IRC logs of #boinc for Tuesday, 2008-10-21

00:03 <zombie67> TANPAKU news:

00:03 <Romulus> <> (at

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04:26 <efc> &wx 31088

04:26 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 42F / 6C | Humidity: 99% | Pressure: 30.22in / 1023hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h ; Today - Sunny. Highs in the mid 70s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 40s. Light and variable winds becoming northeast up to 5 mph after midnight.; Wednesday - Sunny. Highs in the lower 70s. East winds 10 to (1 more message)

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04:29 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

04:29 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 51.6F / 10.9C | Humidity: 71% | Pressure: 30.14in / 1020.5hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: NNE | Wind Speed: 1.7mph / 2.7km/h ; Today - Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 50s. North winds around 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Areas of frost after midnight. Lows in the mid 30s. Light northeast winds.; Wednesday - Areas of frost (1 more message)

04:29 <CoderForLife> &more

04:29 <Romulus> CoderForLife: in the morning. Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 50s. East winds 5 to 10 mph.; Frost Advisory for Hamilton County in effect until 9:00 AM EDT on October 22, 2008;

04:34 <efc> moo CFL

04:40 <CoderForLife> moo efc

04:46 <efc> I'm not looking forward to winter..

04:47 <CoderForLife> winter, on the other hand, is licking it's chops in anticipation of seeing you

04:49 <efc> Hmm, I could get 10 (ten) 24 port hubs for about $10 on ebay, that would solve my low speed connectivity problems for my mad scientist project

04:50 <CoderForLife> one can never have too much computer hardware, up to the limit of the breaker panel

04:50 <efc> 240 ports! Imagine the power.

04:51 <CoderForLife> imagine the breakers tripping

04:51 <efc> Holy Collion Domain, Batman

04:51 <efc> err collision

04:52 <CoderForLife> brb  breakfast

04:52 <efc> 3com fully managed, no less

05:01 <CoderForLife> yer gonna need management

05:03 <efc> Uplink them all to a 16 bit 100 mpbs switch, and would probably run decent

05:03 <efc> Half the time the whole network is going through one server anyway, so switch/hub wouldn't make all that much difference

05:11 <efc> 240 ports.. lose 24 for uplinks, so 216 ports.. with such power, what could stop me

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05:14 <clusty> morning

05:14 <clusty> grrrrr

05:14 <clusty> days like this i hattteeeee boinccccc

05:15 <efc> moo

05:18 <CoderForLife> mad cow disease

05:18 <CoderForLife> spam has dropped to near zero for  me since that one spammer was taken down

05:19 <CoderForLife> last spam e-mail that made it through my greylisting was last Saturday!!

05:20 <efc> I'm still getting plenty


05:21 <efc> This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of One Million,Three

05:21 <efc> Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great Britain Pounds(1,350,000.00 GBP) in the

05:21 <efc> on going 2008 end of year International E-mail Draw which is Organized by

05:21 <efc> Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)

05:21 <CoderForLife> I've been.. set free

05:21 <CoderForLife> I got none of those

05:21 <CoderForLife> do you run your own mail server?

05:21 <efc> I'm glad Shell has nothing to do but give away money to random email addresses

05:21 <efc> No

05:22 <CoderForLife> ok

05:22 <efc> on Earthlink. I think they filter out about 2/3 of it.

05:22 <CoderForLife> we have Postini at w@#%

05:22 <CoderForLife> I run a greylisting milter in Sendmail at home

05:23 <efc> I also run the Thunderbird filter, but its not very effective

05:25 <CoderForLife> plink - FTP hack attempt underway

05:26 <efc> 48 port 100 mpbs for a buck.. I hate ebay.. can't.. quit.. clicking..

05:27 <efc> must step away

05:27 * CoderForLife pulls the plug

05:29 <efc> I wish I actually did need 200 ports. That was a cool project.

05:33 <clusty> coolest spam i received was from an american soldier in iraq that captured saddam's treasure and wanted to share it with me. story has a freshness to it. No more dead relatives and weird aunties

05:34 <CoderForLife> heh

05:34 <clusty> some captain or whatever needed a bank accout to transfer me saddam's 100mil $

05:34 <clusty> :D

05:35 <CoderForLife> you sent it to him, right?

05:35 <clusty> of course its a scam no questions about it...

05:35 <clusty> sure i did

05:35 <clusty> together with my pin and and SSN

05:35 <clusty> :D

05:35 <CoderForLife> and now you're filthy rich?

05:35 <efc> Share the wealth dude, where's my piece?

05:35 <clusty> it's a fellow american afterall

05:35 <clusty> he would not cheat me would he?

05:35 <clusty> :D

05:35 <CoderForLife> have faith in you fellow man

05:35 <Soul_keeper> lol

05:35 <clusty> gimme your account and I will send you some

05:35 <clusty> :D

05:36 <clusty> btw is bank of america still alive?

05:36 <clusty> i used to have an account with 200 bux in it

05:36 <Soul_keeper> i get those phone calls  "congratulations you've won the dream come true sweepstakes ...... i just need your credit card number to credit your prize"

05:36 <efc> You now owe them four-thousand dollars

05:36 <CoderForLife> BoA, yes

05:37 <clusty> :D

05:37 <Soul_keeper> the government bailed out BAC with your tax dollars, too big to fail

05:37 <clusty> a fine choice on my part..

05:37 <clusty> :D

05:39 * efc wonders how much juice these various switches and hubs actually pull

05:41 <CoderForLife> timey to get ready for worky

05:41 <CoderForLife> bbiab

05:41 <Soul_keeper> BoA  bought out merill lynch   going to hack a few thousand jobs on the merill side, and close the deal by the end of the year

05:41 <efc> later CFL

05:43 <clusty> does reset project flush all predosnleaded info?

05:43 <clusty> like app binaries xmls and such

05:43 <clusty> ?

05:44 <efc> I think its supposed to..

05:44 <xcamel> boo

05:44 <efc> If you have optimized apps it might not, can't remembner

05:44 <efc> moo X

05:47 <xcamel> off to work then..

05:47 <clusty> these files versions are killing me

05:47 <clusty> app has like 15 dll's

05:47 <clusty> which i gotta rename by hand

05:47 <clusty> and update tons of xmls by hand

05:47 <efc> Yuck

06:04 <efc> 8 port giga for $50, will have to do

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06:14 <clusty> efc, talking of a switch?

06:17 <efc> yes

06:20 <clusty> efc, have any clue how much could a 48 port switch cost?

06:20 <clusty> gigabit

06:20 <CoderForLife> well - I'm on the rims and out the door

06:20 <efc> probably $200

06:20 <CoderForLife> cya laterz

06:20 <clusty> our current one is giving out signs of dying and is just 100mb

06:20 <efc> later CFL

06:20 <clusty> bye

06:20 <CoderForLife> buh-bye

06:20 <clusty> efc, that's cheap

06:21 <clusty> 200 bux for a real switch?

06:25 <efc> you want a managed one?

06:27 <efc> ok, more like $600

06:27 <efc> for giga on all the ports

06:28 <efc> maybe $500, i dunno. I'm a bottom feeder, buy cheap 2nd hand stuff.

06:28 <efc>

06:28 <Romulus> <> (at

06:31 <efc> like 10 48 ports for $10! crazy

06:31 <efc> err, make that 10, 24 ports, for $10 with $30 shipping

06:31 <efc> hubs

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07:24 <Soul_keeper> this is likely the best channel on irc, people aren't combative here.  thank you all

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08:56 <hawmps> here come da rain...

09:07 <shirish> &whatis linux

09:07 <Romulus> shirish: "linux" could be

09:08 <hawmps> those need to be changed...

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09:08 <hawmps> the 6.2 series are pretty stable...

09:08 <shirish> that's what I thought

09:09 <PovAdct_w> I thought someone had already updated those

09:09 <PovAdct_w> but it may be they updated from old 5.x to latest 5.x

09:09 <hawmps> 6.2.15 working here..

09:09 <hawmps> 6.3.x not so much

09:10 <PovAdct_w> &plugin whatis

09:10 <Romulus> PovAdct_w: The "whatis" command is available in the Factoids plugin.

09:10 <shirish> hawmps: 6.2.12 working here thank you :)

09:11 <PovAdct_w> &whatis linux

09:11 <Romulus> PovAdct_w: "linux" could be

09:11 <PovAdct_w> &echo [factoids change linux s/_ubuntu//] [factoids change linux s/5.10.45/6.2.15/]

09:11 <Romulus> PovAdct_w: Error: 's/_ubuntu//' is not a valid key id.

09:11 <shirish> PovAdct_w: why does it take ubuntu?

09:11 <PovAdct_w> shirish: it doesn't anymore

09:12 <shirish> &whatis linux

09:12 <Romulus> shirish: "linux" could be

09:12 <PovAdct_w> &echo [factoids change linux 1 s/_ubuntu//] [factoids change linux 1 s/5.10.45/6.2.15/]

09:12 <Romulus> The operation succeeded. The operation succeeded.

09:12 <PovAdct_w> &whatis linux

09:12 <Romulus> PovAdct_w: "linux" could be

09:12 <hawmps> 'ubuntu' was a temporary fix for a working graphics client...

09:12 <shirish> now its right :)

09:12 <PovAdct_w> &echo [factoids change linux64 1 s/_ubuntu//] [factoids change linux64 1 s/5.10.45/6.2.15/]

09:12 <Romulus> The operation succeeded. The operation succeeded.

09:13 <shirish> &whatis linux

09:13 <Romulus> shirish: "linux" could be

09:15 <hawmps> thanks, pov

09:15 <PovAdct_w> the Windows factoids aren't there... :/

09:16 <PovAdct_w> &factoids learn windows as

09:16 <Romulus> PovAdct_w: The operation succeeded.

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09:31 <clusty> PovAdct_w, hey

09:31 <clusty> PovAdct_w, i wanted to ask you what is the best way to take care of ever changing files inside applications that have tons of dll's?

09:32 <clusty> so far I am saying something like logical.dll=logical_version.dll

09:32 <clusty> and renaming them according to this pattern

09:32 <clusty> is there a better/easier way to do this?

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09:52 <PovAdct_w> if they are too many, yes there is a better way...

09:52 <PovAdct_w> make a zip with all the DLLs

09:52 <PovAdct_w> the zip must have a different physical name for each version

09:53 <PovAdct_w> make the app extract the zip before trying to load the DLLs

09:53 <PovAdct_w> that way it's just one file you have to rename (and download!) when it changes

09:53 <PovAdct_w> climateprediction does that

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10:40 <hawmps> &wx 12020

10:40 <Romulus> hawmps: Temperature: 44.3F / 6.8C | Humidity: 82% | Pressure: 29.70in / 1005.6hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 2.0mph / 3.2km/h ; Today - Showers. Highs in the lower 50s. South winds around 5 mph... increasing to west 10 to 15 mph this afternoon. Chance of rain 80 percent.; Tonight - Showers in the evening...then showers likely after midnight. Lows in (1 more message)

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12:40 <Soul_keeper>

12:40 <Romulus> Title: Howard Stern Show Quizzes Obama Supporters in Harlem on Candidate Policies (at

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15:58 <xcamel> re-hi

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16:09 <Tank_Master> re-wb

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16:51 <PovAddict> "Politicians and diapers should both be changed regularly and for the same reason."

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18:00 <xcamel> quiet tonight

18:01 <CoderForLife> and the I show up and screw up a good thing

18:01 <CoderForLife> and then*

18:02 <xcamel> lol

18:03 <CoderForLife> Military Times poll: U.S. Troops Support McCain 3-1

18:03 <CoderForLife> no surprise there

18:04 <xcamel> national aggregate poll data O+2

18:05 * PovAddict adds some more irc regexes

18:05 <xcamel> remembering it was kerry +7 2 weeks out...

18:05 <CoderForLife> yup - was listening to Rudy on Hannity on the way home

18:06 <xcamel> "Remember.. when seconds count, the cops are only minutes away"

18:07 <xcamel> Placing the Indian flag on the moon

18:07 <xcamel>

18:07 <Romulus> <> (at

18:07 <CoderForLife> the French prefer Obama 4-to-1 over McCain - I report, you decide

18:12 <CoderForLife> I am amazed about the drop in spam - I got my first spam message today in 3 days, my 5th since Saturday

18:12 <PovAddict> why the drop?

18:12 <PovAddict> new filter?

18:14 <CoderForLife> A major spammer got turned off

18:14 <PovAddict> :O

18:14 <PovAddict> got any news links?

18:14 <CoderForLife> my greylist milter is handling the rest

18:15 <CoderForLife>

18:15 <Romulus> <> (at

18:15 <PovAddict> I've always thought that's the best (not easiest) way to stop spam: at the source

18:16 <CoderForLife> I thought I read that they were responsible for like 1/3 of all internet traffic

18:17 <PovAddict> omg

18:17 <CoderForLife> zackly

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18:18 <PovAddict> I read about this a while ago

18:18 <Romulus> <> (at

18:19 <CoderForLife> my greylist milter is currently blocking 3816 attempted e-mails

18:19 <PovAddict> we're having trouble at w$%& with spam

18:20 <CoderForLife> got a plan?

18:20 <PovAddict> apparently there's spam being sent with From:

18:20 <CoderForLife> yes - those are the 4 I got Saturday

18:20 <PovAddict> so we're being blocked by spam filters everywhere, and legitimate email can't get out >.<

18:21 <xcamel> I rarely get any at all...

18:21 <PovAddict> (and that 'info' email account is filling with delivery failure bounces)

18:22 <CoderForLife> rarely get what, spam?

18:22 <xcamel> one thing you can do is set the spamfilter to drop instead of reject

18:22 <xcamel> yeah, spammage

18:22 <CoderForLife> that's because your domains have too many ellls in them

18:23 <CoderForLife> everyone thinks they're a typo to begin with

18:23 <PovAddict> xcamel: it's failure bounces from *other* mailservers

18:23 <CoderForLife> zackly PovAddict

18:23 <PovAddict> and I can't exactly change their spamfilters :)

18:23 <xcamel> and if one is really pesky, I set it to generate 30 reject messages to abuse@thatdomain

18:24 <CoderForLife> I'm looking at one replying back to info@... saying that my attempted email to fialed because the recipient's name wasn't found in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

18:24 <CoderForLife> er failed

18:25 <CoderForLife> referred to my info@ address as belonging to Jayson Woodrow

18:25 <PovAddict> that's because a spammer sent spam to lacy@..., using your info@... address as its From, then the receiving server sent the bounce back to the *real* info@... address (you)

18:25 <CoderForLife> Subject: Coupon Codes & Free Shipping

18:26 <CoderForLife> right

18:26 <PovAddict> we're having that problem except at a larger scale, and I don't see how it can be fixed...

18:26 <CoderForLife> tracking source address

18:27 <xcamel> spamassassin

18:27 <CoderForLife> the e-mail came from Brazil

18:27 <xcamel> long line but:

18:27 <CoderForLife> Curtiba, Brazil

18:28 <xcamel> postfix/smtpd[26830]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using;; from=<> to=<*> proto=SMTP helo=<[]>

18:28 <Romulus> <> (at

18:28 <PovAddict> we aren't getting spam; *other people* are getting spam that claims to be from us, and their filters are blocking us

18:28 <CoderForLife> Curitiba*

18:29 <CoderForLife> yeah, blacklisted, xcamel

18:29 <xcamel> or:

18:29 <xcamel> postfix/smtp[27617]: 08061A7812C: to=<>, relay=none, delay=349255, delays=349104/0.02/152/0, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (connect to[]: Connection timed out)

18:29 <CoderForLife> change your domain name for e-mail, PovAddict =)

18:29 <xcamel> infinite delay..

18:30 <CoderForLife> hmm,  root nameserver xcamel?

18:31 <CoderForLife> isn't 4.4.1 a root DNS?

18:31 <xcamel> no like http error 404

18:31 <CoderForLife> ah SMTP error code

18:31 <CoderForLife> actually ESTMP

18:31 <xcamel> bingo

18:31 <CoderForLife> er ESMTP

18:32 <PovAddict> EHLO

18:33 <CoderForLife> 220 ESMTP Postfix

18:36 <CoderForLife> 250 Hello, I am glad to meet you

18:37 * PovAddict doesn't speak SMTP

18:37 <CoderForLife> you just did

18:38 <PovAddict> you can probably say "hola", that doesn't mean you speak Spanish, does it? :)

18:40 <CoderForLife> Si

18:41 <PovAddict> lol

18:41 <CoderForLife> S.O.C.K.S.

18:45 <CoderForLife> bbiab

18:47 <PovAddict>

18:47 <Romulus> Title: QDB: Quote #183599 (at

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19:07 <CoderForLife> SOCKS = Eso si que es

19:07 <PovAddict> lol

19:08 <xcamel> que?

19:08 <CoderForLife> all the Spanish you need to know

19:08 <CoderForLife> point to something and say SOCKS

19:08 <xcamel> N.I.C.K.E.R.S.

19:08 <KathrynM> wae?  (roughly means what in Korean)

19:08 * KathrynM pokes the korean textbook on her desk

19:09 <xcamel> smash a fly with it.

19:09 * Tank_Master slaps KathrynM around with Windows Me

19:09 <KathrynM> ouch :(

19:09 <Tank_Master> :P

19:09 <KathrynM> that's just cruel

19:09 <Tank_Master> sowwy

19:09 * CoderForLife gets out his bazooka and takes out the Tank

19:09 <KathrynM> me slaps Tank_Master with a gentoo CD

19:09 * Tank_Master slaps CoderForLife around with a pink Macintosh

19:10 <KathrynM> we had a blueberry imac when I was in grad school.  and a huge orange tower

19:10 <CoderForLife> My Mac is a respectable beige

19:10 <KathrynM> talk about ugly

19:10 <CoderForLife> I still have my beloved Mac SE

19:10 <KathrynM> we still have our functioning apple IIc at home

19:11 <KathrynM> talk about a computer you can't kill

19:11 * CoderForLife still remembers the video of the last day of the Apple ][ division

19:12 <CoderForLife> they all stood together and sang their anthemn, "Apple ][ Forever"

19:13 <CoderForLife> a real tear-jerker

19:14 <xcamel> no, just a real 'jerker'

19:14 <CoderForLife> heh

19:14 <CoderForLife>

19:14 <Romulus> Title: YouTube - Apple II Forever (at

19:15 *** bigt0242000 has joined #boinc

19:17 <CoderForLife> I'm surprised they'd show Lisa and Macintosh in the vid

19:18 <CoderForLife> heh

19:20 <xcamel> mighty old vid

19:20 <CoderForLife> yeah

19:24 <CoderForLife> got "updated" proposal from landscaper - I'm not feeling well

19:25 <CoderForLife> I think the landscaper thinks money grows on trees

19:25 <xcamel>

19:25 <Romulus> Title: YouTube - Barbarian II on old Siemens Nixdorf (at

19:27 *** efc has joined #boinc

19:27 <xcamel> so much for global warming...

19:27 <xcamel> Record cold temperatures bring snowfall [Australia]

19:27 <xcamel>

19:27 <Romulus> <> (at

19:27 <PovAddict> today it rained like hell

19:27 <CoderForLife> yeah - I think we're in for a hard cold winter

19:28 <PovAddict> then strong sun in the afternoon

19:28 <xcamel> and the weather won't be very nice either...

19:28 <CoderForLife> flash to steam?

19:28 <PovAddict> which made for 150% humidity

19:28 <efc> moo

19:28 <CoderForLife> mooooo

19:28 <PovAddict> mooo efc

19:28 <CoderForLife> did you buy 10,000 ports, efc?

19:29 <PovAddict> he wouldn't have enough computers to plug

19:29 <PovAddict> (or does he)

19:29 <efc> Any port in a storm, CFL

19:29 <efc> I just bought one 8 port giga switch

19:30 <efc> Pov: There was a 10 qty lot of 24 port hubs for $10 on ebay.. ideal for my lower speed mad scientist needs

19:30 <PovAddict> efc: you're on dialup right? you should set up a caching proxy :)

19:31 * PovAddict thinks caching proxies are a good idea as soon as there are more than TWO computers on the other end

19:31 <xcamel> massively parallel network to nowhere...

19:31 <efc> My dad probably doesn't look at a single site that I do

19:32 <PovAddict> BOINC downloads

19:32 <PovAddict> system updates

19:32 <efc> boinc I get once and then do it from the LAN

19:33 <PovAddict> I mean the downloads BOINC does automatically from project servers, like new science apps

19:33 <efc> Yes, perhaps once every 3 months, if I used stock clients, that would be of some benefit

19:34 <PovAddict> with some projects it's more useful than in others :)

19:34 <efc> If my mad scientist project was BOINCing on 100 ports, I'd probably saturate the modem with WU and result traffic

19:35 <PovAddict> you should set up your own project

19:35 <PovAddict> users would love it :P

19:35 <efc> WasteOfKW*Hr@Home

19:36 <PovAddict> not really :)

19:36 <PovAddict> WUs might reach deadline by the time they finish downloading from your server :D

19:36 <efc> my scheme would really just have one BOINC instance with 100 fake CPUs

19:37 <efc> doubt thats gonna happen, never solved one of the algorithm problems

19:37 <PovAddict> I think I have a week of Einstein@Home stats already

19:38 <PovAddict> I should start working on scripts to load it to a space-efficient database... it's already 238MB of compressed XML

19:41 <xcamel> fairness doctrine for the internet...

19:41 <xcamel> bad idea.

19:42 <xcamel> 'network neutrality'

19:47 <xcamel>

19:47 <Romulus> <> (at

20:01 <CoderForLife> gn

20:08 <infinisoft> Pov: Making a stats site?

20:11 * efc is back from another 2 miles

20:18 <xcamel> good run?

20:20 <Soul_keeper> did you see my audio feed for howard stern interviewing obama supporters in harlem ?

20:20 <Soul_keeper>   they think palin is obama's VP and that he's prolife and stuff

20:20 <Romulus> Title: Howard Stern Show Quizzes Obama Supporters in Harlem on Candidate Policies (at

20:27 <xcamel> howard stump.

20:27 *** bigt0242000 has left #boinc

20:27 <Soul_keeper> yeah but it was mind boggling, he did a public service there

20:28 <xcamel>

20:28 <Romulus> <> (at

20:29 <Soul_keeper> most people voting for obama don't even know who his VP is

20:30 <MTughan> Biden.

20:30 <MTughan> And I'm not even voting at all...

20:30 <Soul_keeper> well you're more educated than most it seems

20:30 <MTughan> CNN.

20:31 <xcamel> He's close enough to the border to "smell that smell"

20:31 <MTughan> "There are no system outages at this time!" Like heck there are... I can't access websites again.

20:31 <MTughan> IRC always seems to be an exception.

20:34 <xcamel> Sounds like a Bender quote...

20:34 <xcamel> &Bender

20:34 <Romulus> xcamel: Are you daft?

20:36 *** Crewsr3 has joined #boinc

20:37 <Crewsr3> I have a spare computer that I would like to run boinc and only boinc on.  Has anyone created a linux distro build around running boinc, and only boinc

20:37 <Crewsr3> no gui, just the bare min to run boinc so no cycles are wasted on anything else

20:40 <jasong2> If there isn't one, try Damn Small Linux

20:40 <xcamel> not specifically...

20:40 <xcamel> dsl would be a good choice

20:42 <Crewsr3> I thought I would ask

20:43 <Crewsr3> I don't know how to develop such a thing

20:43 <Crewsr3> Is anyone in here from the boinc team?

20:43 <MTughan> Yeah, probably DSL. Just run it on a lower init level to just use the CLI, no X.

20:44 <Crewsr3> MTughan, what is dsl based on deb or rpm

20:45 <MTughan> Don't take my word, but I'd say it's more likely it's based on deb. I don't know for sure though.

20:45 <xcamel> holy fat baby...

20:45 <xcamel>,22606,24531330-5006301,00.html

20:45 <Romulus> <> (at

20:46 <Crewsr3> MTughan, I'm looking at the website and it is deb based

20:46 <Crewsr3> I'm going to give it a shot

20:47 <MTughan> I don't have as much experience with deb based systems, but feel free to give me a flash if you need help.

20:47 <xcamel> minix also, iirc.

20:47 <MTughan> It's all fairly the same underneath anyway.

20:51 <MTughan> Gah... xcamel: Still haven't loaded that page. Been sitting with the title for a while now...

20:52 <xcamel> it's been slashdotted

20:54 <MTughan> echo [math [math convert 5.8 kg to lb] // 1] pounds, [math [math convert 5.8 kb to ounces] // 1] ounces

20:54 <MTughan> &echo [math [math convert 5.8 kg to lb] // 1] pounds, [math [math convert 5.8 kb to ounces] // 1] ounces

20:54 <Romulus> MTughan: Error: kb is not a valid unit.

20:54 <MTughan> Oops... :P

20:54 <MTughan> &echo [math [math convert 5.8 kg to lb] // 1] pounds, [math [math convert 5.8 kg to ounces] // 1] ounces

20:54 <Romulus> 12 pounds, 204 ounces

20:55 <MTughan> &echo [math [math convert 5.8 kg to lb] // 1] pounds, [math [math convert 5.8 kg to ounces] % 16] ounces

20:55 <Romulus> 12 pounds, 12.588979308 ounces

20:55 <MTughan> Close enough...

20:55 <MTughan> That's heavy.

20:55 <xcamel> 13 lbs.. you could have asked...

20:56 <MTughan> Meh. More fun to chain Rommie's commands.

20:57 <xcamel> except when I do it, PoV has to stomp all over it.

20:59 *** Crewsr3 has quit IRC

21:26 <PovAddict> :o

21:34 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

21:57 <PovAddict> &google calc 5.8 kb to pounds

21:57 <Romulus> PovAddict: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.

21:57 <PovAddict> &google calc 5.8 kg to pounds

21:57 <Romulus> PovAddict: 5.8 kilograms = 12.7868112 pounds

21:58 <PovAddict> I thought Google would show lb/oz automatically... oh well

22:27 *** desti_T2 has joined #boinc

22:43 *** desti has quit IRC

23:04 <Soul_keeper> anyone here have experience with psychiatric residency ?

23:04 <Soul_keeper> i hear voices that are telling me to kill myself and stuff

23:07 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

23:19 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

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