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11:52 <Globalhawk> Hey there

12:38 <Globalhawk> Does anyone have a solution for my scenario: Ive replicated one host into another and now my CPIDs are the same on both machines.

12:38 <Globalhawk> Do you have an idea how i can change the CPID

12:38 <desti> ?

12:43 <nicolas17> you mean the host CPID?

12:43 <nicolas17> the user CPID is *supposed* to be the same

12:55 <Globalhawk> Nope, sorry. The BAM ID I mean.

12:55 <Globalhawk> As soon as i sync the BAM!Statistic data on the other host, that host overwrites the date from the other host.

12:55 <nicolas17> detach from BAM and attach again

12:55 <Globalhawk> I reinstall the server now to have a new SID and BAM!ID

12:57 <Globalhawk> Thanks. I've already deleted the clone :)

13:20 <Globalhawk> Okay, done. Now everything is working. Thanks. 80 CPUs more :)

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22:48 <sabatech> So, I currently run boinc on multiple systems, total of like 20 systems...

22:49 <sabatech> most are linux (unbuntu server running 24/7 just for boinc (mostly seti@home) ) some are windows desktops(4 of them)

22:49 <sabatech> I am looking for... well, I don't know what to call it or googling it would have worked... :)

22:49 <nicolas17> monitoring them all?

22:50 <sabatech> I want to manage all my boinc systems and have like a "monitor" or... like a... "head end" or controller that manages them

22:50 <nicolas17> there is boinctasks, but only runs on Windows

22:50 <sabatech> I don't care if I have to wipe the systems and install a new os or what, I just want some flex

22:50 <nicolas17> it can monitor BOINC on any OS, but the interface itself runs on Windows

22:51 <sabatech> that's fine if the management end is only windows

22:53 <sabatech> would windows be prefferable for the client OS?

22:53 <sabatech> I really don't care what they run, I know some of my systems can only run linux, but most of them can run either windows or linux.

22:54 <sabatech> I just used ubuntu server for ease of use.

22:54 <sabatech> (I'm very tech savvy)

22:55 <nicolas17> looks like this thing only supports one client :(

22:55 <Romulus> Title: boinc_curses (at

22:56 <sabatech> so tell me this...

22:56 <sabatech> let's say some drunk idiot just handed you 20 systems to run boinc on... would you use boinctasks?

22:57 <nicolas17> maybe, for lack of better alternative :P

22:58 <nicolas17> or at least *I* don't know of a better alternative

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22:58 <sabatech> ok. I'll take a few offline and see if I can setup a boinctasks on like a 3 system setup.

22:58 <sabatech> if it works I can expand

22:58 <nicolas17> you don't need to take them offline

22:58 <sabatech> I just mean off my current setup

22:59 <nicolas17> you use the normal boinc client, with remote access enabled, and connect to it with boinctasks

22:59 <sabatech> use 1 as controller, 2 as clients, see if I can get it running... if so, blam

22:59 <nicolas17> might just need to briefly restart the client when enabling remote access

22:59 <sabatech> ah, ok, so maybe my current setup and just intergrate/migrate into it

22:59 <sabatech> ah, ok, so maybe my current setup *CAN* just intergrate/migrate into it

23:00 <sabatech> integrate*

23:01 <sabatech> I may make a full management engine for this...

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23:01 <sabatech> I work at Intel in automation, so I might be able to toss something fun together.

23:02 <sabatech> well, thanks for the help, I'm going to give boinctasks a shot and see what I come up with. if It works fine, I'll stick to it, if not, I might get really creative :)

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23:03 <efc> i once used boincview.. haven't in years though now

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23:18 <sabatech> nicolas17: Looks like boincstats is a perfect solutiuon, thanks.

23:18 <nicolas17> [01:07] <efc> i once used boincview.. haven't in years though now

23:19 <sabatech> Does exactly what I wanted and more

23:19 <sabatech> I'll look that one up too

23:19 <sabatech> ty again

23:19 <sabatech> I just wanted simpler management, and this one does it, but also does extra visuals/toys too.

23:20 <sabatech> back when I was into boinc last time, it wasn't boinc, it was just seti@home and some setiserver and other stuff... I haven't really been into boinc till the last month or so.

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23:22 <sabatech> I was chatting with my wife, for some reason seti@home came up in the conversation, and bam, I was pulling old computer parts out of the closets and buying video cards and parts off the interwebs and bam, here I am a few weeks later, bunch of computers stronger and growing, and finally decided to try to get a management engine going before this get's too chaotic :)

23:23 <sabatech> everything from a raspberry pi up to a xeon 16 more beast.... :) and my desktop (3960x 12 core beast)

23:24 <sabatech> core*

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23:39 <efc> i'm trying to get it going on this old sparcstation I acquired.. having to build everything from source

23:40 <sabatech> using the sparc as the head-end?

23:41 <efc> not sure what you mean.. just as a cruncher, i'd use the windows machine for management since I sit there all the time.

23:41 <efc> had some success..

23:41 <Romulus> Title: Computer 8031914 (at

23:41 <sabatech> ah, ok, I figure the sparc would make a good management pc

23:42 <nicolas17> do you think it wouldn't be a good cruncher?

23:42 <efc> it would be terrible

23:43 <efc> better than my 386, which can't get past the benchmarks due to them timing out..

23:43 <sabatech> hehe, back when I ran seti@home last time, I had low end pc's like 386's going too, plus a 3 proc p3

23:46 <efc> the 386.. which was, btw, a real struggle to get BOINC on.

23:46 <Romulus> <> (at

23:55 <sabatech> 4 proc p3*

23:55 <sabatech> wow, win95...

23:56 <sabatech> at least it's SR2 :)

23:56 <nicolas17> efc: ever tried to get BOINC into win32s? :D

23:57 <sabatech> not recently

23:57 <sabatech> err, oops, asking him not me...

23:57 <sabatech> ./facepalm

23:57 <nicolas17> win32s was a 32-bit compatibility layer for 16-bit Windows (such as 3.1)

23:58 <sabatech> ya, ran that back in the day. with win3.11

23:58 <efc> somebody didn't, but beyond me

23:58 <efc> err somebody did it

23:59 * nicolas17 hasn't even run BOINC in a while

23:59 <nicolas17> I don't even have any 24/7 computer atm

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