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15:27 <fkinglag> hello

15:27 <fkinglag> I am having trouble getting work to my AMD APU

15:27 <fkinglag> specifically the GPU

15:27 <fkinglag> the GPU is detected by the event logs say that the projects fetch no work for it

15:28 <fkinglag> and says*

15:28 <fkinglag> I've even tried to set this host to a work profile and have the projects only be set for GPU tasks, however it doesn't work, still

15:29 <fkinglag> if anyone has some insight into the problem it'd be very appreciated, anything helps

15:54 <customminer> fkinglag: Do you have a standalone gpu too?

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17:11 <fkinglag> customminer this APU system is for a laptop so no

17:12 <customminer> hmm

17:12 <customminer> maybe you need the AMD sdk installed first? :S

17:13 <customminer> What project is this for? You could raise an issue with them about it, or raise an issue on the BOINC repo if they don't know why.

17:13 <customminer> fkinglag:

17:13 <Romulus> Title: Message boards : GPUs (at

17:14 <fkinglag> so customminer, I have installed everything possible to get the APU turned on and detected by BOINC

17:15 <customminer> tried forcing gpu usage through cc_config.xml and app specific xml config files?

17:15 <fkinglag> I recently figured out inbetween the time I asked that I've been getting computational errors

17:15 <fkinglag> so I suspended the projects and force updated

17:15 <fkinglag> until GPU work was put out

17:15 <fkinglag> and then it just gave computational errors

17:15 <fkinglag> :\

17:34 <customminer> :/

17:34 <customminer> write on the individually affected project forum

17:38 <fkinglag> blarg

17:38 <fkinglag> maybe it is a driver issue

17:39 <fkinglag> einstein gave me this apparently

17:39 <fkinglag> [16:20:19][3081][ERROR] Couldn't build OpenCL program (error: -11)!

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18:31 <customminer> amd sdk?

18:31 <customminer>

18:31 <Romulus> Title: APP SDK - A Complete Development Platform - AMD (at

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19:42 <fkinglag> yeah customminer, I've been trying to run it and idk wtf it's doing

19:43 <fkinglag> very upsetting

19:43 <customminer> run the amd sdk?

19:43 <customminer> you just install the amd sdk then continue boinc'ing

19:43 <customminer> if it still doesnt work, post on the boinc project forums with all the debug logs you can grab

19:43 <fkinglag> the amd sdk doesn't install correctly :\

19:43 <customminer> : /

19:43 <fkinglag> for whatever reason

19:43 <fkinglag> I will have to lookup some AMD SDK things next

19:43 <customminer> strange.. maybe look for an older version on their site?

19:43 <fkinglag> you would think the 3.0 SDK would be all I need, right?

19:44 <customminer> yeah

19:44 <fkinglag> but that version doesn't work with my distro maybe

19:44 <fkinglag> the 2.0 probably is already on there, imo

19:44 <customminer> maybe there's a specific version for linux?

19:44 <customminer> hmm

19:44 <fkinglag> ughhhh so many headaches, fucking AMD APU

19:44 <fkinglag> I must go get my vodka, bbl

19:44 <fkinglag> and pizza yay

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19:46 <customminer> yeah, take a break from it for a while.. chances are you'll fix it in 10mins next time you try :P

19:47 <customminer> happens to me all the time, stress about why something fails to install (repeating the failed install process 20 times) then in the morning it just works lol

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21:02 <fkinglag> yeah customminer you're exactly right

21:02 <fkinglag> I'll get around to it eventually lol

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