IRC logs of #boinc for Monday, 2008-08-04

00:09 <quail> Soul_keeper: g'day

00:11 <Soul_keeper> hi

00:27 <quail> how are things?

00:29 <Soul_keeper> i hate my life, but that's the way it is

00:34 <quail> oh :-(

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00:48 <efc> moo

00:48 <efc> Came back to puddles inside..

00:50 <quail> efc: you forgot to turn the water off to the bath before you went out?

00:50 <efc> The people upstairs.. i think their water heater is leaking

00:51 <quail> :-(

01:02 <efc> seems to have sprayed over most of the laundry room at some point

01:03 <efc> not as bad as the time the shower drain up there broke

01:03 <efc> It was raining buckets

01:06 <quail> ah good to hear that it not that bad

01:12 <efc> Starship Toopers 3 - Woohoo! :)

01:28 <quail> shweet

01:28 <MTughan> &cad

01:28 <Romulus>

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02:39 <Soul_keeper> the smell of pumpkin pie increases a woman's blood flow down there up to 11%   according to manswers

02:40 <efc> And they measured this by...

02:42 <Soul_keeper> someone with a really "easy" job i guess ..

02:43 <efc> Sounds like it needs peer review to me.

02:44 <Soul_keeper> get some pumpkin pie cologne

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03:28 <Tank_Master> I read some article stating that a 31Hz frequency from a car sub can make a woman orgasum when sitting in the front seat of a car...

03:30 <Soul_keeper> excellent

03:30 <Tank_Master> :)

04:23 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

04:23 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 65.4F / 18.6C | Humidity: 79% | Pressure: 29.62in / 1002.9hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Mostly sunny. Highs in the lower 90s. South winds around 5 mph.; Tonight - Mostly clear...then becoming partly cloudy after midnight. A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after midnight. Lows in the upper 60s. South winds (1 more message)

04:24 <CoderForLife> &more

04:24 <Romulus> CoderForLife: around 5 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.; Tuesday - Partly sunny with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the lower 90s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 30 percent.;

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04:41 <CoderForLife> brb  breakfast

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04:58 <CoderForLife> plink

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05:46 <xcamel> sporked

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06:22 <CoderForLife> off to w@#%

06:24 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

06:24 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 82.1F / 27.8C | Humidity: 71% | Pressure: 29.79in / 1008.7hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 1.0mph / 1.6km/h ; Today - Partly sunny. Hot and humid. A 30 percent chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. High in the lower 90s. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph. Highest heat index readings 100 to 103 in the afternoon.; Tonight - Partly cloudy early in (1 more message)

06:24 <wdsmia> &more

06:24 <Romulus> wdsmia: the evening then becoming mostly cloudy. A 50 percent chance of thunderstorms. Low in the lower 70s. Northeast wind near 5 mph. Highest heat index readings 100 to 102 in the evening.; Tuesday - Partly sunny. A 50 percent chance of thunderstorms in the morning. High in the mid 80s. North wind 5 to 10 mph.; Heat Advisory for Polk County in effect until 7:00 PM CDT on August 04, 2008;

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07:33 <quail> &currency convert 2375 yen aud

07:33 <Romulus> quail: Error: You used an incorrect currency symbol.

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07:43 <quail> &currency convert 59,800 jpy aud

07:43 <Romulus> quail: (currency convert [<number>] <currency1> [to] <currency2>) -- Converts from <currency1> to <currency2>. If number isn't given, it defaults to 1.

07:43 <quail> &currency convert 59800 jpy aud

07:43 <Romulus> quail: 59800.00 jpy = 592.02 aud

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08:19 <yang> What is the problem with worldcommunitygrid - Scheduler request failed - peer certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certificates

08:19 <yang> something with cacert

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08:32 <yang> it was indeed a missing cacert file - resolved

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09:01 <jackygrahamez> hi

09:01 <jackygrahamez> &wx 20001

09:01 <Romulus> jackygrahamez: Temperature: 75.4F / 24.1C | Humidity: 66% | Pressure: 29.93in / 1013.4hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Sunny. Highs in the lower 90s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 60s. West winds around 5 mph.; Tuesday - Partly sunny. Scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the (1 more message)

09:02 <jackygrahamez> &more

09:02 <Romulus> jackygrahamez: lower 90s. West winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30 percent.;

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10:38 <hawmps> 'lo BB

10:38 <MTughan> 'lo Jay

10:39 <hawmps> Hi Mike

10:50 <BadBarbarian> 'lo everyone

10:51 <MTughan> 'lo BB

10:51 <MTughan> Are all the greetings out of the way now, conversation can commence? :P

10:52 <BadBarbarian> hehe

10:52 <MTughan> Oh, and now my sister wants a drive somewhere... Back in 20-30 minutes.

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10:54 <hawmps> lol

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11:19 <jackygrahamez> ok so I am working on an independent demographics survey for BOINC. We intend to publish a paper and give a talk on this. We are targeting specific questions to different people depending on their involvement: Project Developers and Volunteers. Would anyone be interested in answering these questions?

11:20 <jackygrahamez> We are still polishing up the survey

11:21 <jackygrahamez> It will hit on questions not addressed by the survey hosted by Berkeley

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11:30 <Tank_Master> hiya jackygrahamez

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11:31 <Tank_Master> &wx 97123

11:31 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Temperature: 60.6F / 15.9C | Humidity: 81% | Pressure: 29.77in / 1008.0hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 2.2mph / 3.5km/h ; Today - Patchy clouds early...then sunny. Highs around 90. Northeast wind 5 to 10 mph.; Tonight - Clear. Lows 55 to 60. Northeast wind 5 to 10 mph.; Tuesday - Sunny. Highs around 95. Northeast wind 5 to 10 mph.; Special Weather Statement (1 more message)

11:31 <Tank_Master> &more

11:31 <Romulus> Tank_Master: for Washington County in effect until 2:15 PM PDT on August 04, 2008;

11:31 <jackygrahamez> hi Tank_Master

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11:38 <quail> &wx ypad

11:38 <Romulus> quail: Temperature: 48°F / 9°C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 30.18in / 1022hPa | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 4mph / 6km/h | Updated: 12:30 AM CST; Chance of Rain. High:59 F. / 15 C.; Partly Cloudy. Low:46 F. / 8 C.; Partly Cloudy. High:60 F. / 16 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:46 F. / 8 C.; Chance of Rain. High:53 F. / 12 C.; Chance of Rain. Low:39 F. / 4 C.;

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12:52 <hawmps> ...Oil prices drop over $4 after storm threat eases

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12:59 <Tank_Master> and you think its do to the storm?

12:59 <Tank_Master> or that people are relizing that the high prices werent do to a shortage....

12:59 <Tank_Master> supply shortage*

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13:02 <Tank_Master> yoyoyo!

13:03 <yoyo[RKN]> rehi

13:04 <hawmps> 'lo yoyo

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13:52 <wdsmia_w> &wx 50319

13:52 <Romulus> wdsmia_w: Temperature: 92.5F / 33.6C | Humidity: 56% | Pressure: 29.83in / 1010.0hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 4.0mph / 6.4km/h ; Rest of Today - Partly sunny. Hot and humid. A 40 percent chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. High in the lower 90s. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph. Highest heat index readings 100 to 103 in the afternoon.; Tonight - Partly (1 more message)

13:52 <wdsmia_w> &more

13:52 <Romulus> wdsmia_w: cloudy early in the evening then becoming mostly cloudy. A 50 percent chance of thunderstorms. Low in the lower 70s. Northeast wind near 5 mph. Highest heat index readings 100 to 102 in the evening.; Tuesday - Partly sunny. A 50 percent chance of thunderstorms in the morning. High in the mid 80s. North wind 5 to 10 mph.; Heat Advisory for Polk County in effect until 7:00 PM CDT on August 04, 2008;

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14:01 <hawmps> hot again...

14:02 <wdsmia_w> yep

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14:42 <hawmps> Intel Reveals More Larrabee Architecture Details

14:42 <hawmps>

14:42 <Romulus> <> (at

14:44 * Tank_Master drools

14:51 <Tank_Master> 4 threds per core?

14:51 <Tank_Master> interesting

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16:24 <xcamel> 'lo

16:25 <xcamel> dnsbot kill >>

16:26 <Tank_Master> lol

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17:05 <CoderForLife> hello

17:06 <xcamel> Hi

17:07 <CoderForLife> hi there Jay

17:07 <xcamel> how goes it?

17:07 <CoderForLife> as okay as it gets for a w@#% day =)

17:08 <xcamel> indeed

17:08 <CoderForLife> time to finish up my wall contract for faxing tomorrow

17:08 <xcamel> just about time for dinner

17:08 <CoderForLife> I just ate quickly

17:09 <xcamel> still suffering from lunch, truth be known..

17:09 <CoderForLife> Larrabee looks interesting

17:09 <xcamel> yes it does... if it ever gets out

17:09 <CoderForLife> more more multi-core

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17:10 <CoderForLife> it's only a paper now

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17:11 <xcamel> hard to believe it's august already..

17:12 * CoderForLife looks out the window, down into the abyss

17:12 <CoderForLife> yep

17:12 <zombie67> if I uninstall 6.2.14, and reinstall it, will the tasks still be there?

17:14 <CoderForLife> brb

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17:17 <Tank_Master> oy

17:18 <CoderForLife> oy vey

17:19 <Tank_Master> mass exidious

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17:22 <Tank_Master> ggrrrr

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17:32 <PovAddict> zombie67: yes

17:32 <PovAddict> there may be stupid stuff involved

17:32 <PovAddict> like, the uninstaller moving tasks back to where 5.x expects them, etc

17:33 <CoderForLife> _o/

17:34 <PovAddict> I survived the travel back home

17:34 <PovAddict> somehow

17:34 <CoderForLife> miracle

17:34 <CoderForLife> direct intervention by a higher power

17:35 * CoderForLife runs a fix on Acrobat Professional to disentangulatetify it from Acrobat Reader

17:37 <Didactylos> Ah, Adobe. Currently my most-hated software company.

17:38 <CoderForLife> Somehow Reader and full Acrobat merge together - like "Nomad" on Star Trek TOS

17:38 <CoderForLife> "sterilize all PDF documents"

17:39 <Didactylos> I'm not sure why anyone would voluntarily use either.

17:39 <CoderForLife> um, mine was free

17:40 <Didactylos> If someone offers to shoot you in the head for free, would you take up that offer?

17:40 <CoderForLife> if it made my life better, I'd consider it

17:41 * KathrynM raises hand

17:41 <Didactylos> It's kind of a conundrum which Adobe product I hate most.

17:41 <Didactylos> Illustrator probably wins. Cold Fusion is awful, but Adobe only made that worse, they didn't create it.

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17:42 <CoderForLife> What about the Macromedia stuff  -- Flex?

17:42 <Didactylos> Did you know most Adobe products install a DNS proxy?

17:43 <CoderForLife> How else do you expect their spyware to work?

17:43 <Didactylos> I haven't used all their products (thank god).

17:43 <CoderForLife> He who dies with the most Adobe toys wins.

17:44 <Didactylos> But the day I discovered Foxit was one of the happiest in my life.

17:45 <CoderForLife> You Have Found True Bliss On Another Path

17:47 <CoderForLife> Go and Be At Peace

17:48 <Didactylos> I just feel sorry for the poor sods who have no choice but to use Illustrator et al. Bloody monopoly.

17:48 <CoderForLife> May They Find The Light

17:49 <Didactylos> What light? There are no other options. Adobe have the file format hogtied.

17:49 <Didactylos> Have you ever tried converting a .ai file? Or exporting from or to Illustrator?

17:49 <Didactylos> Just can't be done.

17:50 <CoderForLife> The format is "open source", and has been accepted as a valid electronic document format into perpetuity.

17:50 <Didactylos> Yeah, right.

17:50 <CoderForLife> PDF, that is to say

17:50 <Didactylos> It's so buggy and messy, that in practice, it simply can't be \handled properly.

17:50 <CoderForLife> you're right

17:52 <Didactylos> And while the print and design industries rely on the format, they're completely locked in.

17:52 <CoderForLife> you're right =)

17:53 <Didactylos> I hate being right, sometimes.

17:53 <CoderForLife> it's a heavy burden

17:54 <Didactylos> At least PDFs are easy to *create*.

17:54 <CoderForLife> yup

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18:00 <zombie67> POV, i forgot to mention that is is for OSX.

18:01 <zombie67> I ask because every time I quit/restart BOINC, I get an error message telling me that there is a permissions error, and I must reinstall.

18:01 <zombie67> so I think maybe uninstalling, then reinstalling may be the solution.

18:02 <zombie67> but I want to make sure I won't also remove all the work too.

18:04 <Didactylos> zombie67: 95% certain.

18:04 <Didactylos> I haven't done it myself, but that's how it ought to work.

18:05 <CoderForLife> I have uninstalled and reinstalled in the past without losing work, but YMMV

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18:14 <wdsmia_> God its HOT out there

18:14 <wdsmia_> &wx 50319

18:14 <Romulus> wdsmia_: Temperature: 87.7F / 30.9C | Humidity: 70% | Pressure: 29.84in / 1010.4hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NNE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Thunderstorms likely. Low in the lower 70s. Northeast wind 5 to 15 mph shifting to the north up to 5 mph after midnight. Chance of thunderstorms 60 percent. Highest heat index readings 100 to 102 in the evening.; Tuesday - (1 more message)

18:15 <wdsmia_> &more

18:15 <Romulus> wdsmia_: Partly sunny. A chance of thunderstorms in the morning... then a slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. High in the mid 80s. North wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of thunderstorms 30 percent.; Tuesday Night - Partly cloudy. Low in the lower 60s. North wind near 10 mph.; Heat Advisory for Polk County in effect until 7:00 PM CDT on August 04, 2008;

18:15 <CoderForLife> you're closer to Texas

18:15 <wdsmia_> its lying says 94 here

18:16 *** wdsmia_ is now known as wdsmia

18:16 <CoderForLife> I always have suspected those weather people...

18:16 <zombie67> I tried running the uninstaller

18:16 <zombie67> it says any unreported results will be lost.

18:16 <zombie67> ouch

18:16 <zombie67> so I cancelled

18:17 <CoderForLife> can you copy them off, and back in?

18:19 <zombie67> sure...but then I may be copying the problem back in too

18:19 <CoderForLife> gotta love the danger, eh?

18:20 <zombie67> I'll just bleed it dry first.  It will take several days.

18:20 <CoderForLife> that's another valid approach

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18:28 *** Patrick is now known as Guest61669

18:28 <Guest61669> does a project have to specifically support resource share setting? it's pretty frustrating because some of them are jammed at 100 and I can't change them from within boinc

18:28 *** Guest61669 is now known as Patrick`

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18:29 <MTughan> Patrick`: You change the resource share in your account page online.

18:30 <Patrick`> yeah, orbit@home hasn't coded that in yet. s'what I thought

18:30 <MTughan> Should be part of the default...

18:30 <Patrick`> coughmumblemumblebollockscough

18:30 <Patrick`> what do you know

18:30 <Patrick`> there it is

18:30 <Patrick`> I was ... overlooking

18:31 <Patrick`> cool

18:31 <MTughan> Yeah, it comes with the BOINC server install already. You could modify the account pages so it couldn't be modified, but I don't see the point in doing that.

18:31 <Patrick`> 999:1 orbit@home > seti@home. if I conjecture it correctly, that means that I'll plod away at seti

18:31 <Patrick`> and if orbit sends out any more work units, they'll take absolute (ish) priority

18:32 <MTughan> Just depends on how often orbit sends work and your BOINC install checks for it. But in theory, yes.

18:32 <Patrick`> the margin between idle and full-on is so small for this cpu it's negligible - but otoh, not getting slammed into by a massive rock when I'm 40 is worth calculating

18:33 <Patrick`> winter's coming and we have electric heating *anyway* ...

18:33 <MTughan> Heh, do both at once... Nice choice. Some others here do that too.

18:33 <Patrick`> also, is seti not sending units atm?

18:34 <MTughan> One sec...

18:34 <Patrick`> there could be a fitting confluence if it turns out the next dinosaur killer is an abandoned alien spacecraft sending distress signals

18:34 <MTughan> Wow... Yeah, it looks like SETI ran out of work...

18:34 <Patrick`> the two projects can fight over it

18:34 <Patrick`> mental, someone send those guys a telescope

18:34 <Patrick`> ok, something protieney

18:35 <xcamel> back again

18:35 <MTughan> 'lo Jay

18:36 <xcamel> Hi Mike

18:36 <Patrick`> gracias etc

18:36 <MTughan> np

18:37 <Patrick`> heh. it's out of WU as well.

18:37 <MTughan> Orbit is?

18:37 <Patrick`> no, the protien folding one

18:37 <Patrick`> that isn't F@H

18:37 <MTughan> SIMAP?

18:37 <Romulus> hmm... SIMAP is issuing !@#&, MTughan

18:37 <Patrick`> seti just sent me something anyway

18:37 <MTughan> Shut up Rommie.

18:38 <Didactylos> SIMAP is always out of work. You want World Community Grid.

18:38 <MTughan> E@H is down for now... Was down most of the weekend. Gonna have a boatload of credits once it comes back up... 7 WUs, each worth about 267 credits IIRC.

18:38 <MTughan> &math 7 * 267

18:38 <Romulus> MTughan: 1869

18:39 <MTughan> Plus another 8 AI WUs.

18:40 <MTughan> 75 credits apiece for those...

18:40 <MTughan> &math 7 * 267 + 8 * 75

18:40 <Romulus> MTughan: 2469

18:40 <MTughan> *whistles* Those are some nice numbers...

18:42 <MTughan> That's from my Core Duo Mac alone... I still have a P4 crunching 24/7 upstairs. xD

18:43 <MTughan> lol... Have a WCG FightAIDS task that's 66.666% done. >:D

18:43 <Patrick`> harrumph, at least seti@home had a nice big screensaver

18:43 <Patrick`> MTughan: eeevil!

18:43 <MTughan> Didactylos: You sure WCG doesn't have an alliance with the devil? :P

18:43 <Patrick`> don't suppose F@H is the only distributed computing project that runs on a GPU

18:43 <Patrick`> boinc ever made inroads?

18:44 <MTughan> PS3GRID is starting with CUDA I think.

18:44 <Didactylos> Somehow, I think it must be a work unit in 3*n parts.

18:45 <MTughan> The other two from the same subproject I have are at 11.111% and 44.445%... What's with the repeating numbers?

18:45 <Didactylos> Fractions.

18:45 <Patrick`> -> asleep

18:45 <MTughan> 11.111% is 1/9?

18:45 <MTughan> &math 1 / 9

18:45 <Romulus> MTughan: 0.111111111111

18:45 <Didactylos> 1/n is often a repeating decimal.

18:45 <Patrick`> on the offchance that there's a commandline boinc client for mips or ppc, I can also ad the routers on

18:45 <MTughan> &math 1 /  10

18:45 <Romulus> MTughan: 0.1

18:46 <Patrick`> that'll do about 1 seti work unit per week :/

18:46 <Didactylos> MTughan: you really needed to do that?

18:46 <MTughan> Patrick`: You can also compile your own boinc client and applications, provided you have a compiler for the arch.

18:46 <MTughan> Didactylos: :P

18:46 <Patrick`> MTughan: ooh, impressive

18:46 <Patrick`> the projects submit clients to boinc as source or something?

18:46 <MTughan> The Mac versions of BOINC support the PPC G4's and G5's.

18:47 <MTughan> No, the project has to make the source available.

18:47 <MTughan> SETI does, AI does, but I'm not sure what others. You'd have to look around.

18:47 <Didactylos> Oddly, though, 0.1 is one of the many numbers that can't be represented accurately in binary mantissa exponent form.

18:47 <Patrick`> Didactylos: yeah, there are a lot of them

18:47 <Patrick`> ... almost ... infinitely many?

18:48 <MTughan> Considering there's an infinite number of different decimal numbers, yes.

18:48 <Didactylos> Not infinite if you consider only IEEE doubles, for example.

18:48 <Patrick`> have seti work units got bigger? I remember pentium 1's at school doing them in less than a week

18:48 <Soul_keeper> maybe they should just replace the entire credit system with an estimate of KWH

18:48 <Patrick`> Soul_keeper: and see who can be the least efficient?

18:49 <MTughan> Soul_keeper: Does PS efficiency count in there?

18:49 <Patrick`> I have a cray-1 kicking around here somewhere

18:49 <Soul_keeper> pretty much

18:49 <Patrick`> or ENIAC, it's 700 valves can perform a hundred computations per second

18:49 <MTughan> Hehe...

18:49 <Didactylos> No, you need to factor in maintenance time.

18:49 <Patrick`> 11Kw of power

18:49 <MTughan> 100Hz... My lappie can do 2,000,000,000Hz.

18:50 <Patrick`> I can do a flop

18:50 <CoderForLife> bbiab

18:50 <MTughan> Patrick`: Mentally or literally?

18:50 <Patrick`> but only if there's not a lot of decimal places, or I can't type it into the calculator fast enough

18:50 <Didactylos> Mine can do eleventy one jigahertz PER SECOND111!!1

18:50 <MTughan> ...

18:51 <Patrick`> my computer gets 1.21 jiggawatts to the hogshead and that's the way I likes it

18:51 <MTughan> rofl... Replace the battery in here about a week ago, still only has one cycle on it.

18:51 <MTughan> Replaced*

18:51 <Didactylos> Until the flux capacitor burns out.

18:52 <Didactylos> Methinks MTughan is missing all the cultural references.

18:52 <MTughan> Probably...

18:53 * MTughan is listening to Hollow Man by R.E.M. from Accelerate

18:53 <MTughan> Just drumming along...

18:53 <Didactylos> Oh well. I need to go shopping.

18:53 <Didactylos> ...out.

18:53 <MTughan> Bye.

18:54 <xcamel> Do a flop, Or be a flop?

18:56 <MTughan> Ow... wine has surpassed 1GB of RAM...

18:57 <xcamel> memory leak?

18:57 <MTughan> I don't know. Was trying to install a game.

18:57 * Soul_keeper stopped using wine like 6yrs ago

18:57 <MTughan> 1.1GB RAM, 1.52GB virtual RAM.

18:58 <MTughan> And one full core for CPU usage.

19:01 <PovAddict> PDF format is open for sure; .ai isn't :)

19:02 <MTughan> .ai?

19:05 <PovAddict> I recognized 1.21 jiggawatts :)

19:05 <PovAddict> MTughan: illustrator

19:05 <MTughan> Aren't you comparing it to SVG then?

19:05 *** blkno1 has joined #boinc

19:05 <xcamel> I believe it's 'gigawatts"

19:06 <PovAddict> PDF and AI are both Adobe formats

19:18 <CoderForLife> I believe PovAddict was using the "Back to the Future" pronunciation

19:21 <MTughan> Oh, I know why it was taking so much memory... Wasn't wine itself, it was the logger.

19:31 <xcamel> more yummy coffee..

19:37 <PovAddict> "Yeah, lots of stories like that. Guy breaks into a house, gets himself locked in the garage with only some dog food to eat. For a week, because the homeowners were on vacation. Sues the homeowners (and IIRC wins) because they failed to provide him an escape route and he nearly starved to death."

19:42 <xcamel> the law is an ass.

19:42 <Didactylos> Ah, the joys of urban legends.

19:42 <Didactylos> Thank god for Snopes.

19:42 <xcamel> and most lawyers are named "jack"

19:46 <xcamel> >> Cop wins doughnut-eating contest

19:46 <xcamel>

19:46 <Romulus> <> (at

19:46 <xcamel> talk about cliche...

19:55 *** efc has joined #boinc

19:56 <Didactylos> PovAddict: is that from the real Stella awards?

19:56 <PovAddict> no, someone posted on :)

19:57 <Didactylos> Well, it is.

19:57 <Didactylos> They list it as fabricated.

19:57 <Didactylos> Made up, false, not true.

19:58 <Didactylos>

19:58 <Romulus> Title: Stella Awards: Decidedly NOT the Stellas (at

20:06 *** oolon has joined #boinc

20:08 *** oolon has quit IRC

20:11 *** oolon has joined #boinc

20:14 *** Celelibi has quit IRC

20:16 *** freakazoid0223 has quit IRC

20:17 <CoderForLife>

20:17 <Romulus> <> (at

20:18 *** Celelibi has joined #boinc

20:19 <xcamel> that one is better..

20:20 <PovAddict> o.0

20:20 * KathrynM needs coffee

20:20 <KathrynM> Unfortuntaely, I'm out of both coffee and milk :/

20:21 <KathrynM> and now I have to go to w&@^ too

20:21 * xcamel emails a double to KathrynM

20:21 <KathrynM> many thanks xcamel

20:22 <KathrynM> I have my choice.  2 bucks for some horrible refrigerated stuff from the corner store

20:22 <KathrynM> or 20 cents for a little tiny cup of watered down coffee from the machine at work

20:23 <KathrynM> <---------- gone

20:23 <PovAddict> bye

20:23 <xcamel> laterz

20:27 <CoderForLife> hi KathrynM

20:27 <CoderForLife> oh

20:27 <CoderForLife> bye KathrynM

20:27 <PovAddict> heh

20:28 <CoderForLife>,2933,396802,00.html

20:28 <Romulus> <> (at

20:28 <CoderForLife> freak accident

20:31 <xcamel> Darwin, or not?

20:33 <CoderForLife> the thought occured...

20:33 <CoderForLife> Darwin Must Be Served

20:34 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

20:36 *** oolon has quit IRC

20:37 <xcamel> sad, really.

20:37 <CoderForLife> yup

20:38 <CoderForLife> well, the right eyelid is shutting down on me - time to walk away

20:38 <CoderForLife> gn boinclanders

20:39 <wdsmia> &nn CoderForLife

20:39 <Romulus> Live long and crunch!

20:39 <CoderForLife> thx Doug =)

20:40 <xcamel> laterz, Don

20:45 *** Zeeno has joined #boinc

20:46 <Zeeno> #weather 39110

20:46 <Zeeno> &weather 39110

20:46 <Romulus> Zeeno: Temperature: 90F / 32.2C | Humidity: 55% | Pressure: 29.89in / 1012.1hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: SE | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0.0km/h ; Rest of Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 70s. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph.; Tuesday - Isolated showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Partly cloudy. Highs in the mid 90s. South winds 5 to 10 mph. The chance of rain 10 percent.; (1 more message)

20:46 <Zeeno> &more

20:46 <Romulus> Zeeno: Tuesday Night - Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 70s. South winds around 5 mph becoming west after midnight.;

20:49 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

20:50 <wdsmia> &zipinfo 39110

20:50 <Romulus> wdsmia: City: Madison; State: MS; County: Madison; Area Code: 601; Time Zone: CST; Daylight Savings: Yes; Latitude: 32.5032 (North); Longitude: 90.1424 (West)

20:50 <wdsmia> Hot down there also Z

20:53 <xcamel> 'lo Tom

20:53 <wdsmia> bbiab stuffing face with Rigatoni

21:08 <xcamel> sounds good, but already stuffed...

21:14 *** blkno1 has quit IRC

21:15 <Zeeno> sorry for delay, what's up Jay

21:16 <Zeeno> it's actually cooled off

21:16 <Zeeno> it has been 100

21:17 <Zeeno> any mac users here?

21:17 <xcamel> yes..

21:18 <Zeeno> what is a good IRC client?

21:18 <Zeeno> i'm using xchat aqua at the moment

21:18 <xcamel> macbook

21:18 <xcamel> I use 'snack' on the mac

21:18 <xcamel> looks/works well

21:18 <Zeeno> cool, i'll check that one out

21:22 <Zeeno> just got a macbook pro

21:22 <Zeeno> pretty nice

21:26 <xcamel> I have the axiotron 'modbook' tablet

21:31 <Zeeno> like it?

21:31 <Romulus> It has been said that like it is made for a different year or something, Zeeno

21:31 <Zeeno> Romulus, have you been drinking?

21:31 <Romulus> Dunno!

21:40 <xcamel> it's pretty good.

21:40 <Tank_Master> lol

21:40 <xcamel> the handwriting recognition is very good.

21:41 *** Houdi_Elbow has joined #boinc

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