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06:59 <KLB> hi, the dev channel looked a bit empty so ill just ask here

07:00 <KLB> i'm trying to setup a project and all seem to be going well, however, when im querying the gui rpc for the state, the project returns almost completely empty

07:01 <KLB> established projects does not have the same issue and returns all the state values fine

07:01 <KLB> any idea what i might be missing in the setup?

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07:16 <CoderForLife> hi KLB - it's been a long time for me doing that - I assume you've checked your setup against the reference docs?

07:17 <KLB> yea, the config.xml have the master_url element with the correct url

07:17 <KLB> and there is no problem downloading/uploading files to the project server

07:19 <KLB> i used the make_project script to setup the project, but perhaps there is something more that i need to insert manually?

07:21 <KLB> i saw that the discouraged using an ip as the master_url, but i assumed that was because the ip easily can change

07:21 <KLB> but perhaps there is some other reason it's good to use a domain name instead?

07:23 <CoderForLife> usually at this stage after looking at Boinc project setup and troubleshooting, I'd go check security settings and logging - to use my trademarked phrase "Security Is Rarely Comvenient"

07:24 <KLB> haha yea that is true

07:25 <KLB> do you know if the state data is retrieved directly from the project or is it stored in the client as well?

07:25 <CoderForLife> I just don't recall - much water under the bridge since I last worked with it

07:26 <KLB> thanks anyway!

07:27 <KLB> is this the main channel for the boinc dev, or do you know of any better way of communication if you want help with development?

07:32 <CoderForLife> As you noted, there's #boinc_dev, but it's a quiet place these days.  Once upon a time we routed dev talk there, but there's not much else happening here in #boinc.  Don't Worry, Be Happy.  There's also a fairly quite mailing list at

07:32 <Romulus> <> (at

07:32 <CoderForLife> er quiet

07:33 <KLB> yea, ill give the mailing list a try if i get stuck with this too long, feels like it's just a minor thing though since the other projects seem to work fine

07:33 <KLB> wierdly enough, i looked at the client_state.xml and the master_url is there as well

07:37 <CoderForLife> hope that helps - off to run errands

07:37 <CoderForLife> laterz

07:38 <KLB> bye!

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