IRC logs of #boinc for Monday, 2009-04-06

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00:14 <efc> &wx 31088

00:14 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 63F / 17C | Humidity: 100% | Pressure: 29.75in / 1008hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 7mph / 11km/h ; Rest of Tonight - Showers and thunderstorms likely late in the evening...then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after midnight. Windy. Lows in the lower 50s. Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 60 percent.; Monday - Partly (1 more message)

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00:15 <Romulus> efc: sunny with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning. Windy. Highs around 60. West winds 25 to 35 mph.; Monday Night - Mostly cloudy. Windy...colder. Lows in the mid 30s. West winds 15 to 25 mph. Gusts up to 40 mph in the evening.; Wind Advisory for Houston County in effect until 2:00 AM EDT on April 07, 2009;

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00:35 <Soul_keeper> YEAH !!!

00:41 <XioNYC> &wx LGA

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00:41 <Romulus> XioNYC: Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of rain 60 percent.;

00:43 <XioNYC> Let this be a lesson to all: Never take on a job during the rainy season if you must work outdoors.

00:43 <Soul_keeper> rain is good for you

00:44 <Soul_keeper> makes you big and strong :)

00:49 <Soul_keeper> Any cuda crunchers here ?

00:49 <Soul_keeper> MTughan, what does your radeon core temp do while MW is crunching ?

00:49 <MTughan> 85-90C.

00:50 <Soul_keeper> ok

00:50 <Soul_keeper> i'm sitting at 70C with seti on this new card

00:50 <MTughan> I wouldn't be surprised if the cooler on here isn't a good performing unit though.

00:50 <Soul_keeper> runs a little hotter than my  9800GT

00:51 <Soul_keeper> 9800GT is running at 61C   that's an evga card tho running gpugrid

00:51 <Soul_keeper> this gts 250  is  XFX

00:54 <PovAddict> cant sleep

00:58 <XioNYC> Join the club, PovAddict

00:59 <up365> #boinsomniacs

01:00 <Soul_keeper> It's my bday for 2 more hours, i'm gonna get every minute of it

01:14 <efc> moo

01:15 <Soul_keeper> good work efc

01:15 <efc> Happy BDAY Soul_keeper

01:15 <Soul_keeper> thanks

01:16 <MTughan>

01:16 <Romulus> <> (at

01:17 <Soul_keeper> lol

01:24 <efc> Did they have their kid?

01:24 <MTughan> No, Lilah miscarried.

01:26 <efc> sort of dodged the bullet and got hit by it at the same time then

01:26 <Soul_keeper> my mother did that twice before she had me

01:26 <Soul_keeper> was probably all the weed ...

01:26 <Soul_keeper> maybe drinking I dunno

01:28 <efc> Think of them as Windows 1.0 and 2.0, and you

01:28 <efc> 're 3.0

01:29 <Soul_keeper> lol

01:30 <Soul_keeper> I was worried about this card, it had one of those discount sticker on it at the store.  someone had returned it

01:30 <Soul_keeper> seems I got lucky tho

01:36 <efc> hmm, looking at buying a 22" monitor for home.. have a 17" there now

01:36 <efc> Have a 24" here. Going back to the 17 is unpleasant.

01:36 <Soul_keeper> so they put the fast and the furious back in theatres ...

01:37 <Soul_keeper> yeah

01:37 <Soul_keeper> I have a 21" CRT

01:37 <Soul_keeper> going to lcd seems pointless untill lcd's catch up with equal or better resolutions

01:38 <MTughan> I think some do in laptop displays, but most desktop display aren't that high yet, yeah.

01:38 <MTughan> 17" laptops often have 1920x1200.

01:39 <Soul_keeper> yeah my old 15" laptop from 2002 did 1600x1200

01:39 <efc> I'm fairly happy with the 24" I got. Its a higher-end one though, IPS panel.

01:39 <Soul_keeper> just seems so wrong that they've reverted or took a step backwards

01:40 <efc> There doesn't seem to be much demand for higher DPI in LCDs for whatever reason

01:40 <efc> probably cuz a high DPI of the same size as regular is going to cost more

01:40 <efc> and therefore not fly off the shelves

01:42 <Soul_keeper> yeah all about the  companies shaving off the $$$

01:42 <efc> haha, i just noticed something

01:43 <efc> i had made a spreadsheet giving the heights widths and areas for a given diagonal size

01:43 <efc> and agonized over it for like a year

01:43 <efc> i just noticed the formula for height was screwed up, giving a smaller answer than it should have

01:43 <MTughan> lol

01:44 <MTughan> I can probably figure out the equations.

01:44 <efc> 22" looks better now, by the numbers

01:45 <Soul_keeper> 24 or higher would be my choice if i was gonna take the plunge

01:45 <efc> this is just for the weekend

01:45 <efc> I already have $600 in this one that I use most of the time..

01:46 <MTughan> I'd need more desk space. With my bookshelf above my desk, my 19" is a good fit. About two inches above the top.

01:46 <efc> In widescreen, anything smaller than a 22" is a waste.. dell likes selling these 17" 'widescreens', they're a joke. tiny.

01:47 <MTughan> I have a 19" widescreen. Not too bad, but i could definitely go for more resolution.

01:47 <MTughan> My 14" laptop has the same res FFS.

01:48 <efc> the 24" is 1920x1200.. about as much as you can get over one DVI cable, or something like that

01:48 <MTughan> A single-link DVI cable, yep.

01:48 <MTughan> Up to 2560x1600 will need a dual-link cable.

01:49 <efc> Also, its as much or more than my aging video card could handle

01:49 <MTughan> What card?

01:49 <Romulus> Rumor has it What card is on there, MTughan

01:49 <efc> gf4

01:51 <efc> mm, my lcd has fallen in price some, but still way too much to buy a second one

01:52 <Soul_keeper> efc,    here is a screenshot I took comparing the screen realestate between  1600x1200 and 2048x1536

01:52 <Romulus> <> (at

01:52 <MTughan> Soul_keeper: What cable type do you use? VGA?

01:52 <Soul_keeper> the screenshot in the brower is  1600x1200 actual size

01:52 <Soul_keeper> vga

01:53 <Soul_keeper> got a dvi to vga converter to my card

01:53 <efc> ugh, next time make it compress better :p

01:53 <Soul_keeper> :)

01:53 <Soul_keeper> i upload at over 600KB/s  you need to download faster :)

01:54 <efc> i download at 19.2kbaud, atm

01:56 <Soul_keeper> hmmm

01:56 <Soul_keeper> kilo baud ?

01:56 <efc> yeah

01:56 <Soul_keeper> how does that equate to something that makes sense ?

01:57 <efc> I do see some 30 bit panels out there, $$

01:57 <MTughan> Shrunk from 1.4MB to 436KB.

01:57 <efc> 19.2k bits basically

01:57 <MTughan> Approximately 3.5x smaller if I have my math right.

01:58 <Soul_keeper> yeah I save all my images at 85% of max quality usually

01:58 <Soul_keeper> I ignore the slow people sorry

01:58 <MTughan> That's at 80% with some optimization on through GIMP.

01:58 <Soul_keeper> maybe that was it then

01:58 <PovAddict> weird pain... it's like around my left armpit

01:59 <PovAddict> extends a few cm on both chest and arm

01:59 <Soul_keeper> PovAddict, why you always having issues ?

01:59 <MTughan> It's BOINC and DA taking a toll on his body.

01:59 <Soul_keeper> maybe you need to work out, or take up smoking

02:00 <PovAddict> smoking wont make anything better

02:01 <Soul_keeper> works for me for some reason

02:01 <MTughan> <Soul_keeper> I told him real men smoke

02:01 <PovAddict> and I dont always have issues... just the past two weeks :/

02:02 <PovAddict> then Im not a real man, can live with that

02:02 <MTughan> Ditto. :)

02:03 <Soul_keeper> real men don't use windows either ...

02:03 <efc> smoking just evens out the decay so you don't notice it

02:03 <MTughan> I'd prefer not to use Windows either. But there's two problems:

02:03 <Soul_keeper> my longs are coated on the inside, so nothing can get in to harm me

02:03 <PovAddict> seriously though is such a pain likely to be a bad thing?

02:03 <MTughan> 1) My roommate uses my computer occasionally, and he likes Windows

02:04 <MTughan> 2) OS X can't legally run on non-Mac computers.

02:04 <Soul_keeper> PovAddict, could be growing pains ...  yur still a young growing buck

02:04 <efc> i have really severe

02:04 <Soul_keeper> you don't stop growing till you're like 22 i believe

02:04 <efc> chest pain sometimes, and its apparently non-fatal

02:05 <efc> but with your other problems wouldn't take anything too lightly

02:05 <PovAddict> efc have you been mostly sedentary for the past 3 years?

02:05 <Soul_keeper> when I was in grade school i'd get massive pains in my side, would make me hit the floor and curl up.   went to the doctor and they said they were growing pains.  they went away after like a year or so

02:06 <efc> no, I run, though not enough

02:06 <efc> there's a name for the pain I had, its really long, basically means 'non fatal chest pain on the left side'

02:07 <PovAddict> common sense says Im too young to have heart problems, irrational subconcious mind disagrees and makes me nervous with any chest pain

02:07 <Soul_keeper> 190 hours and  90% done with that wcg wu,  missed the deadline 3hrs ago

02:08 <MTughan> Ouch.

02:08 <efc> Is yours associated with breathing at all?

02:08 <PovAddict> I think its weird this time that it extends along the arm some 5cm

02:09 <PovAddict> it = pain/discomfort

02:09 <Soul_keeper> maybe you had a stroke ...

02:09 <Soul_keeper> I had one in HS but luckily it didn't have lasting effects, atleast i don't think so

02:10 <PovAddict> S_k: srsly not something to joke about, Ive been worried about having heart problems, and worrying makes symptoms worse

02:10 <efc> One doctor I went to basically told me I was making it up

02:10 <Soul_keeper> someone I know has a son that's like 20yrs old, he had a blood clott in his brain

02:10 <Soul_keeper> not joking PovAddict

02:11 <PovAddict> efc: I read in a forum about someone whose family/doctors kept trying to convince him he was makin things up, and turned out to be a real problem

02:11 <Soul_keeper> either we die or live, no point getting stressed thinking about it. But if you are really worried pitch a tent in front of the doctor's office

02:12 <efc> Unless its really bad, should probably sleep on it. The older you get the more weird random pains you have, most are nothing.

02:12 <Soul_keeper> my first inclination was to tell you to "stop being a sissy boy"  i'm exercising restraint :)

02:14 <Soul_keeper> personally I have chest pains all the time, I deserve them for things i've done to myself tho

02:14 <MTughan> Like smoking?

02:14 <MTughan> (Sorry, couldn't resist :P)

02:14 <Soul_keeper> nah that makes me stronger

02:14 <Soul_keeper> :)

02:14 <PovAddict> efc: I think its stupid to think this at this age, but lately I sorta worried about having a serious heart problem while sleeping...

02:14 <Soul_keeper> i've done things in the past to my heart/immune system i'd rather not speak about

02:15 <PovAddict> S_k: worse drugs?

02:15 <Soul_keeper> amoung other more severe things ...

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02:16 <PovAddict> hmm my sister is talking gibberish while sleeping :p

02:16 <MTughan> What, she doesn't do that while awake?

02:16 <Soul_keeper> heh, my brother used to talk in his sleep

02:16 <MTughan> My sister talks gibberish all the time.

02:17 <PovAddict> well, saying stupid things vs saying something not even in a real language

02:18 <efc> I have these dreams where I'm screaming for what seems like hours. Wonder if I'm making any noise.

02:18 <PovAddict> should I try sleeping, again?

02:18 <Soul_keeper> you prolly are

02:39 <efc> don't think i'll make up my mind tonight

02:41 <efc> aww they had one for $190 but sold out

02:43 <efc> fairly basic 24" samsung, $300 after a rebate

02:50 <efc> ugh, i hate all this glossy black junk

02:51 <MTughan> Prefer matte black?

02:52 <efc> Yeah. Glossy is distracting and gets fingerprints.

02:52 <MTughan> Agreed.

02:52 <MTughan> At least they don't use glossy screens... Do they?

02:53 <efc> I hope not, but don't know

02:53 <efc> HP does

02:53 <efc> Look nice in the store

02:53 <efc> but don't think i'd want one

02:55 <efc> also have seen a few touch screens in the store

02:55 <efc> Would be nice .. for something, not quite sure what

02:55 <efc> Could probably do some really different gaming interfaces

02:56 <MTughan> Depending on the quality of the screens, graphics artists might find it useful.

02:57 <efc> I don't know of any games that can use two mice, but that might be interesting too. One for moving the character, another for using the interface (buttons etc)

02:57 <efc> Would definitely add some skill elements

02:57 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

02:58 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 48.7F / 9.3C | Humidity: 84% | Pressure: 29.41in / 995.8hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 2.4mph / 3.9km/h ; Overnight - Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers. Lows in the upper 30s. West winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.; Monday - Cloudy with a chance of rain and snow showers. Near steady temperatures in the upper 30s. (1 more message)

02:58 <MTughan> One hand on the mouse, one on the screen?

02:58 <MTughan> 'lo CFL

02:58 <CoderForLife> morn

02:58 <CoderForLife> &more

02:58 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Northwest winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of precipitation 50 percent.; Monday Night - Cloudy. A chance of snow and rain showers in the evening...then a chance of snow showers after midnight. Colder with lows in the upper 20s. Northwest winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of precipitation 50 percent.;

02:58 <efc> i was just thinking two mice here, but thats a possibility too

02:59 <efc> i don't think you'd want to use a touchscreen for any length of time, would be very fatiguing

02:59 <MTughan> Yeah.

02:59 <efc> unless it was laying flat

02:59 <efc> With that.. you could make an omni-board game!

02:59 <MTughan> Also, the current way Windows handles two mice is that it averages the movement between the two. Dunno if they can be separately detected.

02:59 <MTughan> Omni-board?

03:00 <efc> many different board games in one

03:00 <MTughan> Ah.

03:00 <efc> Display the monopoly board, or parcheesi, or Sorry, etc

03:00 <MTughan> Have you seen the Surface?

03:00 <efc> The thing microsoft did?

03:01 <MTughan> Yeah.

03:01 <efc> I remember it from a while back vaguely

03:01 <MTughan>

03:01 <Romulus> Title: Microsoft Surface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at

03:03 <efc> Another cool UI thing was the intel Pen concept

03:04 <efc> never built, just done as proof of concept

03:05 <efc> Yeah that looks pretty cool

03:05 <MTughan> Expensive Omni-board though. :P

03:06 <MTughan> $12,500, presumable USD.

03:08 <efc> Unfortunately, it runs Vista.

03:08 <MTughan> That it does, but it probably could run Win7.

03:10 <efc> I have an idea for an interesting special purpose UI, but haven't figured out how to build it yet

03:10 <efc> Bed

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03:14 <CoderForLife> &social

03:14 <Romulus>

03:16 <CoderForLife> hmm - very early breakfast  --  brb

03:40 <CoderForLife> b - gee, that was easy

03:52 <Soul_keeper> OK !!!

03:52 <MTughan> Soul_keeper: Did you recently infuse yourself with coffee?

03:53 <Soul_keeper> nope

03:53 <Soul_keeper> I should probably be sleeping

03:56 <ELGono> morning

03:57 <CoderForLife> morning

03:59 <ELGono> semesters-starts-again-monday :(

04:01 <CoderForLife> today?

04:01 <Romulus> today is update tuesday for MS, right, CoderForLife

04:01 <ELGono> yupp

04:01 <Soul_keeper> lol

04:01 <CoderForLife> sorry

04:03 <ELGono> already registered for some courses very early this morning

04:08 <CoderForLife> you don't register in advance of the semester start date?

04:08 <Soul_keeper> so if you drove a mopad in college you understand the outlaw mentality ?

04:30 <Soul_keeper> married with children is still funny stuff

04:45 <Tank_Master> lol

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05:17 <e-30> how  is everyone today

05:21 <e-30> wow i am still trying to get my xp 64bit box to run gpu seti right my 32bit box does workunits in like 5 mins while my 64bit box is takeing 3 hrs for one waa

05:22 <CoderForLife> hi e-30

05:22 <e-30> hey cfl

05:22 <e-30> well i am still trying to debug the gpu versone of seti on 64 bit xp i dont get it at all

05:23 <e-30> did you get your coffee yet lol

05:28 <CoderForLife> I finsihed my AM Coca-Cola

05:29 <e-30> cool

05:30 <e-30> well i am on my 2nd pot of coffee and its 1130 am

05:30 <ELGono> just had my 3rd coffee

05:30 <ELGono> :)

05:30 <e-30> yea

05:30 <ELGono> but espresso, not a big pot

05:31 <e-30> i think i am going to hath to go get a new moutherboard for my 64 bit box i dont think it likes the quad core in it

05:32 <e-30> i am thinking of getting a 750 or 780 i moutherboard to put in there

05:32 <e-30> and put a 680 i in my other box

05:43 <MTughan> Well crud... Updated my video card drivers, now MW doesn't work.

05:44 <e-30> waa not good

05:45 <e-30> well i ma hopeing to get sli working or dual video card working in my 32 bit box and let my 64 biyt box jest set there and do cpu stuff

05:45 <CoderForLife> un-good start to the day - going to lay back down for awhile

05:45 <CoderForLife> bbl

05:46 <MTughan> There we go... I knew some DLLs had been renamed in this package, but I had forgotten their names. Just needed a C&P.

05:47 <e-30> ok later man

05:52 <e-30> this still has me pulling my hire out now i cant figer out what going on the only thing thats not the same is the moutherboard and cpu is the quad core verson but they run so much drefent

05:58 <e-30> oh well i guess i am going back to sleep for a while

06:01 <e-30> well have fun i am going to go think about whats going on with my quadcore for a while

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06:28 <e-30> wow we are dead here today lol

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07:29 <e-30> ok i am back internet was acting up

07:30 <e-30> oh well i jest read from yahoo that fast and furious hit #1 on the charts on opening day

07:32 <e-30> i think that is funny that fast and furious 3 was a total wipe out then 4 comes out and eveyone come like dogs to it

07:35 <e-30> oh well i guess all is far in having some of the 1st cast come back i guess thats why it is jest a hit

07:37 <e-30> &weather wiesbaden

07:37 <Romulus> e-30: Temperature: 62.2°F / 16.8°C | Humidity: 60% | Pressure: 29.93in / 1013.4hPa | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h | Updated: 1:31 PM CEST; Chance of Rain. High:68 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:48 F.; Clear. High:69 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:48 F.; Scattered Clouds. High:66 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:48 F.;

07:37 <ELGono> ahh still in germany e?

07:37 <e-30> yea good day for me lol i got clouds thats it haha

07:37 <e-30> yea

07:38 <ELGono> clouds here too

07:38 <e-30> i will be here till nov

07:38 <ELGono> but warm outside ...

07:38 <ELGono> just met the icecream-man

07:38 <ELGono> ;)

07:38 <e-30> 60 is warmm here

07:38 <ELGono> this one ;)

07:38 <Romulus> Title: Wo ist der Eismann? (at

07:39 <e-30> lol

07:40 <e-30> thats funny

07:40 <ELGono> yea

07:40 <ELGono> he's a real cool dude

07:40 <e-30> well did you see what i said about the new move out

07:41 <ELGono> replacing mobo?

07:51 <e-30> well i this this is jest plan out funny

07:52 <e-30>

07:52 <Romulus> Title: Ctrl+Alt+Del (at

07:53 <KathrynM> ewwwwwwwww

07:53 <KathrynM> cat in my arms

07:53 <KathrynM> cat farted

07:53 <KathrynM> :/

07:54 <e-30> lol now that jeest bwt out my post

07:54 <e-30> bet

07:54 <e-30> time for more coffee

07:57 <e-30> wow i jest put a fire in my mouth i forgot how much peper to put on my nuddles and over did it

07:59 <ELGono> lol KathrynM

08:00 <e-30> wow at least it better then a dog doing that

08:08 <KathrynM> well, it could have been a lot worse.........

08:08 <KathrynM> gotta look on the bright side

08:16 <e-30> yea so how are you doing today

08:17 <KathrynM> long day at w@$%

08:17 <KathrynM> glad to be home

08:18 <e-30> i bet so i am happy i am off w@$& for once

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08:22 <CoderForLife> hey

08:23 <CoderForLife> I decided to turn a long day at w@#% into a long day at home

08:24 <CoderForLife> so far so good, I just found my error that was causing my BOINC project WUs to not upload

08:24 <e-30> well i been working on my win 64bit box all day and it still has my head spinning

08:24 <e-30> what was that

08:24 <Romulus> or what drives many of the ATA crowd

08:25 <e-30> dang rommie is at it again

08:26 <e-30> jest let me get my hands on you rommie i will give you a new look lol

08:28 <e-30> man useing you gpu rully kills my computer it runs all slow now i can see what i am typeing like 2 sec after i type it

08:35 <e-30> wow mw is back up now

08:42 *** Eythan has joined #boinc

08:46 <e-30> wow i am getting seti units done faster now i guess i fix my problem at last

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09:19 <jackygrahamez> Has anyone tried this virtual box technology?

09:19 <Romulus> Title: VirtualBox (at

09:20 <e-30> not yet

09:20 <jackygrahamez> People tell me it emulates both software and hardware...I'll see if it lives up to the claims

09:21 <e-30> we will see

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09:22 <e-30> well i am workin on gpu stuff right now i have one pissed computer at me for running seti on it i am running xp 64bit on it it and it jest slow as hell my reg xp pro is so fast

09:24 <e-30> oh well i guess it the way i build the computer the moutherboard i think is the problem

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09:56 <e-30> wow thats not cool you get dc twice in like 30mins lol

10:09 *** jackygrahamez has joined #boinc

10:09 <e-30> wow man you got dc two time in 30 mins

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10:28 <e-30> hey pov

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10:47 <PovAdct_w> hmm now this is some major ignorance...

10:48 <e-30> humm

10:48 <e-30> how is it going  today

10:48 <PovAdct_w> poor families getting more children so they get more benefits from the govt

10:49 <e-30> that dont seam right to me eather

10:56 <jackygrahamez> I finally figured out how we will start an andriod industry

10:56 <jackygrahamez> people will buy baby androids and claim they are children :-)

11:00 <jackygrahamez> &wx 20001

11:00 <Romulus> jackygrahamez: Temperature: 58.4F / 14.7C | Humidity: 85% | Pressure: 29.36in / 994.1hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: NE | Wind Speed: 3.0mph / 4.8km/h ; This Afternoon - Showers likely with isolated thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 60s. West winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.; Tonight - Partly cloudy in the evening...then becoming mostly cloudy. Lows in the (1 more message)

11:00 * jackygrahamez meow

11:00 <jackygrahamez> &more

11:00 <Romulus> jackygrahamez: upper 30s. West winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.; Tuesday - Partly sunny. Highs around 50. West winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph.;

11:12 *** Aeternus has joined #boinc

11:20 *** mweltin has joined #boinc

11:23 *** [B^S]renemayer has quit IRC

11:43 *** axxum has joined #boinc

11:44 *** axxum has quit IRC

11:59 *** boomhoward has joined #boinc

12:00 *** boomhoward has quit IRC

12:03 *** Starfury^ has joined #boinc

12:18 *** e-30 has quit IRC

12:19 *** DerMeister has joined #boinc

12:35 *** BadBarbarian has joined #boinc

12:38 <Soul_keeper> HA !!!

12:38 <Soul_keeper> &wx 91977

12:38 <Romulus> Soul_keeper: Temperature: 74.3F / 23.5C | Humidity: 23% | Pressure: 29.95in / 1014.1hPa (Rising) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Today - Mostly sunny. Highs 77 to 82. Winds east 15 to 20 mph. Gusts to 30 mph in the morning.; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows 41 to 50. Light winds.; Tuesday - Mostly sunny. Highs 66 to 71. Light winds becoming southwest 15 mph (1 more message)

12:38 <mweltin> whose got soul?

12:38 <mweltin> how goes it?

12:38 <BadBarbarian> Hey MW wasup

12:38 <mweltin> nothing

12:38 <Soul_keeper> hello mweltin BadBarbarian

12:39 <mweltin> working on pointless crap

12:39 <mweltin> you?

12:39 <Romulus> It has been said that you are what you, mweltin

12:39 <BadBarbarian> crunching what else lol

12:40 <BadBarbarian> almost made a 6k rac on my single 2.4 quad

12:40 <BadBarbarian> in seti

12:41 <mweltin> nice

12:43 <BadBarbarian> ty

12:43 <BadBarbarian> whats your main cruncher now mw

12:43 <mweltin> I'm not even running boinc yet.

12:43 <BadBarbarian> ouch lol

12:43 <mweltin> I downloaded it last week, but never signed up for  project.

12:44 <mweltin> I feel dirty just being in this room not crunching.

12:44 <mweltin> I'll fix that right now.

12:44 <BadBarbarian> i am getting 1200 rac out of my nvidea 8600 GT

12:45 <MTughan> 'lo mweltin

12:45 <BadBarbarian> morning MT

12:45 <mweltin> MTughan!

12:52 <mweltin> whew ok I'm technically a cruncher again.

12:53 <Tank_Master> sweet

12:53 <Tank_Master> glad 2 hear it, mweltin! :P

12:54 <Tank_Master> howdy BB

12:58 <mweltin> hey Tank

13:04 <Soul_keeper> BadBarbarian, what projects you running on that cuda beast ? :)

13:10 *** Starfury^ has quit IRC

13:14 <Soul_keeper>    check it out   linux based gaming console, based on athlon X2

13:14 <Romulus> <> (at

13:14 <Soul_keeper> looks like the tuxproject reborn

13:18 <Tank_Master> looks like an 80s consol

13:20 *** e-30 has joined #boinc

13:20 <e-30> hey how is it going

13:20 <Tank_Master> howdy

13:20 <Tank_Master> good, yourself?

13:21 <e-30> good so far working with my quad core still

13:21 *** mnx has quit IRC

13:28 <Soul_keeper> excellent observation Tank_Master

13:31 <Tank_Master> :)

13:33 <Soul_keeper>

13:33 <Soul_keeper> korea missile launch failed again

13:33 <Romulus> <> (at

13:35 <Soul_keeper> [PLAYING] [03:10:182] honky-tonk history .:. Travis Tritt .:. My Honkey Tonk History .:. Track 1

13:35 <e-30> lol

13:35 <Tank_Master> doh

13:35 <Tank_Master> stbt

13:37 <e-30> looks like thay have a problem again lol

13:42 <Soul_keeper> [PLAYING] [00:04:771] 16_-_Ten_Feet_Tall_And_Bulletproof

13:46 <Romulus> New news from boinc: BOINC news April 6, 2009

13:46 <mweltin> how did the referb'in go Tank_Master

13:47 <Tank_Master> still working on it

13:47 <Tank_Master> selling the 2 comps I have now to get enough to finish off my 17

13:47 <PovAdct_w> wtf

13:47 <Tank_Master> i7*

13:47 <PovAdct_w> VTU@Home in project list?

13:47 <Tank_Master> pov, its been there for a while now :P

13:49 *** XioNYC is now known as xionyc

13:54 <e-30> lol

13:54 <PovAdct_w> Tank_Master: lies

13:54 <PovAdct_w> march 30

13:56 <Tank_Master> which list are you refering to then?

13:57 <PovAdct_w>

13:57 <PovAdct_w> March 30, 2009

13:57 <PovAdct_w> VTU@home, a project from the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, is now listed on the Choose Projects page. VTU@home serves Lithuanian scientists. It is currently studying the automated testing of complex software systems.

13:57 <Tank_Master> ahh, ok

13:57 <e-30> wow you did your home work

13:57 <Tank_Master> I was thinking you ment the list of projects from within boinc

13:58 *** axxum has joined #boinc

13:58 <Tank_Master> wth

13:58 <Tank_Master> error 404, page not found

13:58 <Tank_Master> guess pov is making it up :P

13:59 <PovAdct_w>

13:59 <Romulus> Title: Choosing BOINC projects (at

14:00 <Tank_Master> thats better

14:10 <Tank_Master> huh, the 182.50 nvidia drivers include OGL 3.0 support...

14:10 <Tank_Master> but just on the 8000 and higher cards

14:14 <PovAdct_w> extreme

14:14 <Romulus> <> (at

14:16 <Tank_Master> wow, ill have to try that on the 4th of july :P

14:16 *** PovAdct_w has quit IRC

14:20 *** leifdk1978 has joined #boinc

14:20 <leifdk1978> hey

14:20 <Tank_Master> yo

14:21 <leifdk1978> :) just joined the seti boinc thing

14:21 *** e-30 has quit IRC

14:22 <leifdk1978> and by good no gfx on linux

14:23 <Tank_Master> Im not sure which OSs can run SETI's GPU app

14:23 <Tank_Master> I know windows can

14:23 <Tank_Master> but Id think lunix could as well

14:23 <leifdk1978> yeah well the grafix is not other then pretty

14:24 <Tank_Master> ohoh, sorry, I thought you were runing the SETI on your video card...

14:24 *** siofwolves has joined #boinc

14:24 <leifdk1978> naaa i use my dual core

14:24 <Tank_Master> you can get optimized apps for your OS/CPU that will remobe the screansaver

14:24 <Tank_Master> remove*

14:25 <Tank_Master> thus increasing your computation speed

14:25 <leifdk1978> ok i just use a version from get deb the newest version of boinc and i dont realy need the screen sever

14:27 <Tank_Master>

14:27 <Romulus> <> (at

14:28 <leifdk1978> nice thanx

14:29 *** axxum has quit IRC

14:43 <jasong> question for the channel:  Do you pronounce the word route as 'rowt' or 'root'?

14:43 <jasong> My parents make fun of me because I'm the only one in the family that pronounces it as rowt

14:44 <jasong> I'm wondering if I may have picked up my version on the east coast, or maybe even earlier in Germany

14:44 <CoderForLife> I say it differently depending on the context

14:44 <jasong> What context?

14:44 <CoderForLife> if it's "networking", it's always rowt

14:45 <jasong> lol, ok, that's the context where I was being made fun of

14:45 <Soul_keeper> rowt for me

14:45 <CoderForLife> if it's the American highway labeled 66 - it's alway root

14:45 <Tank_Master> CFL is correct, its pronounced both ways

14:45 <Tank_Master> depending on how its used

14:45 <CoderForLife> Route Sixty-Six

14:45 <CoderForLife> is root

14:45 <jasong> so the highway is a root and the online thing is a rowter?

14:45 <leifdk1978> geez asto pulse is some hard wu

14:45 <CoderForLife> generally

14:45 <jasong> ok, thanks

14:46 <Tank_Master> I saye route 66, not root :P

14:46 <Tank_Master> could also bepend on the regon you are from

14:46 <Soul_keeper> leifdk1978  get the optimized AP client, it'll speed it up noticeably

14:46 <Romulus> Title: Crunch3rs BOINC page (at

14:46 <CoderForLife> I take it from the song

14:46 <Tank_Master> just like "creek" in come places has a short e and others its a long e

14:46 <jasong> Well, I've lived in about 40 different places

14:47 <jasong> I thought it was a short i

14:49 <CoderForLife> roof is another one that varies locally here

14:50 <Tank_Master> never heard a variation on roof... :P

14:50 <CoderForLife> is it roof as in hoof?

14:50 <Tank_Master> yep

14:51 <CoderForLife> or roof as in boo? =P

14:51 <CoderForLife> James Taylor's "Up On The Roof"

14:51 <Tank_Master> hoof

14:52 <CoderForLife> those that say roof as in hoof tend to have Appalachian "roots"

14:55 <CoderForLife>

14:55 <Romulus> <> (at

14:55 <CoderForLife> cuts just short

14:55 <CoderForLife> he rhymes "roof" with "two"

14:56 <CoderForLife> for me, that's the way it's said

14:57 <CoderForLife> heh  that was fun

14:57 * CoderForLife goes back to Coding his BOINC project

14:57 <leifdk1978> :) wich one

14:59 <Soul_keeper>

14:59 <Romulus> <> (at

15:09 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

15:57 <leifdk1978> did chose a hobby to day :)

15:58 *** mweltin is now known as mw_away

16:10 <ELGono>

16:10 <Romulus> Title: Global Consciousness Project -- consciousness, group consciousness, mind (at

16:10 <ELGono> cool they updated to flash graphics

16:11 <ELGono> would like to see todays recording with earthquake in italy

16:11 <ELGono>

16:11 <Romulus> <> (at

16:21 <Tank_Master> how big was the earthquake?

16:23 <ELGono> ~6 on richter

16:25 <Tank_Master> decent

16:25 <Tank_Master> but not bad

16:26 <ELGono> 100km from rome

16:32 *** siofwolves has quit IRC

16:34 <jasong> "Navigation  is facilitated by two sets of menus, and will require liberal use of your back button or return to the homepage by clicking on the name in the banner."

16:35 <jasong> That's way better than,"How the f*** do I find such-and-such?"

16:35 <jasong> That's what I say when I know a website has something and I can't find it

16:45 *** wdsmia_w has quit IRC

16:47 <Soul_keeper>

16:47 <Romulus> <> (at

16:56 * jasong resists the urge to quote Bible verses

16:59 <CoderForLife> we've done that here before

16:59 *** desti has quit IRC

17:00 *** desti has joined #boinc

17:03 *** sigmund_ has joined #boinc

17:09 <jasong> Actually, now that I think think about, I can't remember any of them well enough to quote them reliably

17:11 <jasong> But, among other things, think how easy it is to accuse someone of being a racist, especially in the US, if them claim to dislike or disapprove of Obama

17:11 <jasong> -m +y

17:13 <Soul_keeper> yup

17:13 <MTughan> HP may get a deal to use XP in their computers until April 2010.

17:13 <MTughan>

17:13 <Romulus> Title: Rumor: HP to offer Windows XP through April 2010 - The Tech Report (at

17:14 *** DerMeister has quit IRC

17:15 *** sigmund has quit IRC

17:19 *** BadBarbarian has quit IRC

17:32 <jasong> Man, how many times do I have to repeat, and on how many forums, that the land around here is TOO SWAMPY FOR BASEMENTS, and, therefore, my mom doesn't own one for me to live in? ;)

17:32 *** mw_away has quit IRC

17:33 *** mweltin has joined #boinc

17:38 <Soul_keeper>   pictures of my new card and the one it replaced  Black one is the new one

17:38 <Romulus> Title: Index of /digcam26 (at

17:38 <Soul_keeper> they are exactely the same size, roughly the same power usage and performance

17:39 <Soul_keeper> only difference is ati vs nvidia

17:43 <MTughan> Hehe... I looked at the first picture, and I thought "Holy crap, that's a tall card!" xD

17:44 <MTughan> The other one was a Radeon HD3870?

17:45 <Soul_keeper> yeah

17:45 <Soul_keeper> i really liked that card

17:45 <Soul_keeper> just no cuda :)

17:47 <wdsmia> re-hi

17:47 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

17:47 <MTughan> This was the card I was thinking of:

17:47 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 39.6F / 4.2C | Humidity: 54% | Pressure: 30.11in / 1019.5hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 10.0mph / 16.1km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Low in the mid 20s. Northwest wind 10 to 20 mph with gusts to around 30 mph.; Tuesday - Mostly sunny. Warmer. High in the upper 40s. Northwest wind 10 to 15 mph.; Tuesday Night - Partly cloudy. Low (1 more message)

17:47 <Romulus> <> (at

17:47 <wdsmia> &more

17:47 <Romulus> wdsmia: in the upper 20s. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph.;

17:51 <Soul_keeper> I heard palit is going out of business or something

17:51 <Tank_Master> 3 slot cooler?

17:51 <Tank_Master> holy crap...

17:52 <Soul_keeper> "Palit leaves US market"

17:52 <Soul_keeper> yeah that card don't look too great, only one dvi   best to get 2 dvi and use the converter imo

17:53 <Soul_keeper> I saw the 4890 in the local store yesterday

17:54 *** sigmund has joined #boinc

17:56 <MTughan> Soul_keeper: If need be, HDMI->DVI is easy.

17:56 <Soul_keeper> MTughan,

17:56 <MTughan> I like how it has DisplayPort though.

17:56 <Romulus> <> (at

17:56 <Tank_Master> you can ise a HDMI -> DVI converter

17:56 <Soul_keeper> ahhh

17:59 <Tank_Master> 4 displays off one card *is* impressive though

18:00 * KathrynM yawns

18:01 <Soul_keeper> with the age of the games I play (gf2 would be plenty) all I care about it raw crunching power in my card purchases anymore :)

18:02 <Soul_keeper> i'm looking at the specs for the GT 150   which isn't released yet, it has the same number of SPs as the GTS 250, just 10GB less mem bandwidth,  I bet that would get the same cuda performance for cheaper

18:05 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

18:05 *** jackygrahamez has quit IRC

18:07 *** sigmund_ has quit IRC

18:11 <KathrynM> &wx 44137

18:11 <Romulus> KathrynM: Temperature: 29.5F / -1.4C | Humidity: 97% | Pressure: 29.55in / 1000.6hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Light Snow | Wind Direction: NNW | Wind Speed: 10.0mph / 16.1km/h ; Tonight - Snow showers. Snow accumulation of 1 to locally 4 inches. Blustery and cold with lows in the upper 20s. Northwest winds 20 to 25 mph with gusts up to 40 mph. Chance of snow near 100 percent.; Tuesday - Snow (1 more message)

18:11 <KathrynM> &more

18:11 <Romulus> KathrynM: showers. Additional snow accumulation around an inch. Brisk with highs in the mid 30s. West winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. Chance of snow 90 percent.; Tuesday Night - Snow showers likely. Additional accumulation of an inch or less. Cold with lows in the upper 20s. West winds 15 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 70 percent.;

18:11 <KathrynM> &wx ulsan

18:11 <Romulus> KathrynM: Temperature: 43°F / 6°C | Humidity: 76% | Pressure: 30.01in / 1016hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 2mph / 4km/h | Updated: 7:00 AM KST; Unknown. High:57 F.; Clear. Low:46 F.; Clear. High:69 F.; Partly Cloudy. Low:50 F.; Partly Cloudy. High:73 F.; Clear. Low:50 F.;

18:11 <KathrynM> should I call home and rub it in?

18:12 <Soul_keeper> :)

18:13 <KathrynM> the last Easter I was home, I couldn't find my car.  It was a large snow drift

18:13 <KathrynM> I almost killed myself trying to get to Holy Thursday Mass.

18:14 <KathrynM> I decided when I got home to email the choir director and tell her I wasn't coming for the rest of Triduium.

18:17 <Soul_keeper> Religious terms are beyong my pay grade

18:17 <Soul_keeper> what's a triduium ?

18:19 <Soul_keeper> hmm i've got a pending credit seti AP unit from March 4th

18:19 <Soul_keeper> that's a good chunk of time for validation

18:20 <Soul_keeper> "Validate stateChecked, but no consensus yet"

18:21 <KathrynM> In the Catholic Church, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil

18:21 <KathrynM> I'm going to call home

18:21 <CoderForLife> gn folks

18:21 <KathrynM> have a good evening CoderForLife

18:21 <CoderForLife> ty - time to read

18:21 <Soul_keeper> later CoderForLife

18:22 <Soul_keeper> excellent work KathrynM

18:22 <Soul_keeper> I spoke with my mother yesterday

18:22 <Soul_keeper> seems everytime we speak she says  "well you seem like you don't have nothing to talk about"  "you're quiet"

18:22 <Soul_keeper> just drifted appart I guess

18:27 *** Tank_Master has joined #boinc

18:27 <MTughan> <Tank_Master> 4 displays off one card *is* impressive though

18:28 <MTughan> Have you seen Sapphire's HD4850X2?

18:28 <MTughan>

18:28 <Tank_Master> no

18:28 <Romulus> <> (at

18:28 <Tank_Master> y?

18:28 <Tank_Master> sweet :)

18:28 <KathrynM> hmph.  nobody home

18:28 <MTughan> Just one disadvantage:

18:28 <Romulus> <> (at

18:28 <Tank_Master> my board can hancle 3 of those...

18:28 *** mweltin has left #boinc

18:29 <MTughan> Your board can. Can your case? xD

18:29 <Tank_Master> its a full tower

18:29 <Tank_Master> can handle the server borads

18:29 <MTughan> That's compared to a 4870X2, which is a damn long card to begin with.

18:29 <MTughan> "an eighth beyond 11 inches" apparently.

18:30 <Tank_Master> so almsot a foot long... daym thats big

18:30 <Soul_keeper> super computer :)

18:30 <MTughan> Yeah.

18:30 <MTughan> :P

18:30 <MTughan> And that's two 4850 chips on one board.

18:31 <Tank_Master> has nothing on this one though:

18:31 <MTughan> 4x DVI FTW though.

18:31 <Soul_keeper> :)

18:32 <Tank_Master> would be nice to hook up 4 30" monitors to that

18:32 <Tank_Master> at 25xx x 1600

18:32 <Tank_Master> each

18:34 <MTughan> IIRC, they're all dual-link DVI connectors, so it'd work.

18:35 <Tank_Master> :D

18:36 <MTughan>

18:36 <Romulus> <> (at

18:36 <MTughan> Yep, they're dual-link.

18:37 <Tank_Master> man o man..

18:37 <Tank_Master> cheep to

18:38 <MTughan> Because it uses 4850 chips, not 4870s.

18:38 <MTughan> Saves on memory, going to DDR3.

18:39 <Tank_Master> huh

18:39 <Tank_Master> none of the 4870x2s have quad output

18:39 <MTughan> No, they're all dual outputs.

18:39 <Tank_Master> yeah, suprisong...

18:40 <MTughan> The 4850X2 isn't actually an official design. It's custom by Sapphire.

18:40 <Tank_Master> guess they needed the space for cooling

18:41 <MTughan> Anyway, I'm off for a bit... Playing LOTR on Xbox. :)

18:41 <Soul_keeper>   lol

18:41 <Romulus> <> (at

18:42 <Tank_Master> hf :)

18:42 <MTughan> 12.88 seconds.

18:42 <Tank_Master> .068 sec!

18:42 <Tank_Master> beat that :P

18:42 <Soul_keeper> games like that make me angry for some reason

18:42 <Soul_keeper> they make me wanna punch the screen

18:42 <MTughan> Anyway, bbl

18:43 <Tank_Master> .047 sec...

18:43 <Tank_Master> c-ya MT

18:43 <MTughan> How's 0.08 seconds? ;)

18:43 <MTughan> 0.054...

18:43 <Soul_keeper> good work

18:43 <Tank_Master> not as good as .047

18:44 <MTughan> 0.045

18:44 <Tank_Master> daym

18:44 <MTughan> Bye.

18:44 <Tank_Master> lol

18:45 <Tank_Master> go already

18:45 <Soul_keeper> 15.33 ...

18:46 <Soul_keeper> it speeds up at 15 and makes me extra angry

18:55 <Tank_Master> then dont play it :P

19:01 <Soul_keeper> baseball first season game on TV !!!!!!!

19:01 <Soul_keeper> WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO !!!

19:02 <Soul_keeper> worst season in 20yrs or whatever last year, maybe they can outdo themselves

19:02 <Tank_Master> sounds like fun!

19:03 <Tank_Master> ill brb

19:03 <Tank_Master> updating bios

19:05 <Soul_keeper> lol

19:05 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

19:06 *** Carlasouza has joined #boinc

19:20 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

19:34 *** Tank_Master has joined #boinc

19:34 <Tank_Master> well that was odd

19:34 <Tank_Master> when I got the mobo, not supprisingly the old OS wouldnt boot...

19:35 <Tank_Master> so I installed a new copy of win7 onto a different partition

19:35 <Tank_Master> now, after I updated the bios, the new install wont bood, but the one from the other mobo will....

19:38 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

19:53 <PovAddict> &seen nickwuo

19:53 <Romulus> PovAddict: I have not seen nickwuo.

19:53 <PovAddict> &seen imsaguy

19:53 <Romulus> PovAddict: imsaguy was last seen in #boinc 17 weeks, 2 days, 19 hours, 36 minutes, and 3 seconds ago: <IMSAguy> you and your potty mouth turbolover

20:22 *** efc has joined #boinc

20:30 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

20:50 <wdsmia> &seen crap

20:50 <Romulus> wdsmia: I have not seen crap.

20:53 <Soul_keeper> excellent

20:54 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

21:07 <MTughan> &seen nickuwo

21:07 <Romulus> MTughan: nickuwo was last seen in #boinc 1 week, 0 days, 9 hours, 40 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: <nickuwo> right on, well, I'll see ya in a few weeks MT. Have a good one

21:07 <MTughan> PovAddict: You misspelled his name. ;)

21:07 <MTughan> &seen "your mom"

21:07 <Romulus> MTughan: Error: 'your mom' is not a valid nick.

21:07 <MTughan> Oh... :(

21:30 <PovAddict> &seen your-mom

21:30 <Romulus> PovAddict: I have not seen your-mom.

21:31 <Soul_keeper> PovAddict, you in argentina or venezuela ?

21:31 <MTughan>

21:31 <PovAddict> argentina

21:31 <PovAddict> ...

21:31 <Romulus> Title: TR overtaken by LOLcatz - The Tech Report (at

21:31 <Soul_keeper> ok just checking

21:31 <Soul_keeper> baseball team has a new pitcher, he's from venezuela tho

21:31 <Soul_keeper> ...

21:35 <Soul_keeper> apparently I don't know/care enough about your region to distinguish sorry ...

21:35 <Soul_keeper> it's like the  finland/sweden/norway  area

21:35 <PovAddict> I always confuse sweden/switzerland

21:36 <PovAddict> what's their demonym?

21:36 <Soul_keeper> &dict demonym

21:36 <Romulus> Soul_keeper: No definition for "demonym" could be found.

21:36 <MTughan> Swedish and Swiss.

21:36 <Soul_keeper> nah that's switzerland

21:37 * wdsmia shakes his head at the IQ level of this room

21:37 <Soul_keeper> swedes is  swedish

21:37 <PovAddict> &grab wdsmia

21:37 <Romulus> PovAddict: The operation succeeded.

21:37 <Soul_keeper> switzerland is pretty memorable, with their banks and nuetral history n all

21:37 <MTughan> Finland, Sweden, and Norway are more interesting...

21:37 <Soul_keeper> mountains etc.

21:37 <Soul_keeper> watches

21:37 <MTughan> Finnish, Swedish, Norman.

21:38 <PovAddict> finns :P

21:38 <Soul_keeper> I once knew about 4 people online from sweden and finland,  they stopped coming online a few years ago tho

21:38 <PovAddict> durned furriners

21:38 <Soul_keeper> only thing I really remember about them is what kinda computer hardware they had ... odd

21:39 <MTughan> Oops... Norway is Norwegian...

21:39 <MTughan> I think it was Denmark I was thinking of: Dane.

21:39 <Soul_keeper> yeah normands from normandy (dday area)

21:39 <MTughan> Or whatever. They're some odd ones.

21:40 <Soul_keeper> it's easier just to group all the europeans into one description I guess :)

21:40 <MTughan> Heh.

21:40 <Soul_keeper> i've heard the term  "eurotrash" tossed around

21:40 <PovAddict> too many tiny countries

21:40 <PovAddict> they're tiny compared to us in America (the continent)

21:41 <Soul_keeper> yeah

21:41 <PovAddict> a country there is a province here

21:41 <PovAddict> province/state

21:41 <MTughan> About 50 countries in Europe.

21:41 <PovAddict> but then, look at Russia

21:42 <Soul_keeper> That reminds me, one common theme with the fins/swedes i knew.  they hate russia :)

21:42 <Soul_keeper> guess from a war they had in the past, and something about vodka ...

21:42 <MTughan> Smallest country in Europe? Vatican City.

21:43 <PovAddict> try measuring in "luxury" instead of "area2

21:43 <Soul_keeper> I had a teacher that got in trouble in luxemburge when he was in the army,  said he just ran thru the whole country into germany to get away

21:47 <Soul_keeper> looks like my team lost their opening game

21:49 <Soul_keeper> the team looks worthless this year

21:55 *** Carlasouza has quit IRC

22:01 <Soul_keeper> YEAH BBL.

22:02 *** Soul_keeper has quit IRC

22:13 <MTughan> &social

22:13 <Romulus>

22:13 <MTughan> Can anyone see the image?

22:15 <MTughan> bbl

22:16 <efc> hmm. this game will take 200+ hours to patch.

22:25 <jasong> Quick question:  The  RSS feed doesn't seem to be updating.  Is it a widespread problem involving the site, my choice in software(I'd have to check what it is, it was a sort of stab your finger randomly at the screen type of thing) or am I just an idiot that made a stupid error?  It's probably the last one, which is the reason I'm posting in irc.  If I can nail the precise reason for the fsck-up, then i actually have something to goog

22:26 <PovAddict> jasong: last update Sun, 05 Apr 2009 00:00:00 MDT

22:26 <PovAddict> in fact there were 3 posts that same day

22:26 <jasong> Yeah, I've confirmed I'm not getting updates :) I just need to figure out why

22:28 *** sigmund_ has joined #boinc

22:28 <jasong> Oh,  wow, I have a clue

22:28 <PovAddict> &grab jasong

22:28 <Romulus> PovAddict: The operation succeeded.

22:28 <jasong> I just noticed something

22:29 <jasong> oh, the I have a clue thing wasn't a jab at you, POV, I just found a clue in my browser :)

22:29 <PovAddict> jasong: "&grab" quotes you for eternity

22:29 <jasong> Yeah, it says the update feature isn't working, but I'm not sure how long that's been there

22:30 *** efc has quit IRC

22:30 <jasong> lol, fun

22:30 <PovAddict> &quotegrabs quote jasong

22:30 <Romulus> PovAddict: <jasong> Oh,  wow, I have a clue

22:30 <PovAddict> &quotegrabs quote efc

22:30 <Romulus> PovAddict: <efc> That was the pun equivilent of Hiroshima

22:30 <jasong> Is that what Romulus uses when it responds to questions?

22:30 <PovAddict> nope

22:30 <PovAddict> &quotegrabs random

22:30 <Romulus> PovAddict: <wdsmia> my socks are older than you are PovAddict

22:30 <jasong> oh, well, bad guess then

22:31 <PovAddict> lol @ that one

22:31 <PovAddict> &quotegrabs random

22:31 <Romulus> PovAddict: <Rookie_69> I  feel violated.

22:31 <jasong> &quotegrabs quote CoderForLife

22:31 <Romulus> jasong: <CoderForLife> greetings boincaholics

22:31 <jasong> that sucked

22:32 <jasong> &quotegrabs quote KathrymM

22:32 <Romulus> jasong: Error: I couldn't find a matching quotegrab for KathrymM.

22:32 <PovAddict> &quotegrabs quote CoderForLife

22:32 <Romulus> PovAddict: <CoderForLife> greetings boincaholics

22:32 <PovAddict> &list quotegrabs

22:32 <Romulus> PovAddict: get, grab, list, quote, random, and search

22:32 <PovAddict> &quotegrabs list CoderForLife

22:32 <Romulus> PovAddict: #10: greetings boincaholics

22:32 <PovAddict> just the one

22:32 <jasong> Surely CFL has said more interesting things in the past

22:32 <PovAddict> jasong: yeah but nobody remembered to grab him

22:32 <PovAddict> &quotegrabs list efc

22:33 <Romulus> PovAddict: #7: That was the pun equivilent of Hiroshima and #6: You roll the trees down a bumpy hill and...

22:33 <PovAddict> &quotegrabs list wdsmia

22:33 <Romulus> PovAddict: #18: * wdsmia shakes his head at the IQ level..., #17: I have socks older than 29, and #13: my socks are older than you are PovAddict

22:33 <jasong> brb, going to reset the feed and see what that does in the future

22:34 *** efc has joined #boinc

22:34 * wdsmia slaps PovAddict around with a large Carp

22:35 <jasong> hmmmm, looks like it's the websites fault

22:35 <jasong> I'll tell him

22:36 <PovAddict> website has updates dated April 5 in the RSS feed

22:36 <PovAddict> if you don't see them, problem is in your side

22:36 <PovAddict> do you see "Galaxy Zoo classified 1.5 million galaxies in 100 hours"?

22:37 <jasong> no.  If there is an RSS feed that IS working for the site, than I'd be happy to switch for that one feed

22:37 <PovAddict>

22:37 <Romulus> Title: updatesD2OLD2OL and Community TSC ending on April 15, 2009Galaxy ZooGalaxy Zoo classified 1.5 million galaxies in 100 hoursnew, faster Seventeen or Bust clientCCL Game Optimal Solution Finder software updated on March 30Galaxy ZooHelp Galaxy Zoo classify 1 million galaxies in the next 100 hours (at

22:37 <PovAddict> see even Romulus got it

22:38 <jasong> what does Romulus use?

22:38 <PovAddict> in fact that worked out of luck

22:38 <PovAddict> he extracts <title> tags to get the title off an HTML webpage

22:38 <PovAddict> and RSS happens to use <title> so it extracted those :P

22:41 *** sigmund has quit IRC

22:42 <jasong> Yeah, I definitely missed the news about the "Huh?" signal

22:44 <jasong> I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm hoping the next update will be successful

22:44 <jasong> Does anyone else here use Live Bookmarks?

22:44 <jasong> Or is that the generic term?

22:45 * jasong is so stupid he doesn't even know THAT

22:45 <wdsmia> &grap jasong

22:45 <Romulus> wdsmia: Are you daft?

22:46 <jasong> Which of the Matrix movies is part 2?

22:47 <jasong> It looks like 2 and 3 came out in the same year, so which is which?

22:55 <MTughan> &quotegrabs quote KathrynM

22:55 <Romulus> MTughan: Error: I couldn't find a matching quotegrab for KathrynM.

22:55 <MTughan> So there isn't one... jasong misspelled it the first time.

23:19 <PovAddict> &quotegrabs random

23:19 <Romulus> PovAddict: <Rookie_69> I  feel violated.

23:19 <PovAddict> &quotegrabs random

23:19 <Romulus> PovAddict: * wdsmia shakes his head at the IQ level of this room

23:25 <efc> i think i might go for cable internet

23:25 <efc> can't take it any more

23:28 <jasong> What's the matter efc?

23:28 <PovAddict> I have been a bit light headed all day

23:28 <PovAddict> I 'm now a bit scared

23:29 <efc> I don't even get my full dialup, only about half of it

23:29 <jasong> arrrggghhh, two needy people at once, what's an ircer to do?

23:29 <PovAddict> lol dialup

23:29 <jasong> lol, anything bad POV?

23:31 <PovAddict> lightheadedness all day, worse while walking

23:31 <jasong> Speaking of dialup, I don't understand why the ISPs use the tactics they do.  Don't throttle the people who use more, just charge them extra.  At some point, if the market is working properly, which from what I've heard it isn't in the US, everything should balance out in the end

23:31 <PovAddict> some chest discomfort (which may very well be my imagination/nerves, mind you)

23:32 <jasong> Okay, badly written sentence, think you might need to call a doctor POV?

23:32 <jasong> How's health care in Argentina?

23:32 * jasong half expects to hear that it's better than in the US

23:33 <PovAddict> Im scared of it being the heart... particularly scared of having serious trouble with it in my sleep

23:34 <jasong> Find a pretty girl and tell her you're afraid of dying, even if it isn't anything, you might simultaneously get a nurse and a bedmate

23:34 <jasong> if your're lucky

23:34 <PovAddict> good idea... its midnight now tho

23:35 <PovAddict> but seriously... theres enough symptoms to make me afraid of dying in my sleep... maybe its a silly thought but...

23:35 <jasong> then you need to practice acting desperate

23:36 <jasong> ookay, then, forget about pretty, just find a girl that's willing to sleep in the same bed as you, someone who's a light sleeper

23:36 <jasong> You need someone who'll keep an eye on you for free

23:36 <PovAddict> find a girl NOW?

23:37 <efc> If you find a girl before dawn I'm going down there and stealing her

23:37 <jasong> lol, you're 19, surely you know of some girls who care about you.  Or go to the doctor

23:37 <jasong> 19ish

23:37 <jasong> If memory serves

23:37 <PovAddict> yeah so what if Im 19

23:38 <jasong> I'm a 34 year old fat ugly virgin, and I can think of plenty of people who'd be happy to make sure I'm not going to die during the night

23:39 <PovAddict> are you suggesting that, considering I feel like Im gonna faint if I do as little as walking, I go out and try to do something Ive never been able to do? (find a girl)

23:39 <jasong> Don't you have a phone?  Forget about romance, just be honest about your paranoia

23:39 <PovAddict> and considering i live with my parents...

23:39 <jasong> oh, then tell them

23:39 <jasong> I didn'

23:39 <jasong> t know that last part

23:40 * MTughan is watching Dr. Strangelove

23:40 <PovAddict> my dad will be like 'here we go again' or 'argh what this time'

23:40 <MTughan> "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the war room!" xD

23:40 <jasong> What will your mom say?

23:41 <PovAddict> and will try to convince me not to worry, its nothing bad

23:41 <efc> If you had a girl, you'd forget the lightheadedness

23:41 <PovAddict> I can hear my mom snoring from here

23:41 <PovAddict> (I didnt say that)

23:43 <jasong> lol, in terms of the young girls, there's a difference between asking a girl out and telling her you're afraid you might be dying.  I can approach just about any woman anywhere if I'm asking for help with something

23:43 <jasong> If I'm faking needing the help, though, that's a different story

23:43 <PovAddict> yeah i guess i could do that, but tomorrow

23:43 <jasong> Can't do that

23:43 <jasong> okay

23:44 <jasong> the can't do that was for what I had just said, btw

23:44 <PovAddict> I guess if I really am worried about having a heart attack tonight (sounds supid when I say it), my only alternativr is waking parents up yet again

23:45 <jasong> Hey, if I knew any women within 20 miles of you, you'd have somebody to take care of you rather quickly.

23:46 *** infinisoft has quit IRC

23:46 <PovAddict> yep she'd get into the house and take care of me and my parents wouldnt even wake up... right?

23:47 <jasong> Nah, she'd tell you when she'd arrive and you'd sneak out when she threw a pebble at your window ;)

23:48 <jasong> Hey, I've got a shirt that says,"Just shy, no anti-social, you can talk to me."  maybe you need, what, the spanish version?

23:48 <jasong> oops

23:48 <jasong> not anti-social

23:48 <PovAddict> definitely

23:49 <PovAddict> except maybe i AM antisocial?

23:49 <jasong> lol, I'm not sure that would go over well

23:50 <PovAddict> I feel bad about waking dad up again

23:51 <jasong> After you feel better, make a note to get your mother some breathe-right strips

23:52 <jasong> Sounds like she's worse off than you are

23:52 <jasong> I've been told that I snore, but I've never heard myself

23:52 <jasong> Maybe I should ask my parents to record it

23:53 <jasong> Or...there's a microphone on this computer and WAV files don't take up a lot of space, so I could set it to go all night

23:54 <jasong> hmmmm...I need to explore that

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