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16:24 <MiniFridge> is it okay to have BOINC use four cores?

16:24 <MiniFridge> or will it get too hot on my Samsung Galaxy S4?

16:24 <MiniFridge> Also, I noticed there are now 4 processes running

16:24 <PovAddictW> I have no experience with boinc on android, my own phone is super old

16:24 <MiniFridge> *tasks

16:25 <MiniFridge> oh

16:25 <PovAddictW> LG p500 with android 2.3 :D

16:25 <MiniFridge> so I'm guessing each task utilizes 1 core

16:25 <MiniFridge> :P

16:25 <MiniFridge> ah

16:25 <MiniFridge> I just tried to get into BOINC, because it sounds cool and my office pc would probably die running BOINC

16:26 <MiniFridge> I'll probably try running it on my custom built pc later, because I noticed the exhaust doesn't feel warm at all

16:26 <MiniFridge> but then again, the GPU isn't installed

16:27 <MiniFridge> the phone does get quite warm though

16:27 <MiniFridge> but I kept the temperature limit at default

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16:49 <efc> boinc does have some capabilities to use the CPU 50% of the time, helps if your heatsink isn't the best

16:50 <efc> 50 or X

16:51 <MiniFridge> oh

16:51 <MiniFridge> so like 50% of it being on, it will compute?

16:51 <MiniFridge> It feels awkward to have it in your hand and being so warm

16:51 <PovAddictW> it will compute for one second and pause for one second

16:51 <efc> it cycles over a second or so

16:51 <efc> right

16:52 <MiniFridge> ohhhhhh

16:52 <MiniFridge> thank you

16:52 <MiniFridge> hmm, maybe if I set it higher it will run cooler?

16:52 <MiniFridge> but, it may also take several minutes to hours to compute then :/

16:53 <efc> i would guess that you'd be better off with 1 core at 100% than 2 cores at 50%

16:53 <efc> but not a lot of difference

16:54 <MiniFridge> hmmmmm

16:54 <efc> i've got some heat exchange coils off a heat pump.. Bet I could make a great cooler out of those things.

16:54 <MiniFridge> if all cores are at 100%, wouldn't it lag bad?

16:54 <efc> they usually run at the lowest priority but yeah it could impact other things some

16:55 <MiniFridge> Yeah, maybe having 1 core at 100% will run cooler

16:55 <efc> depends how well that OS can manage it all

16:55 <MiniFridge> once, I get my custom built pc running BOINC or Folding@Home, I may take it off my phone

16:55 <MiniFridge> probably will run faster too

16:56 <efc> on some of the desktops there is some power management, like one core can run at a faster clock if the others are idle, chip is cool enough etc

16:56 <efc> I haven't really figured out how to game it

16:57 <efc> I just leave at least a core free all the time for my actual work and don't worry about the rest

16:57 <efc> 3 for boinc in winter and 2 or 1 in summer

16:57 <MiniFridge> yeah, it's hot here

16:57 <MiniFridge> I have it running on 2 atm

16:58 <efc> personally I wouldn't run boinc on a phone, or even laptop, but up to you of course

16:58 <MiniFridge> One, it actually seems the task runs faster

16:58 <MiniFridge> efc, why is that?

16:58 <efc> i don't thinkt hey are meant to run 100% CPU all the time

16:58 <MiniFridge> probably true

16:59 <efc> laptops at least, get really hot

16:59 <MiniFridge> I'll take it off

16:59 <efc> run the fan like crazy

16:59 <efc> the laptop/phone may be better flops/watt*hour

16:59 <MiniFridge> I'll have it finish these two tasks

16:59 <efc> but at some cost of longevity to the device

17:00 <MiniFridge> and then I'll take it off

17:00 <efc> if you replace it every year anyway, then there's not much to lose

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17:00 <MiniFridge> well, can BOINC make use of a GPU?

17:00 <MiniFridge> for desktop clients?

17:00 <efc> Yes

17:00 <efc> each app has to handle it

17:01 <MiniFridge> a single GTX 760 will probably be better than a phone :P

17:01 <efc> may or may not support ati/nvidia

17:01 <efc> ran seti@home for a while on my card, but decided I didn't like listening to the fan

17:01 <MiniFridge> oh

17:02 <MiniFridge> well, can I set a time limit for it?

17:02 <efc> its super fast.. i forget the ratio

17:02 <MiniFridge> Like can I have the computer run BOINC only at night?

17:02 <efc> to some extent

17:02 <efc> looks like you can give it hours and days to run

17:03 <MiniFridge> also, why should I download virtual box?

17:03 <MiniFridge>

17:03 <efc> you can have it only do GPU when system isn't in use, also, which I'd generally recommend

17:04 <efc> task management on GPUs isn't up there with CPUs, so better just do one thing at a time

17:04 <MiniFridge> oh, what happens if you run the GPU with multiple tasks?

17:05 <MiniFridge> it can crash the pc or soemthing?

17:05 <MiniFridge> *something

17:05 <efc> for me it just seemed to slow down games some

17:05 <MiniFridge> oh

17:05 <efc> i don't know about virtualbox. thats news to me.

17:06 <MiniFridge> Sadly, it doesn't seem like SIMAP is avaliable for GPU?

17:06 <efc> another 80 megs to download, super

17:06 <MiniFridge>

17:06 <Romulus> Title: GPU computing - BOINC (at

17:07 <efc> no idea. each application has to do their own choices on GPU support.

17:08 <MiniFridge> so I guess I would use that GPUGrid one for protein folding, I guess

17:08 <efc> hopefully eventually there will be an open standard for it, I think there is already but doens't have traction

17:09 <efc> Wandering off.. Feel free to hang around

17:09 <efc> wdsmia needs more fodder to fill the crevasse.

17:09 <MiniFridge> thank you for your help

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18:18 <MiniFridge> gtg, lightning!

18:18 <MiniFridge> bye, thanks

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18:38 * PovAddictW makes travel plans \o/

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19:04 <MiniFridge> Hi

19:05 <MiniFridge> If I delete the BOINC app and stuff is still in queue to be computed, what will happen with the rest of the stuff?

19:09 <PovAddictW> it will eventually expire and will be sent to another computer (or phone)

19:10 <MiniFridge> oh, okay

19:11 <MiniFridge> how long does it typically take to expire?

19:12 <PovAddictW> if you mean when it'll be deleted from your phone, that should happen as soon as you delete the app :)

19:14 <MiniFridge> no, I mean't for the expiration

19:14 <MiniFridge> or does it vary project to project?

19:14 <PovAddictW> it varies per project

19:15 <MiniFridge> ah, okay

19:15 <MiniFridge> thanks, just wondering

19:15 <MiniFridge> I would think BOINC would have made it smarter than having those tasks go to waste

19:16 <MiniFridge> okay, that answers everything

20:25 <MiniFridge> also, can I run BOINC without virtual box? Because I don't want to run Linux...

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