IRC logs of #boinc for Friday, 2008-10-03

00:00 <FFEMTcJ> lol

00:00 <efc> Would recommend you ask on one of the forums, they'll know what to ask, at least

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00:02 <efc>

00:02 <efc> darn

00:03 <Romulus> <> (at

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00:23 <efc> here's a board for you FFEMTcJ:

00:23 <Romulus> <> (at

00:28 <FFEMTcJ> thanks.. im still trying to find an answer.. i cant imagine im the first person with this problem

00:28 <FFEMTcJ> im gonna see if i can upgrade and see if thatll help

00:29 <efc> Good luck, sorry I can't help more. There are usually some linux people around but not now apparently.

00:29 <FFEMTcJ> lol

00:30 <FFEMTcJ> thanks

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01:14 <efc> Sounds like Fossett is probably found :(

01:16 <efc> Sierra Nevada is a bad place to get lost

01:18 <FFEMTcJ> efc: they didnt find a body, and someone found his id a couple miles away

01:19 <efc> they said that 'some remains' have been found

01:19 <FFEMTcJ> o

01:19 <FFEMTcJ> the article i read earlier said no

01:19 <efc> it may be an update

01:19 <efc> just read it

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06:05 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

06:05 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 47.8F / 8.8C | Humidity: 100% | Pressure: 29.89in / 1012.1hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 0.8mph / 1.3km/h ; Today - Sunny this morning...then becoming partly sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. West winds around 5 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 40s. West winds around 5 mph in the evening...becoming light and variable.; (1 more message)

06:05 <CoderForLife> &more

06:05 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Saturday - Mostly sunny. Highs in the lower 70s. North winds around 5 mph...becoming light northwest winds in the afternoon.;

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07:01 * TheGasGiant sneaks in

07:02 <KathrynM> I see you

07:02 <TheGasGiant> heya KathrynM :)

07:03 <KathrynM> how you doin?

07:03 <TheGasGiant> tired this friday evening/night...

07:03 <TheGasGiant> I was sorry to hear about your mum

07:03 <TheGasGiant> how are you doing?

07:03 <KathrynM> hanging in there, sort of

07:04 <KathrynM> today was a holiday so we were off w&@*

07:04 <KathrynM> I slept most of the day, which I really needed

07:04 <TheGasGiant> ahh...lucky you

07:04 <TheGasGiant> i've been w#$^ing pretty hard recently

07:04 <KathrynM> I've got two Saturdays to work in the next month tho

07:05 <TheGasGiant> harder w#$^ to come in the coming months as well

07:05 <KathrynM> :

07:05 <KathrynM> :(

07:05 <TheGasGiant> ack....working saturdays sucks

07:05 <KathrynM> tell me about it

07:06 <TheGasGiant> hmmm

07:06 <KathrynM> the one next weekend is like real work.  we have open house for the (prospective? new?) students

07:06 <TheGasGiant> times...lot's of excitement

07:06 <KathrynM> The one in November isn't so bad because we just have to show up and look white.

07:06 <KathrynM> makes the parents happy

07:06 <TheGasGiant> lol...real english speakers

07:07 <KathrynM> yup

07:08 <TheGasGiant> :sigh:   got me a new cruncher last month

07:09 <KathrynM> do tell

07:09 <TheGasGiant> connected it to ps3grid to get the gpu crunching as well

07:09 <TheGasGiant> amazing credit on that

07:10 <KathrynM> woot

07:11 <TheGasGiant>

07:11 <Romulus> Title: Tasks for computer (at

07:12 <TheGasGiant> takes 26-27 hrs for a wu, but get 3232 credits for it  :WOOT:

07:12 <KathrynM> holy frigging hell

07:12 <TheGasGiant> ohhh  yeah!

07:12 <TheGasGiant> need a decent graphics card though

07:13 <KathrynM> with only lappys here, that leaves me out

07:13 <TheGasGiant> work comp is a dell, so I can't run the gpu app on that

07:14 <KathrynM> I'm running on the AMD at work, but it's on the older side (and virus infested to boot :/)

07:15 <TheGasGiant> cn you install free avg antivirus?

07:15 <KathrynM> They already have something on it.

07:15 <KathrynM> Problem is they don't update it, use IE, don't have Windows updates turned on, use Limewire and god only know what else.

07:16 <KathrynM> I warn all the new foreign teachers not to plug in thumb drives and trasfer stuff to their personal computers.

07:16 <TheGasGiant> ahh...not keeping it up to date with the latest definitions....

07:16 <KathrynM> pretty much

07:16 <TheGasGiant> bugger

07:16 <KathrynM> They reinstalled the OS a couple months back.  Didn't take long for it to get infected again.

07:17 <KathrynM> I'm thankful I use Linux at home.  Means I can transfer stuff back and forth with minimal worry

07:17 <TheGasGiant> lol....have you tried lavasoft ad-aware as well?

07:17 <TheGasGiant> true

07:17 <KathrynM> I've given up on taking care of the computers.

07:17 <KathrynM> I clean off the windows exes off my thumb drive and go my marry old way

07:18 <TheGasGiant> I bought a PVR last week...

07:18 <TheGasGiant> korean made ;)

07:18 <KathrynM> :)

07:19 <TheGasGiant>

07:19 <TheGasGiant> dp-s1

07:20 <KathrynM> wow

07:20 <KathrynM> nice

07:20 <TheGasGiant> yeah...pretty happy...can network it to the pc as well ;)

07:20 <KathrynM> cool beans

07:21 <KathrynM>

07:21 <Romulus> Title: The Home Office of Christopher Marks (at

07:21 <KathrynM> my brother's home office

07:22 <TheGasGiant> looking....

07:23 <KathrynM> it's crazy

07:23 <KathrynM> he's crazy...

07:23 <TheGasGiant> looks pretty sweet

07:23 <KathrynM> :)

07:25 <TheGasGiant> serious hardware

07:26 <KathrynM> he's a serious geek :)

07:26 <TheGasGiant> what's his address?  I might need to pay him a visit in the wee dark hours

07:27 <KathrynM> some where in Toledo, Ohio

07:27 <KathrynM> I'm not even sure what his address is :-)

07:27 <TheGasGiant> lol

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09:52 <PovAdct_w> KathrynM: your brother is indeed crazy

09:55 <PovAdct_w> must be a family thing

09:55 * PovAdct_w ducks

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10:06 <nickuwo_> oh! snap!

10:07 <PovAdct_w> what did you just set on fire?

10:08 <nickuwo_> the world Pov.... the world.

10:08 <PovAdct_w> o_0

10:08 <nickuwo_> I can tell by your emoticon that you are impressed

10:10 <zombie67> waaaaa!  Other people are faster than me!  Mommy, make it so that everyone is equal!!

10:10 <nickuwo_> hahaha

10:10 <nickuwo_> awesome zombie. I dig it.

10:10 <zombie67> ;)

10:11 <zombie67> the usual suspects are saying the usual things...

10:11 <PovAdct_w> &ping

10:11 <Romulus> pong

10:11 <PovAdct_w> I thought I had lost my connection

10:11 <nickuwo_> you'd think they'd tire of it...

10:12 <PovAdct_w> this is exactly the same situation I thought of, and *then* happened on TSP

10:12 <PovAdct_w> and now also happening on ramsey

10:12 <nickuwo_> one of you guys wanna take a probability test for me?

10:12 <zombie67> they *love* the attention, and their self righteousness.

10:12 <nickuwo_> get to wisconsin asap

10:12 <PovAdct_w> nickuwo_: there is a high probability the answer is 42

10:12 <zombie67> pov, and milkyway!

10:12 <zombie67> and SETI

10:12 <zombie67> and...

10:12 <zombie67> 3x+1

10:13 <nickuwo_> hehe, I should write that on the test...

10:13 <PovAdct_w> not sure if you know what specific situation I'm talking about, but I haven't been to those three projects lately, so...

10:13 <PovAdct_w> you may be right :)

10:13 <PovAdct_w> here's the thing... crunch3r now gets more credits than the rest

10:13 <nickuwo_> and quickly

10:14 <PovAdct_w> say... 42/hour (to give a random number that could be off by an order of magnitude)

10:14 <PovAdct_w> and the rest, with similar computers, get 20/hr

10:14 <PovAdct_w> if he gave you his app, and you put it as the official app... would *everyone* get 42/hour?

10:14 <nickuwo_> do you guys think it's a good idea to open the source?

10:14 <PovAdct_w> that'd break cross-project credits

10:14 <zombie67> yes, if they had machines & OS that supported the app

10:14 <nickuwo_> he wont giveme his app, intel said not to

10:15 <PovAdct_w> but if instead you make it so everyone gets 20/hr, then *he* gets less credits than before giving you his app, so why would he

10:15 <zombie67> exactly, cross-project parity removed the incentive to optimize

10:15 <PovAdct_w> cross-project credits indirectly lower motivation to optimize and contribute the optimizations

10:16 <zombie67> removes

10:16 <nickuwo_> hehe echo

10:16 <zombie67> which is detrimental to the projects

10:16 <nickuwo_> well fuck the cross project shit then

10:16 <wdsmia> asks nickuwo_ to please watch his or her language Thanks, your friendly channel op.

10:16 <nickuwo_> not sure why that's an issue in the first place

10:16 <zombie67> +1

10:16 <PovAdct_w> and now I shall stop slacking on IRC and go struggle with ClearQuest

10:17 <zombie67> heh

10:17 <PovAdct_w> these programs make me wish the User Interface Hall Of Shame website was back...

10:18 <zombie67> nick, I think the best you can do is take the help/tips from Crunch3r and optimize the stock apps the best you can.  And then let the users optimize further if they can/choose to.

10:18 <zombie67> that will help close the gap between stock/optimized users

10:19 <nickuwo_> I like that idea :)

10:19 <PovAdct_w> I'd like to make a "closed" project...

10:19 <zombie67> of course, some users will never be happy/

10:20 <nickuwo_> true, I had never realized how true that sentiment was until I was  actually in charge of something... good learning experience

10:20 <PovAdct_w> no stats export, letting me Do What The Hell I Want To with credit granting (WU counting a la SETI classic)

10:20 <zombie67> oh, and after you make the stock apps as fast as you can, then you will need to readjust the fixed credits to account for the DA/credit police.

10:21 <nickuwo_> are they on my tail yet? :)

10:21 <PovAdct_w> I'm surprised DA hasn't gone after ABC yet

10:21 <zombie67> not yet, that I know of.  But it's only a matter of time before the usual suspects complaining attracts attention

10:22 <zombie67> POV, if you use a 32 bit client, then the credits are pretty normal

10:22 <zombie67> but if you use 64 bit......weeee!

10:22 <PovAdct_w> zombie67: I don't mean about the 32/64 thing

10:22 <PovAdct_w> remember their credits aren't linear

10:22 <zombie67> I know

10:23 <zombie67> but the non-linear credits are not that big a fsactor

10:23 <zombie67> factor

10:23 <zombie67> the big credit tasks are fairly rare

10:24 <PovAdct_w> what I hate the most in credit discussions is when people start making analogies to money

10:24 <zombie67> heh

10:24 <PovAdct_w> first, projects don't have a limited amount of credits to give out

10:24 <nickuwo_> people do treat them like a currency...

10:24 <PovAdct_w> nothing stops them from giving a million per hour

10:25 <PovAdct_w> yet with money, they would try to give the least they can while still keeping them happy, because money isn't an unlimited resource

10:25 <zombie67> let's take the non-linear aspect out for a second.  What is a project supposed to do when one version of the app is much faster than another.  32 vs 64, or linux vs windows, etc.

10:26 <PovAdct_w> second, why on earth would we copy how money works? it's not like economy works that well

10:26 <zombie67> same problem for opt apps vs stock app

10:26 <PovAdct_w> why design credits after real money economy (which is a mess) with its own problems *added*?

10:27 <zombie67> and nanogive is dead.  :(

10:27 <PovAdct_w> zombie67: according to DA, 64-bit should give more credits/hour to encourage 64-bit users to crunch for projects where it actually makes a difference

10:27 <PovAdct_w> yet he *also* wants x-project credit parity

10:31 <PovAdct_w> bah, idiots

10:31 <PovAdct_w> ClearQuest 'Help' button opens three tabs on my browser

10:31 <PovAdct_w> one is: file:///C:/Archivos

10:32 <zombie67> of course.  so if *HE* sees a benefit, then it's okay.    in order to both reword 64 bit, and maintain parity, you have to punish 43 bit

10:32 <PovAdct_w> the other: de

10:32 <PovAdct_w> the other: programa/Rational/ClearQuest/doc/help/cqdesign/open_schema_wiz_checkout.htm

10:32 <zombie67> 32

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11:23 <FFEMTcJ> good morning.. are there any linux people around who could help me please?

11:23 <PovAdct_w> I saw your messages in the log

11:23 <PovAdct_w> does your server have a firewall?

11:23 <FFEMTcJ> PovAdct_w: yes it does... thanks for offering

11:24 <FFEMTcJ> iptables

11:24 <FFEMTcJ> i tried opening whatever ports i could find from searching

11:24 <PovAdct_w> you have to open 31416

11:24 <FFEMTcJ> 31416 or something like that

11:24 <PovAdct_w> Pi

11:25 <FFEMTcJ> it still wouldnt work :-(

11:25 <FFEMTcJ> open it just like id open port 8-??

11:25 <FFEMTcJ> 80

11:25 <PovAdct_w> I have no idea how to use iptables

11:25 <FFEMTcJ> o

11:25 <FFEMTcJ> lol

11:26 <FFEMTcJ> do you know what type of connection it would make? (http, ssh, etc)

11:26 <PovAdct_w> it's a custom protocol

11:27 <PovAdct_w> and why does iptables care about that? I guess "http" is just an alias for "open port 80" and nothing more

11:27 <FFEMTcJ> well.. http is -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT

11:28 <PovAdct_w> then I guess -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 31416 -j ACCEPT would be it

11:28 <FFEMTcJ> ssh is -A INPUT -p tcp -m state --state NEW --dport 22 -j ACCEPT

11:29 <FFEMTcJ> then theres icmp.. and im sure prolly some other stuff

11:32 <PovAdct_w> so did you add the rule for 31416?

11:33 <FFEMTcJ> ya

11:34 <FFEMTcJ> saying connecting..

11:34 <FFEMTcJ> i dont like how it just says cant connect... no sort of info included

11:35 <FFEMTcJ> boinc manager is not able to connect to a boinc client

11:35 <FFEMTcJ> i have the gui and the other file setup

11:36 <FFEMTcJ> i restarted the boinc client

11:36 <FFEMTcJ> i even updated the boinc manager from the one in the repos

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11:40 <FFEMTcJ> i guess ill try making it ssh

11:40 <FFEMTcJ> i dont like how you have to use the hostname either

11:43 <FFEMTcJ> nope.. still no luck.. i guess its also not possible for boincmanager to manage a machine thats not on the local network huh?

11:44 <PovAdct_w> yes it's possible, as long as the port is open to the public Internet

11:44 <PovAdct_w> and you put the *external* ip of the manager in the client's remote_hosts.cfg

11:44 <PovAdct_w> and you put a strong password to avoid getting your computer pwned

11:45 <FFEMTcJ> ic

11:46 <FFEMTcJ> i just want to be able to use it on my internal for now

11:46 <FFEMTcJ> lol

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11:48 <FFEMTcJ> so no other ideas?

11:48 <PovAdct_w> you're Doing Something Wrong with the firewall, most probably

11:48 <PovAdct_w> also, did you restart the client after editing remote_hosts.cfg'

11:48 <PovAdct_w> ?

11:49 <FFEMTcJ> yes

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12:00 <FFEMTcJ> how do i install the new boincmanager on linux?

12:00 <FFEMTcJ> over the current one

12:00 <PovAdct_w> what is the 'new' one, what is the 'current' one, and how did you install it?

12:01 <FFEMTcJ> aptitude current 5.10.45

12:01 <FFEMTcJ> new is 6.whatever

12:01 <PovAdct_w> wait for Ubuntu maintainers to put the new version, then apt-get upgrade

12:02 <FFEMTcJ> ok

12:02 <FFEMTcJ> i was just wonderin if the ability to define a port in 6.x might help

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12:03 *** quail_linux is now known as quail

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13:32 <FreeLarry> ahh that explains why my stats dropped - predictor removed all my credits last time bs crashed

13:32 <FreeLarry> and with no wu's ever can't get them back i guess

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13:40 <Tank_Master> oouucchh

13:41 <Tank_Master> that sucks

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13:59 <CoderForLife> plink

14:00 <CoderForLife> probing web server with multiple HTTP POSTs to non-existent pages

14:00 <TheGasGiant> blink blink blink

14:00 <FreeLarry> morning all

14:00 <CoderForLife> omg

14:00 <Tank_Master> ?

14:00 <FreeLarry> even that lost gassous giant

14:00 * TheGasGiant notes there are benefits in not sleeping !

14:00 <CoderForLife> are you lost sir?

14:01 <Tank_Master> lol

14:01 <TheGasGiant> howdy Don & Larry and Tank_Master

14:01 <Tank_Master> sup?

14:01 <CoderForLife> Helllloooooo TheGasGiant

14:01 <wdsmia> *lo Paul

14:01 <TheGasGiant> ;)

14:01 <CoderForLife> that's what I get for remoting into my PC from w@#%

14:01 <TheGasGiant> lol

14:01 <FreeLarry> woke up a couple of hours ago paul

14:01 *** quail_li1ux has joined #boinc

14:02 <TheGasGiant> i'm not due to wake up for 3 hrs

14:02 <FreeLarry> even a quail

14:02 <CoderForLife> whatcha been up to Paul?

14:02 *** quail has quit IRC

14:02 <Tank_Master> no more quail

14:02 <CoderForLife> my retaining wall and patio are done

14:02 <TheGasGiant> excellent news mate

14:03 <FreeLarry> lol Tank_Master just under another alias

14:03 <CoderForLife> check out the timelapse link on my home page

14:03 <Tank_Master> this its a different ident

14:03 <Tank_Master> :P

14:03 <Tank_Master> then*

14:03 <TheGasGiant> link

14:03 <CoderForLife> huh?

14:03 * FreeLarry almost has his quarter map finished - just waiting the Hawaii quarter to issue

14:04 <TheGasGiant> no link -> [04:04] <CoderForLife> check out the timelapse link on my home page

14:04 <Tank_Master> 2008:10:03:11:03:09 <CoderForLife> check out the timelapse link on my home page

14:04 <CoderForLife> must I do *everything* for you?

14:04 <Romulus> Title: (at

14:05 <Tank_Master> yes

14:05 <CoderForLife> Those guys from Oz... =)

14:05 <Tank_Master> I saw this already

14:05 <TheGasGiant> d'oh...i knew that one, but usually there is no direct link from there....

14:05 <Tank_Master> still over exposed

14:06 <CoderForLife> *some* things do happen when you're not here TGG...

14:06 <CoderForLife> it'll never be any different Tank_Master

14:06 <CoderForLife> get over it =)

14:06 <TheGasGiant> bad power outage -> Because of a power outage affecting all of Cincinnati

14:07 <CoderForLife> we were out 29 hours, a lot of people were out for a week

14:07 <TheGasGiant> related?

14:07 <CoderForLife> 80mph winds from Hurricane Ike

14:07 <TheGasGiant> ahh

14:07 <TheGasGiant> nasty

14:07 <CoderForLife> 95% of the local electric customers lost power

14:07 <Tank_Master> only 80?

14:08 <CoderForLife> right when the local utility had sent half their crews to Texas to help down there

14:08 <CoderForLife> "Come back!!!"

14:08 <TheGasGiant> lol

14:09 <CoderForLife> 110 truck crews turned around after getting halfway there

14:09 <Tank_Master> lol

14:10 <TheGasGiant> looks like they frigged around for a bit moving some earth around....

14:10 <CoderForLife> we don't expect hurricane force winds in Ohio

14:10 <CoderForLife> they moved a lot of dirt

14:10 <CoderForLife> check out the pics

14:10 <Tank_Master> we get at least one storm a year with hurrican strength winds here in oregon

14:11 <Tank_Master> but they rarly make the news

14:11 <TheGasGiant> holy cow...those are small people or its a big hole!

14:11 <Tank_Master> small people

14:12 <CoderForLife> the hole was 60 feet wide, with a 10 foot front wall and a 20 foot rear wall

14:12 <TheGasGiant> and they worked into the night

14:12 <CoderForLife> about 2 feet from the back of the house

14:12 <CoderForLife> they raised 18 feet of wall from 8:30 Thursday 9/11 to 1:30am Friday

14:12 <CoderForLife> we weer worried about getting Ike rain

14:12 <CoderForLife> were*

14:13 <CoderForLife> 16 men laying down wall

14:14 <TheGasGiant> big job!  for the price you 'could' have put in an inground pool ;)

14:14 <TheGasGiant> see my new crunching ability ->

14:14 <Romulus> <> (at

14:14 *** quail_linux has quit IRC

14:14 <CoderForLife> I was worried that might happen

14:14 * Tank_Master orders another P3

14:15 <CoderForLife> had we gotten the rain in the hole, the house foundation would have been compromised

14:15 * TheGasGiant considers another gpu card

14:15 <Tank_Master> colorful pie

14:15 <Tank_Master> lol

14:15 <TheGasGiant> must have been worrying

14:15 <Tank_Master> yeah

14:15 <Tank_Master> GPUs are nice for crunching

14:15 *** PovAddict has joined #boinc

14:15 <CoderForLife> I was worried about filling up the hole with worry sweat

14:16 <TheGasGiant> 26hrs and get 3232 cs...sweet!

14:16 <PovAdct_w> wtf my home connection keep dropping

14:16 <Tank_Master> I get that much every 10h

14:16 <TheGasGiant> lol Don

14:17 <TheGasGiant> when I purchased the gpu I didn't consider crunching with it

14:17 <Tank_Master> yeah

14:17 <CoderForLife> well - I need to w@#% for The Man

14:17 <CoderForLife> stop back again soon TheGasGiant

14:17 <Tank_Master> when I got mine, you couldnt crunch on it yet

14:17 <TheGasGiant> k...good to 'see' you

14:17 <Tank_Master> c-ya CFL

14:17 <CoderForLife> heh

14:17 * PovAdct_w thinks he should put BOINC on more w$%& machines

14:17 * Tank_Master agrees

14:17 <CoderForLife> laterz - after w@#%

14:17 <TheGasGiant> cya mate

14:17 <TheGasGiant> Tank_Master what card do you have?

14:18 <Tank_Master> 8800 gts 512

14:18 <TheGasGiant> hmmm

14:18 * CoderForLife grabs the shovel, and heaves another shovelful of coal into the furnace

14:18 <TheGasGiant> i've got a 9600GT

14:18 <PovAdct_w> wow

14:18 <Tank_Master> ahh

14:18 <TheGasGiant> nice BBQ area now Don

14:18 <TheGasGiant> so 26hrs is slow

14:19 <Tank_Master> not so much got your card

14:19 <Tank_Master> mine has more streams and are faster

14:19 <TheGasGiant> it's the 8 v the 6 in the second digit?

14:19 <PovAdct_w> I have a 8600GT

14:20 <PovAdct_w> will it crunch?

14:20 <TheGasGiant> I just thought the 9000 series would be quicker that a 8000 series

14:20 <Tank_Master> technically yes

14:20 <Tank_Master> pov

14:20 <PovAdct_w> woot

14:20 <Tank_Master> but you may not always compleat befor the deadline

14:20 <PovAdct_w> I will definitely not complete before deadline unless I turn my 3D desktop features off :)

14:20 <Tank_Master> the 8800GTS is the only exception

14:21 <PovAdct_w> I'm already using quite a bit of GPU power for eye candy

14:21 <Tank_Master> its actually the same processor as the 9800

14:21 <TheGasGiant> here you go Nic ->

14:21 <Romulus> Title: GPU FAQ: Overview of cards that run Cuda 2.0 compiled applications (at

14:22 <Tank_Master> so yeah, my 8800gts ahs 2x the shaders as your 9600

14:23 <TheGasGiant> damn it....

14:23 <Tank_Master> :P

14:23 <TheGasGiant> hehehe

14:23 <TheGasGiant> might consider a 280

14:23 <Tank_Master> I am waiting for he 3800

14:23 <Tank_Master> 380*

14:24 <Tank_Master> 2GB ram, some 256 shaders

14:24 <TheGasGiant> how long before that is releases?

14:24 <Tank_Master> higher clicked...

14:24 <Tank_Master> nov?

14:24 <Tank_Master> clocked*

14:24 <Tank_Master> I think in november

14:24 <Tank_Master> along with the rest of the nehalem stuff

14:24 <TheGasGiant> ahhh...super crucnhers!

14:25 <Tank_Master> yeah

14:25 <Tank_Master> get 4 way SLI...

14:25 <Tank_Master> with dual hehalems..

14:25 * TheGasGiant faints

14:26 <Tank_Master> lol

14:26 <Tank_Master> 20k RAM at least

14:26 <Tank_Master> RAC*

14:26 * TheGasGiant falls off chair

14:50 *** dudumomo has joined #boinc

14:54 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

14:55 <nickuwo_> Holy shit, I won in million euros in a spanish lottery!!

14:55 <wdsmia> asks nickuwo_ to please watch his or her language Thanks, your friendly channel op.

14:56 <nickuwo_> How much is that in real money?

14:56 <nickuwo_> :p

14:56 <PovAdct_w> spam?

14:57 <nickuwo_> absolutely not

14:57 <nickuwo_> They've assured me in the message that it's legit :)

14:57 <PovAdct_w> ah they must be legit then

14:58 <nickuwo_> you workin pov?

14:59 <PovAdct_w> no, slacking at work

14:59 <nickuwo_> nice

15:01 <yoyo[RKN]> re

15:02 <nickuwo_> boo

15:04 <nickuwo_> mmm... pure gold statue of Kate Moss...

15:04 * nickuwo_ drools

15:04 *** nickuwo_ is now known as nickuwo

15:04 <nickuwo> gawd, I crack myself up sometimes

15:04 <dudumomo> hi

15:04 <nickuwo> hey guy

15:05 <nickuwo> or gal...

15:07 <nickuwo> pov, let's form a team for the next CUDA coding contest -

15:07 <Romulus> Title: NVIDIA (at

15:07 <nickuwo> $5000 to the winner

15:08 <PovAdct_w> honestly... the higher the prize, the bigger the competition, the less chance of winning, and the less interest from me

15:08 <yoyo[RKN]> ^^

15:08 <nickuwo> hmm, that seems to be the inverse of most people's opinion...

15:09 <PovAdct_w> all those contests seem like I have two choices:

15:09 <nickuwo> but anyway, there were only two submissions for the last one so...

15:09 <PovAdct_w> to not participate, or to lose

15:10 <PovAdct_w> I don't know anything about audio encoding

15:10 <PovAdct_w> also... wtf

15:10 <PovAdct_w> "current contest" that ended weeks ago?

15:10 <PovAdct_w> End Date: 7/25/08

15:11 <PovAdct_w> ok last week

15:11 *** dudumomo has left #boinc

15:11 <PovAdct_w> and legally, I can't participate in any such contest for the next two months

15:12 <nickuwo> ?

15:12 <PovAdct_w> oh wait

15:12 <nickuwo> 17?

15:12 <PovAdct_w> "Resident in the United States or Canada" can't participate ever, then :)

15:12 <nickuwo> oh ya, bummer

15:12 <PovAdct_w> nickuwo: 17/12/1990 you do the maths

15:13 <nickuwo> oh well

15:13 <nickuwo> gotta go take a test, later

15:13 <PovAdct_w> gone suffer public transport myself, bbl

15:13 <PovAdct_w> (= go home)

15:13 *** PovAdct_w has quit IRC

15:16 *** quail_li1ux has quit IRC

15:17 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

16:07 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

16:07 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

16:09 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

16:18 *** TheGasGiant has quit IRC

16:20 *** siofwolves has joined #boinc

16:27 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

16:33 *** bruce has joined #boinc

16:33 *** bruce has quit IRC

16:43 *** d00m1001 has quit IRC

16:43 *** d00m1001 has joined #boinc

17:02 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

17:18 *** DerMeister has quit IRC

17:56 *** freakazoid0223 has quit IRC

18:07 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

18:07 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

18:10 *** Rookie_69 has joined #boinc

18:14 <CoderForLife> he makes his Friday appearance...

18:14 <wdsmia> *lo Don

18:14 <Rookie_69> Hi,Don.

18:15 <CoderForLife> hello Doug and Glenn

18:17 * CoderForLife starts paying the bills, and dougs, and glenns of the world

18:17 <KathrynM> morning

18:18 <CoderForLife> morning your majesty =)

18:18 <Rookie_69> Hi, K.

18:18 <wdsmia> *lo KM

18:18 <KathrynM> :)

18:18 <Rookie_69> Forget Bill... Pay me!

18:18 <KathrynM> me too

18:19 <CoderForLife> I don't seem to have anything from you two

18:21 * CoderForLife pays on one of his 3 wall loans

18:21 * PovAddict reports an Ubuntu bug

18:22 <KathrynM> PovAddict, any ideas on that email I sent you?

18:22 <PovAddict> if he actually typed the paths correctly, he has BOINC files *scattered on his home directory*

18:23 <PovAddict> he'd have to move them (most importantly, account_*.xml, client_state.xml, and project and slot directories) into the new directory his distro uses (~/boinc)

18:23 * PovAddict checks if there is any other critical XML file

18:24 <PovAddict> global_prefs.xml just in case (I think that info is in client_state too), gui_rpc_auth.cfg if he customized it, statistics_*.xml if he cares about the stats tab

18:25 <PovAddict> so...

18:25 <PovAddict> "Would it be a good idea to copy the old *.xml files into the new directory, overwriting what's there?" yes :)

18:26 <KathrynM> k

18:27 * CoderForLife writes a check to further help bail out JPMorgan Chase bank

18:27 <PovAddict> the stuff newspapers care about...

18:27 <PovAddict> Homer Simpson voted (or tried to vote) Obama

18:28 <CoderForLife> my payment is decimal dust

18:28 <CoderForLife> the fool

18:29 <PovAddict> apparently the voting machine didn't let him and recorded the vote as McCain

18:29 <Tank_Master> lol

18:29 <PovAddict> my question is Who Gives A Crap

18:29 <CoderForLife> I guess that turns it from comedy to documentary

18:29 <Tank_Master> nice

18:30 <PovAddict> is Homer Simpson's vote important enough to be in a newspaper that isn't even from the US? :/

18:30 <CoderForLife> everything Hollywood has to be headlines

18:32 <Tank_Master> lol

18:39 <CoderForLife> &seen xcamel

18:39 <Romulus> CoderForLife: xcamel was last seen in #boinc 3 days, 20 hours, 30 minutes, and 58 seconds ago: <xcamel> nytol..

18:40 <CoderForLife> missing person

18:44 <Tank_Master> slacker

18:50 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

18:54 *** efc has joined #boinc

18:54 <efc> moo

18:55 <CoderForLife> moo

18:55 <PovAddict> mooo

18:56 <CoderForLife> anyone see that, and raise one "o"?

18:59 * PovAddict converts his Code to use asio instead of his half-assed C++ wrapper around plain old sockets

18:59 <CoderForLife> I'm sorry - I didn't understand the word "Code" and "half-assed" in the same sentence

19:00 <PovAddict> code wanting to be Code?

19:00 <CoderForLife> ah, Codewannabe

19:00 <PovAddict> at first sight, replacing ClientSocket with an asio::ip::tcp::socket doesn't feel like *improving*... feels like adding complexity :)

19:00 <CoderForLife> lol

19:00 <CoderForLife> well, hmm, it is, um, self-documenting...

19:01 <PovAddict> actually, replacing ClientSocket srv_socket(port);

19:01 <PovAddict> with tcp::socket srv_socket(service, tcp::endpoint(tcp::v4(), port));

19:01 <PovAddict> the library is um... flexible

19:01 * CoderForLife pays his boinc power bill

19:02 * Rookie_69 moved into an apartment with BOINC included.

19:02 <PovAddict> lol

19:02 <CoderForLife> does CPDN count as carbon offset?

19:03 <PovAddict> probably CoderForLife

19:03 <Rookie_69> 42.

19:03 <PovAddict> Hydrogen@home should too

19:04 * PovAddict moves his boost::thread somewhere else

19:06 <CoderForLife> 87% of my power came from coal

19:06 <CoderForLife> coal-powered boinc

19:07 <PovAddict> CoderForLife: Hydrogen@Home looks for alternative energies that may eventually replace your coal, so I think it should count for your carbon offset :)

19:07 <wdsmia> the other 13% from methane in your case?

19:07 <PovAddict> lol

19:07 <CoderForLife> tee hee

19:07 <CoderForLife> "unspecified purchased resources"

19:08 <CoderForLife> probably hot air blowing out of Iowa somewhere

19:08 <wdsmia> lol

19:08 <CoderForLife> just guessing, tho'

19:11 <CoderForLife> could be the other direction - from Washington DC

19:12 <Rookie_69> Gasbags in DC???

19:13 <CoderForLife> I think they built a bondfire out of tax dollars today

19:16 <CoderForLife> I wonder if that's why my checkbook is smoking here

19:23 <CoderForLife> new units of currency:

19:23 <Romulus> <> (at

19:23 <CoderForLife> bbiab

19:35 <CoderForLife> b

19:36 <wdsmia> wb

19:36 <CoderForLife> thankee kindly

19:38 <efc> Wonder how much pork they ended up with...

19:38 <PovAddict> 485 characters in a single error line...

19:39 <PovAddict> not to mention that's one of 34 lines

19:39 <PovAddict> C++ templates suck sometimes

19:40 <Rookie_69> C++ temperatures aren't usually that bad...

19:40 <Rookie_69> Oh... Templates.

19:41 <PovAddict> no matching function for call to 'asio::basic_socket_acceptor<asio::ip::tcp, asio::socket_acceptor_service<asio::ip::tcp> >::async_accept(asio::basic_stream_socket<asio::ip::tcp, asio::stream_socket_service<asio::ip::tcp> >*, boost::_bi::bind_t<void (&)(const asio::error_code&), boost::_mfi::dm<void ()(const asio::error_code&), TestServer>, boost::_bi::list1<boost::reference_wrapper<TestServer> > >)'

19:42 <PovAddict> there is Perl in my C++! er, I mean line noise

19:42 * Rookie_69 wonders whether that is fireworks downtown or a firefight...

19:46 <PovAddict> got it!

19:51 <infinisoft> o.o

19:52 <PovAddict> all that huge boost::bind mess was actually fine, and the mistake was in the other argument (I was passing pointer, function takes reference)

19:53 <efc> Zzz

19:53 *** efc has left #boinc

20:08 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

20:08 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 63.1F / 17.3C | Humidity: 60% | Pressure: 29.98in / 1015.1hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 40s. West winds 5 to 10 mph...becoming east after midnight.; Saturday - Partly sunny. Highs in the lower 70s. Southwest winds around 5 mph...becoming west in the afternoon.; (1 more message)

20:08 <CoderForLife> &more

20:08 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Saturday Night - Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 40s. North winds 5 to 10 mph...becoming northeast after midnight.;

20:13 <Rookie_69> &wx yaw

20:13 <Romulus> Rookie_69: Temperature: 58.1°F / 14.5°C | Humidity: 49% | Pressure: 29.80in / 1009.0hPa | Conditions: Light Rain Showers | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 11.6mph / 18.7km/h | Updated: 9:13 PM ADT; Tonight - Increasing cloudiness then a few showers beginning this evening and ending overnight. Clearing. Wind southwest 20 km/h (12 mph) gusting to 40 km/h (25 mph) increasing to 50 km/h (31 mph) (2 more messages)

20:14 *** freakazoid0223 has joined #boinc

20:14 <CoderForLife> &wx cvg

20:14 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 60F / 16C | Humidity: 67% | Pressure: 30.04in / 1017hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 40s. West winds 5 to 10 mph...becoming east after midnight.; Saturday - Partly sunny. Highs in the lower 70s. Southwest winds around 5 mph...becoming west in the afternoon.; Saturday (1 more message)

20:14 <wdsmia> &wx dsm

20:15 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 64F / 18C | Humidity: 48% | Pressure: 30.05in / 1018hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 8mph / 13km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Low in the mid 40s. East wind 5 to 10 mph.; Saturday - Mostly sunny. High around 70. Southeast wind 5 to 15 mph.; Saturday Night - Partly cloudy with a slight chance of thunderstorms in the evening...then mostly cloudy (1 more message)

20:15 <wdsmia> &more

20:15 <Romulus> wdsmia: with a chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms after midnight. Warmer. Low in the mid 50s. Southeast wind 10 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation 40 percent.;

20:15 <CoderForLife> &wx hell

20:15 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 47.1F / 8.4C | Humidity: 64% | Pressure: 30.06in / 1017.8hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy during the evening. Clear overnight. Widespread frost developing after 2 am. Lows 31 to 35. Light and variable winds.; Saturday - Mostly sunny during the morning. Partly sunny during the afternoon. Highs (1 more message)

20:15 <wdsmia> &wx mcmurdo

20:15 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: -10°F / -24°C | Humidity: 53% | Pressure: 29.25in / 990hPa | Conditions: Partial Fog | Wind Direction: SE | Wind Speed: 14mph / 22km/h | Updated: 1:00 PM NZDT; Partly Cloudy. High:1 F. / -17 C.; Partly Cloudy. Low:-18 F. / -28 C.; Overcast. High:8 F. / -13 C.; Overcast. Low:-5 F. / -21 C.; Chance of Snow. High:15 F. / -9 C.; Overcast. Low:8 F. / -13 C.;

20:17 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

20:24 <nickuwo> baaaa

20:28 <CoderForLife> &seen BiteAbleKat

20:28 <Romulus> CoderForLife: BiteAbleKat was last seen in #boinc 7 weeks, 4 days, 20 hours, 24 minutes, and 1 second ago: <BiteAbleKat> how goes it quail

20:29 <CoderForLife> &seen benje

20:29 <Romulus> CoderForLife: benje was last seen in #boinc 3 weeks, 1 day, 5 hours, 5 minutes, and 52 seconds ago: <benje> that's not the same thing :/

20:30 <CoderForLife> &seen Spit_theDog

20:30 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Spit_theDog was last seen in #boinc 1 year, 20 weeks, 1 day, 14 hours, 1 minute, and 28 seconds ago: <Spit_theDog> Bye for now all :)

20:30 <CoderForLife> &seen old

20:30 <Romulus> CoderForLife: old was last seen in #boinc 27 weeks, 0 days, 4 hours, 43 minutes, and 46 seconds ago: <old> Think I'm back LOL ,darn space warps

20:30 <CoderForLife> &seen old511

20:30 <Romulus> CoderForLife: old511 was last seen in #boinc 26 weeks, 6 days, 20 hours, 58 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: * old511 is away - L.A.S.F. - Later all Simper Fi - Pager[Off] Log[On]

20:31 <CoderForLife> &seen TGG

20:31 <Romulus> CoderForLife: TGG was last seen in #boinc 1 year, 13 weeks, 6 days, 1 hour, 53 minutes, and 55 seconds ago: <TGG> hmmm...that was ugly!

20:31 <PovAddict> &seen TheGasGiant

20:31 <Romulus> PovAddict: TheGasGiant was last seen in #boinc 6 hours, 5 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: * TheGasGiant falls off chair

20:32 <CoderForLife> um-hmm

20:33 <PovAddict> somebody should give Spit this link:

20:33 <Romulus> Title: Webchat (at

20:33 <PovAddict> two clicks and she can get here

20:33 <CoderForLife> &seen Zanz

20:33 <Romulus> CoderForLife: I have not seen Zanz.

20:33 <FFEMTcJ> are there any linux people around? still can't get my boinc manager working with my server

20:33 <PovAddict> heh, CoderForLife has to say his trademarked phrase :)

20:34 <CoderForLife> "Security is rarely convenient" (tm)

20:35 <PovAddict> CoderForLife: you can probably help him... I think his problem is iptables is blocking the BOINC remote control port (31416)

20:35 * PovAddict doesn't know enough about those security thingies

20:36 <CoderForLife> I haven't the strength tonight =)

20:36 <PovAddict> heh

20:38 *** d00m1001 has quit IRC

20:39 *** d00m1001 has joined #boinc

20:58 *** quail has joined #boinc

21:06 <CoderForLife> beddy-bye time

21:06 <CoderForLife> gn all

21:06 <wdsmia> cya

21:55 *** Tank_Master_ has joined #boinc

21:58 <KathrynM> Off to do an OS upgrade

21:58 <KathrynM> laters

21:58 *** KathrynM has quit IRC

21:58 <PovAddict> that's better than "off to w$%&"

21:59 <Rookie_69> NN.

21:59 *** Rookie_69 has quit IRC

22:00 <wdsmia> w$%& and OS upgrade sounds about the same to me

22:00 <PovAddict> lol

22:10 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

22:11 *** Tank_Master_ has quit IRC

22:11 *** Tank_Master has joined #boinc

22:12 * wdsmia slaps Tank_Master around with a large Carp

22:12 * Tank_Master slaps wdsmia around with Windows Me

22:12 <PovAddict> painful

22:15 * PovAddict slaps both with the code he's writing

22:15 * wdsmia still has a ME box

22:15 * Tank_Master still has a cd with winme beta 1 on it

22:17 <wdsmia> Nick's code could be more bloated than ME

22:17 <wdsmia> lol

22:17 <PovAddict> not yet

22:17 *** freakazoid0223 has quit IRC

22:17 <PovAddict> well, actually

22:17 <PovAddict> it is, if you see what it does vs how it does it

22:18 <PovAddict> and it has other similarities to Windows:

22:18 <PovAddict> it doesn't work

22:19 <wdsmia> yea spaghetti tends to be that way

22:19 <PovAddict> it's not spaghetti

22:19 <PovAddict> it's just using bloated C++ features and libraries

22:19 <PovAddict> (boost)

22:26 *** quail has quit IRC

22:26 *** desti has quit IRC

22:27 *** quail has joined #boinc

22:27 *** desti has joined #boinc

22:28 *** quail has quit IRC

22:28 *** quail_linux has joined #boinc

22:28 *** quail_linux is now known as quail

22:49 *** Kathryn has joined #boinc

22:49 *** Kathryn is now known as KathrynM

22:52 <PovAddict> wb KathrynM

22:58 <KathrynM> thanks

22:59 <KathrynM> waiting for a zillion updates to download

23:00 <KathrynM> somehow I manged to delete my trashcan tho...

23:02 <wdsmia> no file 13 how will you survive?

23:03 <KathrynM> this new kde stuff is gonna take some getting used to

23:04 <PovAddict> and you didn't even upgrade to v4

23:04 <KathrynM> It is KDE4

23:04 <KathrynM> I think it is

23:05 *** KathrynM has quit IRC

23:05 *** KathrynM has joined #boinc

23:05 <wdsmia> yep V4 lol

23:05 <KathrynM> much better with xchat

23:05 <PovAddict> I misread a previous message from you

23:05 <KathrynM> oh

23:06 <PovAddict> <KathrynM> I'm not so crazy about KDE4 tho <- read it as "I'm not crazy enough to get KDE4"

23:06 <KathrynM> lol

23:06 <KathrynM> still got 150+ updates to download.  bbiab

23:10 *** KathrynM has quit IRC

23:17 *** KathrynM has joined #boinc

23:17 * KathrynM is not please

23:17 <KathrynM> whole damn system locked up

23:18 <wdsmia> lol

23:30 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

23:37 *** efc has joined #boinc

23:55 <efc> moo

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