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00:15 <GoSox> I made a mockup of a BOINC client that doesn't suck about a year ago. The current boinc client is so horrible, it makes me want to come in here and link to my mockup again, just incase theres anyone around that wants to run with it :D

00:15 <GoSox>

00:15 <Romulus> <> (at

00:19 <PovAddict> GoSox: I like it

00:19 <PovAddict> GoSox: but needs some more work

00:19 <PovAddict> eg. the toolbar makes no sense (print?)

00:21 <PovAddict> we'd also need some research on how it would look on other platforms

00:29 <GoSox> the toolbar is just the default toolbar when you make a new window in Interface Builder. I made a window and some elements, then did the rest in photoshop

00:30 <GoSox> so yeah, imagine the toolbar has things like Pause, Resume, Abort WU, etc

00:30 <GoSox> a client I designed would also have options that would lead to less CPU time being wasted

00:30 <GoSox> like, it would keep working on one work unit until it was finished, instead of switching around every hour

00:30 <GoSox> so you have 20 work units that are all 20% done

00:31 <GoSox> then if you happen to not run BOINC for a week or two, all those work units expire and all the time spend working on them is wasted

00:34 <GoSox> i have strong opinions about BOINC, as an app. It's look and it's behavior.

00:34 <PovAddict> you need to understand how it works first

00:34 <GoSox> but if I had to pick one app that was my model for a new BOINC app, i'd pick the bit torrent app Transmission

00:35 <PovAddict> many people pop around and suggest changes to the scheduler, when the scheduler already handles the case they're complaining about, in a better way than their suggestion would

00:35 <GoSox> in those causes, you should take their suggestion instead to be "the app's interface and preferences are confusing"

00:38 <GoSox> my biggest complaint of all, about BOINC, is that (this is for the Mac client, no idea about any other platforms) when you install it, it automatically adds itself as a startup item without asking, and it adds it as a startup item for every user. It really is an incredibly inconsiderate things for an installer to do, especially an installer for a program whose sole purpose is to use as much of your computer's resources as it can.

00:42 <GoSox> my only problem is, i'm not a programmer, so all I can do is make suggestions and hope other's do the work :)

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07:55 <andax> &whatis platform_list

07:55 <Romulus> andax: "platform_list" could be

08:04 <andax> Hi, i tried to run boinc on a system with spartanic linux variant (runs significantly faster than mainstream linuxes and uses much less system resources) but it asked for some *.so file which it did not find. Is it save to copy these from other linux (i.e. current knoppix) to the destination where boinc expects these?

08:05 <andax> Or may i rather try the boinc 6.6.41?

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13:06 <PovAddict> andax: no, don't copy shared libraries between distros

13:06 <PovAddict> if your distro doesn't have that library in its repository, you'll have to build it from source

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18:22 <PovAddict> < vip0r> i got a roomba today

18:22 <PovAddict> < vip0r> it cleans and also keeps me company

18:22 <PovAddict> < vip0r> a dual purchase

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19:59 <CoderForLife> little bit white at Lledgerock

20:06 <CoderForLife> the snow is on the pumpkin

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20:23 <CoderForLife> moo

20:27 <efc> Yo

20:27 <CoderForLife> get any white stuff?

20:28 <CoderForLife> little bit white at Lledgerock

20:31 <efc> Not even close, about 60dF here

20:33 <CoderForLife> 46F here, expecting some light rain after midnight

20:34 <CoderForLife> there - we got the wx out of the way - what's up? =)

20:35 <efc> Not much, did some running today. 6 miles.

20:35 <efc> Not long and it'll be cold enough to be rather miserable.

20:35 <CoderForLife> I walked 4 with my heavyhands weights

20:35 <CoderForLife> about a 30% extra calorie burn

20:36 <efc> Did you ever do computer hardware much?

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20:37 <CoderForLife> not a lot, but my degree is in electrical engineering

20:39 <efc> I've been playing with older dram.. its hard to get the most out of the stuff.

20:39 <efc> like FPM and EDO era

20:40 <CoderForLife> my hands-on board design stuff was early 80s

20:40 <CoderForLife> we were moving from TTL to CMOS

20:41 <CoderForLife> bit-slice architecture was the rage

20:41 <CoderForLife> the RISC-CISC wars were raging

20:42 <efc> i'm hoping to build my own 386 eventually

20:42 <efc> and was suprised to find even somewhat newer ram can't keep up without some fancy footwork

20:42 <CoderForLife> I started on 8085, Z80, 6502

20:42 <CoderForLife> oh and 8080, 8086

20:42 <CoderForLife> then I tried a bit of 68000

20:44 <CoderForLife> I guess I'll go plop down and watch the football game - I've got 2 fantasy players that need to do well

20:44 <CoderForLife> gn efc and all

20:52 <efc> Night cfl.

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23:59 <MTughan> So... BOINC is still not working properly. I fixed the permissions on the notices folder, and it still doesn't work.

23:59 <MTughan> Running the CC manually seems to be stuck on one line: an upload of a job to PG.

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