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16:24 <tristest> hi

16:25 <tristest> I have a question

16:25 <tristest> where are Boinc settings and work units saved in linux?

16:25 <tristest> I would like to migrate it

16:25 <tristest> basically same architecture and same os

16:26 <tristest> rather a back up than anything else in case something goes wrong

16:26 <tristest> but I don't want to wait until all WU's are finished nor do I want to lose work done so far or have to add the projects again

16:27 <tristest> so I'd like to simply copy the backup over once I'm done, restart boinc and have things resume where they were

16:43 <tristest> anybody?

16:43 <Romulus> It has been said that anybody is doing WCG beta testing for GPU calculus, tristest

16:44 <tristest> yah, nice

16:44 <tristest> still that doesn't answer my question

16:44 <efc> Romulus isn't the brightest bulb.

16:44 <Romulus> Dunno.

16:45 <PovAddictW> tristest: did you install boinc from distro packages?

16:45 <efc> Wish I could help with linux.. I'm not sure if it will work or not since the WUs may be tied to the computer somehow.

16:47 <efc> I got a rasp pi, might try s@h on it for a laugh someday.

16:47 <PovAddictW> efc: I already tried it

16:47 <PovAddictW> boinc benchmarks give 232 floatingpoint MIPS, 935 integer MIPS

16:47 <tristest> PovAddictW: yes

16:48 <tristest> und ubuntu-based distro

16:48 <PovAddictW> tristest: /var/lib/boinc or /var/lib/boinc-client, I forget which

16:48 <PovAddictW> tristest: make sure to keep ownership/permissions when you do the backup and restore

16:48 <tristest> thank you PovAddictW

16:48 <tristest> yes, I will keep an eye on ownerships then

16:49 <efc> PovAddictW: I saw that someone thought the GPU could be used for a good speedup. Not sure if they got it finished.

16:49 <tristest> so it's enough to backup these two (or one if only one exits) and then I will not have to readd the projects and also the work will (hopefully) resume?

16:50 <PovAddictW> yes

16:50 <tristest> I will first stop the client then make the backup

16:50 <tristest> thank you very much, PovAddictW

16:50 <efc> PovAddictW: that's around why my cyrix-133 got.

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16:57 <tristest> have a great day!!

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19:05 <desti_T2>

19:05 <Romulus> Title: ILS - Yamal 401 (at

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