IRC logs of #boinc for Friday, 2009-04-17

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02:40 <XioNYC> Pardon me while I have a <interlude class="strange">...

02:40 <XioNYC> Strange how the wind blows tonight. It has a tintity voice, reminds me of poor old Moslin.

02:40 <XioNYC> How happy I could be with any of these people if all of them just went away!

02:40 <XioNYC> The Gods look down and laugh.  This would be a better world for children if the parents had to eat the spinach.

02:40 <XioNYC> </interlude>

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06:37 <Soul_keeper> Good Morning !

06:53 <Soul_keeper> XioNYC,  you still awake ?

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08:05 <Soul_keeper> good chrome sucks

08:05 <Soul_keeper> do an svn checkout and it's like 3GB

08:05 <Soul_keeper> no makefiles or README's or anything

08:05 <Soul_keeper> and they LOVE python

08:05 <Soul_keeper> rm -rf chrome/

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11:41 <PovAddict> anyone with CPDN knowledge here?

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12:29 <Soul_keeper> PovAddict, what kinda knowledge ?

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12:30 <PovAddict> do hadsm3 WUs send trickles?

12:30 <PovAddict> and approximately how often?

12:30 <Rebirther> yes

12:30 <Soul_keeper> yeah

12:30 <Soul_keeper> every 5 or 10% I guess, not too sure

12:30 <PovAddict> I have one at 46%, 177 hours, doesn't seem to have ever trickled

12:30 <Rebirther> we have written the addon software BOINCcalculator for win if you can use it ;)

12:31 <Soul_keeper> dunno then PovAddict there are like 4 or 5 different hadsm's i believe, havn't tried them all yet

12:31 <PovAddict> Rebirther: Linux

12:32 <Rebirther> do you run slab model or mid-holocene?

12:32 <PovAddict> slab

12:32 <Rebirther> can you check your s/ts value?

12:32 <PovAddict> I just attached and got two WUs... I don't remember what I left my "preferred applications" setting to

12:33 <Rebirther> if you run more then one model it slows down the other one

12:33 <PovAddict> how do I get the s/ts value? can't find it in the graphics

12:34 <PovAddict> I recall some "time for next checkpoint" countdown appearing in the graphics, enabled with some key

12:34 <Rebirther> hours elapsed

12:35 <Rebirther> key 8

12:35 <Rebirther>

12:35 <Romulus> <> (at

12:35 <Rebirther> 3rd value in graphics you can find s/ts

12:36 <PovAddict> ah I had to press 'z' to remove the side panel

12:36 <PovAddict> otherwise it doesn't show any numbers

12:36 <Rebirther> :)

12:36 <PovAddict> 1.77 s/ts

12:37 <PovAddict> "next savepoint: 89"

12:37 <Rebirther> 5h18m38s for a trickle

12:38 <PovAddict> it's on 14/10/1831 model date

12:38 <Rebirther> 127h27min49s to finish the model

12:38 <PovAddict> but again, I think it hasn't *ever* trickled

12:38 <Rebirther> checkpoint every 4min:13s

12:39 <Soul_keeper> mine is   11.11 s/TS

12:39 <Rebirther> enable network access?

12:39 <Rebirther> sometimes you can restart BOINC and he send all trickles if not before

12:44 <Soul_keeper> mind doesn't show next save point:

12:45 <Rebirther> key 8

12:45 <Rebirther> you can set it also up in prefs

12:45 <Soul_keeper> nice

12:45 <Rebirther> 11,11 s/ts is very high ^^

12:46 <Soul_keeper> what's that mean ?

12:47 <Rebirther> a lower value finishing the model faster

12:47 <Rebirther> cpu?

12:47 <Romulus> Rumor has it cpu is a T9400, 45nm Penryn at 2.53GHz, with 6MB L2 cache. Let me just say, it's fast. :D, Rebirther

12:47 <Soul_keeper> i'm doing a long one

12:47 <Rebirther> there is something wrong with it

12:47 <Rebirther> model?

12:47 <Romulus> Rumor has it model is "BW-850", Rebirther

12:48 <Rebirther> ah damned

12:48 <Soul_keeper> just started 15hrs ago ...

12:48 <Soul_keeper> i'd hafta check

12:48 <Rebirther> what cpu

12:48 <Soul_keeper> Q9450

12:48 <Rebirther> I have the same

12:48 <Rebirther> model

12:49 <Rebirther> perhaps a HADAM

12:49 <Soul_keeper> yeah  hadam3   their website is butt slow

12:50 <Rebirther> 160h:25min42s to finish

12:50 <Soul_keeper> that sounds about right

12:50 <Rebirther> 02h13m08s for a trickle

12:51 <Rebirther> its ok, a middle class cpu need 25s/ts

12:52 <Rebirther>

12:52 <Soul_keeper> i'm only got 792 credits for the last one I did, it was a smaller wu tho

12:52 <Romulus> <> (at

12:52 <Rebirther> 5184cr/HADAM3 total

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12:53 <Soul_keeper> this one is   hadam3  the last one I did was  HADAM3P

12:53 <Rebirther> 1427,50/ HADAM3P total

12:54 <PovAddict> Rebirther: I restarted BOINC more than once (sometimes because of power outages ^^)

12:54 <PovAddict> and network is enabled, BOINC downloaded a few tasks from other projects

12:54 <PovAddict> might be a bug in the BOINC version I'm using

12:54 <Rebirther> which version?

12:54 <Romulus> Somebody said which version are you using, Rebirther

12:54 <PovAddict> Synecdoche 0.1.1 r735 :)

12:54 <Rebirther> Iam running 6.2.15 on linux

12:55 <Rebirther> aha

12:55 <Rebirther> :)

12:55 <PovAddict> I should try making a simple app with trickle up on my test BOINC project...

13:02 <Soul_keeper> Over  Success  Done  155,622.40  1,562.98  792.00

13:03 <Soul_keeper> claimed 1500 on that hadam3p  and got 790

13:03 <Rebirther> yes, you must wait for server updating credits

13:03 <Rebirther> looks like its higher now

13:04 <Soul_keeper> what do you mean ?

13:04 <Soul_keeper> so it's not giving me less because i'm so fast then ?  :)

13:05 <Rebirther> no, the next stats update will compensate it

13:05 <Soul_keeper> ahh

13:06 <Rebirther> wait I will check my links/results

13:06 <PovAddict> they change credits retroactively?

13:06 <Rebirther> very slow website again on cpdn

13:07 <Soul_keeper> their stuff is confusing, i'll just let it crunch and not worry about the specifics for now

13:09 <PovAddict> I think my CPDN WUs are trashed

13:09 <PovAddict> the init_data.xml files in their slots have all empty XML tags

13:09 <Soul_keeper> Over  Client error  Compute error  200,009.90  854.54  237.60

13:09 <Soul_keeper> dunno what that is

13:10 <Rebirther> still loading ^^

13:10 <Rebirther> you will get credits for every trickle

13:11 <Rebirther> 1,982.64cr my last one

13:12 <Soul_keeper> :)

13:12 <Rebirther> ah forgot to update in program, it correct

13:12 <Rebirther> 25 trickles total

13:16 <Rebirther> POVAddict: if you can run a windows emulator in linux (wine) you can try to run our program, it contents all infos you need for cpdn models ;)

13:16 <PovAddict> definitely having a bug on my side

13:16 <PovAddict>

13:16 <Romulus> Title: XML pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at

13:16 <Rebirther> its a shame for us that delphi cannot compile a linux app :(

13:19 <Soul_keeper> Rebirther, so you work on the cpdn project ?

13:20 <Rebirther> no, hobby too ;)

13:20 <Rebirther> BONCmanager estimates time wrong so I need the real time

13:21 <Rebirther> there are so many cpdn models with beta :D

13:22 <PovAddict>

13:22 <Romulus> Title: Plura Processing (at

13:23 <PovAddict> they get paid by companies needing CPU, and pay webmasters to put a Java applet on their websites, which does the processing

13:23 <PovAddict> they say it's an innovative patent-pending technology, but I saw a proof-of-concept of that idea like two years ago, using Flash

13:24 <PovAddict> (they'll get the patent anyway, considering USPTO history...)

13:25 <Soul_keeper> sounds like a form of spam to me

13:25 <Soul_keeper> so people visit a website, and it steals their cpu cycles unknowingly ?

13:25 <PovAddict> yep

13:25 <PovAddict> and the website owner gets paid for it

13:25 <Soul_keeper> figures

13:25 <PovAddict> (from a money standpoint, it's the same as ads)

13:26 <Rebirther> Grid Infinity too

13:26 <PovAddict> (webmaster gets paid, you get annoying ads and nobody pays you for the annoyance)

13:26 <PovAddict> Rebirther: grid infinity was different, *users* got paid for running BOINC on their machines

13:26 <PovAddict> in this case, webmasters get paid for putting that junk on their websites, and users (who are actually giving their CPUs, without knowing) get nothing

13:27 <Rebirther> got paid, hehe, never heard it from anybody :p

13:27 <PovAddict> Rebirther: do you know why no user got paid?

13:27 <Rebirther> no

13:27 <PovAddict> because no company ever paid gridinfinity for their services

13:27 <PovAddict> they never got any customer

13:28 <PovAddict> same happened to another previous attempt to be a BOINC intermediary and make money from it

13:28 <PovAddict> I suspect plura will die a similar death :) but that's just me

13:48 <PovAddict> heh

13:48 <Romulus> <> (at

13:48 <PovAddict> can you say "prior art"?

13:48 <MTughan> Is that BOINC in Silverlight?

13:49 <PovAddict> "Plura in Silverlight" would be more accurate

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13:52 <MTughan> Also, not sure if anyone announced it before, but The Pirate Bay admins were sentenced to 1y in jail and 30m kronor ($3.6m USD) in fines.

13:52 <MTughan> They plan to appeal, we'll have to see the outcome of that.

13:53 <PovAddict> charges? linking to illegal data?

13:53 <PovAddict> let's hope Larry Page never goes to Sweden

13:54 <MTughan> Guilty of assisting copyright infringement. Also because the judge took the site as being commercially driven.

13:54 <MTughan> aka, they made the site to make money off of it.

13:54 <PovAddict>

13:54 <Romulus> <> (at

13:55 <MTughan> And that's what a lot of people are quoting...

13:55 <MTughan> The fact that you can still find plenty of illegal torrents from Google.

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13:56 <PovAddict> I'd point out the fact that there's people making a living out of selling pirated physical CDs

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13:58 <PovAddict>

13:58 <Romulus> <> (at

14:03 <PovAddict> heh "Home Taping Is Killing Music"

14:04 <PovAddict> a punk band released a casette with all the songs in side one, and a note saying "Home taping is killing entertainment industry profits. Therefore side two of this tape has been left blank for your convenience."

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14:07 <zombie67> pov?

14:07 <Romulus> pov is usually not got for very long, zombie67

14:07 <PovAddict> _o/

14:08 <PovAddict> I validated the old silly pi WUs, and released a 32-bit linux sillyprime app

14:08 <zombie67> cool

14:08 <zombie67> DA ever respond to you about freehal?

14:08 <PovAddict> not further

14:09 <PovAddict> as I think I already mentioned here, he forwarded my email to FreeHAL admins telling them to "stop the project immediately, until these issues are resolved."

14:09 <zombie67> they changed their code signing key.  does that solve all the problems?

14:11 <PovAddict> I can still access their old DB server (and get account keys)

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14:12 <zombie67> hi yoyo

14:12 <zombie67> pov:  dang

14:12 <zombie67> yoyo:  any way to apply the badges to the old work done?

14:12 <yoyo[RKN]> no

14:12 <yoyo[RKN]> re

14:12 <PovAddict> I could try bruteforcing the admin's password hash, maybe he uses the same as in the DB :D

14:13 <PovAddict> 91886fd7fe1e2af3aed2fe6209c36d55

14:14 <yoyo[RKN]> which admin

14:14 <PovAddict> FreeHAL

14:14 <PovAddict> they're clueless about security

14:15 <yoyo[RKN]> what is the problem

14:15 <Romulus> Somebody said the problem is that the tasks run so FAST, you can never really be sure how many are running at any one time, yoyo[RKN]

14:15 <PovAddict> yoyo[RKN]: used to have their private code signing key wide visible to the world

14:15 <Romulus> Title: FreeHAL - free software intelligence (at

14:15 <MTughan> You can gain access to their DB.

14:15 <PovAddict> a few months ago, even their config.xml was accessible, which includes the DB password

14:16 <PovAddict> the DB server TCP port shouldn't even be open to the outside Internet

14:16 <PovAddict>

14:16 <Romulus> <> (at

14:17 <PovAddict> that's what someone from fatumtech originally found

14:17 <yoyo[RKN]> you should send Tobias a mail

14:17 <PovAddict> fatumtech guys did, and they fixed one problem and left all the others

14:18 <PovAddict> last night they posted it on public forums (like boincstats) to make people aware of it

14:18 <PovAddict> I forwarded it to David Anderson, who mailed the FreeHAL admins telling them to stop the project till they fix the security problems

14:18 <PovAddict> now /keys/ is blocked, but they still have issues

14:19 <PovAddict> I found a DB hostname, username and password somewhere else, and sucessfully logged in; it seems to be an old DB server because changes to that DB don't show up in the project website, however I can eg. read users' account keys

14:19 <PovAddict> that's still not fixed, I just logged in again

14:19 <zombie67> I think THEY think they have fixed all the security problems by changing the code signing key.

14:19 <PovAddict> zombie67: if they changed it but it's still in the server, they're still in trouble

14:20 <PovAddict> projects should keep the private key on a separate computer without network

14:21 <zombie67> either they are ignorant of the security problems, or they don't care.  I assume the former.

14:21 <PovAddict> preferably, that computer should be physically secure too (locked room); I'd say that's overkill for small projects but a university surely has the resources

14:21 <PovAddict> (for example, *I* don't even have an old disconnected computer)

14:24 <zombie67> boinc alpha server is broken

14:24 <zombie67> been that way for several days now

14:27 <zombie67> oh sure

14:27 <zombie67> as soon as I type it, it works

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14:35 <zombie67> nope, broken again

14:52 <Soul_keeper> [PLAYING] [02:21:984] 01 - Country_Club .:. Travis_Tritt .:. Country_Club .:. Track 1

14:58 <MTughan> Hmm, TM never came back.

14:59 <PovAddict> &seen Tank_Master

14:59 <Romulus> PovAddict: Tank_Master was last seen in #boinc 1 day, 16 hours, 53 minutes, and 50 seconds ago: <Tank_Master> lol

14:59 <MTughan> Oh, apparently.

14:59 <MTughan> Or maybe...

14:59 <MTughan> &any Tank_Master

14:59 <Romulus> MTughan: Tank_Master was last seen in #boinc 1 day, 14 hours, 16 minutes, and 10 seconds ago: *** Tank_Master has quit IRC (K-lined)

14:59 <MTughan> Nope.

14:59 <PovAddict> !

15:00 <MTughan> We had three people in here k-lined at that time: TM, a Mibbit nick. and stux|away.

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15:01 <Soul_keeper> yeah I almost left this channel thinking it was bad luck ...

15:01 <yoyo[RKN]> &wx sxf

15:01 <Romulus> yoyo[RKN]: Temperature: 55°F / 13°C | Humidity: 72% | Pressure: 29.68in / 1005hPa | Conditions: Light Rain | Wind Direction: NNE | Wind Speed: 13mph / 20km/h | Updated: 8:50 PM CEST; Chance of Rain. High:62 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:44 F.; Chance of Rain. High:62 F.; Scattered Clouds. Low:35 F.; Clear. High:57 F.; Clear. Low:35 F.;

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15:06 <PovAddict> For Sale: FreeHAL user database. Consult prices here.

15:16 <Soul_keeper>    einstein@home now has their own "video game"

15:16 <Romulus> Title: Black Hole Hunter :: Home (at

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15:49 <jasong> And it(the RIAA) will continue to spend money going after big sites where file-sharers congregate. That is the stick part of its carrot-and-stick business model. They are still trying to figure out what the carrot will be, but increasingly it looks like licensing ad-supported streams on the Web.

15:49 <jasong> Even stupid people figure things out if given enough time

15:49 <jasong> That first part is from a news story

15:50 <jasong> When advertising lasts as long as it takes to fast-forward through stuff recorded off tv, then I'm very happy to watch the advertising

15:56 <Soul_keeper> I figure you only get about 20min of actual show when watching a 1hr episode,  if that

15:57 <Soul_keeper> subtract a solid 10+ min for the intro, and ending credits.  then alternate every other 5min is commercials

16:06 <XioNYC> From my media studies' research, I determined that 95% of all local news programs lasting 30 minutes, there is an average of 12 minutes of news programming (±5% margin of error / 2 sigma).  The research did not, however, address the content quality of the show - just the quantity.

16:07 <XioNYC> (NYC local news for CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, WB, & UPN; March 2008)

16:08 <Soul_keeper> heh

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16:20 <Tank_Master> woot

16:20 <Tank_Master> atom is runing

16:20 <Tank_Master> and Im overclocking it... :P

16:21 <Tank_Master> 1.8GHz so far

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16:21 <MTughan> Well, at least the K-line isn't in effect anymore. Or he has a different hostmask.

16:21 <MTughan> 'lo TM

16:22 <MTughan> You're OC'ing an Atom? xD

16:22 <Tank_Master> yep

16:22 <MTughan> Yeah, you last quit because you were K-lined.

16:22 <Tank_Master> no, I am using an ajax irc clent

16:22 <MTughan> Are you able to connect using a proper IRC client?

16:22 <Soul_keeper> awesome

16:23 <Tank_Master> went to search for something and forget to juse the keystroke to open a new tab

16:23 <Soul_keeper> what OS are you running on the atom machine ?

16:23 <Tank_Master> win7

16:23 <Tank_Master> x64

16:23 <Tank_Master> I found a mobo that supports dual channel DDR2 and 4GB ram

16:24 <MTughan> Integrated graphics?

16:28 <Tank_Master> yeah

16:28 <Tank_Master> but it has 2 PCI and 1 1X PCI-e

16:31 <wdsmia> re-hi

16:31 <Tank_Master> re-wb

16:31 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

16:32 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 71.3F / 21.8C | Humidity: 41% | Pressure: 30.13in / 1020.2hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 3.0mph / 4.8km/h ; Rest of Today - Partly sunny. High in the upper 60s. Southeast wind 10 to 15 mph.; Tonight - Partly cloudy in the evening then becoming mostly cloudy. Low in the upper 40s. East wind 5 to 10 mph.; Saturday - Cloudy. A (1 more message)

16:32 <wdsmia> TGIF

16:35 <Tank_Master> strange, the string on my atom CPU sais its an engenering anmple

16:35 <Tank_Master> sample*

16:35 <MTughan> lol

16:36 <Soul_keeper> what "string" ?

16:36 <Tank_Master> Intel(R) Atom(TM) PCU    330  @  1.60GHz (ES)

16:36 <Tank_Master> in CPUZ

16:36 <Tank_Master> er CPU, not PCU

16:36 <Soul_keeper> you sure  ES  isn't the core stepping ?

16:37 <MTughan> AFAIK, steppings are <letter><number>

16:37 <Soul_keeper> also cpuz  could not have it in their database, mabe an update would say something different

16:37 <PovAddict> make sure you have the latest cpu-z

16:38 <Tank_Master> just d/led it

16:38 <MTughan> Soul_keeper: Only stepping number for the Atom 330 is C0.

16:38 <Soul_keeper> ok

16:38 <MTughan>

16:38 <Romulus> <> (at

16:39 *** ELGono has joined #boinc

16:41 <Tank_Master>

16:41 <Romulus> <> (at

16:42 <PovAddict> win7?

16:42 <Romulus> It has been said that win7 is deferntly faster and more user firendly then win8, PovAddict

16:42 <PovAddict> lol

16:42 <Tank_Master> wtf :P

16:42 <MTughan> He said that already.

16:42 <Tank_Master> win7 x64, yes

16:42 <PovAddict> rommie quote was amusing...

16:42 <PovAddict> and true :D

16:43 <Tank_Master> ill see later if I can up the memory speed

16:43 <Tank_Master> its only runing at 533MHZ (dual channle though(

16:47 <Soul_keeper> ohhhh 4 threads

16:48 <Soul_keeper> I was thinking only 2 threads for some reason

16:51 <Tank_Master> the 330 is a dual core

16:51 <Tank_Master> with HT

16:54 <Soul_keeper> say that in one breath fast and it sounds like  2 threads :)

16:54 <Soul_keeper> anyways, if you find a good crossplatform benchmark and wanna compare to things lemme know

16:55 <MTughan> I think ScienceMark was going to do that once. Not sure.

16:55 *** Pinchiukas has joined #boinc

16:55 <Tank_Master> seems to play standard deff shows just fine with the intergrated video

16:55 <Pinchiukas> When trying to run under linux I get a "shmget: Function not implemented", what does that mean?

16:56 <Pinchiukas> &whatis linux

16:56 <Romulus> Pinchiukas: "linux" could be

16:57 <PovAddict> Pinchiukas: nothing bad

16:57 <PovAddict> I think... let me check something

16:57 <Pinchiukas> PovAddict: it's not running.

16:57 <Pinchiukas> So it's bad.

16:57 <PovAddict> yeah i  was thinking of a different shmget error

16:57 <Pinchiukas> :)

16:58 <PovAddict> weird stuff

16:58 <PovAddict> ENOSYS

16:59 <Tank_Master> ill brb, need to restart for BOINC

16:59 *** Tank_Master has quit IRC

16:59 <PovAddict> what distro?

16:59 <Romulus> hmm... what distro is this, PovAddict

16:59 <PovAddict> or, did you self-compile the Linux kernel?

16:59 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

17:08 *** Tank_Master has joined #boinc

17:16 <Tank_Master> im gonna run ABD x64 for a bit, see what kind of RAC I can get

17:16 <Tank_Master> ABC*

17:18 <zombie67> TM, how did you OC?

17:18 <zombie67> BTW, the CPU is in the mail today

17:19 <Tank_Master> its in the bios

17:19 <Tank_Master> ok, thx

17:20 <Tank_Master> the bios allows me to set a FSB of 133-333

17:20 <Tank_Master> I have it at 150 atm

17:20 <Tank_Master> 133 is default

17:22 <zombie67> I wonder if my bios supports that.  I'll have to check

17:25 <Tank_Master> if its an intel mobo, it probably doesnt

17:25 <zombie67> it was a barebones

17:25 <Tank_Master> doesnt tell what mobo it is

17:26 <Soul_keeper> ear plugs in, tv up full blast, and death metal music playing at 75%    this just barely drowns out the mexican clown music shaking thru my walls

17:26 <Tank_Master> lol

17:26 <zombie67>

17:26 <Romulus> <> (at

17:26 <zombie67> jetway

17:27 <Tank_Master> thats the same manufacture I have

17:27 <zombie67> my FSB is 533

17:27 <Tank_Master> so it probably does allow for o/c

17:27 <zombie67> did you put a HS on your CPU?

17:28 <Tank_Master> nope, just what came with it

17:28 <Soul_keeper> 1/4th of 533 is 133

17:28 *** Turks has quit IRC

17:28 <Tank_Master> yep

17:28 <Tank_Master> im runong mine atm at 600/150

17:35 <Tank_Master> if it seems stable, ill up the speed more

17:36 <zombie67> tm, you still there?

17:36 <Tank_Master> yeah

17:38 <zombie67> sis you chang anything else, beside the FSB 133 -> 150?

17:38 <zombie67> did

17:38 <Tank_Master> not anything relating to the overclocking

17:39 <zombie67> ok

17:39 <MTughan> Are you able to control voltage?

17:39 <Tank_Master> had to change the boot order, I disableded the floopy, serail ports, and enabled spred spectum

17:40 <Tank_Master> somewhat, ues

17:40 <MTughan> Also, is there any explicit cooling on the chip? I think most Atom's are passively cooled.

17:40 <Tank_Master> cant remember all the things, but there were 4 aresa

17:40 <Tank_Master> most atoms have a passive heatsing but the northbridge 's fan cools them both

17:40 <MTughan> And passively cooled in the true sense of the word, not a big-ass heatsink on it.

17:41 <Tank_Master> on the one I have I dunno which has the fan on it

17:41 <MTughan> Okay, sounds reasonable enough.

17:41 <Tank_Master> but the passive heatsink is much biggger then intel's passive

17:42 <Tank_Master> I still have soem 486 heatsing fans I can throw on there if need be

17:43 *** mweltin has joined #boinc

17:43 <Tank_Master> mweltin!

17:43 <mweltin> been hanging out in #flex

17:43 <Soul_keeper> in a perfect world it would be legal for me to systematically murder everyone that lives on my street

17:43 <mweltin> Tank_Master: nice to see you

17:43 <Tank_Master> I got my atom up n running...

17:43 <mweltin> just think of it as a perfect world.

17:44 <Tank_Master> o/cing it to :P

17:44 <Soul_keeper> :)

17:44 <Tank_Master> no, SK, in a perfict world, you would get cought...

17:44 <Tank_Master> in this world you can still do it, you just run the risk of getting caught

17:44 <Tank_Master> wouldnt*

17:46 <zombie67> everything was working fine, but the ethernet controller.

17:46 <zombie67> I dropped it to 140/33

17:46 <zombie67> we'll see

17:49 <zombie67> it works at 140/33

17:51 <Soul_keeper> not my perfect world ...

17:51 <zombie67> core speed 1704.6 hmz

17:51 <zombie67> lemme try 145

17:53 <Pinchiukas> When trying to run under linux I get a "shmget: Function not implemented", what does that mean?

17:53 <Tank_Master> time to upgrade to win7?

17:53 <PovAddict> Pinchiukas: did you compile the Linux kernel yourself?

17:53 <Soul_keeper> Pinchiukas, when trying to run what ?

17:54 <Soul_keeper> sounds like a reference to a library function

17:54 <PovAddict> Pinchiukas: I read in a forum that error appears if your kernel doesn't support System V IPC

17:55 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

17:55 <Soul_keeper> #include <sys/shm.h>         see if you have that header

17:56 <jasong> Wow, just read about Hillary auctioning off her husband to pay her election debts

17:56 <PovAddict> better

17:57 <PovAddict> /proc/sysvipc see if you have that directory

17:57 <jasong> You still censoring that stuff POV? :)

17:57 <jasong> just curious

17:57 <PovAddict> what stuff?

17:58 <jasong> lol, guess so

17:58 <PovAddict> "obama"? no

17:58 <PovAddict> I have no filtered terms in my IRC client atm

17:58 <jasong> ahh, ok, no biggie.  I was just wondering

17:58 <Soul_keeper> cat /usr/src/linux/.config |grep CONFIG_SYSVIPC      if you must ...

17:58 <Tank_Master> barrack who'sInsain obama

17:59 <Soul_keeper> his real name is barry

17:59 <PovAddict> Soul_keeper: only if you compiled the kernel yourself and you did it from /usr/src/linux... I don't even have that directory

17:59 <Soul_keeper> PovAddict, we know nothing of his situation

17:59 <Soul_keeper> he's not a speaker

18:00 <jasong> Remember, Tank, lying about BJs in the Oval Office is an impeachable offense, but lying in order to start an unnecessary war, not so much

18:00 <jasong> sorry, off-topic, I know

18:00 <Soul_keeper> Barry Soetoro (Barack Hussein Obama)

18:00 <Soul_keeper> changed his name as a kid I believe

18:00 <jasong> oh

18:01 <jasong> I've been wondering for a while why he had that middle name

18:01 <Tank_Master> ill bbl

18:01 *** DerMeister has quit IRC

18:04 <zombie67> yep, it won't run at 150.  The ethernet stops working.

18:04 <zombie67> 145 seems to work well

18:04 <zombie67> TM?

18:04 <Romulus> I guess TM is selling a bunch, zombie67

18:04 <PovAddict> &any Tank_Master

18:04 <Romulus> PovAddict: Tank_Master was last seen in #boinc 3 minutes and 15 seconds ago: <Tank_Master> ill bbl

18:04 <zombie67> yeah, I saw

18:05 <zombie67> hoping he was still around

18:05 <jasong> TM is selling what? Computers?

18:05 <PovAddict> or was

18:05 <jasong> Yeah, I would have money, but I invested in AMD too soon

18:06 <jasong> Oh, well, they teach you're supposed to sit on it anway

18:06 <jasong> +y

18:07 <Soul_keeper> Hmm if 150 don't work, the search for "pci divider"  or "lock pci clock",  something similar to those terms.  also the next divider (if there is one) might not kick in till a certain frequency is reached

18:07 <Soul_keeper> that could be your limiting factor,  it was like that with the older  Socket A motherboards

18:08 <zombie67> the rest of the stuff is running at 33 (default)

18:08 <zombie67> I'll mess around with it later

18:08 <zombie67> oh!

18:09 <zombie67> while I was out in the garage, i discovered a pair of small birds in there with me

18:09 <zombie67> turns out they built a nest, and there are 3 or 4 eggs in it

18:10 <Soul_keeper> nice

18:10 <Soul_keeper> had a wood pecker put a hole in the side of my house one year and make a nest in the wall

18:12 <zombie67> I leave the door open (to keep the machines cool).  so they just flew in

18:12 *** Rookie_69 has joined #boinc

18:21 <Rookie_69> Hmm... I'm almost through tonight's ration of beer. I was halfway through tonight's ration of beer when I went to bed last night though. Good thing I got an extra day's worth!

18:28 <Rookie_69> On another note... If I have a van with 650 cubic feet of storage space and 600 cubic feet of junk piled in it, how do I take 200 cubic feet of refundables down to the depot?

18:29 <Rookie_69> Maybe I need to bungee them to the roof rack.

18:31 <Rookie_69> Note to self... Buy Bungee cords.

18:31 <MTughan> Just rip your tendons out. Those should work.

18:32 <Rookie_69> But I may need them to operate the pedals...

18:32 <MTughan> Eh, that's another matter.

18:36 * Rookie_69 is trying to make it to computer table without wearing another plateful of spaghetti. Note to self... Clean carpet.

18:37 <Rookie_69> I seem to have made it.

18:38 *** mweltin has left #boinc

18:38 <Rookie_69> Wednesday was another story though.

18:38 *** zombie67 has quit IRC

18:41 <Rookie_69> Last night I made it.

18:41 <Rookie_69> Two out of three ain't bad.

18:41 <MTughan> I'm off for a couple hours... Last exam!

18:42 <Rookie_69> Luck.

18:47 <Tank_Master> hf!

18:49 * Rookie_69 doesn't see exam and fun in the same conversation unless there's a naughty nurse involved.

18:50 <Tank_Master> maybe his doctor is female

18:50 <Rookie_69> Prof too.

19:16 *** desti_T2 has joined #boinc

19:20 <Tank_Master> holy crap...

19:20 <Tank_Master> guys over at anandtech for their i7 930 D0 stepping CPU to clock stable at 4.4GHz!

19:21 <Tank_Master>

19:21 <Romulus> <> (at

19:25 *** desti has quit IRC

21:05 *** Romulus` has joined #boinc

21:05 *** Romulus has quit IRC

21:05 *** Romulus` is now known as Romulus

21:06 <MTughan> Tank_Master: I didn't say fun exam. You said hf.

21:06 <MTughan> I'm done it BTW, if you hadn't figured that out. :P

21:11 * wdsmia slaps MTughan around with a large Carp

21:12 <MTughan> Why?

21:12 <CoderForLife> hi and gn

21:12 <Rookie_69> Done in a good way?

21:12 <wdsmia> cya Don

21:12 <MTughan> Night CFL.

21:12 <MTughan> As well as I can do.

21:12 <Rookie_69> Hi/bye, Don.

21:17 <PovAddict> MTughan: that doesn't mean much...

21:17 <MTughan> lol

21:17 <PovAddict> j/k :P

21:17 <MTughan> PovAddict: How do I define a function in PHP?

21:17 <MTughan> I could Google it, but you're faster. xD

21:17 <PovAddict> function name($param1,$param2) { code }

21:17 <MTughan> Thanks.

21:17 <PovAddict> like JS but with $ in params (and variables)

21:18 <PovAddict> &ping

21:18 <Romulus> pong

21:28 <Rookie_69> &mung

21:28 <Romulus> Rookie_69: Are you daft?

21:28 <Rookie_69> Apparently.

21:29 <PovAddict>

21:29 <Romulus> Title: Transorbital (at

21:29 <PovAddict> "The Trailblazer spacecraft is going to the Moon! And for just $2500 a gram, you can send something along with it! Business cards, momentos, cremains,  anything!"

21:32 <Rookie_69> Cremains??? Why would I want to go into zero or low grav after I'm dead and can't enjoy it?

21:32 *** Carlasouza has joined #boinc

21:44 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

22:00 *** Zeeno has joined #boinc

22:01 *** Carlasouza has quit IRC

22:06 *** sigmund has quit IRC

22:06 *** sigmund has joined #boinc

22:13 <Tank_Master> can we send obama?

22:20 <PovAddict> can *we* send Cristina Kirchner?

22:30 <Rookie_69> Can we send junk mail?

22:30 * Rookie_69 nods off.

22:31 *** Rookie_69 has quit IRC

22:41 *** Zeeno has quit IRC

23:06 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

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