IRC logs of #boinc for Wednesday, 2009-02-18

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01:36 <Soul_keeper> brandnew80dollarkeyboardandthespacedon'twork

01:36 <Soul_keeper> great

01:38 <Soul_keeper> thischangesmyopinionofrazer

01:39 <jasong> Man, that's like the worst possible key to go bad

01:44 <Soul_keeper> back on my old keyboard]

01:44 <Soul_keeper> i don't think i can forgive razer for this

01:44 <Soul_keeper> their mouse also broke on me

01:44 <Soul_keeper> the scrolling wheel fell off

01:44 <Soul_keeper> i was able to super glue it back on but ...

01:45 <Soul_keeper> one of the main reasons i bought the keyboard was because it had an american flag on it

01:45 <Soul_keeper> i assumed that meant it was made in america

01:45 <Soul_keeper> but when i got it home the small print said "made for the USA"

01:45 <Soul_keeper> chinese junk

01:49 <Soul_keeper> you can see the wear on the keys already from using it, i guess i type too much ...

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03:38 <ELGono> lol SK

04:24 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

04:24 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 41.5F / 5.3C | Humidity: 79% | Pressure: 29.56in / 1000.9hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Occasional showers with a chance of thunderstorms this morning...then showers likely with a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. Highs in the lower 50s. Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph... becoming west late. Chance (2 more messages)

04:24 <CoderForLife> &more

04:24 <Romulus> CoderForLife: of rain 100 percent.; Tonight - Cloudy. A chance of rain and snow in the evening... then snow showers likely after midnight. Snow accumulation less than an inch. Lows in the mid 20s. West winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of precipitation 60 percent.; Thursday - Cloudy. A chance of snow showers in the morning. Much colder. Highs in the upper 20s. West winds 15 to 20 (1 more message)

04:25 <CoderForLife> &more

04:25 <Romulus> CoderForLife: mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of snow 30 percent.;

04:25 <CoderForLife> the struggle between winter and spring begins

04:34 <efc> moo cfl

04:34 <CoderForLife> moo efc

04:35 <efc> How does the view of Rome burning look from there?

04:36 <CoderForLife> I've got my package of hot dogs at the ready

04:36 <Soul_keeper> i hate you all

04:36 <efc> Marshmellows here

04:37 <CoderForLife> so I help you with regexs, and this is how I'm rewarded?

04:38 <Soul_keeper> pretty much

04:38 <CoderForLife> oic

04:38 <Soul_keeper> i'm a hatefull person :)

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04:39 * CoderForLife takes notes

04:39 <ELGono> stars'n'stripes keyboard, eh ? ... still laughing on that ;)

04:39 <Soul_keeper> i guess i should be coding, since i'm obviousely waking up at like 7pm these days ...

04:40 <Soul_keeper> now that i wrote that 2000 lines of perl code, i gotta port it to c/c++

04:41 <Soul_keeper>   perl stops working when you use your cpu ...

04:42 <ELGono> we just went from principal axis transformation to quaternion this night

04:42 <ELGono> wich way bad matrix calculation

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04:55 <CoderForLife> what was all that?

04:55 <Romulus> Somebody said all that is turning into show here, CoderForLife

04:56 <CoderForLife> is this microphone on?

04:57 <CoderForLife> &ping

04:57 <Romulus> pong

04:57 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

04:57 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 41.1F / 5.1C | Humidity: 81% | Pressure: 29.53in / 999.9hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 1.5mph / 2.4km/h ; Today - Occasional showers with a chance of thunderstorms this morning...then showers likely with a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. Highs in the lower 50s. Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph... becoming west late. Chance (2 more messages)

04:57 <CoderForLife> &more

04:57 <Romulus> CoderForLife: of rain 100 percent.; Tonight - Cloudy. A chance of rain and snow in the evening... then snow showers likely after midnight. Snow accumulation less than an inch. Lows in the mid 20s. West winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of precipitation 60 percent.; Thursday - Cloudy. A chance of snow showers in the morning. Much colder. Highs in the upper 20s. West winds 15 to 20 (1 more message)

04:57 <CoderForLife> &more

04:57 <Romulus> CoderForLife: mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of snow 30 percent.;

04:58 <CoderForLife> Soul_keeper

04:58 <Romulus> Title: Any Tips to Reduce PERL CPU Usage? (at

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04:59 <ELGono> wow, that was some split

04:59 <CoderForLife> very hurtful

04:59 <ELGono> and jay's solren mrtg was not reable

04:59 <ELGono> from europe

04:59 <ELGono> was

04:59 <ELGono>, too ;)

05:00 <CoderForLife> maybe something happened to an Internet router

05:00 <CoderForLife> I lost AOL IM at the same time

05:00 <ELGono> but looks like there router issue at eastcoast

05:00 <ELGono> yea many icq members were offline for me, too

05:01 <ELGono> also eastcoast usa members mostly

05:01 <CoderForLife> there was a disturbance in the Force

05:02 <Soul_keeper> i'm thinking it won't be that hard to port to C

05:02 <Soul_keeper> already got a few dozens lines put down during that split ...

05:02 <Soul_keeper> i'll keep the cgi part in perl of course, just gotta make the daemons in C

05:03 <Soul_keeper> i'll combine the 3 perl daemons into a single threaded C daemon

05:03 <Soul_keeper> should run much better

05:03 <CoderForLife> I spent too much time yesterday trying to add regex support to C - I have no library call

05:04 <Soul_keeper> well i'll definately need regex capability

05:04 <CoderForLife> I realized then that my need was less intense, and used strstr() to match

05:06 <ELGono> "I think i can just unplug this one to use for my Vaccuum"

05:06 <ELGono> might be an explenation too

05:07 <ELGono> explanation

05:07 <CoderForLife> It's all about you, ELGono

05:08 <ELGono> well just created a 4th dimension in my R ... but that should be no harm for reallife R

05:09 <ELGono> need that for quaternions

05:10 <ELGono> my R is now R^4 .. plus each axis has a complex axis now too

05:10 <CoderForLife> you lead a charmed but strange existence  =)

05:11 <ELGono> hehe in this case my GF is leading me ;)

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05:11 <ELGono> it's for her diploma thesis ... and she need to get through this

05:12 <ELGono> wierd bunch of mathlab code

05:12 <CoderForLife> we have Mathematica here

05:12 <ELGono> wich simulates a car in simulator with 6 stereo-picture-projectors

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05:13 <ELGono> real fancy stuff ... the campus is already implemented as 3D environment ;)

05:14 <ELGono> but rotating parts like wheels is real pain ...

05:14 <XioNYC> &ping

05:14 <Romulus> pong

05:15 <CoderForLife> we had a rough netsplit XioNYC

05:15 <ELGono> ouch, that table tennis ball hurts ;)

05:15 <CoderForLife> we're thinking actually a router failure

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05:18 <clusty> hey

05:18 <CoderForLife> hey

05:18 <clusty> i am hacing some boinc client iossues...

05:18 <clusty> under windows from time to time the client just won't connect to the server no more

05:18 <clusty> complaining no internet

05:18 <clusty> even though internet is there...

05:19 <clusty> and only solution is a PC restart

05:19 <clusty> is it just me?

05:19 <CoderForLife> we just had a bad netsplit, which may be Internet related

05:19 <ELGono> tracerouting from ashburn, virginia to my maschine has a big increase in latency

05:19 <CoderForLife> maybe an East Coasrt US router?

05:19 <ELGono> just at the across-the-ocean routers

05:19 <CoderForLife> I lost AOL IM at the same time

05:19 <ELGono> virginia to east coast ~2ms between each router

05:20 <CoderForLife> Global Notice just came through

05:20 <ELGono> us to uk (london) 170ms

05:20 <ELGono> and from london to me 2ms

05:20 <CoderForLife> did you see the Notice?

05:20 <ELGono> yep

05:21 <ELGono> maybe the trans-atlantic wires glowing by irc-DDOS

05:21 <ELGono> hehe

05:22 <ELGono> i'm directly hoocked up DFN (german scientific network) and us webpages also seems quite slow

05:23 <ELGono> while europe is normal

05:23 <CoderForLife> that's unusual =)

05:23 <ELGono> indeed

05:24 <ELGono> ping to jay also +120ms compared to normal

05:25 <ELGono> well time for lunch ... yummy yummy & laterz

05:26 <CoderForLife> cya

05:26 <XioNYC> I dunno about the netsplit, but I'm sure the Tubes short-circuited out by my exit on the information superhighway... o_O very strange

05:27 <CoderForLife> we lost IRC there for about 5 minutes

05:30 <XioNYC> I lost everything for a good 10 minutes - ipfw went "wtf",  two Linux ISOs got stalled in Safari, and VirtualPC started having nasty convulsions... And it's not even a full moon!

05:30 <CoderForLife> it was all SNAFUd

05:32 <XioNYC> More like FUBARred... all my Ibercivis WUs are back at square 1 >_<

05:33 <CoderForLife> ack

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05:53 <Soul_keeper> hmmm

05:53 <Soul_keeper> oracle would have you believe it takes 18 lines of C code just to close a db ...

05:53 <Soul_keeper>

05:53 <Romulus> <> (at

05:54 <Soul_keeper> first thing i have to locate on this internet is what are the includes for berkeley db ...

05:56 <Soul_keeper> yeah this will take some time

06:02 <Soul_keeper> so basically one of the admins saw some pesky ircd thing running in psaux and  killed it  :)  ?

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06:19 <CoderForLife> off to w@#%

06:19 <CoderForLife> keep hope and irc alive

06:19 <CoderForLife> laterz

06:32 <hawmps> spork >>

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07:06 <hawmps> &wx 12020

07:06 <Romulus> hawmps: Temperature: 11.8F / -11.2C | Humidity: 87% | Pressure: 30.07in / 1018.2hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Partly sunny this morning...then cloudy with snow or rain this afternoon. Snow accumulation a dusting. Highs in the mid 30s. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph...increasing to around 15 mph this afternoon. Chance of precipitation (2 more messages)

07:10 <hawmps> &more

07:10 <Romulus> hawmps: 90 percent.; Tonight - Snow. Snow accumulation around an inch. Near steady temperature in the lower 30s. Southeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow near 100 percent.; Thursday - Mostly cloudy. A chance of rain or snow in the morning... then a chance of rain or snow showers in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 40s. Temperature falling into the mid 30s in the afternoon. Southwest winds 5 to (1 more message)

07:10 <hawmps> &more

07:10 <Romulus> hawmps: 10 mph...becoming west 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation 30 percent.;

07:20 <Soul_keeper> absolutely amazing

07:21 <Soul_keeper> ZERO installation instructions for berkeley db

07:21 <Soul_keeper> oracle must be a worthless company

07:21 <hawmps> except oracle is worth a couple billion

07:23 <Soul_keeper> well good for them ...

07:30 <Soul_keeper> had to consult some random guy's blog for the info

07:33 <Soul_keeper> DB databases can store up to 256 terabytes of data. Individual record keys or record data can store up to 4 gigabytes of data.       great ....

07:37 <Soul_keeper> definately an "in crowd" thing to learn this

07:37 <Soul_keeper> the docs are vague at best

07:38 <Soul_keeper> fuck this crap, i'm going to sleep

07:38 <wdsmia_> asks Soul_keeper to please watch his or her language Thanks, your friendly channel op.

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07:54 <Soul_keeper> and of course other bullshit like creating a team of your own in gpugrid is apparently something that can't be done

07:54 <wdsmia_> asks Soul_keeper to please watch his or her language Thanks, your friendly channel op.

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07:54 <lubomir> hello

07:54 <hawmps> hi

07:54 <lubomir> i use boinc on windows and linux

07:54 <hawmps> and...?

07:54 <lubomir> and have the problem, that on linux it doesnt find the cuda device

07:55 <hawmps> what vid card?

07:55 <lubomir> nvidia 8800gtx with 8800ultra bios

07:56 <hawmps> check the boinc linux cuda howto?

07:56 <lubomir> i use gentoo and set there the cuda useflag(activate the cuda support). so i think it should work...

07:56 <lubomir> where is that howto?

07:58 <hawmps> it's not quite that simple... but looking..

07:58 <hawmps> &tiny

07:58 <Romulus> hawmps:

07:58 <Romulus> <> (at

07:59 <Soul_keeper> you have to have the cuda enabled nvidia drivers installed, and X must be running for boinc to detect cuda

07:59 <hawmps> fedora gentoo should work the same

07:59 <Soul_keeper>

07:59 <Romulus> Title: Download CUDA Code - complete and free toolkit for creating derivative !@#&s (at

07:59 <hawmps> I was getting to that...

08:00 <Soul_keeper> btw gpugrid claims that the ps3 cell processor is 16x faster than a 2GHz opteron ...

08:00 <lubomir> i have the cuda code installed

08:01 <Soul_keeper> what do you mean by "code" ?

08:01 <lubomir> that have been activated as dependencies when setting the cuda useflag

08:01 <hawmps> not just

08:01 <lubomir> dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit

08:01 <lubomir> version 2.1

08:02 <Soul_keeper> the toolkit will do you no good

08:02 <Soul_keeper> that's if you wanna create/build cuda enabled apps

08:02 <Soul_keeper> you need the cuda enabled drivers

08:02 <lubomir> nvidia-drivers 180.29 are installed

08:03 <Soul_keeper> CUDA driver: NVIDIA Driver for Linux 64-bit with CUDA Support (180.22)     this is the latest cuda enabled driver for 64-bit linux

08:04 <lubomir> Soul_keeper, gentoo means building everything from source. so i think the cuda-toolkit is been installed to build boinc with cuda support

08:04 <lubomir> the 22 was the first one

08:04 <Soul_keeper> i know what gentoo is, and no you can't build proprietary drivers from source

08:04 <lubomir> the second was the 27 and now actual is the 29

08:04 <lubomir> of course nvidia is always bin ^

08:05 <Soul_keeper>

08:05 <Romulus> <> (at

08:05 <Soul_keeper> you have the non-cuda enabled drivers

08:05 <Soul_keeper> just go to the link i posted when you first came in and fix the problem

08:05 <Soul_keeper> your useflags will fix nothing

08:05 <lubomir> nvidia have take the cuda out???

08:06 <Soul_keeper>

08:06 <Romulus> Title: Download CUDA Code - complete and free toolkit for creating derivative !@#&s (at

08:06 <Soul_keeper> there are two versions of the drivers

08:06 <Soul_keeper> cuda enabled,  and standard

08:07 <Soul_keeper>

08:07 <Romulus> <> (at

08:13 <lubomir> Soul_keeper, thank you very much. I never would get the idea, that nvidia adds cuda to 22 and the 27 or 29 have again no cuda...

08:13 <lubomir> is it the same on windows?

08:13 <lubomir> i think there every new driver have cuda,or?

08:15 <Soul_keeper> i dunno, i havn't used windows since 2004

08:15 <Soul_keeper> everytime you upgrade the drivers for linux you need to use that "get cuda" link tho

08:16 <Soul_keeper> errr   cuda_get.html

08:16 <lubomir> nvidia should put cuda inside every release...

08:17 <Soul_keeper> it's still pretty recent, i think they want to keep the drivers small, since cuda is only supported on geforce 8  and up

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08:18 <lubomir> Soul_keeper, seems like on windows its always in

08:18 <lubomir>

08:18 <Romulus> <> (at

08:18 <lubomir> Supports NVIDIA PhysX acceleration on GeForce via CUDA 2.0 for SDK versions 2.7.3, 2.7.2, 2.7.5, 2.8.0 and 2.8.1 (requires graphics driver v177.81 or later).

08:19 <Soul_keeper> maybe they'll add it in later then

08:19 <Soul_keeper> PhysX  is for games and stuff tho

08:20 <lubomir> yea, i know

08:20 <lubomir> but it base on cuda

08:20 <lubomir> so its only supported with series8 and up

08:21 <Soul_keeper> :)

08:21 <Soul_keeper> i have a 9800GT

08:22 <Soul_keeper> very happy with it

08:23 <lubomir> mine 8800gtx@ultra is faster :-P

08:23 <lubomir> i downgrade now the driver

08:23 <lubomir> will come in some minutes again

08:23 <lubomir> thx for your help

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08:24 <Soul_keeper> well it's not necesarrily a downgrade, the version number is arbitrary

08:25 <Soul_keeper> released only 5 days appart ...

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08:28 <lubomir> no cuda device find

08:28 <lubomir> :-(

08:29 <lubomir> 180.22 is installed now

08:30 <lubomir> boinc starts as a default with linux a moment "before" X. So i stopped boinc(process) and start it again after the X server was completely up and running, but it doesnt change anything

08:34 <lubomir> Soul_keeper, have you an idea?

08:41 <Soul_keeper> let's troubleshoot

08:41 <Soul_keeper> glxinfo |grep rendering

08:42 <Soul_keeper>     Driver         "nvidia"                    in your xorg.conf ?

08:43 <lubomir> glxinfo |grep rendering

08:43 <lubomir> direct rendering: Yes

08:43 <hawmps> iirc, you may need to start a minimal desktop, and run boinc via run_manager..

08:43 <lubomir> i play 3d game on linux ;-)

08:44 <lubomir> and yes, i have set the nvidia driver in my xorg.conf

08:44 <Soul_keeper> what version of boinc ?

08:44 <lubomir> 6.4.5

08:45 <Soul_keeper> i'm using 6.5.0

08:46 <lubomir> 6.4.5 have cuda support and is the actual stable one

08:47 <Soul_keeper> how's that working for you ?

08:47 <lubomir> how did you mean that?

08:47 <Soul_keeper> :)

08:47 <lubomir> the actual testing one is the 6.6.4 for linux

08:47 <lubomir> but there is no ebuild for that

08:48 <Soul_keeper> i havn't tryed 6.4.5,  6.6.x was unstable for me.   but 6.5.0 works perfect

08:49 <Soul_keeper> i think it must be the 64-bit version to work also, i havn't confirmed this tho

08:49 <Soul_keeper> ./boinc --version

08:49 <Soul_keeper> 6.5.0 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

08:50 <Soul_keeper> soul     20792 39.1  8.1  62616 41396 pts/1    SNl+ Feb17 219:30 acemd_6.59_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu__cuda --device 0

08:51 <lubomir> i have a 64bit os running on all my machines

08:52 <Soul_keeper> what is your output from ./boinc --version   ?

08:52 <Soul_keeper> did you compile it or install a binary ?

08:52 <lubomir> compile

08:52 *** yarddog has quit IRC

08:52 <lubomir> i use the boinc_gui

08:54 <lubomir> /usr/bin/boinc_client --version

08:54 <lubomir> 6.4.5 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

08:55 <Soul_keeper> ok i'm downloading the source now to see if there are any special configure options for cuda

08:56 <lubomir> are you a boinc dev?

08:58 <Soul_keeper> no

08:58 <Soul_keeper> i'm not seeing any special config options

08:58 <Soul_keeper> have you tryed   just running   "boinc"  instead of   "boinc_client"   ?

09:00 <lubomir> there is no "boinc"

09:00 <lubomir> boinc_client  boinc_cmd     boinc_gui

09:01 <Soul_keeper> mine has installed   boinc  boinccmd and  boincmgr

09:02 <lubomir> okay, its just named other

09:02 <Soul_keeper> i bet if you downloaded  the binary package,  untared it to a directory and ran   boinc  it would detect your cuda device fine ..

09:03 <Soul_keeper> you might want to do that just to see if it works

09:03 <Soul_keeper>

09:03 <Romulus> Title: Index of /dl (at

09:03 <Soul_keeper> source here if you wanna compile it

09:03 <Romulus> Title: SourceCode - BOINC - Trac (at

09:04 <Soul_keeper> i think i'm running the binary 6.5.0  on my cuda system

09:05 <lubomir> is it the .sh?

09:05 <Soul_keeper> yeah

09:05 <lubomir> because i dont find any tar.gz

09:05 <lubomir> okay

09:06 <lubomir> ah, and what problem did you had with 6.6.x?

09:06 <lubomir> on windows i also had problems with 6.6.2

09:06 <lubomir> it just load cuda work

09:06 <lubomir> and no normal

09:06 <lubomir> 6.6.4 is working fine

09:07 <Soul_keeper> i recommend sticking to 6.4.5 or 6.5.0 in linux

09:08 <lubomir> i just try the 664 to see if it detects the card

09:08 <Soul_keeper> btw i never install boinc outside my homedir ...   i always keep it in ~/BOINC and run it from there

09:08 <Soul_keeper> easier to manage and ensure old files aren't laying around

09:08 <lubomir> does it detect my other boinc?

09:09 <lubomir> i mean, when i upgrade the boinc version, it say, old things file, upgrade from xxx to xxx

09:09 <Soul_keeper> yeah

09:09 <lubomir> i dont want that the bin version i run now upgrades the configuration

09:09 <lubomir> or so

09:09 <Soul_keeper> that's normal

09:09 <lubomir> just see if detects the cuda

09:10 <lubomir> yea, but i dont want that for the test now ^^

09:10 <lubomir> and how should i unpack that .sh?

09:10 <lubomir> .sh is normaly script...

09:10 <Soul_keeper> chmod +x

09:11 <lubomir> ah,lol, so just run the script

09:12 <ELGono> rehi

09:12 <Soul_keeper> lo ELGono

09:12 <ELGono> Soul_keeper : we still wierd routing to us

09:13 <lubomir> okay, that version directly detects the cuda

09:13 <ELGono> looks like 2 main routes active now ... but with high latency ... london-new york and london-phoenix, arizona

09:13 <Soul_keeper> lubomir, :)

09:14 <Soul_keeper> i never trust package managers to install  boinc or drivers

09:14 <ELGono> hannover(germany) - new york seem to be down

09:14 <lubomir> now i update to 29 and test again. cant beleve, that the new driver dont have cuda

09:14 <Soul_keeper> they were released only 5 days appart

09:14 <Soul_keeper> they are both new

09:14 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

09:14 <Soul_keeper> the version numbers are arbitrary

09:15 <ELGono> wich means the 4th intercontinental fibre-outage within a week

09:15 <Soul_keeper> nice

09:15 <lubomir> sooo funny:

09:15 <Romulus> Title: YouTube - YouTube - Mactini -The Peter Serafinowicz Show Christmas Special - BBC Two-CosmoPod.mp4 (at

09:15 <ELGono> 2x europe - africa ... 1x europe - persia and now europe - us

09:16 <Soul_keeper> lol

09:18 <lubomir>

09:18 <Romulus> <> (at

09:18 <lubomir> i never seen those before

09:18 <lubomir> but the videos are great

09:19 <Soul_keeper> funny

09:25 <lubomir> i try the 29 now

09:25 <lubomir> with 664

09:25 *** lubomir has quit IRC

09:38 <hawmps> spork >>

09:55 *** lubomir has joined #boinc

09:55 <lubomir> Soul_keeper, everything works fine with 180.29

09:55 <lubomir> the 180.22 was the version where cuda 2.1 gets implementated

09:55 <lubomir> but the versions above have also all the cuda support

09:56 <lubomir> and just fixes you can read in the changelog

09:56 <lubomir> like support for new kernel or so

10:05 <Soul_keeper> ok

10:07 <hawmps> 180 drivers are very slow...

10:08 <lubomir> hawmps, slow?no

10:08 <lubomir> just run faster then on 64bit windows in 3d games

10:08 <lubomir> 4gb ram, intel x48, 4*3ghz overlcokced intel quadcore, and so on

10:09 <hawmps> read the nvidia forum...

10:43 <Soul_keeper> funny i can't find any working source for an example of a program written in C or C++ that creates then writes to a berkeley db ....

10:44 <Soul_keeper> it's apparently top secret

10:44 <Soul_keeper> i guess the better thing to do would be store my 10,000+ lines of code to a regular text file

10:45 <Soul_keeper> not like it matters ....   pretty much the same principle

10:45 <Soul_keeper> could have my own key/value logic

10:47 <Soul_keeper> they make it too difficult to use so called "industry standards"

10:48 *** lubomir has quit IRC

10:49 *** novacrust has quit IRC

10:51 *** novacrust has joined #boinc

11:10 <Soul_keeper> my theory is nobody wants anyone else to know what they know, because then you become a threat

11:11 <Soul_keeper> you have to pay for knowledge, hard work will never be enough

11:28 <Soul_keeper> so called irc "help channels" are usually a place for people to troll and claim superiority over others

11:31 <Soul_keeper> there seems to be nothing open about C/C++ programming anymore, it's all "BUY BUY BUY"  "TRIAL, PROMO"  etc.  when searching for learning material

11:34 <Soul_keeper> #c is just like #perl  another mental masterbation channel with nothing constructive going on

11:37 <Soul_keeper> that's enough ranting for now.

11:42 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

11:54 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

11:55 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

12:40 *** siofwolves has joined #boinc

13:10 <yoyo[RKN]> &wx bkk

13:10 <Romulus> yoyo[RKN]: Temperature: 82°F / 28°C | Humidity: 66% | Pressure: 29.79in / 1009hPa | Conditions: Mist | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 6mph / 9km/h | Updated: 1:00 AM ICT; Chance of Rain. High:91 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:80 F.; Chance of Rain. High:91 F.; Scattered Clouds. Low:78 F.; Chance of Rain. High:89 F.; Chance of a Thunderstorm. Low:78 F.;

13:49 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

14:03 <hawmps> AMD - foundry company approved today for their new $5bn plant just up the road...

14:03 <MTughan> Good thing?

14:04 <hawmps> very good thing..

14:06 <ELGono> lo jay

14:12 <ELGono> still got wierd routes to lledgerock

14:27 <MTughan> This thread is nuts...

14:27 <Romulus> <> (at

14:27 <MTughan> All the messages there except for the top and bottom ones are from that thread.

15:26 *** luckyhell has joined #boinc

15:27 <luckyhell> Hy, I have a question. Is this the right forum for having questions like how to shut down boinc under ubuntu?

15:28 *** luckyhell is now known as luckyhel

15:28 <MTughan> Are you wanting to close the client, stop computation temporarily, or shut down the client altogether for a time?

15:28 *** luckyhel is now known as luckyhell

15:29 <luckyhell> Hy, I would like to close the client (computing) but I can't. It is still computing

15:30 <MTughan> So you'd like it to stop computing for a while, and then start again when you tell it to?

15:31 <luckyhell> yes, that it is, what I would like to do. What I know, is just (in the advanced windows) clicking on window and exit. But it does not work

15:32 <MTughan> Nope, because BOINC has two parts to it: a core client, which is just a daemon, and a graphical manager, which communicates with the client through TCP ports.

15:32 <MTughan> In the manager, go to Activity->Suspend. That should do it.

15:33 <luckyhell> Sorry for asking; the activity button it the first button at the top left, right?

15:33 <luckyhell> (I have a german translation)

15:33 <MTughan> It's a menu.

15:34 <luckyhell> ah, now I got it!

15:34 <luckyhell> thank you very much!

15:34 <MTughan> np

15:34 <luckyhell> how easy...

15:34 <luckyhell> damn, sometimes...

15:34 <MTughan> Heh.

15:34 <luckyhell> OK, anyway. thank you very much

15:35 <luckyhell> OK, one more question: I can't save the window position. Do I have to do something within sudo to do so?

15:35 <MTughan> I don't know if that gets saved. I've never really encountered that anyway, on Windows, Mac or GNOME/KDE.

15:36 <luckyhell> OK, doesn't matter. when I look in (like) system control window, I can't find boinc running. How can I find it?

15:37 <MTughan> System control window? Shows the running processes?

15:38 <luckyhell> yes, it shows all processes running, but not boinc

15:38 <luckyhell> I can image, it has to do with the root?

15:38 <MTughan> If it only shows processes running under your name, it won't show in there. It runs under boinc_master and boinc_project users as I remember.

15:38 <FreeLarry58> well found out about the new comp issues - asus strikes again

15:39 <FreeLarry58> bent pins in the 1366 socket

15:39 <FreeLarry58> as well as marginal ps - need more than 500w for setup

15:40 <FreeLarry58> i7 940 rated at 130W by it self

15:40 <luckyhell> oh, sorry, I think I am wrong. I can see some root processes (like dbus-launch, I guess)

15:41 <FreeLarry58> so xcamel if you thinking a p6t board - be sure to verify socket pins before purchase

15:42 * FreeLarry58 remembers having to expand the tree in gnome for sys monitor to see what boinc running

15:52 <MTughan> lol...

15:52 <Romulus> Title: Over the Hedge free online comic strip library at (at

15:56 *** vlazar_ has joined #boinc

16:13 *** clusty has quit IRC

16:23 <xcamel> 'lo

16:23 <MTughan> 'lo Jay

16:24 <xcamel> a bit of snow - got slippery fast...

16:24 <MTughan> We've got a mix of snow and rain today.

16:25 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

16:26 <CoderForLife> hello Jay and Michael and Larry

16:26 <MTughan> 'lo Don

16:28 <xcamel> sinuses pounding... bbl.

16:31 <CoderForLife> dinner - bbiab

16:36 <MTughan> Nvidia Forceware 182.06 drivers released. Nvidia says it brings 8-12% increases in many games.

16:40 <FreeLarry58> lo CoderForLife jay michael

16:41 <FreeLarry58> was just looking at team - anyone seen or heard from spit lately? she hasn't been active since the 24th of jan

16:43 *** wdsmia_w has quit IRC

16:45 *** luckyhell1 has joined #boinc

16:46 *** luckyhell has quit IRC

16:52 <xcamel> no, and nothing from sethy either...

16:55 <xcamel> &wx 12074

16:55 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 30.4F / -0.9C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 29.75in / 1007.3hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Light Snow | Wind Direction: SE | Wind Speed: 6.0mph / 9.7km/h ; Tonight - Snow...possibly mixing with rain at times. Additional snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches. Near steady temperature in the lower 30s. Southeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation near 100 percent.; Thursday - (1 more message)

16:55 <xcamel> &more

16:55 <Romulus> xcamel: Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain and snow showers. Highs around 40. Temperature falling into the mid 30s in the afternoon. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph...becoming west 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation 30 percent.; Thursday Night - Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of snow showers. Cooler with lows around 19. West winds around 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.;

16:55 <FreeLarry58> tanks jay

16:55 <xcamel> 4" snow in 2 hours... bumper cars city..

16:55 <xcamel> watta buncha morons.

16:56 <FreeLarry58> always out sledding aren't they

16:56 <FreeLarry58> ohh word of caution for asus p6t boards - check the socket pins before you leave store

16:57 <CoderForLife> back

16:57 <FreeLarry58> and if possible install your cpu too

16:57 <FreeLarry58> wb don

16:57 <CoderForLife> thx

16:58 <CoderForLife> big c0mp@any meeting today

16:58 <CoderForLife> the profit sharing contribution was a very healthy 6%

16:58 <FreeLarry58> big huh does that mean dumbo senior in attendance? as well as andre the giant or the jolly green guy?

16:59 <FreeLarry58> humm 6% for an insurance company is big bucks

17:00 <CoderForLife> in celebration of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the c0mp@any, we're going to partner with the local Habitat for Humanity to build a house for every decade of c0mp@ny history over the next 5 years

17:00 <FreeLarry58> sounds worthwhile

17:01 <CoderForLife> as long as Jimmy Carter doesn't show up

17:01 <FreeLarry58> ahh he's just trying to keep his name alive

17:02 <CoderForLife> I have problems with H4H because of that

17:02 <FreeLarry58> can understand that

17:03 <CoderForLife> people not on an incentive bonus plan got an additional 2% cash bonus

17:04 <CoderForLife> looks like our results were much better than any others in the industry

17:07 <CoderForLife> well - enough on that

17:09 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

17:09 <xcamel> 3rd Earthquake In As Many Weeks Rattles New Jersey...

17:09 <xcamel> the 'real' New Jerky

17:12 <FreeLarry58> well time to go back to tacoma and pick up machine - new mb and upgraded ps

17:13 * FreeLarry58 humm i7 online tonight hopefully

17:13 <xcamel> 750 minimum on that beast..

17:13 <FreeLarry58> thats what i told them upto 1000

17:13 <xcamel> depends on the vc, and number of drives

17:14 <FreeLarry58> told him he could use the old board for practice on straightening pins - i'm sure he'll see a lot more of them

17:14 <xcamel> that's too bad... good thing it didn't cook the chip

17:14 <FreeLarry58> book says if 2 high end pcie boards 1000

17:15 <FreeLarry58> yeah just affected memory - would only post if had one dimm

17:15 <xcamel> you're damned lucky

17:15 <FreeLarry58> any more and blank screen

17:16 <FreeLarry58> well off i go for another 50 mile trip

17:16 <xcamel> I did manage to sit down and tweak up 'pete' today... should catch up with repete fairly quickly now

17:16 <FreeLarry58> &tca

17:16 <Romulus> FreeLarry58: Are you daft?

17:16 <FreeLarry58> &bye

17:16 <Romulus> later ace

17:21 <wdsmia_> re-hi

17:21 <CoderForLife> *lo

17:21 <MTughan> 'lo Doug

17:25 *** wdsmia_ is now known as wdsmia

17:27 <xcamel> I am really getting to hate this winter..

17:27 * wdsmia knows the feeling

17:28 <CoderForLife> it is becoming annoying

17:28 <CoderForLife> er became

17:28 <CoderForLife> er was always destined to be

17:30 *** luckyhell1 has left #boinc

17:34 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

17:50 <xcamel> son just rolled in - roads nasty..

17:50 <CoderForLife> glad he got home safe

17:54 <xcamel> indeed - others not so lucky

17:55 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

17:55 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 30.0F / -1.1C | Humidity: 50% | Pressure: 29.90in / 1012.4hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 7.0mph / 11.3km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Much colder. Low 5 to 10 above. Northwest wind 15 to 20 mph with gusts to around 30 mph.; Thursday - Sunny. High in the mid 20s. Northwest wind 10 to 15 mph.; Thursday Night - Partly cloudy. Low (1 more message)

17:55 <wdsmia> &more

17:55 <Romulus> wdsmia: around 15. West wind near 10 mph shifting to the south after midnight.;

17:56 * CoderForLife finally gets his Code to produce the expected results

18:02 <CoderForLife> ... and it was good ...

18:09 <xcamel> ...and he was glad it was good...

18:17 <CoderForLife> indeed =)

18:17 <CoderForLife> Stephen's home - bbiab

18:26 <xcamel> great show on SciChan last night...

18:26 <xcamel> 'Sex in Space'

18:50 <CoderForLife> back

18:50 <CoderForLife> I'm more interested in the @Home version

19:01 <xcamel> they posed many interesting questions...

19:03 <CoderForLife> doubtless

19:04 <CoderForLife> why do you think the aliens come here?

19:04 <xcamel> and end up in trailer parks..

19:05 <CoderForLife> I meant those space aliens...

19:06 <xcamel> who end up in trailer parks..

19:06 <xcamel> UFO hunters on @ 10 pm

19:07 <CoderForLife> I'll be sound asleep

19:10 <CoderForLife> hopefully

19:12 <xcamel> Kelsey Grammer:

19:13 <xcamel> "The ones who have done the most damage to the US economy will reap the biggest rewards"

19:14 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

19:14 <CoderForLife> man - we're digging a deep hole

19:15 <CoderForLife> and I'm an expert on digging deep holes

19:16 <xcamel> and he was talking about all the ones obummer is bailing out...

19:16 <xcamel> especially bad mortgages

19:16 <CoderForLife> yup   so very correct

19:26 <CoderForLife> bailout the losers and punish those that bought what they could afford and played by the rules

19:33 <xcamel> exactly

19:46 * CoderForLife kicks off a test run of his new Code

19:52 <CoderForLife> this might run for days

19:53 <xcamel> bailout@home app?

19:55 <CoderForLife> yeah - it's something along those lines

19:55 *** efc has joined #boinc

19:56 <xcamel> 'lo Ed

19:56 <CoderForLife> speaking of bailouts

19:58 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

19:58 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 44.2F / 6.8C | Humidity: 79% | Pressure: 29.52in / 999.5hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 3.8mph / 6.1km/h ; Tonight - Cloudy with a chance of rain showers this evening...then snow showers likely after midnight. Snow accumulation less than an inch. Lows in the lower 20s. West winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. Chance of (1 more message)

19:59 <CoderForLife> &more

19:59 <Romulus> CoderForLife: precipitation 70 percent.; Thursday - Cloudy. A chance of snow showers in the morning. Highs in the upper 20s. Northwest winds around 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. Chance of snow 40 percent.; Thursday Night - Mostly cloudy in the evening...then becoming partly cloudy. Lows 15 to 20. West winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.;

19:59 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

20:00 <efc> moo

20:01 <xcamel> we're still getting some fairly heavy snow..

20:02 <efc> &wx 31088

20:02 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 68F / 20C | Humidity: 83% | Pressure: 29.70in / 1006hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 15mph / 24km/h ; Tonight - Occasional showers with a chance of thunderstorms in the evening...then a chance of showers after midnight. Some thunderstorms may be severe. Locally heavy rainfall possible in the evening. Lows in the upper 40s. West winds 10 to 15 (1 more message)

20:03 * CoderForLife steers his ACME parabolic weather dish NE

20:03 <efc> &more

20:03 <Romulus> efc: mph. Chance of rain 90 percent.; Thursday - Sunny...windy. Highs in the upper 50s. Northwest winds 15 to 25 mph.; Thursday Night - Mostly clear. Colder. Lows in the upper 20s. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph.; Tornado Watch for Houston County in effect until 11:00 PM EST on February 18, 2009;

20:03 <efc> tornados sighted

20:03 <xcamel> where..

20:03 <CoderForLife> come back efc!

20:04 <CoderForLife> yup  looks like snow xcamel

20:04 <efc> Reynolds, GA, I think

20:04 <efc> &wx Reynolds, GA

20:04 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 67.9F / 19.9C | Humidity: 84% | Pressure: 29.76in / 1007.7hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 4.0mph / 6.4km/h ; Tonight - Occasional thunderstorms and showers in the evening... then a chance of showers after midnight. Some thunderstorms may be severe. Locally heavy rainfall possible in the evening. Lows in the upper 40s. West winds 10 (1 more message)

20:04 <efc> &more

20:04 <Romulus> efc: to 15 mph. Chance of rain near 100 percent.; Thursday - Sunny...windy. Highs in the upper 50s. Northwest winds 15 to 25 mph.; Thursday Night - Mostly clear. Colder. Lows in the upper 20s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.; Tornado Watch for Taylor County in effect until 11:00 PM EST on February 18, 2009;

20:05 <efc> same tornado watch

20:05 <efc> they are watching some tornados

20:05 <xcamel> coming out of Alabama?

20:05 <efc> Looks like it

20:06 * wdsmia dont like the T word

20:06 <efc>

20:06 <Romulus> Title: StrikeStarUS (at

20:07 <xcamel> I see them...

20:08 <xcamel> small cells, high speed, lots of rotation.

20:08 <CoderForLife> bad news nears

20:09 <CoderForLife> they look like tough hombres

20:09 <xcamel> riding the front edge of a southern jet

20:11 <efc> Shields Up

20:11 <CoderForLife> red alert

20:12 <CoderForLife> set condition one throughout the fleet

20:12 <efc> ZPM is running low

20:13 <xcamel> waiting for hdradar to load..

20:14 <CoderForLife> Danger Will Robinson

20:14 <FreeLarry58> b

20:14 <CoderForLife> speaking of 1960's re-runs

20:14 <FreeLarry58> thats the 50's please

20:15 <CoderForLife> they had TV back then?

20:15 <FreeLarry58> yes they did -- in glorious black and white

20:15 <wdsmia> Larry had a cardboard box and imaganation

20:15 <FreeLarry58> lol

20:16 <CoderForLife> yup - I watched the JFK funeral on B&W TV

20:16 <FreeLarry58> no the neighbor did

20:16 <FreeLarry58> i just peeked thru the curtains at it

20:16 <wdsmia> peeping Larry?

20:16 <FreeLarry58> yeah at <5

20:17 <xcamel> I watched it on B&W laying in bed with the mumps.

20:18 * FreeLarry58 doesn't want to remember the summerhe had mumps - one gland at a time

20:18 <xcamel> hows that for a memory...

20:18 <wdsmia> dont think we got first b&w tv till 65

20:18 <CoderForLife> I watched it on the TV with the chip in the pecan cabinet because I wrecked my tricycle into it

20:18 <FreeLarry58> that was about the time dad's rich friend got first color

20:18 <wdsmia> lol

20:19 <FreeLarry58> first tv in my household wasn't until i turned 9

20:19 <FreeLarry58> and it was cast off from grandparents

20:20 <CoderForLife> I used to watch the Mickey Mouse Club, until they started running the promos for a new fall TV show right in the middle - "The Outer Limits"

20:20 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

20:20 <CoderForLife> scared me to death

20:21 <FreeLarry58> well new machine verifing disk currently but will have to make a few connection changes - store hooked up the hd to the raid only connectors and its not detecting the optical drive for some reason

20:21 <wdsmia> rod sterling scared lots of kids to death

20:21 <FreeLarry58> you mean the twilight show wasn't a laugh type show?

20:22 <wdsmia> or was that night gallery

20:22 <FreeLarry58> zone

20:22 <FreeLarry58> how about the fat man - Alfred Hitchcock

20:23 *** vlazar__ has joined #boinc

20:26 <efc> I remember, they ran some reruns of his variety show

20:27 * CoderForLife dozes off and his head hits the desk

20:27 <FreeLarry58> he had one called Alf.. presents where he showcased various type shows

20:28 *** vlazar_ has quit IRC

20:29 <xcamel> that was a good series..

20:29 <xcamel> anyone watching 'fringe' ??

20:29 <FreeLarry58> i used to enjoy it and dark shadows after school

20:29 <FreeLarry58> fringe isn't known to me tho

20:29 <CoderForLife> The earliest TV show I can remmeber is my parents letting me stay up until 9:00 to watch Topo Gigio on The Ed Sullivan Show

20:30 <CoderForLife> gn

20:30 <FreeLarry58> &nn CoderForLife

20:30 <Romulus> Live long and crunch!

20:31 <FreeLarry58> or it that couch

20:46 <xcamel> ah the rail fence wrecker goes by..

20:54 <xcamel> this spring they are going to be the ones fixing it..

21:01 <efc> wonder what'll happen with the california budget

21:03 <efc> "Drunk man run over by train gets $2.3M"

21:05 <zombie67>

21:05 <Romulus> <> (at

21:26 *** Eythan has quit IRC

21:27 *** Eythan has joined #boinc

21:33 <efc> t-storm now

21:37 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

21:50 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

21:53 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

22:10 *** mchelen has quit IRC

22:13 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

22:20 *** desti has quit IRC

22:21 *** desti has joined #boinc

22:40 <FreeLarry58> humm new machine finally installing fedora10 - 1200 packages then will have to figure out the wireless nic setting

22:41 <FreeLarry58> looks good on hdmi 32 inch tv

22:43 <zombie67> what resolution?

22:43 <FreeLarry58> 720p

22:43 <FreeLarry58> i guess as havent had to set anything

22:43 <FreeLarry58> still on install program

22:43 <zombie67> ah

22:52 <Soul_keeper> freaks

22:53 <FreeLarry58> ???

22:53 <FreeLarry58> freaks or keeps?

22:55 <FreeLarry58> notice memtest86 needs to be updated reads the i7 940 as a celeron chip and doesn't recognize the L2 cache or chipset (x58)

22:58 <Soul_keeper> i think my brain is broken

22:58 <Soul_keeper> i must transcribe entire books, then read them  to learn something

22:59 <FreeLarry58> ?? you still have one to break - thought it might be with mine lost in a black hole somewhere

22:59 <Soul_keeper> i think i just spent 3hrs converting the table of contents for a book into html

22:59 <Soul_keeper> wonder how long it will take me to do the whole book ....

23:00 <FreeLarry58> ugg tried that a long time ago - never got the ocr program to work right - of course with the scanner i had it was no wonder

23:00 <FreeLarry58> only a 4" width

23:01 <Soul_keeper> you mean you scanned and it turned into text ?

23:01 <FreeLarry58> gave up after 4 days and still not done with toc

23:01 <FreeLarry58> tried

23:01 <FreeLarry58> got better scanner now

23:01 <Soul_keeper> yeah that crap never works

23:01 <Soul_keeper> i knew better than to attempt something easy

23:01 <FreeLarry58> captured about 60% then

23:02 <Soul_keeper> i want to transcribe 3 books here

23:02 <FreeLarry58> but don't think you want to try it - was win ME software

23:02 <Soul_keeper> i pay these morons all this money for these books and they are worthless to me, because i can't copy/paste/search them

23:03 <Soul_keeper> it's too difficult to get these things into my brain

23:03 <Soul_keeper> unless they are a story or something worthless

23:03 <FreeLarry58> know the feeling

23:04 <Soul_keeper> i guess if i robbed a bank and bought a kindle ....  but still worthless

23:04 <Soul_keeper> probably pdf's for kindles

23:04 <FreeLarry58> othertimes it takes many years to forget majority of some books and it still leaves enough for nightmares

23:04 <Soul_keeper> and i still can't copy/paste onto my regular computer

23:05 <FreeLarry58> no conversion software - or is it digitally signed to one machine?

23:05 <Soul_keeper> i dunno, i've never had luck with pdf to txt conversion

23:06 <Soul_keeper> once something is pdf it's ruined forever in my experience

23:06 <FreeLarry58> must be graphical as in picture then

23:06 <Soul_keeper> yeah kinda

23:07 <Soul_keeper> it's stored in the file with some kinda algorithm where the pixels go, so you gotta covert that somehow into text, and it never works

23:07 <FreeLarry58>

23:08 <FreeLarry58>

23:08 <Soul_keeper>

23:08 <Romulus> Title: Index (at

23:08 <Soul_keeper> books should all be in that form

23:09 <Soul_keeper> they'll probably sue me for putting their table of contents on my webserver ...

23:09 <FreeLarry58>

23:10 <Soul_keeper> won't work for me

23:10 <FreeLarry58> not already in pdf?

23:10 <Soul_keeper> no

23:10 <Soul_keeper> paperback

23:11 <FreeLarry58> ahh so need to scan first and run ocr on image then

23:12 <Soul_keeper>    "nice" i found a pdf ....

23:12 <Romulus> <> (at

23:12 <FreeLarry58>

23:12 <Romulus> Title: OCR Software - Convert scanned images to Word, Excel, searchable PDF, HTML or other text formats without retyping (at

23:13 <FreeLarry58> omni is what i tried under window me long time ago - did convert around 60% but scanner what did me in - also did not maintain margins fonts etc

23:16 <Soul_keeper> yeah i don't believe in windows

23:16 <FreeLarry58> humm select all and copy worked

23:17 <FreeLarry58> only thing is will have to redo the format but a lot less time as text there

23:17 <FreeLarry58> well need to go check on new machine and get a bite to eat - good luck Soul_keeper

23:19 <Soul_keeper>   this project is broken and outdated

23:19 <Romulus> Title: PDFTOHTML conversion program (at

23:27 <Soul_keeper> Poppler ...

23:42 <Soul_keeper> poppler works :)

23:42 <Soul_keeper>

23:42 <Romulus> <> (at

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