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04:38 <desti_T2>

04:38 <Romulus> <> (at

04:56 <desti_T2> fail

04:56 <desti_T2> launch abord

04:57 <desti_T2> after engine ingnition

04:57 <synapt> fuel cut off like instantly almost it looked like

05:05 <desti_T2> lucky they have no solid fuel boosters

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09:53 <zcherus> anyone around?

09:53 <zcherus> need a bit of help with boinc

09:54 <zcherus> nvm I'll leave a question and check later

09:55 <zcherus> here's the thing. I am running seti@home and i receive tons of work units for cuda/fermi (I have geforce 580)

09:56 <zcherus> but problem is that I have old UPS (and recently bought new pc so no cash for new ups)

09:56 <zcherus> and when GPU is working hard UPS goes nuts, it can't feed it with enough power, so it acts like it's power outage

09:57 <zcherus> and if I don't disable whatever task is using GPU that much at the moment UPS would turn itself off and risk wrecking my box

09:57 <zcherus> so I can't leave BOINC on with "use GPU based on preference" because I don't know when IT is going to happen

09:58 <zcherus> sometimes it can work fine for hours, sometimes UPS will start screaming after few minutes

09:58 <zcherus> so I would like to disable GPU for seti@home and do only units which require CPU

09:59 <zcherus> but on Windows version (I'm running win7 64bit) there's no config file or an option in settings which allows me to disable it in a way that I stop receiveing work units which are meant for GPU

09:59 <zcherus> if anyone has any ideas, I'd be grateful for help

09:59 <zcherus> pm me or leave msg here, I'll drop by later. Thanks in advance

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11:07 <Tank_Master> zcherus - you can disable sending GPU work from your account preferences on the SETI website

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