IRC logs of #boinc for Wednesday, 2009-01-28

00:02 <MTughan> PovAddict: New CAD sillies up, just in case RSS misfires.

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00:15 <quail> &wx ypad

00:15 <Romulus> quail: Temperature: 108°F / 42°C | Humidity: 16% | Pressure: 29.68in / 1005hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 13mph / 20km/h | Updated: 3:30 PM CST; Scattered Clouds. High:100 F.; Partly Cloudy. Low:82 F.; Scattered Clouds. High:100 F.; Scattered Clouds. Low:84 F.; Clear. High:100 F.; Clear. Low:73 F.;

00:17 <Soul_keeper> &wx 91977

00:17 <Romulus> Soul_keeper: Temperature: 43.3F / 6.3C | Humidity: 68% | Pressure: 29.71in / 1006.0hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows 35 to 45. Local northeast winds 15 mph with gusts to 25 mph.; Wednesday - Sunny. Highs 69 to 74. Light winds.; Wednesday Night - Mostly clear. Lows 43 to 53. Winds east 15 mph. Gusts to 25 mph (1 more message)

00:17 <Soul_keeper> 108 ?   where is that quail ?

00:17 <quail> adelaide australia

00:18 <Soul_keeper> summertime there i assume ?

00:18 <quail> late summer

00:19 <Soul_keeper> nice

00:24 <jasong> Okay, I'm stumped.  I typed yum clean all, then yum update --skip-broken , and it didn't update a single thing

00:24 <jasong> Any ideas?

00:25 <jasong> Btw, I upgraded from F8 to F10, and this is the first update after that

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04:30 <CoderForLife>,2933,483477,00.html

04:30 <Romulus> <> (at

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04:47 <meglaw_> morning.

04:49 <CoderForLife> morning

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05:44 <xcamel> lo

05:44 <xcamel> yeah, it's started..

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05:46 <meglaw_> what is

05:47 <xcamel> 'the storm'

05:49 <xcamel> off to work..

06:10 * CoderForLife sits entombed in ice, listening to trees fall in the woods

06:13 <CoderForLife> 6000 without power so far

06:17 <jrodger> CodeForLife: 6000 what ?

06:17 <CoderForLife> customers

06:18 <CoderForLife>

06:18 <Romulus> <> (at

06:18 <meglaw_> guys, do u know how much

06:18 <jrodger> ok.....are you guys experiencing inclement weather?

06:18 <meglaw_> kWh per year u consume

06:18 <CoderForLife> 7000 now - freezing rain

06:18 <CoderForLife> about 4 inches of snow yesterday

06:18 <CoderForLife> about 1/4 inch of ice

06:19 <CoderForLife> expecting up to 6 or so inches of snow today

06:19 <CoderForLife> trees breaking in the woods behind the house

06:19 <jrodger> mustn't be in Australia then, Adelaide (South Australia) is looking at having a week at 40 deg C plus

06:19 <CoderForLife> Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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06:22 <KathrynM> &wx ulsan

06:22 <Romulus> KathrynM: Temperature: 39°F / 4°C | Humidity: 70% | Pressure: 30.30in / 1026hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 2mph / 4km/h | Updated: 8:00 PM KST; Clear. High:48 F.; Scattered Clouds. Low:35 F.; Chance of Rain. High:51 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:42 F.; Chance of Rain. High:50 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:35 F.;

06:22 <CoderForLife> morning KathrynM

06:23 <KathrynM> morning Mr. CoderForLife

06:23 <CoderForLife> wanted to get that in while I have power

06:23 * KathrynM prays for CoderForLife's power lines

06:23 <KathrynM> &wx 44137

06:23 <Romulus> KathrynM: Temperature: 21.0F / -6.1C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 29.77in / 1008.0hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Light Snow | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Snow. Snow may be heavy at times. Additional snow accumulation of 4 to 6 inches for a storm total of 8 to 11 inches. Highs in the upper 20s. North winds around 10 mph... becoming northwest 10 to 20 mph this (2 more messages)

06:23 <KathrynM> &moe

06:23 <Romulus> KathrynM: Are you daft?

06:23 <KathrynM> &more

06:23 <Romulus> KathrynM: afternoon. Chance of snow near 100 percent.; Tonight - Cloudy. Snow showers likely in the evening. Additional snow accumulation around an inch. Lows around 16. West winds 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 60 percent.; Thursday - Cloudy. A chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 20s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 40 percent.; Winter Storm Warning for Cuyahoga (1 more message)

06:23 <KathrynM> yes rommie, I am daft

06:23 <CoderForLife> &larry

06:23 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Are you daft?

06:23 <KathrynM> :)

06:23 <CoderForLife> &curly

06:23 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Are you daft?

06:23 <KathrynM> &more

06:23 <Romulus> KathrynM: County in effect until 7:00 PM EST on January 28, 2009;

06:23 * KathrynM is glad she's not in Ohio

06:24 <CoderForLife> Ohio misses you

06:24 <KathrynM> awwwwwwwww

06:25 * CoderForLife listens to a tree cracking near the house

06:25 <CoderForLife> I need the flashlight - brb

06:26 <hawmps> got more ice?

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06:32 <hawmps> "Food stamps and unemployment insurance will provide more economic stimulus than tax cuts, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday during a telephone press conference."

06:33 <hawmps> I didn't think it possible that this woman could be any more stupid.

06:35 <CoderForLife> very much more ice

06:35 <CoderForLife> my driveway looks like a skating rink

06:35 <CoderForLife> trees are breaking and falling

06:36 <CoderForLife> I'm staying put for now

06:37 <hawmps>

06:37 <Romulus> <> (at

06:37 <hawmps> lol

06:38 <CoderForLife> welcome to paradise, Barry

06:40 <hawmps>

06:40 <Romulus> <> (at

06:44 <hawmps> brb

06:44 <CoderForLife> k

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06:49 <CoderForLife> left the flashlight downstairs - brb

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07:16 <hawmps> back again

07:16 <hawmps> &wx 12020

07:16 <Romulus> hawmps: Temperature: 18.0F / -7.8C | Humidity: 88% | Pressure: 30.03in / 1016.8hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Light Snow | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 1.0mph / 1.6km/h ; Today - Snow. Sleet this afternoon. Snow may be heavy at times. Snow and sleet accumulation of 5 to 10 inches. Ice accumulation of up to one tenth of an inch. Highs in the upper 20s. East winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of (2 more messages)

07:16 <hawmps> &more

07:16 <Romulus> hawmps: precipitation near 100 percent.; Tonight - Mostly cloudy. Snow...freezing rain and sleet in the evening. Total snow accumulation of 6 to 12 inches. Ice accumulation of up to one tenth of an inch. Lows around 19. Northwest winds 15 to 20 mph. Gusts up to 35 mph after midnight. Chance of precipitation 90 percent.; Thursday - Mostly cloudy. Highs around 30. West winds 10 to 15 mph.; Winter (1 more message)

07:16 <hawmps> &more

07:16 <Romulus> hawmps: Storm Warning for Saratoga County in effect until 6:00 AM EST on January 29, 2009;

07:19 <CoderForLife> wb

07:19 <CoderForLife> changing over to snow now

07:20 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

07:20 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 31.2F / -0.4C | Humidity: 90% | Pressure: 29.68in / 1005.0hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Light Freezing Rain | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Freezing rain and sleet early...changing back to snow this morning. Snow may be heavy at times this morning. Additional snow and sleet accumulation of 2 to 4 inches. Additional ice accumulation of a (2 more messages)

07:20 <CoderForLife> &more

07:20 <Romulus> CoderForLife: tenth to two tenths of an inch. Morning highs in the upper 20s...then temperatures falling into the lower 20s this afternoon. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation 100 percent.; Tonight - Mostly cloudy. Lows 15 to 20. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph.; Thursday - Mostly cloudy. Highs in the mid 20s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph.; Winter Storm Warning for Hamilton County in (1 more message)

07:20 <CoderForLife> &more

07:20 <Romulus> CoderForLife: effect until 12:00 PM EST on January 28, 2009;

07:21 <CoderForLife> the sound of falling tree debris has stopped

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07:32 <hawmps> mostly fine snow here, will go up to 1-2" per hour by lunchtime

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07:50 <hawmps> seti offline...

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08:20 <CoderForLife> well - off into the winterwhite

08:20 <CoderForLife> laterz

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08:47 <wdsmia_w> &wx 50319

08:47 <Romulus> wdsmia_w: Temperature: -2.7F / -19.3C | Humidity: 85% | Pressure: 30.08in / 1018.5hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Haze | Wind Direction: SE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Early This Morning - Mostly clear. Very cold. Patchy ice fog. Light wind.; Today - Partly sunny. Very cold. Patchy ice fog early in the morning. High in the lower 20s. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph.; Tonight - Mostly cloudy. Not as (1 more message)

08:48 <wdsmia_w> &more

08:48 <Romulus> wdsmia_w: cold. Low 15 to 20. West wind 10 to 15 mph.;

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09:33 <MTughan__> Well, the forecasts were wrong for out area... It's snowing here too.

09:36 <hawmps> snowing harder now here

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09:41 <MTughan> I woke up quite cold. Thought the window was open too much (we use it to counter the heat from the computers), and there's a bit of snow coming in.

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10:01 <hawmps> looks like we'll get a foot or more..

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10:57 <desti>

10:57 <Romulus> Title: Shadowgrounds Survivor is coming to Linux | Linux Game Publishing Blog (at

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12:07 <hawmps> Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboard player Billy Powell dead at 56

12:07 <hawmps>

12:07 <Romulus> <> (at

12:09 <hawmps> wow

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12:20 <jackygrahamez> hi

12:21 <jackygrahamez> &wx 20001

12:21 <Romulus> jackygrahamez: Temperature: 32.6F / 0.3C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 29.74in / 1007.0hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Light Freezing Drizzle | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; This Afternoon - Light freezing rain and freezing drizzle. Little or no additional ice accumulation. Highs in the lower 30s. South winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation near 100 percent.; Tonight - Mostly (1 more message)

12:21 <jackygrahamez> &more

12:21 <Romulus> jackygrahamez: cloudy with a slight chance of rain in the evening...then partly cloudy after midnight. Lows in the upper 20s. West winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.; Thursday - Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 30s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.; Winter Storm Warning for District of Columbia County in effect until 6:00 PM EST on January 28, 2009;

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13:15 <Tank_Master> &wx 97123

13:15 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Temperature: 39.6F / 4.2C | Humidity: 98% | Pressure: 30.39in / 1029.0hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Fog | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of showers in the morning. Patchy fog in the morning. Highs around 45. Light wind.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Areas of fog after midnight. Lows 30 to 35. Light wind.; Thursday - Partly sunny. (1 more message)

13:15 <Tank_Master> &more

13:15 <Romulus> Tank_Master: Areas of fog in the morning. Highs 45 to 50. Light wind.;

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13:38 <wdsmia_w> Not much solar power today Jay lol

13:38 <hawmps> um... no

13:38 <hawmps> 25w/m by UV only

13:39 <ELGono> how was the url to wattmeter?

13:39 <ELGono> forgot to bookmark

13:39 <hawmps>

13:39 <Romulus> <> (at

13:39 <wdsmia_w> look at the bright side only 51 more days till spring

13:39 <ELGono> ahh solrenview ;)

13:40 <hawmps> kind of half sleet half snow now

13:40 <ELGono> :/

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13:40 <ELGono> we still have freezing fog

13:41 <ELGono> trees beginn to come down

13:42 <hawmps> that was CFL's problem this morning

13:44 <Romulus> New news from boinc: BOINC news January 28, 2009

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13:53 <FreeLarry58> not frezing but heavy fog here

13:53 <FreeLarry58> humm is fedore10 dvd iso good - trying to burn dvd now for the vista machine tryout

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14:07 <FreeLarry58> humm fedora 10 dvd boots machine it looks like -- now should i just blank the visat drive or get a different hd to install to??? especially with the pain that i had installing vista the first time

14:07 <MTughan> Partition?

14:08 <FreeLarry58> hd only single partition  all windows

14:08 <MTughan> Yes, but there is partitioning software.

14:09 <FreeLarry58> true but not to sure machine all that stable to try with - last time never could get f9 to fully install

14:09 <FreeLarry58> or f8

14:10 * FreeLarry58 thinks he will go get second hd to install

14:10 <FreeLarry58> and disconnect the vista hd

14:10 <FreeLarry58> memtest86 currently running and will it so for a while

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14:20 <FreeLarry58> humm see if i do go for second drive will have to find mounting hardware too

14:20 <FreeLarry58> plastic slides to go onto hd then slide into slot

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14:22 <FreeLarry58> looks like i used up all the sata cables too ;( dang more items to look for

14:25 <yoyo[RKN]> moin

14:25 <Tank_Master> yoyo!

14:26 <yoyo[RKN]> &wx sxf

14:26 <Romulus> yoyo[RKN]: Temperature: 27°F / -3°C | Humidity: 100% | Pressure: 30.21in / 1023hPa | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: NNE | Wind Speed: 4mph / 6km/h | Updated: 8:20 PM CET; Clear. High:33 F.; Clear. Low:26 F.; Scattered Clouds. High:35 F.; Scattered Clouds. Low:26 F.; Clear. High:35 F.; Chance of Snow. Low:24 F.;

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14:56 <jackygrahamez> I finally figured out some iphone problem that was annoying me :-)

14:56 <Tank_Master> lemme gues,, its the iphone that was the problem

14:57 <jackygrahamez> no I'm playing with the emulator, don't own a phone yet...If I read the comment bellow where I inserted an image it said, Texture dimensions must be a power of 2

14:58 <Tank_Master> ah

14:58 <jackygrahamez> I got to get my head around OpenGL programming

14:58 <Tank_Master> :)

14:59 <jackygrahamez> some days I can't seem to focus on one thing for 5 minutes

14:59 <Tank_Master> LOL

14:59 <Tank_Master> I have days like that to

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15:11 <ComradeHaz> Hi all. Are there any known issues with KDE4 and boinc manager?

15:12 <ComradeHaz> since installing KDE4 this morning the manager can't connect to the processes :S

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15:23 <FreeLarry58> humm thats nice - 1T hd for 130 at the expensive store in town here - prices have dropped

15:24 <FreeLarry58> thats what a 320G was going for last year

15:24 <Tank_Master> the 1.5tb shouldnt be all that much more

15:26 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

15:26 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 25.3F / -3.7C | Humidity: 83% | Pressure: 29.91in / 1012.8hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; This Afternoon - Partly sunny with a 50 percent chance of snow early...then mostly sunny. Near steady temperatures in the lower 20s. West winds around 10 mph.; Tonight - Clear. Lows 15 to 20. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph.; (1 more message)

15:26 <CoderForLife> &more

15:26 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Thursday - Mostly cloudy. Highs in the mid 20s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph.;

15:26 <FreeLarry58> didn't have in store here yet - probably do in tacoma tho

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15:27 <CoderForLife> the storm is over

15:27 <PovAddict> huh, Konversation crashed

15:27 *** sigmund_ has quit IRC

15:27 <PovAddict> anyway, just going to say bye

15:27 <PovAddict> cya in 3 weeks :)

15:27 <Tank_Master> hf!

15:27 <CoderForLife> ack

15:27 <Tank_Master> where you headed?

15:27 <CoderForLife> bye Pov

15:27 <PovAddict> Spain

15:28 <CoderForLife> wow

15:28 <Tank_Master> wee

15:28 <CoderForLife> woo

15:28 <PovAddict> been "a while" since I went on an international flight

15:28 <Tank_Master> well, havea great time!

15:28 <CoderForLife> indeed - hf

15:28 <PovAddict> (over 10 yrs :P)

15:28 <Tank_Master> dont forget to stop in here from time to time ;)

15:30 * PovAddict forces report on BOINC projects and shuts down

15:31 <PovAddict> (I had already set NNW so queue is empty by now, but with stuff ready to report)

15:31 <CoderForLife> cya

15:32 <FreeLarry58> tc PovAddict

15:32 <FreeLarry58> well starting f10 install to new hd - hope it goes alright -- oops forgot to hook the lan backup to machine bbiab

15:34 <CoderForLife> out to tackle the driveway - bbl

15:35 <FreeLarry58> without hookup it gave an error on install right away - not able to initialize something

15:35 <Tank_Master> gl cfl :)

15:35 * FreeLarry58 rubs back and feels sorry for Celelibi

15:35 <FreeLarry58> CoderForLife

15:35 * FreeLarry58 hit tab too soon

15:36 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

15:36 <FreeLarry58> so bets on how long a 1T hd takes to format? i say at least 4 hrs

15:37 <Hodapp> 7200 RPM?

15:39 <FreeLarry58> yeah

15:41 <Hodapp> what model?

15:41 <Romulus> what model is that again? The XE-120, Hodapp

15:41 <Hodapp> GO HOME, BOT

15:42 <ComradeHaz> guys? Any known issues with KDE4?

15:43 <FreeLarry58> maxtor stm310005n

15:51 <FreeLarry58> just started hd partition and formatting

15:57 <FreeLarry58> done?

15:57 <FreeLarry58> don't need webserver boinc so will just leave as default office/productivity

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16:03 <FreeLarry58> humm with jackygrahamez sign off - wonder what the definition of 'sin tax' would be

16:06 <FreeLarry58> oh i like already got 10% of packages installed for f10 much faster than trying to install windows

16:21 <xcamel> re-hi

16:23 <FreeLarry58> howdy jay

16:23 <FreeLarry58> f10 going into vista machine currently - so far so good - no crashes with it

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16:25 <xcamel> well... turned to sleet... less snow now.

16:25 <FreeLarry58> ugg but more ice

16:26 <xcamel> driveway all cleaned/scraped down...

16:26 <FreeLarry58> salted?

16:26 <xcamel> now just to ice up...

16:26 *** MTughan_ is now known as MTughan

16:28 * FreeLarry58 wonders why f10 requires an internet connection to install

16:29 <FreeLarry58> wouldn't install just from dvd unless was able to connect to internet

16:29 <xcamel> F10 is fast, but a bit odd

16:29 <FreeLarry58> found out by accident as had cable disconnected while running vista

16:29 <xcamel> and you have to use gnome if you want boincmgr

16:30 *** sigmund has quit IRC

16:30 <FreeLarry58> just doing the office/productivity packs on it -- hh will probably set up like have on the 2 f8 machines

16:31 <FreeLarry58> almost 80% done now

16:34 <FreeLarry58> how hard is it to upgrade f8 to f10 and is it worth the chance of losing data jay?

16:34 <xcamel> still running non-destructive 'badblocks' to see if I can remap the touchy drives

16:34 <xcamel> on kyzyl

16:34 *** sigmund has joined #boinc

16:35 <FreeLarry58> sounds chancy xcamel

16:36 <FreeLarry58> got new drive to install f10 on as didn't want to chance destroying almost working os if f10 oops during install (1T drive)

16:37 <xcamel> I grabbed a 300 sata for the new PV and I'll move everything to that eventually

16:38 <FreeLarry58> if this works here will be pulling a 320 sataII drive out of machine

16:39 * FreeLarry58 wonders why he gets such large drives when everything fits on less than 60 gigs

16:39 * xcamel notes kyzyl is getting a bit long in the tooth

16:40 <FreeLarry58> same with this machine

16:40 <xcamel> but as long as it still works...

16:40 <FreeLarry58> it does what it needs to do - run your site on it?

16:41 <xcamel> yeah

16:41 <FreeLarry58> than stable is better

16:41 <xcamel> and the email server

16:46 *** PrincessAna has joined #boinc

16:48 * FreeLarry58 now if only some game software manufactures would support linux more wouldn't have to have win machines

16:49 <xcamel> ditto's on that.

16:49 <xcamel> wonduhs

16:49 <xcamel> of winduhs

16:50 * FreeLarry58 in my case almost to win-sledge

16:50 <FreeLarry58> at least for vista

16:50 <FreeLarry58> not even looking forward to trying win7

16:51 <xcamel> no upgrade path from XP... couldn't care less.

16:52 <FreeLarry58> yah i know and xp was and is very good and stable

16:52 <FreeLarry58> win7 supposed to be vista based with a lot of the goofware removed

16:53 <FreeLarry58> install done trying to boot up now

16:54 <FreeLarry58> not bad 1 hr 2 minutes from start of hd partitioning and format to installed

16:56 *** MTughan has quit IRC

16:56 *** MTughan has joined #boinc

16:57 <Tank_Master> ?

16:57 <Tank_Master> thats hella long

16:57 <Tank_Master> took me only 15-20 min

16:57 <xcamel> I picked up 2 scsi 36gb quantum fireball spares, and a 300 sata veloci-raptor -- por nada

16:58 <Tank_Master> ooohhh, FL, your runing off the dvd?

16:58 <Tank_Master> try installing from the HD or a USB stick

16:58 <xcamel> or stick with FC8

17:00 <Tank_Master> o.0?

17:00 <Tank_Master> would stick with some underrated incompatible os?

17:00 <Tank_Master> :P

17:00 <xcamel> p~~~

17:02 <FreeLarry58> install disk Tank_Master

17:02 <FreeLarry58> just booted from hd

17:02 <Tank_Master> ahh, yeah, dvds are sslllooowwww

17:02 <Tank_Master> and yes, win7 does now support installing off a USB device!

17:02 <FreeLarry58> true but with 4 gig of info

17:03 <wdsmia> re-hi

17:03 <Tank_Master> re wb

17:03 <FreeLarry58> wb wdsmia

17:03 <FreeLarry58> took a few trys but f10 finally booted to setup screens ;)

17:04 <Tank_Master> days??

17:04 <Tank_Master> and they say windows is slow to boot

17:09 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

17:11 <FreeLarry58> vista is

17:11 <FreeLarry58> initial install of f10 - took machine a few trys to start with it but finally learned enough to come up

17:18 *** MTughan has quit IRC

17:18 *** MTughan has joined #boinc

17:18 <xcamel> ( Computer Stats ) [ CPU Model: Dual AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 250

17:19 <xcamel> woah.. even the old script works

17:27 *** DerMeister has quit IRC

17:35 <xcamel> &wx 12074

17:35 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 24.2F / -4.3C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 29.55in / 1000.6hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Light Ice Pellets | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 1.0mph / 1.6km/h ; Tonight - Mostly cloudy. Snow this evening...then a slight chance of snow showers after midnight. Total snow accumulation of 6 to 12 inches. Ice accumulation of up to one tenth of an inch. The low around 20. Northwest (2 more messages)

17:35 <xcamel> &more

17:35 <Romulus> xcamel: winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of snow 90 percent.; Thursday - Partly sunny. The high around 30. West winds 10 to 15 mph.; Thursday Night - Partly cloudy in the evening...then becoming mostly cloudy. The low around 11. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph.; Winter Storm Warning for Saratoga County in effect until 6:00 AM EST on January 29, 2009; Special Weather Statement for (1 more message)

17:35 <xcamel> &more

17:35 <Romulus> xcamel: Saratoga County in effect until 7:00 PM EST on January 28, 2009;

17:36 <xcamel> that wind is going to make things ugly..

17:45 <CoderForLife> re-hi

17:46 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

17:46 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 23.9F / -4.5C | Humidity: 84% | Pressure: 29.97in / 1014.8hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Mostly cloudy early...then becoming partly cloudy late this evening...then becoming mostly clear. Lows 5 to 10 above. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Wind chill as low as 5 below.; Thursday - Partly sunny in the (1 more message)

17:46 <CoderForLife> it's going to freeze this crap solid tonight

17:46 <CoderForLife> &more

17:46 <Romulus> CoderForLife: morning...then mostly cloudy with a slight chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 20s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph. Chance of snow 20 percent.; Thursday Night - Mostly cloudy with a 40 percent chance of snow showers. Lows 15 to 20. West winds 5 to 10 mph.;

17:48 <CoderForLife> well - back out to finish the upper drive before darkness overtakes the whiteness

17:48 <CoderForLife> bbl

18:00 *** PrincessAna has left #boinc

18:01 <xcamel> 'lo Don

18:04 <xcamel> er not

18:08 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

18:08 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 24.5F / -4.2C | Humidity: 68% | Pressure: 29.85in / 1010.7hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 3.0mph / 4.8km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy early in the evening then becoming mostly cloudy. Not as cold. Scattered flurries after midnight. Low 15 to 20. West wind 10 to 15 mph.; Thursday - Mostly cloudy. Scattered flurries. High in the upper (1 more message)

18:08 <wdsmia> &more

18:08 <Romulus> wdsmia: 20s. Northwest wind 10 to 15 mph with gusts to around 25 mph.; Thursday Night - Mostly cloudy early in the evening then becoming partly cloudy. Colder. Low 5 to 10 above. Northwest wind 5 to 15 mph.;

18:10 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

18:20 <FreeLarry58> humm how do you run the sh file for boinc after you dl it?

18:24 <FreeLarry58> ah well finally remembered how to change to su so yuming it

18:24 <FreeLarry58> not the newest but don't need gpu stuff anyway

18:25 <xcamel> just sudo sh boinc

18:25 <xcamel> check that

18:26 <xcamel> just sudo sh boinc<whatever>.sh

18:30 <FreeLarry58> not on sudoers list so didn't work

18:30 <FreeLarry58> yum installed 6.2.15 but cant connect to localhost for some reason

18:31 *** [RKN]frost has quit IRC

18:32 <xcamel> just sudo <root pswd> sh boinc<whatever>.sh

18:33 <FreeLarry58> ah will try that

18:33 <MTughan> "sudo ./boinc<whatever>.sh" will work too if it's marked executable.

18:33 <xcamel> edit run_manager to give it the correct dir(s)

18:35 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o xcamel

18:35 *** xcamel sets mode: -o hawmps

18:35 *** xcamel sets mode: -o xcamel

18:35 <FreeLarry58> MTughan that brings back request for sudo pw which i don't have

18:35 <xcamel> are you already root?

18:35 <FreeLarry58> root pw and user pw is different

18:35 <MTughan> Ah...

18:36 <MTughan> "su -c ./boinc<" should work.

18:36 <FreeLarry58> k will try that one

18:36 <MTughan> Or "su -c 'sh boinc<whatever>.sh'"

18:36 <MTughan> su will ask for the root password, sudo requires you to be on the sudoers file and asks for the user pw.

18:37 <xcamel> what you get is a ready-to-run directory called /BOINC

18:38 <FreeLarry58> permission denied

18:40 <xcamel> woah.. zero GOP support for Porkulus Maximus in the house.

18:40 <FreeLarry58> second one worked

18:41 <FreeLarry58> another name for the stimulous?

18:41 <FreeLarry58> if economy doesn't get you first the packages will

18:42 <Hodapp> meh, GOP

18:42 <xcamel> yup -- all twelve cents on the dollar of benefit

18:42 *** hawmps has quit IRC

18:43 <xcamel> I'd much rather have the whole disaster on **their heads**

18:43 <Hodapp> what do you mean?

18:44 <xcamel> pretty easy to figure out...

18:44 <xcamel> what they're doing has never worked - ever- anywhere it's been tried.

18:45 <Hodapp> It's not pretty easy for me to figure out what you mean by "on their heads"...

18:45 <xcamel> on the dems

18:45 <xcamel> let the whole mees be on them.

18:45 <xcamel> whe it blows up.

18:45 <xcamel> er when, even.

18:45 <Hodapp> What are they trying?

18:46 <xcamel> this idiot 'stimulus package'

18:46 <FreeLarry58> welll they did inheriate some of it already

18:46 * FreeLarry58 doesn't consider himself dem or gop

18:46 <xcamel> they caused the mess.. but have skated so far... their day is coming...

18:47 <FreeLarry58> wonder how far back to find out where the deregulation of banks and wallstreet came from

18:47 <xcamel> deregulation wasn't the problem.

18:47 <xcamel> failure to regulate congress was

18:48 <FreeLarry58> nope greed was and it knows no bounds

18:48 <FreeLarry58> regulate the lawmakers -- isn't that what milita for?

18:48 <Hodapp> they aren't without fault, but they certainly aren't the only ones at fault.

18:49 <CoderForLife> re-hi

18:50 <Hodapp> there's a difference between starting a fire, pouring gasoline on an existing fire, staring at a fire, and trying to put a fire out.

18:50 <FreeLarry58> howdy CoderForLife

18:50 <CoderForLife> whole driveway done now

18:50 <xcamel> equivication doesn't play here - one bad pub, and 50 dirty dems doesn't make "everyone" at fault.

18:50 <FreeLarry58> ohh run_manager still wont connect  - don't know how to edit

18:50 <Hodapp> Who's equivocating?

18:50 * CoderForLife passes out from exhaustion

18:51 <xcamel> 'lo ExhaustedFromDriveway..

18:51 <FreeLarry58> careful CoderForLife don't fall over into flames

18:51 * CoderForLife needs a stimulus package

18:51 <FreeLarry58> &coffee for CoderForLife

18:51 <Romulus> Here's your quad expresso!! BANG! Need an ambulance in 10 minutes?

18:51 <Hodapp> I'm no fan of the stimulus package...

18:51 <CoderForLife> that was tough icecrap

18:51 <xcamel> good boy...

18:52 <xcamel> btw - the cost is now $7200 for every many woman and child...

18:52 <FreeLarry58> stimulus just going to cost us latter

18:52 <xcamel> cough it up..

18:52 * CoderForLife needs a bailout to pay the stimulus

18:52 <Hodapp> would have helped if McCain and Bush didn't support the bailout either.

18:52 * xcamel needs a firing squad for most of congress

18:52 <FreeLarry58> and the stimulus packages earlier

18:53 <CoderForLife> McCain was the Democratic candidate

18:53 <Hodapp> It would help if any of our "Republicans" were actually conservative.

18:53 * CoderForLife nods

18:53 <Hodapp> besides Ron Paul.

18:53 <xcamel> McDem was a losing proposition to begin with

18:53 * CoderForLife nods

18:54 <xcamel> conservative is good.

18:54 <Hodapp> conservative can be good.

18:54 <CoderForLife> ack - I feel like Mother Nature beat me over the head with my own snow thrower

18:55 <xcamel> notwitstanding this stimulus/bailout is mostly unconstitutional

18:55 <Hodapp> we threw out the constitution awhile ago.

18:55 <CoderForLife> Barry perjured himself when he took the oath (both times)

18:56 <xcamel> Dumb Criminal: Drug dealer arrested in police station bathroom (while trying to make a deal)

18:56 <CoderForLife> "preserve, protect, defend"

18:56 <xcamel> became: Tax, Spend, Party!

18:56 <CoderForLife> he's on record saying "unfinished"

18:56 <Hodapp> That's much worse than Borrow, Spend, Party.

18:56 <xcamel> plenty of that too...

18:57 <xcamel> right down to your dog catcher.

18:59 <xcamel> only 13gb left to scan

18:59 <CoderForLife> market up on "bad bank" plan?

19:00 <Hodapp> let's go find some libertarians to laugh at

19:00 <Hodapp> wait, no... let's find some socialists first

19:00 <Hodapp> and get them to fight with the libertarians

19:00 <Hodapp> then we'll go laugh at whoever's left.

19:00 * xcamel looks around suspiciously

19:00 <FreeLarry58> humm how do you get boinc manager to connect to your own machine?

19:01 <jasong1> What's funny about Libertarians?

19:01 <FreeLarry58> keeps saying connect refused

19:01 <xcamel> not librarians...

19:01 <CoderForLife> running Vista?  =)

19:01 <xcamel> but they can be hot...

19:01 * FreeLarry58 thinks of librarian saying this book overdue

19:01 <FreeLarry58> nope CoderForLife just installed fedora 10 on that machine

19:01 <jasong1> I took a test once to see which political party fitted me the best, and it said Libertarian.  I never actually bothered to find out what Libertarians believe though

19:02 <xcamel> see if ./boinc will run from a console in that dir

19:02 <jasong1> And it's probably a bad idea to trust an algorithm anyway

19:02 <FreeLarry58> they kind of mid road with extreme views

19:02 <CoderForLife> 99.9% of my problems on Linux is permissions FL

19:02 <xcamel> libraritarian?

19:02 * jasong1 makes a mental note to look up Libertarianism on the web later

19:03 <xcamel> &google Libertarianism

19:03 <Romulus> xcamel: Search took 0.15 seconds: Libertarianism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Libertarianism (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; Libertarianism .com: <>; What Is Libertarianism ?: <>; Libertarian Party | (2 more messages)

19:03 *** jasong1 is now known as jasong

19:03 <CoderForLife> one of my associates at w@#% is Libertarian, and he makes lots of sense

19:03 <xcamel> but not much money...

19:04 <xcamel> ba ta ching..

19:04 <CoderForLife> he's a millionaire actually

19:04 <xcamel> read Edmund Burke then

19:04 <FreeLarry58> humm says boinc is already running but don't show in top

19:05 <CoderForLife> usually I'm on his side against another guy who is a flaming liberal

19:05 <jasong> Anybody available to help me with a problem?  I'm trying to update my computer and yum update doesn't do anything except give me a ton of errors

19:05 <xcamel> then you have a lockfile in /var/lock

19:05 <xcamel> try 'killall boinc'

19:06 <CoderForLife> sometimes in the past I've had to rebuild the rpm db

19:06 <xcamel> jasong - try 'yum check-update' first

19:06 <FreeLarry58> no processes killed

19:06 <xcamel> what distro?

19:06 <Romulus> hmm... what distro is this, xcamel

19:07 <FreeLarry58> yum put in 6.2.25 and just tried 6.4.5

19:07 <jasong> okay, I'll run that and post it

19:07 <FreeLarry58> don't know where 6.2.15 installed

19:07 <jasong> Be a few minutes, though

19:07 <FreeLarry58> 6.2.15

19:07 <xcamel> jasong >> if fedora... do 'service yum-updatesd stop' first

19:08 <xcamel> then yum should work correctly

19:08 <CoderForLife> I don't run yum-updatesd

19:09 <xcamel> yeah.. it's fraked.

19:09 * jasong is a perma-noob

19:09 <CoderForLife> I disabled it, and run yum on Saturday mornings from cron

19:09 <xcamel> wow - I just noticed my uptime on kahuna

19:09 <xcamel> 275d 5h

19:09 <CoderForLife> woot

19:10 <xcamel> that's not bad..

19:10 <CoderForLife> quite good, but expected for Linux

19:10 <CoderForLife> I just plain forget I have Linux running

19:10 <xcamel> romy runs on the most stable box..

19:13 <xcamel> any luck, FreeLarry58?

19:14 <CoderForLife> I'm going to drop of and get this winterdoom washed off of me

19:14 <CoderForLife> cya folks

19:14 <xcamel> one hot tun, one rubber duckie..

19:14 <xcamel> er 'tub' even

19:14 * CoderForLife looks around for the camera

19:15 <CoderForLife> gn =)

19:15 <jasong>

19:15 <Romulus> Title: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at

19:16 <jasong> That's what yum update gives me

19:16 <jasong> That's after turning off the service, then running yum check-update and yum update

19:17 <jasong> I have the feeling that the problem is simpler than it appears, but I have no idea how to read that clusterf*** of data

19:17 <xcamel> no indication of what your command line was..

19:17 <jasong> yum update

19:17 <xcamel> never run 'yum update' alone

19:18 <xcamel> too many conflicts

19:18 <jasong> As I said a few minutes ago, I'm a perma-noob

19:18 <jasong> What would you recommend?

19:18 <xcamel> run yum check-update, and pick from the list of things you really need..

19:18 * jasong intends to undertake a massive self-education campaign

19:19 <xcamel> you run gnome or kde?

19:19 <jasong> I run whatever F10 gave me

19:19 <jasong> I never really changed anything

19:20 <xcamel> blue screen with blue sun?

19:20 <jasong> That's on the other computer, but the interface looks the same, so what is it, then?

19:20 <xcamel> kde most likely

19:21 <jasong> There are about 600 packages that "want" to get updated, how do I figure out what to do next?

19:22 * jasong is sorry he's an idiot

19:22 <xcamel> you could do 'yum install kyum' and do it al graphically...

19:22 <jasong> okay, thanks

19:22 <FreeLarry58> no xcamel shutting down then will start again

19:22 <xcamel> hmmm..

19:23 <jasong> Are you sure you spelled the package right, xcamel

19:23 <jasong> It says that package isn't available

19:23 <FreeLarry58> might not have all packages needed as left as office/productivity instead of full install

19:25 * jasong doesn't know what npviewer is, but he hates it with a passion

19:25 <jasong> It wastes cpu like nobody's business

19:26 <FreeLarry58> humm that was interesting on startup - showed a lot of memory locations in cpu and saying lockup there? conflicst with sound etc

19:28 <jasong> Damn, my graphical updater won't open up

19:28 * jasong decides to struggle with yum a bit more

19:32 <FreeLarry58> k think this mb and processor fubar and will have to replace machine

19:33 <FreeLarry58> irq - kernal panick

19:36 <FreeLarry58> at least linux give you messages indicating where problem may lie

19:37 <FreeLarry58> instead of generic - hardware problem message from M$ saying all hardware

19:41 *** MTughan has quit IRC

19:41 *** MTughan has joined #boinc

19:42 <xcamel> poof <> foop

19:42 <jasong> Is there any way to get yum to restrict updates to the truly necessary stuff?  I'm trying to find a way to "chunkify"  stuff

19:44 <jasong> I think when I learn some programming skills, I might try to make a graphical client that represents bash commands in a graphical format, with lots of little help bubbles available with a mouse click

19:49 *** efc has joined #boinc

19:50 <Soul_keeper> &wx 91977

19:50 <Romulus> Soul_keeper: Temperature: 66.6F / 19.2C | Humidity: 24% | Pressure: 29.50in / 998.9hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows 45 to 55. Winds east 15 to 20 mph. Gusts to 30 mph.; Thursday - Mostly sunny. Highs 77 to 82 in the western valleys to 70 to 75 near the foothills. Winds east 15 to 25 mph. Gusts to 40 mph.; Thursday (1 more message)

19:52 *** MTughan has quit IRC

19:52 *** MTughan has joined #boinc

20:00 <FreeLarry58> yup time for new mb i think - seems like errors deal with northbridge to cpu and to eth0 onboard connections

20:00 <xcamel> ungood.

20:00 <FreeLarry58> very

20:00 <xcamel> 'lo Ed

20:01 <FreeLarry58> so mb been bad from day one i would say

20:01 <Tank_Master> try a pci NIC

20:01 <FreeLarry58> still wouldn't help i don't think for nb to cpu

20:02 <Tank_Master> never know?

20:02 <FreeLarry58> true

20:02 <Tank_Master> could always try upgrading the vid card...

20:02 <Tank_Master> hehe

20:02 <xcamel> I had one I though was bad too... and it was an underpowered PSU

20:02 <FreeLarry58> tried that  - no good

20:02 <xcamel> it gave me a world of trouble

20:02 <Tank_Master> ahh, yes, the ps may be going out, or be underpowered

20:02 <jasong> Hey, I think I've figured out why you never see bathrooms on Star Trek

20:03 <Tank_Master> why?

20:03 <FreeLarry58> humm may try that then

20:03 <Tank_Master> I thought it was for budget coinserns

20:03 <efc> Any good links to whats in the stimulus?

20:03 <jasong> Maybe they teleport the waste somewhere instead of people having to go to the toilet

20:03 <xcamel> nobody gives a sh** ??

20:03 * FreeLarry58 feels wallet being ripped from pocket

20:03 <xcamel> Ed... "Porkulus Maximus"

20:04 <xcamel> Mass spends $77,000 on flat-screens for inmates....

20:04 <xcamel> ...last week...

20:08 <Tank_Master> o.0?

20:08 <Tank_Master> wheres mine?

20:09 <xcamel> you would need to be in a Mass prison...

20:09 <Tank_Master> ok

20:09 <Tank_Master> I will if it meens a free flat screen

20:13 <FreeLarry58> jsut checked ps -- 12 volt rails do appear to be light rating 14 and 16 amps - most connectors used to so will get different ps first

20:13 <xcamel> what mb/cpu?

20:13 <efc> I just wanted an actual list instead of various accusations..

20:13 <efc> I could break down and google it

20:14 <FreeLarry58> q6600 and a gigabyte n650sli mb

20:14 <FreeLarry58> 4 gig ram

20:14 <xcamel> Take a piece of NanPo's $50 million condom fund..

20:15 <xcamel> 750-800 watts larry

20:15 <xcamel> minimum

20:15 <FreeLarry58> yeah

20:15 <xcamel> serverspec if you can get it..

20:15 <FreeLarry58> thats what i get for letting someone else put a machine together for me

20:15 <Tank_Master> my 680 watt is strugeling to power my qx6700, geforce 8800, 4GB ram, asus

20:16 <FreeLarry58> not many places around here do servers - a couple but they far

20:16 <xcamel> buy it online

20:16 <Tank_Master> if I suspend the gpu app, te fans get louder...

20:17 <xcamel> 750w toughpower

20:17 <efc>

20:17 <FreeLarry58> startup take a lot of power and so do boinc apps when running (cpu that is)

20:17 <Romulus> <> (at

20:17 <xcamel> $144.61 - Provantage

20:17 <FreeLarry58> tc have to make rounds of the inmates

20:17 <xcamel> laterz

20:17 * FreeLarry58 myself as number 1

20:22 <MTughan> xcamel: With a 750W, OC'd Q6600, Asus MB, and 8GB of DDR2 RAM @ 2.1V, my system only draws max 400W from the wall under full CPU and GPU load.

20:22 <Tank_Master> what gpu?

20:23 <MTughan> Radeon HD4870.

20:23 <Tank_Master> what r u runing onthe gpu?

20:23 <MTughan> ATITool.

20:24 <MTughan> Basically runs an intense fur render to max the GPU.

20:24 <MTughan> Used for testing overclocks, useful for max GPU power usage and heat generation as well.

20:24 <Tank_Master> ah, so your not crunching with it

20:24 <MTughan> Not yet. ;)

20:24 <Tank_Master> what a waste :P

20:25 <MTughan> It can do 4 MW apps in 40-45 seconds, judging from a starter app someone has.

20:25 <MTughan> 4 MW WUs*

20:25 <MTughan>

20:25 <Romulus> <> (at

20:28 <efc> $600 million in new efficient cars for the govt, doubling the fleet. Then won't they.. use more energy with twice the cars..

20:28 <Tank_Master> doesnt matter

20:29 <Tank_Master> that are *green* cars

20:29 <Tank_Master> they*

20:31 *** xcamel_ has joined #boinc

20:31 *** mchelen has joined #boinc

20:44 <jasong> I read somewhere where a guy compared computer programming to worshipping an Old Testament God.  You're both called to perfection and the "object" is totally unforgiving.

20:46 <jasong> Actually, that sounds like a lot of modern churches, now that I think about it

20:46 <jasong> (Christian churches)

20:53 *** vlazar_ has joined #boinc

21:08 *** xcamel_ has quit IRC

21:08 <mchelen> depends on the church ;)

21:09 <jasong> yes, of course ")

21:09 <jasong> oops, wrong punctuation mark

21:09 <jasong> :)

21:10 * jasong needs to learn to program shortcut keys, so he can "scroll to markerline" faster

21:11 *** clusty has quit IRC

21:13 <jasong> Is there a yum command that will simply tell me all the conflicts?

21:28 <Tank_Master> yum yum

21:39 *** desti_T2 has joined #boinc

21:41 *** desti has quit IRC

21:52 *** MTughan has quit IRC

21:52 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

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21:58 *** MTughan_ is now known as MTughan

22:02 <Soul_keeper> good work

22:05 <xcamel> nytol..

22:06 <MTughan> Night Jay.

22:28 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

22:31 <zombie67> w00!  100k @ virtual prairie!  100k @ Folding (with my current team)!  Good day!

23:32 <zombie67> this's dead jim!

23:36 <Soul_keeper> yup

23:41 *** MTughan_ has joined #boinc

23:46 <zombie67> MT!

23:56 *** MTughan__ has joined #boinc

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