IRC logs of #boinc for Sunday, 2008-09-28

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00:27 <Romulus> New news from boinc: BOINC news September 27, 2008

00:41 <PovAddict>

00:41 <Romulus> <> (at

00:41 * efc is trying to listen to shortwave data stuff without much luck

00:48 <efc> &math convert 41 meters to feet

00:48 <Romulus> efc: 134.514435696

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01:54 <Che-Anarc> Would it be possible to include folding@home with bam?.... actually I find it a little confussing I installed one client for one project then worldcommunity grid and thereafter / now I the simple view has a new theme + project & the project I had previously set whch is currently running... how are the task ran / scheduled does one run after now?

01:55 <Che-Anarc> now = another *

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02:10 <Soul_keeper> what's all this ?

02:10 <Romulus> It has been said that all this is doing too much, Soul_keeper

02:10 <Soul_keeper> &weather 91977

02:10 <Romulus> Soul_keeper: Temperature: 64.4F / 18.0C | Humidity: 78% | Pressure: 29.53in / 999.9hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 2.7mph / 4.3km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear in the evening...becoming partly cloudy. Patchy dense fog after midnight. Visibility one quarter mile or less at times after midnight. Lows 60 to 65. Light winds.; Sunday - Partly cloudy in the (2 more messages)

02:11 <Tank_Master> wtf is all this?

02:11 <Romulus> It has been said that all this is doing too much, Tank_Master

02:12 <Tank_Master> hiya SK

02:12 <Soul_keeper> paul newman died

02:13 <Tank_Master> whos dat?

02:14 <Soul_keeper>

02:14 <Romulus> Title: Paul Newman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at

02:15 <Tank_Master> oh, some old guy

02:15 <Soul_keeper> yeah

02:15 <Tank_Master> remind me again why I care?

02:15 <Tank_Master> :P

02:15 <Soul_keeper> maybe you don't want to talk ...

02:16 <Tank_Master> lol

02:16 <Soul_keeper> i'll wander off then

02:16 <Tank_Master> naw, I just dont recall seeing anmy of the shows he was in

02:17 <efc> mostly older movies

02:18 <Soul_keeper> they say "he lost his battle with cancer"  i'd say anyone that lived to 83 won

02:18 <Soul_keeper> that's well enough above the average to be considered a victory

02:19 <MTughan_> The name seems familiar to me...

02:20 <MTughan_> Just waiting for Wikipedia to load.

02:21 <Soul_keeper> most younger people (like me) would probably know him for his racing

02:21 <MTughan_> Probably.

02:21 <efc> or salad dressing

02:21 <Soul_keeper> lol

02:21 <MTughan_> That would be sad indeed...

02:22 <Soul_keeper> Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

02:25 <Soul_keeper> movies my grandma would watch when i was a kid

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02:54 <Tank_Master> do we have any etas on when ramsey will be up?

03:01 <efc> &whatis Ramsey

03:01 <Romulus> efc: Error: No factoid matches that key.

03:02 <Tank_Master> nickuwo's project

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05:07 <KathrynM> lol

05:07 <KathrynM>

05:07 <Romulus> <> (at

05:11 <Tidus>

05:11 <Romulus> <> (at

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08:38 <xcamel> 'lo

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08:44 <CoderForLife> morning xcamel

08:45 <xcamel> mornin

08:46 <CoderForLife> Kyle is coming up your way to visit

08:47 <CoderForLife> I guess you're getting some rain

08:50 <xcamel> I guess, but not this far east..

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08:51 <xcamel> Busted... Foreigners Cast 80% of Votes in MSNBC's Online Debate Poll

08:51 <xcamel>

08:51 <Romulus> Title: Gateway Pundit (at

08:51 <CoderForLife> heh

08:52 <xcamel> busted..

08:54 <CoderForLife> very

08:55 <CoderForLife> I "voted" in both of these polls

08:56 <xcamel> lol

08:56 <xcamel> drudge poll was much closer to 'right'

08:56 <CoderForLife> sure, in both correctness and politics

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09:15 <xcamel> what was that firewall you have?

09:16 <xcamel> netgear?

09:16 <CoderForLife> NetGear FVS338

09:17 <xcamel> looking at a 318 - but N/A locally

09:17 <xcamel> how's the interface?

09:18 <CoderForLife> web, easy

09:19 <xcamel> looking..

09:19 <CoderForLife> life is too short, get something else

09:24 <xcamel> hard to do on a sunday

09:25 <CoderForLife> I have a spare one that I bought on eBay, in case one fails

09:27 <xcamel> &ping

09:27 <Romulus> pong

09:30 <xcamel> can you run porttest and check

09:30 <xcamel> I found the port forwarding in the interface, but is seems futzed.

09:30 <CoderForLife> sure   wait a sec

09:31 <xcamel> ouchies >>

09:31 <xcamel>

09:31 <Romulus> <> (at

09:32 <CoderForLife> my portscanner isn't working

09:32 <xcamel> still betting no ports open

09:33 <CoderForLife> lemme try another one somewhere

09:33 <CoderForLife> VisualRoute shows you as active (uses PING)

09:33 <CoderForLife> 14 hops

09:33 <CoderForLife> 43ms

09:34 <CoderForLife> "Connections to HTTP port 80 are being rejected"

09:35 <xcamel> thought so

09:35 <xcamel> grrrr

09:35 <CoderForLife> dl'ing diff portscanner

09:35 <xcamel> I have to wonder if it's the cable modem/router

09:36 <xcamel> all standard inbound requests are blocked

09:37 <CoderForLife> you have 3 ports open it seems

09:37 <xcamel> they are?

09:37 <CoderForLife> 21, 25, 110

09:37 <CoderForLife> ftp, smtp, pop3

09:37 <CoderForLife> mail should be working

09:37 <xcamel> but it's not

09:38 <CoderForLife> let me try FTP

09:38 <CoderForLife> got "Connected to"

09:39 <CoderForLife> then "Connection closed by remote host."

09:39 <xcamel> wow - sun coming out...

09:39 <CoderForLife> so I'd look at port forwarding on SMTP and FTP

09:39 <xcamel> betting the firewall did that..

09:40 <CoderForLife> but HTTP/HTTPS are not open to outside, nor SSH (nor should it be probably)

09:40 <xcamel> forwarding is currently "wll"

09:40 <xcamel> er all even...

09:40 <xcamel> I really need the friggin manual.

09:40 <CoderForLife> but to where?

09:40 <xcamel> .78 is the cable modem

09:40 <CoderForLife> you need to tell what internal IP to send the SMTP traffic to

09:41 <xcamel> did that by ip translation (nat)

09:41 <xcamel> but it doesn't work.

09:41 <CoderForLife> heh

09:42 <xcamel> time to dig through the stack of old manuals.

09:43 <CoderForLife> 421 Cannot connect to SMTP server (, connect error 10060

09:43 <CoderForLife> Connection to host lost.

09:45 <xcamel> yeah..

09:45 <CoderForLife> again, nobody home

09:46 <CoderForLife> bbiab

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10:39 <MTughan_> xcamel: Still DNS troubles?

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10:50 <xcamel> no, it's beyond that..

10:51 <quail> Anyone seen the Zeitgeist movie?

10:52 <quail> very relevent stuff these days =>

10:52 <Romulus> <> (at

10:53 <quail> or you can download the video from here for free =>

10:53 <Romulus> <> (at

10:53 <quail> or here =>

10:53 <Romulus> Title: Zeitgeist - The Movie (at

10:54 <quail> Zeitgeist movie outlines a very compelling argument even if you are not inclined to wear tin-foil hats. ;)

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11:11 <MTughan_> That could be the reason...

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11:13 <xcamel_> &ping

11:13 <Romulus> pong

11:13 <Tank_Master> &whereis nickuwo

11:13 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Are you daft?

11:13 <Tank_Master> no, thad be u, Romulus

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11:15 <xcamel> watta pest

11:16 <MTughan_> xcamel: I'm not getting any results for a portscan of

11:17 <MTughan_> I was scanning, 20-25, 80, 110, and 443.

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11:28 <quail> MTughan_: this what I get when nmap'ing it

11:28 <quail> Not shown: 1714 filtered ports

11:28 <quail> PORT   STATE SERVICE

11:28 <quail> 80/tcp open  http

11:28 <quail> Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 57.919 seconds

11:28 <MTughan_> Unless it's something blocking it on this end, I don't see port 80.

11:29 <MTughan_> Nothing. No ping response either.

11:31 <quail> I am just nmap'ing from a server in the USA I have access to

11:32 <quail> might be my end telling me porkies

11:33 <quail> and I am trying from another pc here on diff network

11:34 <quail> this from a pc on another network here

11:34 <quail> $ nmap -P0

11:34 <quail> Starting Nmap 4.53 ( ) at 2008-09-29 01:02 CST

11:34 <quail> Interesting ports on (

11:34 <quail> Not shown: 1713 filtered ports

11:34 <quail> PORT   STATE SERVICE

11:34 <Romulus> Title: Insecure.Org - Nmap Free Security Scanner, Tools & Hacking resources (at

11:34 <quail> 80/tcp open  http

11:34 <quail> Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 8.750 seconds

11:34 <MTughan_> So what the heck is going on here then... I can't access it in FF either.

11:35 <quail> nmap from USA server taking it damn time

11:36 <MTughan_> I'm going to install nmap on my Mac, see what it can do... Was using something called Angry IP Scanner before.

11:37 <quail> MTughan_: this the responce from the USA

11:37 <quail> $ nmap

11:37 <quail> Starting Nmap 4.11 ( ) at 2008-09-28 11:30 EDT

11:37 <quail> Note: Host seems down. If it is really up, but blocking our ping probes, try -P0

11:37 <quail> Nmap finished: 1 IP address (0 hosts up) scanned in 4.030 seconds

11:37 <Romulus> Title: Nmap - Free Security Scanner For Net!@#& Exploration & Security Audits. (at

11:37 <MTughan_> Where did you nmap from the first time?

11:38 <quail> MTughan_: here the response from a friends server in Aust.

11:38 <quail> $ nmap -P0

11:38 <quail> Starting Nmap 4.53 ( ) at 2008-09-29 01:06 CST

11:38 <quail> Interesting ports on (

11:38 <quail> Not shown: 1713 filtered ports

11:38 <quail> PORT   STATE SERVICE

11:38 <Romulus> Title: Insecure.Org - Nmap Free Security Scanner, Tools & Hacking resources (at

11:38 <quail> 80/tcp open  http

11:38 <quail> Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 12.426 seconds

11:38 <quail> MTughan_: my wireless network

11:38 <MTughan_> Okay, that's more like it actually... I didn't get pings before, but I didn't get anything with a portscan either.

11:39 <quail> MTughan_: then my desktop on diff network

11:39 <quail> MTughan_: I dropped ping

11:39 <MTughan_> I didn't use ping either, it was the portscanner that does the pin.

11:39 <MTughan_> ping*

11:39 <quail> MTughan_: I just done straight scan with no ping, hence the -P0

11:40 <MTughan_> Yeah, but I don't get any results using the other one.

11:40 <MTughan_> It'll ping, but it ignores the ping for the scan.

11:40 <quail> MTughan_: well I do 4 probs from diff machines and 3 of them say port 80 open

11:41 <MTughan_> Give me a sec, nmap is up here...

11:41 <quail> MTughan_: let me see if iceweasel can connect to it

11:41 <quail> here

11:42 <MTughan_> I get 25: closed, 1433: closed, and 1434: closed with nmap.

11:42 <quail> hmm

11:42 <MTughan_> It's something else either in my network, or with the connection.

11:44 <quail> MTughan_: whos server have I just been scanning?

11:45 <quail> ERROR

11:45 <quail> The requested URL could not be retrieved

11:45 <quail> While trying to retrieve the URL:

11:45 <quail> The following error was encountered:

11:45 <quail> * Connection to Failed

11:45 <quail> The system returned:

11:45 <quail> (110) Connection timed out

11:45 <quail> The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.

11:45 <quail> Your cache administrator is webmaster.

11:45 <quail> Generated Sun, 28 Sep 2008 15:44:02 GMT by (squid)

11:45 <MTughan_> Nice... is Jay's, BTW.

11:46 <quail> ok

11:46 <quail> I sort of thought that but just had to check

11:47 <MTughan_> Yeah. He had asked CFL to scan before, and that had returned port 80. I just wanted to verify that, but it's something deeper...

11:51 <quail> oh

11:54 <quail> I have just started a very aggressive scan

11:54 <quail> I am scanning tcp/udp 1-65535

11:55 <quail> and it will take abit

11:58 <quail> MTughan_: this the go from the USA server atm

11:58 <quail> # nmap -sS -sU -O -p 1-65535 -v -P0

11:58 <quail> Starting Nmap 4.11 ( ) at 2008-09-28 11:53 EDT

11:58 <quail> DNS resolution of 1 IPs took 0.02s.

11:58 <quail> Initiating SYN Stealth Scan against ( [65535 ports] at 11:53

11:59 <Romulus> Title: Nmap - Free Security Scanner For Net!@#& Exploration & Security Audits. (at

11:59 <quail> SYN Stealth Scan Timing: About 0.31% done; ETC: 15:32 (3:38:14 remaining)

11:59 <quail> MTughan_: from my desktop this the go

11:59 <quail> $ sudo nmap -sS -sU -O -p 1-65535 -v -P0

11:59 <quail> [sudo] password for quail:

11:59 <quail> Starting Nmap 4.53 ( ) at 2008-09-29 01:26 CST

11:59 <quail> Initiating Parallel DNS resolution of 1 host. at 01:26

11:59 <Romulus> Title: Insecure.Org - Nmap Free Security Scanner, Tools & Hacking resources (at

11:59 <quail> Completed Parallel DNS resolution of 1 host. at 01:26, 0.00s elapsed

11:59 <quail> Initiating SYN Stealth Scan at 01:26

11:59 <quail> Scanning ( [65535 ports]

11:59 <quail> Discovered open port 80/tcp on

11:59 <quail> SYN Stealth Scan Timing: About 8.49% done; ETC: 01:32 (0:05:25 remaining)

12:01 <MTughan> quail: Where are you geographically anyway?

12:01 <quail> Aust.

12:01 <MTughan> Okay, didn't know that.

12:02 <quail> but I have access to server in all sorts of places from here

12:02 <MTughan> So I've seen.

12:03 <quail> but I am only scanning from machines I know that I can

12:03 <quail> eg no reprocutions

12:04 <MTughan> repercussions, you mean?

12:04 <quail> only reason I am up so late is cause I wanted to record the doco about the challenger desaster

12:05 <MTughan> And a little oddity... Nmap on Windows doesn't return anything.

12:05 <quail> MTughan: yeah how ever it spelt

12:05 <MTughan> It says the server is up, but all ports are filtered.

12:05 <MTughan> Okay, didn't quite know if that's what you had meant.

12:06 <quail> I can't connect to the server via iceweasel

12:06 <quail> MTughan: I have dislexia

12:07 <MTughan> Ah, okay. That makes sense then.

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12:08 <quail> :-)

12:08 <MTughan> My laptop lost wireless...

12:09 * quail smells burning copper

12:09 <MTughan> Nope, because this laptop goes through the same access point.

12:10 * quail just referring to my internet connection is working very hard tonight

12:10 <quail> eg smelling burning copper

12:10 <MTughan> Ah... I thought you were referring to the loss of connection here.

12:11 <MTughan> Although with you running at least two portscans on Jay's end, he's the one with the burning copper.

12:11 <MTughan> :P

12:11 <quail> MTughan: I am

12:12 <quail> hehe

12:12 <MTughan> Man, something's reading a ton off the HD...

12:13 <quail> oh

12:13 <quail> you hit swap?

12:13 <MTughan> Doesn't seem like it...

12:13 <quail> k

12:14 <MTughan> This is XP though. Any place to check it? Is it just the "Physical Memory" section in the Performance tab?

12:15 <MTughan> Well, I had to restart it anyway because of updates... Seems like a good time to do it.

12:15 <quail> MTughan: can't help you there I have not used windows enough for years

12:15 <MTughan> Linux?

12:15 <Romulus> It has been said that Linux is case sensitve, Kathryn and kathryn are as different as bob and kathRyn, MTughan

12:15 <quail> yep

12:16 <MTughan> I tried shifting the XP partition, but screwed up the XP partition in the process before... Just figured I'd stick with XP, and use Linux in a VM then.

12:16 <quail> oh :-(

12:16 <PovAddict> AMcBain apparently broke his XP in the same way

12:16 <quail> MTughan: did you defrag the xp system first?

12:16 <MTughan> Well, in this case, the only thing I'd set up besides XP was FF, so I probably wasn't as bad off as he.

12:17 <MTughan> quail: I tried that after the reinstall. Plenty of space after the last data, so nothing should've been touched.

12:17 <quail> before adjusting the xp partition

12:17 <MTughan> This isn't actually a normal XP install. It's an XP restore disk for a business machine, a Lenovo laptop.

12:18 <quail> MTughan: if you adjusting a windows hdd partition you need to defrag the system

12:19 <MTughan> Well, I can always see how it is after I restart...

12:19 <quail> as windows OS just drops things where ever on the hdd

12:19 <MTughan> I probably won't risk the resize though, as it's now a lot more customized.

12:20 <quail> MTughan: always backup first

12:21 <Tank_Master> backup?

12:22 <MTughan> Well, it's a newer Intel Core 2 processor, so it has virtualization technology.

12:22 <PovAddict> ...if the host runs a 64-bit operating system

12:22 <MTughan> Really?

12:22 <MTughan> Sh*t...

12:22 <PovAddict> otherwise I *think* you can't access the new virtualization-related system

12:23 <MTughan> Might explain why Fedora was slow in the VM.

12:23 <PovAddict> what's the host OS?

12:23 <MTughan> XP SP2.

12:24 <quail> MTughan: 64bit version?

12:24 <MTughan> Not as I know.

12:24 *** saenger has joined #boinc

12:24 <quail> MTughan: ah there your anwser to virtualization technology

12:25 <MTughan> It needs a 64-bit OS?

12:25 <quail> MTughan: yep

12:25 <MTughan> Maybe I should try getting Fedora installed again...

12:26 <MTughan> I have a LiveCD of F9 x96_64.

12:26 <quail> MTughan: windows needs to be a 64bit OS too

12:26 <MTughan> x86_64*

12:26 <MTughan> Well doing that removes the need for a VM, at least for now.

12:26 <quail> MTughan: what VM you use?

12:26 <MTughan> VirtualBox.

12:27 <quail> MTughan: have you found it a pita to install 64bit OS's under it

12:27 <MTughan> Found it a pita?

12:27 <PovAddict> pain-in-the-ass

12:27 <quail> PovAddict: arse

12:27 <MTughan> To install 64-bit OSes under native or the VM?

12:27 <Tank_Master> quail: @$$

12:27 <quail> damn yanky spelling

12:28 <MTughan> lol

12:28 * Tank_Master pushes quail into a crevasse

12:28 <quail> weeeee  eeeee   ee

12:28 <MTughan> *splat*

12:28 <quail> hehe

12:29 <Tank_Master> :P

12:40 * FreeLarry58 looks at silver plater and cover and remembers olde time royal plate - quail undr glass

12:41 <FreeLarry58> or is that pheasant - think its the same thing

12:47 <quail> can any one here tell me what the res for a dvd widescreen

12:47 <PovAddict>

12:47 <Romulus> <> (at

12:50 * quail has 11.8GB video to transcode

12:53 <quail> gogo avidemux

12:53 <MTughan> quail: What resolution? 720i/p or 1080i/p, or 480i/p?

12:54 <ELGono> quail, put it online ;)

12:54 <ELGono> we just testing encoders for next chaos communication congress

12:54 <quail> it 1080i

12:54 <MTughan> Oh, missed the link Pov posted...

12:54 <MTughan> 1920x1080

12:54 <quail> yep

12:54 <ELGono> hehe well just 6min then

12:54 <PovAddict> 1080 is HD :)

12:55 <quail> the vid I record was a doco about the challenger disaster

12:56 <ELGono> 60min

12:56 <quail> almost 2 hours

13:01 <quail> transcoding an hour and 49 mins of doco now

13:02 <quail> transcoding it down to 720x576

13:04 <quail> oh damn it that not right

13:04 <quail> damn wikipedia

13:04 <MTughan> PAL SD.

13:08 <quail> 1280x720 may reduce to a single layer dvd

13:08 <xcamel> hmmm.. interesting find..

13:08 <quail> at least it keep the aspect ratio correct

13:08 <xcamel> the cable router's own addy

13:08 <MTughan> What compression are you using? Standard MP2, or the more modern MP4 derivatives?

13:09 <xcamel> which seems to be part of RR.BIZ's cloud..

13:09 <quail> MTughan: I transcoding from mpeg2 to xvid4

13:09 <MTughan> Okay.

13:09 * xcamel wonders if it matters.

13:09 <quail> hence the mpeg2 file 11.8GB

13:10 <xcamel> possibly the 'gayeway' address...

13:12 <quail> MTughan n xcamel =>

13:12 <Romulus> Title: Pastezone (at

13:13 <quail> that from my home desktop

13:13 <quail> server in the USA still going

13:15 <xcamel> interesting...

13:15 <xcamel> even what it thinks is open - isn't

13:16 <xcamel> everything incoming is blocked

13:16 <quail> xcamel: I have scanned your computer from 4 diff systems on diff networks and 3 them say port 80 open

13:17 <quail> xcamel: 2 the systems are at my place on diff networks and the other 2 are out side my networks

13:19 <quail> avidemux is going to take 400 mins to transcode this record :-/

13:19 <MTughan> &math convert 400 minutes to hours

13:19 <Romulus> MTughan: 6.66666666667

13:19 <quail> SysInfo: Linux 2.6.24-19-generic |  Dual Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E8200  @ 2.66GHz 1998.000 MHz | Bogomips: 10669.86 | Mem: 2562/3959M [||||||||||] | Diskspace: 226.79G Free: 97.97G | Procs: 145 | Uptime: 17 days 15 hrs 36 mins 27 secs | Load: 1.05 1.03 0.77  | Screen: nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600 GT (rev a1) | eth0: In: 36.37G Out: 7.75G

13:19 <quail> Sensors: HDD:

13:20 <quail> MTughan: and that the computer doing the transcoding

13:20 <MTughan> Nice.

13:20 <quail> but I must admit tho avidemux does do a nice job tho

13:22 * quail opens the front doors to his case for maximum airflow

13:23 *** WelshDragon has joined #boinc

13:24 <WelshDragon> Hey, Is there a way you can change which nice level boinc runs as on ubuntu?

13:25 <quail> yes

13:25 <quail> nice <lvl> /path/to/boinc/ &

13:26 <quail> 'man nice' too

13:27 <quail> xcamel: you have to set rommie up for boinc faq

13:28 <quail> xcamel: well not have to, but might like to

13:28 <WelshDragon> hmm sorry i should of phrased my question better. What about each thread that boinc launches for every project? At the moment they run with a nice level of 19. renice works but is there a way i can make them launch with a nice level of 0?

13:29 <quail> WelshDragon: look at optimized clients if you want faster compution

13:29 <WelshDragon> Oh there's different clients?

13:29 <quail> yes from 3 parties

13:30 <quail> s/3/3rd

13:31 <WelshDragon> Ah kk. Thank you =)

13:31 <quail> WelshDragon: eg =>

13:31 <Romulus> Title: Crunch3rs BOINC page (at

13:31 <MTughan> Hehe... My laptop is now accessing the Internet through the Firewire connection on my Mac. :D

13:32 <quail> MTughan n xcamel you both looked at that paste bin I posted

13:32 <MTughan> I did.

13:32 <quail> I just want to delete it that all

13:34 <quail> xcamel: ping, look ^

13:37 <quail> &math convert 284 minutes to hours

13:37 <Romulus> quail: 4.73333333333

13:47 <quail> woot this going to end up being ~3.1GB transcode

13:47 <quail> and that at 1280x720 res

13:57 <PovAddict> WelshDragon: if you want to change the nice level of science apps, you'll have to modify BOINC source code

13:59 <quail> or run a renicer script from a cron job

14:12 *** Bravewolf has joined #boinc

14:22 *** efc has joined #boinc

14:28 <quail> meep meep efc

14:36 <efc> Moo

14:38 <quail> hey efc, how have you been?

14:39 <efc> Doin ok.. gonna pick up hay later today, thats always fun

14:39 <quail> efc: you want to see a pic and video of me?

14:40 <efc> The pic yes, video pretty hard over dialup

14:40 <quail> <=>

14:41 <efc> You must be from a parallel antimatter universe

14:42 <quail> hehe

14:43 * quail wonders if he is human sometimes

14:44 <quail> efc: today I picked up a 250 watt 5 speed laser sighted drill press for 110AUD

14:44 <quail> that brand new

14:44 <efc> Sounds good, what needs holes?

14:45 <efc> gotta go pick up hay, bbl

14:45 <quail> just some projects I have on the go

14:45 <quail> ok ttyl, take it easy

14:47 <quail> &convert currency 110 aud usd

14:47 <Romulus> quail: Error: The command "convert" is available in the Currency and Math plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "convert".

14:47 <quail> &currency convert 110 aud usd

14:47 <PovAddict> &currency convert 110 aud usd

14:47 <Romulus> quail: 110.00 aud = 91.32 usd

14:47 <Romulus> PovAddict: 110.00 aud = 91.32 usd

14:47 <PovAddict> oops

14:48 <quail> PovAddict: with that I mix the protocol up

14:49 * quail just got to get in my head currency is first

14:50 * quail thinks I got a damn good deal on the drill press

14:57 *** Romulus` has joined #boinc

14:57 *** Romulus has quit IRC

14:57 *** Romulus` is now known as Romulus

15:01 *** xcamel has quit IRC

15:01 *** xcamel_ is now known as xcamel

15:02 *** e-30 has joined #boinc

15:03 <e-30> hey

15:03 <e-30> &weather wiesbaden

15:03 <Romulus> e-30: Temperature: 48.7°F / 9.3°C | Humidity: 58% | Pressure: 30.21in / 1022.9hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h | Updated: 9:00 PM CEST; Scattered Clouds. High:62 F. / 17 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:44 F. / 7 C.; Overcast. High:55 F. / 13 C.; Chance of Rain. Low:46 F. / 8 C.; Chance of Rain. High:50 F. / 10 C.; Rain. Low:46 F. / 8 (1 more message)

15:04 <e-30> &more

15:04 <Romulus> e-30: C.;

15:04 *** Bravewolf has quit IRC

15:05 *** bigt0242000 has joined #boinc

15:08 <quail> &wx ypad

15:08 <Romulus> quail: Temperature: 50°F / 10°C | Humidity: 87% | Pressure: 30.15in / 1021hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: SSE | Wind Speed: 7mph / 11km/h | Updated: 4:30 AM CST; Scattered Clouds. High:66 F. / 19 C.; Scattered Clouds. Low:46 F. / 8 C.; Scattered Clouds. High:64 F. / 18 C.; Clear. Low:46 F. / 8 C.; Scattered Clouds. High:73 F. / 23 C.; Scattered Clouds. (1 more message)

15:10 <xcamel> looks like we're going to get dumped on a bit here...

15:10 <PovAddict> &wx buenos aires

15:11 <Romulus> PovAddict: Temperature: 64°F / 18°C | Humidity: 76% | Pressure: 30.04in / 1017hPa | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 9mph / 15km/h | Updated: 3:00 PM ART; Partly Cloudy. High:64 F. / 18 C.; Rain. Low:59 F. / 15 C.; Rain. High:62 F. / 17 C.; Overcast. Low:57 F. / 14 C.; Scattered Clouds. High:64 F. / 18 C.; Clear. Low:51 F. / 11 C.;

15:11 <PovAddict> now it's light rain...

15:11 *** PieSpyRom has quit IRC

15:12 <xcamel> raining so hard in the next town over it was hard to see to drive..

15:12 <xcamel> and the sun was out here...

15:13 <bigt0242000> xcamel: any luck with the pix?

15:13 <xcamel> not at all - just cant seem to get any ports open inbound

15:14 <xcamel> and no online guide that is the least bit helpful

15:15 <bigt0242000> what model?

15:15 <e-30> lol wow sounds ike me no outbound ports at all

15:17 *** PieSpyRom has joined #boinc

15:17 *** e-30 has quit IRC

15:30 <xcamel> pix 501

15:30 <xcamel> PDM 3.0.4, FW 6.3 something

15:31 <xcamel> it is a total pest

15:31 <xcamel> should do a factory reset and start over..

15:31 <bigt0242000> have you?

15:32 <xcamel> at least twice - it doesn't even like to be telneted to..

15:33 <bigt0242000> I guess you couldn't do a hard reset then could you?

15:35 <xcamel> if I could find the box for the thing with a manual in it...

15:43 <bigt0242000> xcamel: tried "ping outside <insert ip>"?

15:48 *** Romulus` has joined #boinc

15:48 *** Romulus has quit IRC

15:48 *** Romulus` is now known as Romulus

15:48 <bigt0242000> acl get corrupted some how?

15:55 <bigt0242000> xcamel: just a wild guess but this could be your problem. this section and the next.

15:55 <Romulus> <> (at

16:01 *** PieSpyRom has quit IRC

16:02 *** xcamel has quit IRC

16:06 *** d00m1001 has quit IRC

16:09 *** PieSpyRom has joined #boinc

16:23 *** xcamel_ is now known as xcamel

16:24 <CoderForLife> birthday party over

16:24 <CoderForLife> find your docs CD, xcamel?

16:24 <xcamel> have fun?

16:24 <xcamel> nope

16:24 <CoderForLife> twas fine

16:24 <xcamel> doubt it would help even if I did..

16:25 <CoderForLife> everyone thought it was #50 for me

16:25 <xcamel> hehehe...

16:25 <CoderForLife> then they realized they forgot me last year

16:25 <bigt0242000> xcamel: check that link above?

16:25 <xcamel> yeah... no help

16:26 <bigt0242000> happy b-day cfl

16:26 <CoderForLife> thanks bigt0242000

16:26 <bigt0242000> so it wasn't full huh?

16:26 <xcamel> my only access is through the PDM, and syslog isn't activated

16:27 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

16:27 <xcamel> I set it up to ssh to it to work from the console, and the pswd is rejected.

16:27 <CoderForLife> default pswd is usually "cisco"

16:27 <CoderForLife> iirc

16:27 <xcamel> even though it's the **same** damn pswd as the PDM

16:28 <xcamel> nope

16:28 <bigt0242000> no telnet i suppose?

16:29 <xcamel> nope

16:29 <bigt0242000> tried upgrading the pdm?

16:29 <xcamel> already 3.0.4

16:29 <CoderForLife> password recovery

16:29 <Romulus> <> (at

16:29 *** Tank_Master has joined #boinc

16:29 <xcamel> and you can't do it via the pdm

16:30 <xcamel> serial terminal not working.

16:31 <CoderForLife> get you a new fw fedexed next day

16:31 <bigt0242000> pix has reached its end of life

16:31 <xcamel> no kidding..

16:32 <bigt0242000> FW 6.3(?)

16:33 <xcamel> yeah..

16:34 <bigt0242000> 6.3 (1),(2),(3),(4),(5)?

16:34 <xcamel> 5

16:35 <bigt0242000> can't hook to it via a cross-over cable?

16:35 <xcamel> internal help files all fragged up too..

16:40 <xcamel> hook up to what?

16:40 <bigt0242000> ethernet

16:40 <xcamel> it is already

16:40 <bigt0242000> directly?

16:41 * quail thinks he not going to get any work done today

16:41 <xcamel> to my entire network

16:42 <quail> xcamel: pm

16:43 <xcamel> noticed something...

16:43 <xcamel> the cable modem/router has a 'cloud' addy

16:44 <xcamel> probably not part of the problem though

16:44 <bigt0242000> could be

16:45 <xcamel> the modem addy is

16:46 <xcamel> scratch that..

16:46 <xcamel> the modem addy is

16:47 <xcamel> which is self natting or DHCP to

16:49 <quail> and

16:49 <bigt0242000> i was about to say 10. network is a private ip range

16:49 <xcamel> dunno if it makes any difference

16:50 <quail> xcamel: you just spoke 2 sides the router

16:50 <xcamel> part of rr's router network

16:50 <PovAddict> well, I doubt xcamel paid for a global IP range

16:50 <quail> one intrnet and the other internal

16:50 <xcamel> exactly

16:50 <bigt0242000> could be that your isp isn't forwarding the outside addy to the right inside addy

16:50 <xcamel> should the pix use the 10. or the outside addy?

16:51 <quail> now the modem router has to port forward to other systems

16:51 <xcamel> as I said outbound isn't the problem

16:51 <quail> xcamel: no, cause it private addy

16:51 <bigt0242000> pix have a wan port?

16:51 <quail> xcamel: port forward not needed for out

16:52 <quail> port forward for incoming

16:52 <xcamel> wan >> cablemodem

16:52 <quail> and ending up at the destonation machine

16:52 <xcamel> not getting there.

16:53 <xcamel> or through

16:53 <bigt0242000> isp>> cable modem>> to?

16:53 <quail> xcamel: can you explain your setup little better to me please, preferably pm

16:53 <xcamel> cable >> cablemodem(router) >>pix >> network switch

16:54 <PovAddict> the cablemodem might have its own firewall

16:54 <bigt0242000> acl still configured right on the switch?

16:54 * quail bridges modem/routers

16:54 <bigt0242000> and the pix for that matter

16:55 <xcamel> noconfig on the switch

16:56 <xcamel> just a geneeric 16 port netgear

16:57 <xcamel> PoV might be right on the money, and it's not configured.

16:57 <xcamel> and that I can do nothing about.

16:57 * bigt0242000 look for paper to draw the network design

16:57 <PovAddict> the cablemodem is a router?

16:57 <xcamel> justasec

16:57 <PovAddict> it should have a web config page

16:58 <quail> xcamel: have you diff networks internally

16:58 <xcamel> ambit DOCSIS

16:59 <bigt0242000> router might need a port forwarded

16:59 <quail> or bucket water

17:00 <efc> back from picking up hay

17:00 <PovAddict> it would need every single port forwarded (to the pix); usually configured as a "DMZ host"

17:00 <xcamel> it has it's own mac addy

17:00 <bigt0242000> i hate combo devices

17:00 <quail> PovAddict: eg it need bridging

17:00 <PovAddict> you don't need the router's firewall (you have the pix)... or the router for that matter (you have the switch)

17:01 <xcamel> mod/rtr has 4 ports out

17:01 <quail> xcamel: pm

17:01 <PovAddict> xcamel: that modem seems to be made for home users way less advanced than you

17:01 <xcamel> wonder if only one is forwardrd

17:02 <xcamel> it's a generic POS

17:02 <bigt0242000> you buy or lease your modem?

17:02 <xcamel> provided with the install

17:02 <PovAddict> yeah but is it "yours"?

17:02 <bigt0242000> i would look at going and buying one that's just a modem

17:03 <xcamel> backing up a bit here - the install order was seriously messed up by RR

17:03 <bigt0242000> lol

17:04 <xcamel> **supossed** to be a 15x2 business class install w/5 static addys

17:04 <xcamel> um... not hardly

17:04 <bigt0242000> i know my isp provides a modem with install but you have to pay $5/month for it

17:04 <xcamel> this is a bit different..

17:05 <PovAddict> my old ISP provided a modem but you had to give it back when you cancel the service

17:08 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

17:15 *** saenger has quit IRC

17:17 *** [B^S]renemayer has joined #boinc

17:21 <bigt0242000> xcamel: did you try taking the pix and the switch out of the chain of network devices?

17:22 <xcamel> that would be instant hax.

17:22 <bigt0242000> shouldn't be if the modem/router is using NAT

17:26 *** DerMeister has quit IRC

17:35 <xcamel> I don't think the pix is the problem - the isp is blocking it

17:36 <bigt0242000> so the console port doesn't work?

17:36 <quail> cause xcamel and I had bit insightful chat :-)

17:37 <bigt0242000> ?

17:38 <quail> bigt0242000: xcamel and I have an idea what going on

17:38 <quail> bigt0242000: and the problem looks to be no at his end

17:40 <quail> bigt0242000: some ISP's block incoming port to protect themself

17:41 <bigt0242000> quail: pm

17:41 <quail> bigt0242000: xcamel and I come the a meduim that what happening

17:42 <quail> bigt0242000: pm where?

17:42 <quail> none here

17:42 <CoderForLife> hmm

17:42 *** [B^S]rene_mayer has joined #boinc

17:43 <CoderForLife> how can you test/prove the ISP is the problem

17:43 <PovAddict> calling them with an angry voice?

17:44 <CoderForLife> something a tab bit more scientific, hopefully

17:44 <Tank_Master> call them and tell them they are n00bers

17:44 <CoderForLife> for instance, port scan shows SMTP port open, yet no SMTP server responds

17:45 <CoderForLife> seems like a firewall problem

17:45 <xcamel> I could, it I ripped my whole network apart, and connected directly to my server, and waited about 3 seconds to be hacked.

17:45 *** [B^S]renemayer has quit IRC

17:46 <PovAddict> software firewall

17:46 <xcamel> I busy eating..

17:46 <PovAddict> or an old machine with nothing you care about

17:46 <CoderForLife> you could disconnect the firewall from the modem, and put a PC in front of the firewall, and ask for your web site?

17:47 <CoderForLife> or portscan the firewall disconnected from the modem

17:47 <CoderForLife> if you see port 80, then ISP is blocking it

17:47 <xcamel> no old/odd machines

17:48 <CoderForLife> I say, use science

17:48 * wdsmia says use the logs lol

17:48 <CoderForLife> which logs?

17:49 <CoderForLife> the logs in the fscked firewall?

17:49 <bigt0242000> even easier port scan. go to and under the services menu click SheildsUP

17:49 <PovAddict> bigt0242000: that won't help determine if the problem is the ISP or his firewall..

17:50 <PovAddict> he needs to portscan from the inside (before the modem)

17:50 <CoderForLife> all I'm saying is that there's a way to prove the ISP theory - portscan the firewall directly without the ISP involved

17:51 <bigt0242000> why inside? he can get out

17:51 <CoderForLife> trying to see if the ISP is blocking in-bound port 80

17:52 <bigt0242000> grc does that

17:52 <PovAddict> you aren't understanding the problem...

17:53 <CoderForLife> 21 (ftp), 25 (smtp), and 110 (pop3) are open

17:53 <PovAddict> if grc says "port closed", how can you tell if it's his local firewall or the ISP or the router-in-the-modem or what?

17:54 <CoderForLife> I am suspicious when I telnet to his SMTP port, when no SMTP server answers

17:54 <bigt0242000> well to test the theroy couldn't you set the webserver to use some crazy port#?

17:54 <PovAddict> I agree that his ISP may be trying to be smarter than is useful...

17:55 <CoderForLife> if that port is open on the firewall, yes

17:55 *** MTughan has quit IRC

17:55 *** MTughan has joined #boinc

17:55 <CoderForLife> and there is a NAT to get in-bound traffic to the HTTP server

17:57 <quail> wow that transcode ended up being 2.5GB :-)

17:57 <quail> 11.8GB to 2.5GB you got to love that

18:00 <CoderForLife> I am also suspicious about FTP.  I cannot establish a connection to to attempt an FTP session.  The port is open - no one is home.

18:00 <quail> CoderForLife: I semi know what going on

18:01 <bigt0242000> maybe sending the port to a blackhole?

18:01 <quail> and xcamel and I agree

18:01 <CoderForLife> how can you prove your theory?

18:02 <quail> CoderForLife: it not xcamel's end, it his ISP blocking stuff

18:02 <CoderForLife> I have cited at least 2 indicators that there is a firewall cfg problem

18:03 <quail> CoderForLife: I can't ping xcamel and he swears he not blocking ping

18:03 <CoderForLife> and there's a good way to prove the ISP block - portscan the firewall directly and see if it is presenting port 80

18:03 <quail> CoderForLife: an routing

18:03 <CoderForLife> I can ping xcamel

18:04 <quail> :~$ sudo nmap -sS -sU -O -p 1-65535 -v -P0

18:04 <quail> [sudo] password for quail:

18:04 <quail> Starting Nmap 4.53 ( ) at 2008-09-29 01:26 CST

18:04 <quail> Initiating Parallel DNS resolution of 1 host. at 01:26

18:04 <quail> Completed Parallel DNS resolution of 1 host. at 01:26, 0.00s elapsed

18:04 <Romulus> Title: Insecure.Org - Nmap Free Security Scanner, Tools & Hacking resources (at

18:04 <CoderForLife> 14 hops, 42ms

18:04 <quail> Initiating SYN Stealth Scan at 01:26

18:04 <quail> Scanning ( [65535 ports]

18:04 <quail> Discovered open port 80/tcp on

18:04 <quail> SYN Stealth Scan Timing: About 8.49% done; ETC: 01:32 (0:05:25 remaining)

18:04 <quail> SYN Stealth Scan Timing: About 44.32% done; ETC: 01:39 (0:07:27 remaining)

18:04 <quail> SYN Stealth Scan Timing: About 93.08% done; ETC: 01:40 (0:00:59 remaining)

18:04 <quail> Completed SYN Stealth Scan at 01:40, 855.61s elapsed (65535 total ports)

18:04 <quail> Initiating UDP Scan at 01:40

18:04 <quail> Scanning ( [65535 ports]

18:04 <CoderForLife> what's this?

18:04 <quail> UDP Scan Timing: About 1.19% done; ETC: 02:22 (0:41:43 remaining)

18:04 <quail> Completed UDP Scan at 02:21, 2465.37s elapsed (65535 total ports)

18:04 <PovAddict> a channel flood

18:04 <quail> Initiating OS detection (try #1) against (

18:04 <CoderForLife> stop

18:04 <quail> sendto in send_ip_packet: sendto(5, packet, 60, 0,, 16) => Operation not permitted

18:04 <bigt0242000> not exactly your area xcamel

18:04 <Romulus> <> (at

18:04 <quail> Offending packet: TCP >  ttl=46 id=38133 iplen=60  seq=750519033 win=128 <wscale 10,nop,mss 265,timestamp 4294967295 0,sackOK>

18:04 *** PovAddict has left #boinc

18:04 <quail> sendto in send_ip_packet: sendto(5, packet, 60, 0,, 16) => Operation not permitted

18:04 <quail> Offending packet: TCP > SFPU ttl=43 id=3185 iplen=60  seq=750519033 win=256 <wscale 10,nop,mss 265,timestamp 4294967295 0,sackOK>

18:04 <CoderForLife> wtf

18:04 <quail> sendto in send_ip_packet: sendto(5, packet, 60, 0,, 16) => Operation not permitted

18:04 <quail> Offending packet: TCP > FPU ttl=37 id=49632 iplen=60  seq=750519033 win=65535 <wscale 15,nop,mss 265,timestamp 4294967295 0,sackOK>

18:04 <quail> sendto in send_ip_packet: sendto(5, packet, 60, 0,, 16) => Operation not permitted

18:05 <quail> Offending packet: TCP >  ttl=44 id=34936 iplen=60  seq=750519033 win=128 <wscale 10,nop,mss 265,timestamp 4294967295 0,sackOK>

18:05 <efc> Its Quail Season

18:05 <quail> sendto in send_ip_packet: sendto(5, packet, 60, 0,, 16) => Operation not permitted

18:05 <quail> Offending packet: TCP > SFPU ttl=37 id=36360 iplen=60  seq=750519033 win=256 <wscale 10,nop,mss 265,timestamp 4294967295 0,sackOK>

18:05 <CoderForLife> STOP QUAIL

18:05 <quail> sendto in send_ip_packet: sendto(5, packet, 60, 0,, 16) => Operation not permitted

18:05 <quail> Offending packet: TCP > FPU ttl=45 id=10524 iplen=60  seq=750519033 win=65535 <wscale 15,nop,mss 265,timestamp 4294967295 0,sackOK>

18:05 <bigt0242000> lol

18:05 <quail> sendto in send_ip_packet: sendto(5, packet, 60, 0,, 16) => Operation not permitted

18:05 <CoderForLife> STOP

18:05 <quail> Offending packet: TCP >  ttl=54 id=24504 iplen=60  seq=750519033 win=128 <wscale 10,nop,mss 265,timestamp 4294967295 0,sackOK>

18:05 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o wdsmia

18:05 <CoderForLife> STOP

18:05 <quail> sendto in send_ip_packet: sendto(5, packet, 60, 0,, 16) => Operation not permitted

18:05 <quail> Offending packet: TCP > SFPU ttl=45 id=61047 iplen=60  seq=750519033 win=256 <wscale 10,nop,mss 265,timestamp 4294967295 0,sackOK>

18:05 <CoderForLife> kill him

18:05 <quail> sendto in send_ip_packet: sendto(5, packet, 60, 0,, 16) => Operation not permitted

18:05 <quail> Offending packet: TCP > FPU ttl=51 id=14022 iplen=60  seq=750519033 win=65535 <wscale 15,nop,mss 265,timestamp 4294967295 0,sackOK>

18:05 <quail> sendto in send_ip_packet: sendto(5, packet, 60, 0,, 16) => Operation not permitted

18:05 <quail> Offending packet: TCP >  ttl=46 id=28627 iplen=60  seq=750519033 win=128 <wscale 10,nop,mss 265,timestamp 4294967295 0,sackOK>

18:05 <quail> Omitting future Sendto error messages now that 10 have been shown.  Use -d2 if you really want to see them.

18:05 <quail> Retrying OS detection (try #2) against (

18:05 <bigt0242000> lol it's not quail season

18:05 <quail> Host ( appears to be up ... good.

18:05 <quail> Interesting ports on (

18:05 *** quail was kicked by wdsmia (Oh! Oh! Kick me again!)

18:05 <efc> It is now!

18:06 <efc> Bag limit: 1

18:06 <bigt0242000> lol

18:06 <CoderForLife> omg

18:06 <bigt0242000>

18:06 <Romulus> <> (at

18:06 *** wdsmia sets mode: -o wdsmia

18:06 <CoderForLife> I am on RoadRunner, and my ports aren't blocked

18:08 *** quail has joined #boinc

18:08 <wdsmia> wb

18:08 <CoderForLife> that was a bit much, quail

18:08 <quail> thanks, I had to manually join

18:09 <quail> CoderForLife: hey I am a geek and I like my ctrl + k

18:09 <quail> lmao

18:09 <CoderForLife> let me make a suggestion - keep that fetish to yourself

18:09 <Tank_Master> crtl + kill

18:10 <xcamel> ctrl + FUBAR

18:10 <CoderForLife> your signal was lost in the noise

18:10 <quail> CoderForLife: I still got a server in the USA probing xcamel's connection

18:10 <CoderForLife> xcamel is pingable - 14 hops, 42ms

18:11 <CoderForLife> ports 21,25,110 open

18:11 <quail> CoderForLife: my probing is ignoring ping

18:11 <CoderForLife> no SMTP or FTP servers at those ports

18:12 <xcamel> hired guns on deck tomorrow.

18:12 <quail> CoderForLife: 3 out 4 I have access to said the http port open

18:12 <CoderForLife> my tools say no

18:13 <CoderForLife> Firefox, VisualRoute, RADMIN advanced port scanner

18:13 <quail> I could get more machines involved but I think the people I am contracted to not like it

18:13 <CoderForLife> also telnet

18:13 <quail> CoderForLife: nmap man

18:14 <CoderForLife> I'm done - I looked for online Pix cfg docs - must be ordered

18:14 <CoderForLife> I'd FedEx my spare firewall if it would help

18:14 <quail> CoderForLife: it not the prob

18:14 <CoderForLife> prove it

18:14 <bigt0242000> lol

18:15 <quail> CoderForLife: Jay and I have chatted already

18:15 * bigt0242000 rings the bell outside the ring.

18:15 <CoderForLife> and.....

18:16 <quail> CoderForLife: the only changes to his network is a modem he has no access

18:16 <quail> CoderForLife: he gone from copper wire to cable

18:17 <bigt0242000> cable is copper

18:17 <quail> bigt0242000: it not phoneline copper

18:18 <bigt0242000> everything still travels on copper

18:19 * quail slaps bigt0242000 with copper

18:19 <bigt0242000> everything from modem to the node is copper

18:19 <CoderForLife> din-din time

18:19 <bigt0242000> fiber from node to isp

18:19 * Tank_Master sees a source of income recyceling bigt0242000's wires

18:19 <quail> bigt0242000: it only copper to the exchange then it fibre

18:20 <CoderForLife> I might come back later

18:20 <bigt0242000> lol

18:27 * KathrynM yawns

18:29 <xcamel> 'lo K

18:30 <quail> ay KathrynM

18:31 <Tank_Master> KM!

18:32 <KathrynM> good morning

18:40 *** PovAddict has joined #boinc

18:51 <xcamel> one hell of a thump from somewhere outside..

18:51 <xcamel> must have been a tree up on the hill

18:52 <Tank_Master> things that go thump in the forest

18:53 <bigt0242000> so does that answer the question of " If a tree falls in the forest can you hear it?"

18:53 <Tank_Master> yes

18:53 <xcamel> sounded more like a car hitting a power pole at high speed...

18:53 <bigt0242000> lol

18:54 <xcamel> seriously - but no evidence of same

18:54 * bigt0242000 files an insurance claim that says the pole jumped out and hit my car

18:55 <xcamel> good luck with that..

18:55 <bigt0242000> lol

18:55 <Tank_Master> LOL

18:56 <bigt0242000> I want one

18:56 <Romulus> <> (at

18:56 <Tank_Master> one?

18:56 <Romulus> Rumor has it one is boinc 'userstats' from within the channel, Tank_Master

18:56 <Tank_Master> I want two

18:57 <bigt0242000> lol

18:57 <bigt0242000> xcamel could use one

18:57 <Tank_Master> Id also like to kill off rommie

18:57 <xcamel> I want a damn working business class connection like I paid for...

18:57 <bigt0242000> XD

18:57 <Tank_Master> heh

18:57 <Tank_Master> you get what you paid for, right?

18:58 <Tank_Master> pay cheep, get crap

18:58 <bigt0242000> Tank_Master: XD my sides hurt

18:58 * xcamel gives Romy the power to boot wisecrackers

18:58 <Tank_Master> pay lots, get screwed

18:58 <bigt0242000> two?

18:59 <bigt0242000> three?

18:59 <Tank_Master> Romulus?

18:59 <bigt0242000> lol

18:59 <Tank_Master> ass?

18:59 <Tank_Master> numnut?

18:59 <bigt0242000> XD stop Tank_Master, my sides hurt. rofl

19:01 <xcamel> market futures taking a dive - don't like the bailout plan.

19:01 <bigt0242000> I don't think anybosy does

19:02 <xcamel> I hope the dems are left out to hang in the wind...

19:04 *** [B^S]rene_mayer has quit IRC

19:16 *** [RKN]frost has quit IRC

19:28 *** novacrust has joined #boinc

19:30 <efc> they're on the white house side on this one? which is weird

19:32 <xcamel> gwb's brains have been removed.

19:32 *** granpa_paul has joined #boinc

19:41 <Tank_Master> they havent had any brainz since the late 60s

19:45 <xcamel> sad, isn't it.

19:46 <xcamel> That makes Reagan the exception that proved the rule.

19:46 <Tank_Master> :P

19:47 <Tank_Master> and they all say they look up to Reagan as some god

19:52 <xcamel> there is no "they all"

19:52 <Tank_Master> all they all?

20:03 <xcamel> lol - 97 ton pot bust on the AZ border..

20:03 <xcamel> mexican side, that is..

20:03 <efc> Thats our 700 billion $$ right there!

20:05 <xcamel> the GOP should just walk out and let the dems have the whole "crap sandwich"

20:05 <xcamel> then when it blows up in their faces...

20:07 <granpa_paul> i've had that same thought

20:09 <xcamel> what we need is a massive GOP walkout.

20:09 <xcamel> all of them.

20:13 <efc> if they don't do something at least moderately effective, there may not be much to walk back to.

20:14 <CoderForLife> congre$$, blah

20:14 <efc> I wouldn't mind picking up a few thousand acres during the meltdown..

20:15 <xcamel> the nations top economists are saying the bailout is the worst possible solution

20:17 <efc> the Feds could theoretically actually make a profit, but I'm not too worried about that

20:18 <granpa_paul> pfft, it'll just disappear into something else

20:18 <xcamel> the government is not in business, and not intended to "make a profit"

20:18 <xcamel> and you know damn well they'll spend it all before even one dime rolls in.

20:19 <KathrynM> off to w&@^

20:19 <CoderForLife> cya

20:23 <xcamel> laterz..

20:23 <Tank_Master> hf!

20:24 <xcamel> tomorrow agenda:

20:25 <xcamel> 1) do morning stuff

20:25 <xcamel> 2) Go POSTAL on time warner

20:25 <xcamel> 3) get network expert by the neck

20:25 <CoderForLife> #3 is key

20:25 <xcamel> 4) Go POSTAL on him too.

20:26 <xcamel> 5) do rest of day stuff.

20:26 <CoderForLife> buy a firewall that's easy and effective

20:26 <Tank_Master> 6) fix economy by eliminating the demicrats

20:27 <Tank_Master> 7) go postal on the government

20:27 <xcamel> luckily, nettech speaks cisco - fluently

20:27 <CoderForLife> Pixies, as it were

20:28 <xcamel> another nice .4" of rain today

20:29 <xcamel> guess the fire danger is minimal now

20:29 <xcamel> trees are starting to get some nice colors

20:31 <CoderForLife> we're expecting an ugly autumn

20:31 <CoderForLife> leaves are already falling - dry, brown

20:32 <granpa_paul> CoderForLife, did I see yesterday a discussion of routers? Someone mentioned a Netgear FVS 338

20:33 <xcamel> my cable modem/router seems to be a blockitall 5000

20:34 * xcamel crawls off to the showers..

20:34 <CoderForLife> yes granpa_paul - I'm running the NetGear FVS 338

20:34 <granpa_paul> I was given a FVS318, I have to say it has been the easiest home/midrange router I've used

20:34 <CoderForLife> have been for quite awhile

20:34 <granpa_paul> using it now

20:35 <CoderForLife> have a backup/spare in the event the first one gives out

20:35 <granpa_paul> i do like the 8 ports

20:35 <CoderForLife> yes

20:35 <granpa_paul> only reason i gave up the Zywall 2

20:36 <CoderForLife> time to take out the trash - bbiab

20:39 *** efc has left #boinc

21:03 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

21:12 <xcamel> gp >> how's the 'firewall within' ??

21:17 <xcamel> wow - the interactive mgmt gui is great..

21:17 <xcamel> I like that one - and can even understand it..

21:18 <Soul_keeper> pirates in somalia holding a ukranian ship containing russian tanks and military weapons for a 20mil ransom

21:18 <xcamel> saw that..

21:18 <xcamel> benn going on for like two weeks now..

21:18 <bigt0242000> aww that's all we need is for someone to tick off the russians

21:19 <xcamel> they should have sunk the ship a week ago.

21:19 <bigt0242000> lol

21:20 <bigt0242000> brb going to upgrade my routers fw

21:20 <granpa_paul> xcamel, not like i'm a network guru, but it is a pretty robust home router

21:20 *** bigt0242000 has left #boinc

21:21 <granpa_paul> i'm not even "in the business"

21:21 <xcamel> the only way those somali pirates will learn anything is if they start dying 'en masse'

21:21 <granpa_paul> heh

21:22 <xcamel> one hell of allot easier than the pix

21:24 <granpa_paul> you have a pix? home use?

21:25 <granpa_paul> urgh, cisco speak

21:26 <xcamel> a little 501

21:27 <xcamel> past end-of-life now

21:29 <xcamel> I think I like the netgear, but the real problem might just be with the provider.

21:31 <CoderForLife> back, and good night

21:32 <xcamel> &nn

21:32 <Romulus> Live long and crunch!

21:33 <xcamel> hmmm.. no Rookie69 tonight - getting a serious "blow job" up there...

21:33 <xcamel> hurricane Kyle...

21:36 <granpa_paul> dang. we were hit hard by Gustav

21:41 *** freakazoid0223 has quit IRC

21:44 <xcamel> luckily not as hard as ike..

21:44 <xcamel> 400 are still missing near galviston

21:53 *** Tank_Master has joined #boinc

21:57 <xcamel> laterz..

22:01 *** bigt0242000 has joined #boinc

22:30 <granpa_paul> e heat spreaders

22:30 <granpa_paul> ehh crap

22:33 <Tank_Master> LOL

22:33 <Tank_Master> break something?

22:33 <Tank_Master> let the smoke out?

22:34 <bigt0242000> put the fire out?

22:34 <granpa_paul> i'm laying on the couch trying to type, thumbs hit the touchpad

22:34 <bigt0242000> i hate when that happens

22:34 <granpa_paul> sentance started in another channel, finished in here

22:39 <Tank_Master> lol

23:03 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

23:41 *** KathrynM has quit IRC

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