IRC logs of #boinc for Tuesday, 2016-06-28

00:00 <nicolas17> I have a laptop and I close the lid while I sleep, and I wouldn't want to run BOINC on it anyway (loud fan)

00:00 <nicolas17> the only computer I leave running 24/7 is a raspberry pi as a 'transfer box'

00:00 <nicolas17> to download or upload large stuff overnight

00:01 <sabatech> I have quite a few pc's that I never turned off, even more now since I got into boinc

00:01 * nicolas17 just started a 130GB cloud backup upload

00:01 <sabatech> my desktop, my home theater pc, my wifes desktop, and my upstairs pc, were always on 24/7 even before boinc

00:02 <nicolas17> I estimate 200 hours if bandwidth stays stable

00:03 <sabatech> but now they are all liquid cooled, more ram, upgraded vid cards, and running boinc 24/7 (when not in use) polus a bunch of other random ones, NUC's, a fairly recent AMD laptop that I refuse to actually use (I work at intel...) a Pi, few old desktops...

00:03 <nicolas17> heh

00:03 <nicolas17> my desktop PC motherboard died months ago and I still didn't do anything about it :P

00:03 <sabatech> I have a backup server here with 16tb in it, has a 6 core xeon@1.6ghz, it's running boinc now too...

00:04 <sabatech> it's in a norco RPC-4308 case (pic = )

00:04 <Romulus> Title: norco rpc-4308 - Google Search (at

00:05 <nicolas17> I don't even remember what AMD CPU it has, but based on the motherboard model, it's an AM2 socket

00:05 <nicolas17> so pretty old

00:05 <sabatech> I don't keep up with AMD... for obvious reasons... but my laptop was free, won it... but I took it home, threw away the hdd in it and put a tiny ssd, never used it till I got into boinc

00:05 <nicolas17> :P

00:06 <efc> i back off my crunching during the summer.. and crank it up in the winter when I can use the heat

00:06 <sabatech> nice

00:06 <sabatech> I have a i7-2600 and a e6-2690 in the same room and omfg talk about heaters... I put them in my upstairs bedroom I never use.

00:06 <sabatech> e5-2690*

00:07 <nicolas17> heh

00:07 <nicolas17> this laptop has an i5-3317U

00:07 <sabatech> they're just up there costing me money earning me points

00:07 <sabatech> I think I have that proc in one of my nucs.

00:07 <sabatech> or a similar

00:07 <nicolas17> but for real heating... my sister has a Pentium 4 lol

00:07 <nicolas17> 3.0GHz

00:07 <efc> at least we are past the p4 era. they were heaters par excellence

00:08 <sabatech> 5250u is what I have

00:08 <sabatech> it's in a NUC

00:08 <sabatech>

00:09 <Romulus> Title: Computer 8025191 (at

00:09 <nicolas17> what's a NUC?

00:09 <sabatech> useless term... but it's a term that intel basically made

00:09 <nicolas17> small form factor PC?

00:09 <sabatech> Next Unit of Computing... it's a tiny pc

00:10 <sabatech>

00:10 <sabatech> that's a nuc, it's basically as powerful if not more powerful than a laptop, but in a tiny desktop form.

00:11 <sabatech> I get them fairly cheap at work

00:11 <efc> they had a tiny form factor back in the late 90s that never caught on.. glad its going better this time around

00:11 <sabatech> so every once in a while I see one go on a low low discount, and I grab one or 2.

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00:13 <sabatech> the random intel employee discounts are cool

00:13 <sabatech> usually the best discount is on really new stuff, but that's still expensive stuff, but occasionally an old item goes on what basically equates to a clearance sale, and I try to grab that stuff when I can.

00:14 <efc> might have been the "NLX"  form factor i was thinking of

00:14 <efc> i bet they'd have some neat stuff floating around..

00:14 <sabatech> a nuc is basically the size or a oversized rubix cube

00:14 <efc> i've got a couple of AboveBoards laying around that come in handy on rare occasions

00:15 <sabatech> I'm a hardware hacker/enthusiast/tinker.... I have so much around here it's insane...

00:16 <sabatech> I work in bluetooth development currently, used to do 40gig network cards.

00:16 <efc> i have this long term project to build a 386 motherboard.. maybe can get around to it one of these years

00:17 <sabatech> that would be fun... I saw someone made a 8086 with one of those home circuit project kits recently... took like 12,000 parts...

00:17 <sabatech> and another 200 or so to make the interface possible

00:17 <efc> those breadboard projects hit a certain size where i don't think they can possibly work..

00:18 <sabatech> ya really.. it makes sense, all those connections, there's just a very, VERY likely chance that one is not prime

00:18 <efc> i would do most of this on FPGA. still an imposing project though, mostly i need to learn a PCB layout tool

00:19 <sabatech> fpga's are fun, but that would only teach you to make a fpga... totally different from making a homebrew pcb

00:19 <sabatech> eitehr would be totally geekworthy bragging rights...

00:21 <sabatech> :)

00:21 <efc> various goals led me in the fpga direction.. but using contemporary parts would have been neat too

00:24 <sabatech> ya, I can't go into much detail... but just take a second and imagine a fpga, in a chip, on a pcie card.... and plug in whatever port to the card you need. Ethernet? ok. mic? whatever.. sata? ok... power obviously has to be manually routed, but the data pins are there, just have to be loaded into the fpga.

00:25 <sabatech> I've heard there's something like that in the works, will be amazing... homebrew cards...

00:27 <sabatech> basic chip functions to be emulated by an onboard proc with massive core count...

00:28 <sabatech> the first thing I imagine, tbh... is a bunch of novices blowing their pc's up.

00:28 <sabatech> but hey, gotta learn somehow.

00:30 <efc> the fpga dev boards are pretty affordable. Just don't have time (or interest really) to try one.

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