IRC logs of #boinc for Thursday, 2009-03-05

00:10 <jasong> I don't watch American Idol, I have far better things to do with my time.  For instance, I could scoop out my eyeballs with a serving spoon ;)

00:11 <Soul_keeper> ok just checking

00:11 <jasong> American Idol was the best thing on tv tonight.  See, I had a stomachache and had lost the remote

00:11 <Soul_keeper> i'd rather watch frasier

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00:43 <Soul_keeper>      you guy's on this team ?

00:43 <Romulus> <> (at

00:43 <Soul_keeper> lol i generate nearly 10x the credit those losers do

00:44 <MTughan> I'm on IIRC, we're 7th overall in total credit at WCG.

00:45 <MTughan>

00:45 <Romulus> <> (at

00:45 <MTughan> Yep, #7.

00:48 <Soul_keeper> my team is #829

00:48 <zombie67> MT?

00:48 <Romulus> I guess MT is right, zombie67

00:48 <MTughan> Here.

00:48 <zombie67> cool

00:49 <zombie67> I have two of these, and just realized they have pci-e slots:

00:49 <Romulus> <> (at

00:49 <zombie67> 2 PCI-e x8 slot wired as x4

00:49 <zombie67> 1 PCI-e x16 graphics slot

00:50 <zombie67> what does "2 PCI-e x8 slot wired as x4" mean?

00:50 <MTughan> All right...

00:50 <Soul_keeper> nice

00:50 <MTughan> Two PCIe x4 slots, but they have the physical size of an x8 slot.

00:51 <Soul_keeper> Zombie, just means data transfered to/from the card will be slower,   cards will still work

00:51 <MTughan> So while they'll take x8 cards, they'll only provide 4 PCIe lanes.

00:51 <zombie67> 1st question:  Can you run more than one MW GPU app at a time?

00:51 <Soul_keeper> cuda don't much care about the bandwidth

00:51 <MTughan> Yes, I've run up to 30 at a time by mistake.

00:51 <MTughan> Ideal is probably 2-4 though.

00:51 <zombie67> okay 2nd Q:  Could I put in three ATI cards, and run 3 apps (one on each)?

00:52 <Tank_Master> z!

00:52 <Tank_Master> MT!

00:52 <zombie67> TM~!

00:52 <MTughan> Even if you had the physical slots, I don't think it supports multiple GPUs right now.

00:53 <MTughan> The thing is that graphics cards have x16 slots. Unless those x8 slots don't have a cap on the end, you can't fit a GPU into those slots.

00:53 <zombie67> okay, so then no point in buying more than one card each, right?

00:53 <MTughan> I know multi-GPU support is being worked on, but one sec...

00:53 <Soul_keeper> you could always run gpugrid on multiple cards

00:54 <Soul_keeper> far as i know that works

00:54 <MTughan> "it is not usually possible to place a physically larger PCIe card (e.g. a 16x sized card) into a smaller slot though some motherboards have open-ended PCIe slots that will allow this."

00:54 <zombie67> 3rd Q:  If I buy a single card, and multi-card support is added later, can I just add more cards?  The apps would not be "SLI" (or whatever), right?

00:54 <MTughan> The ATI equivalent is Crossfire. And I don't know if the cards need to be in Crossfire or not.

00:55 <zombie67> soul_keeper, yeah, but I already have 2M at PS3GRID.  need to work on MW now

00:55 <Soul_keeper> how many credits you got on seti ?  :)

00:55 <zombie67> okay, so two cards are required, one for each box

00:55 <zombie67> SK:  I have something like 1.5M there (all CPU)

00:56 <zombie67> I have a GTX 280 crunching for SETI Beta now...

00:56 <Soul_keeper> nice

00:56 <zombie67> 4th Q:  What card to buy?

00:56 <Soul_keeper> seti beta   in linux or windows ?

00:57 <zombie67>

00:57 <Romulus> <> (at

00:57 <zombie67> SK:  this is on an XP box

00:57 <MTughan> Well, there's four confirmed cards that work: HD3850, HD3870, HD4850, and HD4870.

00:57 <zombie67> But most of my SETI and SETI Beta credits were done on Macs

00:57 <MTughan> However, I would not buy an HD38xx card, as for the same power, the 48xx cards give better performance, and value too.

00:58 <zombie67> what is the diff in credits/day 4850 vs. 4870?

00:58 <MTughan> As for the difference between the HD4850 and HD4870, that's for you to decide. Apparently, the major difference between them are the shader clocks.

00:58 <MTughan> 4850 is at 625MHz, 4870 is at 750MHz.

00:58 <MTughan> I don't know any hard credit numbers, and I can't really give you mine, because my GPU isn't kept full all the time.

00:58 <Soul_keeper> i got a 3870 i'm not using ...

00:59 <Soul_keeper> lol

00:59 <zombie67> the diff in speed is 20%

00:59 <MTughan> &math 750 / 625

00:59 <Romulus> MTughan: 1.2

00:59 <zombie67> What's the diff in cost?

00:59 <MTughan> That's something you'll have to look around for. It's possible that you may find a great deal on either card.

01:00 <Soul_keeper> like 20 bucks different in price

01:00 <zombie67> TM?

01:00 <Romulus> Somebody said TM is selling a bunch, zombie67

01:00 <Soul_keeper> 140 vs 160 i believe

01:00 <Soul_keeper> USD

01:00 <MTughan> I think you can occasionally find HD4850's under $100 USD though.

01:00 <Tank_Master> seti GPU works on ATI cards now?

01:01 <zombie67> no

01:01 <MTughan> No, we're talking about MW>

01:01 <Tank_Master> ahh, ok

01:01 <zombie67> 140 vs 160 is 14%

01:01 <zombie67> so it makes sense to buy the faster

01:01 <Tank_Master> I never did get why mw went with ati first and now nvidia

01:01 <Tank_Master> not*

01:01 <zombie67> they didn't

01:02 <zombie67> it was some programmer who just happened to have the HW and the know-how

01:02 <MTughan> Tank_Master: Because Nvidia would suck at it.

01:02 <zombie67> it wasn't a strategic decision

01:02 <zombie67> but cuda is coming to MW

01:02 <MTughan> Even the admin of GPUGrid says that it'd be almost useless to make a CUDA app.

01:03 <MTughan> BTW, Newegg's cheapest cards are $135 and $160 for the 4850 and 4870, respectively.

01:03 <Tank_Master> why?

01:03 <MTughan> &math 160 / 135

01:03 <Romulus> MTughan: 1.18518518519

01:03 <MTughan>

01:03 <Romulus> Title: Milkyway@home on ATI cards (at

01:03 <zombie67> TM:  which of these should I buy?

01:03 <zombie67>

01:03 <Romulus> <> (at

01:04 <MTughan> Don't bother looking at 1GB cards, the extra memory isn't needed for MW.

01:04 <zombie67> but it may be needed for future projects!

01:04 <zombie67> future -proof!

01:05 <MTughan> All right, if you want it...

01:05 <zombie67> the diff is only $30

01:05 <zombie67> so these are the choices:

01:05 <MTughan> The Sapphire card at the top? I have that card, only the 1GB version.

01:05 <Romulus> <> (at

01:05 <Tank_Master> ahh, so its cus of the single presision math?

01:05 <MTughan> Okay, the second card from the top there is the exact card I have.

01:05 <MTughan> Yeah, MW uses double-precision.

01:05 <Tank_Master> can I run mutible cards?

01:06 <zombie67> that's what I asked

01:06 <MTughan> On MW?

01:06 <Tank_Master> yeah

01:06 <zombie67> MT:  the one for $199?

01:06 <MTughan> Not with the current version of the app, but the latest alpha in the Planet3D forums can.

01:06 <MTughan> zombie67: Yes.

01:06 <Tank_Master> nice ok

01:06 <Tank_Master> hummm

01:07 <zombie67> TM:  you are also into graphics cards

01:07 <MTughan> The latest alpha also lowers CPU usage apparently, but it still prone to crashes. So I've read.

01:07 <zombie67> do you have a preference?

01:07 <Tank_Master> I only look at nvidia cards cus their drivers are much easier to work with then ATI

01:07 <MTughan> How good are the fans in the case? Do they move a lot of air?

01:07 <Tank_Master> and more up to date with the OSs

01:08 <zombie67> MT:  I think I asked this, but I forgot your answer

01:08 <Tank_Master> ATI drivers still dont work with server 2008

01:08 <zombie67> I can run the MW GPU app, along with other projects?

01:08 <Tank_Master> which is just sad

01:08 <MTughan> Yes.

01:09 <MTughan> I'm running MW alongside ABC right now, although I'm going to be switching it to WCG.

01:09 <Tank_Master> ok... how about this...

01:09 <Tank_Master> dual cards, one ATI, one vidia, would that work?

01:09 <zombie67> MT:  it is a stock dell chassis.  But it was made to run dual quads, plus many HDs , DIMMS and PCI cards

01:09 <Tank_Master> :P

01:09 <MTughan> Tank_Master: It's been proposed. Scroll down in the GPUGrid thread a bit.

01:10 <zombie67> Q5:  ATI support is NOT in BOINC yet.  How do you tell the project to send GPU tasks and not CPU tasks?

01:10 <MTughan> zombie67: The reason I ask is whether you want a dual-slot card, or something like the top HIS card. If you have enough airflow in your case, you can probably use a single-slot card.

01:10 <MTughan> A dual-slot card will exhaust the heat out of the case entirely.

01:10 <zombie67> oh, I guess I should look as the space, eh?

01:11 <MTughan> Q5 Answer: You don't. You just give BOINC an app_info, and it thinks its another CPU app. The WUs are the same for either application.

01:11 <zombie67> or do all pci-e slots have spacing to accept dual wide?

01:11 <MTughan> That can create a bit of a hassle when trying to keep both the CPU and the GPU populated, but it does work.

01:12 <MTughan> Oh, dual-slot just uses two PCI covers and will cover the PCI/PCIe slot below the populated one.

01:12 <zombie67> MT:  Ah, app_info.  Okay, but then how do you tell it to NOT run any tasks on your CPUs?

01:12 <MTughan> How not to run any MW CPU tasks?

01:13 <zombie67> yes

01:13 <MTughan> Remember, with app_info, it'll only use the application(s) specified in the app_info. So it'll just use the GPU app and not the stock CPU app.

01:14 <zombie67> ah

01:14 <zombie67> take a look here.  will a double wide fit?

01:14 <zombie67> t&resnum=2&ct=image&cd=1

01:14 <Romulus> <> (at

01:15 <MTughan> Yes. The x8 slot below the x16 cannot be used, but it'll fit.

01:15 <zombie67> which is the x16 slot?

01:15 <MTughan> See the three black slots at the top?

01:16 <MTughan> The x16 is the longest. The x8's are about half the length.

01:16 <zombie67> like it's giving me the finger?  yes.

01:16 <MTughan> :P That's one way to see it.

01:16 <Tank_Master> whats the highest that MW support for ATI card?

01:16 <zombie67> okay, so a double wide will fit then, right?

01:17 <zombie67> highest what?

01:17 <MTughan> zombie67: Yep, a dual-slot card will fit.

01:17 <MTughan> Tank_Master: What's the highest what?

01:17 <Tank_Master> ATI card

01:17 <Tank_Master> for crunching on

01:17 <MTughan> The top of the line, the 4870.

01:17 <Tank_Master> ok, good

01:18 <MTughan> And it should support the 4890 once it comes out.

01:18 <Tank_Master> man, those are cheep

01:18 <MTughan> That's what I'm running.

01:18 <MTughan>;792353;991407.gif

01:18 <Romulus> <> (at

01:18 <zombie67> okay, last chance to tell me I shouldn't buy the two sapphire GPUs.

01:19 <MTughan> Just one thing to remember: the fans can get noisy on those.

01:19 <MTughan> I've forced mine to 90%, and that keeps the temps in about the mid-80C.

01:19 <zombie67> 's okay, they are in the garage

01:19 <Tank_Master> 80c?

01:19 <Tank_Master> thats hot

01:20 <zombie67> oh!  these will be running on XP64...any issue with that?

01:20 <MTughan> In that case, feel free to use ATI's CCC (Catalyst Control Center) to force the fans to 100%.

01:20 <MTughan> Tank_Master: Not really. They idle in the mid-50s to 60s.

01:20 <MTughan> Hmm, I don't remember if ATI makes XP64 drivers... One sec.

01:20 <Tank_Master> I was planing on getting the geforce 250 when it comes out...

01:20 <Tank_Master> but now im rethingking that

01:21 <zombie67> TM, you still have that 1950 xpx?

01:21 <Tank_Master> no

01:21 <MTughan> zombie67: Nvm, they do make drivers for XP64. ;)

01:21 <zombie67> so all green?

01:21 <MTughan> So it would seem.

01:21 <MTughan> Just don't install BOINC as a service on those machines.

01:22 <MTughan> Same restriction as CUDA, the app can't run under protected mode.

01:22 <zombie67> they are running 6.6.12

01:22 <Tank_Master> it wouldnt work anyway, would it?

01:22 <MTughan> What wouldn't work?

01:22 <Tank_Master> zombie

01:22 <zombie67> huh?

01:22 <Tank_Master> the x1950

01:23 <Tank_Master> ATI

01:23 <zombie67> no, it would not work

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01:23 <MTughan> No, the earliest card supported is the HD3850.

01:23 <MTughan> BTW... I can say I had a 9600 graphics card 4 years ago. ;)

01:23 <Tank_Master> do you know when the 4890 will be out?

01:24 <MTughan> Probably April.

01:24 <Tank_Master> ahh

01:24 <Tank_Master> to far out

01:24 <MTughan> At least according to Wikipedia's tables. It's not going to be for a little while anyway.

01:25 <MTughan> The only difference between it and the 4870 really are the shader clocks: 850MHz over 750MHz.

01:26 <MTughan> &math 850/750

01:26 <Romulus> MTughan: 1.13333333333

01:26 <MTughan> So another 13% performance boost.

01:26 <Tank_Master> dose AMD have native win7 drivers yet?

01:26 <MTughan> Only the beta's that were out before.

01:27 <Tank_Master> ok

01:27 <MTughan> However, if you're going to run an ATI card under Win7 for MW, you'll need the Stream DLLs. They don't come with the Win7 drivers yet.

01:27 <MTughan> The ones from Vista x64 are working just find on my machine though.

01:27 <Tank_Master> are they hard to add?

01:27 <Tank_Master> ok

01:28 <MTughan> Nope. Copy and paste from System32 to System32.

01:29 <Tank_Master> ok

01:29 <zombie67> MT, did you see the rants on the aliases about the lack of support for app_info w/ GPUs?

01:29 <MTughan> Yeah, and DA even checked in a patch to disable marked CUDA apps in app_infos.

01:30 <zombie67> in addition to RH, there were a couple others too.  The *delicious* part of all this, is that it is only impacting SETI (for now).

01:31 <MTughan> Not GPUGrid?

01:32 <zombie67> no, because no app_info use there.

01:32 <zombie67> it's cuda

01:32 <zombie67> and there are no CPU apps

01:32 <MTughan> Ah, because their application is properly optimized, no need for an app_info?\

01:33 <zombie67> there is only one project that does both CPU and GPU, with a need for app_info for both

01:33 <zombie67> GPUGRID is not open source

01:33 <zombie67> brb...need to drain the mule

01:33 <MTughan> Ah, true...

01:34 <MTughan> zombie67: Does that machine of yours use water cooling?

01:36 <zombie67> just the meat machine

01:39 <zombie67> just broke 500k in PG, 1M in MW, and am very close to breaking 500k in uFluids.  another day or so.

01:46 <Tank_Master> are there single slot 48x0?

01:46 <zombie67> yes

01:47 <MTughan> Not sure actually. Even if a card doesn't use two slots on the back, it still has a taller cooler than normal.

01:47 <MTughan> Tank_Master: I have seen single-slot HD4870X2 cards, but with preinstalled water cooling.

01:47 <MTughan> I don't think you'll see a single-slot air cooled 4870.

01:47 <MTughan> Or 48x0.

01:48 <MTughan> Wait, I should think... I believe the 4850 uses a single-slot cooler.

01:48 <zombie67>

01:48 <Romulus> <> (at

01:49 <zombie67> double wide, but just a single slot

01:49 <MTughan> Yeah, but I don't think that's what TM meant.

01:49 <zombie67> TM:  you have aboard with no space next to the slot?

01:50 <MTughan> Yep, the stock cooler for the 4850 is single-slot.

01:50 <Romulus> <> (at

01:50 <Tank_Master> no, the mobo Im looking at getting had one 1x PCI-e right next to the 16k slot

01:50 <Tank_Master> and I wanted to ser a soundcard for there

01:51 <Tank_Master> get*

01:51 <MTughan> The 4850 should work for you then. At least the stock cooler is single-slot, and while Asus makes a dual-slot version, most I've seen are single.

01:51 <zombie67> that's one hell of a typo

01:52 <MTughan>

01:52 <Romulus> <> (at

01:52 <MTughan> Hmm, most in there are actually dual-slot... Give me a minute or two. :)

01:53 <zombie67>

01:53 <Romulus> <> (at

01:53 <zombie67> there ya go

01:53 <MTughan> Yep, that's single. This is stock too:

01:53 <Romulus> <> (at

01:53 <zombie67>

01:54 <Romulus> <> (at

01:56 <Tank_Master> how much is that one?

01:56 <MTughan> $170 USD.

01:57 <Tank_Master> will an 8x slot impact performance?

01:57 <MTughan> The stock cooler one I posted is $181 USD.

01:57 <Tank_Master> cus the mobo Im looking at getting can fo 16, 8, 8

01:57 <MTughan> Probably not much. It's an x16 physical with only 8 lanes?

01:57 <Tank_Master> yes

01:58 <Tank_Master> 3 16x slots

01:58 <MTughan> Then you should be fine. I don't think x8 would hamper it much.

01:58 <Tank_Master> the added card would more than make up for it

01:58 <zombie67> dang, lattice is sending out tasks that require 1200mb, and two of my PPC/OSX laptops have only 1024mb.

01:58 <MTughan> Hey, I found a single-slot 4870.

01:58 <Romulus> <> (at

01:58 <MTughan> :P

01:59 <Tank_Master> kinda spendy though

01:59 <Tank_Master> for getting more than one

01:59 <zombie67> i am NOT paying to upgrade crap legacy G4 machines

02:00 <MTughan> Water cooling block preinstalled, that's why.

02:00 <Tank_Master> ahh, ok

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02:02 <Tank_Master> o0

02:02 <Tank_Master> wtf

02:03 <Tank_Master> how meny credits should I expect from an 4850?

02:03 <Tank_Master> 60k?

02:04 <MTughan> I'm doing at least 50-60K/day with my 4870, but it's not active 24/7.

02:04 <MTughan> So probably close to that, yeah.

02:04 <Tank_Master> about ouw active is it?

02:04 <Tank_Master> ok

02:04 <Tank_Master> so conservitivly, 150k from 3 cards

02:04 <MTughan> I can't say. I can't watch the card overnight.

02:04 <zombie67> look who caught up

02:04 <zombie67> ;)

02:05 <Tank_Master> ?

02:05 <zombie67> the lure of credits are driving us all into this discussion

02:06 <Tank_Master> how much system ram does a ATI app take for mw?

02:06 <zombie67> this is my second time down this path

02:06 <Tank_Master> lol

02:06 <zombie67> the first time, I didn't realize I had a couple of machines with pci-e slots

02:06 <MTughan> Looks like no more than 20MB. My two tasks are sitting at just under 18MB right now.

02:07 <Tank_Master> so they use a lot more than the cpu app?

02:07 <MTughan> I don't remember what the GPU app uses.

02:08 <MTughan> Holy crap...

02:08 <Romulus> <> (at

02:08 <Tank_Master> cus the CPU app on mine is using about 5.8MB

02:08 <MTughan> And the GPU app is doing much more computation than the CPU app is. ;)

02:10 <Tank_Master> ahh, ok, so one task in taskmanager is doing multible tyasks in BOINC?

02:10 <Tank_Master> tasks*

02:10 <MTughan> No, but it's computing about 30 times faster than the CPU version is.

02:11 <Tank_Master>

02:11 <MTughan> It's possible that it doesn't need that much, but the current version does use that much.

02:11 <Romulus> <> (at

02:11 <Tank_Master> thats the mobo I was looking at getting

02:11 <MTughan> i7, I envy you. ;)

02:12 <Tank_Master> :)

02:13 <zombie67> for a cruncher?

02:13 <zombie67> or you will use it for other stuff/

02:13 <zombie67> ?

02:13 <Tank_Master> itll be for both

02:14 <Tank_Master> some gaming, that ikariam game, and mostly crunching

02:14 <zombie67> okay

02:14 <zombie67> TM, something you may not know

02:14 <ELGono> MT what gpu u  use?

02:14 <zombie67> when GPU crunching with MW

02:15 <MTughan> ELGono: Radeon HD4870 1GB.

02:15 <zombie67> you run more than one task at a time

02:15 <Tank_Master> I saw that in the video

02:15 <Tank_Master> someline like 8 or 10 tasks

02:15 <zombie67> what video?

02:15 <ELGono> 8600GT here ... that was i had handy here

02:15 <Tank_Master> the yourtoob a while back

02:15 <zombie67> MT:  what is the optimum number of tasks?

02:15 <MTughan>

02:15 <Romulus> Title: YouTube - BOINC GPU Client Milkyway@home "V3" 8 Tasks (at

02:16 <zombie67> for the GPUs I just bought?

02:16 <MTughan> I try to run two at a time, but I don't know exactly what optimum is.

02:17 <Tank_Master> yeahm that vid

02:17 <Tank_Master> why not run more?

02:17 <Tank_Master> the vid there shows meny runing at once

02:18 <MTughan> Because I think while that runs 8 at a time, they run 1/4 slower than my 2 do.

02:18 <Tank_Master> ahh, ok

02:18 <MTughan> Essentially, it's like trying to run 8 tasks on a P4 as compared to 2.

02:19 <MTughan> While 8 will run at a time, the average time will be the same as 2.

02:19 <Tank_Master> right

02:19 <Tank_Master> and will just take up that much more ram

02:19 <MTughan> Correct, although even with 18MB, 8 tasks is still just 146MB.

02:19 <MTughan> &math 18 * 8

02:20 <Romulus> MTughan: 144

02:20 <zombie67> wow spelling errors in the video

02:20 <MTughan> 144MB. :) I was close.

02:20 <Tank_Master> hehe

02:20 <zombie67> and I SUCK at spelling

02:20 <Tank_Master> does runing 2 at once seem to do better than 1?

02:20 <ELGono> whats the credit for such a milkyway unit crunshed on gpu

02:21 <zombie67> depends on the task

02:21 <MTughan> I think it's like HT on the P4. If one thread doesn't use all the CPUs resources, the second will.

02:21 <Tank_Master> ELGono - MT's crd does about 60k a day not running 24x7

02:21 <MTughan> I treat it like that, although I don't know if that's the case.

02:22 <zombie67> you are talking one or two.  but in the video they are doing 8 at a time

02:22 <Tank_Master> I know the nvidia cards are something like 6 real cores and some 16 shaders

02:22 <Tank_Master> shaders being like HT

02:22 <MTughan> zombie67: It's like I said to TM. While they may be running 8, I believe the mean time/WU is the same for both of us.

02:22 <MTughan> Or was, before MW doubled their task length.

02:23 <zombie67> you mean that 8 takes 1 min each, or 2 take 15 sec each?

02:24 <Tank_Master> yeah

02:24 <MTughan> I'm gonna be off in a couple minutes... 2:24AM.

02:24 <Tank_Master> thats what he is saying

02:24 <zombie67> ah

02:24 <zombie67> MT, thanks for all the HLEP!

02:24 <Tank_Master> yes, thx a bunch :)

02:24 <MTughan> If you have any more questions, now is the time. ;)

02:24 <zombie67> HELp even

02:24 <zombie67> nope

02:24 <Tank_Master> we can always ask tomorrow :P

02:25 <zombie67> already spent the $

02:25 <Tank_Master> lol

02:25 <MTughan> True. I don't have class until 1PM. I like Thursdays.

02:25 <zombie67> me 2

02:25 <MTughan> Not quite Friday, and I get to sleep in.

02:25 <Tank_Master> hehe

02:25 <MTughan> It's the day before Friday.

02:25 <MTughan> Anyway, night.

02:26 <Tank_Master> tc

02:26 <ELGono> laterz MT

02:26 <Tank_Master> shyt

02:26 <Tank_Master> now I have to come up with $400 for my next comp :P

02:27 <Tank_Master> $400 more*

02:28 <zombie67>

02:28 <Romulus> <> (at

02:28 <zombie67> my president

02:28 <zombie67> ;)

02:28 <Tank_Master> :P

02:32 <zombie67>

02:32 <Romulus> Title: YouTube - Milton Friedman - Greed (at

02:32 <Tank_Master> so was MT saying something bad about the saphire cards?

02:35 <zombie67> no

02:35 <zombie67> that is what he and I bought

02:35 <Tank_Master> ahh, ok

02:35 <Tank_Master> now im tempted to buy one :)

02:37 <zombie67> [23:04]  <zombie67> look who caught up

02:37 <zombie67> ;)

02:38 <Tank_Master> well, not yet

02:38 <zombie67> but you caught the bug

02:38 <Tank_Master> im still gonna wait on my new comp before I do anything

02:39 <zombie67> is this an addition or a replacement?

02:39 <zombie67> oh!

02:39 <zombie67> I meant to ask you a Q

02:39 <Tank_Master> replacement

02:39 <Tank_Master> ok

02:39 <zombie67> dang, too bad

02:39 <zombie67> anyway,

02:39 <zombie67> i thought nehalem was supposed to be with HT

02:40 <Tank_Master> the capasiter on the mobo is making noise, and im staring to see the vid display fliskering every so often

02:40 <Tank_Master> so its time to just get rid of it while I still can

02:40 <zombie67> oh, so it's just a mobo replacement

02:40 <ELGono> any plans with the old mobo?

02:40 <Tank_Master> yes, the i7s come with hyperthreading

02:40 <zombie67> all i7 or just some?

02:41 <Tank_Master> all

02:41 <Tank_Master> im selling everything except the case and most of the HDs

02:41 <Tank_Master> the PS is about 6-8 years old now

02:41 <zombie67> so where are the 8/16 chips??

02:42 <Tank_Master> only the multi way zeons will havee 8 cores

02:42 <zombie67> yeah, PS/power-strips all wear out over time

02:42 <Tank_Master> come Q4 with the die shrink, we will see 6 core (12 threead) CPUs for the desktop

02:42 <zombie67> so i7 8/16 require dual chip?

02:43 <Tank_Master> ?

02:43 <zombie67> IOW, the same dual quad set up I have now

02:43 <Tank_Master> there will not be an 8core CPU for te desktop or dual soclet zeons

02:43 <Tank_Master> socket*

02:44 <zombie67> no, I mean I have to go the dual socket, just like I do today, to get 8/16

02:44 <Tank_Master> yes, you can get 8 cores with 2 quad zeons

02:44 <Tank_Master> correct

02:44 <zombie67> okay, thanks for clearing that up

02:45 <zombie67> will there be dual 6/12 xeon chips??

02:45 <Tank_Master> the desktop markets can only do 4/8, no higher

02:45 <Tank_Master> not till next year

02:45 <zombie67> but eventually?

02:45 <Tank_Master> id expect Q1

02:45 <Tank_Master> yeah

02:45 <zombie67> so THAT is what I need to wait for

02:46 <Tank_Master> the one after that... man o man will there be a change

02:46 <zombie67> calendar Q1?

02:46 <zombie67> what is after that?

02:46 <Tank_Master> the one coming out end of '10

02:46 <Tank_Master> will be a cpu/gpu hybread

02:46 <zombie67> which is...

02:47 <Tank_Master> I forget the name of it

02:47 <Tank_Master> but soemthing like 80 cores

02:47 <Tank_Master> but they are all simple cores, like the atom

02:47 <zombie67> oh, that one

02:52 <Tank_Master> which card did you get?

02:54 <zombie67> uh, lemme look

02:55 <zombie67>

02:55 <Romulus> <> (at

02:55 <zombie67>

02:55 <Romulus> <> (at

02:58 <Tank_Master> that second one I cant read cus it wants me to sign in

02:59 <zombie67> really??

02:59 <zombie67> i am not logged in

02:59 <zombie67> yet i see it

02:59 <zombie67> oh

03:00 <zombie67> you see only the first page

03:00 <zombie67> well, get a subscription...GREAT magazine for us crunchers

03:01 <Tank_Master> how much does it cost?

03:03 *** CoderForLife has quit IRC

03:03 <Tank_Master> ehh, maybe after I get me new comp

03:12 <zombie67> heh, the point is to get the mag to learn all about what you should be buying for a new comp.  After is too lare

03:12 <zombie67> late

03:55 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

04:23 *** CoderForLife has joined #boinc

04:23 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o CoderForLife

04:26 <ELGono> mo don

04:33 <efc> moo

04:33 <efc> &wx 31088

04:33 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 35F / 2C | Humidity: 89% | Pressure: 30.42in / 1030hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h ; Today - Sunny. Highs in the mid 60s. South winds 5 to 15 mph.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 30s. Light and variable winds.; Friday - Sunny. Highs in the mid 70s. South winds 5 to 15 mph.;

04:35 <CoderForLife> moo ELGono efc

04:35 *** ChanServ sets mode: -o CoderForLife

04:35 <ELGono> &weather meiningen,germany

04:35 <Romulus> ELGono: Temperature: 39°F / 4°C | Humidity: 87% | Pressure: 29.09in / 985hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: Variable | Wind Speed: 2mph / 4km/h | Updated: 10:20 AM CET; Chance of Snow. High:41 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:35 F.; Chance of Rain. High:41 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:32 F.; Chance of Snow. High:37 F.; Chance of Snow. Low:28 F.;

04:35 <CoderForLife> brb  emergency breakfast

04:35 <ELGono> ;)

04:42 <CoderForLife> b

04:44 <efc>

04:44 <Romulus> Title: David Hahn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at

04:46 <CoderForLife> I remember that guy

04:47 <CoderForLife> both the scouting and smoke detector issues

04:48 <Tank_Master> howdy CFL

04:49 <CoderForLife> hello Tank_Master

04:50 <CoderForLife> "by the time David disassembled the runaway experiment in 1994, his Geiger counter was detecting radiation from several houses away"

04:52 * CoderForLife wonders what his neighbors might be up to

04:55 <Tank_Master> lol

04:56 <Tank_Master> just a nukler bomb, but only a handfull or so of the good stuff, so nothing to worry about

05:16 <CoderForLife> time to get ready for w@#% - laterz

05:20 *** jasong1 has joined #boinc

05:23 <Tank_Master> tc

05:33 *** Crust has joined #boinc

05:35 *** quail_linux has joined #boinc

05:36 *** jasong has quit IRC

05:36 *** novacrust has quit IRC

05:36 *** quail has quit IRC

05:36 *** quail_linux is now known as quail

05:36 *** novacrust has joined #boinc

05:43 <xcamel> boo

05:44 <efc> moo

06:28 <hawmps> 6.6.11 - cache ran completely out.

06:32 *** Zombie has quit IRC

06:34 *** Zombie has joined #boinc

06:35 <hawmps> never seen that happen before

06:40 <ELGono> sounds odd

06:40 <ELGono> i set my prefs to 4days caching and 6.6.11 got me 2weeks of work

06:46 <hawmps> found it..

06:53 *** Crust has quit IRC

06:54 *** novacrust has joined #boinc

06:58 *** hawmps has quit IRC

07:00 *** efc has quit IRC

07:15 *** hawmps has joined #boinc

07:15 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o hawmps

07:17 <hawmps> re-hi

07:17 *** hawmps sets mode: -o hawmps

07:17 <ELGono> lo jay

07:18 <hawmps> weird message - sound server wouldn't start... "cpu overload"

07:22 <hawmps> lol - ran out of disk space !!??!!

07:28 <hawmps> looks like we're cookin again

07:51 *** PovAdct_w has joined #boinc

08:21 *** wdsmia_w has joined #Boinc

08:25 <wdsmia_w> &wx 50319

08:25 <Romulus> wdsmia_w: Temperature: 48.2F / 9.0C | Humidity: 89% | Pressure: 29.56in / 1000.9hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Haze | Wind Direction: SSE | Wind Speed: 3.0mph / 4.8km/h ; Today - Mostly sunny. Warmer. High in the upper 60s. Southwest wind 10 to 15 mph with gusts to around 25 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Low in the upper 30s. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph shifting to the northwest after midnight.; (1 more message)

08:30 <ELGono> lo D

08:30 <ELGono> &coffee

08:30 <Romulus> Here's your quad expresso!! BANG! Need an ambulance in 10 minutes?

09:18 *** jackygrahamez has joined #boinc

09:28 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

09:37 <jackygrahamez> hi

09:54 *** fwerp2 has joined #boinc

09:54 *** Fwerp has quit IRC

09:54 <fwerp2> buh

09:54 *** fwerp2 is now known as Fwerp

09:54 <Fwerp> damn thing wouldnt finish hybernating

10:26 *** KenSharp has joined #boinc

10:45 <hawmps> ungood

10:47 *** Fwerp has quit IRC

10:47 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

11:00 *** Fwerp has joined #boinc

11:01 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

11:01 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 52.5F / 11.4C | Humidity: 42% | Pressure: 30.12in / 1019.9hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 3.3mph / 5.3km/h ; Rest of Today - Mostly cloudy. Highs around 60. South winds 15 to 20 mph. Gusts up to 35 mph late.; Tonight - Mostly cloudy. A chance of showers after midnight. Lows in the upper 40s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph (1 more message)

11:02 <CoderForLife> &more

11:02 <Romulus> CoderForLife: with gusts up to 25 mph. Chance of rain 30 percent.; Friday - Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers. Highs in the lower 60s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph.;

11:02 <CoderForLife> warm then wet

11:02 <Fwerp> hum

11:04 * CoderForLife grabs his sledgehammer, and gets back to w@#%

11:04 <hawmps> indeed.

11:35 *** DerMeister has joined #boinc

11:54 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

12:02 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

12:30 *** wdsmia has quit IRC

12:30 *** wdsmia has joined #Boinc

13:02 *** PovAdct_w has quit IRC

13:21 *** siofwolves has joined #boinc

13:24 *** fwerp2 has joined #boinc

13:24 *** MTughan has quit IRC

13:24 *** MTughan has joined #boinc

13:25 *** Fwerp has quit IRC

13:25 <MTughan>

13:26 <Romulus> Title: The Real Reason for Microsoft's TomTom Lawsuit - Blogs – ComputerworldUK blogs - The latest technology news & analysis on Outsourcing, HMRC data, Apple iPhone, Global warming, MySQL, Open Enterprise (at

13:39 <MTughan> Good, DA has apparently allowed GPU apps in app_info's again.

13:39 <MTughan> Not that it affects me.

13:48 <hawmps> looks like it..

13:59 <MTughan> Thank you Paul...

14:08 <jackygrahamez> thank Paul Buck?

14:08 <MTughan> Asked why DA is waiting for ATI to send him a card, as "There are likely twenty-thirty of us out here that would try a test

14:08 <MTughan> build to see if it detected our ATI cards ..."

14:08 <MTughan> Oops... Copied a newline there.

14:29 <Tank_Master> im sure if he asked the compunity, someone would be willing to give him one

14:53 <PovAddict> he doesn't care about the community, in particular the volunteer developers

14:53 <PovAddict> he didn't tell anyone why there was a "deadline" for the GPU stuff

14:53 <PovAddict> he didn't tell anyone what the new screensaver stuff is about (there's just a vague wiki page)

14:58 <Tank_Master> well, I didnt say I was suprised he didnt ask...

15:12 <fwerp2> grr

15:12 *** fwerp2 is now known as Fwerp

15:12 <Fwerp> so any ppl i cant even get a new machine up...

15:13 <Fwerp> my 9600gt system used half its cooling fluid over night....

15:14 <jackygrahamez> I'm checking out this tachyon engine for rendering molecules, apparently it is used by VMD

15:14 <Romulus> Title: Tachyon Parallel / Multiprocessor Ray Tracing System (at

15:15 <Fwerp> MTughan: got a gigabyte dual bios board in and a x4 black two sicks of fatal1ty ddr3, wont post also has a 4870 by ati..

15:15 <Fwerp> just cycles power... i think the ram is doa

15:16 <PovAddict> jackygrahamez: I think that would use too much CPU

15:16 <PovAddict> I mean, it's "efficient" in the sense that it can render in real time

15:16 <PovAddict> but maybe it renders in real time using 80% of the CPU

15:16 <PovAddict> so 80% screensaver and 20% actually processing the WU

15:17 <PovAddict> looks like a scalable raytracer, not a fast raytracer

15:18 <jackygrahamez> no chance we can use their code to make low-res? ... I've been asking around...I emailed someone I met from Docking@Home, but no response yet

15:18 <PovAddict> seems to be designed to get high quality realtime animations of *huge* molecules... using a giant cluster of computers

15:18 <PovAddict> (not all software can scale perfectly on a cluster)

15:18 <PovAddict> I think you should test it

15:18 <PovAddict> I think QuteMol would be more efficient since it uses the GPU

15:19 <jackygrahamez> its integrated into VMD which runs well enough on one computer

15:19 <PovAddict> what's its CPU usage?

15:19 <jackygrahamez> I'll monitor that

15:19 <jackygrahamez> ...

15:23 *** sigmund_ has joined #boinc

15:27 <jackygrahamez> I don't know exactly what VMD is doing right now or what is the best test. I simply loaded a file and jiggled the molecule continuously. CPU usage % did not take more than 4% during that interval. It represented a over 20K atomic coordinates using a simple lines representation

15:27 <PovAddict> poll; what should I work on, new improved (incompatible) screensaver framework, or async GUI RPC library?

15:33 <jackygrahamez> If I switch to the drawing method called bonds, and let the molecule spin, it will continuously take 50% of the cpu.

15:35 *** sigmund has quit IRC

15:35 *** jackygrahamez has quit IRC

15:40 <yoyo[RKN]> moin

15:44 <Tank_Master> howdy yoyo

15:59 *** xcamel has quit IRC

16:00 *** xcamel has joined #boinc

16:00 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o xcamel

16:00 *** mchelen has joined #boinc

16:14 *** xcamel sets mode: -o xcamel

16:14 <xcamel> re-hi

16:14 <MTughan> 'lo Jay

16:16 <xcamel> afternoon, Mike

16:20 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

16:24 <Fwerp> bum

16:24 <Fwerp> i want my 4870 up....

16:24 <MTughan> Still the RAM? Or something else?

16:25 *** jasong1 has quit IRC

16:26 <CoderForLife> home again

16:26 <CoderForLife> very windy

16:27 *** jasong has joined #boinc

16:31 *** xcamel_ has joined #boinc

16:31 <CoderForLife> din din - bbiab

16:32 *** xcamel has quit IRC

16:36 *** wdsmia_w has quit IRC

16:40 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

16:50 <MTughan> lol... Speaking about the AMD 780 chipset for an HTPC. "his roommates insisted it wasn't working because it didn't make enough audible noise"

16:51 <PovAddict> I hate silent hard disks

16:52 <MTughan> Why?

16:52 <PovAddict> hard disk noise makes me feel I'm overloading the computer (usually means swapping)

16:52 <Soul_keeper> MTughan, where are you downloading your MW stream client ?   is the source online ?

16:52 <MTughan>

16:52 <Romulus> Title: ZSLIP.COM (at

16:52 <PovAddict> I have more than once used like 2x the available RAM on remote machines, noticing only when it got too slow

16:53 <MTughan> lol

16:53 <MTughan> I imagine an SSD wouldn't slow down too much once it switches to swap, with the near instantaneous seek times.

16:53 <PovAddict> crazy HD seeking also tells me... "open those two giant files one at a time"

16:53 <PovAddict> HD seeking noise*

16:55 <PovAddict> btw, you know that "document icon" shown next to the window title on Mac?

16:55 <MTughan> Yep.

16:55 <PovAddict> I just seriously needed it

16:55 <PovAddict> VNCing a Windows machine

16:55 <PovAddict> I want to save a .txt file (in Notepad) into a network folder currently open in Windows Explorer

16:56 <PovAddict> dragging the document icon into the explorer window would have worked perfectly... but nooo... I have to File -> Save as, copy the path name...

16:57 <MTughan> BTW, a useful thing in most OS X applications: with a document icon in the title bar, Cmd+Click it to show the path of that file.

16:58 <PovAddict> where does it "show"?

16:58 <MTughan> It looks like a context menu.

16:59 <MTughan> Try Cmd+Clicking a folder icon in Finder.

16:59 <MTughan> Hmm, apparently right-clicking works too... :P

16:59 <PovAddict> no mac at arm's reach

16:59 <CoderForLife> re-hi

17:03 <xcamel_> wb

17:04 *** xcamel_ is now known as xcamel

17:04 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o xcamel

17:04 *** xcamel sets mode: -o xcamel

17:08 *** DerMeister has quit IRC

17:10 <xcamel> &wx 12074

17:10 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 34.9F / 1.6C | Humidity: 49% | Pressure: 30.37in / 1028.3hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 2.0mph / 3.2km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy this evening...then mostly cloudy with a chance of rain...snow and sleet after midnight. Not as cool with lows in the lower 30s. South winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation 40 percent.; Friday - Mostly (1 more message)

17:10 <xcamel> &more

17:10 <Romulus> xcamel: cloudy. A chance of rain in the morning. Highs in the upper 40s. South winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent.; Friday Night - Partly cloudy in the evening...then clearing. Lows in the lower 30s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph...diminishing to around 5 mph after midnight.;

17:12 <xcamel> nice warmup from yesterday

17:13 <CoderForLife> yes

17:14 <CoderForLife> we'll get wet as a reward

17:14 <xcamel> ok, as long as it's warmer

17:14 <xcamel> last 2 days were like january

17:15 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

17:16 <CoderForLife> an interesting read

17:16 <Romulus> Title: Cramer: My Response To The White House | News | Money/Investing | Mainstreet (at

17:16 <xcamel> read it

17:17 *** Fwerp has quit IRC

17:17 <CoderForLife> Cramer was blind to the threat, but recognizes the impact now

17:19 *** Fwerp has joined #boinc

17:19 <xcamel> mad it up a few notches on the 'enemies list'

17:19 <xcamel> er made even.

17:19 <Fwerp> i do not like the bar they added in the left side of the new mirc

17:20 <xcamel> I don't like mirc period...

17:34 <wdsmia> re-hi

17:35 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

17:35 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 73.7F / 23.2C | Humidity: 48% | Pressure: 29.49in / 998.5hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 4.0mph / 6.4km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Low in the upper 30s. Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph.; Friday - Mostly sunny. Cooler. High around 60. North wind 5 to 10 mph shifting to the northeast in the afternoon.; Friday Night - Partly cloudy with (1 more message)

17:35 <wdsmia> &more

17:35 <Romulus> wdsmia: a chance of thunderstorms in the evening...then cloudy with showers and thunderstorms after midnight. Locally heavy rainfall possible after midnight. Low in the lower 40s. Northeast wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation 80 percent.;

17:41 <Fwerp> hum

17:42 <Fwerp> i want to do a dual q66 machine..

17:42 <Fwerp> nice n cheap

17:42 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

17:44 <Soul_keeper>   :)

17:44 <Romulus> Title: Project details for lsnet (at

17:44 <MTughan> Soul_keeper: Fwerp still hasn't shown on BS.

17:45 <Soul_keeper> ok

17:53 <Fwerp> MTughan: i couldnt get any machines up today too busy...

17:53 <Fwerp> :(

17:56 <CoderForLife> dang

17:56 <Fwerp> well... did add a laptop w/ a centrino....

17:56 <CoderForLife> off for tonight =(

17:56 <Fwerp> night

18:10 <xcamel> laterz

18:13 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

18:25 <Fwerp>

18:25 <Romulus> <> (at

18:25 <Fwerp> :D

18:27 <xcamel> Skelitor is better..

18:46 <Romulus> New news from boinc: BOINC news March 5, 2009

18:47 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

18:49 <KathrynM> tgif

18:50 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

18:54 <Fwerp> oo it let me make a profile today

18:54 <Fwerp> (seti)

19:32 <Soul_keeper> interviewing the seti guy on the science chan

19:40 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

19:54 <Soul_keeper>

19:55 <Romulus> Title: YouTube - badass texas rabbit (at

20:05 *** efc has joined #boinc

20:07 <xcamel> 'lo Ed

20:07 <efc> Moo

20:10 *** Fwerp has quit IRC

20:19 <Soul_keeper>   no source code, lamers

20:19 <Romulus> Title: ZSLIP.COM (at

20:19 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

20:20 <MTughan> He's just gathering applications from other places.

20:20 <MTughan> You'll have to search through the forums for the sources.

20:24 *** Fwerp has joined #boinc

21:16 <Fwerp> boop

21:18 <xcamel> poob

21:20 <Fwerp> d00d

21:21 <xcamel> w00t

21:23 <Fwerp> ya w00t

21:24 <efc> &time

21:24 <Romulus> efc: 09:24 PM, March 05, 2009

21:24 <Fwerp> newegg needs to work faster

21:24 <Fwerp> beam me my stuff

21:25 <Soul_keeper> send me stuff

21:25 <Fwerp> no way jose send me stuff

21:25 <Soul_keeper> newegg likes sending me stuff, but they like your credit card.  sounds like a win win situation to me

21:26 <Fwerp> omg no

21:26 <Fwerp> hacker! dont make me do something legals

21:26 <Fwerp> :)

21:26 <Tank_Master> lol sk

21:28 <Fwerp> multibeam works faster i think...

21:30 *** nickuwo has joined #boinc

21:31 <nickuwo> ello everyone

21:31 <Tank_Master> nickuwo!

21:31 <Tank_Master> wazz up?

21:31 <Tank_Master> long time no see :)

21:31 <nickuwo> Hey Tank, not much, just boardin' in Utah :)

21:31 <Tank_Master> nice :)

21:31 <nickuwo> i know, it's been a crazy couple weeks

21:32 <Tank_Master> haveing fun though?

21:32 <nickuwo> definitely

21:32 <MTughan> nickuwo: What happened to the Ramsey site?

21:32 <Tank_Master> he shot it

21:32 <nickuwo> I temporarily moved out of my house - Im hitchiking round the southwest for a few months since i couldn't find a job.

21:32 <MTughan> All right.

21:33 <nickuwo> bummer, but it'll be back

21:33 <Tank_Master> good to hear :)

21:33 <nickuwo> I got it running on my gpu, which was sweet :)

21:34 <MTughan> Ramsey is running on your GPU?

21:34 <nickuwo> not right now, but it was. needs some tweaking yet tho

21:35 <Fwerp> engineer's vs programmers... arm wrestlin

21:35 <MTughan> CUDA or ATI Stream?

21:35 <nickuwo> cuda

21:35 <Fwerp> yay cuda

21:37 <nickuwo> whats up with you guys?

21:37 <nickuwo> school kickin ass?

21:37 <Tank_Master> trying to script soemthing in second life

21:37 <Tank_Master> no, sl is kicking my ass though

21:40 *** nickuwo2941 has joined #boinc

21:41 <nickuwo2941> bah stupid hotel wireless

21:42 <xcamel> "stupid hotel" - isn't that a boarding school?

21:42 <nickuwo2941> hmm

21:42 <Fwerp> lul

21:42 <nickuwo2941> never heard of it

21:43 <xcamel> it's a joke, son....

21:43 <nickuwo2941> ahh, yes, a joke

21:46 <Fwerp> multibeam makes my legs burn

21:52 <Soul_keeper> hmmm Ramsey ...

21:54 *** nickuwo2941 has quit IRC

21:54 *** KenSharp has quit IRC

21:54 *** nickuwo has quit IRC

21:56 <Soul_keeper> looks like their website is down

22:17 <Tank_Master> ya think?

22:17 <Tank_Master> read up a few lines :P

22:19 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

22:22 *** desti has quit IRC

22:23 *** desti has joined #boinc

22:31 <Soul_keeper> Tank_Master, screw yours lines

22:32 <Soul_keeper> reading requires work, committment, concentration,   and all that other junk

22:32 <MTughan> Obviously basic proofreading eludes you too...

22:33 <Soul_keeper> damn right

22:33 <Soul_keeper> reading all you're blabbering gives me a headache

22:33 <MTughan> :P

22:34 <Soul_keeper>

22:34 <Romulus> Title: Lsnet Stats 0.3.3 (at

22:34 <Soul_keeper> documented ut99, wesnoth, and FF resource usage

22:34 <Soul_keeper> whoever said 10yr old games weren't multi-threaded ...

22:34 <Soul_keeper> ut99 looks pretty multithreaded to me

22:35 <MTughan> No, it's not. Notice the average usage is about 25% per core. That's Windows spreading the load.

22:35 <MTughan> I've seen it do that with single-threaded apps.

22:35 <Soul_keeper> i don't use your windows

22:35 <Soul_keeper> and no i don't have load balancing

22:35 <Soul_keeper> it runs more than 1 thread

22:36 <MTughan> I've seen it with Windows, OS X, and I wouldn't be surprised if Linux does it as well, although I haven't seen it personally.

22:36 <Soul_keeper> yeah i got that load balancing crap disabled in my kernel

22:37 <MTughan> So you're saying it opens four threads that don't do much?

22:37 <Soul_keeper> but basically i'm not saying all the load is coming from the core ut-bin      but obviousely there are a minimum of 4 threads running for the game

22:37 <Soul_keeper> it's a 10yr old game, you can't exect it to "do much"

22:38 <Soul_keeper> expect*

22:38 <Soul_keeper> but the load is being spread

22:38 <Soul_keeper> unlinke with  wesnoth or FF

22:38 <jasong> It would be interesting if someone made a game that managed to improve by using tech that wasn't even invented when the code was written

22:39 <Soul_keeper> the ability to spawn multiple threads, or run multiple programs has existed for sometime

22:39 <jasong> Well, it runs better, apparently, which is good.

22:40 <Soul_keeper> so it could be running something for   the ai, something for net/browser, graphics, etc.   all contained to themselves in one way or another

22:40 <MTughan> "UT 2004 is one of the older game tests in our benchmark suite, so naturally, there is virtually no chance of multi-threaded enhancements."

22:40 <MTughan> It's from a review for a Q6600.

22:40 <jasong> lol, interesting combination of statements

22:40 <MTughan>

22:40 <Romulus> <> (at

22:40 <Soul_keeper> all i know is for a game that's  not mulithreaded, it's doing a fairly good job

22:41 <jasong> What cpu is it running on?

22:41 <MTughan> Having the Unreal Engine 3 multi-threaded wouldn't be news if the previous versions were also.

22:41 <Soul_keeper> c2d quad 3.3GHz

22:41 <MTughan> Wouldn't that be a C2Q?

22:41 <jasong> Maybe it's the quad making it look multithreaded

22:41 <Soul_keeper> nope

22:41 <MTughan> jasong: I think it was a Q9450.

22:41 <Soul_keeper> ok yorkfeild

22:42 <Soul_keeper> why are you morons so argumentative ?

22:42 <jasong> Wait, c2d quad doesn't make sense, unless you have 4 chips

22:42 <MTughan> The Q8xx0 and Q9xx0 chips were Yorkfields.

22:42 <MTughan> jasong: He's not thinking tonight.

22:42 <Soul_keeper> neither one of you know anything i don't so get over it already

22:43 <Soul_keeper> if you need ego stroking get a damn gf

22:43 <Soul_keeper> i've had about enough of that junk.

22:43 <MTughan> jasong asked, you gave about the most general answer that you could. So I elaborated.

22:44 <jasong> no biggie, I'm just hanging out

22:44 <Soul_keeper> humility isn't a bad thing

22:45 <jasong> Yeah, humility is awesome.  Btw, I have a weird sense of humor, so I'm not always trying to be as offensive as I seem SK

22:45 <jasong> That's referring to last night, or whenever that was

22:56 <jasong> Could someone tell me a good way to get boinccmd to send the log output to a permanent file?

22:57 <MTughan> Does it not send out to stdoutdae.txt or stderrdae.txt?

22:57 <jasong> CentOS doesn't seem to behave the same way as other Linuxes I've used

22:57 <jasong> I don't know, I've alwasy just used command >> file.txt

22:57 <jasong> That doesn't seem to work in CentOS

22:57 <MTughan> command > file.txt should work too.

22:57 <jasong> okay, I'll try it

22:58 <MTughan> Make sure you have permissions to write to the directory you're trying to as well.

23:03 <Fwerp> waffle

23:03 <jasong> thanks, it worked.  Apparently, I used the wrong program last time, although I'm not sure why boinccmd stuff won't redirect to a file, but boinc redirects just fine

23:08 <Soul_keeper> i think i'm gonna go sit at the console for a few hours and think about my life ...

23:08 <Soul_keeper> watch some code fly by and what not

23:08 *** Soul_keeper has quit IRC

23:09 *** novacrust has quit IRC

23:10 <jasong> Console?  You mean computer monitor?  Something to do with your job?

23:10 <jasong> sorry, I never know when I'm speaking to an American, so I tend to ask questions about the terms used

23:30 *** novacrust has joined #boinc

23:38 <Fwerp> anyone... awake

23:39 <MTughan> Yep.

23:39 <Fwerp> need moar powa

23:39 <Fwerp> MTughan: amd or intel ?

23:39 <MTughan> Depends on the projects and what CPU you're looking at.

23:39 <Fwerp> well always

23:40 <Fwerp> but c'mon

23:40 <Fwerp> who do you use the most regardless

23:40 <Fwerp> <--Intel

23:40 <MTughan> I've used Intel, but I can say I was sort of forced into those positions.

23:40 <Fwerp> aha!

23:41 <Fwerp> i tried AMD today

23:41 <Fwerp> dual bios ddr3 gigabyte board

23:41 <MTughan> I had to get my current CPU by Christmas 2008, and Phenom II hadn't come out yet.

23:41 <Fwerp> i couldnt even get it to post...

23:41 <MTughan> If you had asked me today what I would've gotten, it would've been a close call.

23:42 <MTughan> Out of the four computers I've had:

23:42 <MTughan> 1) P4, chosen by my dad

23:42 <Fwerp> i cant wait to see this amd black system going

23:42 <MTughan> 2) Apple MacBook, Intel only

23:42 <Fwerp> oo macbook

23:42 <MTughan> 3) Lenovo T400, basically Intel only

23:42 <Fwerp> lenovo = good build quality

23:42 <MTughan> 4) Phenom II hadn't come out, and there were no benchmarks for it.

23:43 <Fwerp> MTughan: this phenom black thingy will be lit when the 1.5v ram comes

23:43 <Fwerp> kid picked the parts... i never use amd

23:43 <Fwerp> i didnt notice the voltage..... oopsy... took all day to figure out the mistake

23:44 <MTughan> You fried it?

23:44 <Fwerp> fresh 4870?! in it too

23:44 <Fwerp> nono

23:44 <Fwerp> the 1.9 ram made it power cycle

23:44 <Fwerp> my gear says the board is fine, yet i have no ram for this board... ddr3 is not easy to just keep around

23:45 <MTughan> What can the integrated mem controller supply?

23:45 <Fwerp> 800w psu

23:45 <Fwerp> i dunno

23:45 <Fwerp> came in and i started slappin parts together

23:46 <Fwerp> if i had my way i woulda gone intel w/ asus and a quad sli system... but w/e

23:46 <MTughan> Well, the fact that it doesn't support 1.9V DDR3 RAM isn't AMD's fault.

23:46 <MTughan> 1.9V is a lot of voltage for any RAM, especially DDR3 RAM.

23:46 <Fwerp> he claims he can get the fourth core lit once i get it in is hands

23:46 <MTughan> It's a Phenom X3 720 Black?

23:47 <Fwerp> it was 1.9 fatal1ty ddr3

23:47 <Fwerp> i swear it said 1.9.... i handed it back to him and said "too many volts"

23:47 <Fwerp> manual says 1.5 fool...

23:48 <Fwerp> its super new and he claims there is a fourth core, but its turned off?

23:48 <Fwerp> i cant wait to see...

23:49 <MTughan> Yeah, it's a Phenom II X3... Comes with three cores, but recently there's been a "hack" where you turn on a certain setting in the BIOS and it reactivates the fourth, possibly defective, core.

23:49 <Fwerp> we will see

23:49 <Fwerp> and he agree'd to let me add it to eti for a few days

23:49 <Fwerp> seti*

23:49 <MTughan> So the advantage is you can get a quad-core for cheaper, and an unlocked one at that.

23:50 <Fwerp> he says he saved 300$ in a 1.2k$ build

23:50 <MTughan> The only thing is that it might be a defective core, as it's marketed as a tri-core.

23:50 <Fwerp> and he brings it to me to put together

23:50 <MTughan> AMD guarantees three cores, but not the fourth.

23:50 <MTughan> Let me see if I can find the post on it again...

23:51 <MTughan>

23:51 <Romulus> Title: More details emerge about Phenom II X3 unlocking - The Tech Report (at

23:52 <Fwerp> wtf should i cool this thing with

23:53 <Fwerp> i really dont wanna wasgte a huge 80$ cooler on it

23:53 <Fwerp> did u say water?

23:53 <MTughan> He doesn't want the stock?

23:53 <Fwerp> yes....*spooge*

23:54 <MTughan> Why would I say water?

23:54 <Fwerp> cause its pretty

23:54 <MTughan> And damned expensive.

23:54 <Fwerp> mmmhmm

23:54 <Fwerp> shop dude.... sales....

23:55 <Fwerp> if they only had all old fittings so i could charge more

23:55 <Fwerp> gold*

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