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16:21 <Vikinger> im having some problem i cant attach a project to boinc

16:31 <efc> is their webpage up right now?

16:34 <Vikinger> yes

16:34 <Vikinger> ive been trying for several days

16:35 <Vikinger> on the startdard view screen

16:35 <Vikinger> i dont even get the option to attach a project

16:40 <efc> which project? I'll try.

16:40 <efc> i'm on win64, boinc 7.0.28

16:41 <efc> tools, add project, next, can you get that far?

16:43 <Vikinger> w8

16:43 <Vikinger> im on archlinux

16:43 <Vikinger> setihome

16:44 <efc> i'm pretty lame on linux, esp the gui versions (if there are some)

16:44 <Vikinger> yes

16:45 <Vikinger> im on boinc manager, simple view

16:46 <efc> simple view.. i see seti@home, at the bottom Projects: Add Project

16:47 <Vikinger> thats the thing where it says projects im missing the button, Ass Projects

16:47 <efc> (s@h since i am already attached, you wouldn't see that)

16:47 <Vikinger> ups

16:47 <Vikinger> Add Projects

16:47 <efc> hmm. what buttons do you have?

16:48 <efc> we might also skip this by going to advanced mode, where you'll get it on the menu

16:48 <efc> view, advanced view

16:48 <Vikinger> ok

16:48 <efc> easy to go back if you don't like it

16:48 <Vikinger> im there now

16:48 <Vikinger> ok

16:48 <efc> then under Tools see if you get Add Project

16:48 <Vikinger> yes i have it there

16:49 <efc> Good, see if that works for you

16:49 <efc> I always use advanced view since I tinker with it all the time, but not for everybody

16:49 <Vikinger> i used to use it also a lot

16:49 <Vikinger> i was using before Debian

16:49 <Vikinger> and i never had problems

16:50 <Vikinger> i changed now to archlinux

16:50 <efc> have just been getting into linux myself.. have it on my 386, debian potato/2.2

16:50 <Vikinger> 386

16:50 <Vikinger> wow

16:50 <Vikinger> are you in 2015 ?

16:50 <efc> partially

16:51 <Vikinger> lol

16:51 <Vikinger> ok

16:51 <efc> i have two of them, but the older is too cranky to fool with most of the time

16:51 <Vikinger> i guess thats a good start also

16:51 <efc> it took 12 hours to compile a kernel.. 3.5 bogomips, if that tells you anything

16:52 <Vikinger> i know mips but never heard of bogomips

16:52 <efc> it doesn't mean much, its used for short delays in linux

16:52 <Vikinger> anyway when i try to add project nothing happens, not even an error message

16:52 <efc> its buried down in /proc/cpuinfo

16:53 <efc> you don't get the "choose a project" ?

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16:53 <Vikinger> yes i get, Add Project or account manager...

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16:55 <efc> you select "add project" and then it just does nothing?

16:55 <Vikinger> yep

16:55 <Vikinger> precisly

16:55 <Vikinger> im guessing i have to talk with someone from #Archlinux

16:56 <efc> its probably a boinc issue, but not sure what. you might try looking at the event log.

16:56 <efc> Advanced, Event Log, see if its complaining about anything there

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17:00 <Vikinger> ok

17:00 <Vikinger> the event log is empty

17:00 <efc> hmm

17:02 <efc> I am really not sure at this point. If you stay, there might be someone more knowledgable who can help.

17:02 <Vikinger> im reading about .xml configuration files

17:02 <Vikinger> ok

17:02 <Vikinger> if you see such a wise person could you alert me, or redirect him to me ?

17:03 <efc> sure. You can also ask at the seti@home boards or see if anybody has had the problem..

17:03 <efc>

17:03 <Romulus> Title: SETI@home Message boards (at

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17:04 <efc> i'm not sure if its a Boinc or seti@home problem at this point.. probably boinc

17:04 <efc> they can probably still help

17:05 <Vikinger> its boinc for sure

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17:08 <efc386> Shields up, Veapons Online

17:09 <efc> i should have directed you to..

17:09 <Romulus> <> (at

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17:13 <Vikinger> forums

17:13 <Vikinger> ill get a proper answer after 2 months

17:15 <efc> if there are some specific installationg instructions for your distro that might help

17:15 <efc> sometimes have to edit a config file, change some permission, ick

17:17 <efc> worth a look

17:17 <efc>

17:17 <Romulus> Title: BOINC - ArchWiki (at

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17:26 <Vikinger> been there done that, twice

17:27 <Vikinger> i have managed to have it working on the cli now

17:27 <Vikinger> but i get a message gpu not found

17:28 <Vikinger> im guessing i have to run it from the cli and then use the gui to see it

17:29 <Vikinger> it still bothers me about the gpu

17:33 <efc> If you don't want to run on the gpu it probably doesn't matter

17:33 <efc> If you do..

17:33 <Vikinger> yep

17:34 <Vikinger> for me it would be a waste not to use the GPU

17:37 <efc386> i really don't know how the GPU support works on linux..

17:38 <Vikinger> ok

17:39 <Vikinger> thank you for everything

17:39 <Vikinger> ill run it like this for now

17:39 <efc386> Np, good luck, and feel free to hand around

17:42 <Vikinger> ok

17:42 <Vikinger> ive been using seti@home since 2002

17:43 <Vikinger> ive used for a little while also LHC

17:43 <Vikinger> and actually have another PC working on seti@home right now

17:47 <efc386> tried to run it on this box but it was 0.5 mb of ram short

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17:48 <Vikinger> lol

17:50 <efc386> i also want to buy a sparcstation sometime, need to get some advice on those

17:50 <efc386> one of the cooler looking boxes

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