IRC logs of #boinc for Tuesday, 2011-11-01

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02:23 <Chacious> hello everyone

02:25 <iuuso_> hi

02:26 <Chacious> Iv just gotten back into boinc the last couple of days used to use it but had real bad internet connection and than none

02:27 <iuuso_> :)

02:28 <iuuso_> i myself also had a few years break from using boinc.

02:28 <iuuso_> until i realised i have a home server which is idle for most of the time.

02:28 <Chacious> i run milkyway orbit and seti, wanted to run 3 main ones, and orbit rarely has work so i joined wuprop

02:30 <Chacious> my main laptop *6 or 7 years old* graphics was going out, so had to get another computer, dont have the money for a straight out buy so im leasing basically from fingerhut a newer amd one, and put ubuntu on my old laptop and use it as a cruncher all the time and usually crunch with this one when im not playing games or something thats cpu intensive

02:31 <iuuso_> good strategy.

02:32 <iuuso_> i also have a laptop, but it doesn't have that much of cpu to give away, so i'm mostly contributing with my server which is running 24/7.

02:32 <Chacious> what specs on the laptop?

02:33 <iuuso_> actually it's a netbook.

02:33 <iuuso_> asus 1005ha.

02:33 <Chacious> O ok

02:34 <Chacious> i was going to say my linux one thats always crunching is only a 1.4 ghz 1.25 gb ram

02:35 <iuuso_> this netbook has 1,6ghz intel atom and 1gb of ram.

02:35 <Chacious> my wifes netbook is an netbook atom processor too

02:35 <iuuso_> it's pretty slow already, so it goes absolutely unusable when it's crunching :)

02:36 <Chacious> thought about crunching on it but not sure if it would do much

02:36 <Chacious> do you leave it on always or just when you use it?

02:37 <iuuso_> only when i'm using it mostly.

02:38 <iuuso_> my electric bill is already quite big, so i don't intend to get it much bigger.

02:40 <Tank_Master> im running LCH@Home and Test4Thery (both cern projects) on my cpu

02:41 <Chacious> ya cant blame you

02:41 <Tank_Master> milkyway is running on the GPU

02:41 <Chacious> cool

02:42 <Chacious> need to figure out how to throttle my linux machine, for some reason if i set it to throttle in the app i ssh in and look at top and it says its still using like 97% when i told it to only use about 85 percent

02:43 <Tank_Master> itll run all for a while, then nothing for a short while

02:43 <Tank_Master> at least thats how it does it on windows

02:43 <Tank_Master> so overall its running 85% of the time

02:43 <Chacious> really?

02:43 <Tank_Master> yeah

02:43 <Chacious> ic

02:44 <Chacious> so i need to change that and get an app that will more throttle my cpu than the time it runs

02:44 <Tank_Master> for it to only use 85% of the cpu at any one time, the app itself would need to have support for that, by ading in wait cycles

02:44 <Tank_Master> im not aware of any apps that throttle on the cpu

02:44 <Chacious> ic,

02:46 <Tank_Master> you can, however, limit the # of threads BOINC uses

02:46 <Tank_Master> so you can leave a core or 2 free for the OS and other things

02:46 <Tank_Master> i run on 7 of 8 threads for boinc on my i7

02:46 <Chacious> the old laptop is a single core machine

02:46 <Tank_Master> ah

02:47 <Tank_Master> cant run on a half a core

02:47 <Tank_Master> :D

02:47 <Chacious> thats my 1.4 ghz 1.25gb ram machine lol

02:47 <Tank_Master> <- i7 2600K @ 4.8GHz

02:48 <Tank_Master> 17 GB ram

02:48 <Tank_Master> 16*

02:48 <Tank_Master> need to upgrade soon though :P

02:48 <Chacious> very nice :)

02:51 <iuuso_> does the cern hardon collider run through your pc? ;)

02:52 <iuuso_> looks like you have enough ppower to run it.

02:52 <Tank_Master> yeah

02:52 <Chacious> LOL

02:52 <Tank_Master> they have 2 apps, one is the first BOINC app to use virtualbox to run that actual task

02:52 <Tank_Master> er they have 2 projects i mean

02:53 <iuuso_> :D

02:53 <Tank_Master>

02:53 <Romulus> Title: Test4Theory (at

02:53 <Tank_Master>

02:53 <Chacious> im going to see how my systems run what im running now and if they can handle the different ones  and still get the workloads done effecieitnly enough im going to add lhc

02:54 <Tank_Master> T$T only runs one task at a time

02:54 <Tank_Master> T4T

02:54 <Chacious> im going to wait a week with the 4 projects im running and see how much work they are getting done

02:56 <Chacious> I have it set on both machines to run each project for 3 hrs than switch

02:56 <Tank_Master> ah

02:57 <Chacious> have them both setup to the same account manager so after the week i should get a good idea how much im doing

02:59 <Tank_Master> yeah

03:02 <Tank_Master>

03:02 <Romulus> <> (at

03:04 <Chacious> :)

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03:25 <PEAKTOP> We're sorry but our main BOINC server is unavailable. We hope to get it back up and running as soon as possible.

03:26 <PEAKTOP> ? 8(

03:28 <PEAKTOP> We're sorry but our main BOINC server is unavailable. We hope to get it back up and running as soon as possible.

03:28 <PEAKTOP> ? 8(

03:28 <Chacious> still?!

03:29 <PEAKTOP> yes

03:30 <Chacious> that's quite annoying

03:32 <PEAKTOP> is the first time ?

03:32 <Chacious> not sure iv been using boinc now this time for a couple days used it about a week years ago

03:35 <PEAKTOP> project if added manually, it still does not work exactly

03:35 <Chacious> what project did you add?

03:37 <PEAKTOP> example site, you are running?

03:37 <Chacious> I am running wuprop, milkway, orbit and seti

03:39 <PEAKTOP> perhaps I have a problem firevall try again later)

03:40 <Chacious> i hope it works out for you

03:40 <Chacious> have you tried adding a seperate one just to troubleshoot it?

03:42 <PEAKTOP> add progect >

03:42 <Romulus> Title: SETI@home (at

03:43 <PEAKTOP> It is possible that this project does not support your computer type or operating system. You still want to add?

03:44 <PEAKTOP> firewall turned off, site hangs

03:44 <Chacious> hmmm what kind of os you running?

03:44 <PEAKTOP> linux

03:44 <Chacious> the website has been down today

03:44 <PEAKTOP> gentoo x86_amd64

03:45 <Chacious> but i thought that the project websites were up

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03:53 <PEAKTOP> seti work

03:53 <PEAKTOP> =)

03:54 <Chacious> good to hear :)

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04:15 <Chacious> hmm anyone else having troubles attatching to projects on boinc account manager?

04:16 <Chacious> is it possible its due to the site being down i wonder

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08:55 <desti_T2>

08:55 <Romulus> <> (at

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10:41 <trogdog> what's up with berkeley - it's been down all day

10:47 <Tank_Master> backup tuesday?

10:50 <RoyK> lol - take down everything one day a week for backup! FTW!

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10:56 <trogdog> berkeley not seti

11:18 <Tank_Master> same thing

11:20 <trogdog> up

11:20 <Romulus> Title: SETI@home (at

11:20 <trogdog> down

11:30 <trogdog>

11:30 <Romulus> Title: BOINC is offline (at

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11:46 <RomW> The raid device that hosts the website failed

11:46 <RomW> We are having to restore from backups

11:46 <trogdog> sounds nasty

11:49 <RomW> Yeah, after things come back online, the next step is figuring out what has been lost

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11:59 <trogdog> cheers, posted to boincstats news thread

11:59 <trogdog>

11:59 <Romulus> <> (at

12:03 <PovAddict> RomW: eep, so much for RAID

12:11 <PovAddict> RomW: it would be good if you can make the webserver return 503 Service Unavailable instead of 404 Not Found for URLs other than / (or maybe for that one too), otherwise some software may assume things got deleted rather than temporarily unavailable

12:12 <PovAddict> though search engines in particular aren't affected (they make the safe assumption that 404 can be a temporary configuration error, rather than immediately removing it from the search index)

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12:47 <Tank_Master> oh, RomW, any luck figuring out whats with windiws 8?

13:00 <desti_T2>!/response/promoting-innovation-and-competitive-markets-through-quality-patents

13:00 <Romulus> <> (at

13:02 * Tank_Master pantents pantanting a pantent

13:03 <PovAddict> Tank_Master: somebody actually filed a patent application for a business method consisting of suing people for patent infringement

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14:02 <RomW> @TM, not yet

14:45 <Tank_Master> ok

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15:15 <Chacious> how is everyone?

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15:19 <Chacious> wow boinc server is STILL down :(

15:19 <PovAddict> [12:46] <RomW> The raid device that hosts the website failed

15:19 <PovAddict> [12:46] <RomW> We are having to restore from backups

15:19 <Chacious> oo that sucks

15:20 <Chacious> I am taking my old laptop off of the wuprop project because it is making it make hardly no progress on the other projects it is working on

15:20 <Chacious> I will leave it on my new laptop and see ifi t goes well on here

15:21 <Chacious> doesnt seem to affect my newer laptop as it does my older one

15:21 <Chacious> it happens because they both run at the same time its only one processor system

15:22 <Chacious> hmm, maybe if i reduce the resrouce share on my account manager would that help?

15:25 <Chacious> any ideas?

15:25 <Chacious> i just noticed on resource share they are all 100 %

15:28 <Chacious> hmm thats a no go :( the time remaining on the other project thats running is still going up instead of down :/

15:31 <Chacious> dang, detatched, re-synched that host with account manager and its stilll happening, its with seti that the time remaining is going up :(

15:31 <Chacious> is anyone else having the same issue with seti@home

15:54 <RomW> @Chacious, if you just installed BOINC, it'll take awhile for BOINC to figure out what the difference in performance there is between what the processor can process while everything is in L2 cache vs. what a specific project application can do.

15:55 <RomW> Let it process a few tasks and then the time remaining should start to react they way you think it should.

15:55 <Chacious> its been attatched to the projects for 2 days

15:55 <Chacious> would it help if i paused everything and ran the benchmarks? i thought they ran before anything started

15:56 <RomW> how many tasks has it completed for S@H?

15:57 <Chacious> im on the boincstats website trying to figure out how to see seti@home stats only for that machine

15:59 <Chacious> :( its only showing stats for milkyway@home maybe i didnt add seti right, i would hate to kill them all and resynch with account manager to get it fixed but really want it fixed is that only way sincei t only shows milkyway?

15:59 <RomW> It would probably be easier to look at the S@H site directly

15:59 <Chacious> ok

16:00 <Tank_Master> some of the seti WUs can take a while to complete

16:00 <Chacious> poh! seti@home is temp shut down for maintinance

16:01 <Chacious> could this be due to the main site being down?

16:01 <Tank_Master> no, sety still goes down for backupes once a week

16:02 <Chacious> hmm

16:02 <Chacious> i gotta get dressed and go cash something ill have to try and fix it when i get back

16:03 <Chacious> thx for the help tho Tank_Master

16:03 <RomW> Though generally speaking, neither projects or account managers require to be up.

16:03 <Chacious> ill be back in a bit

16:03 <Chacious> and RomW i appreciate it

16:03 <Chacious> i figured that jus wasnt precicely sure

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20:50 <Chacious> anyone have any idea when will be back up ?

20:58 <desti_T2> no

20:59 <Chacious> never messed with raid so i have no idea how long it takes to rebuild them

20:59 <PovAddict> well

21:00 <PovAddict> if you lose a disk in a raid1, then you put in a new one and rebuild the raid array by copying from the good disk to the new empty one

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21:00 <Chacious> i know the general idea, of a few different raid types but never expiremented with it

21:00 <PovAddict> but it seems what failed is the raid controller, so they may need to restore from backups, then check what data is lost, etc

21:00 <Chacious> O dang :(

21:01 <Chacious> that's not good

21:01 <PovAddict> [12:46] <RomW> The raid device that hosts the website failed

21:01 <PovAddict> [12:46] <RomW> We are having to restore from backups

21:03 <Chacious> so could be down a couple days?

21:04 <Chacious> ive looked on google for a mirrow site to download the executeable since projects work when the boinc site is down havnt found anything, does anyone know of one im overlooking?

21:16 <RomW> What platform do you need?

21:17 <Chacious> win_32

21:19 <RomW>

21:19 <Romulus> <> (at

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21:40 <PovAddict> Chacious: RomW is a BOINC developer, and I think installers are digitally signed by Berkeley, so you can trust that :)

21:41 <RomW> Well, signed by me...

21:41 <RomW> lol

21:42 <PovAddict> well you do the work of signing it, but who owns the certificate?

21:43 <RomW> David pays for it, I create it on the thawte site...

21:44 <RomW> It is a funky process

21:44 <PovAddict> oh, I thought it was owned by the university or something

21:45 <PovAddict> I mean, managed by the university or at least someone higher-up than you in the SSL

21:46 <RomW> Nope, I think there was a brief Q&A over the phone the first time we bought the cert

21:46 <RomW> now it is just a renewal process

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22:52 <quail>

22:52 <Romulus> <> (at

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