IRC logs of #boinc for Wednesday, 2009-01-14

00:02 <MTughan> rofl!

00:02 <Romulus> Title: xkcd - A Webcomic - I'm An Idiot (at

00:15 <Tidus> ok

00:16 <Tidus> my laptop looks weird without the keyboard in it

00:16 <Tidus> or the battery

00:16 <Tidus> or half its trim panels

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00:19 <MTughan> Pics?

00:19 <Romulus> I guess Pics are up, MTughan

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00:20 <MTughan>

00:20 <Romulus> <> (at

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00:28 <Tidus> MTughan: pics of?

00:28 <MTughan> Your torn apart laptop. :P

00:28 <Tidus> o. ok.

00:33 <Tidus> MTughan:

00:33 <Romulus> <> (at

00:34 <Tank_Master> all I can make out is the screen

00:34 <MTughan> What's that ribbon cable in the 1st and 2nd pics? Display?

00:34 <MTughan> Tank_Master: Click the picture.

00:34 <Tidus> the ribbon? media keys.

00:34 <MTughan> Ah, that makes sense.

00:34 <Tidus> that one has to be hooked up or i couldn't power the machine up

00:35 <Tidus> as the power button's on that board

00:35 <MTughan> What, your motherboard doesn't have power connections on it? :P

00:35 <Tidus> it's hp.

00:35 <Tidus> nothing ever makes sense

00:35 <MTughan> True.

00:35 <Tidus> there are 9 screws holding the keyboard to that little plastic bezel that has the media keys

00:35 <Tidus> then 3 more hold that bezel down

00:36 <MTughan> That's one thing the PC makers are famous for, screws...

00:36 <MTughan> Although even my Mac had 20+ screws to take off the keyboard.

00:36 <Tidus> my cell phone's camera isn't the greatest, Tank_Master

00:36 <MTughan> BTW, this is my motherboard.

00:36 <Romulus> <> (at

00:37 <Tidus> nice

00:37 <MTughan> If you notice in the bottom right corner, by the front I/O pins, there are two buttons. Those are onboard power and reset buttons.

00:37 <Tidus> yeah, i have an abit aw9d-max that has those

00:38 <MTughan> I haven't found any use for them other than on first power up, where I missed that the power button connection had come out its socket.

00:38 <Tidus> i found plenty of use, as that board of mine's currently sitting 'caseless' in my entertainment center with no buttons or lights hooked up period

00:38 <Tidus> mine's naked :)

00:39 <MTughan> Ooh, geek pr0n... :P

00:39 <Tank_Master> hehe

00:39 <Tank_Master> yep

00:41 <Tidus> MTughan: to get the keyboard out of mine, you have to flip the machine over, take the battery out, remove the 3 screws under it. then remove the left rearmost and right rearmost screws from the body

00:41 <Tidus> flip it over, take the bezel containing the wifi button (picture 5), off, then the keyboard bezel slides out.

00:41 <MTughan> Hmm, not too bad. Sounds more like my Lenovo.

00:41 <Tidus> flip that over, remove 11 screws (counted them again), and separate the keyboard from the media bezel

00:41 <MTughan> IIRC, three screws and the trackpad and fingerprint sensor come off, and the RAM and HDD are viewable...

00:42 <MTughan> Okay, maybe not like my Lenovo.

00:42 <Tidus> both hdds in mine are under a bezel on the bottom of the machine, directly under the trackpad, remove 3 screws you're there

00:42 <Tidus> 2 per hard drive

00:42 <MTughan> "Both HDDs"?

00:42 <Tidus> the memory, bezel directly in the center of the machine on the bottom, 2 screws hold it on

00:43 <MTughan> That explains what sucks all the power...

00:43 <Tidus> when removed, shows memory and wifi card

00:43 <Tidus> and yes, my laptop has 2 hdds in it

00:43 <Tidus> came that way from factory

00:43 <MTughan> So a desktop replacement more than a laptop.

00:43 <Tidus> one of them is almost always powered down, as it's just a storage drive that's rarely accessed

00:44 <Tidus> and yeah, most 17" machines are desktop replacements :P

00:49 <Tidus> MTughan: you surprised?

00:49 <MTughan> About what?

00:49 <Tidus> it having 2 hdds in it?

00:49 <MTughan> For a typical 17" laptop? Not particularly.

00:50 <Tidus> i've got its battery life up to 2h45m

00:50 <Tidus> and that's being severely aggressive with it

00:51 <Tidus> cpu/gpu locked to min, basically, if it can turn it off, it will, wifi goes down to minimum range, screen brightness is nil, dims at 2 minutes, off at 3, hdds off at 5

00:51 <Tidus> suspend at 10

00:51 <MTughan> You'd like the Core i7 procs. They can turn off individual cores.

00:51 <Tidus> keeps the fan turned off if it can help it...

00:52 <Tidus> i disable aero and drop to 16 bit color (that got me 15 minutes)

00:53 <Tidus> MTughan: yeah, the ability to completely turn off unused cores is nice

00:53 <Tidus> i wish my core 2 was socket M instead of T

00:53 <Tidus> the newer core2's throttle by fsb instead of multiplier

00:53 <Tidus> allowing much more granular conrol

00:54 <Tidus> control *

00:54 <MTughan> Mine can scale down to 800MHz, at least in Linux.

00:54 <Tidus> mine can scale down to 1.0 from 1.667

00:54 <Tidus> it has 3 steps

00:54 <Tidus> 1.0, 1.333, 1.67

00:54 <MTughan> 0.8, 1.6, 2.53GHz.

00:55 <Tidus> but it leaves the fsb alone, so memory and everything else is still running full speed ahead

00:55 <Tidus> the newer ones adjust by fsb, not multiplier like mine does

00:55 <Tidus> so they've got quite a few more steps

00:56 <MTughan> This is a "brand new" Penryn proc.

00:56 <Tidus> should allow a few more steps than 3 then

00:57 <MTughan> Probably. It's all that Linux's governor allows. I haven't seen Windows' yet.

00:57 <Tidus> MTughan: i know better than that... the governor on my old amd allowed me to change it in 10mhz increments

00:58 <Tidus> just gotta delve into the options :)

00:58 <MTughan> Maybe Linux's governor does scale more then. I'm just using the GNOME menu tool.

00:58 <MTughan> It's convenient. ;)

00:58 <Tidus> once you set the options the gnome menu tool will pick up on it

00:59 <Tidus> why is the clock on my nas box off by almost 10 minutes? O.o

01:00 <MTughan> I should take a picture of my new machine sometime... Looks awesome.

01:03 <MTughan> Anyway, I'm off to bed. Past 1AM here.

01:15 <efc3> &wx 31088

01:15 <Romulus> efc3: Temperature: 39F / 4C | Humidity: 76% | Pressure: 30.14in / 1021hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 12mph / 18km/h ; Rest of Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 20s. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph.; Wednesday - Sunny. Highs in the lower 50s. West winds 10 to 15 mph.; Wednesday Night - Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 20s. West winds around 10 mph.; Fire (1 more message)

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01:29 * efc3 watches the Sesame Street Number Pinball segment

01:30 <jasong> lol, it's mesmerizing, isn't it?

01:31 <efc3> I loved that one

01:31 <efc3> It has some interesting meter changes in it

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04:02 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

04:02 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 16.8F / -8.4C | Humidity: 83% | Pressure: 30.09in / 1018.8hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: ESE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Snow. Total snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches. Highs in the upper 20s. South winds 10 to 15 mph...becoming west late. Chance of snow 100 percent.; Tonight - Cloudy. A chance of snow...mainly in the evening. (2 more messages)

04:02 <CoderForLife> &more

04:02 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Lows 5 to 10 above. Northwest winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of snow 50 percent. Wind chill as low as 5 below after midnight.; Thursday - Cloudy with a 20 percent chance of snow showers. Much colder with highs 10 to 15. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Wind chill values as low as 11 below.; Winter Weather Advisory for Hamilton County in effect (1 more message)

04:03 <CoderForLife> &more

04:03 <Romulus> CoderForLife: until 12:00 AM EST on January 15, 2009;

04:20 <CoderForLife> spike

05:06 <CoderForLife> w@#% prep

05:37 <CoderForLife> well - should be an interesting weather day

05:37 <CoderForLife> off to w@#%

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06:24 <hawmps> 'lo

06:24 <hawmps> b-friggin-urrrr

06:36 <hawmps> &wx 12020

06:36 <Romulus> hawmps: Temperature: 6.3F / -14.3C | Humidity: 63% | Pressure: 30.08in / 1018.5hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Partly sunny. Highs around 12. West winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.; Tonight - Cloudy. A chance of light snow after midnight. Lows around 2 above. West winds around 5 mph...becoming north after midnight. Chance of (1 more message)

06:56 <hawmps> &more

06:56 <Romulus> hawmps: snow 30 percent.; Thursday - Mostly cloudy with a chance of light snow in the morning...then partly sunny with a chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Cold with highs around 11. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 40 percent.;

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07:02 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

07:02 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 5.1F / -14.9C | Humidity: 84% | Pressure: 30.07in / 1018.2hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Light Snow | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 6.0mph / 9.7km/h ; Today - Very cold. Cloudy with light snow likely early in the morning...then cloudy with flurries late in the morning. Partly sunny in the afternoon. Patchy blowing snow through the day. Breezy. Little or no snow accumulation. (2 more messages)

07:02 <wdsmia> &more

07:02 <Romulus> wdsmia: High 5 to 10 above. Temperature steady or slowly falling in the afternoon. North wind 20 to 25 mph with gusts to around 35 mph. Chance of snow 70 percent. Wind chill readings 20 below to 30 below zero.; Tonight - Clear. Bitterly cold. Low around 15 below. Northwest wind 10 to 20 mph. Wind chill readings 25 below to 35 below zero.; Thursday - Sunny. Bitterly cold. High zero to 5 below. (1 more message)

07:02 <wdsmia> &more

07:02 <Romulus> wdsmia: Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph.; Wind Chill Advisory for Polk County in effect until 12:00 PM CST on January 15, 2009;

07:12 <hawmps> 5.6/-1 atm

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07:59 <hawmps> now the wc is holding right around -6

07:59 <hawmps> Mt Washington... wc -65

08:01 <PovAdct_w> MTughan: ping

08:04 <Hodapp> wheee! GPUGRID is finally utilizing my hardware

08:18 <Soul_keeper> :)

08:18 <Soul_keeper> gpugrid is great

08:19 <Hodapp> GPU's only hitting about 130 F... not bad

08:20 <PovAdct_w> bash users:

08:20 <PovAdct_w> PS1old=$PS1; PS1='C:${PWD//\//\\\}>';

08:20 <PovAdct_w> you can undo it with PS1=$PS1old

08:22 <Hodapp> NO

08:23 <PovAdct_w> lol

08:23 <PovAdct_w> DOS prompt :D

08:23 <Hodapp> thanks... but no.

08:23 <Hodapp> I've got a real DOS prompt on my other box if I need it.

08:24 <Soul_keeper> &math convert 130 F to C

08:24 <Romulus> Soul_keeper: 54.4444444444

08:25 <Soul_keeper> Hodapp, what GPU ?

08:25 <Hodapp> 9800 GT

08:26 <Soul_keeper> nice, same here

08:26 <Soul_keeper> the best pts/$ i've ever spent

08:28 <Hodapp> good.

08:28 <Hodapp> I picked the GPU sort of randomly

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08:32 <wdsmia_w> well that drive in sucked

08:33 <Hodapp> bah?

08:33 <wdsmia_w> &wx 50319

08:33 <Romulus> wdsmia_w: Temperature: 3.4F / -15.9C | Humidity: 83% | Pressure: 30.19in / 1022.2hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Light Snow | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 2.0mph / 3.2km/h ; Today - Very cold. Cloudy with light snow likely early in the morning...then cloudy with flurries late in the morning. Partly sunny in the afternoon. Patchy blowing snow through the day. Breezy. Little or no snow accumulation. (2 more messages)

08:33 <wdsmia_w> &more

08:33 <Romulus> wdsmia_w: High 5 to 10 above. Temperature steady or slowly falling in the afternoon. North wind 20 to 25 mph with gusts to around 35 mph. Chance of snow 70 percent. Wind chill readings 20 below to 30 below zero.; Tonight - Clear. Bitterly cold. Low around 15 below. Northwest wind 10 to 20 mph. Wind chill readings 25 below to 35 below zero.; Thursday - Sunny. Bitterly cold. High zero to 5 below. (1 more message)

08:33 <wdsmia_w> &more

08:33 <Romulus> wdsmia_w: Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph.; Wind Chill Advisory for Polk County in effect until 12:00 PM CST on January 15, 2009;

08:34 <wdsmia_w> passed at least 20 cars in the ditch

08:35 <wdsmia_w> and one 8 car pile up

08:35 <Soul_keeper> that's what they get for not running boinc

08:38 <Hodapp> erm...

08:38 <Hodapp> yeah

08:39 <Soul_keeper> maybe they were dos users :)

08:42 <hawmps> they had a 29 car pileup in NH over the weekend...

08:46 <wdsmia_w>

08:46 <Romulus> <> (at

08:48 <Soul_keeper> i got family out near the davenport area ...

08:50 <wdsmia_w> sewer workers?

08:51 <wdsmia_w> Mississippi River know as the sewer in Davenport area

08:55 <Soul_keeper> talking about Iowa right ?

08:56 <Soul_keeper> quad cities area, they aren't all sewer workers ....

08:57 <Soul_keeper> john deere plants, large news paper, lotsa corn, etc.

09:01 <hawmps> overdoses of deathanol...

09:02 <Soul_keeper> good work

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10:50 <desti>

10:50 <Romulus> <> (at

11:45 <MTughan> PovAddict: Yes?

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12:18 <MTughan> Nice...

12:18 <Romulus> <> (at

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13:59 <DerMeister> Is anyone here attached to spinhenge@home?

14:15 <hawmps> ip kill >>

14:17 <MTughan> 'lo Jay

14:17 <Romulus> New news from boinc: BOINC news January 14, 2008

14:23 <hawmps> Hi mike

14:23 <hawmps> bbiab

14:23 <MTughan> Same... Class time.

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14:33 <FreeLarry58> dang vista saying ati driver needs updating but cant keep the machine running long enough to get dl ;9

14:34 <FreeLarry58> and cant do it in safe mode either

14:38 <Soul_keeper> that'll teach ya

14:38 <hawmps> geez... somebody cut a major pipe somewhere?

14:38 <FreeLarry58> probablly

14:39 <hawmps> things seem to be slowing to a crawl...

14:40 <FreeLarry58> i see adobe flash player sending out updates again too

14:40 <FreeLarry58> as well as M

14:41 <FreeLarry58> $ doing update tuesday still

14:41 <FreeLarry58> 4 of 5 machines updated as well as vista

14:42 <FreeLarry58> 30 more seconds to finish sl of file for update hope it lassts

14:44 <FreeLarry58> well attempting update - hope it works

14:44 <FreeLarry58> nope crashed in middle of install

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14:56 <hawmps> go figure..

14:58 <hawmps> well, it's kind of primitive, but and click on curtis lumber to see the solar pv output numbers (not much there yet)

14:59 <hawmps> correction...

14:59 <Romulus> Title: SolrenView (at

15:02 <wdsmia_w> offline and one blip isnt much

15:05 <FreeLarry58> humm 60 KW inverter feed by 49KW panels

15:05 <FreeLarry58> room for growth

15:07 <FreeLarry58> dang it finally got install to go thre and vista still trying to tell me ati needs updating

15:08 <FreeLarry58> and machine still crashing

15:09 *** MTughan_ has joined #boinc

15:13 * FreeLarry58 gives up on vista machine and goes to get something to eat and maybe a shotgun for when he returns

15:15 <hawmps> still transmitting data from the collector... it will take a couple hours to fill it out...

15:15 <MTughan_> Maybe I should look at registering a third nick for when I'm on another machine... Both nicks here are live. :P

15:16 <FreeLarry58> this time uninstall then try reinstall

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15:32 <MTughan_> &ping

15:32 <Romulus> pong

15:32 <MTughan_> &ping

15:32 <Romulus> pong

15:34 <MTughan_> Either Romulus is slow, or Mibbit took a bit in reconnecting... My wireless keeps dropping. :(

15:37 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

15:37 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 28.0F / -2.2C | Humidity: 76% | Pressure: 29.86in / 1011.1hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: ESE | Wind Speed: 1.7mph / 2.7km/h ; Today - Occasional snow. Snow accumulation around an inch. Highs in the upper 20s. South winds 5 to 10 mph...becoming southwest 10 to 15 mph this afternoon. Chance of snow 100 percent.; Tonight - Cloudy. A chance of (2 more messages)

15:37 <MTughan_> 'lo CFL

15:37 <CoderForLife> &more

15:37 <Romulus> CoderForLife: snow...mainly in the evening. Additional snow accumulation less than an inch. Lows 5 to 10 above. Northwest winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of snow 50 percent. Wind chill as low as 5 below after midnight.; Thursday - Cloudy with a 20 percent chance of snow showers. Much colder with highs 10 to 15. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Wind chill (1 more message)

15:37 <MTughan_> Hard to believe, but you have "warm" temps.

15:37 <CoderForLife> &more

15:37 <Romulus> CoderForLife: values as low as 11 below.; Winter Weather Advisory for Hamilton County in effect until 12:00 AM EST on January 15, 2009;

15:38 <MTughan_> Well, ignoring the windchill...

15:38 <CoderForLife> pretty much of a dud of a snowstorm

15:38 <CoderForLife> leaving w@#% in a few

15:38 <CoderForLife> ttyl

15:38 <MTughan_> Seeya.

15:39 <MTughan_> I'll be here for about another 20 minutes, then heading back... 10 minutes after that.

15:40 <Soul_keeper> good work

15:40 <MTughan_> Me or CFL?

15:48 <xcamel> re-hi

15:51 <xcamel> spork >>

15:51 <DerMeister> Is anyone here attached to spinhenge@home?

15:51 <xcamel> not that I know of..

15:53 <DerMeister> Anyway - the screensaver of an app written for BOINC 5.x should still work with the current clients, am I right?

15:54 *** MTughan_ has quit IRC

15:57 <xcamel> it should...

15:58 <DerMeister> Looks like it doesn't work for Spinhenge...

16:00 <xcamel> it would have had to have been something spin changed then - the screensaver is usually a separate app

16:00 <xcamel> &wx 12074

16:00 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 6.5F / -14.2C | Humidity: 66% | Pressure: 30.18in / 1021.9hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NNE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; This Afternoon - Partly sunny. Near steady temperature around 9 above. West winds 10 to 15 mph.; Tonight - Cloudy. A chance of light snow after midnight. Lows around zero. West winds 5 to 10 mph...becoming north after midnight. (1 more message)

16:01 <xcamel> &more

16:01 <Romulus> xcamel: Chance of snow 30 percent.; Thursday - Mostly cloudy with a chance of light snow in the morning...then partly sunny with a chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Cold with highs around 9 above. North winds around 5 mph...increasing to northwest 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon. Chance of snow 40 percent.;

16:01 <DerMeister> xcamel: Yes, since BOINC 6.x it's a separate app. Before that science- and graphics-part were both in one executable.

16:02 <DerMeister> The latter is still true for the spinhenge application. Although newer BOINC clients should be able to use this it doesn't work for me here.

16:02 <DerMeister> The question now is: Is this a general problem with spinhenge or is something wrong on my end?

16:06 <xcamel> I would speculate it's a problem with spin.

16:07 <DerMeister> Well, I'm not running the official client therefore I'm not quite sure about that yet

16:08 <xcamel> what client?

16:08 <DerMeister> synecdoche

16:08 <xcamel> er version...?

16:15 <FreeLarry58> well lets see if that helps - deleted everything for ati including driver and new install afterwards

16:16 <FreeLarry58> did lose one of einstien units due to comp error during the reboots

16:22 <Soul_keeper> i did that on a 50+ hour wu last week ...

16:23 <xcamel> hmm... I gotta reboot here to get my tape drive back.. bbiab..

16:23 *** xcamel has quit IRC

16:24 <FreeLarry58> sorry to hear that Soul_keeper - happens here too often i think - lost a 90+hr one a few days ago

16:25 <FreeLarry58> right now got a 95 hr AP unit on one machine that may finish in 34 more hrs

16:26 <DerMeister> I know why I prefer projects with shorter WUs :)

16:26 <FreeLarry58> lol doesn't hurt so much when they crash

16:27 <DerMeister> Well, the bigger problem here is that I have only quite old machines that don't run all the time. Getting large WUs done in time might get tricky then...

16:27 <FreeLarry58> yeah can relate

16:27 * MTughan is on whole ABC

16:28 <FreeLarry58> but most times still get credit - except for ones like gpugrid

16:28 <Soul_keeper> i can't get seti beta WUs to complete without "computational error" in 64-bit linux

16:28 <FreeLarry58> abc has some big ones too MTughan

16:28 <Soul_keeper> i try again every few days only to get the same result

16:28 <FreeLarry58> nor on windows xp 64 Soul_keeper

16:28 <MTughan> FreeLarry58: Yeah, but they take half as long ATM on 64-bit. Shortens them up somewhat.

16:29 <MTughan> That, and I'm not running Vista.

16:29 <FreeLarry58> haven't noted that yet MTughan

16:29 <MTughan> One sec...

16:29 <Soul_keeper> i guess they are working on it with their next version upgrade

16:29 <FreeLarry58> hope so Soul_keeper

16:29 <MTughan>

16:29 <Romulus> <> (at

16:31 <FreeLarry58> humm different os yes but also different cpus

16:31 <MTughan> This is actually a more fair comparison:

16:31 <Romulus> <> (at

16:31 <FreeLarry58> yup would appear so

16:32 <MTughan> Look at the second one. Different CPUs yes, but closer. Q9300 x86 < Q6600 x64.

16:32 <FreeLarry58> i noted that close to same clock also - didn't say 64 bit worse just hadn't noted for my machines

16:32 <FreeLarry58> but then my machines have sevral projects they switch between also

16:33 <MTughan> Looks like he does more projects than just ABC, but CPU time isn't affected that much by suspends.

16:33 <FreeLarry58> that sometimes intales them restarting from a checkpoint earlier than when they suspend on switch

16:33 <FreeLarry58> especially when reboots required for updates

16:34 <MTughan> heh.

16:34 <FreeLarry58> some projects don't save exactly where they are on reboots

16:35 <FreeLarry58> burp prime example - always starts over at 0% unless suspend to memory

16:37 <wdsmia_w> &wx 50319

16:37 <Romulus> wdsmia_w: Temperature: 0.6F / -17.4C | Humidity: 70% | Pressure: 30.55in / 1034.4hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 6.0mph / 9.7km/h ; Rest of Today - Partly sunny. Bitterly cold. Breezy. High zero to 5 above. Northwest wind 15 to 25 mph. Wind chill readings 15 to 20 below.; Tonight - Clear. Bitterly cold. Low around 20 below. Northwest wind 5 to 15 mph. (1 more message)

16:37 <FreeLarry58> dang don't think the ati driver the only problem - machine seems to crash when doing heavy internet connections

16:38 <FreeLarry58> think its losing its timeing as wants to be the gateway or something by default

16:38 <FreeLarry58> or M$ has something else i cant find in it

16:40 <FreeLarry58> was checking for solutions when 3 rectilinear units tried to upload at same time on last crash

16:40 <FreeLarry58> now back to multi crash mode

16:41 <FreeLarry58> conflicts in background communication protocols? beyound me

16:41 *** xcamel has joined #boinc

16:41 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o xcamel

16:41 *** xcamel sets mode: -o xcamel

16:42 <MTughan> FreeLarry58: What do you think of that machine?

16:42 <Romulus> <> (at

16:44 <FreeLarry58> nice machine i think - but haven't tried any of the hardware - maybe he should use 64 bit on it too

16:44 <MTughan> That's what I was just thinking.

16:45 <FreeLarry58> my mewest machine has ati card (radeon 2600) and no cuda detected on it not sure what to think about that

16:46 <MTughan> Uh, why would CUDA be detected?

16:46 <MTughan> And was the Radeon card new when you got it?

16:47 <FreeLarry58> i don't know - maybe mb doesn't support? ASUS n850sli-ds4l

16:47 <MTughan> CUDA is only supported on Nvidia cards.

16:48 <FreeLarry58> was used on new install then purchaser wanted something else before pickup

16:48 <FreeLarry58> ahh radeon ati not nvidia

16:48 <MTughan> So an older machine, but still fairly nice...

16:48 <FreeLarry58> about 8 months

16:48 <MTughan> Yeah, for now. AI is building an ATI app as I know though, so hopefully it'll be up before too long.

16:49 <Soul_keeper> cuda only works on geforce 8 or later cards

16:49 <FreeLarry58> would like to try it

16:49 <Soul_keeper> ati cards work with folding@home in windows radeon 3xxx or later i believe

16:49 <MTughan> Yes, although that doesn't help BOINC.

16:49 <MTughan> I've run it on my Mobility Radeon 3470.

16:49 <CoderForLife> plink

16:49 <FreeLarry58> yeah ati bundles folding at home with ccc ap

16:50 <FreeLarry58> but don't want it

16:50 <Soul_keeper> soon as they get the bugs worked out with cuda in boinc projects, they'll likely start implementing brooke/stream support with ati cards

16:50 <MTughan> Not OpenCL?

16:50 <FreeLarry58> ??

16:50 <CoderForLife> hmm - now they're saying 1 to 2 inches

16:50 <Soul_keeper> well opencl would be the higher level api

16:51 <MTughan> FreeLarry58: New language pushed in part by Apple for GPU computing.

16:51 <Soul_keeper> that's in the works, completely up to individual projects if they want to go that route i guess

16:51 *** wdsmia_w has quit IRC

16:51 <FreeLarry58> ahh

16:51 * FreeLarry58 looks nope no apples in room

16:51 <MTughan> Pushed in part by Apple, but not limited to Apple.

16:52 <Soul_keeper> apple is a member of the opencl consortium, just like opengl

16:52 <Soul_keeper> a group of like 30 companies or whatever

16:52 <FreeLarry58> lol kind of figured like sun now

16:52 <MTughan> I first heard about it through Apple's site, that it was slated for inclusion in Snow Leopard.

16:52 <Soul_keeper> that's good

16:53 <Soul_keeper> maybe apple will use a few million of their 20+ billion to advance the tech

16:53 <FreeLarry58> ohh no sounds like the one member i w/*- with will be bragging up his son again soon - new apple os

16:53 <MTughan> That's why they tried to push it through quickly. Snow Leopard (10.6) could be out as soon as Q1 2009.

16:54 <Soul_keeper> nice

16:54 <Hodapp> WHEEE! new ebook reader

16:54 <MTughan> ...

16:55 <FreeLarry58> yeah but he knows less than me about os's and programing - his son keeps something like ssh to his machines to update them

16:55 <MTughan> He uses SSH to update machines? Windows, OS X, or Linux?

16:56 <FreeLarry58> saw my first ebook readers at borders yesterday - not sure i want to go 270usd for one tho especially if have to keep paying for ebooks and no means of saving after reading

16:56 <FreeLarry58> like ssh or remote desktop but apple version

16:56 <Hodapp> You don't have to read ebooks you must purchase.

16:57 <FreeLarry58> lol screens a bit small for my bad eyesight too Hodapp

16:57 <MTughan> OS X comes with an SSH server, but do you mean something like Remote Desktop, not CLI over SSH?

16:57 <FreeLarry58> not sure exactly as never go to his house - too far away from me

16:58 <FreeLarry58> his sone has somesort of server and supposed to be working with apple in some manner

16:58 <MTughan> Because OS X Leopard and later come with a VNC server as well. It's basically Remote Desktop, but a more open standard.

16:58 <FreeLarry58> in hardware and software developement side

16:58 <Hodapp> FreeLarry58: The type is about the same size as most of the paper books I have, so that's not an issue for me.

16:59 * FreeLarry58 ashamed to admit large type books getting more into his library

16:59 <MTughan> lol

16:59 <FreeLarry58> 12 to 14 pt still readable

17:00 <CoderForLife> break down and buy some glasses FreeLarry58

17:00 <FreeLarry58> been wearing glasses since i was 7

17:00 <FreeLarry58> now into bifocals

17:00 <CoderForLife> I meant, buy some that work

17:01 <FreeLarry58> lol just 6 months ago

17:01 <FreeLarry58> need new eyeballs

17:01 * CoderForLife gets out his pocket knife

17:01 <FreeLarry58> lol you got some bionic ones for me?

17:02 <CoderForLife> I gotcher bionics right here

17:02 <FreeLarry58> will even accept Geode type from stng

17:03 * FreeLarry58 virtual reality visor?

17:03 * CoderForLife puts together a couple of Coke bottles

17:03 <FreeLarry58> lol been there done that - coke isn't thick enough

17:04 <FreeLarry58> high density plastic lenses about 1/4" on glasses

17:05 <FreeLarry58> glass (safety) around 3/8"

17:05 * CoderForLife glues the Coke bottles on some welders goggles

17:05 <FreeLarry58> that is if keep small lense style

17:06 <FreeLarry58> large frame glasses get closer to 1/2" or thicker

17:06 <FreeLarry58> well time to wander

17:07 <FreeLarry58> tca

17:07 <CoderForLife> bbye

17:08 *** jackygrahamez has joined #boinc

17:09 *** jackygrahamez has quit IRC

17:10 <xcamel> CFL?

17:10 <Romulus> Rumor has it CFL is maybe busy doing husbandly chores, xcamel

17:10 <xcamel> oh this is funny....

17:10 <MTughan> O_O

17:10 <xcamel> DUBLIN, Ohio—Columbus police have charged a former member of Governor Ted Strickland’s staff with seven felonies, involving a prostitution ring.

17:11 <xcamel>

17:11 <Romulus> <> (at

17:12 <PovAddict> MTughan: did you try BOINC 6.4 to see if it detected Win7?

17:12 <MTughan> No. Should I?

17:13 <MTughan> :o

17:13 <Romulus> <> (at

17:14 <PovAddict> oshi-

17:14 <MTughan> Jobs, or you just found a major bug in BOINC?

17:15 <PovAddict> finding a major bug in BOINC wouldn't be news

17:15 <MTughan> lol

17:16 <PovAddict> a lot of comments there are saying things like

17:16 <PovAddict> "And here's to hoping AAPL doesn't get nailed tomorrow."

17:17 <MTughan> Knowing the stock market, it will.

17:22 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

17:28 <xcamel> I think SJ's health has already been priced into the stock

17:28 <xcamel> for a while now..

17:29 <Soul_keeper> he's got a hormone imbalance, just means he's becoming a woman ...

17:30 <xcamel> Actor Ricardo Montalban Dead at 88

17:30 <Soul_keeper> it's been proven that women can lead companies too ...

17:30 <xcamel>

17:30 <Romulus> <> (at

17:33 <CoderForLife> Corinthian leather

17:33 <CoderForLife> I liked the way he said that

17:34 <xcamel> catch that news tidbit?

17:36 <CoderForLife> yup

17:36 * CoderForLife read the bio of Tim Cook at Apple

17:38 <CoderForLife> Steve Jobs has some getting well to do

17:38 <xcamel>

17:38 <Romulus> <> (at

17:39 <wdsmia> Yikes it cold out there

17:39 <xcamel> 6/-16 here

17:39 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

17:39 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: -1.1F / -18.4C | Humidity: 72% | Pressure: 30.59in / 1035.8hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 5.0mph / 8.0km/h ; Tonight - Clear. Bitterly cold. Low around 20 below. Northwest wind 5 to 15 mph. Gusts up to 25 mph in the evening. Wind chill readings 25 below to 35 below zero.; Thursday - Sunny. Bitterly cold. High 5 to 10 below. (1 more message)

17:40 <xcamel> close enough.

17:40 <wdsmia> 20 below tonight :/

17:40 <CoderForLife> 31/22 here

17:41 <CoderForLife> negative 20?   brrr

17:42 <wdsmia> cleared the driveway now need to warm up

17:43 <CoderForLife> heading downstairs to the laptop

17:43 <CoderForLife> this gizmo is working out well

17:43 <Romulus> <> (at

17:44 <CoderForLife> first I'll fill the bird feeders, then look at some new Code =)

17:45 <xcamel> nothing about Strictland and his "bawny fwank" staff, eh?

17:48 <CoderForLife> McFadden?

17:50 <CoderForLife> down the stairs - laterz

18:07 *** sv2_ has quit IRC

18:09 *** [RKN]frost has joined #boinc

18:10 *** DerMeister has quit IRC

18:14 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

18:21 <wdsmia> Total credit 1,001,939 @Prime

18:22 <PovAddict> \o/

18:24 <wdsmia> 10th proj over a Million :)

18:25 <wdsmia> Hmm Next ?

18:29 *** CoderOnTheRoad has joined #boinc

18:29 *** CoderOnTheRoad is now known as CoderOnTheCouch

18:30 <xcamel> congrats..

18:30 <FreeLarry58> humm first wu from einstien that claimed less than 66 credits

18:31 <FreeLarry58> congrats wdsmia

18:31 <FreeLarry58> looks like <2000 for my second project to reach 1M and have almost 5000 pending there

18:32 * FreeLarry58 checks receipe book for couch potatoe stew

18:33 <FreeLarry58> yuck i didn't realize it wants to include the couch as an ingrediant

18:40 *** sigmund_ has joined #boinc

18:40 <Soul_keeper> &weather 91977

18:40 <PovAddict> omg 21:40

18:40 <Romulus> Soul_keeper: Temperature: 84.0F / 28.9C | Humidity: 19% | Pressure: 29.44in / 996.8hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 3.4mph / 5.5km/h ; Tonight - Clear. Lows 44 to 51. Winds east 15 mph. Gusts to 30 mph.; Thursday - Sunny. Highs 78 to 83. Winds east 15 mph with gusts to 25 mph.; Thursday Night - Mostly clear. Lows 45 to 51. Winds east 15 to 20 mph. Gusts to 35 (1 more message)

18:40 <PovAddict> and I've yet to do something productive since I came back from w$%&

18:41 <Soul_keeper> it's too hot here

18:42 <PovAddict> wow

18:42 <PovAddict> Soul_keeper: how south are you?

18:42 <Soul_keeper> san diego

18:42 <KathrynM> PovAddict, being productive is highly over rated

18:42 <Soul_keeper> my digital thermometer is only reading 77F tho

18:42 <Soul_keeper> musta been hotter a few hours ago

18:44 <KathrynM> wtf

18:45 <KathrynM> why can't my computer contact *any* time server

18:46 <KathrynM> &wx 44137

18:46 <Romulus> KathrynM: Temperature: 13.4F / -10.3C | Humidity: 88% | Pressure: 30.08in / 1018.5hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Light Snow | Wind Direction: ESE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Snow likely this evening...then a chance of snow after midnight. Additional snow accumulation around an inch. Lows around 3 above. North winds 10 to 15 mph...becoming northwest after midnight. Chance of snow 70 (2 more messages)

18:46 <KathrynM> &more

18:46 <Romulus> KathrynM: percent. Wind chill values as low as 1 below...decreasing to wind chill values as low as 10 below after midnight.; Thursday - Snow showers likely. Additional snow accumulation around an inch. Highs around 7 above. West winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 70 percent. Wind chill values as low as 10 below.; Thursday Night - Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of snow showers. Colder with lows (1 more message)

18:46 <KathrynM> &more

18:46 <Romulus> KathrynM: around 7 below. West winds 10 to 15 mph. Wind chill values as low as 17 below.; Wind Chill Advisory for Cuyahoga County in effect until 4:00 AM EST on January 17, 2009;

18:47 <KathrynM> brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

18:47 <KathrynM> glad I'm not at home

18:47 <PovAddict> KathrynM: trying stuff from

18:47 <KathrynM> yeah

18:47 <PovAddict> weird

18:47 * PovAddict syncs his

18:47 <KathrynM> all 4 of them

18:47 <PovAddict> 14 Jan 21:47:47 ntpdate[15563]: step time server offset -10.439255 sec

18:48 <KathrynM> asia, north america, oceania (wherever that is) and europe

18:48 <KathrynM> &wx ulsan

18:48 <PovAddict> all those are actually categories btw

18:48 <Romulus> KathrynM: Temperature: 19°F / -7°C | Humidity: 58% | Pressure: 30.45in / 1031hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 8mph / 13km/h | Updated: 8:00 AM KST; Unknown. High:26 F.; Clear. Low:21 F.; Clear. High:35 F.; Clear. Low:26 F.; Clear. High:46 F.; Clear. Low:32 F.;

18:48 <PovAddict> "" is 5 different servers in different geographical parts of US

18:48 <KathrynM> well, whatever

18:49 <KathrynM> none of them work

18:49 <PovAddict> hmm

18:49 <PovAddict> ntpdate

18:49 <KathrynM> only reason I noticed was because my clock is a minute behind my phone

18:49 <KathrynM> say what?

18:49 <PovAddict> I just tried one of the US servers and it failed, tried another and it worked

18:50 <PovAddict> run ntpdate on a shell

18:50 <PovAddict> hmph, some really do not work...

18:51 <KathrynM> 15 Jan 08:50:21 ntpdate[16532]: the NTP socket is in use, exiting

18:51 <PovAddict> :|

18:51 <KathrynM> ntp       2157  0.0  0.0   4612  1368 ?        Ss    2008   0:00 ntpd -u ntp:ntp -p /var/run/ -g

18:51 <KathrynM> from grepping ps aux

18:51 * KathrynM likes to grep

18:52 <PovAddict> "ntpdate will decline to set the date if an NTP server daemon (e.g., ntpd) is running on the same host."

18:52 <KathrynM> wtf

18:52 <KathrynM> I know I didn't do that

18:52 <PovAddict> ntpd is running according to your ps aux grep :)

18:52 <KathrynM> well I figured that much out

18:53 <KathrynM> I didn't set it up to do that

18:53 <PovAddict> your distro may set it up to do that automatically? (maybe using a bad server so it's not really doing anything?)

18:53 *** sigmund has quit IRC

18:53 * KathrynM bangs her head on the desk

18:54 <KathrynM> would Bad Things TM happen if I just killed the daemon

18:54 <KathrynM> *sigh*

18:54 <PovAddict> use the normal daemon-handling features of your distro

18:54 * PovAddict doesn't know fedora

18:56 <PovAddict> invoke-rc.d <name> stop? /etc/init.d/<name> stop?

18:56 <KathrynM> yeah

18:56 <PovAddict> oh just found docs... service ntpd stop

18:56 <KathrynM> I'm poking around in the admin menu for a minute

18:56 <KathrynM> yeah, I knew what it was

18:56 <KathrynM> I'm gonna see if what I just changed fixes it

18:57 * PovAddict loves the speed of this ubuntu mirror

19:05 *** [RKN]frost has quit IRC

19:08 <MTughan> KathrynM: Yeah, /sbin/service ntpd stop/restart

19:08 <MTughan> /sbin is not normally in the path, so you have to include it.

19:11 <CoderOnTheCouch> re-hi

19:11 <CoderOnTheCouch> was focused on Code =)

19:12 <MTughan> 'lo COTC

19:12 <CoderOnTheCouch> wattup with Fedora?

19:12 <MTughan> Compfy?

19:12 <MTughan> NTP daemon seems to be screwing with Kathy's head.

19:12 *** CoderOnTheCouch has quit IRC

19:12 <MTughan> And your head too...

19:14 *** CoderOnTheRoad has joined #boinc

19:14 *** CoderOnTheRoad is now known as CoderOnTheCouch

19:14 <MTughan> Did the NTP daemon screw with your head too?

19:14 <CoderOnTheCouch> tab bug

19:14 <CoderOnTheCouch> that was an old version

19:15 <CoderOnTheCouch> this is the latest version

19:15 <CoderOnTheCouch> sooooo

19:15 <CoderOnTheCouch> wattup with Fedora?

19:15 <KathrynM> when does linux not screw with my head?

19:15 <MTughan> <MTughan> NTP daemon seems to be screwing with Kathy's head.

19:15 <CoderOnTheCouch> I have no problems with ntpd

19:15 <MTughan> Hmm, is it legal to quote yourself?

19:15 <KathrynM> only here MTughan

19:16 <MTughan> The government keeps quoting itself then?

19:16 <KathrynM> here = #boinc

19:16 <KathrynM> I think lack of sleep is kicking in

19:16 <CoderOnTheCouch> "wattup with Fedora?"

19:16 <MTughan> Ah, I thought you meant here == Korea.

19:17 <CoderOnTheCouch> ntp not working?

19:17 <PovAddict> MTughan: that's the real world

19:19 <CoderOnTheCouch> ps -A | grep ntp

19:19 <xcamel> linux makes you cough up drywall screws?

19:20 <CoderOnTheCouch> ntpd running

19:20 <MTughan> I suppose that's one interpretation of "screwing"...

19:20 <xcamel> not going there

19:20 <Soul_keeper> any of you own a ps3 ?

19:20 <CoderOnTheCouch> $ /sbin/service ntpd status

19:20 <CoderOnTheCouch> ntpd (pid  3024) is running...

19:21 * PovAddict doesn't own any game console

19:21 <MTughan> My roommate has an Xbox, but no PS3 here.

19:21 <Soul_keeper> just wondering cause you can boinc on them ...

19:21 * KathrynM is going to w&$*

19:21 * KathrynM sobs

19:22 <MTughan> I was looking at one before, but I got the quad a couple months later instead. Probably a better buy for this.

19:22 <CoderOnTheCouch> what's wrong?

19:22 <MTughan> The germ factory, as she calls it..

19:23 <Soul_keeper> probably, i just wanted to see what kinda RAC someone with one running gpugrid is getting

19:23 * CoderOnTheCouch cluelessly goes back to Coding

19:23 * PovAddict would go back to Coding but dinner's ready

19:23 <MTughan> You should be able to find that on BOINCStats. One sec...

19:24 <MTughan>

19:24 <Romulus> <> (at

19:24 <MTughan> Anything with a Cell Broadband Engine is a PS3 AFAIK.

19:24 <MTughan> Looks like anywhere between 4000 and 5000 RAC.

19:25 <MTughan> Wow, three Core i7's have already made their way onto the top 20 hosts on GPUGRID...

19:26 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

19:31 <Romulus> New news from boinc: BOINC news January 14, 2009

19:32 <Soul_keeper> ok that's not bad

19:32 <Soul_keeper> they pull about 115 watts apparently

19:33 <Soul_keeper> and generate slightly less RAC as a slow cpu with a 9800GT  it seems

19:33 <Soul_keeper> better to go the pc route imo

19:33 <MTughan> 115 watts? Not bad.

19:34 <MTughan> I think my machine can pull close to 340W at max load.

19:34 <Soul_keeper> yeah that's what someone said on the forums, using a kill-a-watt meter

19:34 <MTughan> 250W or so with just the CPU.

19:34 <Soul_keeper> i'm pulling like 200 watts on my pc

19:34 <MTughan> This was measured using a UPS. :P

19:34 <MTughan> What CPU?

19:34 <MTughan> I'm using a Q6600 @ 3.2GHz.

19:35 <Soul_keeper> this one is a  q9450 @ 3.3GHz  with a radeon 3870   pulls  220watts max

19:35 <Soul_keeper> havn't measured the pull on my  e4300 (dual core2)  with the 9800GT,  but i'd guess it's about the same

19:35 <MTughan> Hmm, maybe something else was pulling power off the UPS too then... The CRT monitor I was using wasn't, but possibly something else.

19:36 <MTughan> Q6600 @ 3.2GHz with a Radeon 4870.

19:36 <Soul_keeper> specs say they 9800GT pulls 95watts, and the system pulls 110 watts without the card in it

19:36 <MTughan> I can say the Radeon pulls another 80W when under load compared to "idle".

19:36 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

19:36 <Soul_keeper> my P4 prescott pulled over 300 watts ...

19:37 <MTughan> I don't want to even know what my Prescott pulled...

19:37 <Soul_keeper> that was 90nm running at 3.2GHz with a 6800xt

19:37 <Soul_keeper> complete waste of electricity

19:37 <MTughan> I think I was at 3.15GHz with a Radeon 9600XT.

19:37 <Soul_keeper> i'm almost glad i fryed the motherboard on it

19:38 <MTughan> lol

19:38 <MTughan> Last time I used that machine was probably in the summer.

19:38 <MTughan> It's now without a CPU cooler, as the cooler's on here.

19:40 <MTughan> I doubt I could find RAC stats on that machine anymore... I know the Mac was a big step up, and that pulled in 2000-2500 credits/day IIRC.

19:40 *** efc has joined #boinc

19:40 <MTughan> Yay for multi-core! :P

19:40 <MTughan> 'lo ed

19:43 <xcamel> 'lo e

19:43 <CoderOnTheCouch> hiya efc

19:43 <Soul_keeper>    looks like mine was doing 20K a month

19:43 <Romulus> <> (at

19:43 <MTughan> 20K a month...

19:44 * CoderOnTheCouch goes for more beverage

19:44 <MTughan> What, about 670 credits/day? Sounds about right.

19:44 <Soul_keeper> yeah

19:45 <MTughan> Maybe I just chose a bad project...

19:45 <Romulus> <> (at

19:45 <Soul_keeper> 30% more power than a quad core2, and maybe 1/4th or 1/5th the RAC

19:45 <efc> moo

19:46 <Soul_keeper> you probably didn't have HT enabled

19:46 <MTughan> It was enabled.

19:47 <Soul_keeper> well mine was oc'd to 3.15GHz min, on 24/7 at a linux console running boinc high priority

19:47 <Soul_keeper> wcg and optimized seti

19:48 <MTughan> I didn't have BOINC on high priority, but could it pull down stats that much?

19:48 <MTughan> I didn't have optimized SETI either... IIRC, I was running mostly Einstein in the last few days/

19:48 <Soul_keeper> doubtfull, it was probably the optimized seti, it generated a lot of RAC

19:48 <xcamel> for anyone that cares..

19:48 <xcamel> that ms live thing...

19:49 <MTughan> Yeah, that could make a difference.

19:49 <xcamel> I am getting some really nasty spam from that domain...

19:49 <MTughan> xcamel: I haven't been getting any more spam than normal.

19:50 <xcamel> started just after I checked out the w7 download

19:50 <CoderOnTheCouch> spam has "up" for me

19:50 <CoderOnTheCouch> er is

19:50 <xcamel> stuff that is making it through my rather draconian filters

19:51 <MTughan> The only filter I have is Yahoo's and Thunderbirds. Neither has caught anything more.

19:51 <CoderOnTheCouch> zackly

19:51 <Soul_keeper> my athlonXP only generates about 160 RAc  haha

19:51 <MTughan> lol, nice.

19:54 <Soul_keeper> my  Eee does about 70 RAC

19:55 <MTughan> Maybe I should get my dad to attach his Eee... Such a boost in RAC! xD

19:58 <PovAddict> xcamel: when you give your Live account details to download W7, it has two checkboxes for Windows newsletters and stuff

19:58 <Soul_keeper> heh

19:59 *** Crewsr3 has joined #boinc

20:03 *** mydog2 has joined #boinc

20:04 *** jackygrahamez has joined #boinc

20:05 <xcamel> unchecked both of them

20:06 <xcamel> hell, I'm not that stupid...

20:07 <PovAddict> what kinda spam are you getting?

20:07 <xcamel> somebody has hacked the database.. I just got another one

20:08 <Soul_keeper> i wish i could add phone numbers to a "spam list" for my cell phone

20:08 <Soul_keeper> everyday some idiot text messages me the weather

20:10 <PovAddict> and they could be charging you for the service

20:11 <PovAddict> if you (accidentally) subscribed to it

20:12 <Soul_keeper> i didn't subscribe, i better look into this

20:14 <PovAddict> it's a typical thing

20:14 <PovAddict> they tell you to send a message with the word 'blah' to number '12345' to get... something

20:14 <PovAddict> like the weather

20:14 <CoderOnTheCouch> time for CoderSleep

20:14 <PovAddict> what they don't tell you is that you have just subscribed to get the weather daily

20:15 <CoderOnTheCouch> shudderdown Clancy, she's a-pumpin' mud

20:15 <CoderOnTheCouch> gn

20:16 *** CoderOnTheCouch has quit IRC

20:28 <xcamel> laterz..

20:31 <Soul_keeper> didn't see anything on the bill

20:32 <Soul_keeper> likely random spam, trying to get me to go to their website and buy stuff

20:33 <xcamel> funny, the left screamed like stuck pigs over the GWB inauguration...

20:33 <xcamel> at 33 mil

20:33 <xcamel> O'bummer is going to spend $150 mil - not a peep.

20:34 <MTughan> I read earlier today that he might close Guantanamo Bay.

20:34 <Soul_keeper> he'll spend a whole lot more than that

20:34 <Soul_keeper> 850 billion is the number he's been tossing around

20:34 <Soul_keeper> the rest of the tarp funds, and whatever else he does

20:35 <Soul_keeper> he wants to make it look like he's doing more for mainstreet than bush did for wallstreat

20:48 <efc> i don't think we're going to have any streets when this is done

20:49 <Hodapp> MTughan: Someone asked him if he'd close it.

20:49 <Hodapp> MTughan: He gave a typical politician anwser.

20:50 <Hodapp> he pretty much said "If I decide that it needs to be closed, I will close it."

21:02 <xcamel> spork >>

21:10 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

21:10 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: -6.7F / -21.5C | Humidity: 71% | Pressure: 30.65in / 1037.8hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 2.0mph / 3.2km/h ; Tonight - Clear. Bitterly cold. Low around 20 below. Northwest wind 5 to 15 mph. Gusts up to 25 mph in the evening. Wind chill readings 25 below to 35 below zero.; Thursday - Sunny. Bitterly cold. High 5 to 10 below. Northwest wind 5 (1 more message)

21:12 * wdsmia dont want any more

21:12 <PovAddict> !

21:26 <jasong> What's the name of that famous website?,, something like that?

21:26 <jasong> (I hope people know what I'm talking about)

21:31 <Tidus> ?

21:33 <xcamel> holding at -3 here

21:34 <jasong> yeah, thanks

21:34 <Tidus> &weahter 65647

21:34 <Romulus> Tidus: Are you daft?

21:34 <Tidus> doh.

21:34 <Tidus> &weather 65647

21:34 <Romulus> Tidus: Temperature: 23.4F / -4.8C | Humidity: 42% | Pressure: 29.15in / 987.0hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 3.1mph / 5.0km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Bitterly cold. Lows 2 to 6 above. Wind chill readings as cold as 10 below. North winds 15 to 25 mph in the evening decreasing to 10 to 15 mph after midnight.; Thursday - Partly sunny. Bitterly cold. (1 more message)

21:34 <Tidus> &more

21:34 <Romulus> Tidus: Highs 16 to 20. Lowest wind chill readings 10 below in the morning. North winds around 10 mph.; Thursday Night - Partly cloudy. Bitterly cold. Lows 1 to 5 above. Wind chill readings as cold as 5 below. Light and variable winds.; Wind Chill Advisory for Barry County in effect until 12:00 PM CST on January 15, 2009;

21:34 <Tidus> gawd... cold.

21:38 <Tidus> so yeah i tried taking the keyboard out of my laptop and cleaning it out (since liquid damage is what killed it in the first place) ... still all show and no go

21:38 *** desti_T2 has joined #boinc

21:38 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

21:54 <xcamel> laters... don't freeze.

21:54 *** desti has quit IRC

21:56 *** Crewsr3 has quit IRC

21:58 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

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22:03 <MTughan> Figures...

22:03 <Romulus> <> (at

22:06 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

22:37 *** PAPatriot1776 has joined #boinc

23:01 <FreeLarry58> bingo einstien Total credit 1,000,016

23:01 <wdsmia> Congrats

23:01 <FreeLarry58> yah now to figure out which one to try next

23:02 <Soul_keeper> i still got 100K to go on wcg

23:02 <PovAddict> lol wdsmia was in exact same dillema a few hours ago

23:02 <FreeLarry58> humm not doing that project

23:03 <wdsmia>

23:03 <Romulus> <> (at

23:04 <PovAddict> I keep groeing my Einstein stats archive...

23:04 <FreeLarry58> yeah i know the feeling PovAddict mine around 5000 currently

23:04 <FreeLarry58> for pending

23:05 <FreeLarry58> tomorrow when stats update hopefully it will reflect

23:05 <PovAddict> I also need someone to run it during feb, going on vacation and wont leave computer on, but I want the stats during that period too

23:05 <FreeLarry58> looks like seti next on list

23:06 <PovAddict> FreeLarry: I didnt mean pendings (I dont even crunch seti nowadays)

23:06 <FreeLarry58> can you make auto script to run? if so use the quad linus

23:06 <FreeLarry58> ohh

23:06 <PovAddict> FreeLarry:twice a day I download einstein stats exports

23:07 <FreeLarry58> during day no one using connection here and only late at night normally for me

23:07 <PovAddict> er, what did I typr? I meant I dont run Einstein nowadays (neither seti fwiw)

23:07 <FreeLarry58> fairly fast dl speed 6M if i remember

23:08 <FreeLarry58> i was saying you could use the quad under your account to dl stats then upload them to your machine when you get back

23:09 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

23:09 <PovAddict> just need 20MB download every 12 hours for 3 weeks, without missing on any

23:09 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: -9.4F / -23.0C | Humidity: 71% | Pressure: 30.69in / 1039.2hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 5.0mph / 8.0km/h ; Rest of Tonight - Clear. Bitterly cold. Low around 20 below. Northwest wind around 10 mph.; Thursday - Sunny. Bitterly cold. High 5 to 10 below. Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph.; Thursday Night - Mostly clear. Bitterly cold. Low 10 to 15 (1 more message)

23:10 <FreeLarry58> so 40M per day times 7 280 meg so just under a gig say - check disk size

23:10 <FreeLarry58> you'll find i dont use much on it

23:10 <PovAddict> lol, bitterly cold?

23:10 <wdsmia> that it is

23:10 <FreeLarry58> humm thats when scarf needed

23:11 <FreeLarry58> to keep tip of nose from falling off

23:11 <wdsmia> at 20 below more than your nose falls off

23:12 <FreeLarry58> i remember try -80 windchill and -14 mercury for an hour while pumping gas

23:12 <MTughan> &wx YOW

23:12 <Romulus> MTughan: Temperature: -9°F / -23°C | Humidity: 59% | Pressure: 30.25in / 1024hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 2mph / 4km/h | Updated: 11:00 PM EST; Tonight - Cloudy periods. Low -29C(-20F).; Thursday - Sunny. High -20C(-4F). Thursday night clear. Wind up to 15 km/h (9 mph). Low -31C(-24F). Wind chill -34.; Friday - Sunny. High -19C(-2F).;

23:12 <MTughan> Hey, Doug and I can relate... >_>

23:13 <wdsmia> yup

23:13 * FreeLarry58 is enjoying heat wave

23:13 <FreeLarry58> &wx 98366

23:13 <Romulus> FreeLarry58: Temperature: 39.6F / 4.2C | Humidity: 89% | Pressure: 30.40in / 1029.3hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Widespread low clouds and fog. Lows in the 30s. North wind to 10 mph this evening becoming light.; Thursday through Saturday - Widespread fog and low clouds especially near Puget Sound. Partly to mostly sunny in (2 more messages)

23:13 <FreeLarry58> &more

23:13 <Romulus> FreeLarry58: the afternoon...mainly East Part. Lows in the 30s. Highs in the mid 40s in the foggy areas to the mid 50s sunny areas East Part. Light wind.; Saturday Night through Sunday Night - Partly cloudy. Areas of fog. Lows in the mid to upper 30s. Highs in the lower 50s.; Flood Warning for Kitsap County in effect until 7:00 AM PST on January 15, 2009; Flood Advisory for Kitsap County in effect (1 more message)

23:13 <PovAddict> arse-freezing

23:13 <FreeLarry58> &more

23:13 <Romulus> FreeLarry58: until 12:00 PM PST on January 16, 2009; Air Stagnation Advisory for Kitsap County in effect until 12:00 PM PST on January 17, 2009;

23:14 <FreeLarry58> PovAddict that

23:14 <FreeLarry58> s what longjohns invented for

23:15 <PovAddict> hmm iphones should have replaceable screens

23:16 <PovAddict> looks like only way to clean my ipod touch screen is putting a new one

23:16 <MTughan> Well, they do. It's just expensive. ;)

23:17 <FreeLarry58> guess which is the quad

23:17 <Romulus> <> (at

23:17 <PovAddict> theres fingerprints in a certain pattern in one half of the screen... exactly where the keyboard keys show up, go figure

23:18 <MTughan> Can you not wipe it down with a shirt?

23:18 <FreeLarry58> have you tried rubbing alcohol

23:18 <MTughan> FreeLarry58: Haha...

23:18 <FreeLarry58> i use it on screens when off to remove oil

23:19 <MTughan> I usually use spit and fabric.

23:19 <PovAddict> MT: it spreads or moves the fingerprints

23:19 <FreeLarry58> if micro scratches clear wax polish works to to reduce image

23:19 <PovAddict> the shirt i mean

23:20 <FreeLarry58> i know

23:20 <PovAddict> seems to be just finger oil, no scratches

23:20 <MTughan> Yay! My items have been shipped!

23:21 * MTughan bought some TIM cleaner and some LED strips

23:21 <FreeLarry58> try a little alcohol on shirt then

23:22 <PovAddict> at 2 am, i should try sleep instead

23:22 <PovAddict> w&@% 2morrow

23:23 <FreeLarry58> for small comparision of cpus

23:23 <Romulus> <> (at

23:24 <FreeLarry58> notice difference between q6600 on nix and vista

23:24 <MTughan> Have you overclocked the quad?

23:24 <FreeLarry58> nope

23:25 <MTughan> Is it run 50/50 Windows/Linux?

23:25 <FreeLarry58> two different machines

23:25 <MTughan> Oh, okay.

23:25 <FreeLarry58> pretty close to same hardware vista newer stuff

23:26 <MTughan> I was going to stick with Windows on here, but maybe I should just bite the bullet and resurrect my Linux partition...

23:26 <FreeLarry58> lol

23:26 <MTughan> Will need some updating, it's currently Fedora 7 x86, but I should be able to stick Fedora 8 x86_64 on it.

23:26 <FreeLarry58> thats whats on the quad

23:27 <FreeLarry58> and vista 64  on other

23:27 <MTughan> I think I might just have to let it run for a bit under Win7 though, see where I reach. My dual is fetching ~3500-4000 a day from ABC.

23:27 <FreeLarry58> not bad

23:27 <MTughan> And I've got 7500 in pending from ABC...

23:28 <FreeLarry58> hummm time for change over i guess

23:28 <Soul_keeper> what's that project do ?  count the alphabet 1000 times per WU ?

23:28 <FreeLarry58> no think its trying to make a better ruler

23:28 <MTughan> It's trying to solve the abc-conjecture. One sec...

23:28 <MTughan>

23:28 <Romulus> Title: What is the abc conjecture? (at

23:31 <MTughan> At this point, it's basically just a brute force method I believe.

23:32 <MTughan> bbiab

23:33 <FreeLarry58> yup

23:33 *** jackygrahamez has quit IRC

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