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15:24 <Macer> hello. i just created a boinc account but don't have a cpid

15:24 <Macer> is there a reason i don't have one?

15:25 <Macer> although i added the seti project sep and set up the boinc account afterwards. do i have to remove seti and set it back up in boincmgr?

15:34 <Macer> blah

15:34 <Macer> i can't seem to attach seti@home to boinc now. when i try to add it with BAM i keep getting bad password

15:51 <Macer> why on earth can't i remove this seti@home project from boincmgr??

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16:35 <PovAddictW> if you're attached via BAM you have to detach via BAM

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16:49 <Macer> PovAddictW: yeah if igured it out

16:49 <Macer> boinc, --redirectio, --launched_by_manager) failed with error 13!

16:50 <Macer> i'm getting errors like that with exepvc

16:50 <Macer> when trying to use boincmgr in a freenas jail

16:50 <Macer> 17205 boinc         1 155  i31 50492K  7396K select  1   0:00  0.10% boinc_client

16:50 <Macer> seems like boinc is running

16:53 <aregidor> Macer: how do you created the account?

17:00 <Macer> aregidor: it's not an account problem. it is a freebsd pkg  repo problem it seems

17:01 <Macer> i installed the boinc client and boincmgr doesn't want to work correctly

17:01 <Macer> now i'm getting "unable to connect to the core client" even tho it is running the gtk mgr on the same box

17:01 <Macer> so firewalling shouldn't be an issue

17:04 <Macer> is there a way to use boinccmd to add the boinc acct?

17:05 <Macer> the only instructions for fbsd that i see explain how to add independent projects

17:07 <aregidor> just in case: do you have linux emulation? apparently, some projects need it

17:08 <aregidor>

17:08 <Romulus> <> (at

17:09 <Macer> aregidor: yeah i just tried that

17:09 <Macer> now i get error -1 :)

17:09 <aregidor>

17:10 <Romulus> <> (at

17:10 <Macer> 27    3 0xffffffff81aaa000 46923    linux.ko

17:10 <Macer> looks loaded

17:11 <Macer> yeah maybe it is because i am not using the ports tree

17:12 <Macer> i am using the client from the pkg repo

17:12 <aregidor> i never used freebsd, but some time ago i tried to use boinc on openbsd

17:12 <Macer> yeah right now i'm using a vbox jail

17:12 <aregidor> but linux emulation wasn't available for amd64

17:12 <Macer> which is probably not the best of ways to do this :)

17:13 <Macer> mostly because of the way vbox uses ram

17:13 <aregidor> :P

17:13 <Macer> running vbox in a jail to run boinc heh

17:15 <aregidor> mmm maybe writing to the pkg maintainer...

17:17 <Macer> i'm installing the ports tree now

17:18 <Macer> i just had to set up a zfs dataset so i can share it with other fbsd jails

17:18 <Macer> it sucks downloading/extracting on multiple jails

17:19 <Macer> 83908   1001       25  25    5   796M   573M uwait   3  42.5H 200.00% VBoxHeadless

17:19 <Macer> at least the vbox seems to be using it well :)

17:19 <aregidor> :P

17:20 <aregidor> never used jails (also didn't used openbsd too much, either, i'm still sticked to linux)

17:21 <aregidor> i tried to install openbsd in my laptop yesterday, but didn't work

17:21 <aregidor> only installed in a desktop computer

17:22 <aregidor> didn't detect the ethernet card in the laptop

17:22 <Macer> pcbsd might work better for a laptop

17:22 <aregidor> or maybe a dhcp problem

17:22 <Macer> but bsd doesn't work well for laptops regardless

17:23 <Macer> at least not in my experience. pcbsd is the closest you can come to getting it to work on one

17:23 <aregidor> well, my main reason to change from linux to bsd is security, so i try to switch to openbsd

17:23 <Macer> well.. i never had a problem with linux security but then again i doubt i'm a big target heh

17:23 <Macer> but my nas runs freebsd

17:24 <Macer> well.. freenas

17:24 <Macer> so it's on all the time.. might as well search for aliens and fold proteins too

17:24 <aregidor> mmm i will read about freebsd and pcbsd security, then

17:24 <Macer> i'm sure they're rather close to openbsd... openbsd might pull a few things to make it more "secure"

17:25 <Macer> but with a blank slate on freebsd you can probably make it just as secure

17:25 <Macer> but pcbsd was supposed to be the one to use on a laptop (if your hardware is supported of course)

17:25 <Macer> it's just freebsd with a ui :)

17:25 <aregidor> XD i will try it

17:31 <aregidor> well, i have to go

17:31 <aregidor> see you

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19:11 <Macer> hm

19:11 <Macer> yeah seems like it doesn't seem to work trying to install it in a jail :

19:11 <Macer> :/

19:11 <Macer> that sucks

19:12 <Macer> maybe i'll see if a linux jail will have better luck

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