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05:06 <Blarghhh> Are work units and tasks synonyms?

05:10 <Irraya> Blarghhh: yes

05:11 <Irraya> u can say that

05:11 <Blarghhh> Thanks. Was too eager to ask on IRC before googling. seems to have terminology explanation

05:13 <Irraya> but itäs a different between them

05:13 <Irraya> it is

05:13 <Irraya> a work unit can be sent to differemt computers

05:13 <Irraya> *different

05:14 <Blarghhh> So basically task is a workunit split between numerous computers which will be combined back into a single WU once it has been processed?

05:14 <Irraya> yes

05:14 <Blarghhh> Excellent, thanks

05:15 <Irraya> and tasks are one WU on a computer

05:15 <Irraya> on other task camn be the same WU

05:15 <Irraya> no, all computer do the whole WU

05:15 <Blarghhh> Ah

05:16 <Irraya> Basically 2

05:16 <Irraya> and then they send their result to the server

05:16 <Irraya> the server comares the results

05:16 <Irraya> if they are different a third computer must do the same work

05:17 <Irraya> when at leaset 2 of them gives same results they get credits

05:18 <Irraya> the computer that reported "wrong" result wont get anything

05:18 <Blarghhh> That's neat, despite using SETI for some hundred thousand credits, I never knew about this

05:18 <Irraya> exception is climateprediction

05:19 <Irraya> they accept ALL results

05:19 <Irraya> but all other only gives u credit if u answered "right"

05:19 <Irraya> Therefore you must wait for the credits sometimes

05:20 <Irraya> the other computer must do the WU so the server can compare the results

05:20 <Blarghhh> And if I abort some tasks, then they will be returned to task pool and will be downloaded and calculated by some other participant?

05:21 <Irraya> yes

05:21 <Irraya> and if u reports it too late

05:21 <Irraya> after the deadline

05:23 <Irraya> u MIGHT get credits if u report after deadline, but that isnt so likely

05:23 <Irraya> and agian; exception is climateprediction

05:24 <Irraya> they will give u credits for ALL works

05:24 <Irraya> even if they is reported years aw

05:24 <Irraya> *after deadline

05:24 <Blarghhh> heh

05:25 <Irraya> But SETI has a long time before deadline

05:25 <Irraya> u must have a REALLY slow computer if u not can report in time =)

05:25 <Blarghhh> Can't wait until SETI manages to create Linux GPU client, until them I'm running Einstein

05:26 <Irraya> Why cant u run SETI?

05:26 <Blarghhh> GPU support is only available in Windows

05:27 <Irraya> But u can run SETI?

05:27 <Blarghhh> With CPU, yes

05:27 <Irraya> CPU = processor ?

05:28 <Blarghhh> Yes

05:28 <Irraya> and what GPU ?

05:28 <Blarghhh> Nvidia 9800GT

05:29 <Irraya> but it's a CPU too?

05:29 <Blarghhh> it's a graphics processor

05:30 <Irraya> yes?

05:30 <Romulus> It has been said that yes are you going :-), Irraya

05:30 <Irraya> and u cant run processes?

05:32 <Blarghhh>

05:35 <Blarghhh> SETI's GPU client only works under Windows:

05:35 <Romulus> <> (at

05:36 <Irraya> but run it on ure CPU?

05:37 <Blarghhh> I could, but it's inefficient and that's why I run Einstein until SETI creates Linux GPU client

05:42 <Irraya> Install Windows

05:43 <Blarghhh> :>

05:45 <Irraya> Buy it, or enter

05:45 <Irraya> U must have µTorrent fist :p

05:46 <Blarghhh> I'll just wait for Linux GPU support

05:46 <Irraya> Install Windows

05:46 <Irraya> Much better than Linux

05:47 <Blarghhh> I don't like restarting after updates

05:48 <Irraya> U dont need to

05:49 <Irraya> if it is VERY important updates u must

05:49 <Blarghhh> Not in Linux

05:49 <Irraya> what OS do u rumn?

05:50 <Irraya> *run

05:50 <Blarghhh> Debian Stable

05:50 <Irraya> It must be cheep to run Linux

05:50 <Blarghhh> Yep

05:50 <Irraya> i mean, all Linux-OS it's free

05:51 <Blarghhh> Some distros cost if you want support from vendor, such as Red Hat and Suse Enterprise, I believe

05:51 <Irraya> Isn't Red Hat free?

05:53 <Blarghhh> Fedora and CentOS are, but Red Hat has some fee

05:54 <Irraya> Why?

05:54 <Irraya> Is Red Hat better?

05:54 <Blarghhh> It's mostly meant for businesses

05:54 <Irraya> Okey.

05:54 <Irraya> Blarghhh: failed nickname, btw

05:55 <Irraya> :P

05:55 <Irraya> .ee ? what country?

05:55 <Blarghhh> I have bad imagination and had trouble coming up with a nice nickname

05:55 <Blarghhh> Estonia

05:55 <Irraya> Estland, in swedish

05:55 <Irraya> :)

05:55 <Irraya> I remember when Estonia sank :(

05:55 <Blarghhh> You conquered us in the past

05:56 <Irraya> Hahaha.

05:56 <Blarghhh> 1629-1699

05:56 <Irraya> Like 500 years ago :)

05:56 <Irraya> I remember when Estonia sank :(

05:56 <Irraya> It wasnt nice

05:56 <Irraya> Terrible

05:57 <Irraya> The ship sank in less than 30 min

05:57 <Irraya> :(

05:57 <Blarghhh> Yeah, there are a lot of rumors going on about it

05:57 <Blarghhh> that it was being used to deliver weapons and so forth

05:57 <Irraya> M/S Estonia?

05:58 <Blarghhh> Yeah

05:58 <Irraya>

05:58 <Romulus> Title: MS Estonia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at

05:58 <Irraya> This ?

05:58 <Romulus> Rumor has it This are the first tries.... not that great :), Irraya

05:58 <Blarghhh> yes

05:58 <Irraya> Weapons?

05:58 <Blarghhh> but it's only a rumor told by old women with nothing better to do

05:58 <Irraya> Are u trolling

05:59 <Irraya> it was carrying passengers

06:02 <Irraya> Blarghhh

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06:04 <Blarghhh> Yeah, but rumors talk about customs being ordered let one vehicle through

06:05 <Irraya> :O

06:05 <Blarghhh> But they're only rumors

06:05 <Blarghhh> conspiracy theory :p

06:05 <Irraya> hehe

06:05 <Irraya> i dont belive that

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07:14 <Blarghhh> For some reason, another Einstein user has 25% higher floating point speed than me. I have X2 3800+ at 2.5GHz and he has X2 4200+ (stock is 2.2GHz, real clock not known) and both have 512k cache.

07:38 <Blarghhh>

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07:57 <Irraya> Blarghhh: Strange

08:03 <Blarghhh> I sent the owner a private message to find out his CPU speed and socket (so I'll know whether it uses DDR2 or DDR)

08:08 <Irraya> Blarghhh: good

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12:46 <dango_> someone participating in wcg?

12:56 <Blarghhh> is that the gaming competition?

12:59 <dango_> there are some challneges

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23:14 <PovAddict> &coin

23:14 <Romulus> PovAddict: heads

23:14 <PovAddict> bah, I didn't properly decide what each coin side would mean before I pressed enter

23:15 <PovAddict> &coin

23:15 <Romulus> PovAddict: tails

23:18 <PovAddict> &coin

23:18 <Romulus> PovAddict: tails

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