IRC logs of #boinc for Tuesday, 2008-11-04

00:00 <MTughan> Tank_Master: Do you still have your Windows 7 screenshots?

00:01 <MTughan> Nvm, found them...

00:21 <Tank_Master> I got jsut the one so far

00:22 <Tank_Master> well 2 counting the one in the vm

01:38 <efc> I should start a keeping-up-appearances wife service

01:39 <efc> few bucks a month, make it all look legit

01:48 <Tank_Master> lol

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02:21 <efc> sales down 50% at GM

02:22 <Tank_Master> ouch

02:23 <efc> On the plus side, you can imply they sold more than one car

02:24 <Tank_Master> :P

02:24 <Tank_Master> not if they only sold 2 before

02:27 <efc> If it falls any more they're down to fractional cars... parts maybe

02:31 <efc> I got my win2k started as server.. can't seem to get it to go as advanced server though

02:31 <efc> Wants to start as domain controller or some such crap, and doesn't have the registry keys set up for it

02:32 <Tank_Master> :P

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02:48 <efc> wonder why it insists on doing that..

02:51 <Tank_Master> dunno

02:51 <Tank_Master> cus your hacking it incorectly?

02:53 <efc> I guess so, but i never turned on all the active directory stuff

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03:06 <MTughan> &explosm Oh boy...

03:06 <Romulus>

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06:39 <hawmps> 'lo

06:45 <hawmps> l-x-shun day

07:51 <quail> 'evening all

08:00 <hawmps> 'lo Q

08:05 <quail> ay hawmps, how are things?

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09:27 <hawmps> ip kill

09:37 <PovAddict> yawn

09:37 * quail burps

09:38 <quail> PovAddict: hi, how are you?

09:40 <PovAddict> at w$%&

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10:54 <quail> can I admit something to you all?

10:56 <hawmps> confession is good for the soul....

10:58 <quail> I love my dog, but the arthritas is chewing her up, and the glocosomine only doing little to releave it now :-(

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11:20 <hawmps> Arthur Rirus is an evil bast tard

11:20 <hawmps> er Ritus even

11:47 <quail> why?

11:50 <MTughan> That sweet 400K... Hit 400K overnight.

11:52 <quail> man that was a killer roll

11:54 <quail> on a wholemeal roll I had, cheese, ham, tomato, cucumber, capcicum, onion, egg, alfalfa, lettice, and tzatziki

11:55 <hawmps> Y Quiro Taco Bell..

11:55 <quail> hawmps: that my early morning snack

11:56 <quail> it almost 0330hrs here in te morning

11:56 <MTughan> Why are you up at 3:30AM?

11:56 <quail> to much work

11:57 <quail> so last couple days I have been pumping my self good food and coffee

11:58 <MTughan> lol

11:58 <quail> and I not slept, but I have noticed I am eating alot more regularly

11:59 <quail> MTughan: last couple days I have been living on rolls like that

12:00 <MTughan> Heh. I question why you're up at 3:30AM.

12:00 <quail> I have not had a real meal

12:00 <MTughan> Where the heck are you anyway? That's half a timezone off.

12:00 <quail> working

12:00 <quail> I have to much work and not enough time :-(

12:01 <quail> MTughan: you come self employed, then might understand

12:02 <quail> MTughan: atm I am taking the work while it good

12:02 <MTughan> What do you do?

12:02 <quail> MTughan: and plus I know there very few people in Aust. that will work on what I do :-P

12:03 <quail> MTughan: I preserve history

12:03 <MTughan> That's a broad category.

12:04 <quail> mt I work on WWII military wireless sets

12:04 <MTughan> Sounds cool...

12:04 <quail> MTughan: I work on WWII military wireless sets

12:04 <quail> that better

12:04 <quail> damn laptop

12:04 <MTughan> I have my client to flash both on MT and MTughan, so the first flashed me too. :P

12:05 <quail> ah cool

12:05 <MTughan> Unfortunately, something like Mt Everest flashes me too, but we don't talk too much about mountains.

12:05 <quail> lmao

12:05 <MTughan> Don't ask, but I just thought of Mt DA...

12:07 <quail> you on your own there

12:07 <quail> :-P

12:07 <MTughan> No, DA's on his own there.

12:07 <quail> ok

12:07 <MTughan> Maybe he broadcasted that into my brain. :P

12:08 <quail> hehe

12:08 <MTughan> Oh damn, I hope not... DA with telekinetic powers? Baaaaad idea...

12:09 <quail> I really should get some sleep, but this really good food I have been eating last couple day got me hyper

12:09 <MTughan> lol

12:09 <MTughan> My calculus teach drinks about 5 coffees in the morning.

12:09 <MTughan> teacher*

12:10 <quail> what I mean I have not had a cooked meal

12:10 <quail> and I been on salads and cold meat

12:10 <MTughan> There was one day where he said he couldn't sleep, so he got up at 4AM, and by the time he got to us at 8:30AM for class, he had drank about 7 coffees, and he's always given two in clas.

12:10 <MTughan> class*

12:11 <MTughan> Don't get me wrong, he's a great teacher. Just... overexcited at times.

12:11 <quail> oh

12:11 <quail> MTughan: what am I then?

12:12 <MTughan> Half him.

12:12 <MTughan> :P

12:12 <quail> MTughan: no one is half someone else, we all have a purpose and place in this world

12:13 <MTughan> I dropped philosophy for a reason there quail. :)

12:13 <MTughan> I meant half him in terms of energy levels.

12:14 <quail> MTughan: I am seeing how long I can last

12:14 <quail> it 2 days so far

12:14 <MTughan> I once stayed up to 7:30AM playing a game... Haven't been able to go a full day yet.

12:14 <MTughan> Oh.

12:14 <MTughan> You've surpassed me. Twice.

12:15 <quail> MTughan: the longest I have been up is 5 days

12:15 <MTughan> And might I ask why and how?

12:16 <quail> cause I was a child and at school and thoght I knew it all

12:16 <MTughan> Ah, so that was before your reason developed. :P

12:17 <quail> now I am just doing it for a personal challenge

12:17 <quail> eg not out to kill myself

12:17 <MTughan> Sometimes it's hard to differentiate.

12:18 <quail> huh?

12:18 <MTughan> That sentence has applications in math too...

12:18 <MTughan> Nvm... I can't phrase this right.

12:18 <quail> for comment before, yes true

12:19 <quail> I think I know what you getting at

12:20 <quail> mt with electrical/electronics work I take a lot of breaks

12:20 <quail> have to give the eyes a rests

12:20 <quail> and te brain and get fresh air

12:22 <quail> I not long  had a roll, but I want another one now

12:22 <MTughan> rofl

12:23 <quail> lat 2 days I have had 10 roll packed with what said earlier

12:24 <quail> I have 2 rolls left to last me till shops open in few hours

12:25 <quail> and I have to buy more tomato, cucumber and mushrooms

12:27 <quail> got to love the ubuntu game

12:27 <MTughan> The Ubuntu game? What's that?

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12:27 <MTughan> 'lo yoyo

12:29 <quail> MTughan: I have upgraded my desktop to intepid, and when I eject a cd it takes it right back in again

12:30 <MTughan> Heh. Sounds like a hardware/software incompatibility. Or maybe something else in the CD drive.

12:30 <quail> and I have to frig with the system to get the disc to stay out so I can get the disc

12:30 <quail> MTughan: it just this ubuntu version

12:31 <MTughan> Yeah, but Intrepid is new.

12:31 <quail> I am pissing it off very soon when I got the time

12:33 * quail walks off to the other room with laptop and a pile cd's

12:33 <MTughan> Oh, I hit 400K overall on BOINC last night. :D

12:34 <quail> nice :-)

12:34 <quail> congrads

12:36 <MTughan> Hehe...

12:36 <Romulus> <> (at

12:36 <MTughan> That spike would be Ramsey@Home.

12:38 <quail> well intrepid can't handle my custom cd's

12:39 <MTughan> Of what?

12:39 <quail> ubuntu is a dog

12:39 <MTughan> That'd be Yellow Dog Linux. :P

12:40 <quail> MTughan: custom cd's is where I have made them so I can skip through to the info I want

12:41 <MTughan> Okay.

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12:41 <quail> and intrepid is crashing on it

12:41 <quail> but my laptop doing it fine

12:42 <quail> and the last ubuntu hardy did fine too

12:44 <MTughan> It may just be a bug that was missed or introduced.

12:49 <quail> MTughan: I am really wondering where ubuntu ethics are at, the way they pushing distro's out

12:50 <MTughan> Maybe. But I have to get off to class.

12:50 <quail> ok

12:50 <quail> ttyl

12:50 <quail> bye

12:50 <MTughan> See you.

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13:27 <CoderForLife> thx for the plink hawmps

13:28 * CoderForLife has l-x-shun jitters

13:28 <quail> CoderForLife: hi!

13:29 <quail> CoderForLife: you see my latest gps project?

13:30 <CoderForLife> no quail - not much interest in GPS here

13:31 <quail> CoderForLife: I sure you saw this =>

13:31 <Romulus> <> (at

13:31 <hawmps> PA OH both breaking hard for McP

13:32 <quail> That my gps laptop, tha was pita to install cause it not nets and I could not be stuffed setting up a plip or slip connection for ir

13:32 <CoderForLife> my precinct is hard core McCain

13:33 <CoderForLife> the one Obama lady in her white Escalade nearly caused a terrific accident on the way out of the polls

13:34 <CoderForLife> this was post-voting

13:34 <quail> eep elections

13:35 * quail walks away

13:35 <CoderForLife> where did you get the PA OH info, hawmps?

13:37 * quail happy about one big thing atm while you both talk

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14:29 <quail> f@$& dmi

14:29 <MTughan> 'lo quail

14:31 <quail> I want to watch a dvd to chill out, and do you I can watch it

14:32 <quail> as I said, f@$& dmi

14:32 <hawmps> boots on the ground, CFL

14:33 <hawmps> Ignore the media at all costs at the moment.

14:35 * quail smashes linux

14:36 <MTughan> Why?

14:38 <quail> I want to chill out and watch a movie, and I god damn well cant

14:38 <hawmps> 'cuz it's phun?

14:39 <quail> and it getting behond a joke atm, it as if I got a hugh dvd collection

14:40 <MTughan> What is it saying? I've played plenty of DVD on my Linux system.

14:40 <MTughan> DVDs*

14:40 <quail> atm none the movies are playing besides bit of intro

14:42 <quail> MTughan: it saying if I not get what I want very soon, with everything I have supplied to my systems, I am going to smash something

14:43 <quail> and there another movie that not want to play

14:43 <MTughan> I'm asking what is it saying. Why can't you play DVDs?

14:43 <MTughan> Also, what program are you using?

14:43 <quail> totem, and it says fail to connect to stream

14:44 <MTughan> I've found Totem to be a piece of sh*t that comes with no codecs on its own.

14:44 <MTughan> Try VLC.

14:44 <MTughan> I don't know why Totem is still bundled...

14:45 <quail> MTughan: thanks I use totem and never had problem

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14:46 <quail> but vlc seems to be working

14:46 <MTughan> Maybe it's improved. Last I used it was in Fedora 7.

14:46 <quail> now I can chill and watch a movie

14:46 <MTughan> F7 was released May 2007. Wow, that wasn't long ago...

14:46 <MTughan> I thought I was using it longer than that.

14:47 <quail> MTughan: I have been sniffing solder feums for a while

14:48 <quail> brb I need a roll

14:48 <MTughan> I can tell by your typing... :P

14:48 <MTughan> rofl

14:49 <quail> when you been up as long as I have you get bit edgy

14:49 <MTughan> Wow, I don't have VLC installed on here yet...

14:50 <quail> only thing I not like vlc is it does not know how to ignore screen saver

14:50 <MTughan> Probably because that's more desktop dependent. Totem is GNOME specific.

14:52 <quail> maybe

14:53 <quail> MTughan: I talking to you as I make roll for myself

14:53 <MTughan> lol

14:54 <quail> MTughan: our nets here is going to be censor big time

14:54 <MTughan> Why?

14:54 <quail> censored

14:54 <quail> government

14:55 <quail> they trying to stop us looking at pr0n etc

14:55 <MTughan> &google JAP

14:55 <Romulus> MTughan: Search took 0.17 seconds: JAP -- ANONYMITY & PRIVACY: <>; JAP -- ANONYMITY & PRIVACY: <>; Journal of Applied Physics: <>; Jap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Jewish-American princess - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: (2 more messages)

14:55 <MTughan> If it gets bad enough.

14:56 <PovAddict> &weather EZE

14:56 <Romulus> PovAddict: Temperature: 90°F / 32°C | Humidity: 31% | Pressure: 29.71in / 1006hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 12mph / 18km/h | Updated: 5:00 PM ARST; Clear. High:91 F. / 33 C.; Overcast. Low:66 F. / 19 C.; Chance of Rain. High:89 F. / 32 C.; Partly Cloudy. Low:66 F. / 19 C.; Chance of Rain. High:84 F. / 29 C.; Clear. Low:57 F. / 14 C.;

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14:56 <MTughan> Wow... A filter I have on material from has matched 2761 times in probably about 2-3 weeks.

14:57 <quail> MTughan: if it get that bad I have a server in the USA to route through

14:57 <MTughan> Good.

14:58 <quail> our current primister kevin rudd is a wanker

14:58 <Tank_Master> hi RocketJumper21

14:58 <PovAddict> <quail> MTughan: I have upgraded my desktop to intepid, and when I eject a cd it takes it right back in again

14:59 <MTughan> quail: I don't suppose they can block ad servers in the US?

14:59 <PovAddict> known issue, it's in the release notes (with a workaround)

14:59 <MTughan> PovAddict: Was it not caught before release?

14:59 <quail> PovAddict: I am not complaining about that

14:59 <quail> tonight

15:00 <PovAddict> it was in the release notes before it was officially announced as released...

15:00 <PovAddict> it's just not something they could fix in a few hours

15:00 <Tank_Master> my FIOS service has been upgraded

15:01 <Tank_Master> now at 20/5 instead of 15/2

15:01 <PovAddict> h8

15:01 <quail> PovAddict: crap, when they done a code freeze they had plenty time

15:01 <PovAddict> I'm at 3mb/256kb

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15:01 <MTughan> 9/8 usually for me.

15:01 <PovAddict> mbit? h8!

15:02 <Tank_Master> is there a channel for yoyo?

15:02 <Tank_Master> 8mbit up?

15:02 <Tank_Master> dawm

15:02 <Tank_Master> daym*

15:02 <MTughan> They don't want people running servers here, but with that kind of bandwidth up, who can resist! :D

15:02 <MTughan>

15:02 <quail> PovAddict: ubuntu are more interested in being bleeding and not worry about quality

15:02 <Romulus> Title: Test Page for Apache Installation (at

15:02 <PovAddict> it sure bleeds

15:03 <MTughan> Admittedly, not much there, but I can put stuff up on there.

15:08 <PovAddict>

15:08 <Romulus> <> (at

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15:51 <MTughan> I posted it earlier, but about the US election:

15:51 <Romulus> Title: Comics - (at

15:54 <Tank_Master> heh

15:54 <MTughan> Well, "about" the US election.

16:06 <RocketJumper21> question..... how many scientists do you think actually use Scientific Linux?

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16:31 <xcamel> re-hi

16:41 <CoderForLife> home - I'm going to grill out steaks before my taxes go up by 150% - bbiab

16:43 <xcamel> good idea...

16:46 <PovAddict> "When the business world has no resources other than the same idiots that take out 16 credit cards, then try to use them to pay off each other[...]" LOL

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16:53 <Soul_keeper> our state does that here in california

16:54 <Soul_keeper> they issue 900million or 5 billion dollar bonds for everything they want, then pay more than the principle in interest over the life of the bonds

16:54 <Soul_keeper> and to afford that interest they must issue more bonds for everything else

16:55 <Soul_keeper> so basically everything costs a minimum of twice what it would cost if we could afford it ....

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16:56 <jackygrahamez_> don't forget to vote!

16:56 <RocketJumper21> actually 9 times the amount

16:56 <jackygrahamez_> &wx 20011

16:56 <Romulus> jackygrahamez_: Temperature: 58.0F / 14.4C | Humidity: 90% | Pressure: 30.28in / 1025.3hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 6.0mph / 9.7km/h ; Tonight - Cloudy with occasional rain and drizzle. Lows in the lower 50s. Northeast winds around 10 mph. Chance of rain 80 percent.; Wednesday - Cloudy. Rain likely in the morning...then a chance of rain in the afternoon. (1 more message)

16:57 <jackygrahamez_> &more

16:57 <Romulus> jackygrahamez_: Highs in the lower 60s. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60 percent.; Wednesday Night - Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of rain. Lows in the lower 50s. North winds around 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph.;

16:57 <xcamel> 'lo Jacky

16:57 <jackygrahamez_> off to get free Ben & Jerry's

16:58 <xcamel> vote early and often... :-)

16:59 <jackygrahamez_> USA is the best Democracy money can buy

17:00 <Tank_Master> lol

17:00 <Tank_Master> howdy jack!

17:00 <PovAddict> "A couple of months in the laboratory can frequently save a couple of hours in the library"

17:00 <jackygrahamez_> hi Tank_Master

17:01 <jackygrahamez_> I'm out-a-here

17:01 *** jackygrahamez_ has left #boinc

17:01 <Tank_Master> he didnt stay long...

17:07 <xcamel> Ben & Jerry's is important...

17:10 <Tank_Master> :P

17:11 <xcamel> I see Tweeter finally went belly up.

17:11 <xcamel> too bad.

17:11 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

17:12 <Tank_Master> ?

17:12 <Tank_Master> you blow your tweeter?

17:17 <xcamel> It was a great high end audio/video chain

17:21 <Tank_Master> ahh

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17:39 * CoderForLife returns

17:39 <xcamel> happy returns?

17:39 <CoderForLife> not likely

17:40 <xcamel> chin up, bucko

17:40 <CoderForLife> too many uninformed out there

17:40 <CoderForLife> nearly lost my lunch today talking to a liberal w@#% associate

17:40 <xcamel> Alinsky's first rule.

17:41 <xcamel> they are much smaller, and weaker than they want you to believe.

17:42 <CoderForLife> freerepublic is struggling

17:42 *** PovAddict has left #boinc

17:43 <xcamel> Word in Chicago is spreading: Obama loss is expected. (hillbuzz)

17:47 <CoderForLife> what's he going to do when the party people go nuts?

17:51 <xcamel> fr just went down in flames

17:52 <CoderForLife> too bad

17:52 <CoderForLife> just got a page load

18:07 <wdsmia> re-hi

18:08 <Soul_keeper> vote !!!

18:08 <wdsmia> vote? been there Done it!

18:09 <Soul_keeper> do it again

18:09 <Soul_keeper> they let you vote like 50 times apparently ...

18:10 <Soul_keeper> vote for your dead relatives or something

18:10 <wdsmia> only if your a Dem

18:10 <Soul_keeper> in each precinct

18:10 <Soul_keeper> :)

18:37 <wdsmia> &ping

18:37 <Romulus> pong

18:45 *** [RKN]frost has quit IRC

18:46 <xcamel> we're watching politics elsewhere...

18:47 <Tank_Master> phun stuff

18:54 <quail> you know when you got a good job

18:55 <quail> it 1024hrs here and I am suckling on a jw n dry atm

18:56 <quail> man self employment has it ups :-)

18:56 <Tank_Master> :P

18:57 <quail> I prob be very drunk by the owl hour

18:58 <quail> drink work and get paided, what more can you ask for

18:58 <Tank_Master> porn

18:59 <quail> err paid

18:59 <Tank_Master> laid

18:59 <Tank_Master> drink, work, and get laid

18:59 <quail> ok I ask the the person employing me on contract for hookers

18:59 <Tank_Master> lol

19:00 <Tank_Master> good thinkin ;)

19:00 <quail> no I might not get paid

19:01 <quail> getting drunk at 1030hrs in the morning good enough for me atm

19:01 <Tank_Master> :P

19:01 <Tank_Master> nice

19:01 <quail> this boss cool

19:02 <quail> dw n dry :-)

19:02 <quail> err jw n dry

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19:51 *** paul_b has joined #boinc

20:02 <MTughan>

20:02 <Romulus> <> (at

20:08 *** efc has joined #boinc

20:10 <Tank_Master> lol

20:11 <efc> moo

20:12 <MTughan> 'lo e

20:12 <MTughan> lol from TM @

20:12 <Romulus> <> (at

20:17 <Soul_keeper> the deed is done, my vote is in

20:18 <xcamel> good for you.

20:19 <xcamel> ah-hah - panhandle closes at 9:00 eastern - almost forgot.

20:19 <xcamel> big military vote there.

20:21 *** PovAddict has joined #boinc

20:32 *** jackygrahamez_ has joined #boinc

20:32 <jackygrahamez_> hi

20:36 <Tank_Master> wb'

20:41 <jackygrahamez_> I'm back

20:42 <jackygrahamez_> I got free icecream from Ben & Jerry's

20:42 <jackygrahamez_> then I got free coffee from starbucks

20:42 <jackygrahamez_> Isn't socialism great :-)

20:47 <CoderForLife> glad I could fund that out of my tax burden - I'm not selfish, I'm patriotic

21:08 <wdsmia> patriotic and broke looks like the new trend

21:08 *** Strykar has joined #boinc

21:08 <jackygrahamez_> That

21:09 <xcamel> lol - fr totally pooched again

21:09 <xcamel> woah - just came back too.

21:09 <jackygrahamez_> That's ok we don't have to worry about our debts because in the end we all die

21:10 <jackygrahamez_> Or maybe the people who die in debt go to hell(6)

21:10 <Soul_keeper> these news channels are pathetic

21:10 <Soul_keeper> they are calling winners with 2% of votes in

21:11 <wdsmia> lol they were doing it with 0% in

21:12 <Strykar> How do I find out the correct values for PROJECT NAME and KEY in project_init.xml? I know the PROJECT URL.

21:12 <wdsmia> they called vermont before the polls even closed

21:13 <jackygrahamez_> I know vermont very well from my undergrad and I would have called it before they even nominated a candidate

21:13 <wdsmia> true

21:16 <PovAddict> Strykar: the account key is on the project website

21:16 <PovAddict> on Your Account

21:17 <PovAddict> Strykar: note that key should be kept even more secret than your password :)

21:17 <PovAddict> heh I just saw on TV a reporter from a local channel, speaking from Chicago

21:17 <PovAddict> well, trying to

21:18 <PovAddict> all the shouting from people behind her didn't let her speak

21:18 <jackygrahamez_> And your in Argentina?

21:18 <PovAddict> jackygrahamez_: yes

21:18 <PovAddict> almost all channels here are talking about the US election results... -.-

21:19 <jackygrahamez_> how does it make you feel that I can't remember the last time US news chanels covered any foreign elections?

21:19 <Strykar> PovAddict, thanks, I was looking at my Account Page, but don't see a "Key". Is there a wiki I can look at and get this going?

21:19 <PovAddict> Strykar: what project?

21:19 <Strykar> SHA-1 Collision Search

21:20 <PovAddict> jackygrahamez_: on the last election I remember a reporter from here walking inside the whitehouse talking about "...where the new President of the World will be elected..."

21:20 <jackygrahamez_> good grief

21:20 <PovAddict> Strykar: btw why do you need to use project_init.xml?

21:20 <PovAddict> Strykar: doing a deploy on multiple machines?

21:20 <Strykar> yep

21:21 <jackygrahamez_> so I guess that president of the world did a great job

21:21 <PovAddict> Strykar: you could just copy the account_boinc.iaik.tugraz.at_sha1_coll_search.xml file

21:21 <PovAddict> jackygrahamez_: why?

21:21 <jackygrahamez_> "sarcasim"

21:21 <PovAddict> ah

21:22 <PovAddict> it's interesting how most people aren't voting for the candidate they like, but the one they dislike the least :)

21:22 <PovAddict> because in general they hate them all

21:23 <Soul_keeper> that's the 2 party system for you

21:23 <Soul_keeper> i vote libertarian for my local candidates

21:24 <jackygrahamez_> Different people say different things for different reasons. Its the most socially acceptable thing to say you don't iike either

21:24 <Strykar> PovAddict, where can I get that from?

21:27 *** desti_T2 has joined #boinc

21:28 <PovAddict> Strykar: from a computer where you already attached

21:30 <Strykar> this was going to be the first :(

21:31 <PovAddict> attach the first "the normal way", not with project_init mess

21:32 <Strykar> right, but I still need the key

21:33 <PovAddict> does your "first computer" have a graphical interface?

21:33 <PovAddict> boinc manager doesn't need a key

21:33 <Strykar> no, it's a linux box, but I'm thinking this might be easier on a Windows pc first

21:34 <PovAddict> boinccmd --lookup_account youremail yourpassword

21:34 <PovAddict> and you'll get the key

21:35 *** desti has quit IRC

21:38 <PovAddict> sleep ->

21:44 *** Strykar_ has joined #boinc

21:58 <CoderForLife> all is lost - we've fumbled the future

21:58 <CoderForLife> I'm going to go to bed, and hope for a different outcome

21:58 * CoderForLife kicks his virtual dog

21:59 *** Strykar has quit IRC

22:00 <wdsmia> its all Ohio's fault :P

22:00 <xcamel> ya think?

22:00 <xcamel> suckage. period.

22:00 <xcamel> laterz..

22:00 <wdsmia> yep

22:00 <wdsmia> cya

22:00 <MTughan> When are all the votes supposed to be counted?

22:01 <jackygrahamez_> I don't understand how they can call a state with 0% of the votes

22:01 <wdsmia> it dont matter what the popular vote outcome is

22:04 <wdsmia> Electoral College desides the outcome

22:05 <Tank_Master> the dummycrack's votes will be counted at any point

22:06 <Tank_Master> and recounted if it makes them win

22:08 * wdsmia slaps Tank_Master with a $20000 tax increase... share your wealth

22:08 <MTughan> We can tell who you support...

22:08 <Tank_Master> its the patreotic duty, right?

22:08 <MTughan> I thought the US was hell bent on being capitalist?

22:08 <Tank_Master> its unfair not to pay taxes...

22:09 <jackygrahamez_> I liked McCains final plea on SNL

22:09 <Tank_Master> no, thats china

22:09 <Tank_Master> I missed that, jackygrahamez_

22:09 <MTughan> No, China's trying to be capitalist with a communist government.

22:09 <jackygrahamez_> It was the "sad grandpa"

22:09 <MTughan> I don't think it'll work.

22:10 <Tank_Master> and we are trying to be capitilist with a socilist governmnet

22:11 <MTughan> What's Canada?

22:11 <MTughan> We pay high taxes from what I've heard, but we have universal health care.

22:11 <wdsmia> krazy kanuck land :P

22:12 <MTughan> Well, maybe that too. All the snow warps our minds. xD

22:12 <Tank_Master> lol

22:12 * Tank_Master likes snow

22:23 <KathrynM> l,kmjnjm,.;//.,mnm,

22:26 <KathrynM> sorry, was cleaning my keyboard...  guess I hit enter by accident :(

22:28 <wdsmia> when your done there you can clean mine... it needs it

22:50 *** freakazoid0223 has quit IRC

23:07 <jackygrahamez_> Hi KathrynM

23:08 <jackygrahamez_> Obama is the next president

23:10 <jackygrahamez_> I live in the Gheto and I'm hearing lots of fireworks

23:11 <jackygrahamez_> At least I hope they are fireworks :-o

23:15 <MTughan> jackygrahamez_: Not yet. That's just been projected. From what, I don't know...

23:16 <MTughan> Oh, nvm... Looking at the house standings, forgetting they're separate in the US.

23:16 <jackygrahamez_> True, but if their were any doubts fox news would be saying it

23:17 <MTughan> Well, here in Canada, whoever wins the House of Commons becomes Prime Minister.

23:17 <jackygrahamez_> I just saw Karl Rove swallow his pride

23:18 <MTughan> Although I believe the Obama result is still just projected, not official. Not until the last poll closes in Alaska. That's 1h40m away.

23:20 <jackygrahamez_> projected that he will win at least 306 electoral votes and he only needs 270. Too soon to know final vote count. Alaska will like go to McCain & Palin but its 3 votes

23:20 <jackygrahamez_> I

23:20 <jackygrahamez_> I'm currious about Ted Stevens seat

23:21 <MTughan> Is Stevens Republican?

23:21 <jackygrahamez_> Yes and he was just convicted on 7 fellony counts

23:22 <MTughan> WTF... 0% of the precincts in CA are reporting, McCain has a 51-47 lead over Obama, and Obama is projected to win?

23:22 <jackygrahamez_> That would be an upset but 0% of the vote?

23:22 <MTughan> I know.

23:23 <MTughan> is where I'm looking.

23:23 <Romulus> <> (at

23:23 <jackygrahamez_> I was seeing projections earlier where they call the state on 0%

23:23 <MTughan> They're doing that with Hawaii. 0% of the vote, 0% for both Obama and McCain, but Obama projected winner.

23:24 <jackygrahamez_> The statistics they broadcast in these polls is really misleading

23:25 <jackygrahamez_> Especially for someone who has studied statistics

23:25 <jackygrahamez_> I would be happy if they put confidence intervals but most viewers won't know what that means

23:26 <MTughan> California's been updated. Now Obama is leading 54-44 and 7% of the vote is in.

23:26 <MTughan> Now it actually makes sense. :P

23:27 <jackygrahamez_> yes so before they probably had a sample of 0.01% but just called it 0%

23:27 <MTughan> Maybe. Still seemed odd.

23:27 <MTughan> I can just imagine how busy it is at CNN right now... xD

23:27 <Soul_keeper> cnn is worthless

23:28 <MTughan> Any other site you'd recommend?

23:28 <Soul_keeper>  is alright

23:28 <Soul_keeper> msnbc sucks too

23:28 <Soul_keeper> they were calling states for obama when 2% of the votes were in

23:29 <MTughan> I had always heard Fox was quite controversial, and from what I've seen I'm inclined to agree.

23:29 <jackygrahamez_> I must attend the innaugiration and see the look on Bush when he hands the Whitehouse over to Hussein

23:29 <MTughan> rofl

23:29 <Soul_keeper> the problem is  cnn and msnbc  are very liberal

23:29 <Soul_keeper> obama was their candidate

23:30 <Soul_keeper> fox took a more neutral stance

23:30 <MTughan> I wouldn't believe it.

23:30 <jackygrahamez_> Liberal vs Conservative - it all depends on your political orientation

23:30 <MTughan> In the end, it's all the same result though.

23:31 <Soul_keeper>

23:31 <Romulus> <> (at

23:31 <MTughan> Oh, Tank_Master: How do two ATI HD4850's in Crossfire sound to you?

23:32 <MTughan> Why is it that every site insists on using Flash...

23:32 <Soul_keeper> because that's what the college kids are learning

23:32 <MTughan> And there are better ways of doing it.

23:32 <jackygrahamez_> I am just happy we will have an answer in one night

23:32 <MTughan> Just because it's new, doesn't mean it's better. Look at Vista!

23:32 <Soul_keeper> well they gotta work for someone that can afford to pay off their student loans

23:33 <Soul_keeper> yeah i hate java, flash, pdf, etc.

23:33 <efc> Spinach pizza. Why did I buy this.

23:33 <MTughan> I can live with Java and Flash somewhat. PDF I loathe.

23:34 <jackygrahamez_> Romulus is Barak Obama a secret Muslim?

23:34 <Romulus> jackygrahamez_: Are you daft?

23:34 <MTughan> And Fox's map won't load for me. Stuck on "Loading".

23:34 <Soul_keeper> they are all resource hogs and inefficient

23:34 <MTughan> &8ball Is Barack Obama a secret Muslim?

23:34 <Romulus> MTughan: No clue.

23:34 <efc> i started using foxit for pdf

23:34 <efc> ok usually

23:34 <MTughan> efc: Not creating. Downloading and viewing.

23:34 <Soul_keeper> it's still not proven that obama is a US citizen

23:35 <efc> yeag, thats what foxit is for

23:35 <jackygrahamez_> Yes and its not proven that my parents love me :-(

23:35 <MTughan> Shoot... My computer's been sitting idle for the past two hours!

23:38 <MTughan> Gah... There's a phantom shadow hanging overtop of all the windows here... Annoying!

23:38 <MTughan> Got it.

23:38 <efc> blah, no Leno either

23:42 <MTughan> Well... Apparently the electoral seats aren't just projected, they're final.

23:42 <Romulus> <> (at

23:43 <Soul_keeper> he gave his concession speech the numbers don't matter anymore

23:43 <MTughan> Senate and House numbers do.

23:44 <Soul_keeper> well they can give consession speaches too ...

23:48 <jackygrahamez_> Ok, I'm a little annoyed now

23:49 <jackygrahamez_> I have to make a confession though

23:49 <efc> there's rope enough for all of us

23:50 <jackygrahamez_> I donated to Obama in the primaries...and he just sent me a message asking for more money WTF

23:51 <efc> I think we'll all be getting those messages sometime in April '09

23:51 *** quail has quit IRC

23:51 <Soul_keeper> that's only the start of it

23:51 <jackygrahamez_> Yeah and if I get into any more debt I'll be sending them

23:51 <Soul_keeper> taxes must skyrocket to pay for all the promises that have been made

23:52 <Soul_keeper> wait untill he implements his "civilian security force"

23:52 <efc> Hopefully all the promises are broken or we are hozed

23:52 <efc> both of the tax 'plans' were disasterous

23:52 <Soul_keeper> mccain had the better plan

23:53 <efc> Unfortunately we really can't afford lower taxes on anybody

23:53 <efc> Much less sending out checks

23:53 <jackygrahamez_> I simply don't want politicians who draw the wrong conclusions from historical military blunders

23:53 <Soul_keeper> 10% reduction in corporate taxes, and large reduction in capital gains tax    would directly benefit businesses, america's corporate competitiveness, and unemployment

23:54 <efc> I don't really buy the theory that cutting corporate taxes helps that much

23:54 <Soul_keeper> the war will play out pretty much the same regardless of which president we have

23:54 <jackygrahamez_> true, I just don't want a hawk who thinks invading Iran would be a good idea

23:55 <Soul_keeper> efc, they are outsourcing because our taxes are high, it's cheaper to build a building in ireland, china, mexico, etc.

23:55 <Soul_keeper> and because of our unions the labor is substantially cheaper

23:55 <efc> China's corporate tax rate is around 50%, they'd have to cut it to nothing

23:56 <efc> Basically, business taxes are on profit, they don't directly increase the cost of product as far as I can tell, though they do affect the return on equity

23:56 <efc> So they make it less attractive to invest here

23:56 <jackygrahamez_> I should stick to my initial position, who cares, in the end we will all die

23:56 <Soul_keeper> no we are 50% china is 25%

23:56 <Soul_keeper>

23:56 <Romulus> <> (at

23:57 <Soul_keeper> we have amoung the highest in the world

23:57 <efc> Hmm. I read that in business week or something a few years back..

23:58 <Soul_keeper> yeah they lie to you :)

23:58 <efc> they were running some fair tax attack ads here in the senate race

23:58 <efc> "so&so wants a 23% sales tax" type stuff

23:59 <Soul_keeper> yeah our sales tax is relatively low compared to some places

23:59 <MTughan> We pay 13% sales tax.

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