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07:42 <Trudko> Hi guys.  is this channel for Boinc manager?

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14:48 <Trudko> anybody home ? :)

14:48 <Trudko> I am curious if boinc manager is faster on linux compared to windows

14:48 <PovAddict> that's irrelevant, what matters is if project apps are faster

14:49 <Trudko> ok so is rosetta home app faster on linux compared to windows?

14:50 <Eagle07> My windows box isn't as beefy as my linux boxen...  So I don't know.

14:51 <Eagle07> Linux has the ability to be faster

14:51 <Eagle07> The Hardocp team has put out a custom version that locks tasks to cores...

14:51 <Trudko> would be great

14:51 <Eagle07> give you a >10% performance boost

14:51 <Trudko> cool

14:52 <PovAddict> that much?

14:52 <Eagle07> yeah

14:52 <Trudko> btw I am actually planning to upgrade my pc (if I find buyer for my old) just so I can help more. Boinc manager is such a great idea

14:52 <PovAddict> Linux is already pretty good at keeping processes locked to cores for as long as possible

14:52 <PovAddict> it does switch

14:52 <Eagle07> they also have an appliance

14:52 <PovAddict> but not all the time like Windows

14:52 <Eagle07> so everything is installed for you ...well prompted to be instaleld..

14:53 <Eagle07>

14:53 <Romulus> Title: BOINC client optimized for multisocket machines [Linux] - [H]ard|Forum (at

14:54 <PovAddict> .deb files? where's the modified source?

14:55 <Trudko> btw is there some user friendly  app? seems like that is drawback of this project.

14:55 <Eagle07> That is the drawback of this umbrella project

14:56 <Trudko> from my little experience it seems that it is almost impossible for average user to installing boinc and set it up

14:56 <Eagle07> Window is easy

14:56 <Eagle07> linux is pita

14:56 <Eagle07> and I use linux daily

14:56 <Trudko> Eagle07: well windows is ugly as Ihell

14:56 <Trudko> windows app

14:56 <Eagle07> lol

14:56 <Eagle07> BAM helps a lot

14:56 <PovAddict> the boinc manager looks the same on all platforms...

14:57 <Eagle07> unless you get a super old version on centOS

14:57 <Eagle07> lo

14:57 <Trudko> and average user wont be willing to setup project properly(like how many percentage of cpu should be used) too complicated. and that is huge problem. there are so few people using boinc manager. Powersleep on Android did it great

14:58 <Eagle07> I don't think there are that few people using boinc

14:59 <Trudko> well I guess that boinc is not used by average user .

14:59 <Eagle07> the average user doesn't DC

14:59 <Trudko> dc ?

14:59 <Eagle07> distributed computing

15:00 <Trudko> true but it would be great if they did and one of problems is complexity for sure.

15:00 <Eagle07> So long as they don't go the f@h route

15:00 <Trudko> right now there are 27k people helping rossetta. What would happen if we would have like 100k?

15:00 <Eagle07> Well the problem is they are many worthy projects

15:00 <Trudko> making whole process easier for average user would help a lot imo

15:01 <Trudko> Eagle07: sure

15:01 <Trudko> but many people have no idea they can do something like that

15:01 <Eagle07> So you have to proselytize them

15:01 <Trudko> AFAIK powersleep is first thing which attracted average user to dc but its on phone which is much slower compared to pc

15:01 <Trudko> have you seen powersleep?

15:01 <Eagle07> nope

15:02 <Eagle07> I have no desire to run dc on my phone lol

15:02 <Trudko> well

15:02 <Trudko> check its great app for alarm clock from samsung and it uses phone for DC when you are charging and you are connected to wifi

15:02 <Trudko> for excample I used it every day at work because I can charge my phone there and there is wifi already

15:03 <Trudko> we need something like that but for pc

15:03 <Eagle07> well... I would rather not use up my phones heatcyles before it is outdated

15:03 <Trudko> I am curious if lets say vavel would implement something like to game slike dota

15:04 <Trudko> fair enough but my point was that this is way to go if we want to more people to join DC

15:04 <Eagle07> right

15:04 <Eagle07> That is why we have a DC guide section

15:04 <Romulus> Title: DC Guides - [H]ard|Forum (at

15:04 <Trudko> well that is not for average user

15:04 <Trudko> we need to go... Apple style :D

15:04 <Eagle07> We walk you through all the setup

15:05 <Eagle07> I loathe apple lol

15:05 <Eagle07> We need to make smarter users

15:05 <Eagle07> not dumber devices

15:05 <Trudko> impossible :)

15:06 <Trudko> and frankly pointless because average user wants simplicity and that is ok.

15:06 <Eagle07> Well ... there are certain other parties at fault too

15:06 <Eagle07> like nvidia

15:06 <Trudko> btw I saw some nice looking page for ome project cant remember which one

15:06 <Eagle07> their linux drivers are hideous to setup

15:06 <Trudko> sure

15:07 <Eagle07> I am at a bind with them

15:07 <Eagle07> It is painful but doable if nvidia is the display out...

15:07 <Eagle07> However the Tesla uses the same drivers as display in linux

15:07 <Eagle07> ... Yet they have no vid out

15:08 <Eagle07> So... The nvidia driver keeps breaking xorg.conf and I can't get both display working, and the cards working...

15:09 <Eagle07>

15:10 <Trudko> those are yours?

15:10 <Eagle07> yes

15:11 <Eagle07> I currently have just 3 2p rigs crunching ... and really would like to get those Teslas running

15:11 <Trudko> great

15:12 <Eagle07> I have 2 k10s, 3 m2090s, 2 m2070s, 1 m2050...

15:12 <Trudko> what project do you focus on?

15:12 <Eagle07> Well... the older GPUs will get a Dual precision liking project

15:13 <Eagle07> and the K10s a single precision likeing project

15:13 <Eagle07> probably gpu grid on the k10s

15:13 <Eagle07> Which means I will have to seperate the Teslas to 2 rigs.

15:13 <Trudko> I want to focus on rosetta especially  since I take a look at potentional research of  life extension

15:13 <Eagle07> I like poem and rosetta

15:14 <Eagle07> but those don't offer GPU units

15:14 <Eagle07>

15:14 <Romulus> <> (at

15:17 <Trudko> cool

15:18 <Trudko> do you know Aubrey de Grey ?

15:18 <Eagle07> no?

15:18 <Eagle07> lol

15:19 <Trudko> he is doing research  on life extension

15:20 <Trudko> although still in early age looks promising

15:20 <Trudko> would be greate if public could help and running boinc might be the way

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