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09:06 <wdsmia> &wx 50319

09:06 <Romulus> wdsmia: Temperature: 70.3F / 21.3C | Humidity: 97% | Pressure: 29.78in / 1008.4hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Overcast | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Rest of Today - Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms before noon. A chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. High in the lower 80s. Northwest wind near 10 mph shifting to the (1 more message)

09:06 <wdsmia> &more

09:06 <Romulus> wdsmia: southwest in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation 50 percent.; Tonight - Showers likely and isolated thunderstorms. Low around 70. South wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation 70 percent.; Tuesday - Mostly cloudy with a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms. High in the lower 80s. South wind around 5 mph.; Flood Warning for Polk County in effect until 1:00 AM CDT on July 09, 2010;

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13:34 <desti> 05-Jul-2010 19:33:17 [Einstein@Home] Restarting task p2030_53657_83874_0071_G54.37-01.87.N_6.dm_212_0 using einsteinbinary_ABP2 version 111

13:34 <desti> 05-Jul-2010 19:33:21 [Einstein@Home] Task p2030_53657_83874_0071_G54.37-01.87.N_6.dm_212_0 exited with zero status but no 'finished' file

13:35 <desti> what's wrong? got this now on every gpu work

13:35 <desti> cpu work works

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16:11 <xcamel> &wx 12074

16:12 <Romulus> xcamel: Temperature: 89.1F / 31.7C | Humidity: 60% | Pressure: 29.74in / 1007.0hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: ENE | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Patchy fog after midnight. Lows in the lower 70s. West winds 5 to 10 mph.; Tuesday - Mostly sunny. Patchy fog in the morning. Humid with highs in the mid 90s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Heat (1 more message)

16:12 <xcamel> &more

16:12 <Romulus> xcamel: index values up to 102.; Tuesday Night - Mostly clear. Hazy. Humid with lows in the lower 70s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph in the evening...becoming light and variable.; Heat Advisory for Saratoga County in effect until 7:00 PM EDT on July 06, 2010; Special Weather Statement for Saratoga County in effect until 10:00 PM EDT on July 05, 2010;

16:12 <xcamel> yeowza.

16:22 <xcamel> Heat index has to be about 96 atm.

16:22 <efc> moo xcamel

16:23 <xcamel> even here, where it's always a little cooler.

16:23 <xcamel> looks like I'm going to have to kick on the AC later on.

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16:24 <efc> Was in the mountains for the weekend. Awesome there. Ran a 10k and it was in the upper 60s.

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18:16 <Thopter> Is there a new and competent replacement for BoincView yet?

18:17 <PovAddict> BoincTasks?

18:20 <Thopter> PovAddict: checking it out now, thanks

18:20 <Thopter> any idea how well it'll run under wine on Linux?

18:22 <PovAddict> I didn't actually try it myself

18:22 <PovAddict> well, maybe I did... for like 60 seconds

18:22 <Thopter> boincview is working just dandy for me, but seeing as how it's dead and not being developed, I thought I'd try to find something a little fresher

18:23 <PovAddict> there's kboincspy

18:23 <Romulus> <> (at

18:24 <PovAddict> and kboincmgr

18:24 <Romulus> <> (at

18:24 <PovAddict> but I think both are unmaintained too

18:24 <Thopter> ah, kde apps, I use gnome

18:24 <PovAddict> would you rather use a Windows app than a KDE app? :P

18:25 <Thopter> well... I already have wine, but I'd have to install a crapload of stuff to run kde

18:26 <PovAddict> aptitude -s install kboincspy

18:27 <PovAddict> how much does it want to download?

18:28 <Thopter> -1 ^_^... it couldn't find it, but found something else to uninstall, lol

18:28 <PovAddict> hm, maybe it was removed from latest ubuntu

18:29 <Thopter> I'll give that boinctasks a try

18:44 <efc> &wx 30625

18:44 <Romulus> efc: Temperature: 88F / 31C | Humidity: 40% | Pressure: 30.02in / 1016hPa (Falling) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SE | Wind Speed: 5mph / 7km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 60s. Light and variable winds.; Tuesday - Sunny. Highs in the lower 90s. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph.; Tuesday Night - Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 60s. Light and variable winds.;

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19:12 <Thopter> gonna stick with BoincView for now

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19:23 <desti> kboincspy seems to be discontinued

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19:40 <xcamel> damn it's hot.

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20:42 <CoderForLife> evening

20:42 <PovAddict> hi

20:42 <CoderForLife> &wx 45140

20:42 <Romulus> CoderForLife: Temperature: 84.9F / 29.4C | Humidity: 62% | Pressure: 29.96in / 1014.4hPa (Steady) | Conditions: Clear | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 0.0mph / 0.0km/h ; Tonight - Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 60s. Southwest winds around 5 mph until early morning...becoming light and variable.; Tuesday - Partly sunny. Highs in the lower 90s. Southwest winds around 5 mph.; Tuesday Night - Mostly (1 more message)

20:42 <CoderForLife> I need to go back to w@#% so I can rest

20:42 <CoderForLife> &more

20:42 <Romulus> CoderForLife: clear. Lows in the upper 60s. North winds around 5 mph...becoming northeast after midnight.;

20:42 <PovAddict> lol

20:43 <PovAddict> been fighting oracle apps all day

20:43 <CoderForLife> is there any other level of interaction?

20:43 <PovAddict> ask my dad

20:43 <PovAddict> he'll say fighting is an understatement

20:43 <CoderForLife> fighting or assimilation?

20:44 <PovAddict> I found a company that provides public instances of Oracle Applications R12 for testing and demoing

20:45 <CoderForLife> ah, outsourcing their testing

20:45 <PovAddict> lol

20:45 <PovAddict> not that testing :P

20:45 <PovAddict> took me the better part of the day to even *get* to the form I wanted to get

20:45 <PovAddict> and then when I click next, it tells me to enter a valid "cost center"

20:46 <CoderForLife> they used to test by shipping to their vic^H^H^Hcustomers

20:46 <PovAddict>

20:46 <Romulus> <> (at

20:46 <PovAddict> there is no cost center field

20:46 <CoderForLife> needs cost center and account

20:47 <PovAddict> this site had a server with a newer version of R12 available too

20:47 <PovAddict> so I tried that

20:47 <PovAddict> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: peerExceptions list should only contain OAException elements.

20:47 <CoderForLife> I would *guess* in their app cost center = department

20:48 <CoderForLife> which is not how the real world works

20:48 <CoderForLife> they probably built it like that on purpose, so each customer pays for a custon enhancement

20:49 <CoderForLife> er custom

20:49 <PovAddict> I don't know what cost center even means, but I think it's actually a separate field that isn't showing up

20:49 <CoderForLife> that should have been base product

20:50 <CoderForLife> it's an accounting breakdown of probably a department, to collect costs related to a certain purpose or organizational unit

20:50 <PovAddict> so in this context it's a further subdivision of a department?

20:51 <CoderForLife> for instance, I am in a department of about 100 people (IT)

20:51 <CoderForLife> but I have a cost center to collect and report all my R&D stuff

20:51 <PovAddict> "<department> has <cost centers>"?

20:51 <CoderForLife> in that cost center, I have accounts

20:51 <CoderForLife> generally speaking, you have it right

20:51 <PovAddict> or should I say

20:52 <PovAddict> department 1..* cost_center

20:52 <CoderForLife> yes one to many

20:52 <CoderForLife> cost centers have one to manuy accounts

20:53 <CoderForLife> I have about a dozen accounts in my cost center - training, travel, software, hardware, domain name registrations, etc

20:53 <PovAddict> do you also have a horrible and unusable and slow web UI to manage all that?

20:54 <CoderForLife> no - we have a pretty nifty VB6 app running over top of SQL Server

20:54 <PovAddict> I'll take VB over this hell

20:55 <PovAddict> I bet it doesn't need a server roundtrip each time you change field focus -.-

20:55 <CoderForLife> I'm thinking the cost center stuff might appear under the Expense Allocations transit point across the top

20:55 <CoderForLife> kinda like a subway map

20:56 <CoderForLife> in Step 3

20:56 * CoderForLife drinks myself into a stupor with Canfield's Diet Chocolate Fudge Soda

20:57 <PovAddict> you get to step 3 by clicking Next, filling step 2, and clicking Next again

20:57 <PovAddict> (duh)

20:57 * CoderForLife looks at the ceiling

20:57 <CoderForLife> ah - haxors at the site again

20:58 <PovAddict> but clicking Next just once gives the cost center error and refuses to move to step 2

20:59 <CoderForLife> heh

21:00 <CoderForLife> you need extra cost "upgraded" functionality

21:00 <CoderForLife> first pay to have it custom coded

21:00 <PovAddict> I saw a blog comment of someone saying he got "Please enter a valid cost center." even though the "Cost center" field definitely had a valid value

21:00 <CoderForLife> then pay every year so that your "extensions" keep working

21:00 <PovAddict> so there *is* a field, that I'm not getting at all

21:01 <CoderForLife> Security is Rarely Convenient (tm)

21:01 <PovAddict> apparently this whole app has UI generated from DB schema, so I think you don't need custom-coded stuff, but you may need to contact support to do anything on this stupidly-complex flexible thing

21:02 <PovAddict> or, like Java Enterprise... insane complexity so they earn money through giving courses and certifications

21:03 <PovAddict> and now for something more pleasant... dinner ->

21:03 <CoderForLife> laterz

21:06 <efc> moo

21:37 <PovAddict> <-

21:38 <efc> Packing it up, bbiab

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