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05:18 <FreeLarry58> i see aqua back up ;0 but credit is a lot lower

05:19 <FreeLarry58> at least so far

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08:22 <KathrynM> just got back from an all you can eat buffet at the local Turkish restaurant

08:22 <KathrynM> nom nom nom!

08:31 <yoyo[RKN]> now you need nothing more to eat the next days

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09:58 <CoderForLife> morning folks

09:59 <CoderForLife> back in town from my trip - leave one week from today for the next trip

10:20 <wdsmia> wb Don

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11:55 <desti>

11:55 <Romulus> <> (at

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14:56 <wdsmia> &quiet

14:56 <Romulus> Shhhhh... Day Sleepers

15:01 <rodrigoflores> Does anybody here know what the 195 wrapper exit code means?

15:08 <yoyo[RKN]> if you start the wrapper stand alone, you use the same job.xml?

15:09 <rodrigoflores> yeap

15:09 <rodrigoflores> I only have to rename it

15:09 <yoyo[RKN]> somewhere "<" must be written

15:10 <rodrigoflores> because I have the wrapper job.xml=job_2.32.xml in the apps dir

15:10 <yoyo[RKN]> you should start boinc with --exit_before_start

15:11 <yoyo[RKN]> with it boinc creates the slot directory as it would start the wu

15:11 <yoyo[RKN]> und exits before starting the wu

15:11 <yoyo[RKN]> than you can run the wrapper in the slot directory and see what happens

15:13 <rodrigoflores> where I find the slot directory?

15:17 <yoyo[RKN]> c:\documents nd settings\all users\applicationdata\boinc\

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16:01 <rodrigoflores> I've run the wrapper and it processed succesfully

16:04 <rodrigoflores> I did not understand one thing

16:06 <rodrigoflores> <file_info>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> <name><OUTFILE_0/></name>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> <generated_locally/>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> <upload_when_present/>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> <max_nbytes>32768</max_nbytes>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> <url><UPLOAD_URL/></url>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> </file_info>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> <result>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> <file_ref>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> <file_name><OUTFILE_0/></file_name>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> <open_name>stdout</open_name>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> <copy_file/>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> </file_ref>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> </result>

16:06 <rodrigoflores> My work_result template

16:06 <rodrigoflores> he uses the open_name file and renames it to <OUTFILE_0> name?

16:07 <rodrigoflores> or it expects my program to use the <OUTFILE_0/> ?

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17:14 <yomshleeshee> no idea what he was asking

17:14 <yomshleeshee> but he left, so...

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17:33 <clusty> got a somewhat lame question:

17:34 <clusty> if there a way I could always "autocleanup" as I delete items from a dir?

17:34 <clusty> it gets damn annoying to press right click, cleanup constantly

17:34 <clusty> oops

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18:30 <zombie67> my PSU died, and took the mobo with it.

18:30 <zombie67> I need a new mobo for a q6600, with two pcie slots

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18:43 <PovAddict> clusty: ?

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18:45 <evocallaghan> Hi

18:46 <evocallaghan> Trying to get trunk built on AuroraUX/Solaris

18:46 <evocallaghan> configure: error: cannot find install-sh or in "." "./.." "./../.."

18:46 <evocallaghan> Your autohell system is giving me hell :/

18:46 <PovAddict> what did you run before configure?

18:47 <evocallaghan> ./_autosetup

18:47 <PovAddict> strange it doesn't work then; I'll give it a try

18:47 <PovAddict> is AuroraUX binary-compatible with Solaris?

18:47 <evocallaghan> cmake cmake cmake :|

18:47 <evocallaghan> Yes.

18:49 <PovAddict> just tried

18:49 <PovAddict> _autosetup ran autoreconf -i, which added install-sh

18:53 <evocallaghan> Just re-ran it and it did something different this time:

18:53 <Romulus> Title: #649910 - Pastie (at

18:54 * evocallaghan #include <stdautorant.h>

19:06 <PovAddict> $ locate libtool.m4

19:08 <evocallaghan> $ pfexec find /usr -name libtool.m4

19:08 <evocallaghan> /usr/share/aclocal/libtool.m4

19:09 <PovAddict> any idea if that is "in aclocal's search path", whatever that means?

19:13 <evocallaghan> no idea

19:14 <evocallaghan> screw it, I am maxed out on how much I hate autotools. I really don't understand why people persist in using it when its well known its crap and there are better things out there. :|

19:15 <evocallaghan> Thanks for your help and time PovAddict

19:17 <PovAddict> someone suggested using cmake

19:18 <PovAddict> the answer was "sure, but will *you* maintain it?"

19:19 <evocallaghan> I am happy to do the initial work for the most part, Although I already have *way* too much to do.. I don't think it really needs to be 'maintained' much if its done properly in the first place.

19:19 <evocallaghan> Just whenever you add or remove a .c / .cpp file you just remove it from the CMakeLists.txt file where its listed, that's it.

19:20 <evocallaghan> The whole KDE project moved away from autohell a few years ago and they have some scripts that convert autohell to cmake or at least do 98-99% of the work for you..

19:22 <PovAddict> yeah, it does the first 90% that is actually the easy part if you were to do it manually anyway...

19:23 <PovAddict> evocallaghan:

19:23 <Romulus> Title: #910 (Usage of sane build system) - BOINC - Trac (at

19:25 <evocallaghan> Ah ok

19:25 <PovAddict> so they're open to switching to CMake, if someone will responsibly take care of it afterwards

19:25 <evocallaghan> You have a Ticket for it already then, goodies. Little slide show if you don't know anything about cmake -

19:25 <Romulus> <> (at

19:25 <evocallaghan> sounds like you do though

19:26 <PovAddict> I'm not a BOINC developer

19:26 <PovAddict> but I know about CMake (I use it myself)

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19:26 <PovAddict> and I posted the first comment on that ticket; follow the link ;)

19:27 <evocallaghan> I have

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19:27 <evocallaghan> "if someone will responsibly take care of it afterwards" I'm not sure what you are actually implying by this?

19:28 <evocallaghan> Are you saying you want me to become a full time dev if I layout a new working tested build system

19:28 <evocallaghan> and its all working people can continue to use it..

19:29 <evocallaghan> I'm sure they can tweak 'a line' themselfs, don't need me??

19:29 <evocallaghan> I have a whole OS to take care of + my work on LLVM, Clang and Compiler-RT (our tool chain).

19:30 <PovAddict> well, are you willing to test it in all the platforms BOINC currently supports? the one who submitted that ticket on Trac wasn't willing to ;)

19:34 <evocallaghan> I can test on the follow: Some kind of Linux, FreeBSD on SPARC and x86, AuroraUX & Solaris on SPARC and x86, NetBSD on x86 and maybe AIX depends what works I am doing at the time..

19:35 <PovAddict> well it's not me you have to convince anyway :)

19:35 <evocallaghan> I can also provide a build box for FreeBSD on SPARC also.

19:36 <evocallaghan> I assume your a regular here, I'm off to bed soon. Pass on my regards if you wish..

19:36 <PovAddict> only one actual BOINC dev ever joins IRC...

19:40 <evocallaghan> Right well if I am not here, I am in #auroraux pretty much always.

19:43 * KathrynM yawns and stretches

19:43 <KathrynM> good morning fellow boinc-ers

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20:08 <zombie67> morning

20:20 <efc> moo

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20:54 <PovAddict> zombie67: ping

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21:15 <zombie67> sup?

21:15 <zombie67> pov

21:16 <PovAddict> in Dec 2007, Docking@Home changed their master URL

21:16 <PovAddict> I vaguely remember they had to change their URL some other time before too; do you?

21:16 <zombie67> yes

21:16 <PovAddict> I'm also interested in information about other projects that had to change their master URLs after going public-ish

21:16 <zombie67> they moved to a different college

21:17 <zombie67> lrt me think

21:17 <zombie67> oh, there have been two or three that started out with dynamic dns addresses.

21:17 <PovAddict> "In December 2007, Docking@Home moved from the University of Texas at El Paso to the University of Delaware, and had to change their URL from to"; but I vaguely recall Docking changed *twice* during its lifetime

21:17 <zombie67> they learned it broke BOINC, and had to change to static addresses

21:18 <zombie67> and BTW, that libcurl bug STILL exists

21:18 <PovAddict> oh dynamic IPs?

21:19 <zombie67> yeah

21:20 <zombie67> maybe enigma changed?  lemme look

21:22 <zombie67>

21:22 <Romulus> <> (at

21:23 <zombie67>

21:23 <Romulus> <> (at

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21:24 <zombie67>

21:24 <Romulus> <> (at

21:25 <zombie67> is three examples enough?

21:29 <efc> Strange. For me, google has been redirecting to some weird page all afternoon. Now wikipedia too.

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21:35 <zombie67> pov

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22:14 <PovAddict> yes thanks

22:14 <PovAddict> looking

22:16 <PovAddict> looks like what I needed

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23:02 <zombie67> tank_master

23:23 <PovAddict> zombie67: what do you think of the unofficial boinc wiki?

23:33 <zombie67> never read it, nor know it's location

23:33 <PovAddict>

23:34 <zombie67> slow to load

23:35 <zombie67> looks busy

23:35 <zombie67> hard to know where to go first

23:35 <PovAddict> the ugly front page is Johnny-numbers's doing

23:35 <zombie67> anywho, I am one of *those* people, who never RTFMs

23:36 <zombie67> first I try it out, and if I can't get it to work, THEN I RTFM and/or ask for help[

23:40 <zombie67> i am going to build an i7 box

23:41 <zombie67> I am thinking of making it a quad GPU cruncher

23:49 <zombie67> the whole PCIe thing confuses me

23:49 <zombie67> they seem to count x8 as x16?

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