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02:26 <Romulus> New news from boinc: World Community Grid enables drug discovery

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12:41 <desti>,26194.html

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19:44 <OneMiner1> Hello friends.

19:45 <OneMiner1> I'm wondering if anybody would like to chat about gridcoin.

19:45 <OneMiner1> I'm interested in putting some CPU cores to work. It's exciting that it may benefit BOINC projects. But I'm unsure on the specifics.

19:50 <OneMiner1> Ahh actually sounds like you don't put most of your processing power towards BOINC projects after all. Seems sort of like a waste.

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19:55 <PovAddictW> gridcoin? is it that thing that mines a bitcoin clone by contributing to BOINC projects?

19:55 <PovAddictW> I don't see how it can possibly be cheat-proof

19:56 <PovAddictW> the whole point of the "useless" computations bitcoin does is that you can't cheat

19:58 <OneMiner1> I was just checking it out PovAddictW

19:58 <OneMiner1> It's mining a PoW coin (scrypt) and pays you extra if you're doing BOINC work.

19:58 <OneMiner1> So it's not actually doing anything new. It's pretty disappointing actually.

19:59 <PovAddictW> it's also not cheat proof

19:59 <OneMiner1> Yes, that occurred to me too.

19:59 <PovAddictW> I bet I can make a program that tricks gridcoin into thinking I'm doing BOINC work when I'm not

19:59 <PovAddictW> easily.

20:00 <OneMiner1> Meh, I got excited for a little.

20:00 <OneMiner1> It's still the holy grail of crypto. Useful PoW... not yet I guess.

20:01 <PovAddictW> primecoin?

20:01 <OneMiner1> The utility of that.... I think it's not useful.

20:02 <OneMiner1> Probably gives math geeks a stiffy but I can't se the practical use.

20:02 <OneMiner1> Best PoW is still useless hashing IMO.

20:02 <OneMiner1> Just need to move all the miners to the frozen north to heat up the cold peoples there.

20:03 <OneMiner1> Too bad, joke's on me.

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21:20 <CoderForLife> all LHC, all the time lately

21:21 <CoderForLife> gn boinc mavens

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22:24 <ariqs> The server I got for doing boinc is crashing constantly now. It ran flawlessly for about a month and then crashed. It progressively got worse until I couldn't ignore and decided to see if it was the memory

22:24 <ariqs> swapped that out and it crashed over night

22:25 <ariqs> I've tried a few different memory configs

22:26 <ariqs> k, well.... here goes. I got this server a few months ago and it worked flawlessly for about a month and then crashed. As time went on, it started to lock up more and more until it was a crash a day. So I took othe crash error is mainly blaming intelppm.sys

22:26 <ariqs> that was weird

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