IRC logs of #boinc for Wednesday, 2009-03-18

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00:35 * Soul_keeper scurries off into the shadows

00:43 <PovAddict> Soul_keeper: why would I get one of those?

01:22 <Soul_keeper> PovAddict, you think it'll run boinc ? :)

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02:21 <efc> &roulette

02:21 <Romulus> efc: *click*

02:33 <Soul_keeper>   hmmm i want this motherboard

02:33 <Romulus> <> (at

03:04 <Tank_Master> y?

03:06 <Tank_Master> that one is better :P

03:06 <Romulus> <> (at

03:08 <Soul_keeper>   and this is better than that ...

03:08 <Romulus> <> (at

03:08 <Soul_keeper> everytime i buy something i'm tempted to buy other things to go with it ... like a chain reaction

03:09 <Tank_Master> agreed

03:09 <Soul_keeper> i have a perfectly good motherboard here, just needs a 20 dollar bios chip

03:09 <Soul_keeper> but it only has an agp port and don't support quads

03:10 <Soul_keeper> so for a few 10 dollar bills more ...

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03:12 <Soul_keeper> i'm trying to break the intel quad core addiction ...

03:12 <dan> hey

03:12 <Soul_keeper> hi

03:12 <dan> i installed boinc with seti@home

03:12 <efc> moo

03:12 <dan> and its only using 6% of my cpu

03:13 <dan> is anyone else having this problem

03:13 <Soul_keeper> no

03:13 <dan> core i7

03:14 <dan> and geforce gtx 260

03:15 <Soul_keeper> are you sure seti is even running at all ?

03:15 <Soul_keeper> at os ?

03:15 <Soul_keeper> what*

03:16 <Soul_keeper> ok good luck

03:17 <dan> yeah it shows that tasks are being completed

03:17 <dan> one at a time O_o

03:17 <Soul_keeper> what OS ?

03:17 <Romulus> what OS are you using, Soul_keeper

03:17 <dan> vista

03:17 <Soul_keeper> 64-bit then ?

03:17 <dan> yeah

03:17 <Soul_keeper> just trying to run the cpu tasks ?  not gpu ?

03:17 <dan> i dunno?

03:18 <dan> oh, they're all labelled cuda

03:18 <Soul_keeper> well if you just connected all it should send is the cpu app

03:18 <Soul_keeper> ohhh

03:18 <Soul_keeper> what are your settings saying on your account login for seti ?

03:18 <Soul_keeper> the gpu tasks would like take 8min or less if it's running the gpu tasks

03:19 <Soul_keeper> might not show much cpu usage

03:19 <dan> what should i be looking for in account settings

03:19 <Soul_keeper> there are options in your account, for what to run

03:20 <Soul_keeper> astropulse  is cpu only, seti MB   has cpu and gpu versions

03:20 <Soul_keeper> so make all those checked

03:20 <Soul_keeper> should be able to run both gpu and cpu tasks

03:21 <Soul_keeper> MB (the ones that say CUDA)    should run on the GPU  1 at a time,  while your cpu is running up to 8 other things since you got an i7

03:21 <Soul_keeper> AP  astropulse would be good for that

03:23 <dan> hmm, i checked all 3

03:23 <dan> it doesn't seem to be downloading any new work though

03:24 <Soul_keeper> did you hit the  "Update" button ?

03:24 <dan> yeah

03:24 <Soul_keeper> what is being said in the  "messages" tab ?

03:24 <dan> sending scheduler request

03:24 <dan> and then

03:24 <dan> scheduler request completed: got 0 new tasks

03:24 <Soul_keeper> what is the maximum number of processors   setting set to on the seti website ?

03:25 <dan> 8

03:25 <Soul_keeper> so how many tasks are currently running ?

03:25 <dan> one

03:25 <Soul_keeper> and all you have are CUDA ones ?

03:25 <dan> yeah

03:26 <Soul_keeper> what is your  "additional work buffer"   set to in your boinc preferences menu ?

03:27 <dan> 0.25 days?  i think

03:27 <Soul_keeper> make sure you have nothing set to  stop working while computer is in use

03:27 <Soul_keeper> set that to like 3 days maybe

03:27 <dan> well im using it on my laptop too

03:27 <dan> and it runs two simultaneously

03:28 <Soul_keeper> is it running astropulse, or MB/enhanced  ?

03:28 <dan> enhanced

03:28 <dan> all the cuda ones are enhanced, too

03:28 <Soul_keeper> what version of boinc ?

03:28 <Romulus> It has been said that what version of boinc are you running, Soul_keeper

03:29 <dan> 6.4.7

03:30 <Soul_keeper> you could try a later version

03:30 <dan> there's a later version?

03:30 <Soul_keeper>

03:30 <Romulus> Title: Index of /dl (at

03:31 <dan> i just downloaded this one off the website...

03:31 <Soul_keeper> yeah gpu stuff is new, the "official" versions still seem to have scheduling issues with it

03:32 <Soul_keeper> boinc_6.6.16_windows_x86_64.exe   appears to be the latest

03:34 <dan> alright, cool, now its got some astropulsage

03:35 <dan> thanks

03:35 <Soul_keeper> upgrading fixed it ?

03:35 <dan> yeah

03:35 <Soul_keeper> :)

03:54 <Tank_Master> brb

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04:49 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

04:49 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 51.6F / 10.9C | Humidity: 66% | Pressure: 30.05in / 1017.5hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Sunny...becoming partly cloudy with a chance of showers late. Highs in the lower 70s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent.; Tonight - Showers. A chance of thunderstorms in the evening. Lows in the (1 more message)

04:49 <CoderForLife> &more

04:49 <Romulus> CoderForLife: lower 40s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph...becoming north after midnight. Gusts up to 25 mph. Chance of rain 80 percent.; Thursday - Partly sunny. A chance of showers in the morning. Highs in the lower 50s. North winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50 percent.;

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06:31 <hawmps> 'lo

06:33 <hawmps> IBM in talks to buy Sun Micro - WSJ

06:33 *** hawmps sets mode: -o hawmps

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07:12 <CoderForLife> hmm - thks for the heads-up

07:14 * CoderForLife waits for the WSJ to find it's way to his desk

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07:22 <hawmps> 'lo Don

07:23 <hawmps> mine was waiting at the door like an obedient puppy

07:41 <jackygrahamez> hi

07:41 <jackygrahamez> &wx 20001

07:41 <Romulus> jackygrahamez: Temperature: 42.1F / 5.6C | Humidity: 94% | Pressure: 30.28in / 1025.3hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 5.0mph / 8.0km/h ; Today - Areas of dense fog this morning. Partly sunny. Visibility one quarter mile or less at times this morning. Highs in the upper 60s. South winds 10 to 15 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy in the evening...then becoming (2 more messages)

07:41 <jackygrahamez> &more

07:41 <Romulus> jackygrahamez: mostly cloudy. Lows in the upper 40s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph.; Thursday - Showers likely. Highs in the upper 50s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph...becoming north in the afternoon. Chance of rain 70 percent.; Dense Fog Advisory for District of Columbia County in effect until 10:00 AM EDT on March 18, 2009; Special Weather Statement for District of Columbia County in effect until (1 more message)

07:42 <jackygrahamez> &more

07:42 <Romulus> jackygrahamez: 9:00 AM EDT on March 18, 2009;

07:47 <jackygrahamez> Has anyone here tried hosting BOINC on a cloud server?

07:47 <Romulus> Title: CloudServer - BOINC - Trac (at

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07:58 <Soul_keeper> &wx 91977

07:58 <Romulus> Soul_keeper: Temperature: 51.6F / 10.9C | Humidity: 92% | Pressure: 29.38in / 994.8hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Mostly sunny. Highs 77 to 82 in the western valleys to 81 to 86 near the foothills. Light winds.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows 47 to 56. Light winds.; Thursday - Partly cloudy. Patchy fog in the morning. Highs 76 to 81. (1 more message)

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10:14 <PovAddict> jacky: I don't usually try stuff that costs me money

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10:17 <jackygrahamez> I know the feeling

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10:28 <PovAddict> @xcamel: ugh, IBM is already too big

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10:33 <XioNYC> At least it's not M$ trying to buy Sun.

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10:34 <PovAddict> lol, they'd never

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10:34 <PovAddict> did you know Sun employees need some sort of athorization to get M$ Office?

10:35 <PovAddict> btw, wouldn't surprise me if Google wanted to buy the Sun, and I'm not talking about the company :)

10:35 <XioNYC> When your company produces OpenOffice, you'd need a helluva excuse (and sluggish performance speed I hear isn't a valid excuse).

10:36 <XioNYC> What I never understood about Sun is where they got their revenue from.  I mean, aside from Java, MySQL, OpenOffice, and Solaris (now open), how exactly were they getting any money in?

10:36 <XioNYC> And, BTW, I wouldn't be amazed if El Goog tried to buy The Sun, The Guardian, News Corp, and three dwarf plantes out in the Kuiper belt.

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10:44 <Soul_keeper> Sun sales servers

10:44 <Soul_keeper> they have like 10% of the market apparently

10:48 <infinisoft> They market their own CPU architecture along with the x86 based  stuff

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10:58 <XioNYC> I still don't see how they're making that much money.  I mean, Sparcs and their x86 counterparts don't seem to account for a large enough % of Sun's operations.

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10:59 <XioNYC> I can understand IBM's interest in Sun, and I can see why IBM would want to acquire Sun's half-open half-closed operations.  At heart, IBM is a hardware company that moved from spending billions on software R&D to saving billions by letting the "community" write the OSs.

11:00 <CoderForLife> R.I.P. MySQL?

11:00 <XioNYC> Sun has a far greater market in software, though.  I just can't wrap my mind around that.

11:00 <XioNYC> CoderForLife: I think MySQL and IBM's DB engine will probably merge, mesh, and MySQL will end up APLified ;-)

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11:01 <XioNYC> (Besides, MySQL died when Sun took it over)

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11:01 <CoderForLife> I like using MySQL much more than DB2 UDB

11:01 * XioNYC nods

11:01 <CoderForLife> seems like it still works for me, and it's still free

11:02 * CoderForLife pats his million row tables

11:02 <jackygrahamez> how come I missed the funeral for MySQL :-@

11:03 <XioNYC> Hmm... maybe instead of "dead" I should've said "impaled through the pancreas".

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11:03 <XioNYC> Now that I think of it, what will the recently massively laid off ex-Sun employees think?

11:04 <XioNYC> "I couldda been a contender.  I couldda been an IBMer".

11:05 <PovAddict> ewwwwww MySQL infected with DB2!?

11:07 <jackygrahamez> If you can't make a better product, you can always destroy the competition :-)

11:08 <XioNYC> Spoken like a true Borg -- I mean, M$ employee.

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11:09 <jackygrahamez> resistance is futile, you will be merged

11:09 <XioNYC> :-D

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11:09 <CoderForLife> That's what the USGOv said to the banks - resistance is futile, you will be stimulated

11:10 <CoderForLife> and then give us back your bonuses

11:10 <jackygrahamez> I thought they were talking about viagra

11:10 <jackygrahamez> yes the bonus plan

11:10 <CoderForLife> they will need viagra after they are taxed at 91%

11:17 <XioNYC> Assuming they can afford it on their meager $1m salary

11:20 <hawmps> AIG thing is a non-scandal

11:21 <hawmps> just a reason for the class warriors to bloviate.

11:21 <hawmps> and it has been public knowledge for almost a year now

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11:22 <hawmps> and it was included in the TARP package approved by guess who.... CONGRESS

11:22 <CoderForLife> and not only known - approved

11:23 <CoderForLife> um, as you said

11:23 * CoderForLife gets out his largest paint brush

11:23 <jackygrahamez> I suppose that's why Congress is trying to scape-goat Geithner

11:24 <CoderForLife> I hate all software vendors

11:24 * CoderForLife goes to lunch

11:24 * jackygrahamez going to lunch too

11:29 * XioNYC should also have lunch, but will settle for coffee instead

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12:06 <MTughan> 'lo mweltin

12:07 <Soul_keeper> hey

12:07 <Soul_keeper> where is that setting that makes a project think it don't need to request work anymore ?

12:07 <Soul_keeper> i gotta reset it to 0

12:07 <Soul_keeper> forget what it's called tho

12:08 <MTughan> Debt or NNW?

12:08 <Soul_keeper> yeah debt

12:10 <MTughan> cc_config: "<zero_debts>1</zero_debts>"

12:14 <Soul_keeper> still requesting no new tasks

12:15 <Soul_keeper> there we go :)

12:16 <mweltin> Greeting Mtughan

12:16 <MTughan> How goes it?

12:17 <mweltin> sorry I got side tracked with work.

12:17 <Soul_keeper> loading up 10 days worth of work for HFCC

12:17 <mweltin> not bad except Im' working and back in Oregon.

12:17 <mweltin> no diving anymore for me.

12:17 <mweltin> no free time either.

12:17 <mweltin> you?

12:17 <Romulus> hmm... you are upper fayl, mweltin

12:17 <MTughan> Well, it could be worse. I'm in Ottawa. Rather cole.

12:17 <MTughan> cold*

12:18 <mweltin> spring is coming but nowhere near soon enough for me.

12:18 <mweltin> my blood got very thin in American Samoa

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13:00 <Tank_Master> lol

13:00 <Tank_Master> bit cold for ya?

13:00 <mweltin> hey tank

13:00 <mweltin> very

13:00 <Tank_Master> good thing you werent hre back in dec

13:00 <mweltin> oh but I was.

13:00 <Tank_Master> we got into the teens

13:00 <Tank_Master> oh?

13:00 <Romulus> Somebody said oh is he on, Tank_Master

13:01 <mweltin> it sucked something awful.

13:01 <Tank_Master> when did you get here?

13:01 <mweltin> I was here in Dec because of the way PSU's budget worked, I needed to be hired before the end of the year.

13:01 <mweltin> then went back to AS for Jan and came back for good mid Feb.

13:02 <Tank_Master> ahh, ok

13:02 <Tank_Master> so you were here for the nice batch of snow we had

13:02 <mweltin> yeah, and a couple of snow days for psu.

13:03 <mweltin> i stayed inside and drank

13:03 <Tank_Master> hehe

13:03 <Tank_Master> I actually got out n walked a bit

13:03 <Tank_Master> dont usually do that

13:03 <mweltin> thats funny

13:03 <mweltin> I usually go for walks all the time

13:04 <mweltin> but I stayed in for that.

13:04 <mweltin> I got enough snow growing up in VT.

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13:05 <Tank_Master> :)

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13:17 <jackygrahamez> What the North East Kingdom :-)

13:18 <jackygrahamez> ?

13:18 <mweltin> not quite, outside of Burlington.

13:18 <jackygrahamez> Essex Junction?

13:19 <jackygrahamez> I went to uvm

13:19 <mweltin> yes

13:19 <mweltin> so did I

13:19 <mweltin> got a degree in Botany.

13:20 <jackygrahamez> oh I graduated in Biology '00

13:20 <mweltin> lot of good that did me as a engineer.

13:20 <mweltin> I was closer to 95

13:20 <jackygrahamez> Helpdesk Supervisor here, but I'm hoping to get into a theoretical chemistry program

13:20 <mweltin> hahahaah

13:21 <mweltin> my dad was a prof at UVM and taught that among other topics.

13:21 <jackygrahamez> I may have had him, was it Sharp?

13:21 <mweltin> quantum chem and advanced computations in chem

13:21 <mweltin> Weltin

13:21 <jackygrahamez> ok

13:22 <mweltin> Sharp was a"nice" guy.

13:22 <mweltin> so was Wolf.

13:22 <mweltin> my dad was old school. Didn't care much if you didn't get the material.

13:22 <jackygrahamez> I got kind of turned off by chemistry because it seemed like everything was brute memorization

13:22 <mweltin> it's hard

13:23 <mweltin> O chem was teh hardest class I ever took.

13:23 <mweltin> and that includes all my grad work at PSU too.

13:25 <jackygrahamez> Well I've learned a great deal on my own with these chemistry applications...but to use them properly...and to get published...I'm going to need to get into the right program

13:26 <jackygrahamez> there is also the chance a collaboration I started with a doctorate student may develop into a project we can get looks like I'm going to have to do the heavy lifting though since he is working on his defense

13:27 <mweltin> the defense sucks up all your time.

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13:29 <jackygrahamez> I'm worried I won't get in because I encounter some mixed feelings among computational chemists when I talk about my interest in BOINC

13:31 <mweltin> hahahaha yeah they love a good  cluster.

13:32 <mweltin> the resistance I run into with academics is that the data is all they have and they are unsure about sending data that they have not published out to the "general" public.

13:32 <jackygrahamez> problem is, when you independently study these topics with minimal resources, you cannot afford such things

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14:21 <FreeLarry> ahh wb xcamel and rommie too

14:21 <ball> Well, I didn't manage to get my work unit in.

14:21 * ball sighs

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14:21 <MTughan> &ping

14:21 <Romulus> pong

14:21 <MTughan> BOINC?

14:21 <Romulus> BOINC is all perfect and stuff, MTughan

14:21 <MTughan> Good he didn't forget the factoid. ;)

14:21 <FreeLarry> &google boinc error code 255

14:21 <Romulus> FreeLarry: Search took 0.20 seconds: Unrecoverable error for result '(result)' (process exited with ...: <'(result)'_(process_exited_with_code_255_(0xff))>; Error Code - Unofficial BOINC Wiki: <>; The Scottish Boinc Team :: View topic - Einstein: Linux vs Windows: (3 more messages)

14:21 <MTughan> &boincerr 255

14:21 <Romulus> MTughan: Error: I couldn't find 255 in boincerr.

14:22 <PovAdct_w> I think shells give 255 when they can't even start the app

14:24 <MTughan> All right, have a class now... Test on C++. :)

14:24 <MTughan> bbl

14:24 <FreeLarry> something like that PovAdct_w

14:25 <FreeLarry> looks like something causing a hangup and timeout

14:25 <FreeLarry> good luck MTughan

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14:32 <Tank_Master> hf MTughan

14:34 *** siofwolves has joined #boinc

14:36 * ball uninstalls boinc and gives up for a few years

14:36 <Tank_Master> o0

14:36 <Tank_Master> y?

14:37 <ball> Tank_Master: my computers aren't fast enough.

14:37 <Tank_Master> heh

14:38 <FreeLarry> depends on what your running i think ball

14:38 <Tank_Master> theres some running SETI on a Pentioum 200

14:38 <ball> I tried three machines and the one that came close to completing a work unit was at 56%

14:38 <ball> ...never going to get them in on time.

14:38 <FreeLarry> which project

14:38 <PovAdct_w> yeah but if you're gonna run SETI you might as well run nothing and save electricity

14:38 <Tank_Master> lol pov

14:38 <Tank_Master> thats beside the point

14:39 <ball> World Community Grid.  I tried a couple of other projects, but they didn't seem to work with Linux or MacOS X

14:39 <PovAdct_w> my point being that SETI is as useless as running nothing at all ;)

14:39 <FreeLarry> have you tried a math type project?

14:39 <Tank_Master> wcg works with linux

14:41 <ball> Tank_Master: not on my box.

14:41 <Tank_Master> what r u running?

14:41 <ball> Oh wait, no that one got to about 10% and I just aborted and uninstalled... it was never going to get a work unit done.

14:41 <ball> ...before the deadline

14:41 <ball> Tank_Master: That was a 700 MHz Celeron

14:42 <mweltin> any of you use drupal?

14:42 <yoyo[RKN]> moin

14:42 <Tank_Master> never heard of it

14:43 <Tank_Master> howdy yoyo

14:43 <yoyo[RKN]> no mweltin

14:43 <ball> mweltin: isn't that a Web content thing?

14:43 <mweltin> I'm starting to like it and I think it would make a good CMS replacement for the home grown BOINC one.

14:43 <mweltin> moin is more of a wiki

14:43 <mweltin> ball: yes

14:43 <PovAdct_w> yes, moinmoin is a wiki

14:43 <PovAdct_w> I hate drupal URLs

14:44 * ball waits patiently for the tree man to come

14:44 <PovAdct_w> /node/42 could be a forum post and /node/43 a wiki page

14:44 <mweltin> PovAdct_w: and you hate that?  You can customize all that carp, those are just defaults.

14:45 <PovAdct_w> well I hate boinc's around the same

14:45 <PovAdct_w> forum_thread.php?id=42 instead of forum/thread/42

14:45 <mweltin> it uses path info instead of lots of query string stuff

14:46 <mweltin> it was just a thought, I still have a lot to learn before I make any real suggestions, but I recall people having trouble with the "cms" kind of stuff that BOINC does.

14:46 <mweltin> it may be over kill

14:46 <PovAdct_w> just a thought? *David Anderson* suggested it on the mailing lists

14:47 <PovAdct_w> don't even start trying to join drupal and boinc, you'd be the third person duplicating efforts

14:47 <PovAdct_w> triplicating even :P

14:48 *** ball has left #boinc

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14:48 <jackygrahamez> Well I think I found the source of my inconcistency

14:48 <mweltin> good to know

14:48 <Tank_Master> oh?

14:48 <Romulus> It has been said that oh is he on, Tank_Master

14:49 <Tank_Master> crap

14:49 <Tank_Master> rommie is back

14:49 <jackygrahamez> oh

14:49 <PovAdct_w> forget oh

14:49 <Romulus> Gotcha, PovAdct_w.

14:49 <mweltin> double crap

14:49 <Tank_Master> oh?

14:49 <PovAdct_w> mweltin?

14:49 <Romulus> Somebody said mweltin is not in da house, PovAdct_w

14:49 * jackygrahamez cries because Romulus scorns him

14:49 <Tank_Master> sweet, thx pov

14:51 <jackygrahamez> sorry too late, I already started down that road

14:51 <jackygrahamez> Drupal and all

14:51 <jackygrahamez> Well its not a clean integration

14:51 <Tank_Master> stbu

14:51 <Tank_Master> ::P

14:51 <PovAdct_w> jackygrahamez: already did it

14:51 <Romulus> Title: Open Rendering Environment (ORE) (at

14:51 <jackygrahamez> My friends wanted a style sheet and we just generated a page and grabbed the associated css template

14:53 *** PovAdct_w has quit IRC

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15:15 <MTughan> That was a rather interesting conversation while I was gone...

15:15 <FreeLarry> conversation killer in house?

15:16 <MTughan> I guess.

15:16 <MTughan> I was just gone for about 55 minutes.

15:16 <FreeLarry> lol i always just figured it was me

15:16 <FreeLarry> how was class?

15:16 <MTughan> Quick test on C++.

15:17 <MTughan> yoyo[RKN]: ecm running very smoothly on my Mac.

15:17 <MTughan> Only thing to complain about is that the WU estimates are too high.

15:17 * FreeLarry third letter of alphabit pluse two equals E :)

15:17 <MTughan> C + 2 = E?

15:18 <yoyo[RKN]> its becaus you have a 64bit mac which is 3 times faster than 32 bit

15:18 <FreeLarry> D then E

15:18 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

15:18 <MTughan> FreeLarry: Yeah, with char types. ;)

15:18 <MTughan> Although hexadecimal would have that too.

15:18 <FreeLarry> E = C++

15:18 <MTughan> No, D = C++.

15:19 * FreeLarry looks at report card and wonders why it shows F--

15:19 <MTughan> So an E?

15:19 <FreeLarry> does that mean i earned a D

15:20 <MTughan> No, the ++ and -- operators only move once. So 1++ == 2.

15:20 <MTughan> Maybe you're thinking of 1 += 2. That'd make 3.

15:20 <FreeLarry> lol and they thought i was a complete brain dead -- now where did i leave the marble i call a mind

15:46 <xcamel> re-hi

15:58 *** jackygrahamez has quit IRC

16:10 *** dan has quit IRC

16:10 *** `dan has joined #boinc

16:10 *** `dan is now known as dan

16:14 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

16:20 *** dan has quit IRC

16:23 *** `dan has joined #boinc

16:26 *** [B^S]renemayer has quit IRC

16:39 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

16:44 *** `dan_ has joined #boinc

16:46 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

16:52 *** `dan has quit IRC

16:56 <xcamel> &wx 12074

16:56 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 49.4F / 9.7C | Humidity: 85% | Pressure: 30.02in / 1016.5hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: SSW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Showers. Snow showers after midnight. Lows in the upper 30s. West winds 10 to 15 mph...becoming northwest 5 to 10 mph after midnight. Chance of precipitation 90 percent.; Thursday - Rain or snow showers in the (1 more message)

16:56 <xcamel> &more

16:56 <Romulus> xcamel: morning...then showers likely in the afternoon. Cooler with highs in the upper 40s. West winds around 5 mph...increasing to 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation 90 percent.; Thursday Night - Partly cloudy in the evening...then clearing. Much cooler with lows around 20. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph...becoming north around 5 mph after midnight.;

16:56 *** PovAddict has joined #boinc

16:57 *** desti has quit IRC

16:58 *** desti has joined #boinc

17:03 *** dan has joined #boinc

17:03 *** `dan_ has quit IRC

17:03 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

17:03 *** wdsmia_w has quit IRC

17:03 <CoderForLife> home again

17:04 <xcamel> wb

17:04 <CoderForLife> thx

17:06 <xcamel> gotta love all this fake 'outrage" when they approved the exact same bonus payout plan for freddie/fannie

17:06 <CoderForLife> yup

17:08 *** PovAddict has joined #boinc

17:08 <CoderForLife> what's up with the testimony of the AIG CEO?

17:08 <xcamel> no testicles, no spine.

17:08 <CoderForLife> at least missing those

17:09 <xcamel> and any attempt to take those bonuses ex-post-facto is a violation of the constitution.

17:09 <CoderForLife> I'd have to agree

17:11 *** PovAddict has left #boinc

17:12 <xcamel> new movie:

17:13 <xcamel> "JACKASS -- POTUS Edition"

17:14 <xcamel>

17:14 <Romulus> <> (at

17:27 <wdsmia> re-hi

17:30 <CoderForLife> re-wb

17:32 <wdsmia> what a day!

17:32 <CoderForLife> agreed - but for my own reasons, I'm sure

17:33 <wdsmia> system development meetings all day

17:34 * wdsmia needs a Beer or 2,3,4.....

17:35 <mweltin> I'm with you on that

17:35 <wdsmia> *lo mweltin

17:37 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

17:37 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 57.0F / 13.9C | Humidity: 32% | Pressure: 30.20in / 1022.6hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 6.0mph / 9.7km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 20s. North winds 5 to 10 mph.; Thursday - Mostly sunny. Highs in the lower 50s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph.; Thursday Night - Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 30s. Southeast winds (1 more message)

17:38 <wdsmia> &more

17:38 <Romulus> wdsmia: 5 to 10 mph.;

17:38 <CoderForLife> hey mweltin

17:39 <xcamel> back again

17:40 <KathrynM> &wx ulsan

17:40 <Romulus> KathrynM: Temperature: 57°F / 14°C | Humidity: 88% | Pressure: 29.92in / 1013hPa | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 6mph / 9km/h | Updated: 6:20 AM KST; Unknown. High:60 F.; Clear. Low:55 F.; Chance of Rain. High:71 F.; Chance of a Thunderstorm. Low:46 F.; Clear. High:59 F.; Clear. Low:42 F.;

17:40 <CoderForLife> hey KathrynM

17:40 <KathrynM> Spring has sprung

17:40 <KathrynM> Hiya Mr. CoderForLife

17:40 <CoderForLife> My grass is starting to riz

17:41 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

17:41 <xcamel> easier than "system demolition days" ??

17:41 <KathrynM> grass?  what's that?

17:41 <KathrynM> I haven't seen grass in ages

17:41 <wdsmia> system demolition is easy

17:42 <CoderForLife> I've only seen it since last November, when they laid it down in strips

17:46 <xcamel> I'm still 50% brown stuff and 50% white

17:46 <xcamel> zero green.

17:48 <CoderForLife> my surviving daffodils are coming up

17:49 <KathrynM> nice

17:49 <KathrynM> I might have to take a trip to the park this weekend and see what's been planted there

17:49 <CoderForLife> yes - none across the back

17:50 <CoderForLife> speaking of that - bbiab

17:51 * CoderForLife wonders if these hawks perched in the trees have anything to do with the birds not eating at the feeders

17:53 <KathrynM> nah.  couldn't be

17:54 *** kathryn_ has joined #boinc

17:59 <xcamel> lots of hawks back in the area now..

18:00 <wdsmia> saw about a dozen riding the termals on the way home

18:03 *** KathrynM has quit IRC

18:04 <wdsmia>

18:04 <Romulus> <> (at

18:06 *** DerMeister has quit IRC

18:07 <mweltin> greeting CFL and Kathryn

18:08 <mweltin> I missed your arrivals due to (choke) work.

18:08 <mweltin> working sucks

18:08 * wdsmia asks the room to please watch there language Thanks, your friendly channel op

18:09 <wdsmia> we dont use that word here

18:09 <MTughan> wdsmia: I see a typo... :P

18:09 <MTughan> s/there/their/

18:09 <mweltin> clearly

18:10 <MTughan> The word that was caught wasn't work. Even though it's censored by Rommie...

18:10 <MTughan> &echo work

18:10 <Romulus> !@#&

18:11 *** kathryn_ is now known as KathrynM

18:11 *** xcamel sets mode: -o xcamel

18:12 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o xcamel

18:12 *** xcamel sets mode: -o hawmps

18:12 *** xcamel sets mode: -o xcamel

18:12 <MTughan> 'lo Jay

18:13 <xcamel> Hi Mike

18:13 <yoyo[RKN]> re

18:13 <yoyo[RKN]> nice discussion regards the mac 64 bit ecm version in mersenneforum, MTughan

18:13 <MTughan> Heh.

18:14 <yoyo[RKN]> there should be a web page, where ecm binaries for all systems are available

18:14 <MTughan> I'll be glad to provide four binaries.

18:15 <yoyo[RKN]> 4? I thought 3?

18:15 <MTughan> BOINC doesn't support PowerPC 64-bit.

18:15 <yoyo[RKN]> no platform string for it?

18:15 <MTughan> There was, but support was dropped.

18:15 <MTughan> powerpc64-apple-darwin IIRC.

18:36 *** PovAddict has joined #boinc

18:36 <PovAddict> anyone here got 6.x Windows BOINC installed with protected execution?

18:40 <CoderForLife> the rain cometh

18:40 <yoyo[RKN]> no, PovAddict

18:40 <yoyo[RKN]> yeserday I downloaded boinc and tried to install it

18:41 <yoyo[RKN]> but without success

18:41 <yoyo[RKN]> therefore I copied a 5.x version from the network

18:54 <PovAddict> whoa

18:54 <PovAddict>

18:54 <Romulus> <> (at

18:54 <PovAddict> SDIO device

18:54 <PovAddict> you plug the camera into, for example, a mobile phone's SD slot

18:58 <xcamel> how tiny is that damned thing?

18:58 <PovAddict> lol

18:59 <PovAddict> well, the "connector" is as big as a normal SD card...

18:59 <PovAddict> (not microSD or anything like that)

19:01 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

19:08 <xcamel> still pretty tiny

19:09 <wdsmia> looking for a new tie clip Jay?

19:09 <PovAddict> heh

19:09 <PovAddict> tie clip...

19:09 <PovAddict> get the new iPod Shuffle

19:12 <PovAddict> 1.8 x 0.7 x 0.3 in

19:15 <xcamel> haven't warn a tie in years.

19:17 <PovAddict> ah the stupidity of the stock market...

19:17 <PovAddict> a news article about the iPod shuffle

19:17 <PovAddict> a comment: "A huge step back. And AAPL is back above $90.00 today... sigh"

19:18 <PovAddict> "I'm sure investors don't care about the iPod Shuffle release. It's up because the market is up."

19:35 <mweltin> later guys and dolls.

19:35 *** mweltin has left #boinc

19:38 <PovAddict> see you later, my hard disk is misbehaving

19:38 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

19:39 *** efc has joined #boinc

19:45 <CoderForLife> Mmm - the wife just made pancakes

19:45 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

19:46 <xcamel> treats..

19:49 <CoderForLife> not sure why - just for fun I guess

19:49 <CoderForLife> where's TheGasGiant when you need him?

19:50 <wdsmia> asleep?

19:52 <xcamel> &seen TheGasGiant

19:52 <Romulus> xcamel: TheGasGiant was last seen in #boinc 21 weeks, 3 days, 12 hours, 58 minutes, and 50 seconds ago: * TheGasGiant sneaks in

19:52 <xcamel> rip van winkle sleep...

19:56 <wdsmia> I know he's not dead... he's still posting on the project boards

20:02 <xcamel> must have gotten tired of being 12 hours out of sync

20:15 <CoderForLife> oh well - pancakes reminded me of him

20:16 <CoderForLife> time to go sit and talk to the wife - have to do that every month or so

20:16 <CoderForLife> gn

20:16 <xcamel> have phun..

20:39 *** PovAddict has joined #boinc

20:39 <PovAddict> that was scary stuff

20:52 <wdsmia> HD problems are just a fact of life deal with them

20:54 <wdsmia> 2nd rule of the channel no Sympathy :)

20:54 <xcamel> dump-a-drive

20:58 * wdsmia send xcamel more journal errors

20:58 <xcamel> no thanks.

20:58 <wdsmia> lol

21:21 <PovAddict> [21:43] <PovAddict> 20:32:43 kernel: ata3.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen

21:21 <PovAddict> [21:43] <PovAddict> 20:32:43 kernel: ata3.00: cmd ca/00:08:d0:60:aa/00:00:00:00:00/ee tag 0 dma 4096 out

21:21 <PovAddict> [21:43] <PovAddict> 20:32:43 kernel:          res 40/00:fe:00:00:00/00:00:00:00:00/40 Emask 0x4 (timeout)

21:21 <PovAddict> [21:43] <PovAddict> 20:32:43 kernel: ata3.00: status: { DRDY }

21:21 <PovAddict> [21:43] <PovAddict> 20:32:53 kernel: ata3: device not ready (errno=-16), forcing hardreset

21:21 <PovAddict> [21:43] <PovAddict> *sound of hard disk spinning up*

21:21 <PovAddict> [21:43] <PovAddict> 20:32:57 kernel: ata3: SATA link up 1.5 Gbps (SStatus 113 SControl 310)

21:21 <PovAddict> [21:43] <PovAddict> a minute later, another app hangs

21:21 <PovAddict> oops I intended to edit that before pasting

21:22 <xcamel> a-bunch-of-woops

21:23 <PovAddict> and seconds later again the HD spin-up sound

21:23 <PovAddict> I couldn't even reboot cleanly

21:23 <PovAddict> after two spinups during the shutdown process, I pressed the power button

21:26 <wdsmia> when all else fails power off stick it in the origanal box and ship it back

21:26 <PovAddict> ...there's *data* in it

21:26 <PovAddict> and I don't have any other disk to replace it with atm

21:28 * FreeLarry had meant to ask wdsmia if minor help from me of any use during last challenge

21:29 <FreeLarry> i see the next challenge is end of april

21:29 <wdsmia> it all helped the team :)

21:29 <FreeLarry> how did we do then - haven't figured out the ratings for it

21:29 <wdsmia> @POV

21:29 <Romulus> <> (at

21:31 <xcamel> stick it in a sealed plastic bag, and stick it in the freezer

21:32 <wdsmia> 16th place for the team

21:32 <FreeLarry> guess thats not to bad then

21:33 <FreeLarry> very short challenge tho

21:33 <wdsmia> 55 points for the year

21:34 <FreeLarry> humm was that challenge only worth 15 then as i think you had 30 earlier challenge

21:34 <wdsmia>

21:34 <Romulus> <> (at

21:35 <wdsmia> same points for team as usrs

21:35 <FreeLarry> yup ut was 16 15.0

21:35 <wdsmia> err users

21:35 <FreeLarry> i don't think i made the list for users

21:36 <FreeLarry> at least couldn't find it got tired of paging thru

21:36 <wdsmia> only top 40 get user points

21:37 <FreeLarry> 100 FreeLarry The Final Front Ear 5327.42  finally found it - guess i need to have glasses on when looking at screen

21:37 <wdsmia> but it does help team standing

21:38 <wdsmia> top 100 :)

21:38 <FreeLarry> machines hadn't even got warmed up to it before it was over - beginning to get that as daily now

21:39 * wdsmia has already got his 1M there so only crunches the challenges

21:39 <FreeLarry> challenge charts haven't been updated yet

21:40 <wdsmia> takes a week or more

21:40 <FreeLarry> lol yeah hadn't started that one for the 1M yet but leaving it go for now

21:40 <FreeLarry> maybe by years end

21:41 <wdsmia> they grant challenge points when returned but then wait for wingman results for final scores

21:42 <FreeLarry> ahh

21:42 <FreeLarry> maybe thats why i didn't see name at first -- wingman

21:43 <wdsmia> nah your just blind ;)

21:43 <FreeLarry> currently keeping around 6-700 in pending whenevr i chck

21:43 <FreeLarry> and cant type either ;0

21:43 <wdsmia> join the club

21:44 <wdsmia> we speak typo

21:45 <FreeLarry> fridday will pick up new mb for the vista machine - last ditch effort to get it to run stable - if no go or no joy - theres always the cardboard crusher machine at work

21:45 <wdsmia> 7 vista boxes running no problems

21:46 <FreeLarry> yah - this thing always gives me problems around update time - keeps crashing and saying something about timing

21:46 <FreeLarry> linux - gave lots of different reasons so susspect bad mb

21:47 <FreeLarry> dos based utils have never found a problem

21:47 <wdsmia> PEBCK

21:47 <FreeLarry> ???

21:48 <wdsmia> problem exists between chair and keyboard

21:48 <FreeLarry> nope as soon as chair and room is empty

21:48 <FreeLarry> then crasshes

21:48 <FreeLarry> ghosts??

21:49 * FreeLarry dogbytes are you bugging me now?

21:49 <wdsmia> not ghosts...assembler

21:50 <FreeLarry> humm no assemblers here

21:50 <FreeLarry> just a hobbiest

21:51 * FreeLarry assembler is programmer in this household book

21:51 <wdsmia> you must be from Iowa

21:51 <FreeLarry> you know it

21:51 <wdsmia> :P

21:52 <FreeLarry> burlington to be exact

21:52 <wdsmia> larry look up!

21:52 <FreeLarry> why - sky has already fallen and hiding in basement

21:53 * wdsmia gives up

21:53 <FreeLarry> and your not flashing on top of screen yet -- gives up?? am i that depressing

21:54 <FreeLarry> or just that dense

22:04 <BadBarbarian> Hi ya larry long time no see

22:08 <FreeLarry> ohh been around BadBarbarian

22:08 <FreeLarry> just hanging in background

22:14 <PovAddict>

22:14 <Romulus> <> (at

22:17 <FreeLarry> lol - first rule god helps those who helps themselves - second do unto others as they would have do unto you -- so yes atheisum is a religion too

22:18 <FreeLarry> just that athiest try not to believe in anything

22:18 <FreeLarry> or is that anacists?

22:18 <PovAddict> I also saw a comic saying God is atheist himself

22:19 <PovAddict> for example, atheists don't believe in a higher power; God doesn't believe in a higher power either (because there is no power higher than him)

22:19 <FreeLarry> of course - who would god pray to? if he/she/it is top of ladder

22:19 <PovAddict> ah found it

22:19 <PovAddict> it was posted in

22:20 <FreeLarry> learned that cant dl and keepopen 150 files with out filling up a 40 gig hd yesterday

22:21 <FreeLarry> 50 gigs of files that were stored on a different hd but each open dl box keeps the temp files in place till closed

22:21 <FreeLarry> slowly getting hd back as i watch the video's

22:22 <PovAddict>

22:22 <Romulus> <> (at

22:23 <FreeLarry> and so all the worlds problems are because god is bored and wants some unpredictable results from free choice

23:00 <XioNYC> To quote, "It's not God I have a problem with, it's his fan club"

23:00 <XioNYC> &wx LGA

23:00 <Romulus> XioNYC: Temperature: 49F / 9C | Humidity: 64% | Pressure: 30.04in / 1017hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 8mph / 13km/h ; Tonight - Mostly cloudy. Lows in the lower 40s. South winds 15 to 20 mph...becoming southwest 5 to 10 mph after midnight.; Thursday - Showers. Highs around 50. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80 percent.; Thursday Night (1 more message)

23:00 <XioNYC> &more

23:00 <Romulus> XioNYC: - Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of rain showers early in the evening. Lows in the lower 30s. North winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.;

23:00 <PovAddict> true XioNYC

23:01 <XioNYC> I can't take credit for it, but I'll repeat it until the Internet dies.

23:04 <PovAddict>

23:04 <Romulus> Title: YouTube - Dilbert: Three Pillars and Manager's Elbow (at

23:04 <PovAddict> "You've got a bad case of manager's elbow. It's caused by patting yourself on the back and covering your butt at the same time."

23:13 <jasong> I need some advice people, what's a good Linux distro for someone who isn't a super-noob, not a Linux geek(except for being a fan), and the Linux install will almost certainly be able to give you a graphical environment with a clean install.  Also(yes, I know this won't win me any English Lit awards) I want something that can access the Internet with a clean install.  And anything else can be fixed by RTFMing and showing a bit of patience.

23:23 <FreeLarry> jasong fedora 10 seems to be good - only thing i haven't completed yet is manufactor driver install for nvidia card but it still works good for me currently

23:30 <jasong> Yeah, Fedora seems to be bad luck for me, I'm waiting for Fedora 11 to hit beta since most people seem to like Fedora

23:30 <MTughan> jasong: I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard that Ubuntu also has good hardware support.

23:31 <MTughan> Should be a new version, 9.04, coming out within about a month.

23:31 <jasong> yeah, but Ubuntu has an old kernel, so it gives my tech support guy ulcers.(not literally)

23:31 <FreeLarry> humm just installed fedora 10 on a i7 machine recently and really didn't have to tweak anything

23:31 <MTughan> Shouldn't be that old.

23:31 <MTughan> PovAddict?

23:31 <Romulus> I guess PovAddict is the only one who could really help you right now, MTughan

23:31 <MTughan> No sh*t...

23:32 <jasong> Well, I'll try Fedora 10 a second time once my MyBook arrives in the mail.  At the moment, all that's backed up is the "period" directories and my multimedia

23:32 <FreeLarry> what type of board you trying to install on? only thing that gave me fits was trying to install on a 650sli board from asus

23:33 <jasong> Me, my board?  Not sure about the board, but it's an e6600 cpu

23:33 <jasong> I remember getting a cheapo board because it's just a cruncher

23:34 <jasong> Don't remember any details

23:34 <FreeLarry> thats what i have in that machine too - but think the mb on it is flaky so replacing it this next weekend

23:34 <FreeLarry> e6600? or q6600?

23:35 <jasong> uh, it's a cpu that I'm describing, I may have the letter confused

23:35 <jasong> quad-core

23:35 * FreeLarry thinks it q6600

23:35 <jasong> ok, then I've been giving false info for a while

23:35 <jasong> :blush:

23:36 <FreeLarry> unless you talking a lappy then maybe an e - haven't looked at intel site to see if exists tho

23:36 <jasong> a quad-core laptop, no point to that

23:36 <FreeLarry> yeah

23:37 <jasong> Unless they find a way to majorly reduce power draw

23:37 <FreeLarry> actually q6600 draws less power than my t2300 it looks like

23:37 <jasong> lI want something that uses milliwatts at idle, but can crank it up

23:37 <jasong> -I

23:38 *** Tidus has joined #boinc

23:38 <jasong> brb

23:38 <FreeLarry> k - time for tv here too

23:38 <MTughan> Yeah, the E series of processors from Intel are dual-cores, not quads.

23:38 <MTughan> If it's a quad-core, it's a Q6600.

23:39 <Tidus> not necessarily only a 6600

23:39 <MTughan> Yeah, I'm assuming the numbers are correct.

23:40 <Tidus> you are correct on that it will have a Q befor the number

23:40 <MTughan> Or a QX.

23:40 <MTughan> Which would then be a QX6700, QX9700, or QX9750 if I have it right.

23:41 <Tidus> what's the processor speed?

23:43 <jasong> 2.4GHz, it's kind of old

23:44 <jasong> One of the first ones, if I remember correctly

23:44 <Tidus> and it's a quad?

23:44 <jasong> Yeah

23:44 <MTughan> Sounds like a Q6600 then.

23:44 <Tidus> it's a q6600

23:44 <MTughan> Are there any 2.4GHz Yorkfields?

23:44 <Tidus> 2.4ghz/1066fsb

23:44 <jasong> It was about $600 when I bought it

23:44 <jasong> Now, I think it's around $250

23:44 <Tidus> the slowest yorkfield is the Q8300 which is 2.5ghz/1333fsb

23:45 <Tidus> retail Q6600 is $198.99

23:45 <MTughan> I see a 2.33GHz Yorkfield (Q8200), but no 2.4GHz.

23:46 <Tidus> mine's a 1.67ghz merom dual core

23:46 <MTughan> I have a Q6600 too.

23:46 <MTughan> jasong: Do you know what stepping it is?

23:46 <Tidus> and i also have a 3.2ghz prescott celeron in LGA775 packaging

23:47 <Tidus> </3 celerons... this one's a p4 with 3/4 of the cache removed

23:48 <MTughan> I had a 2.8GHz P4 with a socket 478 not too long ago. Was replaced by my current Q6600.

23:48 <Tidus> the prescott core is s'posed to have 2mb of L2... not 512k

23:48 <MTughan> :P

23:49 <Tidus> my laptop has 2mb

23:49 <MTughan> I have 8MB.

23:50 <Tidus> well, mine's a dual core, and only 35w thermal dissipation

23:51 <MTughan> Heh. Quad-core (Q6600, as it would be), with 95W TDP.

23:51 <MTughan> Although my processor will throw off much more than that, as I've overclocked it to 3.26GHz.

23:51 <jasong> Prescott?  Weren't those supposed to be used to create the temperatures necessary for nuclear fusion?

23:51 <jasong> ;)

23:52 <Tidus> lol

23:52 <Tidus> that celeron's about to get replaced with a Q6600 or faster depending on motherboard support

23:53 <MTughan> jasong: What stepping do you have?

23:53 <jasong> I'm not sure I could find it again, but have any of you seen the videos of what it might have been like if AMD had never been?  They pretended like it was 2010 or so in the video

23:53 <jasong> I forget the stepping, but I think it was one of the older steppings for that particular chip

23:53 <MTughan> Did I help you find it before?

23:54 <jasong> Possibly, the discussion happened in irc

23:54 <MTughan> Yeah, and I know I helped someone.

23:54 <MTughan> All right, so you have the older B3 stepping. Means the TDP is 105W, instead of my 95W.

23:54 <jasong> (My tongue is really getting a workout, with all this stuff sitting on it's tip)

23:54 <MTughan> Throws off a bit more heat, makes it slightly harder to overclock.

23:55 <Tidus> this sucks

23:56 <jasong> lol, I told Chuck my dad is getting a prostate biopsy tomorrow and he signed off

23:56 <jasong> Probably a coincidence

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