IRC logs of #boinc for Friday, 2014-12-26

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00:21 <victorgrigas> Hello room

00:24 <efc> Hey

00:27 <victorgrigas> hi efc

00:28 <victorgrigas> i wonder if anyone here has had any luck using BOINC on rasberry pi

00:29 <efc> I have not tried it yet

00:29 <victorgrigas> i have a rasberry pi im not using and thought i could dedicate it to the purpose

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00:30 <efc> It does run, but its quite slow

00:30 <efc> somebody did experiments to use the GPU hardware which sounded promising

00:30 <victorgrigas> hello efcrasberrypi

00:30 <efc> Don't know the current state of it

00:30 <efcRaspberryPi> Greetings

00:31 <victorgrigas> funny you should join! i just asked a quesiton about using boinc on rasberry pi

00:31 <victorgrigas> :D

00:31 <efcRaspberryPi> Pure coincidence

00:31 <efcRaspberryPi> just got irc installed last night, irssi is the only one that didn't need a big download

00:32 <victorgrigas> from what i can tell, there are only a few boinc projects that can run on a pi?

00:33 <victorgrigas> and how do i start?

00:33 <efcRaspberryPi> I haven't looked, but sounds likely

00:33 <victorgrigas> (im a rookie)

00:34 <efcRaspberryPi> You can check out the boinc website and see if they support a client yet

00:35 <efcRaspberryPi> the rough numbers i've seen suggest it may be around a pentium 150

00:35 <efcRaspberryPi> +/- a lot

00:38 <victorgrigas> hmm let me look

00:39 <efc> I am not sure that running something like boinc will be great for the flash card

00:39 <victorgrigas>

00:39 <Romulus> Title: Choosing BOINC projects (at

00:39 <efc> probably ok but a slight concern

00:39 <victorgrigas> there are rasberry pi icons on a few of these

00:41 <efc> browsing over there

00:41 <efc> nothing is fast here

00:41 <efc> somebody has done a custom seti@home client

00:42 <efc> perhaps some of the others too

00:42 <efc> you'll have to look around for it specifically

00:42 <victorgrigas>

00:42 <Romulus> <> (at

00:42 <victorgrigas> thats the seti@home one

00:43 <victorgrigas> I have a goal zero solar panel im going to hook up to the pi for this project

00:43 <victorgrigas> should be a fun project :D

00:44 <efc> would need about 10 watts I suppose

00:44 <victorgrigas> ive got +/- 40 during the day and a battery for night

00:45 <efc> oh thats good, don't need to worry about it going down

00:45 <efc> this doesn't look too hard to install but don't have the bandwidth right now

00:46 <victorgrigas> the seti one above?

00:46 <efc> yes the apt-get

00:46 <efc> Look around for the GPU version too, it would help

00:47 <victorgrigas> ok will do

00:47 <efc> its not really worth doing other than just to show it can be done, otherwise

00:47 <victorgrigas> id like to have it all set up running on solar

00:48 <victorgrigas> i really like the idea of this thing solving problems with sunlight

00:48 <efc> need a reasonably efficient power supply.. 12v->5v, 2ish amps

00:49 <efc> switching PS of some sort

00:49 <victorgrigas>

00:49 <Romulus> <> (at

00:49 <victorgrigas> goalzero yeti150

00:49 <victorgrigas> and one extra panel

00:50 <victorgrigas> i can get 2x more panels if needed

00:50 <efc> bought a few last year myself, a couple 10 watt and one 30 watt

00:51 <efc> can't load it right now, no bandwidth

00:51 <victorgrigas> no problem

00:51 <victorgrigas> are you in a remote location?

00:51 <efc> of sorts, dialup

00:52 <efc> and a game going that takes a lot of what I've got

00:52 <victorgrigas> that’d do it!

00:52 <victorgrigas> :)

00:57 <efc> I run a fountain with one my 10 watts

00:58 <efc> not a bad deal

00:58 <victorgrigas> thats cool

00:58 <victorgrigas> ive been using mine to charge my phone

00:58 <efc> you need some voltage regulation since they swing all over the place

00:58 <victorgrigas> but id like it to do something better than that

00:59 <efc> the battery can do it, if not too picky

00:59 <victorgrigas> yeah i think ill count on the battery for that

01:00 <efc> i measured it.. does a fairly good job of smoothing out the swings

01:02 <victorgrigas> maybe ill plug in pi —> usb battery —> Yeti150 —> panels

01:03 <efc> what the Yeti? Since I can't see the pics

01:05 <victorgrigas> Yeti is the battery that plugs into the panels, it has a built in AC plug and 2 usb ports

01:05 <victorgrigas> the usb can go striaght to the rasberry pi

01:09 <efc> ah well sounds like it should work then

01:09 <efc> just have to hope the USB power is reasonably efficient

01:09 <victorgrigas> yeah!

01:10 <efc> my panels were nominally open circuit but float was pretty high, > 20 volts

01:10 <efc> err sorry nominally 12v, OC >=20

01:12 <efc> it was really too much for the pump but hasn't fried it yet

01:15 <victorgrigas> neat

01:15 <victorgrigas> eventually im going to get my whole house solar

01:15 <victorgrigas> just waiting for the money to be right

01:15 <efc> are you in the US?

01:16 <efc> we have some dumb tariffs right now, but good for everytbody else, can get some cheap panels

01:16 <efc> i've seen 20 cents/watt

01:16 <efc> err 20ish like 28

01:17 <victorgrigas> yes im in Massachusetts

01:17 <victorgrigas> where you you get your panels at prices like that

01:17 <efc> sunelec

01:17 <efc> that was export only

01:17 <efc> to avoid the tariff

01:18 <efc> not nearly as cheap for domestic

01:20 <victorgrigas> looks like a great site!

01:20 <victorgrigas> thanks for the link

01:20 <victorgrigas> I’m reading about gridcoin now

01:20 <victorgrigas> its like bitcoin but for Boinc instead of meaningless algorythms

01:21 <efc> i've ordered from them once, those small panels. they are pretty weird to deal with, but I got my stuff.

01:21 <victorgrigas> theyre really cheap

01:22 <efc> they are run like a middle eastern fruit stand

01:22 <victorgrigas> hahaha

01:23 <victorgrigas> well maybe thats how they cut costs

01:23 <efc> i think i'd be willing to try on a house sized order

01:24 <victorgrigas> im looking at a panel here minimum 20 for an order @ $300.15 a piece. 435 watts per panel!

01:24 <efc> defintely far better than just a few years ago

01:25 <efc> it was 4-5 $/watt, now 50 cents on a good day

01:25 <victorgrigas> its wonderful

01:25 <victorgrigas> maybe in a few years itll be $0.10

01:26 <victorgrigas> energy falling from the sky

01:27 <efc> they have to be close to the production cost..

01:27 <efc> i mean just a piece of glass and aluminum frame..

01:27 <victorgrigas> and all the soldering - i once built a panel by hand with a friend

01:28 <victorgrigas> i wouldnt discount the cost of assembly

01:28 <victorgrigas> yeah its pretty cheap

01:28 <efc> there was a glut of PV grade silicon, that has helped

01:30 <efc> arguably state subsidized production by china

01:30 <efc> thus the tariff

01:31 <victorgrigas> yeah

02:21 <efc> the FFT on GPU stuff looks good, but don't think anyone has put it in s@h yet

02:22 <efc> it may require algorithms to be turned around somet

02:22 <efc> not a trivial project

02:26 <victorgrigas> hmm

02:28 <efc>

02:28 <Romulus> <> (at

02:29 <efc> they suggest batching up the FFTs which may or may not fit with the flow of things

02:29 <efc> i would think that the fast folding transform would be doable on GPU also

02:29 <efc> err fast folding algorithm

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02:35 <efcRaspb1rryPi> test

02:35 <efcRaspb1rryPi> zzz

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