IRC logs of #boinc for Thursday, 2016-06-23

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11:56 <Marcurling> Hello, under Ubuntu 16, my nVidia GPU is not reconized: should I install proprieratary driver?

11:59 <skybon> I've frozen my BOINC XML porting efforts for now (because I ended up rewriting the whole codebase)

11:59 <nicolas17> :P

11:59 <skybon> on the bright side I've started GObject-based bindings for BOINC RPC

12:00 <skybon> single library in Vala that can be called from any language with GObject Introspection bindings

12:02 <skybon>

12:02 <Romulus> Title: GitHub - skybon/boinc-gobject: GObject-based API for BOINC client (at

12:03 <skybon> for Linux users: install this library along with pygobject or GJS or whatever GI for your favourite language is and import it

12:04 <skybon> for Arch Linux users: AUR package available at

12:04 <Romulus> Title: AUR (en) - boinc-gobject-git (at

12:06 <skybon> sample python script:

12:06 <nicolas17> meh

12:06 <nicolas17> you just wrote a wrapper around the C++ rpc client?

12:06 <skybon> from gi.repository import Gio, Boinc; Boinc.Client(,0,0,1), Gio.SocketFamily.IPV4), 31416), password="your-pass").get_messages(0);

12:06 <nicolas17> I wouldn't have resisted rewriting the *protocol* :D it's crap

12:07 <skybon> well

12:07 <skybon> BOINC devs are extremely hostile to any changes

12:07 <nicolas17> of course

12:07 <skybon> they don't even want to split up repository

12:07 <nicolas17> that's why I didn't :P

12:08 <skybon> we may as well get wrappers up around this mess

12:08 <skybon> hopefully this lib will be useful for creating an alternative UI, for example

12:09 <nicolas17> I would want my alternative UI to refresh more than once per second, and to use zero CPU if processing is suspended :P

12:10 <skybon> first is possible, second is not :P

12:10 <nicolas17> it's not

12:10 <skybon> BOINC RPC does not implement observer pattern

12:11 <nicolas17> the app<->client communication is once per second! :P so you can't refresh progress more frequently than that

12:12 <skybon> well, you can if you query XML RPC on your own

12:12 <nicolas17> nope

12:12 <nicolas17> even if your GUI asks the client for the app progress 10 times per second, it will get the same number, because the science app doesn't tell the client about its progress more frequently

12:12 <nicolas17> everything in BOINC is polling

12:13 <skybon> ah, that

12:13 <nicolas17> I saw a proposal for OpenID logins that involved an openid_poll_poll GUI RPC call

12:13 <nicolas17> -.-

12:14 <nicolas17> client would poll server every N seconds to see if the login was done, and GUI would poll client every second to see if its poll request was done, ridiculous

12:15 <skybon> wait what

12:15 <nicolas17> I don't think it was ever implemented

12:16 <skybon> well

12:16 <skybon> good scientists ain't always good coders

12:16 <nicolas17> absolutely

12:16 <nicolas17> I always use AutoDock as an example of that

12:17 <nicolas17> chemistry simulation program, used a *lot* in biology research

12:17 <nicolas17> it has a 5000-line main() function

12:17 <nicolas17> it hurts the eyes

12:18 <skybon> lol

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12:46 <Marcurling> Hello, under Ubuntu 16, my nVidia video board is not recognised as a GPU: should I install proprietary driver?

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13:06 <skybon> yes you should

13:06 <skybon> neither OpenCL nor CUDA works w/ nouveau

13:07 <Marcurling> ty skybon

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