathrynM> no, didn't try the manager

20:34 <KathrynM> lol CoderForLife

20:34 <KathrynM> I'll go try that first

20:35 * KathrynM crosses her fingers

20:35 <PovAddict> that's how I always tested synecdoche GUI; connecting to my core client installed via apt

20:36 <KathrynM> works fine

20:36 <KathrynM> looks fine

20:36 <PovAddict> try simple GUI :)

20:36 <PovAddict> if you used wxWidgets 2.8, it will look... "interesting"

20:37 <KathrynM> as ugly as ever

20:37 <KathrynM> and yes, I used 2.8

20:38 <Didactylos> Wish we could fix that.

20:39 * KathrynM is afraid to look at boinc/dev

20:39 <Didactylos> I took a look at it, but a fix won't make it into v1.

20:39 * KathrynM wonders how many new posts there are

20:39 <Didactylos> Since when?

20:39 <Romulus> hmm... Since when is that there o_o, Didactylos

20:39 <CoderForLife> 42

20:39 <KathrynM> lol

20:40 <KathrynM> that has to be something PovAddict said

20:40 <KathrynM> last 8 hours or so Didactylos

20:40 <PovAddict> nothing, KathrynM

20:40 <KathrynM> the boards, not the mailing list

20:40 <PovAddict> oh

20:41 <CoderForLife> need more beverage to help me finish paying the bills - brb

20:41 <PovAddict> hell over there yeah

20:41 <KathrynM> I should probably eat breakfast before tackling that

20:41 <KathrynM> bbiab

20:42 *** blkno1 has quit IRC

21:07 *** PovAddict_ has joined #boinc

21:09 *** BiteAbleKat has joined #boinc

21:09 *** BiteAbleKat is now known as tamar

21:09 *** tamar is now known as BiteAbleKat

21:11 *** PovAddict_ has quit IRC

21:12 *** PovAddict_ has joined #boinc

21:12 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

21:12 *** PovAddict_ is now known as PovAddict

21:21 <CoderForLife> bedtime - cya folks back here soon

21:23 <KathrynM> night CoderForLife

21:23 <efc> moo

21:35 <efc> ran my 3.8 mi tonight, about 8:08 per mile

21:35 <efc> &math convert 3.78 miles to km

21:35 <Romulus> efc: 6.08332032

21:41 *** freakazoid0223 has quit IRC

22:36 <zombie67> drama @ seti

22:37 <KathrynM> when is there not drama at seti?

22:38 <zombie67> extra special this time

22:38 <KathrynM> link?

22:38 <zombie67>

22:39 <Romulus> <> (at

22:39 <zombie67>

22:39 <Romulus> <> (at

22:40 <KathrynM> whoa

22:40 <KathrynM> makes me glad I walked away from seti and never looked back

22:41 <zombie67> yep

22:41 <KathrynM> so many other worth while projects that lack the drama

22:42 <zombie67> exactly

22:44 <MTughan> I'm still a part of RS, but I haven't crunched it for a while...

22:44 * KathrynM goes back to looking for pictures to serve as writing prompts

22:44 <KathrynM> thank heaves for creative commons

22:44 <KathrynM> heavens even

22:46 <Didactylos> How is it that moderators have access to user information at all?

22:47 <bryanUC> MTughan: none of us have crunched for RS for a while ;)

22:47 <MTughan> Damn, I missed that... :P

22:47 <MTughan> SETI.

22:47 <bryanUC> lol

22:47 <bryanUC> just happened to peek in question, what is a 'user contract'?

22:51 <MTughan> Presumably the privacy policy you agree to when you join.

22:55 <Didactylos> Huh. You don't agree to anything.

22:55 <Didactylos> Any contract is entirely implicit.

22:56 <MTughan> Well, you're agreeing to it by signing up.

22:57 <Didactylos> Their privacy policy is all about what *they* will do with your information.

22:58 <zombie67> i've said it before...forums belong on USENET.  No moderation, no liability.

22:58 <Didactylos> WCG do this much better - but then, their SLA was written by IBM lawyers.

22:58 <zombie67> except personal liability

22:58 <zombie67> brb

23:04 <zombie67> let the projects deal with the science and management.  let "community" be it's own thing.  F@H does it that way.  sorta.  they let others run the forum.  but any forum still had the problem of management and liability

23:04 <zombie67> just for the owners, instead of the project

23:04 <zombie67> in the case f F@H

23:21 <BiteAbleKat> pics of my neighbors:-

23:21 <Romulus> Title: Picasa Web Albums - biteable - birds (at

23:30 <bryanUC> PovAddict around?

23:31 <MTughan> Not for 1h20m.

23:41 <KathrynM> kinda cool if you like old pictures

23:41 <Romulus> Title: Shorpy :: History in HD | Hi-Res Historical Photos (at

23:44 <MTughan> rofl... Letterman just dropped a 55 gallon water ballon on a convertible. xD

23:45 * KathrynM misses watching Letterman

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