IRC logs of #boinc for Wednesday, 2008-09-10

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00:47 <Tank_Master> CERN blows up the plaent in 3h. Log in tomorrow for details

00:57 <efc> i'll start writing post-dated checks

01:00 <Tank_Master> nice

01:02 <efc> As we speak the sci fi channel is positioning nukes and texas drill teams

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01:52 <Soul_keeper> michael jackson selling his underware for 1 million dollars

01:54 <Tank_Master> tmi

01:56 <Soul_keeper> wish i could make 1 million for saling my undies

01:56 <Soul_keeper> selling*

01:58 <Soul_keeper> obviousely i'm in the wrong line of work

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01:59 <Soul_keeper> &dict tmi

01:59 <Romulus> Soul_keeper: No definition for "tmi" could be found.

01:59 <Tank_Master> to much info

02:00 <Soul_keeper> well they're on ebay tomarrow if you want them ...

02:00 <Tank_Master> uh, no

02:00 <Soul_keeper> size 28 ...

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02:00 <Tank_Master> thats way to sm... why do you care about such things?

02:02 <Soul_keeper> apparently it's an important issue for our liberal news networks

02:07 <Tank_Master> oh

02:07 <Tank_Master> go figure

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02:58 <Tank_Master> 1/2 hr till the end of the world

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03:09 <Soul_keeper> i can't wait

03:09 <Soul_keeper> i'm tired

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03:47 <Tank_Master> first particle has been fiered

03:47 <Tank_Master> it hit the blockage as expected, but needs better calibration

03:57 <deprecated>

03:57 <Romulus> Title: IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (dadadada dadadadada dadadada dadadadadadada) (at

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04:12 * CoderForLife wakes up

04:12 <CoderForLife> is the world still here?

04:19 <CoderForLife> dang, looks like I'll have to go to w@#% today

04:30 <Tank_Master> mms:// <- live feed

04:30 <Tank_Master> ful circle test up next

04:42 <CoderForLife> brb  breakfast

04:48 <clusty> CoderForLife, seems like you have to go to work everyday :D

04:49 <CoderForLife> only if I want money to eat and pay for the house

04:55 <clusty> who wants to eat anyways

04:55 <clusty> eating can lead to obesity :D

04:55 <CoderForLife> right

04:56 <clusty> ohh happy day....

04:56 <clusty> this week i'll prolly resume my boinc deving

04:56 <clusty> ....after 5 months of other projects

04:56 <CoderForLife> most highly excellent

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05:02 <up365> Tank_Master, thanks for that live feed link works great in VLC, was struggling with XP/Firefox/WMP which comes and goes.

05:02 <Tank_Master> np

05:03 <Tank_Master> im using wmp in full screen

05:04 <CoderForLife> &dict treacle

05:04 <Romulus> CoderForLife: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: wn: treacle n 1: a pale cane syrup [syn: {golden syrup}] 2: an expression that is excessively sweet and sentimental [syn: {mush}]; moby-thes: 71 Moby Thesaurus words for "treacle": albumen, ambrosia, artificial sweetener, batter, blackstrap, bonnyclabber, butter, calcium cyclamate, cane syrup, clabber, clover honey, comb honey, corn syrup, cornstarch, (6 more messages)

05:04 <CoderForLife> hmm

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05:07 <CoderForLife> Tank_Master has disconnected: Excess Flood

05:08 <Tank_Master> yeah, wtf is that all about?

05:09 <CoderForLife> mini netsplit

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06:26 <CoderForLife> out the door - laterz

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06:32 <hawmps> 'lo

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09:46 <PovAdct_w>

09:46 <Romulus> Title: News archive (at

10:14 <clusty> PovAdct_w, still around?

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10:16 <PovAdct_w> yesh

10:25 <clusty> PovAdct_w, are you developing stuff under windows or linux?

10:26 <clusty> PovAdct_w, was curious how complicated would be to compile a work generator under windows and connect to the linux server

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10:32 <PovAdct_w> I don't think any server component works on Windows

10:32 <PovAdct_w> or at least, it's not exactly supported :)

10:32 <clusty> PovAdct_w, ok thanks. means I am doomed to use some QT tcp connection to send data back and forth

10:32 <PovAdct_w> in theory the work generator doesn't need any Linux feature; in practice it probably needs some details fixed

10:33 <clusty> i saw that the work_gen is probably using just some mysql library to talk to the server

10:34 <clusty> i want to do some massive opmitisation thing where new workunits depend on the results of previous ones

10:34 <PovAdct_w> means I am doomed to use some QT tcp connection to send data back and forth <- huh?

10:34 <clusty> i have some sp[histicated opmisation code that works under windows

10:35 <PovAdct_w> and doesn't work on Linux?

10:35 <clusty> it can be made to work :D

10:35 <clusty> has some shitty windows api calls - sloppy coding by people thinking the universe=windows

10:35 <wdsmia> asks clusty to please watch his or her language… Thanks, your friendly channel op.

10:36 <clusty> sorry wds

10:36 <PovAdct_w> btw, do workunits depend on the result of another?

10:36 <PovAdct_w> or do they depend on the result of *more* than one?

10:36 <clusty> have you heard of simulated annealing?

10:36 <PovAdct_w> nope

10:36 <PovAdct_w> if you have workunit A

10:37 <clusty> i have 20 workunist that each take ~40 min

10:37 <PovAdct_w> and when workunit A is finished, from its result you can generate a workunit B, or even if from A you make B and C and D

10:37 <PovAdct_w> you could do it in the assimilator, I think

10:37 <clusty> i pick best from this batch and depending on results I send 20 more

10:38 <clusty> make 20, get best result, depending on the best make 20 more

10:38 <PovAdct_w> however if from more than one workunit you create one or more workunits, you probably need a separate daemon (like the work generator)

10:39 <clusty> i will probably do that

10:39 <clusty> and this daemon will be listening to TCP stuff

10:39 <clusty> that way i run code under windows

10:39 <clusty> and tell some linux thing what to launch

10:40 <clusty> the parameters of the new WU

10:40 <clusty> PovAdct_w, as a side question which I had for some time now:

10:40 <clusty> i have a wrapped up application which constantly gives out: computation error as status

10:40 <clusty> clues what might go wrong?

10:41 <PovAdct_w> exiting with non-zero code?

10:41 <clusty> you mean the thing that wrapper calls?

10:41 <clusty> or the status of the WU?

10:42 <PovAdct_w> I think the wrapper just passes the exit code of the wrapped app

10:42 <PovAdct_w> so if the wrapped app does exit(1), the wrapper will boinc_finish(1), and that's a computation error

10:43 <clusty> ok. did not think of this

10:43 <yang> So there is a CERN/LHC Boinc project going on?

10:43 <clusty> grrrr

10:43 <PovAdct_w> yang: there has been for a few years

10:43 <clusty> PovAdct_w, thanks amigo. as usual: you're the man :D

10:44 <yang> hm

10:44 <yang> they are talking about 100.000 computers doing the LHC calculation

10:45 <PovAdct_w> yang: those are grid computers they own, not a BOINC project

10:45 <PovAdct_w> they process multiple gigabytes a minute

10:45 <PovAdct_w> no way that can work with volunteer computing

10:45 <yang>

10:45 <Romulus> Title: LHC@home (at

10:45 <yang> oh ok

10:45 <PovAdct_w>

10:45 <Romulus> Title: LHC@home (at

10:46 <PovAdct_w> 15PB a year :D

10:47 <PovAdct_w> real time stats ftw \o/

10:47 <Romulus> Title: WLCG (at

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13:57 <saenger> moin yoyo

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15:53 <Tank_Master> +wowzers

15:53 <Tank_Master> lots of commings and goings

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15:59 <xcamel> yupper..

16:03 <Tank_Master> so, the world distoyed yet?

16:03 <Tank_Master> distroyed*

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16:10 <Didactylos> Tank_Master: yes, the world is destroyed. Didn't you notice?

16:37 <CoderForLife> home again

16:38 <CoderForLife> the wall guys are at the bottom, they are working to get things ready to start laying block tomorrow

16:39 <CoderForLife> they may work as late as 9pm tonight

16:39 <CoderForLife> and "bring an army" tomorrow - the contractor has 50 employees

16:40 <CoderForLife> bb after a bite to eat

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17:01 <PovAddict> Tank_Master: no...

17:01 <PovAddict> it will end in October when they actually cause a collision

17:01 <PovAddict> not now

17:10 <xcamel> maybe it's the LHC that has been shooting into my neck and shoulders the last couple days..

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17:20 <CoderForLife> re-hi

17:20 <zombie_67> Awwww Yeeeah!

17:21 <zombie_67> My GTX 280 and 700W PSU just arrived!

17:21 <CoderForLife> excellent zombie_67

17:21 <CoderForLife>

17:21 <Romulus> Title: Disorder drives man to eat 23,000 Big Macs - Mental health- (at

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17:41 <xcamel> pmsnbc has gone completely off the rails... - there was no 'disorder'... he set a guiness record..

17:42 <CoderForLife> he was going after a record?

17:44 <CoderForLife> they don't mention that

17:44 <CoderForLife> go figure

17:47 <xcamel> He is a fairly tall, skinny guy, who has had no ill effects of eating a "mac a day" for like 30 years...

17:48 <xcamel>

17:48 <Romulus> Title: Welcome to (at

17:48 <xcamel> worth it..

17:49 <CoderForLife> watching a nobama vid atm - coulter next

17:50 <PovAddict> gotta boot Windows bbl

17:50 <CoderForLife> k

17:50 <PovAddict> that Windows installation must be rotting by now :P

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17:52 <CoderForLife> looking at Coulter

17:53 <xcamel> yeah... I bet...

17:54 <CoderForLife> I mean *reading*  lol

17:54 <xcamel> sure you did...

17:55 <CoderForLife> heh

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17:56 * PovAddict has a flashback

17:56 <PovAddict> I hadn't seen my Windows installation in *months*

17:56 <CoderForLife> &dict calumnies

17:56 <Romulus> CoderForLife: gcide: Calumny \Cal"um*ny\, n.; pl. {Calumnies}. [L. calumnia, fr. calvi to devise tricks, deceive; cf. F. calomnie. Cf. {Challenge}, n.] False accusation of a crime or offense, maliciously made or reported, to the injury of another; malicious misrepresentation; slander; detraction. "Infamous calumnies." --Motley. [1913 Webster] Be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape (1 more message)

17:57 * CoderForLife feels his vocabulary e-x-p-a-n-d

17:58 <CoderForLife> heh  good Coulter article

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18:30 <xcamel> back again

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18:55 <nickuwo> anyone having any luck with the workshop website?

18:55 <PovAddict> huh

18:57 <nickuwo>

18:57 <Romulus> Title: WorkShop08 - BOINC - Trac (at

18:57 <PovAddict> what about it

18:57 <nickuwo> or rather

18:57 <Romulus> <> (at

19:05 <CoderForLife> re-hi-back

19:06 <Tank_Master> rere welcome back

19:06 <CoderForLife> they've spent the last 2 hours trying to get a suitable ramp for the bobcat to get in and out

19:07 <quail> morning all

19:07 <CoderForLife> hello Dale

19:08 <quail> ay Don, how are you?

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19:08 <CoderForLife> fine - watching them dig - they're going late tonight

19:08 <PovAddict> trying to upgrade my iPod

19:08 <PovAddict> refuses to install 2.0.2

19:09 <CoderForLife> new code version?

19:09 <PovAddict> I'm (er, was) on 1.1.3

19:09 <CoderForLife> oh

19:09 <PovAddict> tried update to 2.0.2

19:10 <quail> CoderForLife: wow that a big hole there

19:10 <PovAddict> "unknown error (5)" and left iPod in un-bootable state

19:10 <PovAddict> tried *restore* to 2.0.2

19:10 <PovAddict> "unknown error (5)"

19:10 <CoderForLife> it's even deeper now than the 9/8 pics

19:10 <PovAddict> got it into Device Firmware Upgrade mode and tried restore again

19:10 <PovAddict> "unknown error (1)"

19:10 <quail> PovAddict: bricked ipod?

19:11 <PovAddict> nope

19:11 <PovAddict> I then restored to 1.1.4 and it worked fine

19:11 <CoderForLife> my nano is on 1.1.3

19:11 <PovAddict> heh totally different software :)

19:12 <CoderForLife> ah

19:12 <CoderForLife> 1.1.3 is the current version for me

19:12 <Tank_Master>

19:12 <Romulus> <> (at

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19:39 <xcamel> DNCnn are such suckers..

19:43 <CoderForLife> asCNNine

19:45 <efc> moo

19:45 <CoderForLife> moo

19:48 <xcamel> chirp

19:49 <xcamel> like MSLSD

19:52 * efc heads to a movie

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20:27 <quail> meep meep

20:35 <CoderForLife> back - crew is gone

20:36 <PovAddict> STILL failing to do this firmware mess

20:36 <CoderForLife> they will be bringing lights tomorrow to support a 15-hour day

20:37 <CoderForLife> it's "start-a-wall" day

20:37 <xcamel> going to put in footers?

20:38 <CoderForLife> going to raise as much wall as they can - going to "bring an army"

20:39 <xcamel> lol!!!

20:39 <xcamel>

20:39 <Romulus> Title: lhc (at

20:39 <CoderForLife> rotflmao

20:40 <wdsmia> lol

20:40 <xcamel> now that a good one!

20:40 <PovAddict> XD

20:42 <CoderForLife> great

20:45 <CoderForLife> ack "The rainfall may be rather heavy at times, and it is expected to affect most of the Tri-State on Friday and Saturday, with some rain lingering into Sunday. Recent model output is indicating rainfall amounts from .50 inch to nearly 3 inches! "

20:45 <xcamel> rhut-rhoo

20:45 <CoderForLife> maybe I'll open a fishing lake

20:45 <CoderForLife> charge for fishing off the deck

20:46 <wdsmia> you exporting water to China again Don

20:46 <xcamel> there is also several off color jokes going around about the "Large Hardon Collider"

20:47 <CoderForLife> yeah wdsmia - they send us lead paint, I send them muddy water

20:47 <xcamel> doesn't take much imagination to figure out where that's going...

20:50 <CoderForLife> looking at the weather, the 75 hour total doesn't look "helpful", to use a Rumsfeld expression

20:51 <xcamel> good collection...

20:51 <xcamel>

20:51 <Romulus> <> (at

20:54 <CoderForLife> indeed

20:55 <xcamel> Carlos Slim to buy 6.4% of NY Times

20:55 <xcamel> that's gonna leave a mark..

20:56 <xcamel> cemex/telmex/compusa/Aggco etc etc...

20:59 <CoderForLife> liberal or conservative leaning?

21:00 <xcamel> carlos?

21:00 <CoderForLife> yes

21:00 <xcamel> he only cares about himself.

21:00 <xcamel> and about getting more rich.

21:00 <CoderForLife> a (ego)centrist =)

21:00 <xcamel> Si

21:01 <CoderForLife> lol

21:01 <xcamel> there is allot of wiki on him

21:03 <CoderForLife> I read wikipedia

21:04 <CoderForLife> I didn;t know a lot about him

21:04 <xcamel> wowxa --

21:04 <xcamel>,2933,420541,00.html

21:04 <Romulus> <> (at

21:04 <xcamel> Government Officials Probed About Illicit Sex, Gifts

21:06 <CoderForLife> "had not seen the report and could not respond"

21:07 <CoderForLife> I could respond, even without seeing the report

21:09 <xcamel> ya think?

21:09 <CoderForLife> I *know*

21:12 <xcamel> Jerome Armstrong ( under investigation - hmmmm...

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21:15 <xcamel> damn.. 4 big earthquakes today... LHC's fault?

21:16 <xcamel> Iran, Chile, Japan and Indonesia

21:16 *** Bravewolf has quit IRC

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21:17 <xcamel> ip kill >>

21:22 <CoderForLife> terminated with extreme prejudice

21:22 * CoderForLife re-holsters his hand cannon

21:22 <CoderForLife> thx xcamel

21:23 <CoderForLife> big day tomorrow - gn

21:26 <xcamel> laterz..

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22:03 <Tank_Master> &wx crater lake

22:03 <Tank_Master> &more

22:03 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Error: You haven't asked me a command; perhaps you want to see someone else's more.  To do so, call this command with that person's nick.

22:03 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Temperature: 70°F / 21.1°C | Humidity: 15% | Pressure: in / hPa (Steady) | Conditions: | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 2mph / 3.2km/h ; Tonight - Clear. Lows in the lower 40s to lower 50s. East winds 10 to 15 mph.; Thursday - Sunny. Highs in the lower 70s to lower 80s. East winds 10 to 15 mph.; Thursday Night - Clear. Lows in the mid 40s to lower 50s. East winds 5 to 10 mph.;

22:03 <Tank_Master> &more

22:03 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Error: You haven't asked me a command; perhaps you want to see someone else's more.  To do so, call this command with that person's nick.

22:03 <Tank_Master> &more

22:03 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Error: You haven't asked me a command; perhaps you want to see someone else's more.  To do so, call this command with that person's nick.

22:04 * wdsmia slaps Tank_Master around with a large Carp

22:04 * Tank_Master sends hordes of lemmings over wdsmia

22:08 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

22:08 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 67.4°F / 19.7°C | Humidity: 78% | Pressure: 30.02in / 1016.5hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 1.0mph / 1.6km/h ; Rest of Tonight - Partly cloudy early in the evening then becoming mostly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of thunderstorms after midnight. Low around 60. Southeast wind 10 to 15 mph.; Thursday - Mostly cloudy. A chance of thunderstorms in (1 more message)

22:08 <wdsmia> &more

22:08 <Romulus> wdsmia: the morning...then thunderstorms likely in the afternoon. High in the lower 70s. Southwest wind 5 to 15 mph. Chance of thunderstorms 60 percent.; Thursday Night - Cloudy with a chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms. Low in the lower 60s. Southwest wind near 5 mph shifting to the northwest after midnight. Chance of precipitation 50 percent.;

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22:53 <PovAddict> success!

22:56 <efc> moo

23:01 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

23:04 <infinisoft> hmm.

23:04 <infinisoft> Is there any way to get host RACs that are already decayed, either from RPCs to a client or from a stats site?

23:11 <PovAddict> what do you mean "already decayed"?

23:12 <PovAddict> from the current RAC and the timestamp of the last time the RAC decay algorithm was run, you can compute the current correct value

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