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17:25 <Moonsilence> Hi! I like the idea of Boinc and am willing to donate my electrical power to research, but I don't like so much the idea of constantly writing to my SSD concerning lifespan. Is it possible for Boinc to operate work packages in RAM only?

17:27 <Eagle07> Are you on linux?

17:27 <Moonsilence> Win 8

17:27 <Eagle07> then no, not easily

17:27 <Eagle07> What SSD do you have?

17:28 <Moonsilence> Adata SP900 Pro os so... I have 16 GB of Ram, so plenty of unused.

17:28 <Eagle07> just about any modern ssd can't be worn out before its obsolete

17:28 <Moonsilence> I see...

17:28 <Eagle07> that said... you got an offbrand

17:28 <Moonsilence> So even years of running Boinc wouldnt really harm it?

17:29 <Moonsilence> What is an offbrand?

17:29 <Eagle07> what size drive?

17:29 <Moonsilence> 128 GB

17:30 <Eagle07> non mainstream brand.

17:31 <Moonsilence> O.K., and does that make it more or less vulnerable to wear?

17:31 <Eagle07> It seems to be fine

17:32 <Moonsilence> O.K. thanks! So I shouldnt worry about this then.

17:32 <Eagle07> not really no

17:32 <Eagle07> You can take the time to figure out how to make a ramdrive

17:33 <Eagle07> and use that for your boinc data directory

17:33 <Eagle07> but I don't think there are any free ramdisk programs on windows currently

17:33 <Eagle07> With linux.... it is just a few commands.

17:34 <Moonsilence> Actually there are, but I think it wont be neccesary then.

17:34 <Eagle07>

17:34 <Romulus> <> (at

17:35 <Moonsilence> Thanks

17:35 <Eagle07> They are writing to those drive continuously

17:36 <Eagle07> they are up to 600TB

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18:37 <MiniFridge> RAMDisk?

18:37 <MiniFridge> I haven't really tried RAMDisk though

18:37 <MiniFridge> Adata not mainstream?

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20:27 <Eagle07> MiniFridge, no, I would be tempted to call Adata a B brand

20:28 <MiniFridge> who do you consider A brands?

20:29 <Eagle07> Corsair, Intel, Samsung

20:29 <Eagle07> Seagate

20:29 <Eagle07> Sandisk, Hitachi

20:30 <Eagle07> crucial and OCZ for the A- to B

20:31 <Eagle07> I am missing an a brand... PNY is up there ... Aish

20:31 <Eagle07> Plextor ...there we go

20:32 <Eagle07> for the mac users out there... OWC

20:33 <Eagle07> but there are a number of B brands that don't really make their own IP

20:33 <Eagle07> or much of it

20:33 <Eagle07> not super performers

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20:34 <Eagle07> I tend to prefer non-sandisk controller based drives

20:35 <Eagle07> drives that don't rely on compression of data for performance

20:35 <Eagle07> Corsair has a LAMD controller that is pretty slick and is pretty much the best drive on the consumer side

20:35 <Eagle07> Seagate 600 pro uses the same controller

20:35 <Eagle07> considerably cheaper...

20:36 <Eagle07> Samsung makes their own controllers that are does Intel.

20:36 <Eagle07> Though some intel are also sandforce controlled.

20:36 <Eagle07> I derpted on that... non sandforce controllers...

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21:43 <PovAddict> I have a laptop with a small sandisk SSD (in addition to the bigger spinning-metal disk)

21:43 <PovAddict> I tried compiling software on it and it hangs from all the activity

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