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08:50 <Moonsilence> Hi! How come my total cpu workload is only 25%, even if I have allowed boinc to use up to 100%? I have a quadcore... is boinc able to use multiple cores, being a 32 bit app?

09:57 <desti_T2> it will then run 4 wu parallel

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11:02 <Moonsilence> desti_T2, how do I need to configure BOINC, for my cpu to reach full load?

11:04 <Moonsilence> Having the settings 'cpu time 100%' and '100% of cores' results in a workload of only 25% on my system. Why not 100%?

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11:45 <Tank_Master> Moonsilence: sometimes on first start the project you attach to only gives one work unit

11:45 <Tank_Master> then later itll give you tones more

11:46 <Moonsilence> Is has been like this ever since using this procject.

11:46 <Tank_Master> which project?

11:46 <Romulus> which project is mikus with again, Tank_Master

11:46 <Tank_Master> forget project

11:46 <Romulus> I hear ya!

11:46 <Moonsilence> Clean Energy Project Phase 2 from World Community Grid

11:47 <Tank_Master> try adding another subproject ro WCG

11:47 <Tank_Master> also, are you using boinc are WCG's program?

11:47 <Tank_Master> BOINC or WCG*

11:48 <Moonsilence> I have dl the client from WCG's website but it seems to be some sort of branded BOINC.

11:48 <Tank_Master> its also old

11:48 <Moonsilence> Should I use the original BOINC client? Why?

11:49 <Tank_Master> it has a lot more bug fixes in it

11:50 <Tank_Master>;O=D grab 7.4.36 from there (the main boinc site seems to be down)

11:50 <Tank_Master> you dont need the versoin with vbox

11:51 <Moonsilence> Do i understand correctly that one downloaded wu can only be crunched by one core?

11:51 <Tank_Master> yes

11:51 <Tank_Master> there are a few projects that have multi threaded apps, but they are rare, and WCG doesnt have any of those

11:51 <Moonsilence> Then the subproject I have connected to only gives me one wu at a time, and then that explains why I can't exhaust my computer to 100% cpu workload.

11:52 <Tank_Master> you can also run some of the WCG projects on your GPU, if you wish

11:53 <Moonsilence> I prefer not too. My graphics card fan is too loud.

11:53 <Tank_Master> np, its a choise :)

11:54 <Moonsilence> I think I am happy with the way BOINC is running now.

11:54 <Moonsilence> thanks for the help Tank_Master!

11:57 <Tank_Master> np

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14:01 <Moonsilence> Tank_Master, other than the download of the wu itself, does Boinc constantly write data to disk while working? Or does it all happen in RAM?

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16:21 <Tank_Master> Moonsilence: if the project follows the boinc protocal, itll write to disk to more than once a minuet

16:22 <Moonsilence> Is this a concern for SDD wear?

16:23 <Tank_Master> not really

16:37 <efc> I'm going to have to do something to get my old boxen going wrt to hard drives. the old drives are dropping like flies.

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18:55 <Moonsilence> This is strange. I've noticed twice today that the progress bar has been reset on the same task. No completed work has been submitted to WCG.

18:56 <Moonsilence> No matter how much CPU I allow, the estimated time for completion was always around 6 hours today. I observerd occaisionally, and I was somewhere around 5%.... then later back to 1 or 2%. This happendes twice. Can anyone explain this to me?

18:57 <Moonsilence> Why does it seem to 'start over'?

19:01 <desti_T2> calculation errors?

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