IRC logs of #boinc for Saturday, 2009-03-21

00:15 <jasong> Any experts here on Atom?  Any semi-experts?

00:35 <efc> we heard of it

00:38 <infinisoft> Whats this world cup thing on BoincStats?

00:39 <MTughan> infinisoft:

00:39 <Romulus> <> (at

00:41 <infinisoft> Thanks, I noticed it for the past couple of days, but didn't see a link to it or maybe im getting blind :)

00:41 <XioNYC> Frankly, I can't make sense of it either.  Here I was thinking that the World Cup was a quadrennial soccer event with viewership in the 1.75-2.25 billion range.

00:42 <MTughan> It's actually been around for about two weeks now if I have it right.

00:42 <XioNYC> (With the '78 and '86 events being cause for much celeberation c-: )

00:43 <infinisoft> My combined boinc rank seems to have flatlined near 12,000 for the past several weeks

00:46 <infinisoft>

00:46 <Romulus> <> (at

00:46 <infinisoft> I guess I the sweet spot for my RAC

00:47 <infinisoft> I hit the*

00:47 <MTughan> lol...;991407.gif

00:47 <Romulus> <> (at

00:51 <infinisoft> haha, slope changed a bunch right where they cross

00:51 <MTughan> Yeah, my GPU kicked in on MW. :P

00:52 <infinisoft> Wow so my rank has been practically unchanged since september

00:52 <infinisoft>

00:52 <Romulus> <> (at

00:53 <infinisoft> Well Im hanging in there considering my machines have not changed for months

00:53 <MTughan> Yep, looks like you definitely hit the sweet spot.

00:55 <infinisoft> Hmm...I have no GPU to spare...too bad.

00:55 <infinisoft> My top host is a laptop and even if it had a GPU that met the specs I would be wary of using it especially since summer is coming up

00:55 <MTughan> Ah.

00:57 <infinisoft> Room temperatures near 80 F can BSOD me

00:57 <infinisoft> Heh

00:57 <MTughan> My CPUs are running at 50C right now. xD

00:57 <infinisoft> Need to put that A/C to work :)

00:58 <MTughan> Q6600 @ 3.26GHz

00:58 <infinisoft> Nice, I've got T7200 at 2.0GHz

00:58 <infinisoft> lets see the temps according to Core Temp...

00:59 <MTughan> Well, natural A/C helps. It may be cold here, but I like it that way.

00:59 <infinisoft> 63 deg C

01:00 <MTughan> Sounds more like my T9400 laptop.

01:00 <MTughan> I think that usually gets around 68-72C.

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01:01 <infinisoft> Yeah, I run with a cooling pad too that pushes air into the bottom of the laptop where the fan intake is

01:01 <MTughan> I don't have anything like that. They just sit on a desk.

01:03 <infinisoft> I think it helps a little bit, plus this thing acts as a usb hub, kinda nifty

01:03 <MTughan> Nice.

01:05 <infinisoft> Hmm, I am running a lattice WU and the app was not quite maxing the CPU...odd

01:07 <infinisoft> Oh cool, I just checked their site, they are or have already released a GPU app as well

01:07 <MTughan> What GPUs do you have?

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01:09 <infinisoft> Laptop has Geforce Go 7300, 2 desktops have a radeon x300 and nvidia RIVA TNT64, old I know, hehe :)

01:09 <MTughan> Yeah, they're all too old to be used on BOINC.

01:09 <infinisoft> And I think the old server I run has an ATI Rage Pro on the mobo

01:09 <Tidus> my laptop has an nvidia 7600-go, desktop is a radeon x200

01:12 <infinisoft> I wonder if it's worth it to upgrade the GPU of Radeon X300 desktop to a newer budget card, it has a 3.6 GHz Prescott in it

01:13 <MTughan> I think either a GeForce 9600 or 9800GT is a good value if you were to do that.

01:13 <infinisoft> My parents have been using it for digitizing their old video and music collections

01:14 <MTughan> Good, the X300 is PCIe... You'd be fairly stuck if you had to get an AGP or even a PCI graphics card nowadays. ;)

01:15 <zombie67> the nVidia 9400 GT PCI card is Cuda!

01:15 <zombie67> fastest CUDA PIC card

01:15 <MTughan> Is it supported by BOINC?

01:15 <zombie67> yep!

01:16 <MTughan> Cool... :)

01:16 <zombie67> running it on SETI Beta

01:16 <MTughan> Well, PCIe still has the best compatibility.

01:16 <infinisoft> Heh

01:16 <zombie67> too slow for GPUGRID, I think

01:16 <MTughan> Even if it is PCIe 1.0.

01:16 <infinisoft> The RIVA has AGP interface, but probably not worth it since that desktop is basically not used for anything anymore

01:20 <zombie67> On SETI, which I hear is a very POOR implementation of CUDA, the 9400 GT is about 11% the speed of my GTX 280

01:20 <zombie67> but like I said, I hear SETI does not really use the GTX cards like they could be

01:21 <infinisoft> Hmm

01:22 <infinisoft> Are the SETI GPU apps more stable now than when they came out? I heard much about stuck WUs etc

01:22 <zombie67> yes

01:25 <infinisoft> Well thats good

01:25 <zombie67> lattice is about to come out with a cuda app

01:31 <infinisoft> Yeah, I just found out about that, seems like GPU support all around is going up

01:54 <infinisoft> I had to kickstart crond for some reason, now my BOINC host sig is updating again...

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07:17 <Soul_keeper> HEY !!! Not enough talking !!!

07:36 <ELGono> morning

07:36 <ELGono> i proudly present:

07:36 <Romulus> <> (at

07:36 <ELGono> finally finished last night

08:03 <Soul_keeper> wake up !

08:05 <Soul_keeper> what's that all about ELGono ?

08:06 <Soul_keeper> super hero stuff ?

08:10 <xcamel> mornin

08:11 <Soul_keeper>   lol 4 pcie slots ...

08:11 <Romulus> <> (at

08:11 <Soul_keeper> buy that xcamel  just cause

08:14 <Soul_keeper> just do it ...

08:25 <Soul_keeper> xcamel ELGono  GOOD MORNING !

08:26 <xcamel> lol

08:34 <Soul_keeper> seems like the motherboard players have been widdled down over the past year or two

08:34 <xcamel> indeed

08:34 <Soul_keeper> everything is    Asus, gigabyte, msi   for topend

08:35 <Soul_keeper> i remember motherboard roundups having like 20 different boards from atleast 10 manufacturer's everytime a new socket was released

08:35 <Soul_keeper> Abit sales digital picture frames now ... apparently more lucrative

08:38 <xcamel> abit used to be pretty good..

08:39 <Soul_keeper> yeah the majority of the motherboards i've owned have been abit

08:39 <Soul_keeper> owned prolly 10 of them over the decade

08:41 <Soul_keeper> what happened to epox ?

08:43 <xcamel> bankrupt

08:43 <Soul_keeper> bummer

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08:45 <Detrix> Hello everyone.  I am using ubuntu, and would like to see the pretty graphics for the seti@home project.  any other unbuntu users here that can help?

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08:54 <xcamel> most projects don't have graphics in linux.

08:55 <Soul_keeper> Detrix  you might wanna check out  i believe he has builds with graphics enabled

08:55 <Romulus> Title: Crunch3rs BOINC page (at

08:58 <Detrix> Soul_keeper: thanx, I will.  I believe the build I have is capable, because when I select the seti project, the show graphics button becomes active.

08:58 <xcamel> what happens when you click it?

08:59 <Soul_keeper> glxinfo |grep rendering             make sure you have your 3d environment setup right ...

09:06 <Soul_keeper> Ha !

09:08 <xcamel> ?

09:08 *** Eythan has joined #boinc

09:10 <Soul_keeper> &wx 91977

09:10 <Romulus> Soul_keeper: Temperature: 54.9F / 12.7C | Humidity: 86% | Pressure: 29.32in / 992.8hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Mostly cloudy. Areas of fog in the morning. Highs 64 to 69. Light winds.; Tonight - Cloudy. Chance of showers overnight. Lows 42 to 52. Light winds. Chance of measurable precipitation 30 percent.; Sunday - Cloudy. (1 more message)

09:10 <Soul_keeper> &more

09:10 <Romulus> Soul_keeper: Chance of showers in the morning...then showers likely in the afternoon. Highs 55 to 60 in the western valleys to 51 to 56 near the foothills. Light winds becoming southwest 15 to 20 mph with gusts to 30 mph in the afternoon. Chance of measurable precipitation 70 percent.; Special Weather Statement for San Diego County in effect until 7:45 AM PDT on March 22, 2009;

09:10 <Soul_keeper> i wanna know when sunrise is

09:11 <Soul_keeper> Sunrise: 7:07 AM

09:11 <Soul_keeper> geeze

09:11 <Soul_keeper> it's past 6am and it's midnight dark outside

09:12 <xcamel> the sun wen out.

09:12 <Soul_keeper> first day of spring was yesterday i believe

09:12 <xcamel> it was.

09:12 <Soul_keeper> am i the only crazy bastard that wakes up at 4am on a saturday ?

09:16 <xcamel> dunno

09:16 <xcamel> oh-dark-thirty seems to be CFL's domain

09:26 <xcamel> btw.. that was a hell of a drive back yesterday..

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09:30 * CoderForLife returns from the domain of oh-dark-thirty

09:30 <CoderForLife> morning

09:30 <xcamel> 'lo

09:31 <CoderForLife> I woke up at three-dark-thirty this morning =)

09:31 <xcamel> you do that.

09:31 <CoderForLife> laid back down at 5:30 and up again at 8

09:31 <CoderForLife> didn't do my Sat errands yet

09:32 <xcamel> lol Siena took out Ohio State

09:32 <xcamel> double overtime

09:33 <CoderForLife> how'd that go?

09:34 <xcamel> not much of a bbal fan though

09:34 <CoderForLife> I just don't get into it either

09:35 <CoderForLife> did you take Jeepzilla?

09:35 <xcamel> btw.. I ended up driving all the way back home yesterday

09:35 <CoderForLife> that's a long haul

09:35 <xcamel> got hom exactly at 11:30

09:36 <CoderForLife> I went to bed at 9; we'lll be watching the BSG finale today sometime

09:36 <xcamel> ditto

09:36 <xcamel> Chris said it was good.

09:37 <CoderForLife> excellent - looking forward to it, but sad at the same time

09:37 <CoderForLife> like the ending of Babylon 5

09:37 <xcamel> he said they showed a preview of caprica too

09:37 <CoderForLife> I would expect that

09:38 <xcamel> anyway... JeepZilla is a beast.

09:38 <CoderForLife> no doubt - did you drive it to OSU?

09:39 <xcamel> no.. we went home through canada

09:39 <xcamel> much shorter trip

09:39 <CoderForLife> interesting

09:39 <CoderForLife> I would not have considered that

09:40 <xcamel> port huron to niagra

09:40 <xcamel> then I-90 home

09:40 <xcamel> almost a straight line.

09:41 <CoderForLife> hmm - good thinking

09:42 <xcamel> funny-- rolled in for gas and coffee in London, Ont..

09:42 <xcamel> filled it up, and just as the poor kid stepped out of the booth I started it.

09:42 <xcamel> I'm sure he thought a bomb went off.

09:42 <CoderForLife> heh

09:43 <xcamel> he jumpped abot 2 feet

09:43 <CoderForLife> lol

09:43 <xcamel> we got a good laugh out of it..

09:44 <xcamel> we nee more of those "Tim Hortons" places around here.

09:44 <xcamel> deed even

09:44 <xcamel> sheesh.

09:44 * xcamel slaps self

09:44 <xcamel> needs, even

09:44 <CoderForLife> lol

09:45 <CoderForLife> I don't think I've been to one

09:45 <xcamel> like DD, but more and better.

09:46 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

09:46 <CoderForLife> ah, looks like the closest ones are up Dayton-way

09:47 <xcamel> probably

09:47 <CoderForLife> heh  closet one is only 13 miles away - I had no idea

09:47 <CoderForLife> just up I-75, and clustered all along the exits

09:48 <CoderForLife> "location, location, location"

09:48 <xcamel> hmmm... United States vs. Japan in World Baseball Classic Semifinals.

09:49 <xcamel> guess that's not any kind of surprise

09:50 <CoderForLife> I shouldn't think so

09:50 <CoderForLife> Someone in London Ont won in the Tim Horton RRRoll up the Rim contest

09:56 <xcamel> there are just too many jokes in that one...

09:57 <xcamel> looks like I have a pretty good stack of manuals to half-read

10:07 <xcamel> off to feed the animals..

10:16 <CoderForLife> um-hmm

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10:45 * CoderForLife is in agreement with KathrynM - at least some Saturdays are for sleeping in

11:01 <Soul_keeper> good work

11:14 <CoderForLife> I broke my normal weekly pattern - I know the people at the grocery store are probably worried

11:26 *** wdsmia has joined #Boinc

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11:57 <xcamel> lol

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12:15 <tmbltx> can someone here possibly help me with a boinc/linux problem?

12:15 <MTughan> More than likely.

12:15 <tmbltx> excellent!

12:17 <tmbltx> i have two boxes.  my desktop running ubuntu. and my laptop running puppy linux from a ram drive (cause my hd died last week).  on my LAN i've been experimenting with telnet as a precursor to ssh.  i've run into the following issue:

12:17 *** ELGono has joined #boinc

12:18 <tmbltx> i'm able to telnet from my laptop to my desktop... login... and run boinc.  BUT... when i do so, as a different user... it recreates the client state xml and client state prev xml files... with different permissions... all previous WU's are marked as computation error.

12:21 <tmbltx> so, my question is:  how do i stop the files from being recreated? or, how to i change the permissions they are created with?

12:21 <MTughan> You can only do it by changing which user the boinc daemon is started under.

12:22 <MTughan> My question is why are you running "boinc" in the first place? There should be init.d scripts to start it up, and then you should use the boinccmd program to communicate with it afterwards.

12:22 <tmbltx> i don't have boinc running as a service

12:22 <tmbltx> it doesn't start until i start it. i like it that way.

12:23 <MTughan> You can still use an init.d script to do that then. "service boinc start" when you want it to start.

12:23 <tmbltx> anywa. i just realized that the same user can be logged on twice!

12:24 <tmbltx> interesting. thank you.

12:24 <tmbltx> so i can be logged on under the same account on my desktop and at the same time over telnet on my laptop

12:24 <tmbltx> which gets by my permissions issues. thanks for all your help. :)

12:24 <MTughan> Yes, because those two accounts are separate.

12:25 <tmbltx> same account name

12:25 <MTughan> Also, you can log onto the laptop twice with the same user.

12:25 <tmbltx> is there a limit of concurrent log ons?

12:25 <MTughan> May be the same account name, but if they're on different machines, they're separate.

12:25 <MTughan> There may be a limit, but it's high. I think I've logged onto my account over SSH about 10 times before.

12:25 <tmbltx> haha

12:26 <tmbltx> so. i apologize for my naivete.  i've been a linux fan for years, but only a few weeks ago i completely dumped windows on all machines.  i'm digging in and learning. thanks for helping me.

12:27 <MTughan> np

12:27 <MTughan> Linux has been designed like that from the beginning, to support multiple users and be able to do stuff like that. It's nice. :)

12:28 <MTughan> I'd still recommend running the boinc daemon from an init.d script, but your way should work.

12:29 <tmbltx> i just really like open source. i like the idea that i can study all of this as deeply as i want.  all the way back to the source code, the logic, and the electrons.

12:29 <tmbltx> i'm still understanding the concept of init.d

12:30 <tmbltx> that's a directory, right? under /etc in my case

12:30 <MTughan> Yes, it is.

12:30 <MTughan> Holds scripts to start and stop services on your machine.

12:30 <tmbltx> so every file in that directory is a script for starting some service?

12:30 <MTughan> You can either start/stop/restart them manually through the service command, or have them start on startup.

12:31 <MTughan> Should be.

12:31 <tmbltx> gotcha. and how do i issue the service command... i tried "man service" but it said command not found

12:32 <MTughan> If typing "service" on the command line doesn't show it, try "/sbin/service".

12:32 <MTughan> BTW, you can see the paths that Linux looks for commands in. "echo $PATH"

12:32 <tmbltx> haha. "no such file or directy"

12:33 <tmbltx> anyway... i'll dig around. thanks

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12:51 <Soul_keeper> lol soon as rumours surface that amd is releasing new chips on apr 20th,  intel announces new chips on apr 19th

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13:26 *** MTughan_ is now known as MTughan

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13:43 <CoderForLife> back from outside inspecting the spring flowers coming up =)

13:43 <CoderForLife> it's interesting what survived the construction devastation

13:44 <CoderForLife> I've got flowers coming up in the grass, where the flower bed used to be =)

13:44 <CoderForLife> where the bobcats ran over and over

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14:00 <ELGono> lo don

14:02 *** turboninjalover has joined #boinc

14:02 <turboninjalover> Soul_keeper:

14:02 *** turboninjalover has quit IRC

14:02 <ELGono> looks like a autocompletition fubar

14:03 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

14:04 <PovAddict> no, he's trying to annoy Soul_keeper

14:04 <PovAddict> xcamel should prolly ban him

14:06 <Soul_keeper> someone i have on ignore making trouble ?

14:07 <PovAddict> [15:02] --> turboninjalover has joined #boinc (

14:07 <PovAddict> [15:02] <turboninjalover> Soul_keeper:

14:07 <PovAddict> [15:02] <-- turboninjalover has quit IRC ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.7/2009021910]").

14:07 <Soul_keeper> figures

14:07 <PovAddict> he does that like daily

14:08 <ELGono> looks like he needs a floodping twice a day

14:08 * PovAddict makes a BOINC project for that

14:09 <Soul_keeper> lol

14:09 <ELGono> *g* i could make some credits in that with gigabit uplink ;)

14:32 *** tmbltx has left #boinc

14:43 <yoyo[RKN]> hmm

14:43 <yoyo[RKN]> seems that milkyway put something into a yoyo wu

14:43 <Romulus> <> (at

14:46 <PovAddict> crapped all over your slot

14:52 *** DrBashir has joined #boinc

15:09 <MTughan> Uh, wow...

15:10 <MTughan> yoyo[RKN]: Did you send him a PM?

15:11 <yoyo[RKN]> no

15:23 <CoderForLife> time to watch the BSG finale - back later

15:38 <FreeLarry> ahh my getting to be the car salesman nightmare time here

15:39 <FreeLarry> not only will they have to sale the car to the one thats want it but then convince someone who wont be driveing it to purchase it for them

15:44 <FreeLarry> don't know shat the debug info really trying to tell me.  only know it occured with bsd on vista

15:44 <FreeLarry>

15:44 <Romulus> <> (at

15:45 <MTughan> "Reason: Out Of Memory"

15:45 <FreeLarry> yeah with 4 gig installed

15:46 <MTughan> You can't just load a Linux on it?

15:46 <FreeLarry> thats the machine thats about to get new mb

15:47 <FreeLarry> tried linux and its unstable on that machine also

15:47 <MTughan> Is it out of video memory?

15:47 <FreeLarry> don't think so as 512  vid card if i remember

15:47 <MTughan> What resolution are you running it at?

15:47 <FreeLarry> in safe mode so low

15:48 <FreeLarry> think 600 by 800

15:51 <PovAddict> safe mode?

15:51 <MTughan> You're sure all your memory is working? Windows shows 4GB?

15:51 <FreeLarry> yup

15:51 <PovAddict> hmm why did you ask about video memory MTughan? it's not CUDA is it?

15:52 <FreeLarry> bios and windows and memtest has been ran on it for over 2 days with no error

15:52 <FreeLarry> nope not cuda

15:52 <MTughan> PovAddict: No, but IIRC, Windows basically groups all the memory together.

15:52 <PovAddict> the more video memory you have, the *less* RAM you have, because everything uses the same address space

15:53 <PovAddict> unless it's 64bit

15:53 <FreeLarry> 64 bit installed

15:54 <MTughan> Windows should be able to address it all then.

15:54 <FreeLarry> it does

15:54 <FreeLarry> windows memtest also checked and found good

16:21 <xcamel> re-hi\

16:22 <MTughan> 'lo Jay

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16:40 <xcamel> drove right past you yesterday, Mike..

16:40 <xcamel> sort of..

16:41 <xcamel> port huron >> niagra

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17:03 <CoderForLife> back - BSG finale was very good - tied a nice bow on it all

17:09 <ELGono> rehi

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18:08 <jasong> I'm transferring some old files to a mirrored back and noticed that an old legend of the seeker episode is called geeker.xvid or something. /me wonders if that's a dig

18:09 * jasong concludes that it is, indeed, a dig

18:40 *** Tidus has quit IRC

18:44 <xcamel> I just might have to watch that finale again

18:44 <xcamel> just to pick up the little pieces that are lost on me at the moment...

18:55 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

18:56 <CoderForLife> it's worth a re-watch

19:10 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

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19:16 <jasong>

19:16 <Romulus> Title: YouTube - Elephant Fail (at

19:27 *** MTughan has quit IRC

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19:27 <PovAddict> ew

19:31 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

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19:38 <jasong> Check out this next one, and then think of the number of views: 1,347,546 in 1337  speak

19:38 <Romulus> Title: YouTube - Home Shopping Fail (at

19:40 <PovAddict> huh

19:40 <PovAddict> leatsag?

19:48 <jasong> I  was thinking I eat sag, since he ate it when it sagged

19:48 <jasong> I dunno, I'm OCD :)

19:49 <jasong> I'm always trying to find patterns everywhere

20:30 <MTughan_> Verizon: 0.002 cents/KB * 35896KB = $71.792 (0.002 * 35896 = 71.792)

20:30 <MTughan_> xD

20:30 *** MTughan_ is now known as MTughan

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20:42 <jasong> Do you know where I can get the actual recording of that Verizon phonecall? :)

20:43 <jasong> All I've seen is a script off of it

20:43 <MTughan>

20:43 <MTughan> It's what I'm listening to now.

20:44 <MTughan> Looks like its almost 20 minutes... xD

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21:37 <efc> moo

21:40 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

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23:25 <PovAddict> quiet day today

23:25 <PovAddict> tonight*

23:25 <efc> Zzzz

23:25 <PovAddict> I found an interesting program

23:26 <PovAddict> a real multiplayer notepad :)

23:27 * efc has been playing silly flash games

23:40 <Soul_keeper> that does sounds cool PovAddict

23:52 <PovAddict> S_k: search for Gobby

23:58 <Soul_keeper> cool

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