IRC logs of #boinc for Friday, 2009-02-20

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00:33 <Soul_keeper> hmmm running seti cuda

00:39 <Soul_keeper> looks like it takes a full cpu

00:56 <Soul_keeper> :)

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01:21 <efc> &wx 31088

01:21 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 38F / 3C | Humidity: 49% | Pressure: 30.13in / 1020hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 13mph / 20km/h ; Rest of Tonight - Clear. Lows in the upper 20s. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph.; Friday - Sunny. Highs in the mid 50s. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph.; Friday Night - Clear. Lows in the upper 20s. Light and variable winds.;

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02:27 <ELGono> moo

02:27 <ELGono> &weather meiningen,germany

02:27 <Romulus> ELGono: Temperature: 25°F / -4°C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 30.18in / 1022hPa | Conditions: Light Snow | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 13mph / 20km/h | Updated: 8:20 AM CET; Unknown. High:26 F.; Chance of Snow. Low:22 F.; Chance of Snow. High:33 F.; Chance of Snow. Low:30 F.; Chance of Snow. High:33 F.; Chance of Snow. Low:30 F.;

02:27 <ELGono> &weather schmcke,germany

02:27 <Romulus> ELGono: Error: HTTP Error 500: Server Error

02:27 <ELGono> &weather schmuecke,germany

02:27 <Romulus> ELGono: Temperature: 31.6°F / -0.2°C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 29.64in / 1003.6hPa | Conditions: Light Snow | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 14.6mph / 23.5km/h | Updated: 8:00 AM CET; Unknown. High:27 F.; Chance of Snow. Low:25 F.; Chance of Snow. High:34 F.; Chance of Snow. Low:31 F.; Chance of Snow. High:34 F.; Chance of Snow. Low:31 F.;

02:28 <ELGono> &weather erfurt,germany

02:28 <Romulus> ELGono: Temperature: 31.6°F / -0.2°C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 29.64in / 1003.6hPa | Conditions: Light Snow | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 14.6mph / 23.5km/h | Updated: 8:00 AM CET; Unknown. High:26 F.; Chance of Snow. Low:24 F.; Chance of Snow. High:34 F.; Chance of Snow. Low:31 F.; Chance of Snow. High:34 F.; Chance of Snow. Low:31 F.;

02:29 <efc> moo ELGono

02:30 <ELGono> lo ed

02:31 <ELGono> exam on visual communication today :/

02:31 <ELGono> real boring stuff

02:32 <efc> At least you're learning

02:37 <ELGono> well yea

02:37 <ELGono> just learning the principles, not definitions

02:38 <ELGono> except some, they really count on

02:39 <ELGono> the correlation between quantity of news postings and audit period is real phun :)

02:40 <ELGono> more than doubled compared to usual

02:43 <efc>

02:43 <Romulus> <> (at

02:53 <efc> &math convert 1 megajoule to kilowatthours

02:53 <Romulus> efc: 0.277777777778

02:53 <ELGono> looks interesting

03:03 <efc> The math does not look good to me, even though I like the idea

03:21 <ELGono> like a drop of water on a hot stone

03:21 <efc> basically the energy payback for orbit appears to stink

03:25 <ELGono> well there is another thing... you always must be aware of russian (or iranian) sattelites ;)

03:25 <efc> We'll attach a space-rated AR-15 for those pesky Foreigner satellites

03:25 <efc> "Taste Freedom B!tches!" blam blam blam

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03:27 <ELGono> well that iridium story has many questions .... it was not on the orbit it should have been

03:27 <ELGono> and furthermore the russian don't miss any sattelite

03:28 <efc> Yeah something was fishy there

03:29 <efc> but like they say don't blame on conspiracy what can be attributed to incompetance

03:30 <jasong> Question:  is there a command that can be used during a Linux install to make it double-check that the file is correct?  I think I have a dirty dvd reader and I don't know where the cd cleaning disc is

03:31 <jasong> I know we have one around, but my mother doesn't know where it is and will bitch if I go rooting through her stuff

03:31 <efc> &math convert 4,470,000 lb to kg

03:31 <Romulus> efc: Error: 4,470,000 is not a valid unit.

03:32 <efc> &math convert 4470000 lb to kg

03:32 <Romulus> efc: 2027557.8939

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03:33 <efc> I think there is jasong, but it was just a menu option last time I did it

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04:01 <ELGono> lol eddie, thats a word!

04:01 <ELGono> conspiracy vs incompetance

04:09 <CoderForLife> ouch

04:10 <CoderForLife> plink,,,

04:10 <efc> moo cfl

04:10 <CoderForLife> plink if that helps also

04:10 <efc> cfl has blocked almost all IPv4 addresses

04:10 <CoderForLife> moo efc

04:13 <CoderForLife> I thought I had blocked all of China, but apparently not

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04:28 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

04:28 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 19.5F / -6.9C | Humidity: 70% | Pressure: 30.03in / 1016.8hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 30s. West winds 10 to 15 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy in the evening...then cloudy with a chance of snow after midnight. Lows in the mid 20s. Southwest winds around 5 mph...becoming (1 more message)

04:29 <CoderForLife> &more

04:29 <Romulus> CoderForLife: southeast after midnight. Chance of snow 40 percent.; Saturday - Snow and rain likely. Total snow accumulation around an inch possible. Highs in the upper 30s. South winds 15 to 20 mph...becoming southwest in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation 70 percent.;

04:29 <efc> chilly

04:29 <CoderForLife> yes

04:29 <efc> &wx 31088

04:29 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 33F / 0C | Humidity: 59% | Pressure: 30.15in / 1021hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 9mph / 15km/h ; Today - Sunny. Highs in the lower 50s. West winds 10 to 15 mph.; Tonight - Clear. Lows in the mid 20s. Light and variable winds.; Saturday - Sunny. Highs around 60. South winds 5 to 15 mph.;

04:30 * CoderForLife struggles with this concept called "morning"

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04:38 <CoderForLife> brb  breakfast

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05:24 <FreeLarry58> for far less than 24 hrs on new machine

05:24 <Romulus> <> (at

05:40 <CoderForLife> need more cores =)

05:46 <CoderForLife> time to get ready for Friiiiiiiday w@#%

05:46 <CoderForLife> bbiab

05:47 <FreeLarry58> k

06:23 <CoderForLife> b

06:28 <hawmps> 'lo

06:31 <CoderForLife> lo hawmps

06:31 <hawmps> spork >>

06:31 <hawmps> mornin

06:31 <CoderForLife> I had some ugly China activity overnight

06:32 <CoderForLife> repeating plink,,,

06:33 <CoderForLife> offen to verken - tgif - laterz

06:42 <hawmps> 0

06:51 <Soul_keeper> what's all this action !?!?!

07:13 <Soul_keeper> sqlite still seems like bullshit to me

07:13 <wdsmia> asks Soul_keeper to please watch his or her language Thanks, your friendly channel op.

07:26 <Soul_keeper> not "lite" enough

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08:10 <Soul_keeper> amazing how fast regular file read/write is ...

08:25 * Soul_keeper starts chugging coffee and gets some inspiration

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09:03 * CoderForLife finds SQLite a little too lite - needs a bit more hand-holding than normal databases

09:12 <Soul_keeper> well i'm happy for you then

09:13 <Soul_keeper> shouldn't need 5+ arguments to commit something or retrieve something imo

09:13 <Soul_keeper> i'm struggling with more important things atm

09:14 <Soul_keeper> i just wish code from books on C actually compiled and worked

09:14 <Soul_keeper> it's apparently policy to never include working code in an example

09:16 <Soul_keeper>    the example on page 60  will take me several hours to figure out

09:16 <Romulus> <> (at

09:20 <Soul_keeper> i suspect normal people figure this stuff out in 1min

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09:27 <Soul_keeper> it appears i'll never figure it out

09:28 <Soul_keeper> kind of hard to read a book, if every appearance of code means i'm stopped forever

09:39 <Soul_keeper> so, stuck with the reality that no example code will ever compile  .....

09:40 <Soul_keeper>        more broken code

09:40 <Romulus> <> (at

10:05 <Soul_keeper> CoderForLife, you still alive ?

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11:06 <CoderForLife> I am at w@#% Soul_keeper - I look in from time to time to amuse you

11:06 <Soul_keeper> ok just checking :)

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11:08 <CoderForLife> I learned C from "The C Programming Language" and the Aztec C compiler running under CP/M on my Compupro 8085 S-100 bus card cage system

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11:09 <CoderForLife> I used WordStar to edit files on my Hazeltine ASCII terminal

11:09 <PovAdct_w> -_-

11:09 <CoderForLife> I still have all that gear

11:09 <PovAdct_w> what a crap day

11:10 <CoderForLife> write some Code - that'll make everything better

11:10 * PovAdct_w puts his boss on ebay starting at $1

11:11 <CoderForLife> so you ignored my advice and went into w@#%

11:11 <PovAdct_w> dad insisted I should come

11:11 <CoderForLife> *sigh*

11:11 <PovAdct_w> coworkers said "heh, what a day to come back"

11:11 <CoderForLife> adults

11:11 <PovAdct_w> for a start:

11:11 <PovAdct_w> I was worried about the heat

11:12 <PovAdct_w> and instead, we get rain, and I didn't bring an umbrella

11:12 <CoderForLife> naturally

11:12 <PovAdct_w> hmm I see some pun in that :P

11:13 <CoderForLife> mm-hmm

11:13 <PovAdct_w>

11:13 <CoderForLife> you got it

11:13 <CoderForLife> The English language is my toy

11:14 <CoderForLife> After the C language, that is

11:14 <CoderForLife> lunch in 16 minutes  =)

11:15 * PovAdct_w thinks how to sneak out

11:15 <CoderForLife> I'm going to get back to w@#% - ttyl

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11:36 <Soul_keeper> just hit 1M on wcg :)

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12:35 <MTughan> Gah... Attaching to ABC, got a checksum error on the application download, trashed the whole WU.

12:35 <MTughan> Of course, BOINC doesn't try downloading the application a second time.

12:37 <MTughan> WTH? I have no tasks, a timeout just expired on the only project attached, and nothing's happening...

12:38 <MTughan> Oh, because it won't do work while I'm using it...

12:39 <zombie67> Run always

12:39 <MTughan> I know. Still doesn't help with a checksum error... Happened again.

12:39 <MTughan> BTW, this machine is the new Mac. Came today.

12:45 <MTughan> Wait a minute... It's also downloading the wrong application, I think.

12:46 <MTughan> Oh, ABC doesn't have a 64-bit Mac app... Nvm.

12:48 <MTughan> MW works.

13:05 * Soul_keeper had way too much coffee

13:07 <Soul_keeper> i can get higher on legal drugs than illegal, or maybe it's just been too long to remember ...

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14:57 <Soul_keeper> i'm back in the C groove now :)

14:58 <Soul_keeper> processing files character by character taking whatever i want, cause i'm the boss !

15:01 * FreeLarry58 wonders when superlink will get back online - even the webpages offline

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15:53 <FreeLarry58> well with persistance i can get superlink main page and account page but everything else still offline

16:34 <xcamel> 'lo

16:34 <FreeLarry58> lo xcamel

16:35 <xcamel> Hi Larry

16:35 <FreeLarry58> well new machine online now - scratching me h'e about it not running einstien tho

16:36 <FreeLarry58> just comp errors them

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16:39 <FreeLarry58> was laughing a bit earlier today - wife was going to try a different cpa today and was looking for back taxes - complained she couldn't find the one for 2008

16:39 <FreeLarry58> the one she needs to get done that is

16:40 <xcamel> lol

16:41 <xcamel> taxes

16:42 <FreeLarry58> superlink beginning to remind me of seti site - when they go offline for a litle while it takes forever to allow reporting of wu's afterwards

16:42 <xcamel> yuk

16:42 * FreeLarry58 is chewing on bar of soap for using the T word

16:45 <xcamel> you better..

16:45 <FreeLarry58> lol

16:46 <FreeLarry58> how's this for <24 hrs ( and not all wu's granted credit)

16:46 <Romulus> <> (at

16:48 <FreeLarry58> same machine on abc current

16:48 <Romulus> <> (at

16:50 <Nickuwo> why would dynamically allocating an array throw a bad allocation error?

16:51 <Nickuwo> int * A1 = new int[2*m];

16:51 <Nickuwo> int * A2 = new int[2*m];

16:51 <Nickuwo> int * S2 = new int[4*m];

16:51 <Nickuwo> throws only for A2 and S2...

16:51 <PovAddict> how big is m?

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16:51 <Nickuwo> 21

16:51 <PovAddict> std::bad_alloc thrown?

16:51 <CoderForLife> ugh

16:52 <Nickuwo> ya

16:52 <PovAddict> that happens when you run out of memory, usually... but shouldn't happen for 84 integers!

16:53 <Nickuwo> yea, i thought it was odd too

16:53 <Nickuwo> i gots 3G of ram left..

16:53 <Nickuwo> apparently

16:53 <PovAddict> you sure m is really 21?

16:54 <Nickuwo> debugger says it is

16:55 <xcamel> Larry... "kickass"

16:55 <Nickuwo> hmm... I haven't been freeing anything...

16:57 <PovAddict> lol

16:57 * CoderForLife pullls the handle on the stock market

16:57 <CoderForLife> whoooosh

16:57 <Nickuwo> say I ran this thing 50ish time without freeing anything....

16:57 <Nickuwo> perhaps a restart is in order?

16:57 <xcamel> 'lo Don

16:58 <PovAddict> no, you should start freeing stuff

16:58 <CoderForLife> hello Jay =)

16:58 <PovAddict> restarting periodically is a *bad* way to work around a memory leak

16:58 <xcamel> "How's all that hope and change working out???"

16:58 <PovAddict> but I'm sure big companies do it

16:58 <Nickuwo> only things initialized with "new" right?

16:58 <CoderForLife> the change is working it's way out of my pcoket

16:59 <CoderForLife> er pocket

16:59 <PovAddict> yes

16:59 <PovAddict> that's why new is error-prone :)

16:59 <PovAddict> easy to forget to delete later

16:59 <CoderForLife> I need Pandora to come by and slam the lid to keep hope in there

17:00 <CoderForLife> It's bad when Bubba needs to coach Barry on being positive

17:00 <FreeLarry58> too late CoderForLife - wasn't that your wife running off with a side panel of Pandora's Box?

17:00 <Nickuwo> ic. So is the allocated mem from the last 50 times just sitting out there unusable?

17:01 <CoderForLife> the missus is not involved with this travesty

17:01 <FreeLarry58> lol

17:01 <PovAddict> yes Nickuwo

17:01 <Nickuwo> alright. brb then

17:01 * PovAddict sighs

17:02 <CoderForLife> hello PovAddict

17:02 <FreeLarry58> rest easy PovAddict it's tgif day

17:02 * FreeLarry58 for him anyway

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17:03 <CoderForLife> Pov is all wired up from w@#%ing on a day he should have taken off

17:03 <CoderForLife> how's the boss auction on eBay going?  any bids?

17:05 <FreeLarry58> sorry if he like mine - you'll have to pay me

17:05 * CoderForLife listens to

17:05 <Soul_keeper> MMMMM C

17:05 <CoderForLife> C is for Cookie

17:05 * CoderForLife looks for KathrynM

17:05 <Soul_keeper>

17:06 <Romulus> <> (at

17:06 <KathrynM> C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me.

17:07 <CoderForLife> heh

17:07 <PovAddict> mmmmmm cookies

17:07 <PovAddict> damn you all

17:07 <CoderForLife> C is for Coding, and that's the Life for me

17:07 * PovAddict is off to get cookies

17:07 <KathrynM> :)

17:07 *** Nickuwo has joined #boinc

17:07 <Soul_keeper> this is gonna be so much faster than perl (i'm dealing with jiffies)

17:08 <CoderForLife> jiffies?  the unit of time?

17:08 <Soul_keeper> yeah

17:08 <CoderForLife> cool

17:09 <Soul_keeper> perl was losing about 15min every hour just doing simple math every 30 seconds

17:10 <Soul_keeper> and if cpu usage was high, it would stall out even with -20 priority and take like 2-3min instead of 1

17:10 <Soul_keeper> i suspect all the loaded perl modules are massive

17:10 <CoderForLife> were you using the Timer::HiRes package with Perl?

17:10 <Soul_keeper> yes

17:10 <CoderForLife> OK

17:11 <Soul_keeper> i didn't see a better option, but even if there is it won't change what i'm doing now

17:11 <CoderForLife> OK

17:12 <Soul_keeper> i'll still use perl for image generation and the cgi part tho

17:12 <Soul_keeper> it just makes a horrible dedicated daemon

17:13 <CoderForLife> I only run perl scripts under cron - the most frequently I ever have was every 5 minutes

17:13 <CoderForLife> no daemon stuff

17:13 <PovAddict> I don't speak Perl

17:13 <Soul_keeper> :)

17:13 <CoderForLife> you just did

17:14 <Soul_keeper> it's only a step or two above python/java ...

17:14 <CoderForLife> I'd say below - closer to the machine

17:14 <Nickuwo> hmm, i hate you std:bad_alloc

17:14 <CoderForLife> it's more techcical/cryptic

17:14 <PovAddict> sorry but I'm busy enough that I would actually have to charge to help you Nickuwo...

17:15 <CoderForLife> er technical

17:15 <Soul_keeper> well not above as in higher-level :) just prefered

17:15 <CoderForLife> ah sure =)

17:15 <Nickuwo> fair enough

17:16 <CoderForLife> I've written more in C than anything else

17:16 <CoderForLife> 2nd is PHP

17:17 <CoderForLife> 3rd is probably a toss up between Perl and FORTRAN (back in the day)

17:17 <Soul_keeper> untill just yesterday i hadn't really touched C for 2yrs

17:17 <PovAddict> not sure about how *much* I have written

17:17 <CoderForLife> I started doing C in 1982 or thereabouts

17:17 <PovAddict> C++, PHP, Javascript

17:17 <PovAddict> not sure what order I'd rank them, wrt how much experience I have

17:19 <CoderForLife> lately each day I have open PHPedit, Eclipse (Java) and Visual Studio (C)

17:19 <PovAddict> I have gvim and Konsole the most :)

17:20 * CoderForLife notes right now he's editing his net worth in MS Money

17:20 <PovAddict> I've yet to get my card

17:22 <CoderForLife> what card?

17:22 <Romulus> I guess what card is on there, CoderForLife

17:22 <PovAddict> debit card

17:22 <CoderForLife> ah

17:22 <wdsmia> re-hi

17:22 <PovAddict> apparently it's in the post office from when they tried to send it (but I wasn't home)

17:22 <CoderForLife> Stephen does nearly everything with a debit card

17:22 <xcamel> 'lo Doug

17:22 <CoderForLife> heya Doug

17:22 <Soul_keeper> btw cuda seti cuts the WU times from 1hr to 20min

17:29 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

17:35 <wdsmia> looks like I broke 20M :)

17:36 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

17:37 <CoderForLife> man, wdsmia, that's a lot to paste back together

17:38 <CoderForLife> Stephen's home - bbiab

17:46 *** up365 has joined #boinc

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17:50 <Soul_keeper> CoderForLife, does sqlite compress it's db contents by default ?

17:54 <CoderForLife> not that I'm aware of

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18:12 <CoderForLife> aha!

18:13 <CoderForLife> found the problem

18:13 *** up365 has joined #boinc

18:14 <xcamel> that good, eh?

18:14 <CoderForLife> yup

18:14 <CoderForLife> didn't see it at 4 this morning

18:15 <CoderForLife> used the wrong variable name

18:15 <wdsmia> that will do it

18:15 <CoderForLife> now the C and PHP results match

18:16 <CoderForLife> C=boinc code. PHP=baseline model

18:16 <PovAddict> I remember tracking a $username vs $user_name bug for an hour or two...

18:16 <CoderForLife> sure

18:16 <CoderForLife> or case sensitivity

18:16 <CoderForLife> maddening

18:17 <CoderForLife> or 0 vs O

18:17 <CoderForLife> you think the compiler is broken somehow

18:19 <CoderForLife> this Code is a PHP expression interpreter, written in C

18:20 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

18:20 <Rookie_69> Now try getting Perl to match...

18:20 <PovAddict> &urlquote "') or AnioInscripcion > 1996; --"

18:20 <Romulus> PovAddict: %27%29%20or%20AnioInscripcion%20%3E%201996%3B%20--

18:20 <CoderForLife> I was assigning the value of a PHP variable name from the wrong C variable name - a namespace matching problem

18:21 <CoderForLife> perl is only used in batch mode to marshall data from outside sources into the database

18:23 <CoderForLife> the database is only about 15MB, with a 7MB index

18:30 * xcamel hates databases

18:30 <wdsmia> amen

18:31 <wdsmia> who needs HULU to rot the brain when you have oracle

18:32 * Rookie_69 vaguely notices words going over his head.

18:34 * PovAddict is injecting SQL into a university database

18:35 * CoderForLife decides to subscribe to rather than contribute more money to the local Fine Arts Fund

18:37 <wdsmia> coding to solopianoradio would make me kill myself

18:38 <CoderForLife> I don't recommend that as as solution

18:38 <CoderForLife> as a

18:38 *** up365 has quit IRC

18:39 * Rookie_69 confuses database with freebase and wonders what drug PovAddict is injecting where.

18:39 <CoderForLife> I find Whisperings calming, focusing and inspiring

18:40 *** up365 has joined #boinc

18:40 <CoderForLife> Coding=poetry + logic=music

18:40 <CoderForLife> Coding=(poetry + logic)=music

18:41 <CoderForLife> all inextricably linked

18:41 <Rookie_69> I wouldn't have said it better myself.

18:41 <CoderForLife> when I interview someone for a programming job, I want to know what they've done with music

18:41 * PovAddict plays the keyboard

18:42 <CoderForLife> thinking symbolically, melody and harmony, left and right hand subroutines

18:42 * wdsmia wondered why Dons code had so many referances to tree's

18:42 * Rookie_69 can barely play the radio.

18:44 * PovAddict can't read sheet music though. at least not fast enough to play while reading

18:44 <PovAddict> slooooowly decode it... maybe

18:45 <CoderForLife> the skills to play music and be a great Coder are very much linked

18:47 * CoderForLife hops down off his soapbox

18:47 *** xcamel has quit IRC

18:48 <CoderForLife> consumption of large amounts of softdrinks are also a trait - brb  beverage

18:49 *** xcamel has joined #boinc

18:49 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o xcamel

18:49 <Romulus> WB, Boss

18:49 <wdsmia> consumption of large amounts of Beer are required for the people who fix the code

18:50 <Rookie_69> ... after the fact, I hope.

18:52 <xcamel> 'lo Glenn

18:52 <Rookie_69> Hi, Jay.

18:56 <CoderForLife> back

18:58 <xcamel> bbiab - making coffee

18:58 <Rookie_69> I shoveled thirty of forty shovelfuls of crap out of the driveway this morning, felt my aching back, looked at all the remaining snow, decided I could probably make it, and made a run for it. I made it this time. :-)

19:02 <Rookie_69> If I went out and bought new snow tires, I probably wouldn't have to shovel at all.

19:03 <xcamel> everything I plowed yesterday turned to concrete today

19:04 <Rookie_69> Boilerplate ice.

19:06 <Rookie_69> One of the guys in my building traded his truck in on a Hyundai car, so he has to shovel if he wants to get out of the driveway.

19:06 *** efc has joined #boinc

19:07 <efc> &wx 31088

19:07 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 44F / 6C | Humidity: 29% | Pressure: 30.22in / 1023hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 7mph / 11km/h ; Tonight - Clear. Lows in the mid 20s. Light and variable winds.; Saturday - Sunny. Highs in the lower 60s. South winds 5 to 15 mph.; Saturday Night - Mostly cloudy with a slight chance of rain in the evening...then a chance of showers after (1 more message)

19:09 <xcamel> yummy coffee

19:12 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

19:12 <PovAddict> &urlquote =

19:12 <Romulus> PovAddict: %3D

19:18 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

19:18 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 35.4F / 1.9C | Humidity: 60% | Pressure: 29.89in / 1012.1hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 3.0mph / 4.8km/h ; Late This Afternoon - Mostly cloudy with isolated snow showers. Southeast wind 5 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 20 percent.; Tonight - Cloudy...windy. Widespread snow showers in the evening... then scattered snow showers after (1 more message)

19:18 <wdsmia> &more

19:18 <Romulus> wdsmia: midnight. Snow accumulation around 1 inch. Low 15 to 20. Southeast wind near 10 mph with gusts to around 25 mph increasing to northwest 20 to 30 mph with gusts to around 40 mph after midnight. Chance of snow 80 percent.; Saturday - Mostly cloudy. Windy...colder. High in the mid 20s. Northwest wind 25 to 30 mph with gusts to around 40 mph decreasing to 15 to 25 mph in the afternoon.;

19:18 <Rookie_69> &wx yaw

19:18 <Romulus> Rookie_69: Temperature: 28.4°F / -2.0°C | Humidity: 75% | Pressure: 29.47in / 997.9hPa | Conditions: Light Snow Showers | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 20.7mph / 33.3km/h | Updated: 8:18 PM AST; Tonight - Cloudy periods with 60 percent chance of flurries. Wind southwest 40 km/h (25 mph) gusting to 60 km/h (37 mph). Low -5C(23F).; Saturday - A mix of sun and cloud. Wind southwest 30 km/h (19 (1 more message)

19:18 <Rookie_69> &more

19:18 <Romulus> Rookie_69: mph) gusting to 50 km/h (31 mph). High 0C(32F). Saturday night a few clouds. Wind southwest 30 km/h (19 mph) gusting to 50 km/h (31 mph) becoming light overnight. Low -6C(21F).; Sunday - A mix of sun and cloud with 60 percent chance of snow. High 2C(36F).;

19:19 <xcamel> yup.. the wind was howling here all day

19:20 <wdsmia> thats because CA blows and NY sucks :P

19:21 <CoderForLife> and IA...?

19:21 <xcamel> that's an understatment

19:22 <Rookie_69> IA just sits there and chills.

19:23 <xcamel> and IA...the home of the great Cornholio

19:23 <wdsmia> lol

19:29 <xcamel> today was "hoodie-hoo" day, btw...

19:29 <Rookie_69> Howdy Doodie?

19:31 <xcamel> no... "hoodie-hoo"

19:31 <xcamel> you were suppossed to run outside at noon and yell that.

19:32 <Rookie_69> I hobbled outside, chipped at some ice, said Ooh, ooh... Is that close enough?

19:33 <PovAddict> dinner time

19:33 <Rookie_69> OMFB is probably closer to what I said, but whatever.

19:34 *** xcamel has quit IRC

19:35 *** xcamel has joined #boinc

19:35 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o xcamel

19:35 <Romulus> WB, Boss

19:35 * CoderForLife is obviously out of touch with the latest trends - "hoodie-hoo"??

19:35 <CoderForLife> I think I'll go out and howl at the moon instead

19:35 <CoderForLife> dropping off

19:36 <Rookie_69> you were supposed to run outside at noon and yell "hoodie-hoo".

19:36 * CoderForLife salutes

19:36 <CoderForLife> gn

19:36 <Rookie_69> Cya.

19:37 <Rookie_69>

19:37 <Romulus> Title: Holiday Insights : Hoodie-Hoo Day (at

19:37 *** Tank_Master has joined #boinc

19:38 *** xcamel has quit IRC

19:39 *** xcamel has joined #boinc

19:39 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o xcamel

19:42 *** jrodger has joined #boinc

19:43 <wdsmia>

19:43 <Romulus> <> (at

19:43 <Rookie_69> Jolly Rodger!

19:44 <xcamel> aye?

19:45 <Rookie_69> G'day, mate.

19:45 <Tank_Master> hey

19:45 * wdsmia slaps Tank_Master around with a large Carp

19:45 * Tank_Master slaps wdsmia with a pigfish

19:46 <wdsmia> pig? smells lick money

19:46 <wdsmia> err like

19:52 <xcamel> like "Leave a $20 on the nightstand" ??

19:52 <Rookie_69> Guess not.

19:52 <Rookie_69> That's prime swine, not pigs!

19:53 <xcamel>

19:53 <Romulus> <> (at

19:57 *** efc has quit IRC

20:02 <xcamel> need cookies..

20:04 <xcamel> ok.. brownies work.

20:05 <wdsmia>;_ylt=ArpFMyJUro5nqVtWpsfKRQmP6SsC

20:05 <Romulus> <> (at

20:06 <xcamel> yupper...

20:06 <Rookie_69>

20:06 <Romulus> Title: Bruce MacKinnon's Editorial Cartoon (at

20:11 <xcamel> also a good one..

20:21 *** vlazar_ has joined #boinc

20:25 <KathrynM> yay!  My brother got a job!

20:27 <wdsmia> wish mine would

20:28 *** clusty has quit IRC

20:28 <KathrynM> I also renegotiated my contract with a raise.

20:29 <Rookie_69> I don't have a contract... What's a raise?

20:29 <KathrynM> It's that thing where they give you more money, and in my case want more work in return.

20:29 <KathrynM> whoops, I said the w-word

20:30 * wdsmia asks the room to please watch there language Thanks, your friendly channel op

20:30 <Rookie_69> I get a raise when I grab 120 volt lines while standing in water...

20:30 <KathrynM> Sounds like a hair raising experience.

20:30 <KathrynM> I'm going to buy a pet.

20:30 <KathrynM> later taters

20:30 <Rookie_69> A hare?

21:15 <Rookie_69> Hair today, gone tomorrow... Just ask my little brother. He's been bald this last dozen years.

21:29 *** mchelen has joined #boinc

21:52 * Rookie_69 goes beddie--bye.

21:52 *** Rookie_69 has quit IRC

21:52 <wdsmia> &nn

21:52 <Romulus> Live long and crunch!

22:18 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

22:20 *** desti has quit IRC

22:21 *** desti has joined #boinc

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22:30 *** zombie67 has joined #boinc

22:30 <zombie67> MT?

22:30 <Romulus> It has been said that MT is right, zombie67

22:31 <zombie67>

22:31 <Romulus> Title: e.V. Thema anzeigen - yoyo-MacOS--running multiple sub projects (at

22:39 *** jrodger_ has joined #boinc

22:49 <MTughan> zombie67: I'm here.

22:49 <MTughan> yoyo's not here right now, but I can probably talk to him later, seeing as the new Mac came today.

22:53 <zombie67> cool!  Thanks!

23:00 *** jrodger has quit IRC

23:04 *** efc has joined #boinc

23:05 *** pressingonalways has joined #boinc

23:05 <pressingonalways> hi

23:05 <pressingonalways> can i find out the username and password from a boinc client?

23:06 <pressingonalways> boice account key

23:06 <pressingonalways> boinc* account key

23:45 *** jrodger__ has joined #boinc

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