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17:18 <MiniFridge> which add on do you guys reccomend to prevent overheating of my PC while calculating with BOINC?

17:19 <MiniFridge> I'd like my temperature not to go above 60C

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17:59 <MiniFridge> anyone know?

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18:22 <PovAddictW> MiniFridge: what OS?

18:22 <MiniFridge> 8.1

18:23 <PovAddictW> I wrote my own script for Linux

18:23 <PovAddictW> don't know of anything for Windows

18:23 <MiniFridge> Maybe I could use one of these:

18:23 <Romulus> Title: BOINC add-on software (at

18:23 <MiniFridge> I don't think BOINC would link to any malicious software, but some of the sites look dated.

18:24 <MiniFridge> Even if it may work.

18:27 <MiniFridge> thanks anyways

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18:59 <desti_T2>,34.49,1452

18:59 <Romulus> <> (at

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21:57 <MiniFridge> Hi, so I had BOINC running for some hours, leaving my computer idle, and I come back to find the task bar icon disappeared right in front of me when I opened my desktop.

21:59 <MiniFridge> it certainly looks like it was running, though...

21:59 <MiniFridge> from the BOINC Simap profile for my pc.

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22:06 <MiniFridge> Also, can BOINC reduce the lifespan of your HDD greatly?

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22:29 <desti_T2> no

22:29 <desti_T2> maybe if you have set it to spin down after a few seconds of inactivity

22:30 <MiniFridge> desti_T2, no settings are changed on the HDD

22:31 <MiniFridge> I have a WD Black (5 year warranty) so I also hope they don't count BOINC as non-normal use for it. Because, if it ever dies and I can't get a replacement, that would be disappointing considering I paid the extra money.

22:34 <MiniFridge> desti_T2, also to reduce writes to disk, should I raise the "Tasks checkpoint to disk at most <insert number> seconds"?

22:35 <desti_T2> you can, but not every project cares about that setting

22:36 <MiniFridge> desti_T2, why would a project try to override that setting>

22:36 <MiniFridge> ?

22:37 <desti_T2> to stupid, ignorant, want low memory usage ect

22:38 <MiniFridge> well, the tasks shouldn't even take up much RAM, am I right?

22:38 <desti_T2> depends on what the project does

22:39 <desti_T2> most projects dont need much ram for each task, but when you have a virtual 24 cores processor, it sums up

22:40 <desti_T2> some projects do checkpoint in fixed intervalls, but other do checkpoint after a specific point of calculation is done, which means different cpus will reach the next checkpoint faster or slower

22:40 <MiniFridge> oh

22:41 <MiniFridge> do you think WD would consider it misuse or out of spec/purpose of the drive by running BOINC?

22:41 <desti_T2> dunno

22:41 <MiniFridge> maybe I should email them

22:42 <PovAddictW> the extra I/O is negligible compared to other tasks you could be doing

22:42 <PovAddictW> like running a database

22:42 <desti_T2> i wouldn't consider it as abuse, it's really not using more disc writes than your browser cache

22:42 <MiniFridge> I would assume that would fall under enterprise drives though and be unaccpetable for warranty, PovAddictW

22:43 <desti_T2> or having your email client on auto check every 5 minutes

22:43 <MiniFridge> desti_T2, I wouldn't think that writes to the drive, does it, desti_T2?

22:44 <desti_T2> if you got a lot of spam :p

22:46 <MiniFridge> I may be able to call tomorrow

22:46 <MiniFridge> I'm tired

22:46 <MiniFridge> I'm going to go, thanks for your input. Goodnight.

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