IRC logs of #boinc for Tuesday, 2009-06-02

00:06 <Tank_Master> i7 is loading win7 now... :D

00:06 <wolf_pup> O_O

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00:26 <Tank_Master> what project use cuda now?

00:26 <Tank_Master> wasnt there a new one recently?

00:27 <PovAddict> experimental still

00:27 <Tank_Master> did ramsey get one working?

00:27 <PovAddict> &learn CUDA projects as SETI@home

00:27 <Romulus> PovAddict: The operation succeeded.

00:27 <PovAddict> &learn CUDA projects as GPUGrid

00:27 <Romulus> PovAddict: The operation succeeded.

00:28 <Tank_Master> mw as ati?

00:28 <PovAddict> I think AQUA@Home had GPU

00:28 <Tank_Master> ahh, yeah, aqua

00:28 <Tank_Master> what do you meen had?

00:29 <PovAddict> too sleepy to have good grammar

00:29 <PovAddict> and I wasnt sure if it did

00:29 <Tank_Master> oh, lol

00:29 <Tank_Master> ok

00:29 <PovAddict> &learn CUDA projects as AQUA@Home

00:29 <Romulus> PovAddict: The operation succeeded.

00:30 <PovAddict> &whatis cuda projects

00:30 <Romulus> PovAddict: "cuda projects" could be (#1) SETI@home, or (#2) GPUGrid, or (#3) AQUA@Home

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00:34 * PovAddict still worried about tooth

00:35 <PovAddict> it's not the pain itself... it's the fear of it getting worse

00:35 * CoderForLife still can't sleep

00:36 <CoderForLife> up again

00:36 <efc> moo cfl

00:36 <wolf_pup> moo

00:36 <CoderForLife> moo

00:37 <PovAddict> suddenly and significantly worse... *shudder*

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00:37 <CoderForLife> got any toothache meds?

00:37 <Tank_Master> bummer

00:37 <PovAddict> dunno

00:38 <PovAddict> my dad would be like 'ugh not again, what now' if I ask at 1.37am

00:38 <CoderForLife> that's the job of "parent"

00:39 <PovAddict> yup

00:39 <CoderForLife> I just had to have my wife come and talk about my dream

00:40 <PovAddict> my sister is currently recovering from minor surgery in her legs... and so are the rest of us

00:40 <CoderForLife> indeed

00:40 <PovAddict> all three recovering from it too

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00:41 <CoderForLife> no doubt

00:41 * umccullough_aa1 watches his haiku boinc client attaching to lots of projects

00:41 <CoderForLife> seems like my blood pressure and pulse are good this morning

00:41 <PovAddict> we're swapping bedrooms (her bedroom is upstairs, mine downstairs, she cant use stairs for a week or two)

00:42 <CoderForLife> that looks like sleep disruption to me

00:43 <Tank_Master> 6.6.31 is now the recommended verion?

00:43 <Tank_Master> for windows at least

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00:43 <PovAddict> I installed VNC on my dad's old Mac laptop, so she can use her computer (which is in her real bedroom upstairs)

00:44 <CoderForLife> that was nice of you

00:45 <CoderForLife> finally - some of the claims have been posted to the insurance web site

00:45 <PovAddict> and a few mins ago, I had to go put the laptop on the desk and a few other pre-sleep things she cant do if she cant move legs

00:46 <Tank_Master> ahh

00:46 <Tank_Master> man my desk is a mess

00:46 * PovAddict thinks his tooth wont let him sleep tonight :/

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00:46 <Tank_Master> er my bed

00:47 <Tank_Master> loaded with boxes :D

00:47 <PovAddict> but I cant live off painkillers, I know I have to remove the pain cause too...

00:48 <Nick502> go to the dentist dammit

00:48 *** Nick502 is now known as nickuwo_

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00:48 <PovAddict> way easier said than done

00:50 <PovAddict> I already had an extraction years ago

00:50 * PovAddict scarred for life - or however you spell that

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00:51 <Tank_Master> oh dont worry, they have improved the c4 blasting a lot

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00:52 <PovAddict> no matter what you say, it's beyond any concious thought of 'it wont hurt'

00:53 <PovAddict> wait what? c4?

00:53 <PovAddict> :P

00:53 <Tank_Master> lol

00:55 <Tank_Master> man, this is wild to see 29 tasks running at once

00:55 <PovAddict> O_O

00:56 <Tank_Master> 20 freehall, 8 CPU, 1 GPU

00:57 <nickuwo> freehall?

00:57 <Tank_Master>

00:57 <PovAddict> &google freehal boinc

00:57 <Romulus> <> (at

00:57 <Romulus> PovAddict: Search took 0.29 seconds: FreeHAL - free software intelligence: <>; FreeHAL - free software intelligence: <>; BOINCstats/BAM! | Forums - 2009-03-22: FreeHAL - BOINC @Poland (357562): <>; US NAVY BOINC : Forums / FreeHAL @Home: (2 more messages)

00:57 <Tank_Master> no CPU intensive

00:57 <nickuwo> interesting

00:58 <Tank_Master> non*

00:58 <Tank_Master> easy way to get free credits :P

00:59 <Tank_Master> anyone know if ramsey has a gpu app yet?

01:00 <nickuwo> heh. no

01:00 <Tank_Master> lol

01:00 <Tank_Master> ok

01:00 <nickuwo> goona be awhile

01:00 <Tank_Master> then I wont bather attaching to i

01:00 <Tank_Master> t

01:00 <Tank_Master> bother*

01:00 <nickuwo> fair enough :)

01:00 <Tank_Master> :D

01:01 <Tank_Master> sine they cant get their act together...

01:01 <nickuwo> bedtime, l8r guys

01:01 <Tank_Master> hehe

01:01 <Tank_Master> ok

01:01 <nickuwo> lol

01:01 <Tank_Master> gn

01:01 <nickuwo> i know right? those fuckin guys :)

01:01 <wdsmia> asks nickuwo to please watch his or her language Thanks, your friendly channel op.

01:01 <nickuwo> night!

01:02 <Tank_Master> hehe

01:02 <Tank_Master> yep

01:02 <Tank_Master> tc man ;)

01:04 <Romulus> New news from boinc: BOINC news June 1, 2009

01:05 <wolf_pup> new boinc?

01:05 <MTughan> "Mac users: check out BOINCMenubar 2, an alternative to the BOINC Manager for Mac OS X."

01:05 <MTughan> I should tell them that's it's not really an alternative...

01:06 <Tank_Master> lol

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01:07 <MTughan> Two problems I have with it:

01:07 <MTughan> 1) it doesn't start the CC itself, so you still need to have the normal manager running.

01:07 <PovAddict> it is

01:08 <MTughan> 2) it doesn't show individual tasks

01:08 <PovAddict> you dont need the normal manager running, just the client

01:08 <PovAddict> needing the manager running for the client to run is a flaw of the official manager :)

01:08 <MTughan> PovAddict: No way to start the CC on OS X without the manager unless you know how to use the Terminal.

01:09 <PovAddict> flaw of the official manager/installer on mac

01:09 <MTughan> Indeed. It's supported on the other platforms.

01:11 <PovAddict> "Amarok is not really an alternative to iTunes because it cant play DRM'd files from the itunes store"

01:11 <PovAddict> flaw of itunes: having DRM :)

01:11 <MTughan> Ah, but that's intentional.

01:11 <CoderForLife> back to bed - again

01:13 <infinisoft> Its been awhile since I checked - is there a site that offers up aggregated host stats for a given host cpid?

01:14 <Tank_Master> downt boincstats to some extent?

01:14 <MTughan> Yes, but it doesn't use host CPID. Uses user CPID.

01:15 <MTughan> Eg, my quad:

01:15 <Romulus> <> (at

01:16 <infinisoft> Ah, but offered as an XML too?

01:16 <MTughan> You'll have to talk to Willy from BOINCStats about XML.

01:16 <PovAddict> yes there is

01:17 <PovAddict> &bw StatsXml

01:17 <Romulus>

01:19 <infinisoft> Oh.

01:19 <infinisoft> I tried that a long time ago.  Turns out its broken:

01:19 <Romulus> <> (at

01:20 <PovAddict> well, complain :)

01:20 <PovAddict> or aggregate yourself? :)

01:20 <infinisoft> I've reported it Sept 2008:

01:21 <Romulus> <> (at

01:21 <PovAddict> well, if you reported it so long ago, you know it's not a service you can rely on

01:22 <infinisoft> Yeah--thats why I was hoping a new one sprung up since then ;)

01:22 <PovAddict> 'bad customer service'

01:22 <PovAddict> demand your $0

01:22 <PovAddict> demand your $0 back*

01:26 <infinisoft> What's funny is that the admin is reponding well in the other forum of his site

01:48 * xionyc waits for the infamous "online community" to solve all his problems for him

01:49 * MTughan pokes xionyc

01:49 *** xionyc is now known as XioNYC

01:49 * XioNYC pokes MTughan back

01:49 * MTughan pokes XioNYC again

01:49 * XioNYC pokes MTughan two times

01:49 * MTughan pokes XioNYC thrice

01:49 * XioNYC pokes MTughan in the eye

01:50 <MTughan> See? It's like Facebook.

01:50 <MTughan> Including the eye.

01:50 <XioNYC> Damnit!  Don't you know your classic Cosby skits?

01:50 <MTughan> No.

01:50 * XioNYC starts writing...

01:50 <XioNYC> "And I will poke you one time"

01:50 <XioNYC> "And I will poke you two times"

01:50 <XioNYC> "And I will poke you three times"

01:50 <XioNYC> "And I will poke you in the eye"

01:51 <XioNYC> [ crying begins ]

01:51 <MTughan> "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."

01:51 <XioNYC> "His name was Robert Paulson."

01:51 <XioNYC> "Rosebud."

01:51 <XioNYC> "Kaiser Söze!"

01:51 <MTughan> "We'll set up a 75 cent meal that'll knock their eyes out. After we knock their eyes out, we can charge them anything we want."

01:52 <XioNYC> "Clear? Why a four-year-old child can understand this."  (psst!  Go out and get me a four year old child -  I can't make heads or tails of it!)

01:52 * XioNYC honks his horn

01:53 <MTughan> "I once shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I'll never know."

01:53 <MTughan> "Go, and never darken my towels again!"

01:53 <XioNYC> "Ey!  Wassamaatayou crezy?  You gotta the pikch?"

01:54 <MTughan> "Did you get me his record?" *Harpo hands him a vinyl"

01:54 <XioNYC> You can leave in a huff.  If that's too soon, you can leave in a minute and a huff.  You know, you haven't stopped talking ever since I got here?

01:55 <MTughan> "Remember men, you're fighting for this woman's honour, which is more than she ever did!"

01:56 <XioNYC> .o0( I hope this works... )

01:56 <XioNYC> ♪ Hail!  Hail Freedonia... ♫

01:56 * XioNYC ducks

01:56 <MTughan> Here we go...

01:56 <Romulus> Title: Groucho Marx - Wikiquote (at

01:56 <XioNYC> Cheater !-)

01:56 <Tank_Master> hehe

01:56 <MTughan> I wasn't using it before, but I thought about it after.

01:56 <Tank_Master> man, genlife sure underestimates how long a WU will take

01:57 <MTughan> "What's the matter?" *Harpo lights a match* "You fired?"

01:57 <Tank_Master> initial estimage was 13 min, its now been running over an hr and its only 25% done

01:57 <XioNYC> * ding! * "An' the boy he winna cigar... "

01:57 <XioNYC> #boinc is amused to present...


01:57 <XioNYC> :-)

01:58 <MTughan> "How about I get you a job in the Mint." "Naw, I don't like a mint."

01:59 <XioNYC> "I'll give you 10 years in Leavenwoith, or 11 years in Tewlvewoith." / "How's aboutta 5-and-10 in Woolwoith?"

02:00 <MTughan> "Ah! I knew your mother very well. Tell you a little secret. Long time ago, in the dear dim past, I proposed to your mother." "But that's my father." "No wonder he turned me down."

02:02 <MTughan> "Here, here, take a cigar. That's a good quarter cigar. I smoked the other three quarters myself."

02:02 <XioNYC> No one's allowed to smoke / Or tell a dirty joke / and whistling is forbidden

02:02 <XioNYC> If chewing gum is chewed / The chewer is pursued / And in the hoose-gow hidden.

02:02 <XioNYC> If any form of pleasure is exhibited / Report to me and it will be prohibited. / I'll put my foot down / So shall it be / This is the land of the free.

02:02 <XioNYC> The last man nearly ruined this place / He didn't know what to do with it. / If you think this country's bad off now, Just wait till I get through with it.

02:02 <MTughan> Ah yes, the inagurational song in Duck Soup...

02:02 <XioNYC> [ insert piccolo playing Dixie ]

02:04 <MTughan> If any man should come between a husband and his bride / we'll find out which one she prefers by letter her decide / if she prefers the other man, the husband steps outside / we stand him up against the wall and "Pop!" goes the weasel!

02:04 <MTughan> letting*

02:05 <XioNYC> The country's taxed must be fixed / And I know what to do with it / If you think you're paying too much now / Just wait till I get through with it.

02:05 <XioNYC> I will not stand for anything that's crooked or unfair. / I'm strictly on the up and up, so everyone beware. / If anyone's caught taking graft and I don't get my share, We stand 'em up against the wall... And pop goes the weasel!

02:05 <XioNYC> If any man should come between a husband and his bride / We find out which one she prefers by letting her decide. / If she prefers the other man, the husband steps aside. / We stand him up against the wall, And pop goes the weasel!

02:05 <XioNYC> (Damn timing ;-P)

02:05 <MTughan> "You know why I was dining with that woman? Because she reminded me of you! That's why I'm sitting here with you! Because you remind me of you! Your eyes, your lips! Everything about you reminds me of you! Except you. How do you account for that? She figures that one out, she's good."

02:06 <XioNYC> "$8.15?!  This is an outrage - I wouldn't pay it if I were you."

02:07 * XioNYC starts looking in his stash for other flicks...

02:07 <MTughan> No, that's "$10.15? This is an outrage! If I were you, I wouldn't pay it"

02:07 <XioNYC> .o0( $10.15? )

02:07 <MTughan> Actually, maybe it was $8.15. I don't remember the exact amount. But you had the wording in the last part wrong.

02:07 <XioNYC> Nope:

02:08 <XioNYC> "Nine dolars and forty cents? This is an outrage!  If I were you, I wouldn't pay it"

02:08 <XioNYC> It's Good to have a 2TB NFS storage box :-)

02:08 <MTughan> "Now, let's have dinner." "You've had your dinner." "All right, we'll have breakfast."

02:09 <MTughan> "Waiter! Do you have any milk-fed chicken?" "Yes, sir!" "Well, squeeze the milk out of one and bring me a glass."

02:09 <XioNYC> "Mrs. Claypool, Mr. Gotleib.  Mr. Gotleib, Mrs. Claypool.  Mrs. Claypool, Mr. Gotleib.  Mr. Gotleib, Mrs. Claypool..."

02:09 <XioNYC> "Now if you four people want to play bridge, don't mind m - go right ahead..."

02:09 <MTughan> "Do you have any stewed prunes?" "Yes, sir!" "Well, give them some black coffee, that'll sober them right up."

02:10 <MTughan> "Do you have any juice?" "Yes, sir. You might have tomato juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, grape juice--" "Hey, turn off the juice before I get electrocuted."

02:10 <XioNYC> "Is the opera over yet?"  "Not yet, signiore - in a few minutte."  "Hey!  You!  I told you to slow down!  On accout of you I nearly heard the opera!"

02:11 *** wolf_pup is now known as wolf_pup-sleep

02:11 <XioNYC> s/accout/account

02:11 <wolf_pup-sleep> gn

02:11 <XioNYC> G'night

02:11 <MTughan> Not quite... "Hey you! I told you to slow that nag down! On account of you, I nearly heard the opera."

02:12 <XioNYC> Nag, nag, nag :-P

02:12 <MTughan> And not in any of the movies, but in a record I remember...

02:13 <MTughan> Story of Groucho visiting an anti-semetic place or something, and not being able to go into the pool because he's Jewish.

02:13 <XioNYC> "Things seem to be getting better around this country" / "I dunno... I'm a stranger here myself."

02:13 <MTughan> So he asks if his daughter, because she's only half Jewish, can go in to her knees.

02:13 <XioNYC> The infamous (and highly mutated) "I'd never be a member of a group that would have me as a member" line.

02:14 <XioNYC> Now that I think of it... wasn't that one of the Russel paradoxes?

02:14 <XioNYC> A set that contains all members that isn't contained in the set or something to that extent?

02:15 <MTughan> There's one quote I'm thinking of, but I can't remember how it goes now... Chico's on trial in Duck Soup, and makes a joke about Dollars, Taxes (Dallas, Texas) and something that's irrelevant (elephant).

02:15 <XioNYC> Right!

02:16 <XioNYC> "I object!"?

02:17 <MTughan> Something like "I've got a riddle for you: What's a big grey animal that lives in Africa?" "That's irrelevant." "Hey, that's the answer! There's a whole lot of irrelevants in Africa!"

02:17 * XioNYC is transcribing

02:18 <MTughan> *Something about taxes* "Hey, my uncle lives in Taxes." "No, I'm talking about taxes, dollars." "Hey, that's where he lives, Dollars, Taxes!"

02:18 <XioNYC> "Chiccolini: Give me a number from 1 to 10"

02:18 <XioNYC> "11"

02:18 <XioNYC> "Right."

02:18 <MTughan> "Right"!

02:18 <XioNYC> "Now I ask you one:

02:18 <XioNYC> "What is it that has a trunk but no key, weighs 2000 pounds, and live in a soicus?"

02:18 <XioNYC> "That's irrelevant"

02:19 <XioNYC> "Ir relevant?  Ey!  That's the answer!"

02:19 <MTughan> s/soicus/circus/

02:19 <XioNYC> 'Sucse me fer bein' phonetic n' all...

02:20 <MTughan> Heh.

02:20 <XioNYC> Ahem!... "There's a whole lot of elephants in the ciruis".

02:20 <XioNYC> "That kind of testimony we can eliminate."

02:21 <XioNYC> "'at's fine - I'll take some." / "You'll take what?" / "A leminade - a nice cold glass o' lemonade"

02:21 <MTughan> Tank_Master: Sure you don't want to participate in the Marx fun? :P

02:22 <Tank_Master> yep

02:22 <XioNYC> Marxism for all!

02:22 <Tank_Master> im about to head to bed

02:22 <XioNYC> We can't let you go until you say at least one secret woid.

02:23 <MTughan> *honk*

02:24 <MTughan> I suppose you remember what that would be?

02:25 * XioNYC starts playing the harp

02:25 <XioNYC> Gentemen: Chiccolini here may talk like an idiot and look like an idiot, but don't let that fool you - he really *is* an idiot.  I implore you: send him back to his father and brothers who are waiting for him with open arm in the penitentiary...

02:25 <efc> I like this shirt...

02:25 <Romulus> Title: Woot Shirt : One Shirt, No Shoes, No Service (SM) (at

02:26 <XioNYC> WTF?  They have a pong paddle but no Atari one-button joystick?!

02:26 <MTughan> "I object!" "I object!" "And I object too!" "You can't object, you're on trial." "I couldn't think of anything else to say." "Objection sustained." "Prime minister, you sustain the objection?" "Sure, I couldn't think of anything else to say either."

02:27 <XioNYC> That's like the "H" of the Periodic Table of Joysticks/Controllers.

02:28 <efc> They aren't all visible..

02:28 <Tank_Master> PovAddict - got any idea why my gpugrid apps are all "waiting to run"?

02:28 <efc> this is the one I was looking for.

02:28 <Romulus> Title: Woot Shirt : One Shirt, No Shoes, No Service (SM) (at

02:29 *** [B^S]renemayer has joined #boinc

02:30 <XioNYC> "Your excellency?  General [I didn't catch the name] says that the Sylvanian troops are about to land on Freedonian's soil!  This means war!"

02:30 <XioNYC> "Something must be done.  War would mean a prohibitive increase in our taxes."

02:30 <XioNYC> "I gotta uncle who lives in Taxes."

02:30 <XioNYC> "No... I'm talking about taxes, money, dollars..."

02:30 <XioNYC> "Dollars - that's where my uncle lives: Dollars, Taxes."

02:30 * XioNYC takes a small bow

02:31 <MTughan> Ah yes, that would be it...

02:31 <MTughan> I have some of the movies with me, but not Duck Soup.

02:31 <XioNYC> Have I ever mentioned I'm a communications major with a keen interest in Culture and Technology?

02:31 <XioNYC> <G>

02:32 <XioNYC> s/I'm a communications major/got my masters in communications/

02:35 <XioNYC> .o0( "Well, it's happened again - you've wasted another perfectly good raw-chew on Marx Brothers quotes..." )

02:35 <MTughan> I'm trying to get some MW work.

02:37 <XioNYC> .o0( MilkyWay?  Megawatt? )

02:39 <XioNYC> &calc 60*7000/3600

02:39 <Romulus> XioNYC: Error: The command "calc" is available in the Google and Math plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "calc".

02:39 <MTughan> Just use &math.

02:40 <MTughan> &math 60*7000/3600

02:40 <Romulus> MTughan: 116.666666667

02:40 <XioNYC> I couldn't remember it.. thanks.

02:41 <XioNYC> &math 60*5426.602/3600

02:41 <Romulus> XioNYC: 90.4433666667

02:50 <XioNYC> Wow: only 5 PowerPCs are in the top 1500 (by RAC) at Ramsey...

02:51 <XioNYC> ..and on that uninteresting note...

02:51 *** XioNYC has left #boinc

02:55 *** stux|RC-only has joined #boinc

03:00 <MTughan> Ah, sh*t! My AQUA task, which was about 75% done and 74 hours in, reset itself after I restarted BOINC!

03:00 *** stux|RC has quit IRC

03:03 <MTughan> Or not... The progress had reset itself, but it's back now.

03:17 *** desti_T2 is now known as desti

03:25 *** efc has quit IRC

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06:21 <hawmps> 'lo

06:35 <hawmps> spork >>

06:59 <CoderForLife> morning hawmps - thx for the spork

07:00 <hawmps> MORNIN

07:00 <hawmps> hmm.. shouting.

07:00 <CoderForLife> it was a *bit* loud

07:01 <hawmps> sorry

07:01 *** [B^S]rene_mayer has quit IRC

07:02 <CoderForLife> well - taking a sick day today - going to try to find the sleep I lost last night - as if that were possible

07:02 <CoderForLife> then an afternoon doctor appointment

07:02 <hawmps> been there..

07:02 <CoderForLife> I just had 3 one-hour naps overnight

07:04 <CoderForLife> gn er gm

07:05 * hawmps kicks the sandman firmly in your general direction

07:26 *** hawmps has quit IRC

07:26 *** hawmps has joined #boinc

07:26 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o hawmps

07:26 <Romulus> WB, Boss

07:26 *** x64 has joined #boinc

07:27 <nickuwo> &boincerr 11

07:27 <Romulus> nickuwo: Error: I couldn't find 11 in boincerr.

07:27 <nickuwo> &boincerr -11

07:27 <Romulus> nickuwo: Error: I couldn't find -11 in boincerr.

07:28 <hawmps> &boincerr -011

07:28 <Romulus> hawmps: Error: I couldn't find -011 in boincerr.

07:29 *** x64 is now known as _Danilo

07:30 *** _Danilo_ has quit IRC

07:30 *** _Danilo is now known as _Danilo_

07:53 *** hawmps sets mode: -o hawmps

08:09 <KathrynM> oh that's helpful.  Trying to upload an image to one of my Google Pages sites and all it tells me is the upload failed.  No expanation why.

08:09 <KathrynM> :/

08:27 *** MTughan has quit IRC

08:28 *** MTughan_ has joined #boinc

08:28 *** wdsmia_w has joined #Boinc

08:47 *** ELGono has joined #boinc

10:10 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

10:19 <KathrynM> ok: i guess it was worth the 181 hours...

10:19 <Romulus> <> (at

10:26 *** Aeternus has quit IRC

10:35 <Tank_Master> faa

10:35 <Tank_Master> I gotfot to set my i7 to "kigh performance" so it wont shut down when im away

10:35 <Tank_Master> high*

10:40 <Tank_Master> ahh, fond my other problem

10:40 <Tank_Master> apparently "syspend GPU while in use" isnt overridden when you select "run always" from the activity menue

10:43 <hawmps> interesting..

10:43 <Tank_Master> I had to go into preferences and set it there

10:43 <Tank_Master> which means its not going to pick up any changes now should I make any fromthe project page

10:49 *** [B^S]renemayer has joined #boinc

10:53 *** RomW has joined #boinc

10:56 <PovAddict> TM: sounds like a bug

10:56 *** yoyo[RKN] has quit IRC

10:56 *** mejla has joined #boinc

10:56 <Tank_Master> seems like it

10:56 <Tank_Master> it only affects the CPU apps, not the GPU

11:02 <PovAddict> code to suspend gpu apps seems to be in a totally different place from cpu

11:03 <PovAddict> and, indeed, it's not checking the run mode

11:38 <Tank_Master> figures

11:39 <Tank_Master> they aught to have the option to allow GPU to run always as well as the CPU

11:43 *** mejla has quit IRC

11:52 <PovAddict> wolf_pup-sleep: you will be shot

12:01 <PovAddict> wolf_pup-sleep:

12:01 <Romulus> <> (at

12:02 *** mweltin1 has joined #boinc

12:03 <mweltin1> I may have found a new idea for a project

12:05 <Tank_Master> mweltin1!

12:06 <PovAddict> tell

12:06 <mweltin1> TANK!

12:06 <mweltin1> oh well I didn't know if anyone was listening

12:06 <mweltin1> so I work with the PSAS (

12:06 <mweltin1> it's a rocket club.

12:06 <mweltin1> last Sunday's launch was perfet

12:07 <mweltin1> we got to about 12000 feet

12:07 <mweltin1> 3800 meters

12:07 <mweltin1> I work on the avionics units

12:07 <mweltin1> specifically the IMU (inertial measurement unit)

12:07 <Tank_Master> nice

12:08 <mweltin1> I just found a very nice flight simulation engine called JSBSim.

12:08 <mweltin1> I think I could use BOINC to run massive amounts of simulations for IMU signal processing and in the future navigation control.

12:09 <mweltin1> Once I got that together I'm sure the other teams would want to get on board.

12:09 <mweltin1> it would be legitimate science

12:12 *** wolf_pup-sleep is now known as wolf_pup

12:14 *** [B^S]renemayer has quit IRC

12:15 <PovAddict> mweltin1: looks quite good

12:16 <PovAddict> mweltin1: unlike many other programs, it's split into a library that does everything and a simple frontend

12:16 <PovAddict> so you can dump the frontend and make one properly coupled to BOINC

12:16 <mweltin1> yes

12:17 <mweltin1> the jsbsim is used as the backend for some flight simulators e.g. FlightGear

12:18 <mweltin1> the different engines, flight dynamics, and aircraft can be described in a xml document.

12:18 *** yoyo[RKN] has joined #boinc

12:18 <hawmps> "New Laser Treatment Could Make Incandescent Bulbs as Efficient as Fluorescent"

12:18 <mweltin1> you can also script out a simulation.

12:18 <hawmps>

12:18 <Romulus> <> (at

12:19 <PovAddict> o_O

12:19 <wolf_pup> O_o

12:22 <yoyo[RKN]> moin

12:22 <yoyo[RKN]> &wx sxf

12:22 <Romulus> yoyo[RKN]: Temperature: 77°F / 25°C | Humidity: 36% | Pressure: 29.80in / 1009hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 16mph / 26km/h | Updated: 5:50 PM CEST; Clear. High:77 F.; Scattered Clouds. Low:51 F.; Chance of Rain. High:53 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:44 F.; Chance of Rain. High:55 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:39 F.;

12:41 *** DerMeister has joined #boinc

12:47 <CoderForLife> how many CPUs do you have wdsmia_w?

12:49 <wdsmia_w> too many

12:49 <CoderForLife> count?

13:01 <desti>

13:01 <Romulus> <> (at

13:14 *** mweltin1 has quit IRC

13:14 *** mweltin has joined #boinc

13:21 <hawmps> GM Sells Hummer To Chinese Machine Maker

13:22 <hawmps> we're screwed.

13:29 *** nickuwo has quit IRC

14:03 *** up365 has quit IRC

14:03 *** MTughan_ is now known as MTughan

14:26 *** wolf_pup is now known as moo

14:27 *** moo is now known as free_milk

14:28 *** free_milk is now known as wolf_pup

14:34 *** Nickuwo has joined #boinc

14:35 <FreeLarry58> ah my time to buy a new mower for lawn

14:36 <FreeLarry58> just had shaft break on old yardman

14:36 * FreeLarry58 wonders what he has to do to dispose of old mower

14:37 <FreeLarry58> drain oil and gas - metal recyclers?

14:43 <hawmps> yupper.

14:44 <hawmps> Oregon -- 15 to life for "Attempted Dirty Recycle"

14:44 <hawmps> no parole.

14:48 <FreeLarry58> yea and waashington getting as bad or should i say calafornicate 2

14:50 <hawmps> NRDC - eco-brownshirts.

14:51 *** saenger has joined #boinc

14:52 *** up365 has joined #boinc

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15:05 *** Shaihulud has joined #boinc

15:07 <saenger> &weather bremen

15:08 <Romulus> saenger: Temperature: 58°F / 14°C | Humidity: 46% | Pressure: 30.05in / 1017hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: NW | Wind Speed: 18mph / 29km/h | Updated: 9:00 PM CEST; Clear. High:68 F.; Scattered Clouds. Low:46 F.; Chance of Rain. High:60 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:42 F.; Chance of Rain. High:53 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:41 F.;

15:09 <saenger> @weather berlin

15:10 <saenger> &weather berlin

15:10 <yoyo[RKN]> &wx sxf

15:10 <Romulus> saenger: Temperature: 75°F / 24°C | Humidity: 36% | Pressure: 30.18in / 1022hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: ESE | Wind Speed: 5mph / 7km/h | Updated: 1:00 PM CST; Chance of a Thunderstorm. High:95 F.; Chance of a Thunderstorm. Low:71 F.; Chance of Rain. High:93 F.; Chance of a Thunderstorm. Low:73 F.; Thunderstorm. High:95 F.; Thunderstorm. Low:75 F.;

15:10 <Romulus> yoyo[RKN]: Temperature: 72°F / 22°C | Humidity: 38% | Pressure: 29.77in / 1008hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 15mph / 24km/h | Updated: 8:50 PM CEST; Scattered Clouds. High:77 F.; Scattered Clouds. Low:51 F.; Chance of Rain. High:53 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:44 F.; Chance of Rain. High:55 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:39 F.;

15:25 *** Nickuwo has joined #boinc

15:42 <CoderForLife> &wx Berlin, OH

15:42 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 81.1F / 27.3C | Humidity: 59% | Pressure: 29.51in / 999.2hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: NNE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Increasing clouds. Showers and thunderstorms developing this evening. Lows in the upper 50s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80 percent.; Wednesday - Showers and thunderstorms in the morning...then (1 more message)

15:42 <CoderForLife> &more

15:42 <Romulus> CoderForLife: showers likely in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 60s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90 percent.; Wednesday Night - Mostly cloudy. A chance of showers in the evening. Cooler with lows in the mid 40s. Northeast winds around 10 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent.;

15:42 <CoderForLife> more rain in Amish country

15:47 *** mweltin has left #boinc

15:59 <wolf_pup> does work for anyone?

16:00 <PovAddict> it has been slow today

16:05 <[B^S]renemayer> workd now, but seti database is complete down again

16:05 <[B^S]renemayer> works

16:06 <PovAddict> seti is down every tuesday

16:08 <[B^S]renemayer> good2know

16:12 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

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17:25 <wdsmia> re-hi

17:25 <mweltin1> hey

17:26 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

17:26 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 63.6F / 17.6C | Humidity: 86% | Pressure: 30.09in / 1018.8hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 1.0mph / 1.6km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Low around 50. Northeast wind near 5 mph shifting to the north 5 to 15 mph after midnight.; Wednesday - Mostly sunny. High around 70. Northeast wind around 10 mph.; Wednesday Night - Partly cloudy. Low (1 more message)

17:26 <wdsmia> &more

17:26 <Romulus> wdsmia: in the upper 40s. Northeast wind 5 to 10 mph shifting to the southeast after midnight.;

17:39 *** mweltin1 is now known as mw_away

17:43 *** mw_away is now known as mweltin1

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18:28 <xcamel> re-hi

18:34 *** wolf_pup has quit IRC

18:37 *** wolf_pup has joined #boinc

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18:55 *** kathryn_ has joined #boinc

18:55 <xcamel> &wx 12074

18:55 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 68.2F / 20.1C | Humidity: 63% | Pressure: 29.95in / 1014.1hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 13.0mph / 20.9km/h ; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 50s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.; Wednesday - Mostly cloudy in the morning...then becoming partly sunny. Highs around 70. West winds 5 to 10 mph.; Wednesday Night - Mostly cloudy in the (1 more message)

18:55 <xcamel> &more

18:55 <Romulus> xcamel: evening...then becoming partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 40s. Southwest winds around 5 mph... becoming west after midnight.;

18:59 *** up365 has joined #boinc

19:01 *** KathrynM has quit IRC

19:15 <kathryn_> ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh

19:15 <jasong>

19:15 <Romulus> <> (at

19:15 *** kathryn_ is now known as KathrynM

19:16 <jasong> lol, how ironic that kathryn made her last comment right before i posted.  I swear, it was a total accident

19:17 <KathrynM> sure, a likely story

19:23 *** PovAddict has quit IRC

19:23 *** PovAddict has joined #boinc

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19:35 <xcamel> they all say that...

19:39 *** desti has quit IRC

19:43 *** jackygrahamez_ has joined #boinc

19:43 <jackygrahamez_> hi

19:44 <xcamel> 'lo Jack

19:45 <Tank_Master> jack!

19:45 <Tank_Master> wb :)

19:45 <jackygrahamez_> hi tank

19:46 <jackygrahamez_> trying to figure out some things

19:46 <Tank_Master> gl

19:47 <xcamel> how long is a string?

19:49 <PovAddict> &wolfram how long is a piece of string

19:49 <Romulus> PovAddict:

19:50 <jackygrahamez_> &wolfram

19:50 <Romulus> jackygrahamez_: <text>) -- Returns the URL quoted form of the text.

19:52 <xcamel> how much deeper would the oceans be if there were no sponges?

19:52 <jackygrahamez_> &wolfram hydrogenase kinetics

19:52 <Romulus> jackygrahamez_:

19:54 <PovAddict> lol xcamel

19:55 <xcamel> ;-)

19:59 <jackygrahamez_> anyone here use lots of vms?

20:00 <PovAddict> I'm running a total of "one" right now

20:00 <jackygrahamez_> PovAddict what's your favorit VM?

20:01 <PovAddict> I'm using VirtualBox, just because it's free

20:01 <jackygrahamez_> ok have you looked at these instructions for converting vmware images to virtual box compatible format? Do you have any recommendations?

20:01 <PovAddict> I have used VMware Workstation (eyepatch edition)

20:02 <PovAddict> you don't need to convert, virtualbox can load .vmdk disk images natively

20:02 <jackygrahamez_>

20:02 <Romulus> <> (at

20:02 <jackygrahamez_> ah ok

20:02 <jackygrahamez_> I'll try it

20:08 <jackygrahamez_> well It looks like I'm going to run into trouble using virtual box. I'm trying to run leopard image...last system I tried this with it never loaded with virtual box but it did work with vmware...the free vmware

20:08 <jackygrahamez_> i forget what its called

20:08 <PovAddict> vmware player?

20:10 <jackygrahamez_> all I get is this apple logo you see at startup

20:10 <PovAddict> I never tried OS X on VMs

20:10 <jackygrahamez_> I must have allocated over 4GBs

20:10 <PovAddict> I know it's tricky

20:10 <PovAddict> because OS X refuses to run on non-Mac hardware usually

20:10 <jackygrahamez_> last device never got the internet connection working

20:11 <jackygrahamez_> I thought it would be helpful not having a mac of my own to compile software

20:11 <_Danilo_> hello

20:12 <jackygrahamez_> hi

20:12 <PovAddict> ask Rytis Slatkevicius, he got that working

20:12 <PovAddict> runs sloooowly but runs :)

20:14 <_Danilo_> updated:

20:14 <Romulus> <> (at

20:31 <infinisoft> LOL, looks like MS and Sony are jumping on the Wii's motion sensing bandwagon

20:31 <jackygrahamez_> that friggin scared the be-jesus out of me

20:32 <jackygrahamez_> trillian has these sound effects for emoticons

20:40 <jackygrahamez_> :-o

20:44 <wolf_pup> hmm

20:44 <wolf_pup> turn up ur speakers

20:44 <wolf_pup> =)

20:45 <jackygrahamez_> LOL

20:54 <wolf_pup> XD

21:31 *** jackygrahamez_ has quit IRC

21:33 *** xionyc has joined #boinc

22:09 <jasong> So, people, what do you think?  Swine flu.  Possible pandemic, or way to get eyeballs on news stories?

22:10 <PovAddict> weakest flu EVER, as said by zombie67

22:10 <PovAddict> pure media hype

22:10 <wolf_pup>

22:10 <Romulus> Title: Do You Have Swine Flu? (at

22:11 <jasong> lol, nice website

22:12 <PovAddict> they make a huge deal of every single death... do you know how many people die monthly of common flu?

22:12 <jasong> Yeah, I don't know the exact numbers, but it's a lot

23:37 *** xcamel_ has joined #boinc

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