IRC logs of #boinc for Thursday, 2009-07-30

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00:11 <FreeLarry> humm guess i shouldn't reset router while on mirc

00:11 <FreeLarry> &wx 98366

00:11 <Romulus> FreeLarry: Temperature: 89.3F / 31.8C | Humidity: 46% | Pressure: 29.79in / 1008.7hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 60s to lower 70s. Northwest wind to 10 mph this evening becoming light.; Thursday - Sunny. Highs in the 90s to 101. Light wind becoming southwest near 10 mph in the afternoon.; Thursday (1 more message)

00:12 <FreeLarry> good 10+ degree drop in last hour

00:12 <FreeLarry> &more

00:12 <Romulus> FreeLarry: Night - Mostly clear. Lows in the 60s. Northwest wind 10 to 15 mph becoming southwest after midnight.; Excessive Heat Warning, Air Stagnation Advisory for Kitsap County in effect until 6:00 PM PDT on July 31, 2009;

00:19 <PovAddict> &wx eze

00:19 <Romulus> PovAddict: Temperature: 36°F / 2°C | Humidity: 93% | Pressure: 30.27in / 1025hPa | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: North | Wind Speed: 0mph / 0km/h | Updated: 1:00 AM ART; Clear. High:55 F.; Clear. Low:33 F.; Clear. High:55 F.; Scattered Clouds. Low:32 F.; Overcast. High:57 F.; Chance of Rain. Low:41 F.;

00:19 <PovAddict> &version

00:19 <Romulus> PovAddict: The current (running) version of this Supybot is 0.83.3.  The newest version available online is

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00:24 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

00:24 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 68.7F / 20.4C | Humidity: 92% | Pressure: 29.60in / 1002.3hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: WSW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Overnight - Mostly cloudy with isolated showers and thunderstorms late this evening...then partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 60s. Light and variable winds. Chance of rain 20 percent.; Thursday - Mostly cloudy. Patchy fog (1 more message)

00:24 <CoderForLife> &more

00:25 <Romulus> CoderForLife: in the morning. A chance of showers and thunderstorms...mainly in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 70s. South winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50 percent.; Thursday Night - Showers and thunderstorms likely. Lows in the mid 60s. Southwest winds around 5 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.;

00:25 <CoderForLife> hmm

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02:28 <CoderForLife> re-hmm

02:50 <efc> hmm?

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02:59 <efc> Toms is usually garbage these days but they did something interesting

02:59 <efc> RAIDed 16 intel SSDs

02:59 <efc> It was fast

03:05 <efc> > 2 gig/sec r/w

03:07 <BSDeepa> And where is that useful nowadays :p?

03:08 <BSDeepa> hmm, isn't that enough for a substitute for RAM?

03:11 <efc> would be 16x64gig, a lot of ram

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03:12 <BSDeepa> I was thinking of the speed

03:13 <efc> Its faster than ram used to be a few years ago

03:14 <efc> ddr2-400 is 3.2gig/sec

03:15 <BSDeepa> Not yet a substitute for RAM then

03:18 <efc> its sort of cheaing since thats basically 16 channel flash vs 1 channel ram

03:37 <efc> Here is ze netbook:

03:37 <efc>

03:37 <Romulus> <> (at

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06:23 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

06:23 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 64.4F / 18.0C | Humidity: 88% | Pressure: 29.82in / 1009.7hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Early This Morning - Cloudy with scattered showers. West wind around 5 mph. Chance of showers 50 percent.; Today - Partly sunny. A chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms in the morning...then isolated showers in the (1 more message)

06:23 <wdsmia> &more

06:23 <Romulus> wdsmia: afternoon. High in the mid 70s. Northwest wind 5 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation 40 percent.; Tonight - Partly cloudy. Low in the mid 50s. Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph.;

06:32 <hawmps> 'lo

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07:54 <_Danilo_> hello

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08:46 <hawmps> 'lo Dan

08:47 <hawmps> spork >> dovecot/email hax

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13:19 <Romulus> New news from boinc: BOINC news July 30, 2009

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13:51 <hawmps>

13:51 <Romulus> <> (at

13:51 <hawmps> Red Hat Enterprise clone poised to 'die'

13:52 <CoderForLife> ack

13:52 <CoderForLife> My production web server is CentOS

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13:53 <hawmps> I thought you would take notice..

13:53 <CoderForLife> umm-hmm

13:54 <CoderForLife> follow the money, it seems

13:55 <CoderForLife> I am working currently on a MS Money to Qicken migration, since MS decided to stop supporting Money

13:56 <CoderForLife> Looks like I may have a web server project also

13:57 <CoderForLife> let it suffice to say that the import from Money to Quicken needs *work* by Intuit

13:57 <clusty> hey crunchers

13:58 <hawmps> 'lo clusty

13:59 <clusty> first time in 1 year or so when PC crashed overnight (2 month old PC).

13:59 <clusty> wonder if it can be safely attributed to crappy windoze, of I am having some more serious problems

14:02 <hawmps> Don't feel bad.. 3 of my 4 machines have gone 'decrepit' on me..

14:02 <hawmps> home that is..

14:02 <CoderForLife> it's a disease that spreads rapidly

14:03 <CoderForLife> one PC gets sick, the others see it, then they all get sick

14:05 <clusty> :D

14:05 <clusty> CFL, you a sys admin right? (amongst other things :D)

14:06 <clusty> hey Romulus

14:06 <clusty> :D

14:06 <CoderForLife> I Dew It All

14:06 <clusty> how much perfromance can I expect out of an NFS server?

14:06 <clusty> in ideal circumstances

14:06 <clusty> over gigabit ethernet

14:06 <clusty> anything close to net capacity?

14:07 <CoderForLife> I Dew It All Except NFS  =)

14:07 <clusty> :D

14:07 <clusty> ok

14:07 <clusty> iSCSI? :D

14:07 <CoderForLife> iSCSI sux

14:07 <clusty> ok

14:07 <clusty> care to elaborate?

14:07 <CoderForLife> if you want to bog down a production system, hook it up to iSCSI and see the users scream

14:08 <clusty> right

14:08 <clusty> we are all number crunchers in the office

14:08 <CoderForLife> I've seen some response times jump an order of magnitude

14:08 <clusty> running linux

14:08 <clusty> and was considering if it was ok to have NFS homes

14:09 <clusty> now there are a lot of HDD resources wasted

14:09 <CoderForLife> you'd probably do OK

14:10 <clusty> now I just gotta figure out how to do homes over NFS. luckilly security is not a biggy

14:10 <clusty> so I don't have to put it in top of kerberos or whatever

14:10 <CoderForLife> I had a rather heated discussion with out security folks the other day

14:11 <clusty> what was the resolution? :D

14:11 <clusty> and who won? :D

14:11 <CoderForLife> They wanted to implement a firewall design that would be ultra-secure, but none of the Internet application would work with

14:11 <clusty> lool

14:11 <clusty> yeah. i know the kind

14:11 <clusty> :D

14:12 <CoderForLife> I offered to disconnect the Internet apps from the Internet, and make them secure without any investment

14:12 <clusty> mose secure thing: just unplug the whole cable

14:12 <CoderForLife> exactly

14:12 <clusty> and you are sure no pesky viruses will be coming

14:12 <CoderForLife> it's not "all about security"

14:12 <clusty> well its security unless it hinders functionality

14:12 <CoderForLife> it's about deivery of the business benefit

14:12 <clusty> and then to the chopping block with it :D

14:13 <clusty> well I could not manage to convince my office mates to get a SSH key

14:13 <clusty> so i can disable ssh with pass access from outside

14:13 <CoderForLife> I call folks like them Network Nazis

14:13 <clusty> now I have a cron job to john-the-ripp all the password every month

14:14 <clusty> and I still find password of the kind: pinkfluffybunnies

14:14 <clusty> :d

14:14 <clusty> what OS-es do you have to deal with?

14:15 <CoderForLife> at w@#% or home?

14:16 <clusty> work

14:16 <clusty> home you're prolly a macster or windowster :D

14:17 <CoderForLife> WinXP, WIndows Server 2003 and 2008, zOS, starting to help with SUSE and Red Hat on the mainframe IFL processots

14:17 <clusty> i dirge for you :D

14:18 <clusty> i am still getting annoyed that my big windows 7 PC 64 bit cannot share stuff with my laptop: windows 7 32 bit

14:18 <CoderForLife> at home I have 3 versions of Fedora, CentOS, Open SUSE, WinXP, Vista, and just started using a Mac

14:19 <CoderForLife> oh, and 3 machines running different version of Ubuntu

14:19 <clusty> well I have it easy:

14:20 <clusty> 1 big machine ubuntu 64 a bit old

14:20 <clusty> and a bunch of smaller ubuntus 32

14:20 <clusty> and a few VMs

14:20 <clusty> that run windoze

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14:20 <CoderForLife> I just started developing apps for the iPhone, hence the Intel Mac

14:20 <clusty> really

14:20 <clusty> :D

14:20 <clusty> i was looking into that the other day

14:20 <clusty> :D

14:21 <clusty> i got a MAC VM

14:21 <clusty> since i dont have a mac

14:21 <clusty> but net won't work

14:21 <clusty> got=downloaded

14:21 <clusty> :D

14:22 <CoderForLife> right now, I'm migrating my personal finances off MS Money to Quicken

14:23 <CoderForLife> the Quicken import really screwed up my main checking account transactions

14:23 <clusty> I am still eyeballing them :D

14:23 <clusty> keeping CSV files

14:24 <CoderForLife> I have restarted my software company, and plan to use Quicken to track those accounts as well as personal

14:27 <clusty> excuse my ignorance, but what sort of stuff do these programs do?

14:28 <PovAddict> let you track how screwed your finances are

14:28 <CoderForLife> personal finances - checking accounts, investments, bill paying.etc

14:28 <PovAddict> bankruptcy ETA?

14:28 <CoderForLife> and as Pov said

14:28 <CoderForLife> indeed

14:29 <CoderForLife> extimated centuries until retirement

14:29 <clusty> :D

14:30 <clusty> i have my day when I do taxes: check all acounts, pay all bills, ...

14:30 <clusty> not even bothering the rest of the month

14:30 <hawmps> SAS might be better

14:30 <CoderForLife> I wish I could use SAS to clean up this import

14:31 <clusty> i am now pissed that euro is weak in comparison with canadian dollar

14:31 <clusty> and I am earning euros

14:31 <clusty> grrr

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14:33 <CoderForLife> that little X closes the window

14:39 <CoderForLife> need to move this window to do final reconiliation for 1992 to 1998 - bbl

14:44 <clusty> CoderForLife, so is there any other method to write iphone apps, but using xcode and mac tools?

14:44 <PovAddict> yes there is

14:44 <PovAddict> but you have to compile the compiler yourself

14:45 <PovAddict> and docs probably haven't been updated for recent SDK versions

14:45 <clusty> PovAddict, but I will lose build scripts and such?

14:45 <PovAddict> hmm?

14:46 <clusty> like if I were to compile some visual studio project under linux

14:46 <clusty> i woul dhave to create the makle files

14:46 <clusty> and viceversa

14:46 <PovAddict> right

14:46 <PovAddict> that would be the least of your problems though

14:46 <CoderForLife> many perish along that road, clusty

14:46 <clusty> this is a major pain, since I am not planning on doing this fulltime

14:47 <clusty> easier to get the network running in my virtual machine and just get all the crap in a jailed OS X :D

14:47 <PovAddict>

14:47 <Romulus> Title: Upgrading the iPhone Toolchain - Jay Freeman (saurik) (at

14:48 <PovAddict> you have to download bits and pieces from multiple sources, including downloading the 1GB SDK from Apple just to extract a few files from it, then compile the compiler from source

14:48 <PovAddict> I successfully made it back in 1.x...

14:48 <PovAddict> didn't try again

14:51 <clusty> PovAddict, that is a linux howto I presume?

14:51 <PovAddict> yes, as far as i know there is currently no way to build iphone apps on Windows at all

14:51 <PovAddict> there used to be a cygwin-based compiler, but it was for 1.x firmware and was never updated

14:53 <clusty> screw it. not worth. one other thing i was wondeirng. assume you buid the app and all that

14:53 <clusty> how do you upload it to the iphone?

14:53 <clusty> through cydia and such?

14:53 <PovAddict> copy it yourself via ssh

14:54 <clusty> ok

14:54 <PovAddict> cydia only needed if you want to redistribute it to the outside (unofficial) world

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16:01 <xcamel> re-hi

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16:19 <xcamel> re-re-hi

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16:32 <xcamel> now to move the extents of that bad drive.

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16:55 <xcamel> guess I need more study..

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17:17 <xcamel> brb

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17:33 <wdsmia> 16,310,613 today...

17:36 <MTughan> 3.1M here.

17:39 <wdsmia> sure screws the hell out of best 5 days lol

17:40 <xcamel> 14,478,197

17:41 <wdsmia> lol one day is more than Jays total

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17:46 <wdsmia> should hit 50M this weekend

18:25 <xcamel> don't hit it too hard..

18:29 <jasong> anybody here know Chuck Lasher?i'm trying to get in touch with him, and I'm thinking my buddy bookmark(or whatever the heck it's called) may be messed up

18:29 <jasong> He generally goes by chuckpa on freenode

18:30 <xcamel> oh goodie.. boinc logs getting updated..

18:31 <MTughan> I haven't seen Chuck for a while.

18:31 *** xcamel sets mode: -t

18:31 *** xcamel sets mode: +t

18:32 <jasong> hmmmm, his away message on Yahoo says his Yahoo account is screwy, and freenode is the only other way I know to contact him

18:33 <MTughan> Send him a message on MemoServ. He apparently identified to his NickServ account less than a week ago.

18:33 <PovAddict> MTughan: how do you know?

18:33 <PovAddict> nickserv seems not to have that info

18:33 <jasong> Also, and mildly off-topic, who is Chuck Lavery?  Did I just make that up?  I thought it was Chuck's last name for like 2 months before he corrected me

18:34 <MTughan> /msg NickServ info ChuckPA

18:34 <PovAddict> "last seen" is empty

18:34 <MTughan> -NickServ- Last seen  : (about 0 weeks ago)

18:34 <PovAddict> yes so it's empty

18:34 <MTughan> It means within the last week.

18:34 <PovAddict> nope, for someone who was in recently, it looks like this:

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18:34 <PovAddict> -NickServ- Last seen  : Jul 30 21:02:46 2009 (1 hour, 31 minutes, 47 seconds ago)

18:35 <MTughan> PovAddict: Ah, you've never seen private mode have you?

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18:42 <blaise> anyone here alive?

18:42 <MTughan> blaise: Somewhat.

18:42 <blaise> MTughan: are you an active participent of SETI@home ?

18:43 <MTughan> Used to be. Something up with it again?

18:43 <blaise> I can't seem to get workload

18:43 <MTughan> As of 3.5 minutes ago, they had 113,504 WUs ready to send.

18:43 <PovAddict> do you have any app preference configured, like getting only astropulse?

18:43 <MTughan> No Astropulse though.

18:44 <blaise> keeps saying Project has no jobs available

18:50 <blaise> tragic..

18:50 <MTughan> blaise: Do you know where BOINC stores its data files on your computer?

18:52 <blaise> ehrm, I belive so yes..

18:53 <blaise> ~/BOINC/projects/

18:53 <MTughan> Is there a file named app_info.xml in there?

19:02 <blaise> negative

19:03 <blaise> finaly

19:03 <blaise> I finaly got something

19:03 <MTughan> Try going to and see what applications you have enabled there.

19:03 <Romulus> Title: Please log in (at

19:03 <blaise> thank god

19:03 <blaise> hehe

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19:04 <blaise> so does folding@home not use BOINC anymore

19:04 <blaise> ?

19:05 <MTughan> I don't think Folding@home ever used BOINC.

19:05 <PovAddict> nope, never did

19:09 <blaise> really?

19:10 <blaise> I must have been taking the good stuf..

19:10 <blaise> 8]

19:11 <blaise> so still no graphics model for the astropulse..

19:11 <MTughan> Does S@H have any Astropulse anymore?

19:13 <blaise> aparently, I just got one..

19:13 <MTughan> Check then and see if one of the projects is turned off.

19:13 <Romulus> <> (at

19:14 <blaise> saysit's going to be 398 hours

19:15 <PovAddict> yup

19:15 <blaise> I don't see anything about projects

19:16 <MTughan> "Run only the selected applications"

19:16 <blaise> ahh

19:17 <blaise> AP AP5 and S@H Enhanced

19:17 <blaise> lol, Enhanced

19:17 <MTughan> All three are enabled?

19:17 <PovAddict> strange, there are a hundred thousand "s@h enhanced" tasks available

19:17 <MTughan> What kind of machine do you have?

19:18 <blaise> it's a laptop

19:18 <MTughan> OS?

19:18 <blaise> athlon 64 with 3 gigs ram

19:18 <blaise> linux

19:18 <MTughan> Should fall under Linux/x86_64 then... Of which, there are two apps?

19:19 <MTughan> PovAddict: See

19:19 <MTughan> Err,

19:19 <Romulus> Title: Applications (at

19:20 <blaise> looks like all three are supported

19:21 <MTughan> Yes, but why are there two entries for Linux/x86_64?

19:24 <blaise> two different versions of the app

19:28 <blaise> you know, like steve ballmer style?

19:28 <blaise> Developers?

19:28 <blaise> MTughan?

19:28 <Romulus> MTughan is compiling apps for Milkyway, blaise

19:29 <MTughan> Was.

19:29 <MTughan> Yes, you have a question?

19:29 <blaise> Nien..

19:29 <MTughan> forget MTughan

19:29 <Romulus> Gotcha, MTughan.

19:29 <blaise> Sprechen cie?

19:30 <MTughan> Sorry, I don't speak German.

19:30 <blaise> ah, you said "Was."

19:30 <blaise> I thought you said "What." in german..

19:30 <blaise> lol

19:30 <blaise> sorry

19:31 <MTughan> It was meant to be inserted in Romulus's answer.

19:31 <MTughan> "MTughan *was* compiling apps for Milkyway, blaise"

19:32 <blaise> ah,

19:32 <blaise> an AI eggdrop I see..

19:32 <MTughan> Supybot actually.

19:32 <MTughan> &version

19:32 <Romulus> MTughan: The current (running) version of this Supybot is 0.83.3.  The newest version available online is

19:33 <blaise> never heard of Supybot

19:34 <blaise> using the snake eh?

19:35 <MTughan> It's actually the Infobot plugin, although I think most people here don't like it.

19:35 <MTughan> &list infobot

19:35 <Romulus> MTughan: stats, status, tell, and update

19:35 <blaise> that's kinda funny

19:35 <blaise> hehe

19:37 <xcamel> just a couple of 'cranks' don't like it..

19:37 <xcamel> ;-)

19:39 <xcamel> &wx 12074

19:39 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 75.4F / 24.1C | Humidity: 63% | Pressure: 29.85in / 1010.7hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 9.0mph / 14.5km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear this evening...then mostly cloudy with a slight chance of showers after midnight. The low in the lower 60s. West winds 5 to 10 mph...becoming southeast after midnight. Chance of rain 20 percent.; Friday - (2 more messages)

19:39 <xcamel> &more

19:39 <Romulus> xcamel: Cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. Showers...mainly in the afternoon. Cooler. Humid with the high in the lower 70s. South winds around 5 mph in the morning...becoming light and variable. Chance of rain 90 percent.; Friday Night - Mostly cloudy with showers with a chance of thunderstorms in the evening...then partly cloudy with a chance of showers after midnight. Humid with the low in the (1 more message)

19:39 <xcamel> &more

19:39 <Romulus> xcamel: lower 60s. Light and variable winds...becoming northeast around 5 mph after midnight. Chance of rain 90 percent.;

19:39 <xcamel> just what we need..

19:39 <xcamel> more rain

19:41 <xcamel> a couple of towns not too far away got 5+ inches of rain last night... nasty flash flooding

20:35 <CoderForLife> Flash flood watch just posted here

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21:26 <blaise> Could anyone tell me why the show graphics button isn't working for SETI@home ?

21:29 <blaise> is the Classic client still available?

21:32 <PovAddict> the classic server was shut down years ago

21:50 <blaise> :o

21:51 <blaise> the show graphics button in BOINC isn't working..

21:51 <PovAddict> I think astropulse has no graphics, but I'm not sure

22:00 <blaise> I finished the only astropulse I had been issued

22:03 <jasong> Hey, here's a thought.  What if the universe is teeming with life, and humans are just not liked?  Maybe we're considered the smelly bums of the Milky Way galaxy

22:03 <jasong> It wouldn't take much if an advanced to society to keep us from detecting them

22:03 <jasong> -to

22:04 <jasong> God, that was a horribly written sentence

22:07 <blaise> lo

22:07 <blaise> l

22:07 <blaise> or, what if there was a galactic war between millions of different species..

22:08 <blaise> and we're survivors of that war..

22:08 <blaise> possibly labor slaves of a more advanced civilization

22:08 <blaise> left behind and lost to time..

22:43 <blaise> no comment eh?

22:43 <blaise> lol

23:38 *** infinisoft has joined #boinc

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