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02:19 <erikn> Anyone know why?

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02:45 <erikn> Clearly Tamar did not know.

02:45 <efc2> moo, i'll look

02:47 <erikn> Hmm? efc2

02:48 <efc2> stuck at 20% for hours?

02:52 <efc2> if you can look at the messag elog it might be helpful

02:52 <efc2> they've hidden it in recent versions

02:52 <efc2> under advanced, event log

02:52 <efc2> see if anything interesting there

02:54 <erikn> There is nothing interesting (with my novice perspective) in there.

02:54 <erikn> Or at least suggestive that there is an error

02:55 <erikn> However

02:55 <erikn> All the tasks that are running say "Running" next to them

02:55 <erikn> This one says "0.163 CPUs + 1 GPUs"

02:55 <erikn> *+1 ATI GPU"

02:58 <efc2> Oh. Do you have preferences set to allow the GPU?

02:59 <efc2> Or allow it while computer is in use

03:01 <erikn> I think so

03:01 <erikn> All the others go while I am using the computer

03:02 <erikn> Actually, it isn't set that way.

03:02 <erikn> I just set it to Activity -> Run Always and Activity -> Use GPU Always

03:02 <erikn> Apparently it is supposed to override preferences

03:04 <efc2> hmm, well I'd definitely lean towards some problem in allocating the GPU.. yours is doing what mine would do when I'm using the computer (pref: dont use GPU while computer in use)

03:04 <efc2> my GPU task says "waiting to run" though

03:05 <efc2> waiting to run (0.0618 CPU + 1 Nvidia GPU)

03:05 <erikn> I have one stuck like that too

03:05 <efc2> does yours say waiting to run or running?

03:05 <erikn> I have one stuck "Running" at 21 percent

03:05 <erikn> another stuck at "Waiting to run" and says something like what yours does

03:06 <efc2> Try Suspend on the one that is running, see if the stuck one starts

03:06 <erikn> No success

03:10 <efc2> What's the application? (S@H, astropulse, etc, its the last column on the WU)

03:14 <erikn> Seti at home

03:14 <efc2> v7 7.0 ?

03:14 <erikn> 7.0.64

03:15 <erikn> It says "Connect to 7.0.64"

03:15 <efc2> and something about cuda I would guess

03:15 <erikn> *connected

03:15 <erikn> Hmm

03:15 <efc2> wish i could copy and paste from it

03:15 <efc2> under tasks, applications it has the exact application version

03:17 <erikn> It says 7.7

03:17 <erikn> Also, when do tasks get reported?

03:17 <erikn> I have a few done

03:17 <efc2> They'll go eventually, in a day or so

03:17 <efc2> Its not immediate, thats normal

03:17 <erikn> Then I can go online and see if they are signal candidates? :D

03:18 <erikn> If they are signal candidates, will I always be able to discern a pattern in the data displayed on the screensaver?

03:19 <erikn> And about what percent of tasks are candidates?

03:19 <erikn> Also, can we see candidates online?

03:20 <efc2> well, i don't think I've ever actually seen one.. you would probably see it, if you are looking at the right moment, and know what to look for

03:20 <efc2> however there is a lot of junk filtering and it might be determined to be noise.. so its not worth staring at really

03:20 <erikn> How long have you looked? I saw some videos online

03:20 <erikn> Yeah, I know what you mean

03:20 <efc2> a few minutes maybe, and not in forever

03:21 <erikn> Oh

03:21 <efc2> i used to use some software that saved the best ones from the logs and plotted on a map

03:21 <efc2> but haven't run that in a long time

03:21 <erikn> Huh.

03:22 <efc2> it logged all the resulsts and plotted where in the sky they were

03:22 <erikn> That's cool.

03:22 <efc2> and picked the top 3 or something like that

03:23 <erikn> Has SETI come up with anything that they haven't quite been able to write off as interference thus far?

03:23 <efc2> years ago, s@h did select candidates to investigate further. But I haven't heard of them doing it again.

03:23 <erikn> So what is happening now?

03:23 <erikn> It is just stored somewhere?

03:24 <efc2> they store them, i'll look for a sec and see if they ever did another roundup

03:25 <erikn> So the candidates aren't actively being examined?

03:25 <erikn> That's kind of lame

03:27 <efc2> "The most significant candidate is a sourse called Radio source SHGb02+14a which the team revealed in 2004. But even this is an unconvincing candidate. In the area of sky in which it was found, there are no stars within 1000 light years of Earth and most commentators think the signal is probably due to random variation. "

03:28 <efc2> i can't find anything on recent re exams

03:28 <erikn> Aww

03:28 <erikn> Some why is seti@home even still going?

03:28 <efc2> that candidate was from 2004

03:29 <erikn> Is it just for people who want to feel like they are doing something?

03:29 <efc2> i assume they are doing something but not finding much

03:29 <efc2> i think they have made more progress in screening candidates though

03:29 <erikn> Yeah

03:30 <erikn> To which projects do you mostly contribute?

03:31 <efc2> these days just S@H.. have done others in the past

03:32 <efc2> btw, not sure exactly what they are doing, but they've never been publishing candidates in real time or stuff like that

03:32 <erikn> Yeah

03:32 <efc2> b/c of the problem of semi literate press getting a hold of it

03:33 <erikn> That makes sense.

03:33 <erikn> Well, I think they do publish candidates

03:33 <erikn> Just in a way that it isn't embellished.

03:34 <erikn> I saw a page where you could click on a username and it would show you with which signal candidates that person was associated

03:37 <efc2> hmm. That would be nice.

03:40 <erikn> Last updated 2003

03:40 <erikn>

03:40 <Romulus> <> (at

03:41 <erikn> I think it would be more interesting if they had that up all the time

03:42 <erikn> You can see a lot of information from the link I posted

03:42 <erikn> Even nearby signals and stuff like that

03:42 <efc2> oh, yeah that from before the current system

03:42 <erikn> It is a better reward for helping than simply a credit number representative of how much you've helped

03:42 <erikn> But it seems like there is a ton of data to churn through

03:43 <erikn> The stuff I'm doing is from my birthday 5 years ago

03:44 <efc2> pooey, i'm not on there. Assuming I was using the same name back then.

03:44 <erikn> How long does your computer take on the average unit? Mine takes 8 hours. However, I have one that is going now that will be done in 1 hour

03:44 <efc2> They may also re-analyze old data with new algorithms sometimes.

03:44 <erikn> Dependent on usage of course

03:45 <erikn> Yeah

03:45 <erikn> And the fact that everything has to be double computed takes a while too

03:45 <efc2> i have a couple going now, from 40 to 100 minutes looks like

03:46 <efc2> the time has something to do with the slew rate of the scope at that time

03:46 <efc2> if its moving fast I think the WU is fast (not as much to do)

03:46 <erikn> Yeah

03:46 <erikn> Kind of like a scanner?

03:46 <efc2> the credit is variable though so you'll get more credit for the slow ones

03:46 <erikn> Like a photograph scanner

03:46 <erikn> Going slowly the file size is huge

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03:47 <efc2> not quite like that, not sure really

03:47 <efc2> i studied it a lot, long ago

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03:48 <efc2> the client is open source so you can read what it does. Or try to read it.

03:48 <erikn> Oh

03:48 <erikn> I could probably only read the comments. :P

03:48 <efc2> Ha. Comments.

03:48 <erikn> Well, maybe the major syntax

03:49 <efc2> they didn't put units on anything, drove me nuts.

03:49 <erikn> lol

03:49 <erikn> Are you just using a pc?

03:49 <efc2> Yes

03:49 <erikn> I'm guessing that most people who hang out in the irc channel are a bit more involved (no offense0

03:49 <erikn> *)

03:50 <efc2> not really

03:50 <efc2> guy PovAddict usually knows whats going on, the rest of us are generally lUsers

03:50 <erikn> 1Users?

03:51 <efc2> Lusers

03:52 <erikn> I still don't know what that means.

03:52 <erikn> Losers?

03:53 <efc2> Lusers=Users=Losers

03:53 <erikn> Oh

03:54 <erikn> I want to get it so that I can remote run boinc on my campus' computers

03:54 <erikn> You can't remote install software, but I think I might be able to remote run it

03:54 <efc2> make sure they are ok with it, blah blah

03:54 <erikn> Oh of course!

03:55 <erikn> It'd be cool if the campus setup their computers to automatically run boinc in the background

03:56 <erikn> After all, they probably update their computers every so often anyways.

03:56 <erikn> Might as well put that spare cpu time to use

03:56 <efc2> Yes, typically they are less than favorable to such ideas.

03:56 <erikn> Primarily because it is expensive and can interfere with productivity

03:56 <efc2> with modern CPUs, it does take extra electricity to run something vs. idle

03:56 <erikn> Yeah

03:56 <efc2> really old CPUs, it made almost no difference

03:56 <erikn> I read that building a boinc farm is expensive

03:57 <efc2> I guess it can be..

03:57 <erikn> If you run 50 computers, you almost pay for the computers all over again every part of a year

03:58 <efc2> come winter, i'll allow more tasks, help with heating

03:59 <efc2> my older computers probably can't run s@h anymore unfortunately

04:01 <efc2> oh.. well maybe so, even my new WUs only have 40 megs

04:02 <efc2> OS support is a problem though, and if they ever drop 2k/XP support it won't help

04:03 <efc2> i tried to get '95 working a while back.. It doesn't.

04:07 <erikn> Hmm

04:08 <erikn> Do you know if the android beta works on the same account?

04:08 <erikn> I might do that since it seems like phones are retired before they actually fail

04:11 <erikn> It will probably burn through battery a lot faster though

04:13 <efc2> no idea, but doesn't seem like something you'd want to run unless on wall power

04:16 <erikn> Well, nice talking to you efc2

04:16 <erikn> I've got to get to bed.

04:16 <erikn> Happy computing!

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04:33 <efc2> got boincLogX installed, somehow I left out the last 700k credits..

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21:01 <CoderForLife> GN boinclanders

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