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03:33 <seekr> I have some newbie questions concerning setup.  I managed to get one project running on a new HP/Intel quad core system.  Now I'm trying to determine whether I have it set up correctly for GPU usage.  I'm reading but don't have enough understanding and/or experience to be able to interpret what GPU-Z is telling me about the chip, and whether the machine has an Ivy Bridge or Has

03:33 <seekr> well CPU.  Maybe it's too early in the morning to be asking such questions, so I may have to come back later.  Any takers?

03:33 <Romulus> Title: GPU computing - BOINC (at

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08:59 <desti> is there actually a project for ebola research?

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22:39 <seekr> I have some newbie usage questions and can't easily find answers in online documentation.  No one is available in the list at - Would it be appropriate to ask such questions here?  I need help understanding whether my GPU is being utilised and I want to know how to shut down gracefully so that work is not lost (I have to do a quick reboot of the computer).  Thanks.

22:39 <Romulus> <> (at

22:40 <PovAddict> you can just go and reboot

22:40 <PovAddict> BOINC applications save their state regularly

22:41 <seekr> OK.  Thanks.  How about the GPU?  Please see for a report on the GPU, which seems to not be being used.

22:42 <PovAddict> what BOINC project are you attached to?

22:44 <seekr> Please see another image at - which shows the details.  So far, I'm only doing Cosmology@home - can't figure out how to connect to another using BAM.

22:46 <PovAddict> cosmology doesn't have a GPU application

22:46 <seekr> ah

22:46 <seekr> I'll check on the other one.  Don't know why the client isn't seeing the project.

22:47 <PovAddict> BAM is overkill unless you have lots of computers to take care of, in my opinion

22:49 <seekr> Oh - hmmm - the documentation recommended its use.  I'm only doing one project now as a test - will likely add others later.  I read several reasons given for why using an account manager is a good thing, but I'm presently in no position to evaluate such things - just trying to feel my way around.  Thanks for stating your opinion, which I will consider carefully as I proceed.

22:51 <seekr> The page shows me being signed up for two projects, and I've ticked the "Attach new host by default" in both, which appeared to get the cosmology one going - but not the other one.

22:51 <Romulus> Title: BOINCstats/BAM! | (at

22:52 <PovAddict> BOINC might take a while to contact BAM again

22:52 <seekr> Well, it's been a few days already.

22:52 <PovAddict> oh

22:53 <seekr> The other project is Rosetta@home.

22:53 <seekr> The BOINC client isn't connecting to it, though.  :-(

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